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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TehSpecialVet0rz

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/14/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
                              >)By Chris Coleman(<
                        >)GameFAQs ID: TehSpecialVet0rz(<
                             >)AIM: Cellardo0r89(<
                       >)E-mail: anarchywafflez@msn.com(<
                                 Version 1.0
                            Created: April 4th, 2004
    1. Table of Contents
    1. Table of Contents
    2. FAQ Basics
             A. Author's Note
             B. Version History/Updates
             C. Contact Information
             D. Legal Information/Copyright
             E. Game Information
             F. Proper Credits
    3. Single Player Basics
    A.	Character Backgrounds
             B. Basic Movements
             C. Advanced Movements
             D. Single Player HUD
             E. Weapons, Gadgets, and Items
    4. Walkthrough
             A. Mission 1 .......... Dili, East Timor
             B. Mission 2 .......... Paris, France
             C. Mission 3 .......... Paris-Nice, France
             D. Mission 4 .......... Jerusalem, Israel
             E. Mission 5 .......... Kundang Camp, Indonesia
             F. Mission 6 .......... Komodo, Indonesia
             G. Mission 7 .......... Jakarta, Indonesia
             H. Mission 8 .......... Los Angeles, California
    5. Multiplayer Information
             A. The Basics
             B. The Spy
             C. The Mercenary
             D. Levels/Maps
             E. Game Modes
             F. Ranking System
    2. FAQ Basics
    A. Author's Note |
    Splinter Cell has proven to be a truly amazing game. It somehow allows
    the player to be restricted to only moving slowly and stealthily even
    though their heart is racing. The original proved to be very popular
    among the gaming community, so what else to do but make a second.
    Keeping the same main character and idea the second one has soared only
    higher than the original ever did. The game play is very much more
    enjoyable and it has an amazing online setup. The game is truly
    addicting and is always making the gamer sit at his Xbox for many hours
    on end. My Walkthrough will generally be on the walkthrough of the game
    with some information dealing with the Multiplayer that is featured.
    Hopefully my Walkthrough is very helpful for those that are stuck or
    having any trouble with the game.
    B. Version History/Updates |
    April 4th, 2004 – 0.05
             - My FAQ/Walkthrough has been created with the primary, basic
    structuring. No mission walkthroughs or information has been added yet.
    April 5th, 2004 – 0.25
             - Walkthroughs for Mission 1 & 2 were added. Some stuff was
    added to the Multiplayer Information section.
    April 7th, 2004 – 0.30
             - Walkthrough for Mission 3 was added. Author's Note was also
    April 8th, 2004 – 0.55
             - Walkthrough for Mission 4 added. Walkthrough for Mission 5
    was started.
    April 10th, 2004 – 0.65
             - Walkthrough for Mission 5 was added and Mission 6 was
    started. Added more to the Multiplayer Information section. Added a
    brand new section called "Single Player Basics".
    April 11th, 2004 – 0.85
             - Walkthrough for Mission 6 and Mission 7 were added. The
    section on Single Player Basics was finished.
    April 12th, 2004 – 1.0
             - Walkthrough for Mission 8 was added. Section on Multiplayer
    Information was finished.
    C. Contact Information |
    If you missed my contact information at the beginning of the FAQ, it is
    as follows:
    GameFAQs ID: TehSpecialVet0rz
    AIM: Cellardo0r89
    Email: anarchywafflez@msn.com
    Feel free to contact me anytime about anything in my FAQ. If you have
    some tips, secrets, or anything else helpful, inform me and you will be
    fairly credited.
    D. Legal Information/Copyright |
    Please read the following information before using my FAQ/Walkthrough.
    © Copyright 2004 Chris Coleman.
    The following FAQ is strictly forbidden to any reproduction or
    modification with out the author's written consent. If you wish to add
    my FAQ to your website, contact me by email, which can be found above.
    The following site(s) are the only one(s) that have my permission to
    host my FAQ/Walkthrough:
    E. Game Information |
    Platform: XBOX
    Developer: UBI Soft
    Publisher: UBI Soft
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Players: 1-4
    Memory: 463 Blocks
    ESRB Rating: Teen – Blood, Drug Reference, Violence
    Released: March 2004
    Online: Online Multiplayer, Voice, Friends, Scoreboards, Content
    F. Proper Credits |
    This is the credits portion of my Walkthrough.
    Many Thanks Go Out To:
    My brother – He helped me play some of the missions while I wrote the
    walkthroughs for them.
    Game Booklet – Gave me lots of useful information about the game.
    GameFAQs – For hosting such an awesome site and accepting my FAQs.
    UBI Soft – Made an amazing game that has kept me entertained for
    countless hours.
    3. Single Player Basics
    A. Character Backgrounds |
    |Sam Fisher|
    Fisher has been on the front lines of espionage in several defining
    conflicts throughout the past decades. He has not only survived, but
    excelled in the field of covert operations through hard work,
    insatiable curiosity, and brutal honesty. He has little time for polite
    niceties and even less for lies.
    Though fully aware of and confident in his abilities, Fisher
    understands that his survival has often been a gift of chance. He knows
    he is human and fallible, and he does not want to die. He has strange
    and slightly dark sense of humor.
    He is quiet, instinctive, and observant: somebody who watches from the
    outside. Combat, espionage, and constant training have defined his
    adult life; his tactical experience has become part of his instinct.
    Now, even outside of work, he is most comfortable on the fringes of
    society, keenly observant but still removed.
    Fisher has acquired an admirable collection of scars and secured his
    place in Valhalla; he has little left to prove to the world. Now older
    and wiser, he has no interest in glory. If he fights, it is because he
    believes the cause is necessary and he is capable.
    |Colonel Irving Lambert|
    THIRD ECHELON Operations Coordinator
    Lambert is the link between the field agent (or agents) and Third
    Echelon's team of researchers, hackers, strategists, and commanders.
    While Fisher is in the field he is in constant contact with Lambert via
    subdermal microchips and a cochlear implant.
    |Dermot P. Brunton|
    SHADOWNET Operations Coordinator
    Dermot is the "Irving Lambert" of the SHADOWNET initiative. As his
    operations specifically prohibit live satellite contact between
    coordinator and operatives, Dermot's function is more bureaucratic and
    |Anna Grimsdottir|
    THIRD ECHELON Communications Lead
    Grimsdottir heads a small team of programmers responsible for providing
    technological, cryptographic, and data support for the field operative.
    Grimsdottir will assist Fisher in his interface with the high-tech
    components of his missions.
    |Suhadi Sadono|
    Indonesian Guerrilla Leader of the DARAH DAN DOA
    Suhadi has been fighting for Indonesian sovereignty since he was 15
    years old. He worked his way quickly through the ranks and by his 21st
    birthday was the leader of the Darah Dan Doa (Blood and Prayer), at the
    time a gang of a few dozen. By the mid-90s, funded (covertly) by the
    Kopassus (Indonesian Special Forces) and operation REDBEARD, the Darah
    Dan Doa had grown into a militia of thousands. Despite the withdrawal
    of U.S. and CIA support in 1999, the DDD continues to thrive.
    |Norman Soth|
    Soth is a CIA-trained mercenary and former freedom fighter operating in
    Southeast Asia, most notably Indonesia. In 1992 he was part of CIA
    operation REDBEARD, after which he spent nearly a decade arming and
    training the Kopassus to step down Timorese uprisings.
    |Dahlia Tal|
    Shin Bet Agent
    Shin Bet, the Israeli Secret Police, handles the country's less savory
    intelligence-related tasks, such as interrogations, public relations,
    and psyops.
    B. Basic Movements |
    How To: Press B
    Description: Reduces movement speed, but allows Sam to be quieter and
    less visible.
    How To: Press Y + Forward
    Description: Allows Sam to get on top of short objects like crates and
    How To: Press Forward
    Description: Allows Sam to climb up a fence or pole for any particular
    |Close Attack|
    How To: (Without weapon) Right Trigger
    Description: Hits enemy with Sam's elbow, knocking them out.
    |Back to Wall|
    How To: Click Left Thumbstick
    Description: Puts Sam up against the wall and makes him less visible to
    How To: Tilt Left Thumbstick Left or Right
    Description: Moves Sam when he is hanging onto a ledge or wire.
    How To: Press Y Under Pole
    Description: Grabs hold of a horizontal pole and allows Sam you move
    across it. Press Y a second time to bring Sam's legs up.
    |Zip Line|
    How To: Press Y Under Sloped Wire
    Description: Slides Sam down the slanted wire until reaching the end
    and dropping off. Does not require you to move thumbstick to go
    C. Advanced Movements |
    How To:
    |Split Jump|
    How To:
    |Half Split Jump|
    How To:
    |Half Split Jump and Jump|
    How To:
    |Drop Attack|
    How To:
    |Quiet Landing|
    How To:
    How To:
    |Rappel Shooting|
    How To:
    |Hanging Shooting|
    How To:
    |Upside-Down Shooting|
    How To:
    |Split-Jump Shooting|
    How To:
    |Back-to-Wall Shooting|
    How To:
    |S.W.A.T. Turn|
    How To:
    D. Single Player HUD |
    |   _____________________________    ___________________        |
    |  |LAMBERT: Damnit Fisher, we   |  |Interact      (A)  |       |
    |  |weren't supposed to have any |   ___________________        |
    |  |casualties. I'm pulling the  |  |Optic Cable        | 2     |
    |  |mission. Get out of there.   |   ___________________     _  |
    |  |_____________________________|  |Open Door          |   | | |
    |                                                           | | |
    |                1                                          | | |
    |                                                           | | |
    |                                                           | | |
    |                                                         3 | | |
    |                                                           | | |
    |                                                           | | |
    |                                              _________    | | |
    |                                             |\       /|   | | |
    |                                          5  | "-----" |   | | |
    |                                             |_________|   |_| |
    |                                             ________________  |
    |                                          6 | | | ( | ) | |  | |
    |                                             ________________  |
    |                    4                       |  _ _ _ _  _ _  | |
    |  _______________________________________   | |_  _ _ =(_ _( | |
    | |                                       |  |  / | _ )       | |
    | |       Locate and question Norman Soth |  | |__\       7   | |
    | |_______________________________________|  |________________| |
    1. Communications Bar – All conversations and communications will be
    displayed up here if possible.
    2. Interaction System – Allows Sam to interact with an object or person
    in the environment.
    3. Health Bar – Displays amount of life that Sam has left.
    4. Objectives Bar – Displays the most current goal in Sam's way.
    5. OPSAT – Displayed by a small, flashing letter. The OPSAT shows new
    objectives or notes receive through the mission.
    6. Stealth Meter – The meter travels from left to right indicating how
    invisible Sam is to the average enemy.
    7. Selected Weapon, Gadget, or Item – Shows the current item that is
    selected and ready to use. Press X to pull item out for use.
    E. Weapons, Gadgets, and Items |
    +Weapons and Gadgets+
    The bull-pup configuration of this assault rifle makes it light and
    compact without sacrificing firepower (5.56x45mm ss109). Its modular
    configuration allows it to be customized to fit any mission profile.
    Equipped with a flash/sound suppressor and combined with a multipurpose
    launcher, the SC-20K becomes the obvious choice of weaponry for Sam
    when he is infiltrating enemy territory. When you're equipped with the
    SC-20K rifle, click the right thumbstick to go into Sniper mode.
    |SC-20K's Multipurpose Launcher|
    Pull the left trigger to fire with the launcher. The launcher cannot be
    fired in sniper mode.
    |Ring Airfoil Projectile|
    A high-impact, zero-penetration projectile designed to incapacitate
    rather than kill. Note: The Ring Airfoil is much more effective if it
    hits the head.
    |Sticky Camera|
    A miniature camera with full pan and zoom functionality, plus night and
    thermal vision modes. The Sticky Camera feeds its image directly to
    Sam's OPSAT. Sticky Cams are reusable.
    |Sticky Shocker|
    A high-voltage discharge device coated in adhesive resin. The Sticky
    Shocker will adhere to an enemy and give him an incapacitating shock.
    Note: Fired into pools of water, the Sticky Shocker can neutralize
    multiple opponents.
    |Distraction Camera|
    The camera can be trigger to attract enemies with sound and then
    dispense a cloud of incapacitating gas when they are nearby.
    |Gas Grenade|
    This standard gas canister grenade can incapacitate groups of enemies.
    Prolonged exposure causes unconsciousness.
    |Flashbang Grenade|
    Grenade with powerful lighting effect that can blind you at medium
    |Chaff Grenade|
    When exploded, it releases a cloud of magnetic particles, which will
    all disable electronic devices in its radius. This also affects Sam's
    |Laser Aiming|
    The pistol is equipped with Laser Aiming to allow better accuracy. But
    be careful, the red spot can be detected by enemies.
    |Lock Pick|
    Standard set of picks, wrenches, and probes for bypassing standard
    cylinder locks. Slowly rotate the left thumbstick around the outer edge
    of its range until you see and hear the first pin begin to move. This
    means the thumbstick is in the correct quadrant. Keeping the left
    thumbstick in the correct quadrant, wiggle the thumbstick very gently
    to release one of the pins in the lock. Repeat until all pins are
    |Disposable Pick|
    Unconventional lock picks, these micro explosive-shaped charges deliver
    a quick impact to any standard lock cylinder that will shatter the pins
    and unlock the door.
    |Laser Microphone: T.A.K. (Tactical Audio Kit)|
    A laser-operated microphone integrated in the SC pistol that enables
    the user to read the vibration off certain surfaces (mainly glass
    windows). Used to listen in on conversations.
    |Camera Jammer|
    The Camera Jammer emits microwave pulses that disrupt the surveillance
    cameras. The battery has to be recharged after a short time.
    |Optical Cable|
    The flexible cable/camera can easily be slipped under doors to view the
    other side. Complete with night and thermal vision enhancement.
    Night vision goggles amplify very low existing light, especially lights
    at the lower end of the infrared spectrum. The thermal vision headset
    is an essential tool in slow in low-light situations. This technology
    differs from night vision in that it captures the upper level of the
    infrared light spectrum, which is emitted as heat rather than reflected
    as light.
    |Wall Mine|
    The wall mine is a motion-sensitive explosive device that can be
    attached to almost any surface. To deactivate and pick up a wall mine,
    wait for the green light.
    |Emergency Flare|
    These standard road flares also emit a great deal of heat, making them
    useful for distracting heat sensors such as those found in automated
    |Frag Grenade|
    The 14-ounce M67 fragmentation grenade consists of a 2.5" steel sphere
    surrounding 6.5 ounces of high explosive. Upon detonation, the steel
    sphere shatters, emitting a burst of high velocity shrapnel.
    |Medical Kit|
    Standard field first-aid kit.
    4. Walkthrough
    Mission 1 – Dili, East Timor |
    |Part 1|
    The game starts off with Sam being handcuffed to a pole. Rotate the
    left thumbstick to pick the lock.
    Now a cut scene shows up starting your mission and explaining all the
    information. The first part of the level will now start to load.
    As the level loads you will be displayed this message:
    "The 'Darah Dan Doa', an Indonesian Guerilla Group led by Suhadi
    Sadono, has invaded the U.S. Embassy to Dili to retaliate for the
    installation of a U.S. Military Base in East Timor."
    The level starts with Sam standing in the water. Walk forward and jump
    up onto the wooden dock. Continue to the end of the dock and climb the
    ladder. Move to the window and jump up to grab the cord above. Slide
    down on the cord and hop off when you reach the dock. Scoot back some
    from where Sam lands after jumping off the cord. There is another cord
    leading to the house across the water. Jump up it and shimmy across.
    Drop down the beam and head around the corner to the inside of the
    Open the door and walk into the shack. Continue to the far end where it
    is very dark. On the right wall there is a door that needs to be lock
    picked. Open it up and continue through. Turn to your left and head up
    the pole on the side of the room. Walk to the far back left corner and
    look down. There is an option to open the gate and jump down; select
    it. Once you are down, head towards the door and you will get a
    communication from Lambert.
    Walk down the steps on your left and head around to the far side. Keep
    walking down the long, open path. On the left, head under the porch in
    a crouching position. Walk back outside and continue up onto the
    stairs. Keep walking forward and your game will save about halfway
    through. Grab the 5.72 Ammo off the porch and hop down. Go to the wall
    with the fire burning behind it. Look at the wall and click your left
    thumbstick. Make sure Sam is in a standing position. Now, walk down the
    wall with your back to it. At the end of the fence perform a Swat Turn
    to reach the other side. Shoot out the light above the guard with your
    back still at the wall. The guard will be alerted, no big deal, just
    wait until he has his back turned to walk up and grab him. Knock him
    out, hide the body if you wish.
    Keep walking in the direction the guard was sitting, until you get a
    "Saving" message. Stop and turn on your thermal goggles (Right
    Directional Pad). On the ground are two rows of mines. Jumping over
    them is a bad idea, I died many times trying that way. But, on the
    right, is another wooden porch. Walk under it like the previous one, in
    a crouching position, and continue on right past the mines. Turn right
    and head that direction. Stop when you reach the wooden box and kick on
    your thermals. More mines. These ones, however, are jumpable. With your
    thermals on, get a good running start and leap over them. Go on past
    and turn left. Keep walking and look to your right. There will be a
    small area in between two walls. Head to about the end of it and
    perform the split jump (Y + Y). Look up to the ledge on your left and
    perform a half split jump to grab hold of it. Pull yourself up and head
    into the building.
    Exit the building through a door to the right of the one you entered,
    but on the same wall. Your game will save here. Look through the left
    wall, with your binoculars (Right Thumbstick Click), that has wooden
    boards nailed up all over. A guard is positioned over by the wall, no
    need to worry about him yet. Continue through the door opposite of you
    and slide down the pole on the left side of the balcony.
    Walk into the brush that is located in the water and whistle (Right
    Black Button) to attract the guard's attention. Quickly change
    positions before he gets his flashlight on you and get behind him to
    knock him out. If he spots you, just run over to him and knock him out
    with your arm (Right Trigger). Go back into the water and head under
    the bridge. On the other side, there is a guard sitting on a box to the
    right. Your game will save as you head towards him. Sneak up slowly
    behind him and grab him. Don't knock him out yet because he has some
    useful information. Drag him to a dark corner and interrogate him for
    all he knows. Knock him out once you're finished with him and leave his
    body in a dark corner. His buddy inside will start to get worried and
    come out to check for the missing comrade. Sneak up and knock him out
    as well.
    Don't bother visiting the house; there is nothing in it. Walk over to
    where fire is burning and climb the pole next to it. Once you are
    completely up, that part of the level will end.
    |Part 2|
    As the level loads you will be displayed this message:
    "Private Military Corporation C.E.O. Douglas Shetland is trapped inside
    the Embassy, in possession of intelligence that cannot be allowed into
    the enemy hands."
    At the start of the level you will be given a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Head
    up the ladder that is on your left and walk down the wooden planks
    along the side of the building. Climb the second ladder and go up to
    the next floor. Hop down and go around the corner of the building.
    Crouch and walk slowly around the corner and below the window, there is
    a guard looking out with his binoculars. As you head to the next room
    with windows, Lambert messages in and tells you to stop. Listen to him
    or your mission will fail. While you are waiting, Sadono will talk to
    one of the hostages and then shoot him. Wait until he has completely
    exited the room to continue down the side of the building. At the end
    of the balcony path you will reach a part with the whole floor blown
    out and a fire blazing beneath it.
    Look to the left for a pipe running up the building. A "Climb Out"
    action will be displayed. Click it and start all the way to the top of
    the roof. Make sure Sam gets a hold of the roof and shimmy your way the
    right. When you have neared the window, drop down (B) onto the balcony.
    Slide the window open and hop in. Slowly sneak behind the guard abusing
    Shetland and grab him. Knock him out and place his body in the dark.
    Start a conversation with the now freed Shetland. After you are
    finished talking you will be given a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Save your game
    and continue.
    Go out of the door across from the window you came in from. Walk out
    slowly and creep up to the guard standing on the overhang that's on
    your left. Grab him, K.O. him, and hide him in a dark corner. If you
    are in need of life, head down the same hall you were in and lock pick
    the door on the left. Now go back and head down the narrow hallway that
    leads to a staircase. Slowly walk down the sets of stairs.
    In this lower room, there is 1 guard patrolling around and two over in
    the back playing cards. Wait until the patrolling guard makes his round
    and stops. When he stops, sneak up and knock him out. Hide his body on
    the stairs. Then head to the table that's on your right and grab the
    empty bottle. Throw the empty bottle over in a far corner and wait for
    the guards to go check it out. Go around the right side of the table
    and go past the burning wall. Quietly walk to the back of the room and
    turn left in to the narrow hallway. Run down the hallway and stop at
    the huge wooden double doors and start out. As you are walking out, you
    will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Walk forward a little until you are cut off. A cut scene will zoom up
    into the window that you are supposed to get to. The woman in the
    window will flash her flashlight, as if she was trying to signal you.
    Now Lambert will start talking to you. He tells you to stay in the
    light so the sniper can't see you. So, do as he says. Wait until the
    search light on the right comes close and run into it. Follow the light
    all the way to the far side of the plaza. Go into the door on your
    Run through the lower floor and up the stairs to the second floor. Run
    over to the second floor stairs and crouch. Grab the life on the wall,
    if you need it. Start walking slowly, very slowly. If the sniper guard
    sees you, you're dead in a couple shots. When you get onto the third
    floor, he will be facing out the window. Sneak up behind him quietly.
    Grab him then knock him out. Go into the room on your left.
    This is the room that Ingrid is being kept captive. Feel free to have a
    little conversation with her. After your little "chat" you will get
    another *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Walk over to the window behind Ingrid and
    slide it open. Hop out and go left over to the little steam chimney
    that is located on the roof. Use it to rappel down the wall. Try to go
    fast, so the guard does not see you.
    Get into the darkness and walk along the left wall towards the guard.
    Now that Lambert has granted you your "License to Kill", feel free to
    plant a bullet between the guard's eyes. You can also knock him out if
    you don't want to waste bullets. Hide the body and climb the ladder
    that leads up the wooden tower. Move to the switch and shut the power
    off. Go back down the ladder and keep walking down through the shack
    houses. At the end, near the corner, there is another guard. Feel free
    to take care of him with any method you please. Once he's down, go to
    the second tower and climb the ladder to the top. Shut the power off
    again and jump down. Now continue down the path leading to the docks,
    where your escape awaits you. Jump into the boat and you have just
    finished Mission 1.
    "Intelligence recovered from Shetland's palmtop revealed links between
    a possible enemy agent known only by the email alias 'Mortified
    Penguin' and Saulnier Laboratories, a cryogenics research lab in
    Mission 2 – Paris, France |
    As the level loads you will be displayed this message:
    "An enemy agent operating under the alias 'Mortified_Penguin' has
    broken into the Saulnier cryogenics lab with a gang of French and
    Syrian mercenaries."
    "Trace their path of intrusion to uncover their purpose and the
    identity of 'Mortified Penguin'."
    |Part 1|
    The level will start by displaying a *SAVE CHECKPOINT* for you. Once
    finished, climb down the ladder that is in front of you. As you walk
    out, you will turn a corner and see a guard just sitting there. You now
    have a SC-20K, so scope in and take him out. Hide the body, if you
    want. Jump up the ladder that is hanging off the backside of the train.
    Pull yourself up and walk down the top of the train until you come to a
    drop down hole. Jump through and into the train. As you keep walking
    you will hear two French guards having a conversation. Find a hiding
    spot that will conceal you in the dark. After there conversation, one
    will take off surveying the outside of the train and the paranoid one
    will walk down the inside. When he passes you, K.O. him so his partner
    doesn't notice he's gone. You can choose to shoot or K.O. the guard
    outside now. Be sure to hide the bodies, if they are found, the alarm
    will increase.
    If you give yourself away, and one sees you, they will sound an alarm
    that will call over the intercoms. It will tell everyone they are at a
    level 1 alert, and to wear their flak jackets. You only get 3 warnings
    until the mission is pulled and the more alarms the more protection the
    enemies wear. Don't worry too much though, after a while, the alarms
    will die down back to 0.
    Walk over to where the two French men were talking and walk down that
    tunnel. After a right turn, then a left turn, you will be stuck with an
    amazing blaze in front of you. Pull out your pistol, and shoot out the
    two water valves that are conveniently placed over the fire. Walk
    through the room to the door that is on the opposite side of where you
    entered. Use the optical cable to look through the door.
    Wait until the guard is not near you and enter the room. Hide in the
    darkness on the right of where you enter. As he turns his back to you,
    shoot him in the head. Make sure you continue to hide the bodies. Walk
    around all of the bookcases until you are at the back of the room near
    the computer. Now continue out of the room via the door. You might want
    to optical cable the door to make sure the patrolling guard isn't near
    In here, one guard will be patrolling and one will be checking out the
    computer. Hide in the darkness on the left side of the door you came
    in. Wait until Guard #1 has his back to you, and K.O. him quietly.
    Choose your method of pain for the unexpecting Guard #2. When you kill
    both guards, go to the one that was using the computer and grab his
    satchel to receive a data stick. Then hide the bodies and continue out
    the door on the far left side. Lock-pick the door on your immediate
    left as you enter this small room. You will find yourself in another
    rather small room. On the right there is some health if you need a
    quick heal and on the left is a door leading you to the next part of
    the mission. As you head to the door you will be given a *SAVE
    Open the door and walk through. In this next room, will be 3 guards. As
    you open the door, walk to the dark wall on your left and wait there.
    After a "thorough" search of the place, one guard will leave, allowing
    the other 2 to patrol. Walk along the wall that has the door you
    entered on. Stay in the darkness and head up to the area that the far
    guard is patrolling. Remain hidden until he has his back turned to you
    and K.O. him quietly. Once he is out of the way, take care of the other
    one however you please, but if you are too loud the third one will
    return to check it out. Once they are down, remove the satchel from one
    of the guards that holds a Data stick and some 5.56mm ammo. You are
    finished in this room so head through the door with the plastic blinds
    covering it. You now seem to be in some sort of morgue, so enter
    through the door on your left that has the same plastic blinds over it.
    Once inside this room, you will receive a message saying: "The basement
    is clear, I repeat, the basement is clear, over." Hurry through the
    door and kill the 2 guards on your left before they destroy the
    computers. Your gun will be needed for this task.
    Walk into the room they were in a check their bodies. One will be
    holding a satchel containing more 5.56mm ammo, and the other guard's
    satchel will have a Disposable Lock Pick. Now go to the red computer
    and use it. After you use it, you will find out that the mercenaries
    triggered a bomb to go off in 1:30. You have plenty of time because it
    should take only take you 30 seconds to find and defuse it. As you
    start to leave, you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Exit the computer room and walk into the hallway, where one guard will
    pop around the corner at the far end. Snipe in and shoot him. The next
    guard will pop out of the farthest door on the left of the hallway.
    Take him out easily and head into the room he came out of. You will
    have to Lock Pick this door. The bomb is in plain view. Walk over to it
    and defuse it. Then head back into the hallway and hide the two bodies.
    Make sure to hide the two bodies in the computer room also. Now before
    you head on through the level, go back to the first door on the left
    wall of the hallway that you over looked when getting the bomb. In this
    little room you will find: a diversion camera, 5.72mm ammo, a smoke
    grenade, and a full box of health. Collect these items and exit back
    into the hallway. Head to the far end and turn right, enter the door
    that is in front of you.
    |Part 2|
    The level will start with a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Walk up the stairs and
    crouch when you get to the top. See the red thing flashing on the wall?
    It's an alarm that you don't want to trigger because it will not only
    increase the security, it will also flash you. To avoid triggering it,
    walk very slowly past it and it won't go off. Walk up the second set of
    stairs and when you reach the door, the security stage will decrease
    back to 0.
    Walk through the door and you will hear gunfire. Stay on the left wall
    and peek around the corner where 3 guards are shooting out some
    windows. If you wait a couple seconds, 2 of them 3 will leave and one
    will remain in the hallway. As he turns his back and walks away, shoot
    him or knock him out. Pick up the satchel he was holding, which
    contains a Disposable Pick, and place his body in some darkness.
    Continue forward through the hall that all the guards were just in.
    Walk slowly because there is another red, motion alarm on the left
    wall. Walk by it slowly and head through the opened double doors. The
    first door on the left is jammed, so head to the second door on the
    left. In here, will be two guards, one sitting down and one on the far
    right. Take out the one on the far right first then start on the one
    sitting down. Flip the light switch to hide the bodies and exit the
    door back into the hallway. Open the door that is across from you and
    take out the 5 cameras in here. Take them out in this order, while
    hiding behind the huge machines. Try not to be detected, or the alarm
    level will increase.
     _______   _____________
    |     4        5        |    =============
    |                       |         Key
    |    |=|     |=|   |=|  |    =============
    |                       |
    | 3  |=|     |=|   |=|  |    |=| - Electrical Machines
    |         2             |
    |    |=|     |=|   |=|  |   "1-5" – Camera Locations
    |                       |
    | 1  |=|     |=|   |=|  |
    |                       |
    |__________   __________|
    After they have all been taken out, use the computer located in the
    back left corner of the room. Access the storage database on it and
    exit through the door on the back wall. In the next room walk over to
    the door on your left and use the keypad.
    This door keypad code is: 2457.
    As you enter the room, you will be given a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Inside on
    the table are two Ring Airfoil Rounds. On the outside of the door is a
    guard standing watch. To lure him into the room, turn off the big lamp
    that is shining on the door. He will come in wandering why the lamp is
    off. Take him out with a headshot from your SC-20K. Grab the satchel
    from his body that holds a data stick and then heal yourself via the
    health box in front of you. Open the door and walk out into the
    hallway. Slowly walk to your right to avoid setting off the motion
    alarm on the wall. Open the door and head into the staircase.
    Walk up the stairs about halfway and shoot the camera at the top of the
    stairs with your SC-20K. Walk up the remaining stairs and hug the wall
    that is in front of you. Slowly walk up to the beeping wall mine and
    remove it when you are given the option. Turn and walk up the next set
    of stairs. Near the door, you will hear gunshots going off. Walk
    through the door and walk in to the darkness of the left wall.
    In this room, you will have to deal with two guards. The method that I
    found best to work was the following: Let the first guard walk into the
    double doors and patrol the hallway for a while. Walk, in the shadows,
    forward a little until you can get a good shot at the other guard
    peeking through the windows. Pull out your SC-20K and headshot him
    quietly. Wait until the first guard emerges from the double doors and
    give him a nice little bullet in between his eyes. Hide the bodies in
    the darkness and don't forget to get the satchel holding a Frag Grenade
    from one of the guards. Use the computer in the middle of the room to
    get the keypad code you will need for the next door. Head into the
    hallway the first guard was patrolling. Walk to the door on the far
    right and enter the code for the keypad.
    This door keypad code is: 7562.
    Enter the room and you will get a glance off the all the frozen brains
    you've been looking for. Use the health box on the right wall of the
    room if you need some life. Then head to the opposite side of the room
    and you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Enter the next room via the
    doorway with the plastic curtains hanging on it.
    As you enter the room, throw on your thermal goggles (Right Directional
    Pad). Stay on the left side of the room and slowly advance on the
    machine gun in front of you. As you close in on it, you can hack into
    the turret's software. Click the tab that says Disable IFF, this is an
    easy method to take out the guard in the back off the room. Once he has
    been shot up, Disable IFF and Deactivate the turret. Exit the hack and
    head to the far right part of the room where the guard was. Search his
    body for a satchel containing a sticky shocker. Then exit through the
    door behind you. You will have to Lock Pick the door.
    This room is filled with a foggy mist. You will need to use your
    thermal goggles again. Walk out a bit and snipe in with your SC-20K.
    Take out either guard, it doesn't matter much. After one is dead,
    quickly take out the other so he can't report that one of his men is
    dead. Walk to the end of the catwalk and exit through the plastic
    curtain door. Turn left and slowly walk through this room. There is
    another wall mine beeping that is located on the right wall. Walk up to
    it and disarm it like you did the previous one. Use the health box at
    the end of the hallway if you need. Now turn around and head into the
    room on the left wall.
    Turn right and head towards the bookcase that is against the wall. You
    will be given another *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Hop up the bookcase and jump
    into the ceiling vents. You will see some seriously stupid mercenaries
    trying to open a vault-like door with pathetic sub-machine guns. Walk
    through the vents and take the first left you get. You can't pass the
    steam that is in front of you, so don't try. Jump down into the room
    where you will find Francois cowering in the corner.
    Grab the 5.56mm ammo that is on top of the table you landed on. Then
    walk over to Francois and start a conversation. You give him a line
    about being from the phone company. He hands you his phone and you scan
    the picture to your team. Now head back through the vents, where you
    will see the unintelligent mercenaries trying to blow the door open,
    and head into the room you came from. Wait in this room until the timer
    has counted down. Unfortunately, the explosives they place, not only
    opens the door, but kill the three mercenaries and poor Francois.
    Jump back into the vents and keep walking straight, passed the place
    the steam was shooting out, until you reach the opening at the end. Hop
    down and run to your escape van. This ends the level.
    "A recovered image of 'Mortified Penguin' matched the CIA record of an
    agency-trained operative named Norman Soth. Though Echelon was unable
    to identify Soth as either a friendly or enemy asset, Grimsdottir
    successfully traced as him to a train en route to nice under the alias
    'Jonathan Poindexter'."
    Mission 3 – Paris-Nice, France |
    As the level loads you will be displayed this message:
    "CIA-Trained operative Norman Soth has been located on a southbound
    Hespiria Railways train, accompanied by a squad of French / Syrian
    "Locate and question Soth in order to determine his status as an enemy
    or friendly operative."
    The mission will place you on a train zooming through the countryside.
    Do not stand up, or you will be blown off the back up the train. Slowly
    move forward until you reach the first emergency hatch on the roof of
    the train. Open it and jump on down. Behind you are a couple bikes, so
    continue forward to the door.
    If you are sort of bored, shoot the dog in the cage on your left. I'm
    not sure if that's considered animal cruelty, but the thing was
    annoying the hell out of me.
    Open the door and head to the second compartment train. Walk slowly
    through either side of the room and wait for the guard to come out and
    inspect the compartment. When he's near you, quietly knock him out from
    behind and grab the satchel he was holding. You will receive a data
    stick. If he sets off the alarm your mission is over. After he's dealt
    with, move to the middle of the floor at the end, there is another
    emergency hatch that you can climb through. You will end up on the
    bottom of the train holding on for dear life.
    Move up the bottom of the train until you receive a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    As you move a little farther up the train you will be at a spot that
    you can climb up back into a compartment. Inside the compartment, walk
    over to the wall and unlock the side doors. Turn around and go through
    the door that is behind you.
    Walk out the door and wait for the guard to go out of sight. Flip the
    switch in front of you to shut the lights off. Quickly sneak behind to
    the shadows behind the rows of seats on the right. Wait for the
    passenger to get up and walk next to you. He will briefly look at you,
    then look to his right, grab him and knock him out in the shadows.
    Leave the body there and proceed to move along the passenger cart
    remaining in the shadows. As long as you stay fully hidden you won't
    even be noticed. Follow this pattern to move down the compartment.
    Using your night vision can be also be helpful here.
    |                     |    =============
    |                     |         Key
    | |=|    X    |=| |=| |    =============
    |                     |
    |                     |    |=| - Empty Seat
    | |+|     X  |=| |o|  |
    |                     |    |o| - Civilian Seat
    |                     |
    | |=|    X   |=| |=|  |    |+| - Undercover Mercenary Seat
    |                     |               (Avoid These)
    |                     |
    | |=|  X     |+| |=|  |     X – Path
    |                     |
    |                     |
    | |=|   X    |=| |o|  |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    | |=|   X    |=| |o|  |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    | |=|      X |=| |=|  |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    | |=| X      |=| |=|  |
    |                     |
    |    _________________|
    As you pass the two under cover guards, try to me a little quieter than
    usual. Starting over gets annoying. Once you have passed through the
    compartment head through the door in the back left. As you enter the
    doorway, there is another door leading to some sort of bathroom on the
    right. Ignore this room altogether and keep going straight through the
    next sliding door that leads into a sort of middle room. Continue
    through this room and the next one, which will seem similar.
    As you reach a clear door, you will see a train attendant talking to a
    passenger. Wait for this man to finish and walk back down the hall.
    Head into the hall and put your back to the right wall (Left Thumbstick
    Click). As you scoot down, perform a S.W.A.T turn when you reach the
    doorway of the complaining passenger. Continue down, ignoring the
    second door, until you reach the third door in the hall. This room is
    Soth's compartment. Open the door and enter the small room.
    Start a conversation with ol' Soth and find out whose team he is on. A
    while through the conversation, you will be interrupted by some
    mercenaries that have a phone call for Soth. He will leave, hack his
    computer when as he exits. When Lambert tells you, head out of the
    compartment and down the remainder of the hall. Enter the door, walk
    through the small room, and enter the next door.
    Quietly sneak to the right and hide behind the bar. Stand up and aim
    your Laser Mic at Soth, who is talking on the phone in the back left of
    the room. Listen to the conversation until it ends. Then wait until
    Soth and one of the guards exit the room. The other guard will remain
    here. Exit the bar area and head over to where the remaining guard is.
    As you start to walk towards him you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Slowly sneak up on him and knock him out. Take the satchel he was
    carrying that contains a data stick. Then hide the body in the bar area
    that you were hiding in before. Run back to the door on the far side of
    the room and open the door. As you do, you will hear that Soth is
    trying to escape and you will be granted your "License to Kill".
    Enter the room and run to the very back. As you reach a back, a guard
    will come behind you through the exact door you entered from. Find a
    good hiding spot and wait until he closes in. Take him out and head up
    the ladder that is in about the middle of the room. At the top of the
    ladder, open the trap and exit the train. On the top you will see a
    helicopter and your escape. Sprint down the train and jump onto the
    rope that is swinging above the train. As you grab it your mission will
    be complete.
    "Intelligence gathered from Soth's laptop referenced a potentially
    lethal 'Springfield Demonstration', a potential terrorist event
    intended for an American target. Soth was allowed to continue onwards
    towards Jerusalem."
    Mission 4 – Jerusalem, Israel |
    As the level loads you will be displayed this message:
    "Third Echelon has linked Suhadi Sadono's 'Springfield Demonstration'
    to the black market purchase of an unknown biological agent."
    "Rendez-vous with Israelli intelligence agent Dahlia Tal in order to
    infiltrate the Black Market."
    You are instantly given a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Begin the level by talking
    to Coen for a little briefing, then head past her up the stairs. Avoid
    being in the light. You will be seen and an alarm will be set off
    causing you to fail the mission. Get rid of the guard that is around
    the corner, knock him out and hide the body.
    Turn left into the civilian street and put your back to the left wall.
    Perform a S.W.A.T turn to get passed the first door, where the man is
    staring out. Remain hidden in the shadows as the head down the street.
    Don't let the guard at the end of the street see you or your mission is
    over. As he gets closer to you knock him out and hide his body in the
    darkness. Head down the remainder of the street and turn left when the
    street ends. Get used to staying hidden in the darkness because you are
    pretty much going to be doing it the rest of this level.
    As the turn the corner, stay hidden, and you will see another guard
    patrolling back and forth further to your left. Wait until you get a
    chance at taking him out with out being seen. Make sure you don't alarm
    either of the two civilians that are standing around at the end of the
    tunnel. Stay in the shadows of the left wall and walk past the 2 chatty
    civilians. Head down the alleyway where you should find a pipe that you
    need to climb. When you reach the top of the pole you will
    automatically grab the zip line and slide down it. At the end of the
    zip line you will jump off and grab a small ledge.
    Scale the ledge around the left side of the building, where you can
    drop down to the next ledge. Jump from this one to the ground and stay
    on the right of the boxes and crates. Walk straight and turn right when
    you reach a little alcove that looks like a market. If the guard sees
    you, hide on the wall and wait until he enters the building. Knock him
    out and hide the body. Then continue onward through the door in the
    back of the shop. You will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT* here.
    Walk down the stairs quietly and you will find two thieves trying to
    rob the man you need to talk to. Kill them and start a conversation
    with the man. He will pull up a barrel and open a hidden compartment in
    the ground. Walk to it and pick up your 5.56mm SC-20K, a Sticky
    Shocker, and a Ring Airfoil Round. After you have gotten your equipment
    you will be given a new objective: find Dahlia Tal.
    Backtrack your way back outside and turn the corner. Continue straight
    when you come to the intersection and avoid the guard at the end of the
    alley. Wait until he walks by you and knock him out. Hide the body and
    continue down the street.
    As you pass the doorway with light shining out, perform a S.W.A.T. turn
    on the wall so the man will not see you. Go straight and walk down the
    stairs. When you turn the corner, shoot out all of the lights above
    you. Once you have shot out all 4 lights walk down into the street. A
    woman will be walking up the street. Knock her out and move her body
    into the darkness. Finish your little stroll down the street and turn
    right to head down the stairs.
    Shoot out the light that is by the two guards, which will causes them
    to go search the alleyway. Follow behind them very closely, but remain
    in the shadows so as to not be seen. About halfway down the staircase,
    you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Save your game and return to
    following the two guards down the street.
    As you turn the corner, get close to one of the guards and not him out.
    Don't let the other guard see or hear this encounter. Hide the body and
    quickly head down the street. Draw the attention of the other guard and
    knock him out as well. Put the body in the shadows and head all the way
    down the street. In a little alcove on the right, a third guard can be
    found. Knock him out the same as the others. When you reach the end of
    the road, turn left, and sneak past the guard that is on the other side
    of the fence. His back will be turned to you. Climb the pipe that is on
    your right that leads all the way to the roof. Walk straight and jump
    up to the next ledge. Walk past the two blue windows and jump down.
    From here, jump and get a hold of the zip line above you and slide
    across to the other side of the street. Walk to the right and rappel
    down the wall using the steam chimney. When you reach the ground level,
    the game will have to load. After the load you will be given a *SAVE
    CHECKPOINT*. Walk around the corner and look for a hole in the fence.
    You will find Dahlia here. Start a conversation with her.
    When the conversation ends, she will open the gate that is located a
    little bit behind you. As you go to leave through it, you will get a
    Follow Dahlia through the street. As long as you stay in the shadows,
    no one should notice your presence. At the end of the street, Dahlia
    will enter a small tunnel. Remain very close to her and at the end of
    the tunnel stop before you step into the light. Let her talk to the
    guard, and when he turns his back quickly move in to the shadows in the
    left. Follow behind them until they stop walking. Wait here until she
    has convinced the guard that she has a reason to be out in streets.
    Once the guard returns to his patrol, follow Dahlia through the small
    As you approach the exit of the alleyway, a guard will walk by. Don't
    worry about him, just turn left and stay near the wall in the shadows.
    Eventually you will see a second guard in that same courtyard, stay
    hidden in the shadows and avoid being seen by him. After a quick scan
    of the courtyard, he'll turn around and head back to where he came
    from. Run over and get in front of Dahlia, so the first guard doesn't
    notice you. Once out of the little path, peel off the left and wait for
    Dahlia to pass in front of you. Head down the stairs and turn right to
    follow Dahlia past this an area that seems to be some sort of prayer
    site. Stay near the wall and run by it while keeping in site of Dahlia.
    As you continue, you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Follow her down through the alleyway, which will open up. Stay to the
    left wall and hop down in the shadows. Shoot out the light that is in
    the back left. The guide might help, so try it out. At the second X,
    shoot out the top left light and make a slow break for it.
              ___________       _________
             |         ^^   X   ^^       |    =============
             |     X    X                |         Key
             | X                         |    =============
             |                           |
             | X                         |    ^^ - Lights
             |   +-----+        +-----+  |
             | X +-----+        +-----+  |    +-----+ - Row of Stairs
             |   +-----+ ^^  ^^ +-----+  |
              X                          |    X – Easiest Route.
    Entrance                             |
    Once you are out of that little area, you will be in another street
    with the same guard from the previous area patrolling around a bit.
    Avoid him at all costs; you don't need any more confrontations. After
    some distance, the first guard will turn and patrol back to the area
    you first met him, but you will be faced with another guard that is a
    little further down the street. Avoid him as well. At the end of the
    street, hurry to the right and get out of the light.
    You will see that Dahlia has been confronted by another guard and uses
    the same story about her father. He will insist that he escorts her to
    her house and she won't have this. After she knocks the guard out,
    clean up her mess and hide the body. Then follow her down the remainder
    of this short street. At the end, she will turn around and allow you to
    talk to her. Start up a little conversation with her. At the end of it,
    she will depart and you will go your own way as well. Save your game at
    the *SAVE CHECKPOINT* and continue forward a little.
    As you walk out into the small area, a guard will be in front of you.
    Let him start his patrol by heading down the alleyway. Follow him and
    hide when you see him turn and head back. Once he passes by, go to the
    end of the alleyway, where another guard will pop out of a narrow
    walkway on the left. Knock this one out and hide the body. Run down the
    narrow walkway that the second guard popped out of. At the end of the
    little path, should be a pole on the wall. Climb up it until you reach
    the top, where you will hop into a small room.
    Crouch and slowly move to the door that is in front of you. In the next
    room will be two civilians that need to be knocked out. Go near the
    door and whistle to draw one's attention. When he heads into the room,
    knock him out and hide the body. The other man is very simple since he
    is entranced by the television. Walk up to him and give him an elbow.
    Then hide the body and shoot out the light in the first room and the
    T.V. in the second room. Move to the window on the far side of the
    second room.
    Hop out of the window on the ledge below it. Follow the ledge to the
    right and climb up the pole. The pole leads you to the roof of the
    church, where you need to run to the far side. On your right, in the
    dark is another steam chimney that you need to use to rappel down the
    wall. Throw your night vision goggles on if you are having any trouble
    finding it. Rappel down the wall to meet Miss Dahlia. She has
    encountered yet another guard, but she seems to be able to deal with
    him. Follow her as she walks down the remainder of the alleyway. Stop
    when you get near the corner. As she turns, she will be stopped and
    questioned by another guard. You'll need to help her with this one, so
    step in and take him out.
    Then continue following her through the chain link door and into the
    kitchen. When she stops next to the elevator, start a conversation with
    her. After you finish, step into the elevator and she remain outside of
    it. Start up another conversation with her. You learn that she is
    betraying you and Lambert gives you an order to kill her. Shoot her
    before the elevator starts down and she moves out of sight. As the
    elevator lowers, the game will need to load again.
    The next part starts opens with a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. And then the
    elevator continues moving down. Get your gun out and handy, you will be
    granted your Fifth Freedom during the little elevator ride. At the
    bottom of the elevator shaft, shoot the two guards. Don't worry about
    hiding their bodies, there's more stuff to deal with.
    Walk out of the shaft and walk to the left. There will be 2 guards on
    the catwalk in front of you. Shoot them down. Then start to scan the
    area, there are about 10 guards in the whole area, including the ones
    you took out. Keep that rifle handy and don't waste all of your ammo or
    health. Walk out on the catwalk and down the ramp into the lower area.
    You should have killed about 3 guards other than the two near the exit
    elevator shaft. Once you have walked down the ramp, go straight and
    turn the corner.
    Walk straight some more and turn the corner of the left, then snipe the
    guard on the long catwalk. 3 more guards will enter from the left of
    where you first guard you killed was standing, if they hear your noise.
    If they don't, enter the door on the left of the catwalk and take out
    the three guards in here. Take them out carefully, losing as much life
    and ammo as possible.
    Good Strategy
    Draw the guards' attention; this can be done in any of the areas, and
    then jump down of the catwalks and sneak below them. As the guards
    enter the area, pop out of the side a little and snipe them with good
    headshots. Since they can't shoot through the catwalks, you are
    practically invincible. But remember, you can't shoot through the
    catwalks as well.
    After you finish off the guards of this room, run on the catwalk into
    the area that is chain link fenced. In the far back, there is a health
    box. Use it if you need it, you might as well. Then move to the table
    and pick up the Sticky Shocker, 5.56mm ammo, 2 Smoke Grenades, 3 Ring
    Airfoil Rounds, 4 Frag Grenades, a Flash Bang, and a Chaff Grenade.
    After grabbing all these little items, head back to the previous
    catwalks and follow it around until you reach another door on your
    In this room will be 3 more guards, use my strategy and dispose of all
    of them. When the guards have all been killed, go into the glassed off
    area in the center of the room. Go to the right of the counter and grab
    the ND133 from the table. It will be listed as "Object" on your options
    menu. As soon as you grab at it, it will give you a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Walk out of the window-paned room and head out the new door, not the
    one you entered from. This will put you on a long catwalk, turn left
    and walk slowly. There are 3 guards around the corner. I found it best
    to just shoot them down in this order.
           | +       + |                 =============
           | +       + |                      Key
           | +  2    + |                 =============
           | +       + |
           | +       + + + + + + + +     + - Catwalk Edges
           | +                     +
           | +       3   Elevator  +     "1-3" – Enemy Position
           | +                     +
           | +       + + + + + + + +
           | +       + |
           | +       + |
           | +       + |
           | +       + |
    _______| +       + |
             +  1    + |
     + + + + +       + |
                     + |
    Entrance         + |
                     + |
     + + + + + + + + + |
    Take the enemies out in this order. If you do the first one quietly,
    neither of the other two will notice. So scoot along the corner and
    snipe the one in the far back. If you manage to head shot him, the last
    one won't notice. Scope in and kill the last one that is positioned by
    the elevator.
    Once they have all been dealt with, walk down this catwalk and turn
    right about halfway down it. There will be a second elevator here. Walk
    into it and take it back up to ground level.
    When you reach ground level, put away that gun because your Fifth
    Freedom has be taken away. Slowly sneak to the right side and hang out
    in the shadows. When the first guard stops patrolling, slowly walk
    around the side of the barrels and get behind him. Grab the guard and
    knock him out. Move past the knocked out guard and do something to
    attract the attention of the next guard. When he walks your way, knock
    him out as well. Repeat this process of elimination for all four
    guards. Remain in the darkness when you lure them to you. After you
    have taken care of all 4 of them, walk up and to your right into a
    small alcove where you will be updated and your mission will be
    "Using devices stolen from Saulnier Cryogenics, (The ND133), Soth has
    made a Syrian-developed strain of the smallpox virus highly portable.
    Sadono is now in possession of an unknown number of easily concealed
    biological weapons."
    Mission 5 – Kundang Camp, Indonesia |
    As the level loads you will be displayed this message:
    "'Pandora Tomorrow' is the code phrase for Sadono's insurance policy
    against U.S. attack. He makes daily, secure phone calls to undisclosed
    U.S. locations, delaying the release of the smallpox virus one more
    day. If he is killed or detained, the virus will be released with 24
    hours. Intercept Sadono's 'Pandora Tomorrow' call in order to locate
    the virus."
    The level starts with a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. This first part is pretty
    simple, just walk through the forest until you rendezvous with
    Shetland. He will be sitting down looking over the village. Talk to him
    and find out some information. Once he's finished talking, jump up and
    slide down the zip line to the bottom.
    At the bottom you land in some tall grass. Walk towards the shadows
    coming off of the tent and you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Get into
    the shadows of the tent and wait for the guard to pop out of his tent.
    When you see him, head shot him and hide the body. Walk down the path a
    little bit while remaining in the shadows. On the left of the tent,
    another guard will pop out. Whistle or throw a bottle to get his
    attention and head shot him when he comes close. Run into the building
    on your right and grab the 2 Ring Airfoil Rounds. Continue down the
    path, walking on the left side of the truck.
    Quickly run into the high grass on the left and wait for the two guards
    to stop talking. Eventually the two will separate and go different
    ways. Don't move in for the kill just yet. One of the guards will bend
    down to fix one of his laser mines and it will go off in his face,
    killing him. When the other guard comes to inspect the accident,
    headshot him and hide both bodies in the grass. Now it's time to go
    mine hunting.
    Throw on your thermal goggles and start down the path looking for the
    laser mines. If you see one, you can either avoid going through it's
    trip wire or walk up slowly to it and defuse it. Continue down the
    path, either avoiding or disabling the mines. Near the middle, you will
    see a guard patrolling around. Wait until he comes close to you and
    headshot him before continuing on. When you reach the large building, a
    hangar, head over to it and get the *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Walk over and wait out the door. The two guards inside will start up a
    conversation, let them finish it. Once they are done, they will
    continue their normal patrol routes. When they are a good distance from
    each other, snipe each of them separately. Walk up to the front right
    of the plane and set the explosives. Then exit the hangar via the door
    on the left of the plane. Be careful though, as you are leaving the
    hangar through this door, another guard will be entering through it.
    Take him out however you would like to then head outside.
    Once outside, continue down the path and into the room on the right.
    Hide in the shadows until the two guards are done talking with each
    other. Then move up along the wall with the boxes and wait until one of
    the guards comes near you. Take the guard out and hide the body. After
    the first guard, head into the control station and take care of the
    second guard. Hide the body and then go back to the control station to
    heal and use the switch that raises the gate. Head back out and go
    through the gate that you just raised up and you will get a *SAVE
    As soon as you have finished with the save peel off to the right in the
    shadows of the fence. Pull out your SC-20K and scope down the path. You
    will see a guard patrolling with his dog. Wait until you have a shot
    and take out the man, the dog will wander around afterwards so shoot it
    when you can. Run down the path and hide the body. Remain hidden in the
    shadows and approach the tent. Go around the right side of the tent and
    stay in the shadows. Let the two guards talk and when they finish, one
    guard will walk towards you and another will head off to his tent. When
    the first guard is close enough and out of sight of the other one,
    shoot him in the head.  Then sneak into other guard's tent and you will
    find him sleeping, shoot him in the head as well. Grab his satchel
    containing a data stick and move his body.
    Move outside, be careful to avoid more laser mines in the tall grass,
    and go back into the center of the encampment. Get within a good
    distance of the wooden lookout tower and snipe the man up on top of it.
    Climb the ladder to reach the top and then slide down the zip line
    leading into the next area. At the bottom of the zip line, your game
    will have to load. Once it finishes loading, you will get a *SAVE
    Quietly walk down the path in front of you and halt before entering the
    open. You will see Sadono and some guards start talking to some another
    guard. After they finish the conversation, Sadono and two guards will
    continue forward and one will stay behind to patrol the area. Lure this
    guard any way you like and then take him out. Before you move out into
    the open, throw your thermals on and snipe the second guard that seems
    to be looking around a corner. Hide both bodies. The hut on the right
    of where you entered contains some 5.56mm ammo if you need it.
    Now head over to the porch where the second guard was standing. Crouch
    and walk under it. Follow the path until you reach another opening. As
    you come to the opening you will see Sadono and a guard walk around a
    corner, follow them. As you are following them, try to remain quiet and
    in the shadows as much as possible so that you are not noticed. Enter
    the hut and walk through it. As you reach door that you need to exit
    from, you will see Sadono talking to another guard. Once they finish up
    the conversation, allow Sadono to leave through the door on their left
    before sniping the remaining guard.
    Walk into the opening and hide the guard's body. Then turn the corner
    and continue down the side of the house. Keep going until you see a
    narrow space between two fences that will be on your right. Put your
    back to the wall and walk down this narrow path. About halfway through,
    you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    At the end of the little path, you will see Sadono and his one guard
    yet again. Remain where you are until you see Sadono walk off with his
    bodyguard. Walk around the corner on your right and hide in the
    shadows. When the patrolling guard gets close whistle to bring him
    over. Shoot the guard, take his satchel, and head out to hide his body.
    There will be another guard standing by the door that Sadono entered.
    Scope in and snipe him with a headshot. Now move to the right of where
    Sadono stopped to talk, you will see a wall with a spot light on it.
    Walk over to it and climb up the pipe.
    Walk down the wooden porch all the way until you come to an end. Look
    out off the porch and spot Sadono and his men on the left. Ready a
    sticky camera and shoot it onto the wall over by him and his men.
    Listen to their conversation and then do what Lambert tells you to
    After Sadono has left, only two guards will be left in the area. One
    will start patrolling the area, wait until he is behind the truck to
    take him out. This will ensure that the second guard, which is smoking
    on the other side of the truck, won't see you. After he is down, shoot
    the second guard that is smoking in the far left. Jump down off the
    porch and hide the bodies. Continue on to the building that Sadono
    entered and move to the back right. Find the ladder and climb down it.
    At the bottom, your game will load and you will get a *SAVE
    Walk straight and stop before you reach the opening. A guard will come
    patrolling from the right and stop right in front of you. Headshot him
    hide the body. Then move to the lower floor and take out the guard down
    there. Once this room is secure, move through the door on the far side.
    In the next room, slowly move up the stairs and walk to the light
    switch. Flip the switch to turn the lights off in the room. Turn on
    your night vision goggles and snipe the two guards patrolling. Make
    sure not to hit a civilian scientists or your mission will be over.
    Make sure the bodies are hidden in darkness before continuing through
    the door to the next room.
    Once you enter this room, slowly walk to the open door on your left.
    Get into the shadows and whistle to attract the attention of a guard.
    Shoot him and then find his partner and take him out. Hide the bodies
    in the darkness and move to the back of that second room, where the
    pilot is sitting. Walk up to him and start talking. After you finished
    the conversation, use the keypad to open the door that is next to the
    This door keypad code is: 0623.
    Walk through the door and save your game with the *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Once you've saved, climb up the ladder. At the top of the ladder you
    will briefly see a guard exit the room. Follow him out of the room
    through the open door.
    Sneak to the fence in front of you and follow it forward until you
    reach the corner, where you will see two guards having a conversation.
    Once they finish their conversation, they will exit to the right and
    you need to move up to the wall on the left. Climb the pole that is on
    the wall.
    When you reach the roof, head across the bridge made up of two wooden
    planks. Then run down the roof until you reach a trap door. Use the
    trap door and drop down into a firing range.
    When you enter the firing range, you will find yourself hanging from a
    pole. Pull your legs up and move down the pipe until you are in the
    next room. Crawl down the pole until you reach the very end and then
    drop down into the darkness.
    Sneak along the wall and get behind the guard hitting the punching bag.
    Wait until he coughs from the dust and move up behind to grab him.
    Knock him out and hide him in the corner. Your next victim will be the
    guard in the firing range doorway that has his back turned to you.
    Slowly sneak up behind him and grab him. Take him to a dark corner and
    knock him out. Proceed back to the firing range, moving slowly so that
    you won't be noticed. In the very last shooting stall, you will find
    the last guard. Knock him out and hide him in the darkness behind you
    then head back to the room with the punching bag. Run through the open
    door leading into the hallway. At the end of the hallway, you will get
    a *SAVE CHECKPOINT* here.
    Approach the open door and wait until it is clear. This next area will
    contain 2 guards and an automated turret in the back. When you are
    clear, walk out the door and two the shadows on the left. Lure the
    guards one at a time, and dispose of them. Make sure the bodies are
    hidden. Then hug the fence on your left and follow it all the way
    around until you are behind the automated turret. Walk up to its
    control panel and disable it. Then turn around and enter the gatehouse
    next to the turret.
    In this room there is a health box on the wall, use it if you need some
    life. And there is also some 5.56mm ammo on the table in the room.
    Before going through the door, shoot out both lights in the room and
    then proceed to exit the room via the door.
    Outside the door there are two guards patrolling and a spotlight
    searching around. Lure the guards into the house one at a time and
    dispose of them. Hide their bodies in the darkness of the gatehouse.
    Once they are dealt with, head back outside and move down to the house
    while avoiding the spotlight. When you reach the house, use the keypad
    to open the door.
    This door keypad code is: 1492.
    Open the door and walkthrough to get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Walk down the hall a little and you will see Sadono giving the day's
    code on his phone. He will make about 4 calls and then exit the room.
    Before you rush into the room, wait a bit. Sadono is going to return
    just to double check everything. Once he leaves the second time, sneak
    into the room and shoot the camera above the door Sadono exited. Then
    head over to the computer and place the phone tap. Now it is time to be
    extracted. Leave Sadono's room and head back into the hallway.
    Walk down the hallway and turn the corner. When you see a wall with
    some switches and controls, flip one that will shut off the electric
    field in front of you. Continue to follow the hall to end and head down
    the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs walk out and open the door.
    This door unfortunately will lead you into a room filled with guards.
    Lambert tells you to freeze and you'd better do it unless you wish to
    However, thanks to Shetland, you will have some sniper cover. As the
    guards turn to shoot at Shetland's men, take advantage of the situation
    and pull out your SC-20K and shoot the remaining ones in the back. Use
    your thermal goggles to pick up the positions of the ones that have run
    ahead a bit. After all of them have been killed, run towards the Osprey
    and your mission will be complete.
    "Grimsdottir traced Sadono's 'Pandora Tomorrow' phone call through
    several relay points before losing it in a shipyard on an island off
    the eastern coast of Indonesia."
    Mission 6 – Komodo, Indonesia |
    As the level loads you will be displayed this message:
    "Sadono's 'Pandora Tomorrow' phone call is being forwarded through an
    encrypted relay in the communication system of a submarine docked in a
    supposedly abandoned shipyard."
    "Infiltrate the submarine and access the communication system to
    further trace the call."
    The mission will start by giving you a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Slowly walk
    forward and scan the area for any guards. You'll notice that there is
    only one guard patrolling the area. Up in the tower, what seems to be a
    guard with a sniper rifle is actually a turret with a laser. There is
    also a second turret on the ground level.
    Start to walk forward to the right towards the old abandoned truck.
    When you see the guard, stop and headshot him. Then continue on towards
    the truck and hide behind it. Don't worry about the turret if it starts
    to fire at you. If you keep moving, it is very unlikely to hit you.
    Once you are ready to go, head towards the fence on the right and stick
    next to it as you move forward. When you reach the platform, jump onto
    it and disable the ground level turret. Walk off the platform to your
    right and down the little path. As you're walking, turn on your
    thermals and disable the laser mine. After you've dealt with the mine,
    continue down the path.
    At the end of the path, stop and jump onto the wooden floor. Walk
    across it all the way to the open door. Jump down and survey the area a
    little bit. There is one guard directly in front of you. Whistle and
    draw his attention to where you are. As he gets closer, take him out.
    Now walk along the edge of the room you just exited and put your
    thermals on. Across the courtyard is a second guard. Snipe him in the
    head. Follow the fence on your right all the way down to a dead end. At
    the dead end, you will be in between a hut and the fence. Use your half
    split jump to get up, and then jump again to reach a ledge of the hut.
    Pull yourself up and jump down. Go out the open door on the right side
    of the hut and sneak down the alley.
    At the end of the alley, you'll see two guards sitting at a table.
    There are several ways to take them out, I prefer just shooting them
    both with headshots. But an easier way is to use your smoke grenade.
    Launch it near the table and wait in the shadows until they pass out.
    Then take their bodies and hide them in the darkness. Now it is time to
    move on into the hut.
    In the hut, grab a soda can off of the table and throw it into the far
    left corner. The guard on the other side of the hut will go to check it
    out. Move from your hiding spot behind the divider and give him a quick
    headshot. Hide the body and exit the hut through the second door. Run
    towards the small pond in front of you and to your left. Hop in and
    walk up the ramp continuing on to the end of the alley. Perform another
    half split jump and jump again to reach the ledge of the hut. Pull
    yourself up and you get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Below you there is a guard sitting down watching T.V. Walk around until
    you find some hay bales on the left. Jump down on top of them. Hop off
    the hay bales and sneak up to the guard watching T.V. Knock him out and
    hide the body, then shoot out the T.V. Don't forget to grab his satchel
    that has a data stick. Now, go back to the area behind the hay bales
    you jumped on and look for the small opening in the wall. Crouch down
    and walk through it. You will end up behind the firing range of a
    guard. Wait where you are until the guard walks over to the table and
    sits down. Sneak past each obstacle in a way that you won't be noticed.
    When you reach the end of the obstacles, shoot the guard, and run to
    the side of the hut. Sneak slowly around the corner and access the
    turret's software. Reprogram it and deactivate the turret, thus making
    it obsolete. Go to the guard and hide his body, then move into the hut
    next to the turret.
    When you get inside, freeze. Throw on your thermals and you'll notice
    something that you probably wouldn't have, there are trip wires going
    up and down the walls. Use your enhanced vision to move through the
    room with out hitting any of the lasers. When you reach the end of the
    room, use the ladder and climb down to the bottom. As you reach the
    bottom, you get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Once you are at the bottom of the ladder, walk over and open up the
    elevator by using its control panel. Enter the elevator and go the
    left. Push the button that will make the elevator go down to the first
    floor. As you arrive on the first floor and the doors open, walk out
    and go towards the left wall. Down the hall a little, you will find a
    light switch on that wall. Flip it. Two guards will come to inspect the
    room through, use your night vision and take them out. Then run through
    the doors that the two guards came from.
    Behind the doors is the control room. In here, you will need to find
    the technician. Go around to the front of the machines and grab him,
    then interrogate him. Move him over the computer with the green text
    flashing and force him to use it. He will surface the sub and a man
    will radio over asking what's wrong. Use the technician again to tell
    the man that everything is "kosher". Once you are finished, knock the
    man out and put his body in the dark. Head back into the hallway and go
    to the far right of it this time. Use the door and continue through.
    Your game will load and then you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Walk up the stairs and into the room at the top of them. On the right
    of the door, flip the light switch to make the room dark. Then walk
    through the door out on to the catwalk. Wait for the guard to come back
    by you on his patrol route and knock him out.
    Good Strategy*
    Before moving on around the catwalk, stand on the part the guard was
    patrolling. Get out your rifle and put your scope on with night vision.
    Look to the right wall, you will see 2 guards patrolling, maybe with
    their lights on. One will be on the top catwalks and one will be on a
    lower one. Then look to your left wall and you will see another one
    walking in and out of a building on the catwalks. Snipe all 3 of them
    and this will make the next part very easy.
    After his body is hidden, follow the catwalk all the way around until
    you reach a lift. Switch the lift and jump in it as it starts to move.
    Look up and shoot out the light in the lift. That will make it harder
    for the guards to shoot you. Now look down the direction that you are
    moving and you will see a guard firing on you. Snipe in and take him
    out, then look towards the right wall. You will see another guard
    inside a building looking out at you. Get your rifle and shoot him as
    well. When your lift arrives at its destination, walk out of it and
    onto the catwalk.
    Walk down the catwalk and turn left when you come to a split. Go
    through the door and walk down all the stairs. Walk out of the
    stairwell and walk down the catwalk. When you see the guard patrolling
    on the submarine, snipe him and walk to the submarine. Climb down the
    ladder and into the submarine. You will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Walk through the door and climb down the second ladder. Quickly move
    around to the corner and whistle. The guard will come to check out the
    sound, wait until he is in good position and take the guard out, non-
    lethally. Your fifth freedom has been revoked on this objective. Hide
    the body and continue through the hall until you go down the stairs and
    reach the door. Walk through and whistle to wake the guard up. When he
    comes to see what's wrong, knock him out, and hide the body. Then
    continue through the door on the other side of bunkroom. Climb down the
    ladder and into the next area.
    Put your back to wall and peek around. Whistle to get the guard's
    attention and wait for him to walk by. Knock him out and hide the body.
    Continue through the room and into the next hallway. Find the door and
    go through it. You will get an update on your OPSAT telling you that
    you need the colonel to access the command center.
    Wait in the shadows of this room and you will see the colonel walking
    down the hall. As he opens the door and walks past you, grab him and
    take him back down the hall he came from. Near the end of the hall is a
    retinal scanner, force him to use it. Now that he has filled his
    purpose, take him back to where you found him and knock him out in the
    darkness, grab his satchel as well. Then head back to the door you
    retina scanned.
    Walk inside the door and sneak to the darkness in the left. Wait until
    one of the guards leaves the room and the other goes to use a computer
    to the left of you. Sneak up behind the one using the computer and
    knock him out. Walk through the control room and on the far end is a
    smaller room with more computers. Use the computer on the right of the
    room and you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Walk out of the control room and look to your left. You have your fifth
    freedom back, so shoot the guard at the end of the hallway in the head.
    Hide the body in the control room and then go leave the control room
    and go right. Walk through the curved hall into the new room. Around
    the corner is a ladder, climb up it. At the top, there is another
    ladder leading to the top of the sub. Climb up this one as well and
    find yourself surface level.
    From the top of the ladder, turn left and you will see a catwalk lower
    for you. Walk across it and wait for the guard to come walking up the
    stairs. Once he is dead you can use the health box if you need it.
    There are also 2 Fragmentation Grenades, 2 Smoke Grenades, and some
    5.56mm ammo on the box next to the health. Then continue down the
    staircase. When you reach the platform with the box, stop. As you walk
    down the last set of stairs you will be getting shot at by guards. Aim
    for the yellow barrels, which contain explosives and make your job a
    lot easier.
    Take care of the first set of people then move up along the left side.
    Slowly move out and snipe the people next to the barrels farther down.
    Once you have pretty much killed everyone, wait for the fire to die
    down as much as it's going to, then jump around it and avoid it until
    you reach the end of the platform. Walk down the ramp on the left and
    climb down the ladder. Jump into the boat and your mission is complete.
    "From the submarine relay, Sadono's call was traced to five satellite
    phone subscribers, each linked to the private military corporation
    "Armed Guardian Services", SHADOWNET temas will neutralize the 'pox
    boxes', (Virus-armed ND133), freeing THIRD ECHELON to neutralize Suhadi
    Mission 7 – Jakarta, Indonesia |
    As the level loads you will be displayed this message:
    "Now that the ND133 have been located, Sadono is open to attack."
    "Coordinated remotely with SHADOWNET's neutralization of the ND133,
    locate and capture Suhadi Sadono. CIA Operative Ingrid Karlthson is on
    site, undercover, and will assist in the mission."
    The mission start with a *SAVE CHECKPOINT* and then move over to talk
    to Coen. After you are done with her, climb down the ladder and the
    rappel down the roof using the steam chimney like before. Drop down to
    the floor and jump off this roof to the ground. Be careful as you sneak
    around. Eliminate everything that comes in your path, but don't only
    non-lethal methods on civilians.
    Walk around the corner and you'll see two pedestrians talking about a
    broken carburetor and one walking around. Wait until one of them goes
    back by you and knock him out. Lure the second and third civilians that
    are talking about the motorcycle to you and repeat the process with
    both of them. Move down the street now and deal with the guard. Get his
    attention some how and when he's close shoot him in the head. Hide the
    body before continuing to the next street.
    Around the corner on the next street will be 4 guards. Use the shadows
    to lure and trap them. Eliminate them one by one until the area is
    secure. Once you've hidden all the bodies, go up the ladder on your
    left and the ladder at the top of that one. From there, jump onto the
    roof and grab a hold of the zip line. Enter the door at the end of the
    zip line and slide down the pole in this room. Save your game at the
    Walk outside and scan the area for the positions of the guards. Walk
    around the van and wait until the guard is near. Take out the guard by
    luring him and disposing of him quietly. Hide the body in the darkness
    and creep down the parking lot. Whistle to lure the other guy and take
    him out as well. Now move to the end of the street and climb the fence
    on your right.
    When you reach the other side, walk down the right path. When you come
    to the big cage, turn left and then sneak up on the guard that is in
    front of you. Grab him and knock him out. Know your main threat is a
    patrolling guard. Use your thermals to spot him and find a way to sneak
    up on him. After he's done, the last guard is sitting still in the
    middle of the courtyard and you know what to do. Hide the bodies and
    climb down the ladder that is in the middle of the courtyard.
    At the bottom of the ladder you find yourself in the sewers. Walk to
    the door on your left and walk through the red room. In the next area
    of the sewers will be a guard patrolling. Dispose of him and grab his
    satchel. Then continue down the sewers until you reach the next door on
    your left. Stop and destroy the camera above the doorway. Then continue
    through this red room and back into the sewers. There is one more guard
    in this sewer, dispose of him. At the end of the sewer, climb the
    ladder back to the surface, and you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    As you reach the surface, quickly duck behind the satellite dish to
    avoid being spotlighted. You hear the sniper confirm that he is in
    position. Peek out to your left and turn your thermals on. You will see
    him wandering around on the tower. When you get a clear shot, take it
    and make sure he is not behind the fencing. Leave your thermals and
    look to your left. The whole ground level is covered in hidden mines
    and you will need to climb the fence to get past them. Drop off the
    fence and run to the corner in the wall. From there, stay near the wall
    and run to the chain link fence. Climb it and jump over. Run past the
    machines and lock pick the door.
    Once inside, take out the guard in front of you. Move to the doorway
    and whistle to lure the outside guards in. Dispose of them one at a
    time and hide their bodies. When you go back out the doorway walk to
    your left and hide behind the car. Turn your thermals on and snipe the
    camera in front of you. Walk around the left side of the car over to
    the wall. Jump on onto it and pull yourself up. Walk alongside the
    building until you reach a small nook between two brick walls. Perform
    a half split jump and jump again to reach the top of the roof.
    On the roof, walk along the side of the windowpanes. The first one you
    see will look as it someone punched it. Pull out your pistol and shoot
    it out. Use the pipe next to the window to rappel down into the
    Inside the building will be one guard patrolling around the perimeter.
    Wait until he is near you and shoot him with a sticky shocker. Hide his
    body in the shadows and head to the elevators. Choose any of them and
    take one up a floor. At the next floor, you will get a *SAVE
    Exit the elevator and walk out to your left. When you reach the corner,
    whistle and lure the guard out to you. Kill him and hide the body. Walk
    back to the corner he was around and quickly move to get behind the box
    across the hall. In front of you are two doors and to your left is a
    Go through the doors and walk down the hallway until you see a niche on
    your right. Use a half split jump and jump to reach the next platform.
    Crouch and walk into the vent. Turn left when the vent opens up and
    head out to an auditorium.
    Walk out onto the walkway behind the seats. There are three guards in
    this area patrolling the auditorium. Lure them up the stairs one at a
    time and kill them. Dispose of the bodies in the darkness. Go to the
    middle of the top walkway and grab the pole above you. Shimmy across
    the pole all the way to the end of it and drop down behind the drum
    set. Run to your left and go behind the curtains and open the door.
    In this hallway, walk to the open door on your left in front of you.
    Ingrid is having a conversation with a technician, walk up and take him
    out. Hide the body in the room and turn off the lights. Get ready for a
    second man to enter the same door. Kill him when he comes in and hide
    the body in the shadows. When that's all done, walk over to Ingrid and
    talk to her. Follow her out of the room and you get a *SAVE
    Remain following her until you reach the next doorway. Stop and the
    door and snipe the guard that is patrolling around the room. Then get
    your pistol and look up. Shoot the camera above the door you are going
    to go through. Walk into the room and go to the left where you need to
    disable the turret. Hide the guard's body and shoot out all the lights.
    Once this room is secured, follow the path Ingrid took.
    As you round the corner, you'll see another turret that needs
    disabling. Disable it and continue down the hallway. At the end of the
    hallway, you will notice you are back where you started. Walk into the
    room in front of you and meet up with Ms. Ingrid again. She tells you
    to take the left path, so do it. Be prepared for the next part, its
    going to be very fast paced and you must be accurate to pull it off.
    Quickly sneak down the left side and around behind guard #2 on her
    side. Shoot him with a Sticky Shocker to knock him out, quickly turn
    around and shoot the guard on the other side of the glass doors with a
    Sticky Shocker as well. Now head down her path and scope in to snipe
    the guard holding her hostage. Once he's down, turn back to the glass
    door and wait for two more guards to come. Kill them both and then head
    back to Ingrid to check on her.
    Once you've made sure she was fine, go hide the bodies and get a
    satchel containing a data stick. After you are finished, head through
    the glass doors and get the *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    It's finally time to capture Sadono. Run past the elevators and stop
    short of the hallway. You will hear two guards talking and then Lambert
    will add to the confusion and tell you to hurry up. At the end of the
    hallway is a camera surveying the area. Don't bother jamming it or
    shooting it. Instead shoot out the light on the left wall and neon sign
    at the end of the hall. Once its dark in the hallway sneak to the end
    and the camera won't be able to detect you.
    Lean around the corner and whistle to get the guard to come to you.
    Kill him and then go into the room and kill the second guard still
    patrolling. Leave their bodies where they are and go into the bar to
    get some health. Walk out of the bar and to the right. Climb up the
    pole on the wall and when you reach the top of it, switch to the ledge
    on the wall. Shimmy left using the ledge until you reach the vent on
    the wall. Pull yourself up and walk through the vent. You will get a
    Continue to the end of the vent and hop out onto the catwalk. Do
    anything you like to gather the attention of the guards. Remain on the
    catwalk and pick the guards off one by one until you have killed all
    four. Sadono will remain in his position until you kill a guard in the
    middle of the stage that doesn't seem to move much. Once he is dead,
    Sadono will go out on the prowl looking for you. The best way to subdue
    him is to shoot him with a Ring Airfoil Round to stun him and then grab
    him from behind. If you are out of supply of these, throw your flash
    bang and grab him when you see him get blinded. Interrogate him and
    drag him to the retinal scan that is below where you jump down from the
    catwalk. Once the door is open, drag him to the top of the catwalk and
    force him to open the door using the retinal scan once more. On the
    helipad, walk out and talk to Ingrid. After the conversation is
    finished your mission is complete.
    Mission 8 – Los Angeles, California |
    As the level loads you will be displayed this message:
    "Norman Soth has breached LAX security with an unknown number of
    mercenaries and the final smallpox virus-armed ND133."
    "Neutralize Soth and recover the ND133 before the virus is released."
    The final mission will start out with a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. After you've
    saved, wait for the semi-truck to pull in and then jump the chain link
    fence. Run towards the truck while remaining in the shadows on your
    left. When you reach the truck, jump in and move to the back into the
    darkness. As the truck starts to drive off, you will not be able to
    move until it stops.
    When the truck stops throw your thermals on and search the area. When
    you see a guard with an exceptionally high temperature, you will know
    where you need to go. Wait until the airport guard and his dog have
    walked by and jump out of the truck. Stay in the shadows and move up
    towards the guard station, where the undercover mercenary is. Quietly
    sneak over to the doorway of the guard station and kill the mercenary.
    Place the body in the shadows and leave via the door next to the guard
    station. Walk down the narrow room and you will get a *SAVE
    The next room contains two airport employees. As you open the door, one
    employee will be doing something to the picture in front of her. Run up
    to her and knock her out. Turn to the wall and switch the light off.
    The other employee will notice, so stroll on over to his door and wait
    until he opens in. When its open, charge in and knock him out as well.
    Make sure you get inside the door because it doesn't tell you the key
    code. Once he's down, shoot out the lights and continue through to the
    next door.
    Through the door you will see a mercenary and an employee conversing.
    Shoot the light out above you to the right. This will make the narrow
    path completely dark. Lure the employee to the control room so that he
    can be knocked out. Then kill the mercenary however you like, but
    remember to hide both of their bodies before continuing on.
    Hop onto the right conveyor belt and walk through the plastic curtains.
    When you reach the other room, hop off and walk to the right into the
    dark corner. Wait for the employee and undercover mercenary to finish
    the conversation and then lure the mercenary to you. Kill him and hide
    in the dark corner.
    Walk back out the same conveyor belt you entered through and go through
    the big doorway with the plastic curtains. Turn left and get into the
    shadows. Quietly position yourself near the next guard, whistle him
    over, and shoot him. That leaves only 3 more people to deal with in
    this room.
    From here, stay near the left wall and follow it to the back of the
    room. You will see a civilian employee patrolling a small area. Stay
    next to the flashing red conveyor belt and wait until he patrols near
    you. Knock him out with a Sticky Shocker or a Ring Airfoil Round. Place
    the bodies in the shadows and then walk back to the first conveyor belt
    you came out of.
    Once there, move up a little until you are directly under the moving
    conveyor belt transporting suitcases. Look up and shoot a diversion
    camera on the right guard station. When the guard patrols by, release
    gas and knock him out. Run forward and hop on a stack of boxes. Then
    leap from the boxes to the shelves. Now you can hop up on to the
    catwalk where the previous guard was. Hide his body in the darkness
    around the corner and get out your gun.
    When the undercover mercenary patrols out of his little guard station,
    shoot him in the head and hide his body. Near his guard station is a
    health box if you need some life, which you shouldn't. This area is now
    officially secured and you are ready to continue on to the next area.
    To get to the door you need to go through, weave your way through the
    big electrical machines and the guard station. At the end of the
    catwalk will be a door, go through and you get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*.
    Walk down the stairs and you will find yourself in yet another conveyor
    belt room. At the bottom of the stairs, there are two conveyor belts
    going. Sit tight until you see a big stack of luggage getting rolled by
    on the left conveyor belt. Jump on the backside of the luggage and
    crouch. Let the conveyor belt carry you down the length of the room and
    passed the guard.
    When you come to the end of the room, you will need to hop off of this
    conveyor belt into the middle ground on your right. Now hop onto the
    other conveyor belt and ride it down until you see a third conveyor
    belt. Jump from your current one to this new one. You should notice
    that it isn't going the way that you need it to, so you are forced to
    run up it.
    After a few steps, you will cross paths with another guard surveying
    the luggage. Load the SC-20K with a Smoke Grenade and shoot it through
    the open window grate. Aim for the guard's head to knock him out
    quickly, but don't worry if you miss because the smoke will knock him
    out anyway. Keep going up the conveyor belt until you reach a small
    area with crates and shelves of luggage. Look to the ground by the
    luggage storage and grab the 5.56mm ammo. Turn around and exit via the
    Climb the stairs and you will get a *SAVE CHECKPOINT*. Enter the door
    and immediately walk to the left. Ready your SC-20K with a Ring Airfoil
    Round and prepare yourself. Allow the guard to walk down the length of
    the room, while you wait for the first civilian to cross the room and
    sit on the bench near you. When he is far enough from the civilian
    sitting on the bench, shoot a Ring Airfoil Round into his head.
    Continue down the non-moving escalator towards the second civilian.
    As you approach him, quiet your movement and shoot his with a Ring
    Airfoil Round as well. Leave the bodies where they are for now, you
    have more important things to deal with. A second guard will enter the
    room and start a conversation with the undercover one. This next part
    can be done in two ways depending on the events that take place during
    the talk of the two guards.
    First Way*
    The first way is the first one that happened to me and what caused it
    was that the civilian guard noticed the knock out bodies. If this
    happens to you, you must be prepared and hope that you be accurate.
    As the guard enters the room, one will ask for a break. The second
    guard says OK and doesn't seem to mind. But before the first guard can
    exit the room, the second one notices one of the unconscious customers.
    Now comes the time to show off your skills that you have developed
    through out the game
    Aim your gun at the civilian guard's head and fire off a Ring Airfoil
    Round, hopefully knocking him out the first time. Then switch your aim
    to the mercenary guard's head and unload a couple shots into it before
    he can alert Soth. Now depending on the civilian guard's condition, you
    either need to fire a second Ring Airfoil Round to knock him out for
    sure or he is already down. After the fiasco, hide all of the bodies in
    the room and use the computer in the guard station to receive a data
    stick. And pick up the note from the data stick that is located in one
    of the guard's satchel. Now unlock the door using the keypad and exit
    through it.
    This door keypad code is: 5325
    Second Way*
    The second way proves to be the easier of the two. In this case, the
    civilian guard will not notice the unconscious civilians and will not
    sound any alarm.
    Wait until the second guard enters the room and starts chatting it up
    with the mercenary guard. As they finish the conversation, launch a
    smoke grenade from your SC-20K in between the two. Thus, giving you the
    end result of two unconscious guards. Find the unconscious mercenary
    guard and make sure to kill him with a bullet to the head. Finish up
    with the bodies and hack into the computer in the guard station. You
    will receive a data stick and then remove the note from a data stick
    located in the guard's satchel. Use the keypad to open the door and
    then exit through it.
    This door keypad code is: 5325
    Beyond the door, there are some sets of stairs and a short hallway with
    an armored camera at the end of it. Ready a Chaff Grenade as your
    weapon and launch it to the far side of the hallway. The grenade will
    disable the camera and allow you to slip on by. At the end of the
    hallway turn and walk left. Before reaching the door you will get a
    Enter the telephone room using the transparent door. Your first target
    is the patrolling mercenary guard. Walk to the left and wait next to
    the cubicle wall. When he passes by the alarm to go look through the
    other transparent door, sneak up and grab him. Interrogate the guard
    and then knock him out in a dark spot of the room. Shoot him in the
    head to finish off the last of the undercover mercenaries.
    Now you need to deal with Mr. Talk-a-tive. Sneak up behind him and when
    you are close enough give him an elbow to the head. Dispose of his body
    in the same area as the dead guard. The room is now secure and you are
    ready to move on. Run over to the door that is straight across from the
    one you entered.
    When you arrive at the door, you will hear a man talking to a small
    audience. Walk through the door and relax on the left of it. They will
    take a "coffee break" which gives you a chance to strike. After they
    have opened the cover and allowed the light to flow in, shoot the man
    still remaining at the table with a Ring Airfoil Round. Leave the body
    and continue straight ahead of you to the man by the coffee machine.
    Sneak up behind and knock him out in the shadows. Take care of the two
    bodies and exit the room using the door on the back left wall.
    As you walk out, two men will be talking to each other. They pose no
    threat to you, so you can leave them be. Sneak down the very right of
    the right escalator. Stay as far to the side as you can to avoid being
    seen by in indestructible camera above you. At the bottom of the
    escalator, move to the left side of the platform, and get out your
    binoculars and turn your thermal vision on.
    Once you've spotted him and his 2 men, head to the doorway of the room
    directly behind you and shoot out all of the lights in the room before
    entering. After the lights have been taken care of, use the elevator
    located on the right. Take the elevator up to floor 2 and you will get
    The elevator will stop in the middle of its ascent due to Soth's men
    cutting the power. Look up and shoot the discolored panel in the
    elevator's roof. Jump up and grab hold of the edge so you can pull
    yourself up.
    On top of the elevator, climb up the yellow wires until you reach a
    small platform. Step onto the platform and start to climb the new wire
    next to you. When you reach the top of this wire, you will transfer to
    a metal support underneath another elevator car. Pull your legs up and
    shimmy along it until you reach a trap door in the bottom of the
    elevator car.
    Open it and climb through into the elevator. Knock the paranoid
    passenger inside the elevator out and then jump through the roof like
    you did before.
    On top of this elevator will be a red light with a small opening below
    it. Jump down the platform and grab the 5.72mm ammo and Sticky Camera
    off the table to your left before walking through the opening.
    As you reach the end of the opening, quietly drop down onto the
    catwalk. Shoot out the light near the pillar to attract the guard's
    attention. When he comes around the corner, knock him out, and whistle
    to get the attention of one of the mechanics. Knock the first mechanic
    out as well and hide the two bodies in the darkness.
    Quietly move to the pillar near the spot where the catwalk intersects
    with another catwalk. Put your back to the wall and perform a S.W.A.T.
    turn to get across to the other side of the catwalk. Climb up the
    ladder and move down the catwalk until you come to spot where you must
    hop catwalks.
    Climb down the ladder slowly and move across to the spot where the
    second mechanic is working. Sneak up on him and knock him out from
    behind. Climb up the ladder that is next to your current position. At
    the top of this platform, look up and shoot out the light above the
    next ladder. Once that's done, continue climbing up to the next floor.
    About midway through your climb, a timer will start to count down. Rush
    up the ladder and turn your thermal vision on. You now have 1:00 or
    less to take out Soth and his two guards which are below you. Scope in
    with your gun and take them out quickly.
    Once they have been eliminated, jump off the catwalk on to another one
    that is below you and race to the spot that Soth and his mercenaries
    had occupied. When you reach the spot, grab the ND133 and your mission
    will be complete. With the completion of this mission, you will get a
    final cut scene and the game will be over.
    "The neutralization of Norman Soth erased the final lingering threat of
    Suhadi Sadono's "Insurance Policy". The final ND133, however, remains
    armed with the smallpox virus and set to decompress in a matter of
    minutes. THIRD ECHELON scrambles to alert emergency services, hopefully
    minimizing the damage caused by the virus."
    5. Multiplayer Information
    A. The Basics |
    |Quick Match|
    |Create Match|
    |Recent Players|
    |Download Content|
    B. The Spy |
    1) You are the good guy trying to neutralize or steal the ND133s that
    the bad guys (mercenaries) are trying to protect.
    2) You must rely on stealth as a way to win. Without it, you have no
    3) All of your weapons are non-lethal. The only way that a Spy can kill
    a Mercenary is to go up behind them and break their neck. A spy can
    also neutralize or knock out an opponent by jumping on their head or
    just hitting it really hard.
    4) The spy can switch back and forth between first and third person
    camera view.
    = Smoke Grenade =
    Creates a suffocating smoke cloud when it blows.
    = Flash Bang =
    Disturbs the vision and hearing of any enemy look at it when it blows.
    = Chaff Grenade =
    Disables all electronics devices for a short period, in its blowing
    = Sticky Camera =
    Deployable reconnaissance camera, allowing the player to see through
    its point of view. It can also release a toxic gaz cloud.
    = Spy Bullet =
    Mark and enemy on the radar (and enable you to listen to his
    communications. Press white button)
    = Alarm Snare =
    Miniature diversion sound device. Can be thrown of detectors to set
    them off.
    = Neutralization =
    Locate and neutralize two/three ND133.
    = Extraction =
    Bring two/three tubes back to the exit.
    = Sabotage =
    Locate and neutralize two ND133.
    C. The Mercenary |
    The basics for the mercenary are the following:
    1) You are a bad guy trying to stop the good guys (spies) from
    neutralizing or taking the ND133s.
    2) Weapons are a big power in your main strategy. Almost of your items
    inflict damage in one way or another.
    3) The mercenary remains in first person the whole game. Cannot switch
    out to third person.
    = Frag Grenade =
    This grenade inflicts multiple damage to the people in its blowing
    = Mine =
    Double trigger system mines (proximity or laser beam) inflicting damage
    in its blowing range.
    = Phosphorescent Grenade =
    This grenade marks an enemy with phosphorescent particles in its
    blowing range.
    = Spy Trap =
    Marks on the radar the enemy who cut its detection beam. Press (white
    button) to listen to his communications.
    = Flare =
    Very bright but temporary short range throwable and stickable source
    = Tazer =
    Short range electrical shock that freezes a spy if it hits him.
    = Neutralization =
    Protect the ND133 and kill intruders.
    = Extraction =
    Defend the tubes and kill intruders.
    = Sabotage =
    Protect the ND133 and kill intruders.
    D. Levels/Maps |
    April 19th, 2006. 7:32 PM
    Multirama is a multiplex movie theater in downtown Denver, Colorado.
    |DefTech Belew|
    April 19th, 2006. 9:32 PM
    DefTech-Belew is a research and development defense contractor with
    multiple active contracts with the U.S. Military.
    |Krauser Laboratory|
    April 19th, 2006. 8:32 PM
    KRAUSER LABS. INC.. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Located in the center of
    downtown Chicago, Krauser operates multiple scientific research
    facilities and makes them available to government.
    |Mount Hospital|
    April 19th, 2006. 8:32 PM
    Temple Meyer Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. The Temple Mount Hospital
    has nearly completed construction of a new North Wing to serve Iowa's
    growing population.
    April 19th, 2006. 9:32 PM
    M.O.C.A. San Francisco, California, USA. Under construction: the new
    Central Pavilion of San Francisco's Museum of Contemporary Art.
    April 19th, 2006. 9:32 PM
    Schermerhorn Waste Management is a way-station between New York City's
    trash cans and the Fresh Kills Landfill.
    |Vertigo Plaze|
    April 19th, 2006. 9:32 PM
    Vertigo Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Vertigo Plaza is a high-the
    complex of 4 buildings linked together by 4 bridges far above ground.
    April 19th, 2006. 7:32 PM
    Bretex Warehouse is a military equipment warehouse just outside
    Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    E. Game Modes |
    You must neutralize the ND133 by hacking their security system. To do
    this, position yourself in front of one of them and press A. This will
    take a little time. If you flee, you can resume the process later.
    You must recover the tubes containing the virus on the ND133 and secure
    them. To do this, position yourself in front of one of them and press
    A. Then come back to your entry point. The tube will automatically be
    You must neutralize the ND133 by hacking their control system using a
    modem. To do this, position yourself in front of a wall, near a ND133,
    and press down. You can carry only one modem. Pick up a new one on
    ammunition boxes.
    F. Ranking System |
    The ranking system in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is
    what determines your level and rank on the Online Multiplayer. Your
    level is determined by how many points you have total. The total
    amounts of points you have also determine your rank on the Leader
    This part of the FAQ/Walkthrough will contain the information on how to
    lose and earn points and how the Statistic System works all together.
    - The ranking system uses ELO, the same ranking system Rainbow Six 3
    - A player that starts a ranked game and leaves in the middle of it is
    given a penalty. The penalty will be applied to your points at the next
    statistics update. The points for winning or losing are added and then
    the penalty will be added to that total.
    - A player can also lose points for committing suicide during a ranked
    - Players must be level 3 or higher to lose points when losing a game.
    Players that are level 1 and 2 can only lose points if they get a
    penalty for leaving in the middle of a game.
    - There are 6 different leader boards for this ranking system. There is
    one for each game mode and one for both of the teams.
    - Points required for each level:
      Level 1 – 0 Points      Level 2 – 60 Points
      Level 3 – 180 Points    Level 4 – 360 Points
      Level 5 – 600 Points    Level 6 – 1,000 Points
      Level 7 – 1,500 Points  Level 8 -

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