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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AzaleaStarre

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/05/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    * Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow *
    * An AzaleaStarre FAQ *
    * www.geocities.com/azaleastarregames *
    * Sites authorized to post this FAQ *
    - www.geocities.com/azaleastarregames
    - www.gamefaqs.com
    - www.neoseeker.com
    * Table of Contents *
    Section             Description
       1                Introduction and Legal
       2                Updates
       3                General Hints and Tips 
       4                Walkthrough
       - 0              - Introduction Level
       - 1              - Dili, Timor
         - 1              - Part 1
         - 2              - Part 2
         - 3              - Part 3
         - 4              - Part 4
         - 5              - Part 5
         - 6              - Part 6
         - 7              - Part 7
         - 8              - Part 8
         - 9              - Part 9
       - 2              - Paris, France
         - 1              - Part 1
         - 2              - Part 2
         - 3              - Part 3
         - 4              - Part 4
         - 5              - Part 5
         - 6              - Part 6
         - 7              - Part 7
       - 3              - Paris-Nice, France
         - 1              - Part 1
         - 2              - Part 2
         - 3              - Part 3
         - 4              - Part 4
       - 4              - Jerusalem, Israel
         - 1              - Part 1
         - 2              - Part 2
         - 3              - Part 3
         - 4              - Part 4
         - 5              - Part 5
         - 6              - Part 6
         - 7              - Part 7
       - 5              - Kundang Camp, Indonesia
         - 1              - Part 1
         - 2              - Part 2
         - 3              - Part 3
         - 4              - Part 4
         - 5              - Part 5
         - 6              - Part 6
         - 7              - Part 7
         - 8              - Part 8
         - 9              - Part 9
         - 10             - Part 10
       - 6              - Komodo, Indonesia
         - 1              - Part 1
         - 2              - Part 2
         - 3              - Part 3
         - 4              - Part 4
         - 5              - Part 5
         - 6              - Part 6
       - 7              - Jakarta, Indonesia
         - 1              - Part 1
         - 2              - Part 2
         - 3              - Part 3
         - 4              - Part 4
         - 5              - Part 5
         - 6              - Part 6
         - 7              - Part 7
       - 8              - Los Angeles, CA, USA
         - 1              - Part 1
         - 2              - Part 2     - 3              - Part 3
         - 4              - Part 4
         - 5              - Part 5
       5                Alternate routes/Contributions
    * Introduction and Legal *
    Website   :  www.geocities.com/azaleastarregames
                - please visit, I'd really appreciate it if you could also sign the
    - I am a regular contributor to this site.  They are trying to get
    off the ground and become a legitimate member of the press.  They
    can only do it with your help.
    Email     : azaleastarregames@yahoo.com 
                - This is the most reliable way to contact me
    AIM       : AzaleaStarre
                - Due to my hectic schedule at Full Sail, I'm usually on
                between 12pm - 3pm, then 1:30am to roughly 6am EST.
    Gamer Tag : AzaleaStarre
    I'm going to keep things informal and simple. My "name" is Azalea.  Further
    information about me can be found at my website, not to mention reviews,
    including one of Pandora Tomorrow, and information about my company :
    AzaleaStarre Games.  First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for checking out
    this FAQ.  I put a lot of work into it and I really appreciate you taking the
    time to use it.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me via the
    information above.  Secondly, since I did put a lot of work into this, please
    don't copy the information or the ideas and use it as your own.  It's just plain
    not right and bad for your karma level.  And besides, the game is fun.  If you
    want to write a good FAQ for it you'll have to play it anyway.  Is that really
    so bad?
    As far as the FAQ is concerned, I'm going to ignore the overhead that comes
    along with playing the game.  If you need to know anything about the controls,
    use the options menu in the game or check your instruction book.  While I do
    provide a weapons and Gadgets guide at the end, I'm going to focus on their
    practical uses in the game.  If you would really like descriptions, you can find
    them in your inventory menu during the game.
    The Updates section of the FAQ will not only notify you of the updates to this
    FAQ but also of the various downloadable updates to the game made available from
    Ubi Soft.
    Something you may notice is that instead of organizing my walkthrough based on
    the objectives in a mission, I have based my organization on the game's internal
    checkpoints.  This will make it easier for you to stop after each part since you
    conveniently get to save your game at these points.  This will also make things
    much easier to pick up again since you place in the FAQ corresponds with where
    you load up your current game.
    The Alternate Routes / Contributions section of the FAQ is a collection of
    emails and IMs I’ve gotten from various people regarding my walkthrough and the
    routes I took.  These alternate routes will be posted as the way I received them
    and I will do my best to make sure people receive the proper credit for their
    work.  In some cases, the only name I have is an AIM screen name.  If that is
    all I have from you and you would like me to use a different name, please
    contact me.
    One last note: On occasion I will mention the term “fifth freedom.”  For those
    of you who haven’t played the first game, just know that it means you are
    allowed to kill enemies.  This does not by any means grant you a license to kill
    Good luck with the game!  Once again, thanks for using my FAQ.
    - Azalea, CEO & Lead Programmer, AzaleaStarre Games
    * Updates *
    (31, March, 2004) Downloadable Content
    Ubi Soft has released a patch fixing some of the bugs that showed up in the
    multiplayer modes of the game.  Log on to Xbox Live for the automatic update.
    (05, April, 2004) Version 0.5
    The last three missions plus mission one’s walkthroughs are complete.  The
    General Hints and Tips section is also complete, but it will be updated with
    each new update to the FAQ.  The story breakdown will not appear until version
    1.5, the first update after the complete game walkthrough.
    (06, April, 2004) Version 0.6
    Missions two now has a walkthrough.  While I haven’t added it in yet, I have
    also received some alternate paths to take in certain parts of a few missions.
    To those that contacted me, I greatly appreciate it and I assure that your
    contributions will not go unnoted.  I will do my best to get them in version
    1.0, but most likely not until 1.5, which I plan on releasing Sunday, April 11th
    (Easter).  Also, for those who tried to get in contact with me but were unable
    to, I apologize.  I am in class each night from 5pm until 1am.  During that time
    I will be online, but my away message will be up 95% of the time.  If you have a
    question for me that doesn’t need an immediate answer, email me and I will
    answer it when I get home.  Once again, thanks for all of the great feedback.
    It’s great to know that I’ve been able to help people out with this FAQ.  If you
    have any suggestions for what game I should write one for next, drop me a line
    via email.
    (07, April, 2004) Version 0.8
    Missions three and four now have walkthroughs.  I would have finished five last
    night/this morning but Matrix Revolutions came out on DVD and my crew: Gluck,
    Alejandro, and Allvah got together for an after class party to watch it.  I
    apologize for the delay.  Tomorrow’s update with be Version 1.0, but will also
    now contain the Story Breakdown and Weapons/Gadgets guide, two features that
    were supposed to be due for the Version 1.5 update.  Once again, thanks for the
    support and sorry about the delay.
    (08, April, 2004) Version 1.0
    Mission 5 is complete, thus the walkthrough is complete.  I’ve added the first
    entries into the Contributions section and I’ll be adding a few more in the next
    few days.  If you have a suggestion for that section, email me.  One last note
    for today’s update: Because mission 5 took me so much longer than I expected, I
    will be waiting until versions 1.25 and 1.5 to have those sections finished.
    The multiplayer section of the FAQ will be the last major section I add,
    hopefully after I get back from Spring Break.  Anyone who wants to play Pandora
    Tomorrow on Xbox Live, get in touch with me.  I added my gamertag to my contact
    information as well.
    (05, May, 2004) Version 1.5
    I have updated my contact information and finally added more contributions.  
    Thanks again to everyone that emailed me.  One other note about the 
    contributions…while I do greatly appreciate them, if your contribution is to 
    tell me that, at the end of the Paris mission, Francois doesn’t need to die, 
    don’t bother sending it.  I’ve received PLENTY of contributions on that issue
    and I have added a few.  Any more would simply be overkill.  Besides, whether or
    not he dies has zero impact on the game.  I must say though, I am thoroughly
    impressed that so many people would have rather seen him live.  Finally, the FAQ
    has undergone one other major change, I have removed the weapons guide and story
    breakdown sections.  I simply don’t have enough time to write them.  I am too
    busy with school, helping out the guys at Gamer’s Thinkbox, and writing my next
    FAQ which, by the way, will be for Onimusha 3 on the Playstation 2.
    * General Hints and Tips *
    - Sign in to Xbox Live, if you have an account, periodically to check for
    patches/updates.  Even if you don't plan on playing this game online, the
    updates can also fix bugs in Single Player Mode.
    - Use all three of your save slots in your profile.  This makes it easier to go
    back and correct mistakes if you need to.  It wouldn't be fun if you forgot to
    do something or ran up a high alarm level late in a level and it kept you from
    completing the mission.  Starting completely over can be a royal pain.  Having
    your three most current saves readily accessible will possibly prevent having to
    - Eliminate as many light sources as possible.  Use the pistol to
    conserve ammo.  Ubi Soft gave you night vision, so use it.  It also
    adds to the stealth feel of the game.
    - Always, always, always hide bodies.  If you don't you'll raise alarms or
    perhaps fail a mission.  Restarting because you were lazy will get on your
    - It’s usually a good idea to use the fiber optic cable on the doors before
    opening them.  This will eliminate any surprise enemies.
    - Check your OPSAT regularly for updates and other useful info.  Many times,
    clues will be given to you via a data stick you pick up or in a communication
    you overheard.  Important information is automatically recorded for you.
    * Walkthrough *
    * Introduction *
    * Current Objective : Escape the handcuffs *
    This is almost a waste of time to write this down, but for the sake of
    completeness I'll include it.  You are presented with a pair of hands that have
    been handcuffed.  Your goal is to pick the lock on the cuffs and free yourself.
    Follow the directions on screen. Splinter Cell veterans will feel right at home
    doing this as it is the same process you went through for picking locks in the
    original game.  For those new to the series, get used to this process because
    you will have to use it later on in the game.
    Once you've freed yourself from the handcuffs, you'll be treated to a nice cut
    scene explaining what happened during the game's introductory cut scene.  After
    that, it’s back to the field for Sam Fisher.  Your first mission, investigate
    the terrorist attack on the United States Embassy in Dili, Timor.
    * Mission 1 : Dili, Timor *
    * Part 1 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the embassy *
    Welcome to the real game.  For those of you who are new to Splinter Cell, it’s
    time to learn some of the basic movements.  Follow the instructions on screen
    when they pop up.
    Start off by running to the ledge.  Jump and pull yourself up.  Run down the
    pier to the ladder.  Climb the ladder.  Jump up and grab the zip line, then ride
    it down to the next pier.  Once you’re on the pier, jump up and grab the beam
    and shimmy across to the other side.  Drop down and you’re on your way.
    Walk around the porch to the door.  Use your optic cable to check out the room,
    then open the door and enter.  Go through the room to the next door.  For this
    door, you’ll have to pick the lock.  Follow the instructions on screen.  Once
    the door is open, go through to the next room.  You’ll see a pole.  Climb it.
    After climbing up, use your night vision goggles to reveal a hidden trap door in
    the corner.  Go over to it and jump down through it.  Leave this room through
    the door.  Go down the stairs and across the clearing to a raised porch.  You
    can crouch down and sneak underneath it.  Do so.  Follow the path until it opens
    up again.  When you get back into the open, go up the stairs and around the
    porch.  Save your game here.
    * Part 2 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the embassy *
    Go down the next set of stairs and to your right.  Put your back up against the
    fence and stand up.  Shimmy along the fence to the next area.
    Peek around the corner to see the guard sitting there.  For those that have
    played Splinter Cell before, your instinct is going to tell you that you need to
    sneak up on that guard and knock him out.  Do not, under any circumstances, harm
    him at all.  Later on in the mission he will count as a casualty and result in a
    mission failure.  That would be a bad thing.  Sneak past him and continue on to
    the next area.  Save your game here.
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the embassy *
    Once past the guard, turn on your thermal vision.  You’ll see some blinking
    spots on the ground.  Those are land mines.  Don’t go near them.  Bypass the
    mines by sneaking under the raised porch.  After you’re clear of the mines, run
    to the fence.  Continue forward, but keep close to the fence.
    When you reach a small box, climb on top of it.  From the box, jump up to grab
    the ledge.  Shimmy all the way across.  Drop down when you get to the staircase
    and continue around the corner.  When you reach the alleyway, go down it.  Do a
    split jump and then jump again to reach the ledge above you.  Pull yourself up
    and continue on.  Continue into the room and through the next door.  Save your
    game here.
    * Part 4 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the embassy *
    Go across the room and through the next door.  Shoot out the light for extra
    cover.  You’ll see a pole sticking up from the ground.  Climb down it.  Once
    down on the ground, you’ll be able to see the next guard.  Sneak out into the
    middle of the stream and follow it to the left.  When you see the walls of the
    embassy gate end, turn right and follow that path.  You’ll see a guard with his
    back turned away from you.  Save your game here.
    * Part 5 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the embassy *
    Sneak up on the guard and grab him.  Interrogate him, then knock him out.  Hide
    the body quickly because another guard is going to be coming out very soon.
    Lure him to you, knock him out and then hide his body as well.
    Once the bodies are taken care of, go past the box the guard was sitting on.  On
    the wall you’ll see a pole.  Climb up it and go over the wall.  Save your game
    after the loading screen is finished.
    * Part 6 *
    * Current Objective : Find Douglas Shetland *
    When play resumes, climb the ladder nearby and then climb the ladder that lies
    at the top of the first ladder.  Go around the corner.  Hug the wall and stay
    low.  Go underneath the window and keep moving until Lambert tells you to stop.
    Wait until you hear the conversations Sadono has end.  He leaves after his
    soldier suggests breaking Shetland’s fingers.  Continue hugging the wall and
    move forward.  When you come to the full windows, use a S.W.A.T. turn to get
    past them.  Continue on along the balcony.
    Once you’re past the full windows, move down the balcony around the corner.
    When you reach the end, you’ll be able to climb out onto a pole.  Climb out and
    then climb up the pole.  When you reach the top, shimmy across the roof and over
    to a small balcony.  Drop down and open the window.  Go in.  There you’ll find
    Shetland and a guard.
    Sneak up on the guard.  Knock him out, then hide the body.  Once the body is
    taken care of, talk to Shetland.
    * Part 7 *
    * Current Objective : Find Ingrid Karithson *
    Finish the interrogation and leave the room.  There going to be a guard on an
    open balcony right as you exit.  Take him out quickly, then go down the hallway.
    You’ll see a staircase.  Go down it.  In the next room there are three guards.
    This is where a little bit of cat and mouse comes in.  You’ll be using this
    technique a lot, so pay attention.
    Wait at the bottom of the stairs for a guard to come close enough to hear you.
    Make sure you’re in the shadows where he can’t see you.  When he’s close,
    whistle to get him to move to your position.  When you see him coming, run up
    the stairs or to some other shadowy area.  Wait for him to get very close to you
    and then knock him out.  Later in the game you’ll be allowed to kill so you
    won’t have to let enemies get quite so close, but in this case you don’t have
    that luxury.
    After you’ve taken care of the first guard, lure the other two over to you and
    repeat the process.  Make sure you do this one guard at a time since you can’t
    raise any suspicion that you’re in the building.  After the guards are dealt
    with move across the room, past the fires to some broken glass.  After the glass
    is a hallway.  Go down that hallway.  Halfway through the hallway is a door.  Go
    through it and save your game.
    * Part 8 *
    * Current Objective : Find Ingrid Karithson *
    Go hide in the shadows to the right of the door.  Once you get to the corner, a
    quick cut scene will play showing you where Ingrid is.  Lambert will give a
    quick update.  You’re going to have to cut across the courtyard and stay within
    the circle of the spotlight.  Do it.
    Once you’re across the courtyard, go up the small stairs and through the door to
    your right.  Inside you’ll find a staircase that leads to another staircase.  Go
    up both, but use caution.  At the top of the second staircase is a sniper
    watching the courtyard.  Knock him out and then open the door.  Hide the body in
    that room, then talk to Ingrid.  After the conversation, save your game.
    * Part 9 *
    * Current Objective : Get to the extraction *
    Open the window in Ingrid’s room to get out.  Drop down from the mini balcony
    and then rappel down the wall.  Turn on your night vision.  You should be able
    to see a guard.  You’ve got your fifth freedom now, so lure him to you and then
    shoot him.  Don’t forget to hide the body for good practice.  Once the guard is
    dead, climb the spotlight tower and turn off the power.  Now continue down the
    alley to the next spotlight.
    Another guard is patrolling here.  He should be easy pickings.  Lure him over
    and kill him, then hide the body.  Just like before, once the guard is done for,
    climb the spotlight tower and turn off the spotlight.  Once you’re done with the
    spotlight, go around the corner.  You’ll see a staircase that leads to a porch.
    Run down that path all the way to the Osprey, your ride.  Mission Complete.
    * Mission 2 : Paris,  France *
    * Part 1 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the labs *
    Climb down the ladder in front of you and then shoot out the light at the
    bottom.  Eliminating this light makes your life so much easier.  Peek around the
    corner and check the position of the guard.  Lure him over to you and kill him.
    Hide his body, just in case, and continue towards the train.
    Shoot out every light as you go.  This is one of the few times where I must
    insist shooting out the lights.  The last two fluorescent lights you’ll have to
    hit from a distance because moving too far alongside the train will trigger the
    two guards coming from around the corner.  Don’t get close to the last two
    lights until after they have been shot out.  Have a diversion camera ready.
    When you hear the guards coming, move back just enough to give you some room to
    shoot the camera.  Shoot the camera to the wall near them and lure them close,
    then gas them with the camera.  You’ll be able to leave their bodies there since
    it’s dark enough.  Now continue on past the train and around the corner.
    Go down the hallway.  When you reach the burning room, shoot the wheel valves on
    the pipe.  This will drop water down on the flames and let you pass through.
    Continue on through the room to the door.
    There is a guard in the next room.  Use your optic cable to check his position,
    then enter when he’s far enough away to give a good jump on him.  The room is
    dimly lit, but still lit enough to give away your position if you aren’t
    careful.  When you have enough space, I personally wait until he’s behind one of
    the shelving units, open the door and sneak in.  Lure him over and take him out
    quickly.  He’s the only one in there but if you don’t use speed in eliminating
    him, he’ll sound an alarm with his radio.  Alarms only make enemies more alert
    and harder to kill.  Trust me, you don’t want that.  You don’t want that at all.
    Once the guard is dead, hide the body and move on to the door.  There are two
    guards in the next room.  This room is kind of tricky because it’s a small space
    and there is plenty of light.  Watch the guards with your optic cable and wait
    for them to go out of sight.  You might even want to wait until you hear them
    talking.  Arm your SC-20K with a smoke grenade and open the door.  Aim it at the
    large window behind them, and also try to shoot it in between the two guards.
    This will make sure that the smoke takes out both of them.  Once the smoke
    starts to rise, run over to them and knock them out if they haven’t been taken
    out by the smoke.  Hide the bodies and then go through the door.  Right after
    you go through the door, pick the lock on the next door and go through it.  Save
    your game here.  You can also heal here if you need to.  Turn off the lights in
    this room before going through the next door.  You’ll thank me later.
    * Part 2 *
    * Current Objective : Access the security terminal *
    This room is one of the few times I will say don’t worry about setting off an
    alarm.  The room is too well lit, too small, and there are too many guards for
    you to be able to kill them all without any of the others noticing.  The way I
    show has the potential to not sound an alarm, but I’ve never managed that.
    Open the door and hide quickly.  The best place is the corner of the room just
    to your left as you enter.  Arm yourself with a diversion camera and aim it at
    the middle of the doorway across the room.  Be sure to aim above the door, but
    still in the middle.  The camera has a long ways to travel so you’ll need the
    arc on this shot.  Fire the camera, then get as many of the three guards as
    close to the camera as you can before setting off the gas.  Once you set the gas
    off, pull out your rifle, turn on night vision, and walk over to the guards with
    your sights fixed on them.  Take out any of them not affected by the gas
    quickly, then hide the bodies.  You’ll want to minimize your damage taken here
    because two of the games five, that is a rough guess, nearly unavoidable
    firefights happen in this room and the one after it.  After the bodies are
    hidden, go through the door on the left of the morgue slabs.
    Once through the door, you’ll hear guards get an order to destroy the computers.
    Here is the other firefight I was talking about.  As soon as they start shooting
    computers, shoot back.  You have to kill them fast because they get through the
    computers quickly.  Once they are dead, run into that room, flip the light
    switch, and then use the red computer.  Save your game here.  Now go after that
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : Diffuse the bomb *
    Don’t worry about the timer.  The bomb is really close to where you are.  Go out
    the door and to the corner.  Don’t go around the corner yet, there are two
    guards there that will only cause more problems than you already have.  Stay in
    the shadows and watch until they disappear.  One of the guards will actually
    wait behind the far corner and poke his head out.  Snipe him and then run to the
    door they came from.  Pick the lock, go in, and then diffuse the bomb.
    Once you’re through with the bomb, leave that room and hide the body you left
    behind.  If you need to heal, go back down the hallway to a small closet on your
    left.  There is a medical box in there as well as some supplies.  When you’re
    done, go back to the hallway and down past the boiler room to a door.  Go
    through it.  Save your game here.
    * Part 4 *
    * Current Objective : Access the client database *
    Go up the staircase but stop at the last few steps.  That red light is a motion
    detector.  To pass by them you simply have to move VERY VERY slow.  Take only a
    few steps before stopping for a quick second.  Move up to the top of the stairs
    and on to about half way up the second flight of stairs before you resume normal
    pace.  Go through the door at the top of the stairs.
    Shoot out the light and then hide.  You’ll hear a bunch of gunshots.  Don’t
    worry, they aren’t for you.  Around the corner are three guards, but two of them
    are leaving real soon.  Peek around the corner to see when they leave then lure
    the remaining guard over to you.  Kill him quickly and hide the body.  After
    that, go through the double doors by picking the lock.
    Go into the hallway and open the first door on your left.  Shoot out all of the
    lights in this hallway.  DON’T go through the door yet.  There are five cameras
    in the room.  The first is in the center.  Shoot it while still in the doorway.
    After you shoot the first one, a guard will enter the room.  Fire a diversion
    camera to take care of him.  Go through the door just a tad to see two more, one
    on the left and one on the right.  Just past the right side camera are two more,
    one close to you and one across the room on the same wall.  Once they are all
    out of commission, use the red computer.
    * Current Objective : Find some French brains *
    Sam chuckles at this objective and so do I.  Moving on, leave the computer room
    via the door you used to enter.  Before you leave, however, don’t forget to hide
    the body of the guard you killed.
    Once out of the computer room, go to the door on your left.  The keycode, also
    found in the notes section on your OPSAT, is 2457.  Go through the door.  Save
    your game here.
    * Part 5 *
    * Current Objective : Find some French brains *
    Once inside the room, turn off the light in the center.  This will cause a guard
    from the hallway to come in.  Shoot him as he enters and hide the body.  If you
    need to, heal before exiting for the hallway.  Once in the hallway, sneak past
    the motion detector to the next door.  Go through it.  Once you open the door,
    pull out your rifle and snipe the camera at the top of the stairs.  Listen for a
    beeping noise.  It is a proximity mine.  Those who have played GoldenEye on the
    Nintendo 64 know how dangerous, yet sadistically fun, those can be.  To sneak
    past it and continue up the stairs, stay as far away from it as you can when
    turning the corner.  Go up the stairs, shoot out the light then open the door.
    This is another time when you’ll have to sound an alarm.  The two guards in this
    room patrol too close together to eliminate one without the other knowing.  Lure
    them close to you and snipe one in the head.  You’ll have enough time to kill
    the other guard before he shoots you, IF you’re a good shot.  Depending on how
    close they are and how fast you are, you might even be lucky enough to prevent
    the alarm.
    Once they are dead, hide the bodies.  Use the red computer to get the password
    for the storage room.  It is stored in the notes section on your OPSAT.  For
    easy access, I’ll give it to you as well: 7562.  Go down the hallway behind you
    and through the door.  Looks like you found some French brains, and they’ve been
    wasted.  Save your game here.
    * Part 6 *
    * Current Objective : Meet Francois Coldeboeuf *
    Go through the fog and into the next room, but turn on your thermal vision.
    You’ll see a man leaning over a table inspecting something and you’ll also see,
    not to mention hear, a turret.  You get to have a little fun with the turret.
    Just before the turret is its control box.  Before you deactivate the turret,
    turn off its IFF tracking.  This will take care of the man for you.  After you
    disable the turret, hide the body and then pick the lock on the door.  Go
    through it.
    Keep your thermal on and proceed slowly along the catwalks.  Your thermal will
    reveal two guards.  Take out the guards, don’t worry about alarms.  This is
    another case where the guards are simply too close together.  Don’t worry about
    hiding the bodies either.  Move on down the catwalks to the next room.  You’ll
    hear another mine.  If you want to get to the medical box, you’ll have to snipe
    it to blow it up.  Keep your distance to minimize the damage you take.  Go
    through the door and use the shelves to climb into the ventilation shaft.  Save
    your game here.
    * Part 7 *
    * Current Objective : Grab and Go *
    Once in the shaft, you’ll see and hear three guards talking in front of a door.
    Ignore them for now.  If you kill them, you will get stuck without a way to the
    extraction.  That’s bad because you won’t be able to complete the mission.  You
    have already killed them, load up your latest save.  If you were listening you’d
    know that you save after every checkpoint, therefore, you won’t to back too far.
    Continue through the shaft until it forks.  Go to the left, drop down, and then
    talk to the man inside, Francois.
    It’s extraction time.  Climb back up the shaft and go back to the room you
    entered it from.  You’ll see the guards moving some barrels into place.  Once
    you’re inside that room, wait for the time to run out and the ensuing explosion
    to finish.  When everything dies down, crawl back up the shaft and this time go
    straight.  You’ll hear another explosion.  Sadly, Mr. Francois Coldeboeuf has
    become the first French casualty of the Indonesian conflict.  Sad, yes, but it
    had to be expected, the French always die first in a war.  Anyways, you’re
    almost there.  Once out of the shaft, run to the van.  Mission Complete.
    * Mission 3 : Paris-Nice, France *
    * Part 1 *
    * Current Objective : Locate Norman Soth *
    When you’re dropped from the Osprey, walk along the top of the train.  Keep
    going until you reach the point where two cars connect.  Drop down and go
    through the door.  Once Lambert is done giving you your update, lure the
    conductor over to you with a whistle.  Knock him out and hide the body.  Before
    heading to the next car, you may want to take a look at the floor.  You’ll
    notice that Ubi Soft left a few jokes there for you.
    When you go to the door, you’ll find the lock is jammed.  Not really a big deal.
    Backtrack a little to a point where you can drop below the floor.  It will be
    just past the chain linked wall.  Drop down and shimmy along the pole all the
    way to the end of it.  Save your game here.
    * Part 2 *
    * Current Objective : Locate Norman Soth *
    When you get the chance, climb back into the train.  Shoot out the lights and
    then open and go through the door.  To your left is a switch.  Wait for the
    guard on your right to walk away, then flip it.  This turns off the lights.
    Now, you need to wait for a passenger to come back to flip the switch.  When he
    comes, grab him, pull him as far away from the passenger compartment he came
    from as possible and then knock him out.  Hide his body, and then sneak into the
    passenger compartment.
    This part of the mission seems rather difficult, but in actuality is rather easy
    if you are careful.  Do not use night vision; it actually makes this part very
    hard.  All you have to do is sneak to the other end of the car.  Stay covered in
    the shadows.  It is very, very dark so you won’t be see by anyone as long as
    your whole body is in the shadows.
    Once past the passenger compartment, go through the next door, and through the
    next room.  I like to shoot out the light above the storage compartment, just
    for safety’s sake but it isn’t necessary.  Once you’re past that room, save your
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : Locate Norman Soth *
    Once you’re through the hallway move through the next room and into the sleep
    car, but not until the conductor has finished talking to a passenger and walked
    all the way to the end of the car.  Once past the door, do a S.W.A.T. turn to
    get past the open room without being noticed.  Continue past the next door.  The
    third door is Soth’s.  Go in and talk to him.  When the conversation is done,
    stay in the shadows and listen to what he and his men talk about.  Hack the
    laptop while talking to Lambert then get to the dining car fast.  Don’t worry
    about shooting out lights or anything like that, just get to the dining car.
    * Current Objective : Mic the conversation *
    When you get to the dining car, hide behind the bar and laser mic the
    conversation. Wait for Soth and his guards to leave the dining car.  One man is
    going to stay behind for some reason.  When you start to move, save your game.
    * Part 4 *
    * Current Objective : Get to the extraction *
    Sneak up on him, knock him out, and hide his body.  Go through the door.  Once
    you’re through, you’ll hear that you’ve been granted your fifth freedom.  Keep
    moving through the train towards the back.  Now isn’t the time to worry about
    stealth, you won’t even be on the train long enough to need to care.  A guard is
    going to come up behind you.  Kill him and the go up the ladder.  Once up the
    ladder, open the trap door.  You’ll see a helicopter and the Osprey.  Sprint
    straight for the Osprey.  Once you reach it, you’re done.  Mission Complete.
    * Mission 4 : Jerusalem, Israel *
    * Part 1 *
    * Current Objective : Get your SC-20K rifle *
    Start off by heading up the stairs.  Avoid the light, this is a one alarm and
    you fail mission.  Once up the stairs, you’ll see a peacekeeper patrolling
    nearby.  You’re going to have to dispose of him, NON lethal.  I recommend
    sneaking up on him instead of the usual bait and trap routine because there are
    too many pedestrians in the general vicinity.  Once the peacekeeper is down,
    continue on down the street.  Use a S.W.A.T. turn to get past the open door.
    Make sure you stay in the shadows, another peacekeeper is nearby.
    When you see the peacekeeper, use caution and sneak up on him when he has his
    back turned to you.  Hide his body and continue on down the street.  As you turn
    the corner, make sure you stay in the shadows.  From this point on, unless I say
    otherwise, stay in the shadows as much as humanly possible.  You’ll soon see a
    tunnel on your left.
    A peacekeeper patrols here.  His route takes him through the tunnel and into a
    small courtyard where two civilians are talking.  Follow him on his route, but
    be sure to eliminate him in a way that the civilians will never notice it
    happening.  Once he’s taken care of, continue through the courtyard and down
    into the alleyway.  In the alley you’ll see a pipe.  Climb up it to reach a pole
    you can use to slide across the street, zip line style.  This will drop you on
    top of an awning.  Jump down into the shadows of to the left.
    In this area, there is another peacekeeper that patrols the perimeter.  Stay in
    the shadows and pounce on him at the opportune moment.  Make you take care of
    him quickly to make sure he doesn’t sound an alarm.  Once he’s out cold, hide
    the body and then move on to small alcove nearby where you are to meet a man
    about a gun.  Save your game here.
    * Part 2 *
    * Current Objective : Get your SC-20K rifle *
    Go down the stairs.  You’ll hear two thieves trying to rob the man you’re there
    to see.  Kill them and talk to the man.  He’ll give you your rifle.  Now you’re
    in business.  Once you have your SC-20K, head back out the way you came and turn
    the corner.  Head straight at the intersection and watch out for peacekeepers.
    It’s time to find Dahlia Tal.
    * Current Objective : Find Dahlia Tal *
    At the end of the alleyway, there should be a peacekeeper patrolling.  Just
    before the stairs at the end of the alleyway, there is a small alcove you can
    hide in.  Shoot out the light and then whistle to lure the peacekeeper to you.
    You might even want to try using a split jump in the alcove so you can drop down
    on the peacekeeper for an extra stealthy knockout.
    After taking care of the peacekeeper, continue down the street.  As you turn the
    corner, start shooting out the lights.  There is a woman coming down the street.
    You’re going to have to eliminate her, non lethal of course.  Hide her body and
    continue on down the street.
    Turn the corner to see two peacekeepers talking.  Ignore them, they aren’t an
    issue.  You should see a pipe on your right with a light near it.  Shoot out the
    light.  It will cause the guards to go search down the next street.  Follow
    them, but stay in the shadows.  As long as your light meter is in the black,
    you’ll be hidden.  Keep going down the street behind them.  This is risky, but
    it’s better to take this risk as opposed to wasting sticky shocks.  You’ll want
    those for later.
    Head all the way down the street and turn left.  There is another peacekeeper
    standing nearby but he is on the other side of a fence and his back is turned.
    Sneak past him to the pipe that will be on your right.  Climb up it.  Continue
    across the roof, climbing up when you need to.  Once you reach a cable that
    connects to the other side of the street, zip line across.  Rappel down the side
    of the scaffolding to reach Dahlia.  Save your game here.
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : Follow Dahlia *
    Talk to Dahlia.  When the conversation is finished, follow her lead through the
    city, but keep your distance and stay hidden.  For some strange reason there is
    another save point here.  I have no idea why it is here, especially since you
    just saved before the conversation started.  Save here if you like, but it
    doesn’t make any difference at all.
    Keep your eyes on Dahlia as you go.  In the event that a peacekeeper sees you,
    don’t attack him unless you think there is a chance he’ll sound the alarm.
    Often times he’ll come looking for you and if you’re well covered by shadow,
    you’ll go unnoticed.  If you do have to take care of a peacekeeper, be sure to
    hide his body.
    Eventually you will reach a point on your journey where you will have to go past
    a Muslim prayer site.  Use S.W.A.T. turns to sneak past it and continue on
    following Dahlia.  Save your game here.
    * Part 4 *
    * Current Objective : Follow Dahlia *
    Right now, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t been taking out these
    peacekeepers along the way unless it was a necessity.  There are simply too many
    peacekeepers and other pedestrians to deal with.  Sneaking past them is what a
    real spy would do, why should the game be any different.  The more bodies you
    leave behind, the more likely you are to mess things up.  Simply stay out of the
    light and you’ll be fine.
    Eventually, you’ll reach a point where Dahlia will be stopped by a guard.  When
    she knocks him out, she’ll continue on.  Make sure you cover up her mess by
    hiding the body.  Also, take note of this moment.  It is the only evidence
    you’ll have, other a quick few words that Soth said to Sadono during their phone
    conversation last mission, that explain an event that happens later in the
    mission.  Once the body is taken care of, go and talk to her.  No sense in
    keeping a lady waiting.
    The “over there” she means is around the corner and down the alley.  It is
    definitely the long way, but it is the only way.  Why Dahlia feels she needs to
    separate herself from you for this part, I don’t know.  I have my speculations,
    but I’ll deal with them in the Story Breakdown section.  Save your game when she
    walks away.
    * Part 5 *
    * Current Objective : Meet Dahlia at the warehouse *
    If your trigger finger is itching, scratch it.  You’ll get to deal with some
    people soon enough.  Make it past this next guard and then you’ll be able to
    take a few guys out.
    Move up the stairs and down the alleyway.  Be mindful of the guard that patrols
    the area.  Once you’re down the alleyway, another on will come out from a hidden
    alley.  Take him out.  Make sure the other guard doesn’t see you though.  Hide
    the body and go down that alley.  At the end of the alley you’ll find a pole.
    Climb up it to access a room.  Shoot out all of the lights in this apartment,
    including the TV.  Make sure you knock out the people as well.
    Leave through the window and run along the ledge to a pole.  Climb the pole and
    then run along the roof of the church.  When you get to the end of the church,
    rappel down the wall to meet up with Dahlia.  After a quick sneak, Dahlia runs
    into another guard.  Take him out and hide his body quickly, then resume
    following her through the chain link door.  She is waiting for you in a kitchen
    area.  Talk to her.  When you’re done talking, step into the elevator.  Have
    another quick chat with her.  It’s the last she’s going to have.
    Lambert issues a quick assassination of Dahlia Tal.  Lambert isn’t going to
    explain much, especially not now.  Save your game here.
    * Part 6 *
    * Current Objective : Recover the ND133 from the Syrians *
    You’ll have time to think when the mission is over.  If you want to, go back
    through the points in the level where you and Dahlia interacted.  You should
    have see this coming.
    When you exit the elevator, have your rifle ready because its time for a shoot
    out.  Walk around the lower catwalks area with your gun ready.  There are
    roughly nine guys patrolling the area.  Check everywhere on the catwalks,
    skipping the two rooms you may have found, then come back to elevator.
    Hopefully, your health is just fine, but if it isn’t there is a health station
    not too far from here.  We’re going there next.
    Head back to the room where you saw a caged in area.  There is a medical box
    there and some more supplies.  Once you’re done there, go out to the center cat
    walks and follow them to the next door on the left.  Inside this room is ND133.
    Take it and save your game here.
    * Part 7 *
    * Current Objective : Get to the extraction point *
    Head back to the elevator.  There are guards waiting for you.  Take them out and
    get it.  Ready your SC-20K with your favorite non lethal and get ready to deal
    with some peacekeepers.  Here’s a nice little note for you, NO FIFTH FREEDOM top
    There are three guards close enough to worry about.  Since you’re probably still
    a little excited over the firefight from before, I’ll go ahead and say lure and
    eliminate the guards by any means you want.  Just be careful.  If you get
    caught, you have to start over.  After the three guards are down, there is one
    more across the plaza.  Lure him over as well and take him out.  Run to a small
    alcove up and to your right to get an update from Lambert.  Mission Complete.
    * Mission 5 : Kundang Camp, Indonesia *
    * Part 1 *
    * Current Objective : Plant the bomb *
    This mission starts off simple.  Walkthrough the jungle until you run into
    Shetland.  Talk to him.  Once the conversation is finished, jump up onto the zip
    line and slide down.  When you reach the bottom, save your game.
    * Part 2 *
    * Current Objective : Plant the bomb *
    Move forward through the grass and into the shadowy area ahead.  There is a
    guard in a tent nearby.  Whistle to get his attention.  When he pops out, shoot
    him in the head and hide his body.  Move into the camp and down the path.  Just
    past a large tent on your left is another guard.  Hide in the shadows and
    whistle again for his attention.  Shoot him, hide his body, and then move on.
    Just past the truck is a grass covered path.  Two guards are placing laser mines
    along it.  You’ll hear them have a conversation.  When you hear them talking,
    move close to them but stay hidden in the grass.  Eventually they will separate.
    Stay put.  One of the guards will lean over to fix a mine and have it blow up in
    his face.  Get your rifle ready, scope and all.  His partner will come over to
    see what happened.  When his partner kneels to check the body, shoot him in the
    head.  Hide the bodies.  Turn on your thermal vision and continue on down the
    As you go down the path, watch for laser mines.  When you see one, disarm it and
    continue on your way.  There are a total of nine mines.  After the fifth trap,
    you should see a guard.  Kill him and continue.  The grass is tall enough that
    you don’t have to hide the body.  Once you reach the barn-like structure, save
    your game.
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : Plant the bomb *
    Sneak up to the door.  There are two guards protecting the plane.  One of the
    guards is patrolling while one stays still.  They will have a conversation and
    then continue on their normal route.  Wait until they are on opposite sides of
    the plane and then snipe both of them from the doorway.  Run in and hide the
    bodies.  Once the bodies are hidden, plant the bomb on Sadono’s plane.  You
    should see a door on the left side of the plane.  Leave through that door.
    There is a guard patrolling just past the door.  Lure him over to you and kill
    him.  Don’t forget to hide the body.  When he is taken care of, continue on to
    the next area.  You should hear two guards talking.  One makes a cute joke about
    being allergic to machetes.  Stay in the shadows and sneak around the barrier to
    the other side.  When they finish talking, one of the guards will come towards
    you.  Kill him, but be very quiet about it.  Lure the other guard, now in the
    gatehouse, over to you and kill him.  Hide their bodies.  Inside the gatehouse
    is a switch to raise the gate.  Flip it and move on.  If you need to heal, use
    the medical box on your way out.  Save your game here.
    * Part 4 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the village *
    From the gate you should see a large piece of metal leaning up against a post.
    Run up behind it and hide.  A guard and his dog are going to pass by.  Wait
    until they are past you and then continue on your way.  Stay in the shadows.
    When you reach the first tent, go around back but stay near the fence.  Two
    guards nearby will start talking.  Wait for their conversation to finish.  One
    of the guards will come towards you.  Kill him quickly and then follow the guard
    that starts walking to his tent.  Be careful of mines hidden in the grass.
    Thermal will detect them.  Stay hidden, but watch him go into his tent.  He lies
    down to sleep.  Sneak into his tent and put a bullet in his head, shoot out the
    light, and then go back out the way you came.  Go back and hide the one guard’s
    body and then turn your attention to the sniper in the tower.
    Stay behind the tents to keep yourself hidden.  When you reach a clearing
    between two tents, go through it to the ladder.  Climb up and take out the
    sniper.  Slide down the zip line to continue on.  Save your game.
    * Part 5 *
    * Current Objective : Locate and trail Sadono *
    Move up the alley but stop before going into the open.  You’ll see Sadono and
    three men have a conversation.  Sadono and two of his men will continue on.
    Eventually, one of them will stay behind and patrol the porch they walk around,
    but don’t worry about that right now.  You’re problem is with the guard
    patrolling the plaza area.  Stay in the shadows and lure him to you.  Kill him,
    hide his body and move on.  If for some reason you need ammo, there is some in
    the hut to your right.
    Now you have to worry about the other guard.  Stay in the shadows and use
    thermal to spot him.  Wait for him to turn and walk away from you down the
    porch.  When he does, sneak quickly across the clearing and underneath the
    porch.  Follow its path until it opens up.
    When the path opens up again, follow Sadono.  Stay far enough back that he won’t
    notice you.  Continue until you reach the second room of the small hut.  Hide
    there and listen to the conversation Sadono has with his guard.  When Sadono and
    his personal body guard leave, snipe the guard that remains.  Hide the body, and
    then continue on by going alongside the house and underneath an awning.  When
    the path under the awning ends, you’ll see a space between the fence and another
    barn-like house.  Squeeze through there and save your game.
    * Part 6 *
    * Current Objective : Record the access code *
    From your position you should see a spotlight shining on a wall.  That is your
    current target.  Sneak over to it using the shadows.  Hide there and whistle to
    bring the guard over to you.  Kill him before he sees you, and then shoot out
    the spotlight.  Hide his body and then climb up the pole to reach the upper
    level of this area.  Sneak along the upper level until it turns.  When it turns
    continue straight and ready a sticky camera.  Poke your head out into the open
    and shoot the camera onto the wall near the group of Sadono and his men.  Listen
    to the conversation and then continue on your way.
    Drop down and sneak along the perimeter away from the two guards that remain.
    Hide behind the trucks and watch the guard that is standing there smoking.
    Don’t kill him until you are sure that the other guard can’t see you.  Hide the
    body and continue on into the storage house.  Inside is a ladder.  Go down it.
    Save your game.
    * Part 7 *
    * Current Objective : Meet up the pilot, Asrul Arifin *
    There is a guard patrolling right where you start.  Stay hidden and shoot him in
    the head with an airfoil round.  Hide his body.  There is another guard below
    you having a cigarette.  Snipe him, hide the body, and then go through the door
    at the bottom of the stairs.
    Go up the stairs in the next room and flip the light switch.  Turn on your night
    vision and snipe the two guards.  Once the guards are dead, knock out all of the
    scientists, then shoot out the remaining light.  Ignore the bodies because the
    room is dark enough.  Go through the next door.
    Once in the next room, head towards the open door on your left.  When you get
    there follow along the wall to your right.  Go through this door instead and
    hide in the shadowy corner.  Shoot a distraction camera onto the far wall to
    your left and lure the two guards over to it before you release the gas.  Once
    you release the gas, watch the guards to make sure they die.  If they don’t,
    kill them quickly, hide the bodies, and then go and talk to the man hiding in
    the corner, Asrul.  When you finish talking to him, go through the door by using
    the keycode 0623.  I have no idea where that code came from, it just shows up on
    your OPSAT.  Save your game and then continue on by going up the ladder.
    * Part 8 *
    * Current Objective : Locate and trail Sadono *
    Once topside, sneak over to the next area.  Hide in the shadows and watch/listen
    to two guards having a conversation.  When they finish, sneak over into the
    shadows by where they were standing to reach a pole.  Climb up it.  Move along
    the roof until you reach a trap door.  Drop down.
    When you drop down you’ll be hanging from a pipe.  Pull your legs up and move
    along the pipe into the next room.  Drop down when you reach the end.  Sneak
    along the wall into the corner ahead of you and wait for the guy hitting the
    punching bad to cough.  When he does, run for the door.  Save your game here.
    * Part 9 *
    * Current Objective : Listen to Sadono’s call *
    There are two guards just beyond your position.  Lure them to you one by one and
    kill them.  When they are taken care of, hide the bodies and move on to the
    gatehouse.  As you cross the open area, stay to the left along the wall to avoid
    an automated turret.  Go through the gatehouse, but shoot out the lights.  Heal
    if you need to.  Open the next door.  You’ll see a guard.
    Lure him over to the doorway and kill him.  Hide his body in the gatehouse and
    then peek your head back out to see another guard in front of Sadono’s house.
    Repeat the trapping process and then go out the door.  Stay out of the
    spotlight.  Sneak around to the right to reach the porch.  Open the door to
    Sadono’s house with the keycode 1492.  Go in and save your game.
    * Part 10 *
    * Current Objective : Put a tap on Sadono’s phone *
    Wait for Sadono to leave the room and then sneak in.  Shoot the camera above the
    door before you go in.  Use the computer to tap the phone.  Leave the way you
    came and the go along the outside portion of the house.  Follow it to the end,
    go down the stairs, and open the door.  You’re caught by Sadono’s guards.
    Luckily Shetland is waiting with his snipers.  When the guards turn to fire at
    Shetland’s men, pull out your weapon and shoot the guards in the back.  They
    will have run ahead a little.  Thermal vision shows them the best in this
    situation.  Once all of the guards are dead, run towards the sound of the
    Osprey.  Mission Complete.
    * Mission 6 : Komodo, Indonesia *
    * Part 1 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the caves *
    While Lambert is briefing you, glance around the around using all three vision
    modes.  You'll notice that there is only one guard patrolling the area and he
    can't see you considering the whole area is covered in tall, dense grass.  The
    rest of the area is being watched by an automated turret, IR scanning of course,
    and what seems to be a sniper using a laser sight.  That laser sight is actually
    another automated turret.  You'll want to stay away from that beam.
    Once Lambert is finished, move forward and to the right towards the low turret.
    Don't worry, you're not in its range.  Move just enough so that the birds start
    flying out of the grass.  Stop.  Pull out your weapon and wait for the guard.
    I've found  you can easily eliminate him with one shot to the head if you wait
    long enough for him to get close.  Using night vision and shooting with the aid
    of the scope further simplify this task.  Once you've taken care of the guard,
    run in a crouch towards the broken down truck.  You may hear the turret begin to
    fire but don't worry, it will miss you if you continue moving.  Take a quick
    break to gather yourself and check the position of the laser.  You should be out
    of the way of its loop, but it never hurts to be safe.
    From your position you should be able to see the turret.  Run towards it but
    stay as close as possible to the fence on your right.  This will keep you out of
    the way of both turrets.  Step up onto the platform and disable the turret.  Now
    proceed down the "hallway" in front of you, but make sure you turn on your IR
    vision so you'll see the laser trap.  Disable the trap and continue on your way.
    Don't worry about the moonlight shining in the next room, no one is going to see
    you.  You can even walk through the next door without being spotted.  Once
    you're through the door, stop and check things out.  At first only one guard and
    what seems like the dreaded laser guided turret are visible, but a thorough IR
    scan should reveal the second guard.  Also, that laser is actually a sniper.
    Lure the guard closest to you to your position and eliminate him.  If you're
    careful you can accomplish this without alerting the other guard and even manage
    to have your victim's body fall conveniently into the tall, shadow covered grass
    without you having to move it.
    Now you should be able to snipe the other guard without having to worry about
    being caught.  Be very careful as one miss will cause the alarm stage to
    increase.  After he is taken care of, run across the plaza-esqe area to the hut
    directly across from where you entered.  Once you reach the hut, you'll notice a
    door across the plaza and to the left of the hut.  Ignore it as it leads to
    nothing.  Carefully move the guard's body into the shadows and continue through
    the door on your left and down the hallway to the next area.
    Once there you'll see two guards sitting at a table.  As far as I can tell, the
    only way to eliminate them is to use a smoke grenade.  Fire it at the table leg
    that lies in between the two guards.  It should knock both of them out.  Take
    out the lights, hide the bodies, and then proceed to the hut.  Inside the hut is
    a guard sleeping on a bed.  Quietly sneak up on him and knock him out cold.
    There is a chance you might not be able to dispose of the body because it may
    not slump to the floor.  Your alarm level should still be at zero so having it
    go up to one a little later in the mission should not be a problem.  Strangely
    enough, I have noticed that this body does not always cause a problem with
    Leave the hut and head across the small plaza towards a pond.  Follow the ramp
    near the pond into the alley.  Do a half split jump at the end of the alley,
    then align your body so you can jump up to the ledge above you.  Now it's time
    to save.
    * Part 2 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the caves *
    From the ledge you will see a guard sitting in front of a TV and you will also
    hear gunshots.  You should also see some bales of hay.  Drop down behind them
    and you will notice a small opening to your left.  Sneak through it you'll see a
    guard taking target practice.  Hide in the shadows and follow him, but watch out
    for the automated turret.  Take out the guard quietly and then turn your
    attention to the turret.  Disable it and then cut across to the hut where the
    other guard was.  Dispose of him and take the data stick he leaves behind in his
    satchel.  I also recommend destroying the TV to remove as much light from the
    room as possible thus making it easier to hide the body.
    Return to the hut near the turret and enter it.  Be very careful as a laser grid
    guards this room.  It contains the entrance to the caves and the end of the
    first objective.  Use your thermal vision to reveal the grid and time your
    movements across the room.  Once across the room, go down the ladder and save
    your game.
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the caves *
    In this room you'll find and elevator.  Enter it and go down.  Lambert will then
    give you some more instructions.  Once you exit the elevator there will be a
    room to your right.  If you need to heal, go in there, otherwise ignore it.
    Shoot out the light closest to you as it will make your life much easier.  Once
    you've done that, go down the hall but hug the left wall until you reach a
    switch.  Flip it.  This will cause the guards to come cautiously.  Turn on your
    night vision and quickly eliminate them.  Since it’s so dark you won't have to
    worry about body hiding.
    Now enter the control room.  As soon as you enter, flip the switch to your left.
    It will cause the technician to come turn the light back on, making it easy for
    you to grab him and use him.  Interrogate him and then force him to raise the
    sub for you.  Once you're done with him, knock him out and hide his body.  Now
    head back to the hallway and head towards the light at the end.  There is a door
    there you need to go through.  This triggers a loading screen and the next part
    of the mission.  Don't forget to save.
    * Part 4 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the submarine *
    Head up the stairs and use your optic cable on the door.  Wait until the guard
    is far enough away to open the door safely.  Wait for him to come back along his
    route to eliminate him and then hide the body.  Follow the catwalk all the way
    to the lift but do not go down it just yet.  You should be able to see two
    guards with flashlights attached to their heads.  Use your sniper scope to
    eliminate them and then use the lift.
    Here is where things become a tad difficult.  While the lift is moving, you'll
    have to do some sniping.  At the end of the room and towards the top right
    corner is the most dangerous target.  Eliminate him first.  Once he's dead,
    watch for a window to your right.  There is going to be a guard there as well as
    one down and to your right.  The guard in the window has a better chance of
    hitting you, I recommend taking care of him first.  If you for some reason can't
    hit them, don't worry.  You will take some damage but since the lift is carrying
    you to where the far sniper's body is, you can avoid them.
    Once the lift stops, head down the catwalk and to the left.  Go down the stairs.
    Leave the stairwell and head along the catwalk directly to the submarine.  There
    is a guard there you'll have to kill, but by now that should be second nature to
    you.  Drop down into the sub and get ready for something fun.  Don't forget to
    save here!
    * Part 5 *
    * Current Objective : Access the sub's command center *
    Think of the sub as one long hallway.  Occasionally you'll have a ladder to
    climb down, but other than that things are pretty straight forward.  The
    interesting thing about this part of the mission is that your fifth freedom,
    your license to kill, has been revoked.  Hopefully you've saved up your non-
    lethal ammo rounds.  You're going to need them.
    Drop down the first ladder and go quickly around the corner with your gun ready.
    Eliminate the guard and continue on.  The next guard should be asleep.  If he
    isn't, it's because you woke him up taking care of the last guard.  Take care of
    this new guard and then head down the next ladder.  Once you're down the ladder,
    step into the light so that the guard in the next room notices you and then hide
    in the shadows and wait for him.  Once he's taken care of, move on through the
    next room and into the hall.  Soon you'll see a door on your right.  Once you
    enter it, you'll get an update on your OPSAT telling you that you need the
    colonel to access the command center room.  It's time to hunt him down.
    * Current Objective : Get the colonel*
    The colonel actually comes to you.  Wait in the shadows next to the door for
    him.  Grab him and walk him down the hallway to the retina scanner.  Once you've
    had him scan his eye, get rid of him and enter the control room.
    * Current Objective : Access the SISSIXS *
    Enter the control room, but stay in the shadows right by the door.  You'll hear
    two guards talking about coffee.  Wait for the conversation to finish as one of
    the guards will be coming your way.  Eliminate him, then the other guard.  Do
    this quickly or it will result in a mission fail.  For some reason the AI in
    this stage is extra sensitive to seeing bodies.  Once the guards are taken care
    of, don't forget about hiding the bodies, use the computer in the back of the
    room.  Now you get to save.  Thank God!
    * Part 6 *
    * Current Objective : Get to the extraction point *
    Finally, this mission is almost over.  You're on your way out.  Leave the
    control room and turn right.  Follow that hallway to the ladder.  Go up it to
    reach another ladder.  Go up that one as well.  Head to your left, towards the
    medical box.  Heal if you need to.  You may also notice that your alarm meter
    has gone empty.  You know what that means.  Your fifth freedom has been given
    back!  If you need to, shoot to kill.  You'll need to.  In fact, a guard is
    going to hear you coming and start looking for you.  Eliminate him immediately.
    Follow the stairs down to the bottom.  Once you hear gunshots run back up to the
    catwalk.  First shoot any yellow barrels you see.  That should take care of most
    of the shooters below you.  You'll be in perfect position on the catwalks to
    take all of them out.  Once they are disposed of, your path is clear.  Head back
    down the stairs.  From here it's a straight run to extraction.  Follow the path
    all the way to the stairs, down the stairs and finally down the ladder to your
    boat.  Mission Complete.
    * Mission 7 : Jakarta, Indonesia *
    * Part 1 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the TV Station *
    Now that you've seen the cut scene, you know exactly how the multiplayer part of
    the game ties into the storyline.  In case you were a little confused, check the
    Storyline Breakdown section of this FAQ, available only in versions 1.25 and
    It's finally time to go after Sadono.  Unfortunately, he has to stay alive.
    Lambert mentions Kombayn Nikoladze, the Georgian President from the original
    game.  For those who never played the original and also for those who don't
    remember, after you assassinated Nikoladze you had to go and deal with his
    cronies, tying up loose ends.  The game even extended into two downloadable
    missions that continued this.  Thankfully, Third Echelon has learned from the
    < Welcome back, to those who skipped the paragraph above >
    Talk to Coen to get a quick update and then head down the ladder.  You'll see a
    small chimney stack you can use to rappel down the wall.  Do that.  Then drop
    down to street level.  Be very careful here.  The street has both pedestrians
    and militia.  Dispose of all bodies and always use caution when eliminating
    someone.  Also, you can't use lethal force on pedestrians.
    Once you turn the corner, you'll see two pedestrians talking about a broken
    motorcycle.  One of them is heading your way so get in the shadows and wait for
    him.  You might be able to speed him up by whistling.  Once he gets to you
    eliminate him, get rid of the body and move on down the street.  Lure the other
    pedestrian over to you and get rid of him as well.  Now its time to deal with
    the guards.
    There is a guard at the end of the street.  Lure him over to you and kill him.
    You can make it easier by removing as much light from the area as possible.
    Hide the body and then head down the little alley to the next street.
    There are three guards in this next area.  Use the shadows of the alley to trap
    them one by one and easily eliminating them.  Bait them with a whistle.  Once
    the coast is clear, enter the street.
    You should seem some scaffolding to your left.  Climb it.  You should then see a
    zip line connecting to the other side of the street.  Use it and enter the door
    at the end.  Once inside you'll see a pole.  Jump onto it and slide all the way
    down to the bottom.  Save your game.
    * Part 2 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the TV Station *
    As soon as you resume, you'll hear that the parking lot area you're about to
    head into is being covered by more guards than usual.  This isn't really an
    issue since you should be used to lots of guards by now, but it's nice that
    you're given a heads up.  Quickly sneak out into the open to scope the area for
    guards and their locations.  There should be one very close to you.  Lure him to
    you and get rid of him.  Now move on.
    Another guard is patrolling not too far from the news van.  You can either take
    him out from a distance or use a bait and switch technique like you have been
    for the rest of this level.  Dispose of the body and move on.
    Once you're past the van you'll see an empty guard station and a road that leads
    past it.  Ignore it and continue down to the end of the road.  There you'll see
    a climbable gate to your right.  Climb over and get ready for another guard.
    There actually three guards in this area that are visible, but only one is
    patrolling so he is your biggest concern at the moment.  Lure him to you and
    kill him.  Hide the body and continue on your way.
    Move closer to the other two and lure them one by one into the shadows for a
    stealthy kill.  Across from the van is a manhole.  Climb down it to continue on
    with the mission.
    Once you're in the sewers, go through the first doorway to get the next section.
    There is a guard patrolling.  Get rid of him and continue through the sewers.
    When you get to the next doorway, stop.  Destroy the camera on the wall above
    the doorway and continue on through it.
    Head down the sewer to the ladder and climb back up to the surface.  Save your
    game here.
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the TV Station *
    Once you've reached the surface, you should hear a sniper confirm that he is in
    position.  He's in the tower to your left.  Take him out to make your life
    easier.  Unfortunately, you can't shoot out the searchlights.  That would be too
    The ground in this area is covered in mines.  Use heat vision to get around
    them.  After the sniper is dead, you'll actually have to climb along the fence
    to bypass some of the mines.  Head to your left.  Once around the first row of
    mines, drop down from the fence and run like hell towards the corner made by the
    two large walls.  Hug this wall and run towards the fence in front of you.
    Climb it.  By now it should be obvious, but I'll stress it just in case.  Watch
    out for spotlights!
    Continue past the electrical boxes to a door.  Pick the lock, open the door, and
    sneak up on the guard standing with his back to you.  Inside this guard station
    is a health box, use it if you need to.  From here you can see guards patrolling
    the parking lot.  In this area there are two guards.  As usual, lure them one by
    one into dark areas for easy elimination.
    There is also a turret guarding the parking lot.  To get around it, exit the
    guard station and quickly head left towards the yellow car.  Use it as cover.
    Lambert will give you a quick update.  A camera is watching the area by the car.
    Disable it before it spots you.  Now head to your left and climb up the wall and
    head into the small niche in the wall ahead.  Do a half-split jump, and then
    jump up to the ledge above you.  Pull yourself up to get onto the roof of the TV
    Once you're on the roof, head towards the large windows.  You'll see one that is
    nearly broken.  Shoot it and use the nearby pole to rappel down to ground level.
    Once you're on the ground level, eliminate the guard and move through the lobby
    to the elevators.  Don't forget to hide his body.  Take the elevator up to the
    next area.  Save your game here.
    * Part 4 *
    * Current Objective : Find Ingrid Karithson *
    Exit the elevator and head to your left.  Lure the nearby guard to you and kill
    him.  Dispose of the body.  Don't head to the right.  You'll be killed by a
    turret.  Follow the hallway down to the left, but hug the right wall.  Soon
    you'll see a door in front of you and a turret to your left.  Go through the
    Head down the hallway until you see a niche in the wall.  Use a half-split jump
    followed by another jump to reach the top of a pillar.  This will give you
    access to a vent shaft that leads to an auditorium.  Go there.  You will see
    three guards patrolling the stage area.  Stay on the top of the seating area and
    head towards the middle.
    Once there you'll see a pole that you can use to shimmy across the room.  Follow
    it to the lighting rigs and drop down onto them.  This will give you quick
    access to the catwalks, plus it keeps you hidden from the guards.  Drop down
    into one of the shadow filled areas and run quickly to the stage door behind the
    curtains to continue on with the mission.
    Now you should be in a small hallway.  You should see four doors.  One is
    directly in front of you.  Go through that door, but stay hidden.  Inside is a
    technician talking to Ingrid.  Once their conversation is finished, take him out
    quickly.  When you do this, another guard who walked in the hallway when you
    left the hallway will come towards you.  Take him out as well and hide the
    Head back to the hallway and to the left.  Go through the next door and talk to
    Ingrid.  Once the conversation is done, save your game.
    * Part 5 *
    * Current Objective : Follow Ingrid to Sadono *
    Follow Ingrid out into the hallway but keep your distance.  When you reach the
    door at the end of the hallway, stop.  Watch Ingrid continue on .  Don't worry
    about her.  You just have to meet up with her at the retinal scanner near the
    elevators.  Luckily in this area there is only one guard you're going to have to
    deal with.  Take care of him quickly but make sure not to go through the door.
    There is a camera, above the door on the opposite side, you must destroy after
    you kill the guard.  Once he's dead and the camera is dealt with, hide the body
    and then continue on down the path you saw Ingrid take.
    Just after the lobby you'll see a turret facing down a hallway.  Disable it and
    continue on down that hallway.  This will take you right to the retinal scanner
    where you'll find Ingrid has already opened the door for you.  Go and talk to
    her.  You will then get a quick update from Lambert.
    Now that you know that Ingrid can't die, you know that your mission has just
    become that much more complicated.  It just so happens that right after you find
    out she must be kept alive at all costs, she tells you that you two need to
    split up.  She tells you to take the path on the left, do it but have your SC-
    20K ready.  Quickly she'll run into a guard who will start to question her.
    Wait a while, listen to their conversation.  Once things seem to take a turn for
    the worse, kill the guard.  Unfortunately, the other guard standing not too far
    away is going to come running for you.  Take him out quickly and then get ready
    because three guards equipped with night vision are coming for Ingrid.  The
    first is coming on your side, take him out quickly and turn your attention to
    Ingrid's walkway as the second guard should be coming into view.  You must kill
    him right away because if you don't he will shoot Ingrid and your mission will
    be over.  By the time he is dead, the third guard should be on your position.
    Take care of him quickly.
    Once all of the guards are dead, go and check on Ingrid.  She'll open the next
    door for you and then wait.  Take this time and hide all of the bodies, just in
    case.  Once that is done, go through the door and save your game.
    * Part 6 *
    * Current Objective : Follow Ingrid to Sadono *
    After you're through the door, high tail it past the elevators and into the
    hallway.  You'll hear some chatter about Sadono and then Lambert will give you
    an update.  Your time table for completing this mission has just been severely
    Unfortunately you still have to exercise a little bit of caution.  There is a
    camera at the end of the hallway you're standing in that can't be destroyed.
    Jamming it takes to long and opens you up to the guards.  Quickly shoot out the
    light to your left as well as the neon sign at the end of the hallway under the
    camera.  This should provide you with enough cover.  There are two guards in the
    next little hallway.  Lure them quickly and kill them.  Don't bother hiding the
    bodies, just take out the lights.  That should be enough.
    Once the guards are dead, look for a pole to the left of the bar.  Climb it to
    the top and then shimmy across to the open vent shaft.  Climb into the shaft and
    continue on your way.  Save your game.  Its time go grab Sadono.
    * Part 7 *
    * Current Objective : Get Sadono *
    After play resumes, head down the shaft to the studio.  It's time for some bad
    news.  There isn't really a stealthy way to get to Sadono.  The room is swarming
    with guards.  The only stealth involved is that you quickly drop down into the
    shadows.  Once there, don't move.  Whistle to grab the guards’ attention and
    pick them off as they come to you.  Sadono will stay where he is, but he is
    armed.  Once the guards are taken care of, use a ring foil round to stun Sadono.
    Grab him, interrogate him, and then force him to use the retinal scanner.
    Once through that door, take Sadono down the hallway and use the next retinal
    scanner.  Go through that door as well.  Take him to the chopper.  After a quick
    conversation with Ingrid, it’s Mission Complete.
    * Mission 8 : Los Angeles, CA, USA *
    * Part 1 *
    * Current Objective : Infiltrate the airport *
    I hope you didn't think the game was over when you captured Sadono.  Removing
    the dictator doesn't really end the war, it only shortens it.  Current events
    should be enough evidence to that fact.  Now it’s time to end this war once and
    for all.  Soth is in LAX and you have to stop him.  The alarms for this mission
    are not forgiving, so be very careful.
    Luckily, the first part of the mission is pretty simple.  Wait until you see the
    truck pull up, then quickly climb over then fence and run towards the truck.
    Make sure you stay in the "shadows."  Jump into the truck and wait until you
    regain control.
    Once you regain control, do a quick thermal scan.  It should reveal a guard with
    increased temperature; he’s your target for now.  Unfortunately, there is also a
    regular airport guard patrolling the parking lot with a dog.  Wait until they
    are out of the area before getting out of the truck.  Once you’re out, sneak
    over to the guard booth quickly.  Eliminate the guard and hide the body.  Listen
    to the update from Lambert, then move on.  There is a door just past the guard
    station, go through it.  Save your game and then continue on.
    * Part 2 *
    * Current Objective : ID and kill the terrorists *
    Go through the next door.  There are going to be two airport employees you’re
    going to have to get rid of in this room.  The first should open a door right
    after you get into the room.  She’ll come right for you.  One quick elbow should
    take her down.  Now you can go through the door she came through.  In this room
    is a health box.  You may need to use it because of the dog from before, so if
    that is the case, heal yourself.
    Now, run over to the soda machine and hide in the shadows.  A security guard
    will come out from behind a locked door to buy a soda.  Knock him out and run
    into the room before the door closes.  Instead of hiding the body, just shoot
    out the lights.  In this case it has the same effect.  The room you’re in has
    one way out: a door to your right.  Use it.
    In the next room there are two people conversing.  One of them is a terrorist.
    Wait until the conversation is over and the terrorist will go out of range for
    him to hear you.  Don’t worry, you’ll be after him in a bit.  Whistle to lure
    the worker to you and knock him out.  Be sure to hide the body.  Now you can go
    after the terrorist.  Lure him to you and kill him.  Hide the body and then
    continue to the next room.
    The stealth way to get to the next room is to use the conveyor belts.  They
    provide visual cover for you to see that there are three terrorists in this
    room.  To make your life easier, once you scope things out from the conveyor
    belt, head to your right and into the corner.  This will make for a nice little
    trap.  Conveniently, the first terrorist is very close to you.  Lure him to you,
    kill him, and as always hide the body.
    The next terrorist is sitting down across the room.  From the corner you used as
    a trap go directly across the room to the corner across from you.  Be careful as
    you move across; don’t get caught!  Whistle and lure the terrorist into the
    shadows and kill him.  If you’re in the shadows, the body will probably land
    there as well, making your job easier since you won’t have to hide it.
    From where the last terrorist was sitting, you should see a man working in
    between two conveyor belts.  He’s your next target, but he is NOT a terrorist.
    Do NOT kill him.  There are plenty of shadowy areas by him.  Use them to hide
    and knock him out with a sticky shocker.  Hide his body and move on.
    Crouch on the x-ray, the red light covered ones, conveyor belt closest to the
    corner.  Shoot a diversion camera onto the catwalk above you.  The best place
    for it is the side of the guard post that should be up and to your right.  Lure
    both guards, one terrorist and one civilian, over to the camera and gas them.
    Be ready with your SC-20K in case for some reason the gas doesn’t knock them
    out.  Run up there and hide the bodies, then move on.
    From the top catwalk, you should see a row of large electronics, they look like
    servers.  Between two of them is a medical box.  Use it if you have to,
    otherwise head to the right of the servers to a door.  Go through it.  Save your
    game here.
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : ID and kill the terrorists *
    You are now in another conveyor belt room with no where to go but down the path
    of one of the belts.  If you pay attention you’ll notice there is a guard
    watching each belt.  Luckily for you they’re not terrorists.  Wait for a large
    stack of luggage to come along on the left side.  Crouch behind it and let the
    belt roll past the guard with you behind.  He won’t see you.  Once you’re out of
    the guard’s sight range, jump on to the other belt.  Once you have the
    opportunity to, jump on to the next belt.  Things get a little tricky here.  Arm
    your SC-20K with a smoke grenade.  Slowly walk along the belt until you get
    close to the window.  It is actually popped open.  Wait until you can see the
    guard and then shoot the smoke grenade directly at him.  If it hits him it will
    knock him out right away, but if it doesn’t, the gas will knock him out.  After
    he is taken care of, continue on down the conveyor belt.  Pick up the supplies
    on the guard and then go through the door.  Climb the stairs and save your game.
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : ID and kill the terrorists *
    Open the door and move quickly to the shadows on your left.  Have your ring foil
    rounds ready.  You are going to follow a terrorist down the airplane terminal,
    but you can’t kill him until you incapacitate the civilians.  In the shadows
    you’ll be able to see a man sit down on a bench facing away from you.  Once the
    terrorist is away from you, shoot the civilian in the head with an air foil.
    This will knock him out but leave him in his current position.  Leave his body
    for now and continue on through the shadows until you reach the next civilian
    sitting down.  Use the same procedure for him as you did for the previous
    civilian, then wait for a conversation to take place between a security guard
    and the terrorist.
    Once the terrorist starts to leave, fire a smoke grenade in between them.  This
    will give you enough time to run over and elbow both of them.  Once they’re on
    the ground, put a bullet in the terrorist’s head and then go back and hide all
    of the bodies.  After you’re done go through the door at the end of the terminal
    that is on the left hand side.  It has a key code.  The access number is 5325.
    Once through the door, head down the hallway.  Knock out both lights.  There is
    a camera at the end of the hall.  Throw your chaff grenade to disable the
    armored camera.  Run past it and save your game.
    * Part 4 *
    * Current Objective : ID and kill the terrorists *
    Open the door after you save.  Quickly knock out the guard walking around the
    room.  He’s a terrorist.  Once he’s out, run quickly over to the guy talking on
    the phone and knock him out.  Hide the bodies.  Make sure you put a bullet in
    the head of the terrorist.  Once you’ve done that, Lambert will inform you that
    the remaining terrorists are waiting with Soth.  Time to go find them.
    Go to the door on the opposite side of the room.  Open it.  Inside the next room
    you’ll see what looks like some sort of seminar being held.  The room is dark,
    but it quickly lights up when two guys get up to take a break.  Don’t worry
    about them.  Right in front of you should be a guy in a chair.  Put an airfoil
    round into his head and leave him for now.  There is another guy in the room
    over by the coffer machine.  Sneak over to him and knock him out with your
    elbow.  Hide the bodies.  Once the bodies are taken care of, go through the door
    at the end of the room.  Don’t worry about the two guys standing outside to your
    left, they aren’t an issue.
    Sneak down the escalator.  Stay in the shadows and stand up.  Use your
    binoculars with thermal vision on to ID Soth.  Once that is done, pull out your
    rifle and turn around.  In the small room behind you, shoot out as many lights
    as you can.  This will hide you from the cameras.  Once the lights are out, use
    the elevator on the right, it has a light above it.  Save your game here.
    * Part 5 *
    * Current Objective : ID and kill the terrorists *
    Once play resumes, shoot out the broken panel on the ceiling and jump up.  Pull
    yourself out of the elevator.  Once up on top, climb up the yellow cables.  Once
    you reach a girder pull yourself up to reach another cable you must climb up.
    Climb until you reach a girder and shimmy across it and then slide down the next
    cable to a platform not too far down.  You should see another yellow cable that
    goes all the way up.  Start climbing it.  Don’t stop until you reach the
    platform covered in red light.  Get off the cable and go through the small
    opening in the wall to the catwalks.
    < WARNING : You must be stealth is of the utmost importance here >
    Drop down to the catwalks.  Soth and his men are right above you.  Thermal
    vision will verify this.  Now comes the waiting game.  After you drop down to
    the catwalks, hide in the shadows and watch the civilian security guard.  Once
    he is far away from you, whistle to get the first mechanic to come to you.
    Knock him out and hide the body.  Sneak down the catwalks until you get to an
    intersection.  Hide in the shadows for the guard.  When he comes, pounce on him
    and knock him out.  Hide the body.  Now go and knock out the third mechanic.
    Use your thermal vision to find him.  Once he’s taken care of, body hidden and
    all, you can go after the terrorists.
    From where you hit the last mechanic, go to your left.  You’ll see a ladder.
    Climb up it.  There will be another ladder right next to you.  Climb it as well.
    Once up both ladders, or perhaps in the process of climbing the second, a timer
    will start counting down.  You have one minute to kill Soth and his two cronies.
    Once they are dead you have to run to the pox box which is where Soth will have
    stayed.  Killing him will bring you to the box.  This will trigger a cut scene.
    Great job.  Mission Complete.  Game over.
    * Alternate Routes / Contributions *
    * Mission 6, Current Objective : Infiltrate the submarine *
    You don't have to take the lift - you can send it and then hop down onto the
    rope area underneath and glide down eventually dropping right next to the sub.
    By: mojoman2727
    * Mission 7, Current Objective : Capture Sadono *
    * This route starts in the room where you find Sadono *
    drop down on the right from the shaft you entered the studio from. walk towards
    the right side of the wooden wall, and wait at the corner. a guard will be there
    waiting, but will soon turn his back and walk away. crouch-walk down the stairs,
    keeping to the shadows. once you get to the gap in the wall, lean against it and
    do a SWAT turn. run towards the crates you see in the foreground, and duck
    behind the right one. a search light will pass over, but you will be in the
    crate's shadow, so it wont notice you. once it passes, keep running up towards
    the shadows (careful not to get hung up on the wall). a guard MAY notice you at
    this point, but it wont matter, since by the time he leaves his post to check,
    you will be safely behind another crate. now, you want to wait again as the
    search light passes over you, missing you again since you are in the crate's
    shadow. see it illuminate the area directly behind sodono? good, cuz as soon as
    it passes over your position again, you are going to make a dash towards that
    area. make sure you are in crouch-walk mode when you go for it, and hide behind
    the curtains. now, you are RIGHT behind sodono, who still has two guards at his
    side. pay no attention to them, and crouch-walk from behind the curtain DIRECTLY
    towards sodono. the guards MAY notice you, but by the time they do, you should
    be on top of sodono. grab the bastard, interrogate him, use the retinal scanner
    near the vent you came in from, and drag him and his empty threats up the ramp
    towards the helicopter. mission cleared.
    By: themaelstrom
      hello! My name is Jinger, I'm a 35 yr old Mother of 3 (oldest being 15) that 
    is a total Splinter Cell addict! I really really enjoyed your walkthrough, I 
    came to read it after I first passed Pandora Tomorrow and used it to compare my
    strategy against yours in passing the game.
    One note you may or may not be aware of, I wanted to share with you: 
    Part 1; Infiltrate the TV Station -  After you get your update from Coen, you 
    can take the steps  in your walk through, then a 2nd option *I found worked well
    for me* is to lure the pedestrian over to the dark corner, knock him out, hide 
    him. Shoot out the lamp light above the door where he was first standing. Run 
    over and you will find a pole to climb up that takes you to the roof. Go to the 
    end, shoot out the light that is swinging in the small alley way the guards walk
    down..head back about half way, still on roof. You will find a zip line that 
    will take you across the street to the building across. Here you will find a 
    ledge, shimmy along it to the very end. Drop down and you find yourself in a 
    dark corner protected by plants. Follow as per your walkthrough in getting the 
    guards one by one and hiding them in the planted corner.
    Part 2; Infiltrate the TV Station - You mention a guard station with a road 
    leading past it, to ignore and pass on through taking out your guards. If you 
    take out the guards, the first guard station you use your lock pic and find air 
    foil rounds and I don't recall what else. Down the road a bit before the pipe 
    you climb, is yet another guard station, this one is dark and has no door, there
    are some items in here as well.
    I'm sort of back tracking here but also, in the room you slide down the pipe in,
    before you enter into the raining above mentioned parking lot, if you turn in 
    this room, you will find a doorway with a blanket or something to that effect 
    hanging over it, switch light, crouch and go into this room, there are guards 
    outside but they will not come in if you are quiet enough. There are several 
    items in this area as well, then proceed on to the parking lot and guard
    stations.Anyway, I'm sure someone has already mentioned these, if you haven't
    found them yourself by now, but I thought I would pass it on anyway just incase.
    Thank you!
    Jinger Heaston
        I recently started playing Pandora Tomorrow and was stumped by a random 
    alarm in Mission 2: Paris, part 3.  After defusing the bomb, I got an 
    alarm.  They didn't say anything about finding a body and there were no enemies
    or cameras that I could see.  This was frustrating me since I am trying to play
    an alarm free game.  So I checked your faq.  Unfortunately it didn't help me in
    this situation.  However it is a great faq and I think I can be of some help 
    with it.  3 times in Mission 2 you say that it is almost impossible not to raise
    an alarm.  I managed to get past these without raising an alarm somewhat easily 
    with different strategies.  Also, I discovered a way to save the security guard 
    at the end.  If you would like this info, read on, if not, thanks for the great 
    faq.  Here are the strategies:
    Part 2:  Lecture room-
    First I entered the room and moved to the left in the darkness.  From here I 
    took out all the lights on that side of the room with my pistol.  This is 2-3 
    ceiling lights and the one desk light.  I switched to night vision and a single
    guard came toward me.  Before he got to me, he turned around.  I was able to 
    grab him in the dark I created, pull him back to the corner and knock him 
    out.  Then the other guard radioed in saying all was clear.  He ordered the 
    third guard to stay and patrol.  The guard that radioed leaves.  I snuck up on 
    the remaining guard and shot him in the dark.  I have no idea what happened to 
    the other guard, but I was able to move on alarm free after hiding the bodies 
    Part 5:  Two guards in room with computer that has code to brain storage.
    At the top of the staris I shot the light out.  I waited until the guard had 
    moved away from the door.  I entered the room and stayed by the door in the 
    shadows.  One of the guards is by the computer, the other sweeps the perimeter 
    of the room.  When the sweeping guard goes down the hall toward the brain room, 
    I checked the other guard to make sure he was pre-occupied, and turned the 
    corner to look at the sweeping guard.  He will pause momentarily at the double 
    doors at the end in the shadows.  With Night vision on he is an easy 
    target.  You can use two airfoils or a sticky shocker to silently take him out 
    without worrying about sniping.  I prefer air foils as the sticky shockers are 
    useful later and you just picked up 2 airfoils off the table in the first room 
    in this part.  After he is taken out, I turned back to the other guard who was 
    examining a corpse int he corner.  I easily snuck up on him and shot him with a 
    pistol in the head from close range.  If he doesn't examine the corpse, he'll go
    back to the computer which allows the same strategy.
    Part 6:  Catwalk
    This was the hardest one and requires the sticky shockers mentioned above.  I 
    equped the sticky shockers, turned on thermal imaging, stood up and walked 
    quietly to the turn in the catwalk.  I positioned myself so I was as far away 
    from the guards as possible, but still had a clear shot at the right most 
    guard.  I aimed at the right most guard.  I whistled.  The left guard came 
    toward me.  This is the tricky part, you have to wait til he is fa enough away 
    to not notice you shooting his friend.  It is hard to judge because Sam's head 
    gets in the way.  II waited a few seconds after I lost the other guard behind 
    Sam's head and fired the sticky shocker at the right guard.  I quickly turned 
    and fired another one into the approaching guard before he got close enough to 
    see me.  Sam is in the light, so the fog isn't much help if the guard gets too 
    close.  Sticky Shockers are ideal here because it only takes one shot center 
    mass to disable the guard and they are silent.
    Part 7:  Saving the security guard.  
    After I talked to the security guard and got his cell phone, I equipped a smoke
    bomb.  I climbed back up to the vent and fired the smoke bomb below.  I quickly
    dropped back down from the vent to avoid the smoke.  It took out 2 of the
    guards.  I climbed back up and killed the third.  The timer stopped.  From here 
    I aimed at the box at the bottom of a pipe midway up the wall on the left side 
    of the barrels.  This disabled the smoke blocking off my exit.  I was home free 
    and Lambert did not yell at me.  You can actually kill/smoke the guards before 
    talking to the security guard, but you can't turn off the steam til after.
    Your guide is good enough to get people through, but if they are careless and 
    trigger a few alarms or have trouble with the more alert guards, these 
    strategies may make it easier for them.  As I am only through Mission 2, I am 
    not sure what effect saving the guard has other than not getting yelled at.  I 
    actually liked the banter better getting yelled at.  Feel free to add these to 
    your faq if you want.  No need to credit me.  If you want, I'll keep a look out 
    for alarm free strategies as I go on.  
    Thanks again for the great guide,
    Hey, I just noticed in your FAQ on Pandora Tommorrow, on Mission 2, 
    Part 6 you say the guards are too close together to not trigger an alarm; 
    that is untrue. If you whistle, you can draw one over at a time and 
    kill/knock them out without the other knowing. Just a tip in case someone 
    already had 2 alarms or something.
    - TwixSilver
    Hi I'd just like to point out that in your walkthrough for Pandora Tomorrow you 
    fail to mention that wall mines can be disabled a once disabled used again 
    against your enemies. Just in case you didn't know to disable the mine walk up 
    to them really slowly until the disable wall mine prompt appears. Then press and
    hold the interact key if the light on the wall mine is green and only green you 
    can select disable if not select back to game and try again. DO NOT select 
    disable if it is red as it will explode. And that's it you now have a free wall 
    mine. If you did know this sorry for wasting you time good walkthrough by the 
    way. Hurry and finish the story breakdown i still don't understand the dahlia 
    Peter Callan, 
    Great guide.
    Really helped out when I couldn't do it.  
    1 Thing I noticed though.  When you are going for Sodonno you dont need to do 
    all that fancy stuff running behind crates etc.  Just air foil Sodonno from the
    edge of the first wall you come to and immediatley run through and grab him.  
    I have successfully done this a number of times now, (as I didn't have enough 
    rounds left to kill his men).  You do get shot a little but not too much.
    Hi Azalea,
    Thanks for your walkthrough. It's helped me in a couple of spots.  This is the 
    first time I've contributed to a FAQ/Walkthrough but I have two alternate 
    strategies for Mission 8 -Los Angeles, CA USA.  In part 2, right after you KO 
    the maid you can go into the bathroom on the right, past the large picture and 
    get the health.  There's a vent cover down above the sink.  You can climb into 
    it and take the middle or end opening and snipe the terrorist.  He'll come right
    under the middle opening and stand there, ripe for a head shot.  You can then 
    drop down when the coast is clear, hide in the corner to the right of the 
    opening and lure the non-terrorist to KO them.  The door that you could have 
    come out of had you not taken this route is at the opposite end of this room, 
    but you really don't need to go in there.
    Also, in part 4 of the same mission, if you enter the room and hide in the 
    shadows and wait, the terrorist goes off by himself and calls his boss and says 
    "I think my cover is blown, I'm going to kill the clerk"  or something to that 
    effect.  Get out your rifle, equip the scope and aim over by the clerk.  The 
    terrorist will get the drop on the clerk, will knock him out and then you give 
    the terrorist a head shot.  Lambert comes on and says "nice work", then you go 
    about the mission.
    Please feel free to shorten this or edit as needed.  Thanks again.
    Michael Deering
    --- magicalmiked@earthlink.net
    Hi, I'm using your great game guide at faq.com for Splinter Cell: Pandora 
    Tomorrow. I just started using it at the Komodo, Indonesia level, I'm at the 
    part where your objective is to infiltrate the Sub. Well, at the part where you 
    ride the lift I noticed a trick that you didn't have in your guide. This may 
    seem obvious but you can shoot the light inside the lift, this makes it where 
    the sniper in the window and the guard at the end can't see you. So all you have
    to do is grab the first guard and knock him out, then go up into the room where 
    the sniper is and take him out. This strategy makes things go from being tricky 
    to being a cakewalk. Feel free to update your guide with this tip if you want, 
    just mention my name, John, that's all. Talk to you latter.
    Hi! First of all i would like to congrat you on a very well written FAQ 
    Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow...
    There is another tactic you can use to grab Sadono at the studio.
    1. from the save point, jump down into the shadows
    2. wait untill they start recording
    3. Under the recording use an div cam at the back of the studio
    4. use noise to lure the guards. when they are close use gas.
    5. approach Sadono and use an ring foil round to stun Sadono.
    6. Now run and grab him, the soilders won't shoot since they might hit 
    7. Now pull ya Pistol and take em out one by one
    8. NEVER make sure that the guards have an clear view of Sam, since 
    they will shoot you in the back.
    This works perfect!
    Btw.. like ya website :) Clan huh? For which game?
    Take care
    /Patrick Strandberg
    In your walkthrough, you say
    "Now, run over to the soda machine and hide in the shadows.  A security 
    guard will come out from behind a locked door to buy a soda.  Knock him out 
    and run into the room before the door closes.  Instead of hiding the body, just 
    shoot out the lights.  In this case it has the same effect.  The room you’re 
    in has one way out: a door to your right.  Use it."
    I found out you can enter the number 1387 in the key pad and that will 
    unlock the door.  I noticed that Ubisoft expects you to remember things 
    from the first game and this is one of the cases.  To get the code, I waited 
    for him to enter the code in to get back into the room and then I used 
    thermal vision to see what buttons he pushed.
    - Joe Schacht
    Hi there. I picked up your Splinter Cell FAQ from GameFAQs - good job.
    I thought you might appreciate a couple of quicker alternative routes 
    through the final few tasks which I completed this evening. Feel free 
    to add them to a later version of your FAQ if you like. They're both for 
    the LAX section right at the end of the game, and I've tried to format them 
    as you would to save you hassle if you decide to put them in. I guarantee 
    that they work - it's what I did to finish the game! (I only referred to 
    your FAQ when I was *totally* stumped - i.e. when I was in the room trying 
    to work out how to grab Sadono with exactly 1 bullet in my pistol and none 
    at all in my rifle. THANKS! for helping me out with that, I used the 
    alternate route by themaelstrom). Anyway, on with my alternative routes.
    This is the bit just after the luggage belts.
    * Part 3 *
    * Current Objective : ID and kill the terrorists *
    Speed is of the essence here. If you're quick, you can save a lot of 
    time and messing about. As soon as your able, get up to the door, crouch 
    down, engage night vision and open the door. IMMEDIATELY crouch-walk over to 
    the terrorist, who is still in shadows just about to begin walking down the 
    concourse. Grab him fast and drag him back into the shadows before 
    knocking him out. Don't forget to put a bullet in his head. Then simply make 
    your way quietly to the door at the opposite end of the travelator, taking 
    care not to let any of the civilians see you.
    * Part 5 *
    * Current Objective : ID and kill the terrorists *
    Once play resumes, shoot out the broken panel on the ceiling of the 
    lift and jump up.  [etc...] Get off the cable and go through the small
    opening in the wall to the catwalks.
    < WARNING : You must be stealth is of the utmost importance here >
    Drop down to the catwalks.  Soth and his men are right above you.  
    Thermal vision will verify this.
    Again, speed is of the essence. Drop into a crouch and run along the 
    wall to a ladder. The mechanic or patrolling guard might hear you, but don't 
    worry, they won't come up the ladder after you. Climb the ladder 
    quickly and stand at the top. Engage heat vision or night vision, equip your 
    SC20K and zoom up to full magnification. There are three terrorists on the 
    top walkway, and you have a clear shot at all three from here. One is 
    walking back and forth, one is standing still, and one is crouched. Headshot 
    the one who's walking first, then as quickly as possible slot the other two. 
    As soon as you shoot the first you begin the one minute countdown, so 
    don't mess about. However, since the terrorists are now dead, you don't have 
    to worry about alerting the civilians, so ignore them and forget about 
    stealth. IMMEDIATELY climb down the ladder and RUN (standing) along the 
    walkway, turn right, past the crossroads, turn left, and follow the 
    walkway to a ladder. Climb the two ladders, and get to the package to trigger 
    the cutscene and finale.
    That's about it.
    ‘qID SIQlaHbe'chugh, bongaghjay’
    Klingon Proverb

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