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    FAQ/Walkthrough by wayalla

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 01/16/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Aaron Baker.................................................
    Version 1.5 of Document (Walkthrough Complete).........................
    Email: ns_java_games(at)yahoo.com.au...................................
    Note that goals here are done in order of how they appear on the goals 
    screen. Walkthrough is written for normal mode.
    [ Section 1: Introduction ]
        1.1: Introduction 
        1.2: About this game
        1.3: About this guide
        1.4: Thug Story
    [ Section 2: Controls ]
        2.1: Basic Controls
        2.2: Advanced Trick Controls
        2.3: Park Editor Controls
        2.4: Menu Commands
        2.5: Car Controls
        2.6: Off Board Controls
    [ Section 3: The Pro Skaters ]
        3.1: Tony Hawk
        3.4: Bob Burnquist
        3.5: Steve Cabellero
        3.6: Kareem Campbell
        3.7: Rune Glifberg
        3.8: Eric Koston
        3.9: Bucky Lasek
        3.10: Bam Magera
        3.11: Rodney Mullen
        3.12: Chad Muska
        3.13: Andrew Reynols
        3.14: Paul Rodriguez
        3.15: Geoff Rowley
        3.16: Arto Saari
        3.17: Elissa Steamer
        3.18: Jamie Thomas
        3.19: Mike Valley
    [ Section 4: Game Basics ]
        4.1: Playing the Game
        4.2: Customizing Your Skater
        4.3: Game Modes
        4.4: Creation Modes
        4.5: Saving the Game
        4.6: Loading a Game
    [ Section 5: Off the Board ]
        5.1: Getting off your board
        5.2: Off the board movements
        5.3: Running and Walking
        5.4: Climbing Ledges
        5.5: Advantages and Disadvantages
    [ Section 6: Trick Descriptions ]
        6.1: Ollies
        6.2: Grab and Flip Tricks
        6.3: Grind and Lip Tricks
        6.4: Manuals and Flatland
        6.5: Boneless and No Comply
        6.6: Reverts
        6.7: Specials
        6.8: Spine Transfers and Acid Drops
        6.9: Wall Manoeuvres
        6.10: Skitching
    [ Section 7: Scoring/Tricks Basics ] 
        7.1: Introduction
        7.2: Scoring big (Massive score)
        7.3: Linking Tricks Together
        7.4: Score Multiplier
        7.5: Changing Positions
    [ Section 8: Walkthrough ] 
        Chapter 1: Hometown Hijinks
        Chapter 2: Impressing the Locals
        Chapter 3: Getting outta Dodge
        Chapter 4: Skating the Big Apple
        Chapter 5: Skating with the Locals
        Chapter 6: Favours for a Ride
        Chapter 7: With Syrup or Jelly
        Chapter 8: Grease the Pro's 
        Chapter 9: Kill the Comp
        Chapter 10: Join a team
        Chapter 11: Prove yourself Worthy
        Chapter 12: Party! Party! Party!
        Chapter 13: Demo Time
        Chapter 14: Get Lei'd
        Chapter 15: Finding the Ultimate Spot
        Chapter 16: Get the Shot
        Chapter 17: Last minute Tasks
        Chapter 18: Destroy the Slam City Jam
        Chapter 19: It's Gotta be the Shoes
        Chapter 20: Welcome to Russia
        Chapter 21: Time to Skate Comrade
        Chapter 22: Goodbye Sweet Moscow
        Chapter 23: Keeping it Real
        Chapter 24: Spreading the News
        Chapter 25: Pick your Team Mates
        Chapter 26: The Video to end all
        Chapter 27: Showdown in New Jersey
    [ Section 9: Two Player ]
        9.1: Trick Attack
        9.2: Score Challenge
        9.3: Combo Mambo
        9.4: Slap!
        9.5: King of the Hill
        9.6: Graffiti
        9.7: Firefight
        9.8: Goal Attack
        9.9: Capture the Flag
        9.10: Horse
        9.11: Free Skate
    [ Section 10: Secret Tapes Guide ] 
        10.1: New Jersey
        10.2: Manhattan
        10.3: Tampa
        10.4: San Diego
        10.5: Vancouver 
        10.6: Slam City Jam
    [ Section 11: Frequently Asked Questions ]
        11.1: About the game Questions
        11.2: Guide Questions
        11.3: Story Mode Questions
        11.4: Control Questions
        11.5: Specific Goals Questions
        11.6: New features Questions
        11.7: Music Questions
    [ Section 12: Create a Goal guide ]
        12.1: Introduction
        12.2: Setting up the Goal
        12.3: Skate/Combo Letters
        12.4: High Score/Combo
        12.5: Skating Tricks
        12.6: Gaps Goal
        12.7: Variables
    [ Section 13: Secrets ]
        13.1: Old Skool Levels
        13.2: Old Skool Icons
        13.3: Secret Areas
        13.4: Bonus Movies
        13.5: Cheat Codes
    [ Section 14: Park Editor Guide ]
        14.1: Introduction
        14.2: Piece Categories
        14.3: Category Descriptions
        14.4: Making a good park
        14.5: Rail Tool
    [ Section 15: Gap Checklist ]
    [ Section 16: Miscellaneous ]
        16.1: Funny Quotes
        16.2: Music Tracks
    [ Section 17: Basic Guide Stuff ]
        17.1: Still to Come
        17.2: Version History
        17.3: Copyright Notice
        17.4: Allowed Websites
        17.5: Email Policy
        17.6: Credits
    I have always been a big fan of the Tony Hawk Series. The first Tony 
    Hawk game I played was number 2, and it was the very first game I played 
    on my Playstation. It was a great game, lots of tricks, goals, gaps and 
    a great park editor to keep me entertained for ages. I had played the 
    demo, and thought that it was absolutely great, so I had to buy the 
    game. I played the game to death, because I had no other money to buy 
    any other game with, so I just kept on playing it. I got hooked. In 
    2001, I got Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 for the Normal Playstation as well 
    as Spiderman two. I absolutely loved Tony Hawks 3, but thought it was 
    similar to Tony Hawks 2, like the goals, but not the levels. I had a few 
    thoughts before picking up Tony Hawks 4, because I thought it might be 
    similar to number 2 and three, but when I learnt you had no time limit 
    and went around to pedestrians to get the goals (instead of being given 
    a time limit) I got it. In December of 2004, I had no hesitations of 
    picking up this great game. It was absolutely great! It's so fun, and 
    here is my guide:
                       ABOUT THIS GAME
    Game:     Tony Hawks Underground
    Developer: Neversoft
    Publisher: Activison
    Released:  November
                        ABOUT THIS GUIDE 
    Author:  Aaron Baker
    Version: 1.0
    Email:   ns_java_games(at)yahoo.com.au
    Tony Hawk's Underground actually has a story, unlike the others. But 
    really, you don't need a story for a Skating game, but it's just a bonus 
    that they did. THUG (Tony Hawk's Underground) is about making it to the 
    top and getting sponsored by big companies so you can get lots of money. 
    It takes you all the way around the world to different locations, and 
    the story mode it actually quite good. 
                        VERSION HISTORY
    VERSION 1.0 -      Guide submitted to GameFAQs. Walkthrough not 
                       complete, but just about everything else is.
    VERSION 1.5 -      Finished all of the Walkthrough for all Chapters. 
                       So, walkthrough complete.
    VERSION 1.6 -      Added the chapters to the Table of Contents. All 
                       thats left is Gap Checklist.
                           BASIC CONTROLS
    Cross        Courch/Jump
    Square       Flip Trick
    Circle       Grab Tricks
    Triangle     Grind Tricks
    R2           Revert/Switch
    L2           Nollie
    L1           Spin Left
    R1           Spin Right 
    Analog L     Move
    Analog R     Control Camera
    Select       Change Camera Angle
    Start        Pause
                        ADVANCED TRICK CONTROLS 
    Up, down     Manual
    Down, up     Nose Manual
    Left/right   Balance Grinding/Skitchin
    Up/Down      Balance Manual
    R2           Acid Drop/Transfer
    L2           Spine Transfer
    Up           Exit Halfpipe
    You can press various different combos in a manual, for example to get 
    different tricks. 
                       PARK EDITOR CONTROLS
    Cross        Place Object
    Left/Right   Change piece 
    Up/Down      Change Category
    Analog L     Move around map
    Analog R     Move Camera
    Square       Rotate
    Circle       Rotate
    Triangle     Delete Piece
    L1           Raise piece
    L2           Lower piece
                          MENU COMMANDS 
    Cross        Select
    Start        Select
    Triangle     Cancel
                           CAR CONTROLS
    Circle       Enter Car
    Triangle     Ditch car/Exit
    Square       Brake
    Cross        Accelerate
    R1           Handbrake
                          OFF BOARD CONTROLS
    X (Hold)     Run
    X (Tap)      Jump
    Analog L     Run/Move
    D-Pad        Walk/Move
    L1 + R1      Back on board
    R1           Grab
                              THE PRO SKATERS
                             TONY HAWK
    HOMETOWN:   San Diego CA
    RESIDES:    Carlsbad, CA
    STANCE:     Goofy
    Depending on whose house you were checking, Tony Hawk's been a household 
    name for over twenty years. But it's really his last half decade of 
    contest winning and 900 spinning that have tattooed HAWK on the 
    foreheads of our youth. A trailblazer in the effort to bring 
    skateboarding to the ends of the world, Tony has become an icon for a 
    generation of kids sorely needed one. Through the invention of countless 
    tricks, his seemingly limitless potential, and a sense of grace and 
    class that follows behind his quickly moving self, Tony Hawk soars. 
                            BOB BURNQUIST
    HOMETOWN:   Rio De Janerio
    RESIDES:    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    STANCE:     Regular
                             STEVE CABELLERO
    HOMETOWN:   San Jose, CA
    RESIDES:    San Jose, CA
    STANCE:     Goofy
    One of a select few, this "Godfather of Modern Skateboarding," help 
    defined just what it means to be a professional skateboarder, pioneering 
    this modern era of technical skating with innovations like his namesake 
    fakie ollie 360 - The Caballerial. With the energy of a teenager and the 
    sophistication of a man who has made his own way, Cab is a year-round 
    skater who teaches by example. He rides every terrain - street, vert, 
    and parks - with the skill and passion of a master. 
                             KAREEM CAMPBELL
    HOMETOWN:   Harlem, NY
    RESIDES:    Los Angeles, CA
    STANCE:     Regualr
    An ideal combination of both East and West coast sensibilities, Kareem 
    Campell is not a bridge joining an equal-but-opposing geo-cultural 
    issue, he's just an authentic skater. Born and raised in real cities, 
    his skate-life come-up led Kareem to develop an urban foundation to his 
    skateboarding. Not by design, but rather out of necessity, his metro-
    style is a well-honed version of what the rest of the world's street 
    dwellers hope to someday attain: smart, real, and smoothed out - without 
    the R&B. 
                             RUNE GLIFBERG
    HOMETOWN:   Copenhagen, Denmark
    RESIDES:    Costa Mesa, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
    An O.G. Dane enduring the climes of sunny So.Cal, Rune Glifburg's been 
    known to phone home using ubiquitous digital technology. His extra-
    terrestrial power style has led him to the podium of many vert contest, 
    but he's surprisingly well versed in all of the undisciplined 
    disciplines of modern skating, parks, pools, streets, and, of course, 
    whatever. Pinching bits and pieces of experiences from all terrain has 
    made Rune one of the most veritable skaters of the day. Rune has shown 
    that sreet, vert, or otherwise, it is possible to be at home no matter 
    where one may be in the world.
                            ERIC KOSTON
    HOMETOWN:   San Beranardino, CA
    RESIDES:    Hollywood, CA
    STNACE:     Goofy
    The clean bean ideal of an Every skater, Eric Kosten has quietly became 
    skateboarding's most influential front-row cheerleader for the Los 
    Angeles Laders. Tirelessly supporting his home team to a domination NBA 
    Championship two peat, Eric, has also managed to evelve his smooth, 
    consistent, and innovative skateboarding skills to the point that young 
    fans everywhere are abandoning their dreams of crossovers and three 
    pointers in hopes of someday nailing fifteen-stair backside noseblunt 
    slides, "Just like Kosten" 
                            BUCKY LASEK
    HOMETOWN:   Baltimore, MD
    RESIDES:    Carlsbad, CA
    STNACE:     Regular
    Bucky Lasek is an excitable twenty-something who, once emerging from the 
    long shadow cast by his friend and mentor Tony Hawk, proceeding to 
    destro any sitcom sidekickk preconceptions by cranking out his own style 
    of beyond-the-boundries vert skating. Bucky caries along with him a 
    weighty satchel of trickiness that includes above-the-lip flips and 
    twist and a laundry list of tech coping sorcery. 
                              BAM MAGERA
    HOMETOWN:   Philadelphia, PA
    RESIDES:    West Chester, PA
    STANCE:     Regular
    Bam Margera is both lightning bolt and lightning rod -- snapping necks 
    with his unrestrained Pennsylvania-grown skate style, and harnessing the 
    energy of his own massive discharge by video taping literally every 
    waking moment of his practical-joker lifestyle. For skaters, he's a 
    hilariously talented breath of fresh air in the form of seriously non-
    serious, and for the nest of the planet who know him simply as "The 
    jackass who skates," he's the bad example that everyone wants to follow.
                               RODNEY MULLEN
    HOMETOWN:   Gainesville, FL
    RESIDES:    Hermosa Beach, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
    Rodney Mullen birthed today's street tech. Period. An icon among idols, 
    he's the man who freestyled many of the moves today's freshest pros use 
    as a foundation for their own progressive skating. Flat ground ollies, 
    360 flips, and ollie impossibles were all made manifest by the critical 
    thought and problem solving of this tenured Proof of skateboard 
                              CHAD MUSKA
    HOMETOWN:   Loraine, OH
    RESIDES:    Woodland Hills
    STANCE:     Regular
    With a nod to the past manifested in Muska Style, be it his deck designs 
    or his daring 'dos, this heroic skater proudly represents today's new 
    breed of renaissance professional skateboarders. This customized sled 
    shredder is known not only for his breathtaking leaps and bounds on 
    board, but his other-level self promotion - demoning, music making, and 
    palm pressing like the tireless public figure he's built himself up to 
    into. Still, Muska has and always will be respected for fearlessly 
    testing the physical bounds of real deal street skating with the best 
    very of them. 
                              ANDREW REYNOLDS
    HOMETOWN:   Lakeland, FL
    RESIDES:    Huntington Beach, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
    Bringing a precise lank and stomp to the sometimes flailing world of 
    big-drop street skating, Andrew Reynolds' "make it or break" it 
    tendencies are powered by his willingness to throw his six-foot frame 
    from heights that make limping crybabies out of lesser men. Powered by 
    invisible springs and kept upright with hidden gyroscopes, Reynolds 
    represents skateboarding's ultimate fighting machine -- declassified and 
    unleashed on the planet in hopes of keeping our streets free of ticky-
    tack mediocrity. 
                             PAUL RODRIGUEZ
    HOMETOWN:   Los Angeles, CA
    RESIDES:    Los Angeles, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
                              GEOFF ROWLEY
    HOMETOWN:   Liverpool, England
    RESIDES:    Huntington Beach, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
    An explosion of over-the-top activity has elevated Geoff Rowley from 
    excellent skater to skateboarding's par excellence. Consistently 
    operating above the also-rans in the non-competitive competition that 
    defines real skateboarding, this re-located Brit has paid his fair share 
    of dues whilst unceremoniously being dubbed the official holder of the 
    title, King Assassin of Unsuspecting Rails and Double Sets. 
                             ARTO SAARI
    HOMETOWN:   Seinajoki, Finland
    RESIDES:    Huntington Beach, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
                             ELISSA STEAMER
    HOMETOWN:   Fort Myers, FL
    RESIDES:    Huntington Beach, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
    Truly a skater's skater, Elissa Steamer hasn't made her name in 
    professional skateboarding as a flag waving "first female," but as a no-
    nonsense skater with a sick desire to learn, progress, and rise above 
    even her own preconceptions of what can be done on-board. Taking her 
    lumps and paying her dues along with the rest of the pro field, she's 
    altered the testosterone-soaked landscape of skateboarding by refusing 
    to lower herself to the level of gender debates and instead choosing to 
    just shut up and skate.
                            JAMIE THOMAS
    HOMETOWN:   Dotham, AL
    RESIDES:    Encinitas, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
    Coming up quick on fifteen years of serious skateboarding, Jamie Thomas 
    still wakes up everyday thinking, living, and breathing his leap-of-
    faith style skating and shows no sign of easing up any time soon. With a 
    drive strong enough to motivate his mind over what really matters, 
    Thomas can often be found speeding through immense handrail and gap 
    situations leaving in his wake the shredded conceptions of where 
    skateboarding can be shoved for the sake of "How far?" and "How high?"
                           MIKE VALLEY
    HOMETOWN:   Edison, NJ
    RESIDES:    Long Beach, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
                             THE BASICS 
                           PLAYING THE GAME
    Quite easily set up your Playstation 2, with everything correct, then 
    insert the disc and play Tony Hawk's Underground. All of the basics 
    section will basically tell you how to play the game, and what 
    everything means. The only thing not listed in this section is the 
    controls, which are listed in the above section.
                             CUSTOMIZING YOUR SKATER
    As soon as you start the game, and view the opening sequence, you get to 
    customize your skater, by choosing his or her clothes, face style, torso 
    options, etc. I might have a section later on in the guide that has a 
    description of all this, but for now, I don't. You can even select their 
    HomeTown, Scale options, different heads and Skin Types as well as 
    choose from some pre-made skaters.
                               GAME MODES
    STORY MODE - Stars you in the story. Break the rules, beat the odds, 
                 and become a star. Here, you can go around and cruise  
                 around finding people who give you goals to do for them so 
                 you can get more respect, and move on to the next levels. 
                 Not all goals in a chapter have to be done in order to 
    FREE SKATE - Fairly Pointless since you can do this in Story mode, but 
                 if you want to do a High Score run, you have to first go 
                 through this then select High Score from the Pause menu. 
                 Free Skate lets you do anything you want without time 
    HIGH SCORE - Lets you have a two minute session to see how big of a 
                 score you can get, but thats not all. In Tony hawks 1, 2 
                 and 3, it was just score records you can get. THPS4 and 
                 Underground gives you big combo score records, as well as 
                 longest grind, lip trick, manual, etc. scores. Defenetly 
    PLAY GOALS - Lets you play the goals that you have created in 
                 Underground. You can also make goals by acessing the start 
                 menu, and going create goals. It will load the goals at 
                 start, and you can play the premade goals.
    ONLINE     - Lets you play online. Haven't done it yet, and don't want 
                 to play online.
                           CREATION MODES
    CREATE A PARK -   lets you design your own Level to skate in. You can 
                      add lots of pieces in, including Ramps big and Small, 
                      Funboxes, Street Pieces, Buildings, Houses, Trailers, 
                      Water, Sand, Grass, Halfpipes and Pools. Has more 
                      pieces than THPS4. You can also place rails anywhere 
                     (even over other pieces) and can make gaps and select 
                      parts of the arena as well as create goals on those 
    CREATE A SKATER - This sin't new, you could make your own skater on 
                      THPS2, but that wasn't good, there was hardly 
                      anything to choose from. In Underground, there are 
                      LOTS of stuff to choose from, including hats, 
                      backpacks, face sets (some are really wierd) shirt 
                      styles, tatoos, wrist bands, acessories, etc. There 
                      are heaps of things you can customize, like their 
                      hometown, age, and also change their scale options.
    CREATE A DECK   - Gives the player the opportunity to create their own 
                      decks. On your beck, you can have different pictures, 
                      background colours, different layers and the wheel 
                      coloures and a bunch of other stuff.
    CREATE GOALS    - Allows you to make your own underground goals. Just 
                      choose the type of goal, the positions of the 
                      pedestrians, player start point for the goals, and 
                      then place the letters (if any) and edit other 
                      variables. Here are the types of goals.
                      SKATE LETTERS: Player must collect the skate letters, 
                      in no order. To collect a letter, ride into in.
                      COMBO LETTETS: Player must collect all the combo 
                      letters, in one combos. Bailing means you fail.
                      HIGH SCORE: Player must beat the high score set for 
                      them, anywhere in the level, using whatever means.
                      HIGH COMBO: Player must score the amount of points in 
                      just one, usually big, combo.
                      SKATE TRICKS: Player must perform tricks that are put 
                      on the right hand side of screen.
                      TRICKITS: Like skate tricks, but in blocks. One trick 
                      in blcok has to be done before another is added in.
                      COMBO SKATE TRICKS: Player must perform skate tricks 
                      in one combo.
                      GAP: Player must perform the gap(s) set for them, 
                      doing the required tricks over them.
    CREATE A TRICK -  A really nice inclusion to Underground. This option 
                      lets you create your own trick. You can put a lot of 
                      things in your trick, including Rotations (Barrel 
                      Rolls, Backflips, or just a general spin around), 
                      Sounds (Like a Police Car Siren) and Flip and Grab 
                      tricks (like Triple Heelflips and Methods.) You can
                      also make it so that you do two things at a time 
                      using the timeline feature, so you could be doing a 
                      triple kickflip and a method while spinning around 
                      900 degrees.
                             SAVING THE GAME
    Saving each of these takes up this amount of space:
    Story/Skater............. 106kb
    Net Settings............. 21kb
    Editor Park.............. 52kb
    Made Tricks.............. 52kb
    Goals File............... 116kb
    You will be asked to save your game in story mode near the end of the 
    chapter. But, alternatively, you can press the start button, and go to 
    save on the menu. Select the slot you want to override, etc.
                          LOADING A GAME
    The game will automatically load your story mode, and when the game 
    loads up, it will come up with "Continue Story" and "Main Menu." Select 
    continue story and it will load your game.
                          OFF THE BOARD BASICS
                           GETTING OFF OF YOUR BOARD
    Firstly, to get off of your board, press the L1 + R1 buttons. If you are 
    confused by that press the L1 and the R1 buttons at the same time. There 
    is no need to hold them down. Now you are off of your board, you can 
    explore on foot. To get back on your board, press the same buttons 
                            OFF THE BOARD MOVEMENTS
    Movement off your board is kind of the same as movement off your board. 
    Although, when you are on your board, you will automatically move 
    forward, because the board is taking you forward. Off your board, you 
    need to actually hold the up button (analog or d-pad) to head up. So 
    hold up to move forward.
                           RUNNING AND WALKING
    Off the board it is better to run around, than to slowly walk around. If 
    you are using the D-pad, and want to run, hold down the X button. Let it 
    go and you will jump. If you decide to use the Analog stick and push it 
    all the way up, you will run forward automatically. If you want to walk 
    using the analog stick, then move it up only a bit. The more you move it 
    up, the faster you walk. You don't need to hold X when using the analog 
    stick to run.
                             CLIMBING LEDGES
    Climbing ledges can get you to places than you can't get to on your 
    board (or maybe you can get to the place on your board, but it is just a 
    lot easier off your board.) To climb a ledge, press the R1 button by the 
    edge. Sometimes, it won't hang on to the ledge. What I do when I jump is 
    just to continuously press the R1 button while in the air so you will 
    always get the timing right and hand on to the ledge.
                        ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES
    - Gets you to hard to reach places
    - Don't have to always be moving forward, like on a skateboard
    - Can keep your combo going for a short period of time (great for Combo 
    - They look weird when they run
    - Controls too sensitive
    - If using the d-pad, it's a pain to jump and run with the same button
    - Ruins the hold "Skating" style
                           TRICK DESCRIPTIONS
    An ollie is a jumping trick. Just jump in the air and do a spin to get 
    an ollie. Ollies don't show up straight away when you go up on a vert 
    ramp, because it is waiting for you to do a trick, like a grab trick. If 
    you don't perform one, when you land, it will count it as an ollie. To 
    do an ollie, just press X to jump, and then spin around.
                          GRAB AND FLIP TRICKS
    Both of these are performed in the air. To perform a Grab trick, press 
    the Circle button plus a directional button. To do a flip trick, press 
    the Square button plus a directional button. Hold down the flip trick to 
    get bigger points. This can't be done with flip tricks. Spinning these 
    tricks will give you more points.
                            GRIND AND LIP TRICKS
    Grind tricks are tricks where you use the board to slide across an 
    object, such as a rail, wire, or a ledge. To do a grind trick, approach 
    a ledge that looks straight and press triangle. Press different 
    directions before you jump and grind the ledge to determine what grind 
    you do. Also, pressing buttons like circle, circle can change the 
    position of you when you are grinding. To perform a lip trick, go to a 
    vert ramp, and at the top of the vert ramp (not the air) press the 
    directional button. This will perform a lip trick. If you angle and are 
    moving to the left or right, it will grind, so lip instead.
                          MANUALS AND FLATLAND
    A manual is something you do on the ground that keeps your trick combo 
    going, so you can get more points. These can be linked using reverts off 
    of vert tricks. To do a manual, on the ground press up, down, or down 
    then up. You must balance out your manual. The more you stay in a 
    manual, the harder it becomes to balance and the less speed you get. 
    Flatland is tricks you perform in a manual. Pressing different button 
    combos can get tricks, like Pogo, Handstand, etc. Tricks you do help 
    your combo.
                           BONLESS AND NO COMPLIES
    These tricks make the skaters go off the board with one foot and push 
    themselves up. To do these tricks, press the up button a certain amount 
    of times (one for no comply, twice for boneless) and then press the X 
    button to jump. This will do a no comply or boneless. These are used to 
    get more speed, or just more points in a combo.
    The most valuable trick in the game, in my opinion. A revert is kind of 
    like a switch, but just when you land on a vert ramp. A revert changes 
    the board stance when you land, and is great for keeping alive big 
    combos. Revert into a manual to get a big score and keep your combo 
                                SPECIAL TRICKS
    There are a whole host of special tricks you can do in Underground. Some 
    are new, but a whole lot are old. Special tricks are designed to look 
    good, and to give you a lot of points. Select Edit Tricks from the pause 
    menu, and then go to specials. After you have all 11 spots, you can have 
    11 specials. Choose them. For me, I have 3 Air Tricks, 3 Grab Tricks, 2 
    Grinds, 2 Manuals and 1 Lip trick.
                       SPINE TRANSFERS AND ACID DROPS
    Spine transfer is where you go from one vert ramp, and while in the air, 
    transfer to another vert ramp over a distance. Make sure two ramps are 
    in font of each other, then go up one vert ramp, and while in the air 
    press R2 to transfer. To acid drop, get on a ramp, then jump off and 
    press R2 while in the air (the first ramp has to be higher than the vert 
    ramp you are transferring to.)
                            WALL MANOUVERS
    To firstly Wallride, go parallel to a wall, then angle into the wall and 
    press and hold the grind button. You will wallride the wall. Jump while 
    wallriding to do a wollie (wallride ollie) and get more points and jump 
    farther. To do a wallplant, head straight for the wall and jump into it 
    and press down plus x. To do a wall push, skate or manual straight into 
    a wall and hold the triangle button to push off of the wall.
    This was new in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4. Skitching is where you hold on 
    to the back of something that moves (car, truck, dog, elephant) and let 
    it carry you. You do get points for this. To skitch, go up behind the 
    moving thing you want to skitch and press the up button. Balance using 
    left and right, and to get out of skitching, either press down, or jump. 
    Also, you can move sides while skitching by pressing L1 or R1 (L1 to 
    move left, R1 to move right.)
                          TRICKS/SCORING GUIDE
    This section will describe what tricks you can do, how to get a 
    bigscore, and everything else to do with tricks.
                         SCORING BIG (MASSIVE SCORE)
    Here is how to get a massive score.
    1. Find a halfpipe. A halfpipe is where two vert ramps are close to 
       each other, so that when you land off of one you will head towards 
       the next. The closer, the better.
    2. Go up one side of the vert ramp (it doesn't matter which side) and 
       perform a grab trick and hold it. Any grab trick will do, like a 
       benihana, Melon, etc.
    3. Now, spin around the grab trick. This will give you even more 
       points. Keep on holding down the grab button while you are spinning. 
       You can spin with the D-Pad, analog stick, or L1 and R1.
    4. Land doing a revert. To do a revert, just when you are about to land 
       back down on the Vert Ramp, press the R2 button, and you will 
       revert. This will keep the combo alive.
    5. Perform a manual by pressing up, down or down, up. Manuals will link 
       from the revert, and keeps the combo going on. Now, go up the other 
       side of the vert ramp.
    6. Do the same thing as number 2. Go up the vert ramp and perform a 
       grab trick, then spin it around. Once again, land using a revert and 
       a manual.
    7. When you just have enough speed to reach the next halfpipe, perform 
       a lip trick, and hold it for as long as possible. You will get more 
       points from this than going up the vert ramp with no speed. 
    8. When performing the lip trick, change the trick while you are doing 
       it by pressing different combos, like square, square. Experiment to 
       find different ones.
    9. Land the lip trick using a revert and a manual. No perform some 
       flatland. Perform different tricks by pressing different 
       combinations, like circle, circle to perform a flatland trick. Press 
       square, square to do a flip trick of the current trick.
    10. When your balance meter is going crazy and you don't think you can 
        hold it any more, press L1 + R1 to get off of your board. Now, run 
        and find a grinding place before the meter runs out.
    11. Your grinding meter will be at the middle, so you can easily get 
        about 10 seconds worth of grinding in. While grinding, change 
        positions, just like the lip trick to get the multiplier up.
    12. Land the trick, and your score should be huge. Just don't bail, or 
        you will ruin a great combo.
                          LINKING TRICKS TOGETHER
    To link tricks together, use manuals. Lets say you grind a rail, and 
    when you jump off, you want to keep the combo alive. You need to perform 
    a manual. To do a manual, just as you are about to hit the ground, press 
    up, down, or down, up. This will go into a manual, and you can take the 
    manual to another grinding location (or a halfpipe, etc.) and your combo 
    will keep on getting better.
    To link vert tricks, and to keep them in a combo, when you land, press 
    the R2 button to revert. This is like a switch just as you land on the 
    vert ramp. While you are reverting, press up, down to get into a manual, 
    and find somewhere else to trick to get lots of points. I always revert, 
    every vert trick I do lands in a revert, and sometimes a manual if I 
    want a big combo.
                              SCORE MULTIPLYER
    The first score is your total points together, and as you to tricks, the 
    multiplier will go up, meaning more points. You get a x 1 for every 
    trick in the combo you do. For example, doing one of these will get you 
    plus one (these are quick methods, a special, for example, wont be 
    counted as that takes ages to do.)
    . A simple kick flip
    . A simple grab trick
    . No complies, bonless
    . Reverts
    . Manuals
    . Lip tricks
    . Changing positions
    Here is an example.
    You perform a heelfip. Total score: 200
    You perform a kickflip. Total score 400 x 2 
    You perform a heelflip again. Total score 560 x 3
    (note that when you perform a trick again, it decreases in value.)
                              CHANGING POSITIONS
    The Lip and Grind positions are new to Underground. You can change your 
    position (trick) while you are grinding, lip tricking, and manualling. 
    To change your position, press a different combo. Like for example, 
    while you are manualling, press circle, circle to perform a handstand. 
    This will give you more points, and you can even press square, square to 
    do a flip of the trick. This can't be done with Lips and Grinds (the 
    flipping section that is.)
    With lip tricks, you can do the same; input different combos (like 
    square, square) to go into a different trick while still lip tricking. 
    This can be good to get your multiplier up, and not lose points by doing 
    the same lip trick (because you changed.) Performing these will hurt 
    your balance though, so don't bail.
    With grind tricks, once again different combos can be inputted to get 
    different grinding styles. This will change your position to give you 
    more points, and get the Multiplier up. It will hurt your balance, like 
    the lip tricks.
    There is a great secret combo FAQ at http://www.gamefaqs.com that shows 
    all grind, flatland and lip tricks you can change positions into.
                      CHAPTER 1: HOMETOWN HIJINKS
                                   HELP ERIC
    Okay, a very easy mission to get you started off with. This level 
    teaches you the basics of climbing, and doing stuff off of your board. 
    Start off by jumping over the first fence. If you can't jump it, climb 
    it, and then go over it. Jump up to the next roof, and press R1 to grab 
    on. Pull yourself u, and grab the first piece of the skateboard. Jump 
    across and try to get hold of the little ledge below the roof. Now jump 
    up, and grab onto the ledge, pull yourself up and grab the second piece 
    of the skateboard. Make a huge leap onto the roof on your left. If you 
    don't make it, climb up, and then grab the next two pieces. For the 
    second part, once again, this is just to teach you how to jump over 
    stuff. Eric has set up some hurdles in the road, and you need to jump 
    over them. Use the analog stick to always be running, and then press the 
    X button to jump over all of the hurdles. Press L1 + R1 to get off of 
    your board. Now, jump towards the beam, and press triangle to get on 
    your board and grind on the beam.
                            WALK CHARLES
    Okay, this mission teaches you the basics of Skitchin. As soon as the 
    level starts, go up to the tail of the dog, and press the up button to 
    skitch the dog. Use left and right to balance yourself out. Keep on 
    balancing yourself out until time runs out. The time remaining is in the 
    top right hand corner. The total time is 20 seconds (on normal mode.) 
    It's no biggie if you happen to let go; just go up to the back of the 
    dog again, and press skitch, and let it count down the remaining time. A 
    very easy challenge.
                             ERIC'S CHALLENGE
    This one is very easy, as all starting off challenges should be. From 
    the start, ride forward and go up the ramp. Press the left + o button to 
    do a melon. Land it, because if you bail, it won't count. You don't need 
    to spin or anything either. Next, you have to do a grab trick, and then 
    do a revert at the end. To do a revert, press the R2 button when you are 
    about to land. Go up the ramp, and do a melon, and press R2 to revert 
    just as you land. Do this four times. Easy. Now, you have to beat eric. 
    You and him are starting at the same time. Go up the ramp, and pull off 
    a grab trick, and hold it. Revert, and then manual as well if you want 
    to, and you should get lots of points. Just keep on landing high scores 
    and if you have more points after a minute than what eric does, you 
    complete the challenge.
    Your very first driving mission. This one is quite easy; all you have to 
    do is knock down all of the cones. The path is shown to you by the 
    arrow, so there really isn't any need for a walkthrough here. There is 
    only a few roads here, so it's not really a maze or anything hard. Just 
    hit the cone, and move onto the next cone and do the same. The controls 
    for a car are: X is to accelerate. Square is to break R1 is to 
    handbrake, and Triangle is ditch (get out.) Once all cones are knocked 
    over, you complete the challenge.
                         FLYER FOR THE DEMO
    Ride forward and grind the beam thing. Now jump across the road and 
    grind the ledge with the plants and stuff on them on the right hand side 
    to get the second fist. You need to put up a total of 8 flyers. Now, hop 
    down from the ledge, and on the left and right hand sides of the road 
    are places to give out flyers. 4 should have been put out now. Race down 
    the end of the road, and jump and grab the next two fists (one on the 
    left, the other on the right.) Go to the railing on the right, and rind 
    it all the way along to get the other two fists and complete the 
                          IMPRESS MUSKA
    Chad Muska is in town, and you need to impress him by getting some big 
    combos near him and so he can see these big combos. Okay, straight ahead 
    of you will be Muska's car. Go towards it, and jump over the beam in the 
    road and then jump over the fence. You will hear him say that it looks 
    like a good place to skate. Go into the bowl, and do a grab trick and 
    hold it. Spin also. Revert into a manual, and then go up the other side 
    and do another trick. Revert into a manual, and then do some ground 
    tricks, and that should take you well over 30,000, and the challenge is 
    complete. If you happen to fail, and then just move to the next area 
    where Chad goes to, and impress him there.
                      CHAPTER 2: IMPRESSING THE LOCALS
                               IMPRESS SHAWN
    Okay, this can be quite difficult at times, but mostly really easy. What 
    you firstly have to do is get up onto the roof of the house. To do this, 
    you must get off your board in mid air. Go up the ramp, and at the top, 
    press L1 + R1, and then hold up. This will get you up to the roof. Now, 
    you must transfer between the roofs. Now, angle to the right (but not 
    too much) so that you will be going right as soon as you go into the 
    air. Land on the other house roof. All you have to do now is spine back 
    down. Go up the ramp, and press the R2 button in the air to make your 
    character spine transfer down below to the quarterpipe. Challenge 
                        DEMO THE NEW PLAYGROUND SETUP
    Turn right from the start to see the setup. It is two ramps, put 
    together to make a quarterpipe (or halfpipe, I forget which.) Line 
    yourself up with one ramp, then go up it and do a grab combo and spin 
    it. Land doing a revert and a manual, and then go up the other side of 
    the setup, and perform another trick. Land using a revert and a manual 
    and then do some ground tricks to easily get the amount of points 
    required (20,000). That's all there is to it, challenge complete.
                          IMPRESS JOEY
    The Joey guy has three tests that he gives to newbies (you, at this 
    time.) The first one is to Spine Transfer over the little trash pipe. Go 
    up the little ramp, and press the R2 button in the air to do a spine 
    transfer. It will take you to the other ramp. Next, you need to do that 
    doing a kickflip. To do a kickflip, press left plus square. Ride up the 
    ramp, and press R2 in the air, and then quickly press left plus square 
    to do a kickflip over the spine. 2 out of three tests done. Thirdly, you 
    need to do the tricks that he yells out. The tricks appear in the bottom 
    right hand corner of the screen, so look there for the tricks, and 
    perform them in the air. There ain't many tricks to do. Do more than one 
    in the air each time, and you will be complete in no time.
                         DO CHRIS' BEST LINE
    Jump and grind the first barrier that is flashing on your left. Now, 
    while you are grinding, jump and grind the fence on your right. Now, 
    jump and grind the next barrier on your left. Jump forward and grind the 
    next barrier, and let it take you around. Jump and grind the barriers in 
    the middle of the road. Once they are all hit, you get a new challenge. 
    Jump and grind the edge of the planter. Jump off when you grind it, and 
    use the ramp up farther to jump and land on the next ledge. Jump across 
    to the concrete fence, and grind around it. Jump onto the next barrier 
    on the right, and then jump to the deck of the house to complete the 
    A hard mission at first, but once you know what to do, it is very easy. 
    The drug dealers have stolen some gear from the shop, and Shawn is 
    trying to figure out how to get it back. The deck that they stole is on 
    the front porch, and you need to get it back. The dealers are everywhere 
    on the street, and you can't be seen; otherwise you will have to run for 
    it. Run and jump up and grab onto the platform. Jump off of that 
    platform, run forward and stick to the right. Now, jump up and grab onto 
    the next platform. Move forward, around the corner. Jump over the 
    dealer, keep moving forward and jump down and grab the deck.
                   CHAPTER 3: GETTING OUTTA DODGE
    In my opinion, it is better to do this level off of your board. Press L1 
    + R1 to get off of your board, then follow the arrow, and it will lead 
    you to a roof of a house. Climb up the roof. Grab the first part. Now 
    there is no arrow. Look to the left, and on the next roof will be some 
    more junk. Jump across and grab on to the ledge and pull yourself up. 
    Look to the left, jump across and grab the next piece of junk. Keep 
    walking forward, over the humps and grab the fourth piece of junk. Look 
    left, and jump over and grab the fifth piece of junk. If you can't jump 
    over, then skate over, then quickly change back to walking when you are 
    on the other side. From here, jump down, and run across the road. Jump 
    to the top of the roof. Now, for the second part, you need to skitch the 
    car. Go up to it and press up. Hold on, and wait until it gets to the 
    ramp. The game will tell you when to let go. Let go when it says so. To 
    let go, press down, and you should go flying over the bridge.
                       GET ACESS TO THE TRAIN STATION
    Watch the funny opening cut-scene type thing. You piss the guard off, 
    and now you have to make him chase you around in circles three times. 
    Jump and grind on the circle just ahead of you, and you will 
    automatically keep on grinding around. Keep grinding around three times 
    and hold your balance and the guard will get puffed out and the 
    challenge will be complete. You don't have to do the three circles in 
                          IMPRESS THE BRATTY KID
    Prove you are better than the stupid little bratty kid by getting 25,000 
    points without going on the street. There is a great line from the 
    start. Grind the barrier on your left, and grind it all the way to the 
    end, either when it turns abit. Then, jump off and grind the first part 
    of the circle. Jump off when you get to face the ramps, and grind the 
    next ledge on your left. Take it all the way to the end, then do some 
    manual tricks if you need to, and that should be more than enough to 
    complete the challenge.
                          CATCH OLLIE'S HOUSE
    You need to obtain all of the pieces to ollies house in just one big 
    combo. The pieces are scattered around the train tracks. To obtain the 
    piece, just go over it, but remember you need to get them all in one 
    combo. Grind the track just in front of you, and grab the first piece. 
    Make sure you grinded the track in the middle, if so, it will take you 
    around the corner, and you will grab the next bit. Keep your balance, 
    and grind around and grab the third bit. If you lose your combo, you 
    fail the mission, so don't lose your combo, and remember to balance.
                     RESCUE ERIC
    Okay, another part-car mission. Eric has been captured by the Drug 
    Dealers, and is being taken to their hideout, or somewhere like that. 
    You need to chase down the car that has Eric in it. Firstly, just move 
    forward, and hold down crouch to make you go faster. Follow the car 
    along the bridge. Grinding also makes you go faster. Follow the car as 
    it goes across the bridge, forward and then takes the first right, and 
    then goes left down the street. Johnny Turbo sets up a little roadblock. 
    Once the cut-scene is over, then take the car and follow the drug 
    dealers' car. All you have to do is follow it for now, so you don't need 
    to catch it. It will go around the block once, and then go towards the 
    bridge. Speed up on the bridge, go around the roundabout to the left, 
    and then ram the drug dealer's car. Challenge complete.
                     CHAPTER 4: SKATING THE BIG APPLE
                              HIGH SCORE
    You need to get a high score of 45,000 points (normal mode.) This is 
    very easy, especially since you are given two minutes to do this level 
    in. If you want a good ramp spot, then go up the street and take the 
    first left. On both sides of this little street will be a halfpipe. 
    Skate up one side, pull a combo, and then land in a revert, and then 
    manual and go up the other side and perform another combo. Continue 
    doing this, and get the 45,000 points to complete the challenge. Very 
                          HOLD GRIND COMBOS
    You need to learn how to do different grinds in this challenge. Jump and 
    grind onto the first bench doing the very first grind you want to do. 
    Don't jump here, but while in the gap, select the next grind you want to 
    do and then press it in the gap. You will do the grind, and once combo 
    on the right should go away. Do this to all of the combos on the right 
    that appear, and you complete the challenge.
                        HELP THE STUDENT
    The student has lost stuff out of her purse, so you have to get it back 
    for her. From the start, get off of your board, and run up the steps on 
    your right. Look left, get back on your board, then go up the ramp and 
    get off at the top. Walk left, go around the building and grab the first 
    part. Now head back to the glass type building that would of been behind 
    the student when you started. Use the ramp to do the same thing you did 
    with the last piece. Head down the small alley across from the building, 
    and use the ramp on the right to go up, and then grind the railing to 
    grab the third part. Move to the left street, and then go right. Climb 
    up the sign to get the fourth piece. Now, go o the street across the 
    road (to the left abit as well) from the fourth piece. Keep going up, 
    and use the ramp on the left side of the road to get the fifth and final 
    piece out of the student's purse.
                     KILL 5 FAMOUS SKATE SPOTS
    First, you need to score 2,500 point at Pyramid Ledges. Grind around the 
    ledges and change your stance while grinding by press circle, then 
    circle, or triangle then circle, etc. If you are not a grinding person, 
    do manual tricks. The 2,500 points doesn't have to be scored in a combo, 
    but you must stay in the pyramid section. Next place is 78 water. There 
    is a good line here; use the left side of the water to turn the corner, 
    and it will act like a little ramp. Use this to launch up on to the 
    rails, and change your stance a few times to easily get the score. At 
    the waterfront, there are a few ramps just up ahead you can use to 
    easily do vert combos to get the score that you need. Remember to revert 
    into manuals for big scores. At the memorial, you can grind around the 
    hedges, or you can just use the bowl to easily get some great points. 
    Lastly, the banks. Once again there are a few ramps here. There is also 
    a sick line if you go along and grind the cars, jump off and grind the 
    ledges and barriers. 
                       NUT VENDORS UNITE
    In this challenge, you have to knock down the nut stands only using the 
    car you are given. Follow the first arrow to the first nut stand, which 
    is on the left side of the road. Hit it. Now reverse, and go down the 
    street the arrow points to. Go down into the banks section, and knock 
    over that nut stand. Use the stairs to get out, and then head right, and 
    go up the ramp on your left. Hit the nut stand in front of you just up 
    the ramp. Go down the other ramp and hit the nut stand by the Pyramid 
    Ledges. Now follow the street just across from the stand you hit, and 
    hit the next one. Head to the street on the left, and hit the one in the 
    alley on your right. Go out of the alley and hit the last one on the 
                      CHAPTER 5: SKATING WITH THE LOCALS
                            FILM THE LOCAL
    What you have to do in this mission is to film the local by staying 
    close to him, but not going in front of him. Don't fall too far behind, 
    or you will fail. You start off in camera mode. Just stay close, and 
    hold back when you are going too fast for him. You will see your total 
    recording time on the bottom right. Just keep him in view (you don't 
    have to grind or anything like he does.) 
                       HIT THE KILLER BANKS LINE
    Okay, you need to hit the big banks line in one big combo. The things 
    you need to grind are flashing. Start off by grinding the right side of 
    the cars. Jump across to the top of the ramp, and then grind that. Jump 
    across to the ledge and grind that, then jump to the next ledge. Jump 
    off at the end, and then manual and grind the seats. Jump off the seats 
    and then manual, and go up the ramp. Land it and you complete the 
                        CRASH AND BURN THE CAR
    Another car level. What you have to do here is to get the engine 
    overheated, and then ditch it in the water so that the guy can get 
    insurance money. This is an easy level. Just keep on going around the 
    block (first left, and then go around in a square shape) and just keep 
    on speeding along. When the engine temperature gets to 300, then it is 
    time to ditch it. Get back to the waterfront (if you were going round 
    the block, then you will eventually come back to it) now look for a 
    flashing platform. Drive it off the platform and the challenge is 
                         HELP THE LOCAL SKATER
    In this level, you need to get nuts from the venders and bring them back 
    to the security guard before they get cold. Follow the arrow to the 
    first vendor, and grab some nuts. Now follow the arrow back to the 
    security guard to give him the nuts. Follow the arrow to the next 
    vendor. This guy will be next to some roadworks. Grab the nuts, and once 
    again follow the arrow back to the security guard to give him the nuts. 
    Follow the arrow to the next vendor. This guy is next to the glass 
    building where you obtained one of the things from the student's purse 
    in a previous challenge. Once again follow the arrow back to the guard 
    to deliver the nuts. Now you can get inside the building. Get special 
    and perform the New York Nut Buster (combo shown on the side) and now 
    you can create our own tricks! The create a trick option is now 
    available on the main menu.
                          GAP THE BURNING TAXI
    You need to trick over the taxi so that Eric can film you, so you can 
    show Peralta and get the Sponsorship you need. Jump over the taxi and do 
    the tricks that come up. You have to do the tricks over the taxi. Jump 
    over, and do the trick. Try to do the trick that you have got lots of on 
    the right hand side, and then work on the rest. This should be quite 
    easy. Once all tricks are done, challenge complete.
                        CHAPTER 6: FAVOURS FOR A RIDE
                        HELP STACEY'S RELATIVE
    I originally thought that this would be like the help the student 
    challenge, but it isn't. You need to help Stacy's relative by showing 
    him a big score so that the kid can keep his job. On normal, the score 
    is 50,000. Easy. Move forward and grind the rails. Now, there are a few 
    ramps here. Go up the ramps and pull big combos. Do this until you get 
    50,000. Easy.
    You need to do various old school skating techniques in this level, like 
    things that are from Tony Hawks Pro Skater, and have come all the way 
    through to this one. Just keep going along and press up + x to do a no 
    comply. Do this 5 times in one minute. Easy. Now you have to use this 
    and do it over an obstacle. Approach the obstacle, then press up + x to 
    do the no comply. Once that is done, you must no comply onto the bench, 
    then manual it, and then flip trick out. Approach the bench, then pres 
    up + x, and while in the air, press up then down to do a manual. Manual 
    all the way across the bench, then do whatever flip trick out (direction 
    + square.) Now you need to learn the boneless. Go along the road, and 
    press up, up then x. Do this 5 times. Now you need to clear the wall 
    using a boneless. This one can take some time to do it. When you get 
    near the ledge, press up, up then x to do a boneless. If you get the 
    timing right, you should clear it. Now you need to do a boneless at the 
    start of the ramp. Go to the ramp, and then press up, up then x at the 
    base of it, and you will get more air.
    Damn kids stole some decks; you need to get them back. Giving a 
    walkthrough for this can be hard, because the kids tend to move a lot 
    around. You can tell which kids have the decks, as a marker will appear 
    above their heads. I found one cruising along the water area to the 
    right of where you start. Go to him and bump into him to get the deck 
    back. I found another one just to the right of the water section. I 
    found another one at a halfpipe section near the sign that had a thing 
    from the student's purse on it. I found one grinding along the banks 
    area, and the final one on the street just to the right of the last one. 
    That is all five decks. 
                    CHAPTER 7: WITH SYRUP OR JELLY
                      REMOVE ALL OF THE STICKERS 
    You need to wall ride 5 stickers to get them down in this challenge. 
    Start by using the ramp on the right to jump up, and then wall ride down 
    the first sign. Keep going along the street and on your left will be 
    another sticker. Use the same technique to get the next sticker. I found 
    a third sign by the building if you head forward from the start and take 
    the road along, head left when you can, and then left again by a 
    building will be the sticker. A fourth sticker can be found on the left 
    side of the movie studio area. The last sticker is found in an alley if 
    you go up the street on the right from the movie studio. On the right 
    will be the alley, and the sticker. 
                        GET THE BEST DONUTS
    A funny level. Anyway, you need to get the best donuts for the Police  
    Officers. You must get 12 donuts. Grind the bin on the left to get the 
    first, and then use the plank of wood to get the second donut. Use the 
    halfpipe to grab the next two (4/12). Head forward and grab the next 
    donut by the fence, then head left and grab the next one by the barrier. 
    Follow the road along and grab the next one by the halfpipe. Move 
    forward, go up the ramp and grab the next one on the rope. Head right 
    when you land, and grab the ones bythe benches. Grind, and go to the 
    ramp. Go up it, and grab the next one and then spine transfer and grab 
    the last one. Challenge complete.
                       THE SKATEBOARDING BANDIT
    Someone has just robbed the bank. The dropped cash that the robber left 
    behind should lead you right to him. You need to do this level in one 
    combo, since you only have 5 seconds to start off with. Grind the rail 
    on your right and grab the first lot of cash. Drop down (jump if you 
    need to) and grind the ledge and grab the cash. Now jump down and grab 
    the money below, while grinding. Jump off, then manual up the ramp and 
    grab the last piece, and the level is complete.
                        HELP THE PIRVATE EYE
    The private eye needs to get a picture of a cheating couple, as well as 
    deliver some dry cleaning and do some other things. The cheaters car is 
    located by the movies. Head forward from the start, and go right when 
    you see the two ramps being used as blockades. Move to the right, and go 
    all the way down the road. Just by the movies, on the right will be the 
    cheaters car. Grind it 5 times. When you grind the car, you will hear 
    "noises" coming from it. Anyway, now you need to distract some guy at 
    the front of the movies. Transfer over and perform the trick. One last 
    thing, you need to deliver the dry cleaning for the Private Eye. If you 
    bail, you will fail. This part, in my opinion is easier off your board, 
    because getting up steps on your board can be a pain, so get off your 
    board. Follow the arrows to the people, and deliver the goods. There are 
    5 guys you need to deliver to, so just follow the arrows.
    Eric is now out of jail. You need to get revenge on Mayor Jedd by 
    grinding down his election signs so that he isn't up for re-election. Go 
    up the ramp on your right and grind the first sign down. As you go down 
    the street on your left, there will be another sign on your right grind 
    it down. Across from where the movie theatre (where the cheaters car is) 
    is another sign; grind the top of it. Head down the street on your left, 
    and it the end in the grass area just off the road is another sign. Keep 
    going up the street, and grind down the last sign. Now you have to lose 
    the cops and ditch the cop car you are riding in. Go around the first 
    corner, and watch out, as a cop car will come out of the alley. Turn the 
    next corner and go to the left side. Follow the arrow. Head left at the 
    corner, now stick to the right and get to the marker. Head left, and 
    stick to the left side of the road, as a cop will come out and block the 
    right side. Turn the next corner, and avoid the two cop cars and the 
    barrier. Go to the right side. Turn the next corner, and sneak the car 
    in between the cop car and the barrier. Go to the next marker, and then 
    take the car down to the ocean marker and the challenge is complete.
                      CHAPTER 8: GREASE THE PRO'S
                         PARTY BOAT SKATE TRICKS 
    Bam is at a boring party and wants you to liven things up. You have to 
    nail the tricks that he yells out. Go up the ramps and do the tricks on 
    the side. Do the most common one that appears, and try to do two tricks 
    each time you are in the air. Keep doing the combos that appear. Try not 
    to bail.
                            WALLPLANT COMBO
    An easy level, this one. What you have to do is wallplant on the 
    drawbridge, and then manual all the way through the cones. Press down + 
    x to do a wallplant, then launch off of the bridge, and go into a 
    manual. Hold the manual as you go down the hill. Remember to balance 
    out, and remember that you are going down hill, so you won't stop due to 
    lack of speed. As soon as you get the gap called wallplant combo, you 
    complete the challenge.
                       BEAT ANDREW'S BEST COMBOS
    In this challenge, you have to beat Andrews's three best combos. This is 
    very easy. Jump down (don't perform a trick just now) the bank, and then 
    go up the ramp and perform a big trick. Land in a revert and then manual 
    and do some ground tricks. When you have other 10,000 you can land. Now 
    you have to get 10,000 points again in a different spot. Go up the ramp, 
    and do the same thing you did before. Perform a big combo, land in 
    revert and then manual and do ground tricks to stack up points. Land 
    when you have 10,000 points. Now you are on a roof, and have to score 
    10,000 in a combo again. Go up the first ramp, perform a trick, then 
    land in a revert and manual and then lip trick on the next ramp. This 
    should easily give you the amount of required points. 
                            BOWL GRIND
    This is a really easy level. All you have to do is knock down all of the 
    bottles in one big long grind. It is really simple! Grind around the 
    bowl, hitting the bottles. All you have to do is balance yourself out, 
    and because it is such a short distance, it is really easy to do. 
                           PROVE YOURSELF
    This is another easy level. To start off with, you need to land a trick 
    with a spin. Just go up a ramp, and perform any trick (a grab or 
    kickflip preferred, not a special) and then use left or right or L1 and 
    R1 to spin in the air. 360 spins will count. Now you need to land a 
    trick with at least 540 spin and revert at the end. Go up a ramp and do 
    any trick and then rotate around 1 and half times to do a 540 spin. 
    Press R2 to revert at the end. Challenge complete, easy.
                         IMPRESS TONY HAWK
    For this challenge, you need to do the tricks that the guy yells out. It 
    is easy to do at least two tricks in the air at once, like a kickflip 
    and a nosegrab, so try to do two while in the air. Once you have nailed 
    all of the tricks, you now get to hang with Tony Hawk. All you have to 
    do is beat his score. This is easy also. Just perform big combos, then 
    land them into reverts and then manual to keep the combo going and go up 
    the other side of the ramp. Simple. Tony's score is shown to the right. 
    To complete the challenge, your score must be bigger than Tony Hawk's 
    score when time runs out. Land lots of big combos and this is really 
                        CHAPTER 9: KILL THE COMP
                          PLACE IN STREET CONTEST
    What I do here is from the start grind something in the middle and 
    perform a vert trick at the end (sometimes a transfer) and then go back 
    in the middle and perform another grind of the railing and then go to 
    the other end and perform another vert trick. Keep on doing this, and 
    get most of your points in the combos, and you should easily get a good 
    score from the judges. This should easily give you first spot, and a 
    very high score. Also, there are some rails you can grind around to give 
    you points. Do the same in the other two tries. 
                           PLACE IN VERT CONTEST
    This is where I absolutely kill the competition. I am a very good vert 
    skater (better than street.) It is very easy to get a big score in this 
    level. The vert area you use is the place where you have to beat Tony's 
    score and nail the tricks that the guy yells out. Just perform a big 
    grab trick and spin it. Then, land using a revert and a manual to keep 
    the combo going and go up the other side of the ramp and perform another 
    combo, then land using a revert and manual again. If you run out of 
    speed and can't make it to the next ramp, just perform ground tricks, 
    but don't bail. Keep scoring big combos, and the judges will give you 
    big scores.
                      GET ONTO THE ROOF OF SPOT
    There is some cool stuff on the roof that would be good to skate on. You 
    need to get up there. Jump up on the first roof, and pull yourself up. 
    Jump on the door overhang and pull yourself up there if you need to, and 
    then use the ladder to reach the roof. Once you are up there, now 
    attempt to beat the guy's high score, and stay on the rooftop to do it. 
    30,000 is nothing. Go up a ramp, and then perform a combo, revert and 
    then manual and do some ground tricks to easily get the score. Move 
    yourself to the right or left after you land so you don't go off the 
                        WIN BEST TRICK CONTEST
    I like this challenge, it is really fun, and they could of made this a 
    Multiplayer game, called "Elimination" and if you don't have a friend to 
    play it against, you could play against A.I, it would be fun. Anyway, 
    after every 30 seconds, the skater with the lowest score will be 
    eliminated. If you are in a combo, those points still count as long as 
    you don't bail. Last reaming competitors advance. Just perform big 
    combos, then revert and manual them, then grind the stuff in the middle. 
    Try to stay in first place. When I was playing Eric Sparrow (second 
    place) got a score of 61,000 points. So get more than that and you will 
    probably win. Once thirty seconds is up, you and Eric will move on. 
    Biggest score wins. Do the same as before, perform huge combos, reverts 
    and then manual them, and perform ground tricks, but don't stack them. 
    Whoever is in the lead after one minute wins, and hopefully that will be 
    you. This time, in mine, Eric got a score of 42,000, so anything over 
    that and you will win.
                             CHAPTER 10: JOIN A TEAM
                                 CHOOSING A SPONSOR
    Time to choose a sponsor! Since I couldn't be bothered looking at all 
    the videos, I just chose the first one (birdhouse) but if you want to, 
    view the videos and then select a sponsor. As far as I know the story 
    doesn't branch off depending on what sponsor you choose.
                        CHAPTER 11: PROVE YOURSELF WORTHY
                            FLIP THE BIG STAIRS
    Okay, in this challenge, you have to do some flip tricks while clearing 
    a set of stairs. The stairs are a 20 set, but you can easily jump that. 
    The first one is a heeflip. Move forward, then go to the left when you 
    can see the stairs and jump down them. Land it. Now double kickflip down 
    the stairs. To do a double kickflip, press left then square twice. Jump 
    from the top of the stairs to the bottom to get a gap and get the second 
    flip photo. Next, it is a double impossible. Ride forward, and jump down 
    the set on your left and press up then square twice to do a double 
    impossible. Land it without bailing. Finally, it's a 360 flip. Press 
    diagonal down left and then square twice to perform the 360 flip. Easy. 
                             DAREDEVIL HIGH LINE
    Not a very hard mission, but it may take a few shots to do this. Start 
    off by riding forward, and don't grind until you get to the first 
    flowerpot. Grind around and hop off your board at the end (after you 
    knock down three.) Turn around the corner, and jump and grind the next 
    ledge and hit the rest of the flower boxes. Just keep your balance and 
    don't bail, otherwise you have to get all the way back up there.
                             AIR OUT THE ATRIUM
    Ride forward from the start, and jump at the end of the ramp. Perform 
    the trick that is listed in the top right hand corner. First is a melon, 
    Press left + circle while in the air, and then land. First grab photo 
    complete. Next is a stiffy. Do the same, ride forward and jump at the 
    end. If you need to, do a boneless by pressing up, up then x. This will 
    give you more height. Over the gap perform a stiffy, which can be done 
    by pressing right, and then circle twice. Land it, and you have got your 
    second grab photo. Next is a rocket air. Go over the gap, and press up, 
    then circle twice over the gap, and then land it. Finally, you have to 
    do a one foot tail grab. Go over the ramp, and press down, down circle 
    to do it. Challenge complete.
                           ROOFTOP TECHNITION
    How easy is this! Just press up, then down before the cones to get into 
    a manual. Take the manual all the way to the barrier, and then perform a 
    pop shove it (down, square) over the barrier in the middle, then pres 
    up, down again before you hit the ground to get back into a manual. Hold 
    your balance to the next set of cones. Jump out of the manual when you 
    are past the cones, and the challenge is complete.
                          SEE A MAN ABOUT A HORSE
    This can be a difficult challenge at times. What you need to do is Spine 
    Transfer over the statue and perform the tricks at the same time. Go up 
    one side of the statue and then press the R2 or L2 button to spine 
    transfer over the statue. Now perform the trick while in the air. When 
    you land, turn around and spine transfer again and keep on doing the 
    tricks that appear. It can take too long if you keep going after landing 
    going over the horse then going up the other vert ramp. You can easily 
    perform two tricks over horse, so do two at a time. Also, try not to 
    bail. Perform all of the tricks over it, and the challenge is complete. 
                        CHAPTER 12: PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!
                           LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED 
    For this challenge, you need to get some flyers thrown up for the party, 
    and it's your job to do it. You can see the spots where you need to put 
    them up to, and to put them up, wallplant by pressing down + x on the 
    mark. Straight away in front of you will be one spot, so wallplant to 
    put it up. Now move toward the area to your right where you started the 
    level. You will see another marker on your right, so stick one up there. 
    The third location is below the gap that you did grab tricks over in the 
    last chapter, so look on the ground for one by there, and stick one on. 
    For the third place, head towards the horse statue, and you will see a 
    number of ways you can go. Head down the street to your right and on the 
    wall on the right will be a place to stick one. The very last flyer is 
    in the tunnel, pretty mcuh in the middle of the level, and a road goes 
    through the tunnel. 
                        NO BAND.... NO PARTY. BUMMER
    Someone stole the bands instruments, and it is, of course, your job to 
    get these instruments back to them. The first instrument is just around 
    the corner from you. Take the street around, and you will see a fist 
    with a instrument under it. First bit collected. Second part can be 
    located near a wall, on the left hand side of where you started San 
    Diego. The second part can be found on top of a platform on the right 
    hand side, pull yourself up to get it. The final instrument is outside 
    the skateshop. From the start of the challenge, head around the corner, 
    and take the first left. Go down the street, and look on your left just 
    after the next road on your left. 
                       NO ONE LIKES A DUDE FESTIVAL
    In this challenge, you need to round up some girls so that they will 
    come to your party. Nice car they give you to get them in as well. 
    Follow the arrow through the tunnel and you will see a fist signifying 
    the first girl. She wants to see a 10,000 point combo. I just easily did 
    flatland tricks, but you can go off and do a grind, and remember to 
    manual and get more points and keep the combo alive. Once you get 10,000 
    points in a combo, she will come with you. Follow the arrow back to near 
    where you started the band challenge. This girl wants to see some 
    freestyle tricks, meaning ground tricks. Do all the tricks that appear 
    in a manual, and then land the tricks. Follow the street back, and go to 
    the right and follow the "road" along to the third girl. She wants to 
    see a big score (40,000 points.) Easily go up the ramp in front of you, 
    and do a grab trick and hold it. Land doing a revert and a manual, and 
    then perform some ground tricks. Land it, and repeat until you have a 
    huge score. Now, get back! Take the alley out, and follow the arrow 
    until you get to the arrow. 
                          ACID DROP THE TWO TOWERS
    Quite an easy challenge. Start off by climbing up the ladder. Now, walk 
    off the edge towards the ramp below, and then press R2 to acid drop. 
    Now, skate up the vert ramp and press L1 + R1 to get off you board at 
    the top, and then climb up the ladder, and jump across to the next tower 
    and acid drop off that one. Challenge complete.
                     ALL WE NEED IS A SYSTEM AND SOME RIMS
    A very easy challenge, in normal mode, you have 1.15 to complete a lap, 
    and if you complete it in the time limit, you will beat the guys best 
    lap. I can't really give you a walkthrough for this, just follow the 
    arrows and go through the cones. Try not to hit anything, and just 
    follow the arrows. Fairly simple. 
                           CHAPTER 13: DEMO TIME
                      GET YOUR GEAR BACK FROM THE FUZZ
    Your skateboards are in the back of the Security Cart, which you 
    "borrowed." Go up to the back of the cart and press up to skitch the 
    back of it. Just hold on to the back, and balance yourself out. You need 
    to hold on for 60 seconds of one minute, so for each second you spend 
    not skitching, you need to spend one second skitching. Just balance 
    yourself out, and get the time down as much as you can. When you let go, 
    then go back up to the cart and press up again. Hold crouch to go faster 
    so you can catch up to it. Spend 1 minute skitching, and watch out for 
    the cops. They are a real pain. Press L1 and R1 to change sides to avoid 
    being hit by the cops, and also watch your balance meter.
                      ROUND UP THE POSSE FOR THE DEMO
    Heh, the guys have all got lost or wandered off during the party, and it 
    is your job to find these guys. From the start, ride down the street on 
    your right. On the right will be a vert ramp; go up it. Get off your 
    board and go up the ladder on your right, and get the first guy. Jump 
    down, and head across from the horse, near where all the trees and stuff 
    are. Look in the greenery to find another guy. That's two out of 5. To 
    find the third guy, go into the fountain area, near where you had to do 
    the grab tricks over the gap. On the right side, by the fountain will be 
    another guy. Another guy is by the water section near where you start 
    the San Diego level. Is pretty hard to explain where, but I'm sure you 
    will see the fist above his head. To get the fifth guy, from where you 
    start the challenge, head left, and on your left at the corner will be a 
    vert ramp. Go up it, and on top will be the final guy.
                       3 IS NO CROWD, FIND MORE KIDS
    The kid first wants to see a 15,000 point combo. Just easily go up the 
    ramp on the horse, and do a big grab trick or a special, and then land 
    in a revert and then manual and do so ground tricks to easily get 15,000 
    points. Land it, and you complete the challenge.
    You have to grab all of the stickers so you can throw them out at the 
    demo. This part can be done is one big long combo if you wanted to do it 
    that way. Rid forward and grab the first (2) and then jump off to the 
    right and grab the next one (3). Go across the road, and grind the seats 
    to get number (4) (5) and (6). Grind the next seat on the right to grab 
    number (7). In the open area will be number (8). Grind the water edge to 
    grab number (9) and (10). Jump up and grind and collect the next 3 (13) 
    and then jump across to the round fountain part and grab the next few, 
    and then jump off and collect the rest. The last one is a top the vert 
                           TEAR IT UP AT THE DEMO
    This one can be a bit hard. You need to perform the tricks on that 
    raised up bar. Use the ramp to jump up, and perform te different grinds. 
    Most of them are 5-0s, 50-50s, Nosegrinds, and Nosebluntslides. The 
    combo is listed on the right, and try to do which trick that appears the 
    most first. Secondly, you need to get 45,000 points for the newspaper 
    guy. Just easily go up a ramp, and perform a big trick, then revert into 
    a manual and perform some more great ground tricks. Easy. Thirdly, you 
    have to hold a lip trick on the stage lights. Get special by doing some 
    tricks, then go to the stage lights and perform the Russian boneless 
    with the combo is says. Easy.
                        CHAPTER 14: GET LEI'D
                          WEDDING QUEST
    For this challenge, you need to get some footage with some brides and 
    grooms. The first lot are straight in front of you, so move forward and 
    perform the trick listed. From here, move left to the pools to see the 
    next set. Perform the next trick by them. The third lot are just forward 
    of the set of pools on the right hand side. To get to the last set, move 
    into the marker place. Go all the way to the end and then press R2 to 
    spine transfer, then drop down onto the road to see the next couple. 
    Perform the trick is says and the challenge is complete.
                          GET LEI'D
    The first lei is right in front of you. Go up the ramp to collect the 
    first one. Next, move to the right and on the tree will be another one. 
    3rd lei is on the very first ramp as you come into the market place. 4th 
    lei is on the right side of the market place (the opposite side to where 
    you started.) Now, from here, move forward into the fenced off area, and 
    perform a little transfer from the ramp at the back to the left to get 
    the last one.
                        PINEAPPLE KILLER
    For this level, you get to drive a car. Your team video can use some 
    footage of destruction, and pineapples explode real nice. Drive forward, 
    and on your left by the market place is the first stand. Hit it. On the 
    right just after that is the second stand. Hit that as well. Now head 
    down the street on your left, and hit the one down there. Head down the 
    street now on your left and smash the stand there. That's 4 out of 5 
    destroyed. The final pineapple stand is on the beach. Head forward from 
    the start and take the first sand path right and hit the pineapple stand 
    to complete the challenge.
                           SPEAK HAWIIAN
    This one doesn't really have to be done in a combo, but you have a time 
    limit of 5 seconds, and the goal wont end until you are out of a combo. 
    Get the M by grinding, then jump off and grind the seat to get the A and 
    then jump and grind the next seat to grab the W. Jump and get the A, 
    then manual up and grab the E, the N and then jump off the plank and 
    grab the A. 
                          DRAIN THE POOL
    Now you have to drain the pool. First, jump into the vending machine and 
    wallplant three times by pressing down + x. Do this three times in a 
    minute. Next, climb up the first ladder, jump across to the right and 
    then go up the next ladder. Take it to the top and you will see the fist 
    here. Get on your skateboard and press R2 over the pool to acid drop 
    down. You will go into the pool, and make the Security guard drop his 
    Candy bar. Challenge complete.
                   CHAPTER 15: FIND THE ULTIMATE SPOT
                          IMPRESS THE GIRLS
    For this challenge, you need to impress three lots of Bikini girls by 
    landing huge combos in front of them. The first lot of girls are right 
    in front of you. Perform something like a Benihana, then land it and 
    revert then manual and go up the other side of the pool and perform 
    another trick. This should easily get you over 7,500 points. Go to the 
    other side of the beach area to find some more pools. Perform another 
    big combo in front of them. The third lot are back by the first pool, 
    sitting on the beach. Score a combo of 7,500 points, and you complete 
    the challenge.
                          LUAU COMPETITION
    Just some basic tips: The two vert ramps are pretty far apart, so it is 
    better if you do a big trick, then land it and start doing some ground 
    tricks, or manual all the way to the other vert ramp then perform a lip 
    trick, land it in manual and get some more points. Try to get big 
    combos, but don't stack them, and you only have 30 seconds. Any score 
    above 40,000 will get you at least 85 +. It can be hard to get a get 
    judge score here, because you need to repeat tricks a lot. 
                            WALLOWS COMBO BOWLS
    A fairly easy challenge. But you have to do all transfer gaps in just 
    one combo. Go up the first ramp, and the transfer over the fist, and 
    land in a revert and then manual. Press R2 to revert, and up, down to 
    manual. Do this, and go over the next fist, and do the same thing to the 
    last fist. Remember to do it all in one combo to complete the challenge.
                             HIGH LINES
    A fairly easy challenge here. What you have to do is grind a wire all 
    the way to the end, and transform it into a crooked grind while you are 
    going. So, from the start, jump and grind the right side of the pool. 
    All you have to do for the rest of the level is balance, and perform the 
    crooked. When you are actually on the wire (it will automatically go 
    from grinding the edge of the pool to the wire) pres circle + circle to 
    perform the crooked grind. Keep on using left and right to balance 
    yourself out. When it says, "That's far enough" jump down and you 
    complete the challenge.
                            OFF THE WALLS
    Another "Change to somethig" trick. What you have to do is manual the 
    ditch all the way to the end and perform a handstand while you are at 
    it. Use the ramp to jump into the ditch. Now manual. Don't handstand 
    until you get to near the end (the vert ramp) otherwise you will lose 
    speed. Handstand by pressing circle, circle. Once you get the off the 
    walls manual gap, land the combo to complete the challenge.
                             KILL WALLOWS
    This can be quite a hard challenge. It defiantly was for me, but once 
    you know what to do, it makes it a lot easier to do. What you have to do 
    is trick off of 10 parts of the Wallows section. All these are made up 
    of are the balconies and the fences. Start by turning around and jumping 
    up the vert ramp and angling to the right. Now grind the fence and keep 
    on balancing. Balance all the way around. If you don't happen to get all 
    the way around, use the same trick to get up on the fences that are not 
    coloured (coloured represents you have tricked on them.) Do the same to 
    the other side, then sort of do the same for the balconies, jump onto 
    the fences and then jump from the fences and grind the balconies. Repeat 
    on the other side until all 10 things are done.
                          ISLAND LIPTRICK TOUR
    Here you have to find the four lip trick spots (it shows you all of the 
    places are the challenge overview) and perform a liptrick on them so the 
    team photographer can get some good footage. First, go up the ramp, jump 
    at the top and perform any liptrick on the tree. Wait for a few seconds, 
    until the counter goes to 1. Now land it. Now, go forward, toward the 
    street and the beach and head left. Here you will see the second 
    liptrick spot. Go up the ramp, and perform a second liptrick. Hold it, 
    until the counter reaches two. As soon as you land the trick, head 
    right. Keep going forward (following the street) and then head left. On 
    your right just up ahead will be the next liptrick spot. Perform a 
    liptrick. The last spot is a fence. When you land, head right and cut 
    across the bowl area. In the upper right corner will be the next 
    location. Perform the lip trick and hold it there to complete the 
                         CLIMB TO THE TOP OF THE HOTEL
    Not a very difficult challenge this one, but when your character doesn't 
    grab onto this properly can get very frustrating. Anyway, start by 
    climbing up onto the bus. Look to your right on top of the bus and then 
    run and jump and catch onto the ledge. Head around the hotel to your 
    left, then jump across the gap and go up the ladder. When you get to the 
    top, grab onto the railing and move right and get to the top of the 
    hotel this way. Don't let go. Pull yourself up and the challenge is 
                          CHAPTER 16: GET THE SHOT
                                 HOTEL HOPPER
    Easy challenge to complete. Firstly, you must get special. To do this, 
    turn around and perform a trick, mainly a grab trick and spin it around 
    and revert to get your special meter up. No, when you land, keep going 
    forward, and perform a boneless (up, up, x) at the ramp and this should 
    give you enough height to get to the next hotel and complete the 
                            CRAZIEST FOOTAGE EVER
    First part of this challenge is to get a high score. High score for 
    normal mode is only 50,000. Just go up some vert ramps, perform a 
    massive trick, and then land using a revert and a manual and go up the 
    other side. Easy. Secondly, you need to transfer over the quarterpipe 
    with a big spin. This is easy also. Go up the vert ramp ahead of you and 
    do a flip trick, press R2 and spin around 2 and a half time to do a 900. 
    Finally, you need to do a big trick over the police helicopter, which 
    will defently be a good video shoot. Turn back, and get some special by 
    performing a few tricks, then revert. Then, continue forward and jump 
    over the ramp and perform the Mctwist over the helicopter to get the 
    sick footage.
                            CHAPTER 17: LAST MINUTE TASKS
                               SKATE TOM'S PART
    Firstly, you need to complete 5 Nollies. To get into Nollie mode, press 
    L2 twice, then jump. Just hold back, and repeat this method 5 times. 
    Don't worry about turning your face to the camera, it doesn't matter. 
    Next, perform 5 Pressure flips. Press L2 once to get into Pressure Flip 
    mode, then jump. Hold back and keep on performing them. Finally you need 
    to perform combos that start with pressure flips or nollies. Press L2 to 
    get into Pressure flip mode (or press twice to get into nollie mode) 
    then just jump, and perform some flatland manual combos to get a great 
    score. Easy.
                                FILMING A LINE
    All you need to do for this challenge is film the skater for 15 seconds. 
    Just stay behind him and make sure he is in your view. Let him stay in 
    your view for 15 seconds and the challenge is complete. View time is 
    located in the bottom right hand corner. Get this to 15 and the 
    challenge is complete. Just remember to follow him around, and you don't 
    have to do the tricks he does. Don't get too far in front of him as 
                            BUST SOME FLATLAND
    What you need to do here is perform some flatland tricks. The first part 
    is to perform the tricks that come up. Get into a manual by pressing up, 
    down and then use the combinations to perform tricks. Watch the balance 
    meter, and land about every 3 you do in a combo. Don't bail them. As you 
    do more ticks, balancing will become hard, which is why you need to not 
    get greedy with your combos. Complete all the tricks to move onto the 
    next part. The next part is easy. First, Get into a manual, and the 
    camera will come on. Now get into a trick like a Handstand, or a Pogo, 
    or anything, and then press square twice while in that combo to do a 
    flip. Continue doing that to get your multiplier up.
                          RACE THE BLOWCART
    I can't really give you a walkthrough for this. All you have to do while 
    in the blowcart is to just follow the arrows and run over the piles of 
    mulch on the ground. Do this to every single pile, and just keep on 
    following the arrows. Nothing hard about it. 
                            PARTY DREDS
    You had a big party in your room, and while the guy was hingover, people 
    stole stuff from the hotel room. This is one of these "Find the people 
    that are on the run" challenges, meaning that they are skating away, and 
    you have to chase after them and hit them to get our stuff back. This 
    can be difficult to give a walkthrough for, because they are in 
    different spots in different times, so I will do my best. From the 
    start, head right, and you will see the first guy with the marker above 
    his head. Go up to him, and hit him to get the first piece back. To get 
    to the second guy, head back the way you came, and keep going forward 
    (would of been left out of the plaza) as soon as you can, head left (not 
    into the plaza) and go forward. Go past the blowcart, and head to your 
    left. There you will find another guy skating along, go up to him and 
    get the second piece back. I found the third guy under the plaza, on the 
    ice hockey course.
                            SLAM CITY FAN
    A fun challenge, you have to get all of the t-shirts in a combo, without 
    losing your combo, or bailing. Ride forward, and collect the first one. 
    Jump just before you get it. Now grind the edge of the pool, and then 
    jump up and grind the planter. Now all you have to do is to keep on 
    manualling and collect the rest of the t-shirts. Just hold your balance 
    until you collect the last one, which is on the hockey course under the 
                         RALPHIE GOT BUSTED
    Firstly, run out of the plaza, and head forward to the gardener, who 
    will now tell you that he hasn't seen the passport, put there are piles 
    around the place, so you need to use the leafblower to find it. Firstly, 
    head to your left to find a pile. Run it over. Head forward to get 
    another pile then go up the ramp, and to the left will be another pile, 
    so run over it. Now, head back and go down the ramp, and on the right 
    will be two more piles, so run them over. From the last one, keep 
    heading forward, and go down the ramp so you will be under the plaza. 
    Head to the right under here to find the last one. Now, you have to get 
    the passport to Palphie. Just air up, and climb the towel ladder to give 
    it to him.
                       IMPRESS THE REPORTER
    An easy challenge. All you have to do is get a certain score (50,000 on 
    normal mode) for the reporter. There are lots of ramps around this area, 
    so just perform a lot of vert tricks, or whatever you are good at, and 
    this challenge should be no probelm at all.
                        RETURN THE GUEST PASSES
    You don't really have to do this challenge in one big line, but it 
    really does help if you do do it in one big line. Anyway, you have to 
    collect 14 guest passes, not nessecarily in one combo. Start pff by 
    riding forward and them grinding the rail to get the first two. Jump off 
    and then grind the planter just head of you to get the third. Jump off, 
    then go up the vert ramp ahead of you, and grind it. Grab the passes 
    along here, and make sure you jump when you get to the first curve in 
    the pool, otherwise you will be taken around instead of going forward. 
    Grab the next one from the pool below, and then jump down to the shelter 
    thing and grab the next pass, and go up the vert ramp and grind to the 
    right. Grind the wire to grab another one, then jump down and grab one 
    on the right, and then the next one on the left. Go up the vert ramp on 
    the left, spine transfer and then use the ramp on the right to get the 
    next one, then jump off and grind the planter on the opposite side to 
    grab the final pass.
                      PICK UP EVERYONE IN THE LIMO
    It's your job to drive the limo to pick up everyone. Drive forward and 
    run over the first guy (which means you have picked him up.) Now, drive 
    forward and get the next guy on the right of the road. Then follow the 
    arrow under the bridge to get the next guy, and then follow the slope 
    down to below the plaza to get the next guy. Now just follow the arrow 
    to the next three guys, and then the final guy will be up the road on 
    the right. Now turn around and deliver all of the guys. 
                      CHAPTER 18: DESTROY THE SLAM CITY JAM
    I hate this challenge; the controls to the blimp are so annoying (well 
    not the controls, the way it handles.) Use X to accelearte, and go 
    around hitting the fans off the lights. Just drive the blimp into them 
    to knock them down. Follow the marker to all 5 fans, and then hit them 
    all down. 
                       LEARN THE HIP TRANSFERS
    First of all, watch how the guy does it in the preview. Not, when you 
    start, go to the left most part of the ramp, andgle to the left, and 
    then press the R2 button while in the air to do the transfer. It can 
    take afew times before it will work, so keep on trying. For the second 
    part of the challenge, you have to do two hip transfers. Do the same as 
    you did for the last challenge, go up the vert ramp and angle left, and 
    then press R2. Now ride forward, and do the same to the next big vert 
    ramp and press R2 while angling left to Hip Transfer.
                            DESTROY THE VERT CONTEST
    I like these sorts of challenges. You have 1:30 to get a really big 
    score, but you must stay in the vert area. Just continue doing big vert 
    tricks, then land them using a revert and a manual, and go up the other 
    side of a vert ramp, and when you run out of speed after doing all this 
    afew times, when you land using a revert and a manual, perform some 
    flatland tricks. Keep performing tricks and doing different tricks to 
    get a good score from the judges. Finish in first place after three 
    tries, and the challenge is done. In fact, I don't think you need to 
    finsih first to beat the challenge.
                            DESTROY THE STREET CONTEST
    Lots of good lines are in this challenge. Start off by grinding a rail, 
    then land using a manual, and go up a side of a vert ramp and performa  
    big trick. Just keep grdining stuff and landing in manuals to perform 
    big combos. You can also go up vert ramps and just perform tricks on 
    them if you are only good at vert, but the judges like to see you use 
    alot of the level. There are lots of good lines and great places to get 
    big combos, so experiment. It's really easy to get in first place here.
                                BEST OF SHOW
    Watch as eric does his line first, if you want to, so you know what to 
    do. Now, jump and grind the edge, and then switch stances while 
    grinding, then jump down to the left and grind the next fence, then jump 
    the railing on the corner. Jump and grind the next lefge, then jump down 
    and grind the corner railing. Jump and grind the next two small ledges, 
    then jump off and grind the next rail, and then finally go up the vert 
    ramp and perform a big trick. Land it, and you will win the challenge 
    (if your score if over his, also.)
                          CHAPTER 19: IT'S GOTTA BE THE SHOES
                          ADIO - SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS
    A very easy challenge. All you have to do is perform the three spine 
    transfers. Move forward, and go into the first pool, and while in the 
    air, press R2 to do the spine transfer. Land it in the pool, then go up 
    the upper left side of the next pool, and press R2 again to spine 
    transfer. Land it, and then do the same thing to the next pool and then 
    spine transfer over. It's that easy.
                         VANS - HOOP IT UP FOR THE CROWS
    Firstly, ride forward and jump over the bench. Jump over the fence and 
    head to the right. Under the plaza will be the local kids. Either 
    perform some flatland for them, or just grind along all the grindable 
    things under the plaza. All you need to get is a combo of 5,000 points. 
    Keep heading up from those guys, and you will get to the punks. Perform 
    a 5,000 point combo for them also. Fairly easy, as there are ramps and 
    stuff around. Now, turn around and go back under the plaza once you 
    perform the combos for the last group. Now, head forward, and when out 
    of the underground section, head right to see the Shoe Collectors. Now, 
    perform a combo for them, and land it and the challenge is complete.
                          CIRCA - PASS THE TEST
    All you have to do in this challenge is grab the letters CIRCA in one 
    big combo, so you can't land early, or bail. Just grind the first fence 
    on the left, now jump over and while in the air, grab the I and then 
    grind the next fence and grab the R. Take the fence around, then grind 
    and grab the C, then grab the A after you jump through the middle, grind 
    the fence.
                         ES - KILL THE SCORE SPOTS
    For the first combo, grind the edge on your left, and then switch stance 
    by pressing different button combos while grinding. Either jump and 
    grind the rails above, or jump down and perform some flatland tricks. 
    For the second score spot, just turn around and go up the vert ramp, and 
    perorm a big trick, followed by a revert, then a manual, and then some 
    flatland if you need to. For the third spot, just skate down to the 
    pool, and perform some tricks down there.
                          GET THE MOSCOW TRIP
    Firstly, follow the arrow to get the socks, then follow the next arrow 
    to get the shoes. Now, follow the arrow, and hold down crouch to go 
    faster. Make sure you get in front of the bus, then go up the vert ramp 
    that the arrow is pointing towards, then grind the ledge to grab your 
    trophy. Now, jump down to the left, and ride to the marker before the 
    bus gets there.
                         CHAPTER 20: WELCOME TO RUSSIA
                          SERVE THE PEOPLE
    This first part is easy. Just go up the side of the vert ramp, and press 
    the directional button combo + triangle that corresponds with what trick 
    you want to do. Just do all the tricks that appear within the time limit 
    to acess the second part of the challenge. For the second part, just do 
    any lip trick, then while lipping, perform the combo it says. It's easy 
    to do all three in one combo. Do all tricks in the block, and more will 
    appear. Three is the maximum it will appear with.
                        BLIND BIG BROTHER
    Ride forward, and go up the ramp and grind the first ledge and hit down 
    the first camera. Keep grinding and knock down the next camera. Now, 
    jump the gap and hit the next camera. When you get to the next built up 
    area, jump off of it when at the top, then you will leap off the ramp, 
    and then grind the top ledge and hit the next camera. Jump and grind the 
    ledge on the big statue, then jump over to the next statue and grind the 
    next railing. Let the railing take you acrss, and then grind the next 
    rail to disbale the final camera, and complete the challenge.
                       READY FOR BATTLE
    Nothing really to this challenge. Jump up to the tanks edge, then press 
    triangle to grind it (even though you ain't on your board.) It will do a 
    caveman, put you back on your board and also grind. Now, just land doing 
    a manual and perform some flatland until you get 20,000 points. Easy.
                          OVER THE WALL
    For some reason, people have a lot of trouble doing this challenge. 
    First of all, get your stats up really high. Press start, and go to view 
    stats. Now do the challenges that it says down the bottom. you need to 
    get your air up really high, so first do the challenge it says for air, 
    and also speed. When you are on the ramp that is near the wall, do a 
    boneless (up, up + x) and then in the air, press R2 to spine transfer 
    over the wall. For the second part of the challenge, just keep on 
    grinding along the wall, mostly sitcking to the left, and hit the guards 
    with the markers above their heads. There is ten total. For the third 
    part of the challenge, jump up the ladder that the arrow points to, and 
    move to the right. Now, climb down the ledge, but still hang on it. Now, 
    hand to hand across to the right, and keep going to ring the bell.
                         CHAPTER 21: TIME TO SKATE COMRADE
                          MANUALS FOR MUKOVITES
    Just do the tricks that appear on screen. The combos will appear on the 
    right side, so just do them in a manual, and make sure that you don't 
    bail. Fairly easy challenge.
                           RATING STUNTS
    Just follow the arrow to Lennon's statue. Now, if you are good at doing 
    flatland, just go into a manual combo, when it says you are on camera. 
    You can also tell that you are on camera because of your screen. Now, 
    just perform flatland tricks, and it should be easy to get 60,000 in one 
    big combo. 
                         CIRCUS ACT
    Another easy challenge. All you have to do is score 20,000 points for 
    the girl who used to be in the circus that the reporters are bugging. 
    She wants to see how well you can balance. Go into a mnaual pressing up, 
    down or down, up, then press different combinations to perform different 
    flatland tricks. It will tell you to land the combo when you have over 
    20,000 points, so do that.
                         GAP HUNTING
    1st - Threading basil. Go up the vert ramp where the first cameras in 
    the Blind big brother challenge is, then keep grinding across and 
    transfer from the ledge to the ledge by the statue. 2nd - Gummed up. Use 
    the ramps on the ledge where you knocked down the cameras in the Blind 
    big Brother challenge to transfer up a level. 3rd - Pipe stall. By the 
    red wall near the first camera for the blind big brother challenge is a 
    pipe, lip trick the pipe. 4th - Stairs to planter. Go through the hole 
    in the wall, and use the stairs to transfer across to the planter and 
    grind it. 5th - Weeeee. Go around the dome just near the last gap. Note 
    that they can be any gaps, but these are the easiest to do, and are in 
    the area.
                           WARM UP
    All you have to do is score 50,000 points for this challenge. Just go up 
    one side of the pool, and land using a revert and a manual. Now go up 
    the other side of the pool, and perform more tricks. Continue on doing 
    this, and doing flatland when you run out of speed, and you will easily 
    get the score you need to get.
                           DOUBLE DOME
    Wait for eric to skate forward. Stay close to him, and when he Lip 
    Tricks, angle towards him while going up the vert ramp, perform a big 
    trick, and hold it and spin it, and then land the other side of him. Get 
    10,000 points in doubles tricks to complete the challenge. This was like 
    a Pro challenge in Tony Hawks 4.
                      CHAPTER 22: GOODBYE SWEET MOSCOW
                         ANONYMOUS CALLER
    Run up the stairs to get to the first contact. Follow the arrow to the 
    next one. Now, go around the dome to see the third contact. Now just 
    keep following the arrows, and they will all take you around the dome to 
    different people. It is better if you run to them, not skate, so get off 
    your board, and run to them. For the second part, just go up the vert 
    ramp, press R2 to transfer in the air, and press left and right, or R1 
    or L1 while in the air to spin. Do 360 spins over the tower 15 times. 
                         PARTY FAVOURS
    First, follow the arrow to get to nadia. She is by the section where you 
    had to disbale the cameras for big brother (about the 4th camera.) Pick 
    her up by running into her, then go back and go through the arch to 
    deliver her. Follow the next arrow to get to Tattyana, who is by the 
    statue. After you pass through the arch, turn right, not before that. 
    Race back to the start to drop her off. Irina is wating by the stairs 
    near a funbox just to the upper right after the arch. Go up to her, and 
    bring her back to the start. Next is Svetlana. She is near the starting 
    point for the big brother camera challenge. You also have to get 
    Marishka while you are out. Now just follow the arrows to the next 
    girls, one by the statue, and one in the previous area, then get them 
    all back.
                           HANGOVER CURE
    Me doing a strat for this challenge will probably be confusin, and I 
    don't know the best way to get all of the things you need. My advice is 
    to use THayes' startegy for this challenge, which you can find in his 
                    STRAIGHT OUT OF MOSCOW
    I hate the screen in this challenge. What you have to do is get the 
    package to alexander, who is by St Basils Statue. Climb up the first 
    ladder, and then on the right will be another ladder. Climb up that, and 
    wait for the guard to go past. Run across and go down into the bowl. 
    Head around the to the right of the bowl, so you avoid the guards on the 
    left. Now, you will find a leadder on the left just out of the bowl, so 
    go up it, and jump down onto the ledge below. Follow the ledge all the 
    way along, and there are no more guards. When you see the statue on your 
    left, jump down and go to the guy. Challenge complete.
                        CHAPTER 23: KEEPING IT REAL 
                            CREATE A TRICK
    A farily easy challenge. All you have to do is complete the soul skating 
    trick. To do this, get special, and press left, down, circle. Make sure 
    you have lots of air and speed. If not, upgrade your stats by going to 
    view stats and doing the challenges it says for you to do. Doing the 
    soul skating move is easier with better stats.
                         COMBO THE ENTIRE CITY
    Start off by moving forward and grinding the planet. Then, jump off and 
    manual by the pole to grab the second spot. Move forward, and don't 
    manual over the ramp. Instead, jump onto the bench, then transfer across 
    the road to hit the next spot. Grind the fecne, then keep on grinding 
    around. Jump across to the ledge by the burnt house, and keep grinding 
    down, and finally jump onto the pipe and get the last spot. 
                      CHAPTER 24: SPREADING THE NEWS
                         DO ALL OF THE TRICKS
    Another easy challenge. Just perform the tricks that are presented at 
    the bottom right of the screen. These are a mix between lip tricks and 
    air tricks. Just go up one side of the vert ramp, and perform two (or 
    more) tricks while in the air. It is easy to perform two, or maybe three 
    while in the air, so this will make your tricks you have to do go down 
    faster. After you do a lip trick, press X to get off, and now you can 
    perform at least another trick. Just perform all of the tricks to 
    complete the challenge.
                           SCORE BIG
    An easy challenge. Ride forward, and jump over the fence on your left 
    straight away. You will land in a pool. Go up one side of the pool, 
    perform a trick, then land doing a revert and a manual, and go up the 
    other side of the vert ramp. Now,when you run out of speed, perform 
    flatland tricks. Continue until you get 200,000 points.
                   CHAPTER 25: PICK YOUR TEAM MEMBERS
                      CHOOSING YOUR TEAM MEMBER
    You have a list of pros that you can sign up for your team. You can also 
    choose 5 of them from the list. Here is who I reccomend:
    - Tony Hawk
    - Bucky Lasek
    - Bam Magera
    - Rodney Mullen
    - Rune Glifberg or Chad Muska
    But, you can choose who you want. So, choose your 5 favourite pros, and 
    you will be able to skate as them in the next chapter. 
                  CHAPTER 26: THE VIDEO TO END ALL
    All you have to do for this challenge is transfer over the station and 
    perform the tricks that are yelled out. Press R2 to spine transfer over 
    the station while in the air, and then perform the tricks that appear at 
    the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Transfer over, do the 
    tricks, but don't jump up the vert ramp at the end, it will waste time. 
    Perform all of the tricks to complete the challenge. Try not to fall 
    off, otherwise you will need to find a way back up there. You can get on 
    the roof of the station opening, then jump from up there to where the 
    spine is. 
                        BIG APPLE SPOT CHALLENGE
    This challenge is quite difficult, and it was the very last challenge I 
    completed in the game (in other words, the 129th goal I completed.) You 
    have to hit a numerous amount of lcations around The Big Apple, without 
    a short time limit. Ride forward, and grind the fence. Then grind the 
    seat, and jump across to the next seat and hit the next spot. Use the 
    anchor as a ramp and launch onto the lines. Be careful you don't over 
    shoot, if you do, either start again, or head to the start of the line, 
    grind the bottom section, then jump and grind the top section. Transfer 
    across to the balcony, then jump down and grab the next one on the 
    ledge. Next, grind the digonal ledge, and transfer over to the edge of 
    the water. Use the raised up section to transfer onto the rails above 
    and hit the next spot. Grind the ledge below, and go up the vert ramp to 
    hit another spot. Land, and then head forward and hit the next spot. Go 
    to the pyramid ledges across the road and hit the spots there. Head 
    downt he street (past the roadwords) to the banks. Grab the spots on 
    your way, and while at the banks, grab the spot on the right, then grind 
    the cars, and take the line along to grab the rest of the spots here. 
    Now, grind the ledges at the memorial, and take them all around. Take 
    the steps around, and grab the next lot of spots on the edge. Keep going 
    forward, and grab the reminaing spots at the banks, then turn back to 
    the memorial. To the left of it should be a ramp going upwards. Go up 
    the ramp. Hit the spots here, one in the middle and another on the rail 
    going down, and then head right, and then right again. Grind the fence 
    thing here, then avoid turning by jumping up and grinding the building. 
    Drop down to get the last spot, and the challenge is complete. Phew, 
    that was long.
                      FLORIDA THPS CHALLENGE
    I think this is a great challenge, whoever thought this up is a genius! 
    What you have to do is old schhol skating from the other Tony Hawk's 
    games. For example, in Tony Hawks Pro skater 1, they didn't have 
    manuals, reverts, etc, so you can't do manuals and reverts. This 
    challenge has a nice concept to it. Well done, Neversoft. This challenge 
    takes place in Tampa. First, you can use whateever you like, so go up 
    the ramp in front of you, and do a big trick, and land it doing a 
    revert, and then manual and perform flatland until you have over 30,000 
    points. For the second one, Go up the ramp in front of you, perform a 
    trick, then land doing a revert and a manual, and grind the railing, 
    jump across the gap, and grind again, then land using a manual and 
    perform some flatland tricks. Easy. For the third one, either stay still 
    and perform some flatland (which I prefer) or grind the rail in front of 
    you, and land using some flatland. Finally, make sure you have an Indy 
    900 equipped as a special. Memorize the combination, then find a vert 
    ramp, go up it, and perform the indy 900. Land it, and that should give 
    you over 10,000 points. Done. 
                      SAN DIEGO TRANSFER CHALLENGE
    From the start, head left and transfer over the first guy. Land it, then 
    jump down and look the other way. On the right, by the road will be 
    another photogrpaher. Transfer over him doing whatever trick. Now head 
    up the road (to the right when you land) and keep taking the road along, 
    until you get to another photographer, and two vert ramps by each over. 
    Transfer over him. The next two are easy if you have got full stats. 
    Head down the road to the right when you land. Transfer over the two 
    sets of stairs, with two photogrpahers below them to get two more spots. 
    This next one is a little bit trickier. Head over the stairs, and keep 
    riding forward. On your right will be a ramp, use this ramp to transfer 
    up to the roof. For the last two, head back to where you done the 
    transfer over the road. Turn right, go through the tunnel, just past the 
    road on the left will be an opening. Transfer up to the roof, and 
    transfer over the photographers.
                           HAWAII HUGE SPINE CHALLENGE
    Start by riding forward, and roll off the ramp, and press R2 to acid 
    drop down to the vert ramp below. Thats one spine. Keep going forward, 
    and go up the next vert ramp. You should get a lot of speed here, so it 
    should be enough to Spine Transfer up to the hotel roof. Spine transfer 
    again to go down, and finally spine transfer over the last spine to 
    complete the challenge.
    Ride forward and press R2 in the air up the pool to transfer over. Ride 
    forward when you land, and transfer over the planter. Finally, transfer 
    over the next spine. Now, you must perform 100,000 worth of points in 
    one combo. Go up one side of a vert ramp, and perform a massive trick. 
    Then land using a revert and a manual, and then perform some flatland 
    until you get to 100,000 points. Make sure it is in one combo, otherwise 
    you will fail. Land that big combo, and you complete the challenge.
                           SLAMMA JAMMA
    I can't really give you a detailed startegy for this as of now. I can 
    give you some tips for it though. You have to hit all of the spots in a 
    limited amount of combos. Each time you perform a trick, it counts as a 
    combo, which is bad, so avoid doing trick unless you are doing the trick 
    to hit the spot, or doing tricks in a combo, which is allowed. You have 
    to hit 28(?) spots on normal mode, so try to plan it out. If you can get 
    more than 3 spots in one combo, then that is good, because if you keep 
    going like that, you will do good. Just practise, and you will soon find 
    sick lines. Do these lines and hit the spots.
                       MOSCOW'S LOST TAPES
    Grind forward and grab the first tape. Transfer to the right and grab 
    the second. Grind around the corner to grab the next three tapes. Grind 
    the ledge on the right, and it should take you along the lines to grab 
    the next few tapes. Grind the one when you transfer below (should have 
    two remaining.) Ride up the vert ramp in front of you, then lip trick to 
    grab the last one.  
                        CHAPTER 27: SHOWDOWN IN NEW JERSEY
                           TEAR UP ERIC'S BEST LINE
    This is quite a hard challenge, involving a lot of skill. First, note 
    that all you have to do is beat the line, not acutally beat eric. Ride 
    and grind forward, and hit the first spot Jump to the middle of the 
    bridge and grind the barrier to get the next spot. Next, transfer to the 
    left and grind the next barrier. Avoid the fire and grind the next 
    railing on the left. Jump across the road to the next barrier in the 
    middle, and grind that. Get them, then head to the left and grind the 
    vert ramps all the way along. Keep grinding along, then go along the 
    road and grab the next spot. Avoid the fire by going to the left of it, 
    then use the ramp to launch up onto the pole. Make sure you do not 
    wallride. It will automatically take you along the lines. Grab the next 
    spots up here, and be prepared to balance yourself out. Keep jumping and 
    grinding so that you can get speed. Jump the gap in the bridge, and if 
    you fall down here, go to the right, and use the vert ramps to grind the 
    railing at the top, and also get the gap called Tombstone. Continue 
    along the street and get the next spot. Follow eric as he transfers 
    over. Grind the edge of the house, then grind the pipe and take it all 
    the way along. Go up the vert ramp, head back down the street, and grab 
    the spots. Collect the one on the burnt out house, then grind the edge 
    to the right. Follow eric as he grinds on the fences, and then through 
    the play equipment and onto the fence. Go up onto the powerlines, then 
    drop down into the garbage area and collect the last few spots to 
    complete the challenge.
                         MULTIPLAYER GAME MODES/TIPS 
                           TRICK ATTACK
    A fairly simple game mode to understand. All you have to do is be the 
    person with the most points at the end of the time limit and you win! 
    The main trick is to get big combos. Go up a vert ramp, do a big trick, 
    then land doing a revert and manualling. Then perform some flatland, or 
    go up the other side of the vert ramp and do the same thing. This is 
    guranteed to get you a lot of points.
                         SCORE CHALLENGE
    This mode is sort of like the above game mode, although instead of being 
    the player to score the most, you have to be the player that reaches the 
    pre-set score first. Just do lots of big combos, and keep trying to stay 
    ahead of your opponents score.
                           COMBO MAMBO
    Once again, fairly easy to explain, the player that has the biggest 
    combo at the end of the time limit wins. Just perform a vert trick, then 
    land using a revert and a manual, and go up the other side of the vert 
    ramp, do the same and then land using a revert and a manual, and perform 
    some flatland tricks, then land when your balance is getting unsteady,
    All you have to do in this game mode is to try to hit the other player 
    as many times as possible. To hit the other player, bump into them, but 
    make sure you are going faster than them, otherwise you will get knocked 
    over. If you have more slaps than the other person, try to get them to 
    chase after you, because they are the ones that need more points.
                       KING OF THE HILL
    There is a crown somewhere in the level, and the first player to find it 
    becomes the king. While you are king, the crown will be above your head, 
    and your score will start going up. If you don't have the crown, find 
    the player with it, and then knock them over to steal the crown. Of 
    course, you will skate slower while wearing the crown, otherwise it will 
    totally be unfair.
    Haven't played this on Underground yet. What you have to do is to tag 
    the most objects. To tag an object, perform a reasonably big trick on 
    it. If it is a rail, grind the rail, and it will become your colour. If 
    you see something that isn't your colour, but is instead your opponents 
    colour, perform a bigger trick on the object, and it will become yours. 
    Keep getting and stealing objects.
    A wierd game mode (by the sounds of it) that I haven't played. In this 
    game mode, you can shoot fireballs from the bottom of your skateboard. 
    The higher the combo, the bigger your fireballs become. Your objective 
    is to knock out the other players. Shoot fireballs with the up 
    directional button and the square button or the down directional button 
    and the square button. 
                            GOAL ATTACK
    I haven't played online, so I don't know anything about this mode, 
    really. What you do is compete against other opponents online in Created 
    Goals, and see who can complete the objectives the fastest. The server 
    player chooses which goals, and the player or team who complete all 
    goals first, wins.
                            CPATURE THE FLAG
    Form teams, and then you have to try and steal the other teams flag. 
    Find the other teams flag, and then return to your base for a capture. 
    Remember, you flag has to be at your base for a capture. If it isn't 
    there, follow the arrow to find your flag, and hit the player who has it 
    to retrieve the flag.
    You can choose a word in this mode (any word you choose). Now, one 
    player starts off and does a combo trick. The second player needs to get 
    a bigger score than the first player, otherwise they get a letter. If 
    player two scores bigger than player one, they swap and player one now 
    sets the score, and the new player two has to beat that or else they get 
    a letter. First one who gets all letters loses. Yeah, I know I probably 
    just totally confused you.
                               FREE SKATE
    Just like the one player mode. Cruise around the level you choose 
    without any time limits. See how big combo you can get without no time, 
    and just generally skate around, and find out secrets in the level. 
    Great for practising.
                            SECRET TAPES GUIDE
                                 NEW JERSEY
    Under the bridge. Come towards the bridge from where you start, then 
    skate close to the bridge when you are on the grass (so it doesn't 
    respawn you.) Under the bridge will be the icon.
    In the middle of a street is a billboard, by some buildings. Look around 
    for it, and you will see the tape on top. Climb the ladder to get up, 
    then grab the secret tape.
    From the movie studio, head up. Take the first left, and up on the 
    corner will be a building. Climb up to the top, then get speed and grind 
    the railing to the roof. Transfer using the ramps into the middle 
    section, and just by the roof is the secret tape.
                               SAN DIEGO
    From the start, ride forward until you get to the street. Take the first 
    left, and go up the stairs. On the upper right hand side of this section 
    (where the demo was) is the tap. Ride to the right, and transfer up to 
    the roof, and from there you should see the secret tape.
    There are two domes in this level. The secret tape is above one of them. 
    You can easily see it. By the street is a Pagoda, skitch a car on the 
    street to get speed, go up the pagoda and spine transfer over the roof 
    section and then jump and launch off and grab the secret tape.
                             SLAM CITY JAM
    Find a ramp that is positioned under the lights. Go up the ramp, then 
    grind the lights along. Keep your balance, and you should end up 
    breaking glass and grabbing the secret tape. Can be hard.
                           FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
                            ABOUT THE GAME QUESTIONS
    Q: When was this game released?
    A: November 2003
    Q: Who developed and published the game?
    A: Neversoft and Activision
    Q: How would you rate this game out of 10? 
    A: Probably a 10/10
                             GUIDE QUESTIONS
    Q: Why did this guide take so long to make?
    A: For a number of reasons: 1st is that other people in my house need 
       to use the PS2 and Computer, and the second is that my Ps2 isn't 
       Working properly (wont play games.)
    Q: Can I email you about any questions, corrections, etc?
    A: Yes. Look up to for my email
                            STORY MODE QUESTIONS
    Q: How many story mode goals are there?
    A: Approximately 129. I think that is less than THPS4
    Q; Can you choose which pro you want to be in story mode?
    A: No, but you can edit the player that you have to start off with.
    Q: So story mode isn't played with the pros, eg, Tony Hawk?
    A: You can play them, but I don't want to spoil it for the people that 
       don't know.
    Q: How long (in hours) is story mode?
    A: It took me, on Normal mode, about 2 days (Less than 15 hours of 
    playing time) to complete all 129 goals.
    Q: What difficulty modes are there?
    A: Too Esy, Amatuer (I think), Normal, and Sick.
                              CONTROL QUESTIONS
    Q: Are the controls the same as THPS4?
    A: Yes, pretty much, like triangle is still grind, up, down is still 
       manual, square is flip tricks.
    Q: How do you get off your board?
    A: Press the L1 + R1 buttons at the same time.
    Q: Can you change your controller configuration?
    A: I don't think so.
    Q; How do I get in cars?
    A: Press circle near it (it will say press circle to drive if the car 
       is drivable)
    Q: Are the controls easy to get use to?
    A: Yes, very easy to get use to.
                            SPECIFIC GOALS QUESTIONS
    Q: Any tips for the last goal *SPOILERS*?
    A: Know where you went wrong last time, and next time, you should know 
       where to go and what to do. If you fail, not sweat, try again and 
       you should know the route. Practise is the main thing here.
    Q: Any help on the THPS Challenge is Tampa?
    A: For the first one, easily revert and manual. For the second, jump 
       and grind, change positions when you grind and continue on jumping 
       and land in a manual and perform flatland. For the third, perform 
       flatland. For the last one, get the indy 900 as a special, go up a 
       vert ramp, then perform the Indy 900.
                             NEW FEATURES QUESTIONS
    Q: is it true you can make your own tricks?
    A: Yes, you can choose from rotations to sounds to tricks to perform 
       during your special.
    Q: Anything new with the mapmaker?
    A: More memory, and a lot more pieces.
    Q: Is there a goal creator? What type of goals can you make?
    A: Skate and Combo letters, High score and Combo, Skate Tricks and 
                               MUSIC QUESTIONS
    Q: How many music trakcs are there?
    A: A lot, sorry, I can't be bothered sitting there counting them all.
    Q: Can you turn different tracks on/off?
    A: Yes.
                            CREATE A GOAL GUIDE 
    Something new to Tony Hawk's underground. It lets you create your own 
    goals. You can set where each pedestrians is who gives you the goal, 
    where you start, etc. This is a great mode, and realyl boosts up the 
    replay value of the game, in my opinion. This section will describe all 
    about creating your own goal.
                             SETTING UP THE GOAL
    Firstly, you need to press the start button to get up the pause menu 
    (either in a create a goal level, or park editor.) You wont see the 
    option Create a goal if you are playing in Story mode, or any other mode 
    apart from create a goal mode or the Park Editor.
    Next, you must select which goal you want to choose. Descriptions of the 
    goals will come later on in this section. You can choose from Skate 
    Letters, Combo letters, High score, High combo, Skate Tricks, Combo 
    Skate Tricks, Trickits and gaps goal. Select one.
    Your first job is to place the pedestrian who gives out the goal. Put 
    him in a reasonable spot, like on the porch of a house for example, or 
    in the middle of a halfpipe for the High score challenge. Don't put them 
    in impossible places, like on water where you can't get to them, on lava 
    or too high in the air.
    After you place them, you need to place the player start point for the 
    goal. If you are creating a collect combo goal, put the player right at 
    the start of the line. Same with the gaps goal.
                                SKATE/COMBO LETTERS
    SKATE LETTERS     The person who plays your level must collect all the 
                      letters of the word skate (5 letters total.) You can 
                      place these anywhere in the level, and the player 
                      just has to find all letters in the time limit. They 
                      don't have to be in order or anything. I usually make 
                      one lot of skate letters for driving, another for 
                      just walking, and another for skating. If you really 
                      want to make it hard, put the skate letters in hard 
                      to reach areas, for example: You need to get a lot of 
                      speed and launch into the air to grab the letter, or 
                      behind a house that you need to climb, or on top of 
                      the roof of a house behind it's chimney so the player 
                      can't see it.
    COMBO LETTERS     Well, sort of like the above challenge, although the 
                      player must collect the letters combo, all in one, 
                      usually big, combo. The letters don't have to be 
                      gotten in any order really, but they are usually 
                      placed in an order. Make sure the letters you place 
                      are actually possible to get in one combo. For 
                      example, there is no use putting the C in one corner 
                      of the level and the first O in the other corner. Try 
                      to place them in a good, combo line.
                               HIGH SCORE/COMBO
    HIGH SCORE        The person who plays this goal has to get the amount 
                      of points that is preset. You can set the score 
                      amount for the goal in the variables. If you are 
                      going to make the score extra big, give the player 
                      some more time. Also, be reasonable once again. Here 
                      is no use making a high score 2 million in just 15 
                      seconds, because it would have to be done like a 
    HIGH COMBO        Player must score a very high combo score. A combo is
                      a continuous line of tricks, and when you land 
                      without doing a trick or bail, then the combo ends. 
                      This is great with small time limits, in my opinion, 
                      because they have to get the combo right first time. 
                      Best to put the starting point near a halfpipe, or if 
                      you want to make it harder, away from the halfpipe.
                               SKATING TRICKS
    Most of these are the same, so I will do one big description. The tricks 
    appear on the right hand side of the screen, and the player has to 
    perform these tricks. You can set what type of tricks they have to do 
    (basic flips, double tap grabs, etc.) but you can't set grinds, manuals, 
    flatland tricks, lips, etc. You can also set the acceleration (how fast 
    they come up). With combo skate tricks, the player is required to do the 
    skate tricks in one combo. With Trickits, here is an example: Lets say 
    there are 5 tricks:
    Double Heelflip
    Double Kickflip
    Varial Kickflip
    And you perform a Heelflip, the heelfip will go away, and a new trick 
    will appear. Lets say that you perform 4 tricks in the air, then land 
    it, the 4 tricks you landed will dissapear, and 4 new tricks will 
                               GAPS GOAL
    Requires the player to gap between two objects a certain amount of 
    times, however many times you choose. You can select all different gaps 
    (10 total) and make the player pull a required trick over the gap. Once 
    again, make the gaps actually possible to get, and say what the trick is 
    when the pedestrians says it.
    Variables are things you can change.
    EDIT POSITIONS - Allows you to set up all the peices in your goals 
                     again, for example, the starting point of the goal, 
                     the position of where the pedestrian is standing, and 
                     if you are doing the skate or combo letters goal, you 
                     can edit the positions of those letters.
    SET TIME LIMIT - Allows you to set the amount of time that the player 
                     has to complete the challenge. For high score levels, 
                     it should be 2 minutes, but for the high combo/combo 
                     letters goals, it should be short.
    SET SCORE      - Available only in the High Score and the High Combo 
                     goals. Here, you can set the score that the player has 
                     to reach in the time limit. For High score, the player 
                     just has to reach this score using any means nessecary 
                     and as many combos as they need, but for high combo, 
                     they have to get the score in one combo. It doesn't 
                     matter how much all add up to, you need a combo bigger 
                     than the score.
    NAME GOAL      - Here you can name the goal, and when the player 
                     presses start and goes to view goals, the name will 
                     show up here. So you could call a goal "Street race" 
                     and it's really colelcting skate letters, but you are 
                     in a car. The default goal names are the type of goal, 
                     for example, collecting skate letters will be "Skate 
                     Letters" on the view goal screen if you don't give the 
                     goal a name.
    NAME PED       - Here you can give a name to the pedestrian that gives 
                     out the goal to you. You can name him whatever you 
                     like, and it will appear when you are near the 
                     character. It will say "Mr Sickness" Press Circle to 
                     talk. The default name sof the pedestrians are 
                     "Created Goal."
    SET GOAL TEXT  - Type in what the pedestrian will say to you when you 
                     go up to him for the goal. I will only reccomend this 
                     if you have USB keyboard, because selecting the 
                     letters using the controller can be too long, and 
                     boring. I usually just leave the text how it is.
    WIN MESSAGE    - This is what the pedestrian will say when you complete 
                     the challenge. You can make it from a simple "Yeah" to 
                     anything else you want them to say. Once again, typing 
                     it all in can get boring, and the default message is 
    DELETE GOAL    - Fairly simple to understand. Hit X, and it will delete 
                     this goal from the park. All letters, and the 
                     pedestrian and start point for the goal will be 
                     deleted. It will also be removes from the "View 
                     Goals" menu.
    TEST GOAL      - For some reason, this cannot be used on Park Editor 
                     levels. Anyway, when you are making goals in the 
                     normal levels, select this and it will skip straight 
                     to the pedestrian saying what you need to do. This is 
                     great if you think you might have put the combo 
                     letters too far apart, or maybe you thought the gap 
                     was a bit impossible, here you can test the goal.
    CONTROL        - This determines how the player will start out when 
                     they first start the goal. You can choose from Skating 
                     (the default, and you can get off your board) Walking 
                     (You start off walking, but can get back on your 
                     board) Walking Only (You can't get back on your board 
                     for the rest of the goal) and finally you can choose a 
    PICK GAPS      - Here, you can select the gaps that the player has to 
                     do in the gaps goal. You can select a total of 10 
                     gaps. To select the gap, press the X button and a tick 
                     will be in the box. Press again to untick. Only gaps 
                     that you have done yourself will be displayed on the 
                     tricks menu, but in park Editor, you can choose any.
    SKATE TRICKS   - There is a lot of stuff in here. You can select what 
                     types of tricks come up, like basic Flip tricks 
                     (Simple direction + square) Diagonal flip tricks, 
                     Double tap Flip Tricks (left, left square) and grab
                     tricks. you can also select if you have to spin them,
                     and also the acclerations of the tricks, how many they 
                     need to win, and all sorts of over stuff.
                              SECRET: OLD SKOOL LEVELS
    Yeah, Underground has some old Tony Hawk levels that you can play. You 
    need to unlcok them. For those who want to know what old skool levels 
    they are, here they are: Hangar, School II and Venice, all from Tony 
    Hawks Pro Skater II. It's fun to play these and I can remember playing 
    these levels in about December 2000. It's so fun to play them again, but 
    with better GamePlay, more tricks, and Graphics.
    I can't remeber where all the old skool icons are, but I know they are 
    in Vancouver, Hawaii and New Jersey. I'll get around to writing about 
                           SECRET: OLD SKOOL ICONS
    New jersey - Get into the train station, and go to the north side and 
                 there will bea ledge above some ramps. Go up one of the 
                 ramps, and grind the ledge to the right, and jump near the 
                 end to grab the secret tape.
    Moscow     - Hard to actually explain where, but there is a red 
                 building near where you do the challenge that you have to 
                 grind down all of the cameras. Go through the fourth 
                 window on the right, and go up to grab the icon.
    Hawaii     - From the beach, head towards the street. Go onto the road, 
                 and turn right. Turn left past the markets area, and then   
                 go up the street. At the end of the street is a Tiki     
                 Statue. Go into the tiki, watch the ride, and you wil grab 
                 the icon.
                         SECRET: SECRET/HARD TO REACH PLACE
    Note that I don't really list Secret Tape/Old Skool icon secret areas 
    (where you find them.)
    SCHOOL II - From the start of the level, ride right down the path with 
                the rail in the middle. You are now in the courtyard. Go up 
                onto the raised up section, and head right. Aim for the 
                skid marks and go up the vert ramp. This will get you 
                speed. Land, and keep skating along. Use the ramps and the 
                planter to launch yourself up and then jump across the 
                flags, into a secret area.
                The second secret place is the gym. To get in the gym, you 
                need to grind (Im not sure how many) roll call rails. The 
                rails can be found just by the steps near the start, near 
                the ramp leading up to the courtyard, by another set of 
                stairs, and by bendy's curb and a few vert ramps near TC's 
                roof gap.
    HANGAR    - First secret area is the wind tunnel. From the start of the 
                level, head forward, and to the right of the ramps going 
                over the halfpipe. Now, launch yourself off the ramp and 
                jump and grind onto the plane propeller on the wall. Grind 
                this, and the door will smash open and inside is the wind 
                Second is outside. From the start of the level, move 
                forward, and use the ramp on the left (or the vert ramps) 
                to hop over the barrier. Now, in front of you will be a 
                small helicopter. Use the ramp by it to grind the 
                helicopter, and it will fly off through the roof and a door 
                will open leading outside.
    NEW JERSEY  Not really a secret area, but once you complete the 
                challenge where you jump over the bridge, you can now skate 
                in the train station, and around that area. Before you 
                couldn't, because the police were blocking the bridge, and 
                if you tried to go across, you couldn't.
    HAWAII      Well, there is a secret pool. Nothing much there though.
                From the beach, head towards the street. Go left along the 
                street, and you will eventually come to a grass section. 
                Keep going, and go up the vert ramp, and then spine 
                transfer up. There, a nice secret pool.
                Because I went to Start and view goals, I didn't actually 
                go to the guy to get the "Kill Wallows" goal. The Wallows 
                section is the secret area. It's hidden behind some secret 
                houses, and a ramp. From the beach, head towards the 
                street, and to the left. Head right when you can, and 
                follow the street along. Near the end of the road will be a 
                ramp ahead of you. Go up the ramp, spine transfer, and you 
                will be in the wallows section. 
                The third secret area is the top of the hotel. As afar as I 
                know, the only way you can get up there is by doing the 
                challenge where you have to climb up to the hotel roof, or 
                the challenge where you are on the roof getting the high 
                score. If you want to get up here in story mode, but don't 
                want to do the challenge, select the challenge, then go End 
                Current goal. You will be on top of the hotel.
    VANCOUVER - Okay, a secret area is in the Plaza section. Get to the 
                dome with the secret tape on top of it, and make sure the 
                Pagoda is on your left. Skate forward, and go up the vert 
                ramp and through the window. Here is a nice secret area 
                with a ramp to get to the roof. Not much to do up there 
                             SECRET: BONUS MOVIES
    Collecting Secret tapes can give you bonus movies, as well as doing 
    other things in story mode. I will let you find out how to get the other 
    movies, but check out the Secret tape FAQ (even if it is for a different 
    platform, I think it is the same) at Gamefaqs for what you get. Some 
    movies are funny.
                                 CHEAT CODES
    If you want to earn the cheat codes honestly, then complete all 129 
    goals in story mode, and you will unlock cheats. The cheats are (off the 
    top of my head)
    Perfect Rail          Perfect Manual         Perfect Skitching
    Perfect Lip           Cool Specials          Flame
    Kid Mode              Moon gravity           Rollerskates
    I will list some cheat codes that you enter on the options menu in a 
    later version.
                             CREATE A PARK GUIDE
    Tony Hawk's Underground, like 2, 3 and 4 allows you to create your own 
    skate park. You can add lots of things in here, which is great, in my 
    opnion. You can even greate gaps, rails, and your own goals to put in 
    your park. 
                            PIECE CATEGORIES
    Off the top of my head:
    Funboxes              Funboxes generic           Buildings/Trailers
    Restarts              Tools                      Pipes/Tunnels
    Ground Pieces         Miscellanoue               Slopes
    Stairs                Benches                    Big Pools
                        PIECE CATEGORY DESCRIPTIONS
    FUNBOXES           This is hard to explain. A funboxes, is sort of like 
                       one raised up piece in the middle, and then ramps 
                       going around the outside connecting to the middle, 
                       although it doesn't look like ramps. You can choose 
                       from long funboxes to short, and small funboxes. You 
                       can launch off of the sides of funboxes, roll over 
                       them, etc.
    FUNBOXES GENERIC   Funboxes generic are sort of like Funboxes, but they 
                       look totally different, and are not jump those ramp 
                       things. They also inlcude lots of different things 
                       from different Tony Hawk games, like the Vert ramp 
                       with two ramps on the side and a sign above it.   
                       Also, the funboxes have rails and all on it, like 
                       the ones in the middle in the Tampa contest.
    BUILDINGS/TRAILERS I think everyone knows what a building is. I also
                       think everyone knows what a trailer is also. These 
                       pieces are great to put in your park, because it 
                       gives the player the feel that they are in a town.   
                       You can also put in little trailers, traincars, and 
                       RVs. For the buildings, you can put in the School 
                       building, a Liquor building, and some over types of 
                       houses, inlcuding a Skyscraper.
    RESTARTS           Lets say you place a 1P icon on the map, this is 
                       where the first player will start the level. Also, 
                       if the player happens to fall in water, lava or a 
                       Pungee pit, they will respanw at this location. 
                       Same thing for the second player. You cant put the 
                       restarts over any other object, they have to be on 
                       flat land, no grass, etc. You can also place Horse 
                       start points, and King of the Hill crowns.
    TOOLS              Two out of the three objects in this category are 
                       new to the Tony Hawk series. There are three things 
                       you can use in this category. They are: Gap tool, 
                       Rail tool, and Arena Selection. The gap tool lets 
                       you link two pieces together. The Rail tool allows 
                       you to create rails wherever you want, kind of like 
                       powerlines. This is great because it sucked in the 
                       other tony hawks that you had to raise the land to 
                       place a rail. The arena selection can be used to 
                       copy/paste areas of your park.
    PIPES/TUNNELS      One thing I hated in the previous Tony Hawks games 
                       was that you couldn't really create tunnels that the 
                       player can go through, to maybe reach a secret area. 
                       In Underground, you can! In this categorey, there 
                       are different types of tunnels. There are lots of 
                       them, like straight railed, just plain straight, 
                       sloped tunnel, and of course curbed tunnels. Aslo, 
                       you can put in loops, a halfpipe, and pipes.
                              MAKING A GOOD PARK
    If you want to make a city style park, you will want to have a nice 
    atmosphere in the level. Firstly, place streets around the place, and 
    make tunnels, etc, where a car can get through without too much trouble. 
    Make the street go around in a big circle (loop) going past houses, and 
    different places, and when you can't put a street, improvisse. For 
    example, there was a place behind a few buildings where a street piece 
    wouldn't fit, so I made it an alley. I did this by putting grass on the 
    left and right, and making a line up, and then putting sand in the 
    middle. It makes it like an alley, like an offroad track which is good 
    for the cars. Also, in another area, I made slopes leading up to the 
    liquor area, and made that as like a ramp. The area underneath where the 
    air is was all grenery, and a normal skating area. Around the streets it 
    is best if you place some buildings, like Houses, Skyscrapes and those 
    liquor buildings around the streets. Don't make it all the way around, I 
    out a halfpipe in the middle of streets with grass and sand as a path, 
    and then raised the grass by one to make it look like a hedge maze, but 
    still had a good effect. Remeber tunnels and jumps make it look good, 
    and when you play it using a car, it will be superb if you need to jump 
    over water, or a pool.
    I guess it would be like Hawaii style. Try to give it a good, remote 
    feeling. Try to create water around the edges, if you want it that way. 
    There are a few good beach pieces in the miscellaneous. These are the 
    party boats, and also the dock areas. This makes for a great beach 
    setting. Also, you can place sand around the place, and make a lot of 
    pools. you can make your own pools by lowering the land, and the 
    selecting pool parts category, then put the pieces in. Simple. There are 
    also some preset.
    Wanna make your park like it's a competition park? Easy. Try to make a 
    vert section, and also a street section. The vert section should consist 
    of a halfpipe, and maybe some other vert ramp pieces around the area. 
    For the street section, you should place some of the funboxes in there, 
    like the pieces in the middle of the level in Tampa. Look around in the 
    funboxes section, there is some good stuff in there.
                             RAIL TOOL
    Controls to the rail tool: 
    X        - Place rail
    Square   - Snap to object
    Circle   - Grab nearest rail point
    Triangle - Delete rail
    L1/L2    - Move cursor up/down
    R1/R2    - Control Camera
    This lets you create your own rails. In the previous Tony Hawk games, 
    had to raise the land if you wanted to put the rails up high. In 
    Unerground, you can place them anywhere. You don't need to raise the 
    land, you can draw them anywhere, even over other objects.
    This can be good if you make the rails leading from a skyscraper for 
    example, and then make it head all the way down to another house. In my 
    opinion, this is a great new addition.
                             GAP CHECKLIST WALKTHROUGH 
    This section will probably never be complete due to the fact that  there 
    are so many gaps in the game, a lot of them hidden.
    The easiest gap in the level, in my opinion. From the start, roll down 
    the hill. On your left hand side, to the left of the halfpipe and where 
    you are will be a ramp. Launch off the ramp, and you will jump over the 
    divider in the middle of the level. You hvae got the gap. Alternatively, 
    you can just jump over it by holding coruching, then letting go, or you 
    can use the vert ramps to transfer over there.
    To get this gap, you first have to open the wind tunnel. Move down the 
    hill from the start, and move to the right side of the halfpipe. Use the 
    ramps on the halfpipe to launch yourself onto the propeeler. Grind it, 
    and that will open the wind tunnel. Now, go into the wind tunnel, and 
    head left. Perform a lip trick on one of the vert ramps here to get the 
    A fairly easy gap to obtain. From the start of the level, roll down the 
    first hill, and keep going forward, past the halfpipe. Jump over the 
    halfpipe if you need to, and keep on going forward. Go up the vert ramp 
    you find at the end, and then jump up and lip trick on the rail to get 
    this gap.
                               FUNNY QUOTES 
    "Hey man, did you wake up on the wrong side of your mom this morning" 
    - You
    "It will stop those stupid skaters getting into the skaters and writing 
    'I am the king of no pants' on the walls"
    - Security guard
    "Since I nailed your mom, nail the tricks I yell out"
    - Guy on pre-made prison level
                              MUSIC TRACKS
    Rapps on deck                    Perfromed by Aceyalone
    Viva la Revolution               Performed by The Addicts
    Armageddon                       Performed by Alkaline Trio
    A Prototype                      Performed by Anacron
    She Said                         Performed by Anrgy Amputees
    Rebel Yell                       Performed by Assorted Jelly Beans
    Every day                        Performed by Authority Zero
    Big Bang                         Performed by Bad Religion
    Drive                            Performed by Blind Iris
    Don't wait                       Performed by Blue
    2 Rak 005                        Performed by Bracket
    American Warewolf in Calgary     Performed by The Browns
    Imaginary Places                 Performed by Busdriver
    It's Alright                     Performed by Camarosmith
    Iron Galaxy                      Performed by Cannibal 0x
    White Riot                       Performed by The Clash
    Impetus                          Performed by Clutch
    Crazy and Stupid                 Performed by Crash and Burn
    A Better Tomorrow                Performed by Dan the Automator
    Positive Contact                 Performed by Deltron 3030
    Cosmic Assasins                  Performed by Dj Qbert
    Time to go                       Performed by Dropkick Murphys
    Annie's Grave                    Performed by Electric Frankenstein
    Ride, Shoot and Speak Truth      Performed by Entombed
    No Revolution                    Performed by The Explosion
    Mississippi King                 Performed by Five Horse Johnson
    I Want it All                    Performed by Flamethrower
    Blah Blah                        Performed by Frog 1
    California Crossing              Performed by Fu Machu
    Crush 'em                        Performed by GBH
    Gotta get some action now        Performed by Hellacopters
    It Ain't Nuttin                  Performed by Herbaliser/M.F Doom
    Hung, Drawn and Quartened        Performed by High on Fire
    The Legend of Black Thunder      Performed by Hookers
    Remedy                           Performed by Hot Water Music
    Embody the Invisible             Performed by In Flames
    Braggin Wrights                  Performed by J-Live
    Suffer Some                      Performed by Jane's Addiction
    The Circle Part 1                Performed by Juggaknots
    A Day at the Races               Performed by Jurassic 5
    God Of Thunder                   Performed by Kiss
    Lick it up                       Performed by Kiss
    Rock 'N Roll All Night           Performed by Kiss
    King Kong                        Performed by L.A Symphony
    Hotwire                          Performed by Lamont
    War Games                        Performed by Living Legends
    Crusher Destroyed                Performed by Mastodon
    Loaded and Lonely                Performed by The Midnight Evils
    The Days                         Performed by Nike V and the Rats
    Underground up                   Performed by Mr. Complex
    Skin Therapy                     Performed by Mr. Dibbs
    Phantom                          Performed by Mr. Lif
    Transitions as a Rider           Performed by Murs
    The World is Yours               Performed by NAS
    Run Fat Boy Run                  Performed by Nine Pound Hammer
    Seperation of church and Skate   Performed by NOFX
    Your World Will Hate This        Performed by Orange Goblin
    Womb Envy                        Performed by Paint it black
    The Next Step II                 Performed by People under the Stairs
    Low Class Conspiracy             Performed by Quasimoto
    You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar Performed by Queens of Stone Age
    King of the Underground          Performed by R.A. The Rugged man
    New Noise                        Performed by Resfused
    Like the Angels                  Performed by Rise Against
    Pierce my Brain                  Performed by Rubber City Rebels
    Milk                             Performed by S.O.D
    Circle of Fear                   Performed by Smoke Blow
    Mommy's Litte Monster            Performed by Social Distortion
    Indolence                        Performed by Solace
    Suspect Device                   Performed by Stiff Little Fingers
    Refusal                          Performed by Strike Anywhere
    Seed                             Performed by Sublime
    It Takes no Guts                 Performed by Superjoint Ritual
    Internationally Known            Performed by Supernatural
    California Babylon               Performed by Transplants
    Black Woman                      Performed by Unida
    Secondary Protocol               Performed by Wildchild
    Sailor Man                       Performed by The Reacl Mc Kenzies
                               BASIC GUIDE STUFF 
                                  STILL TO COME
    Write about create a Deck
    Make a Create a Skater section
    Online Play Section
    Complete Gap Checklist
                              VERSION HISTORY
    VERSION 1.0
    Submitted document to www.gamefaqs.com, hoping it will get posted. 
    Walkthrough is not complete, but just about everything else is, apart 
    from the Gaps Checklist and Maybe the Secret tapes section. 
                             COPYRIGHT NOTICE
    This Document is Copyright (c) Aaron Baker 2004. It can't be reproduced 
    in any way, except for Personal and Private use. Please ask me if you 
    want to use this guide on your website, by Emailing me. Afew lines of 
    Text could save you a lot of trouble.
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    Here are the websites I allow to host my work without Permission:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com -> The guide was origanlly made for GameFAQs
    If you see this guide on http://www.cheatcc.com please email me straight 
    away/ They can never use any of my work.
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