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"After a few alterations, Sam is back in a worthy sequel!"

Introduction: Sam Fisher, everyone's favorite THIRD ECHELON member is back with a sequel. This game has quit a few improvements compared to the last one , but also a few let downs. First of all, Sam looks 15 years younger! Come on, I enjoyed that look of maturity and experience. Not to mention that he's been bench pressing. He didn't need all those extra bulging back muscles in the first game and he doesn't need them now. But that really doesn't affect the game play so it's a minor annoyance.

Gameplay:9/10 This is area has a great improvement from the last one. In Pandora Tomorrow the level are a lot more... how can I put it, loose. You have a lot more freedom in exploring. For instance, while in Indonesia Sam can explore all the roof tops in some alleys. This won't affect the story line or even make Sam's job easier but he can still do it. Also, when in the radio station, there are three different ways to reach your objective, you get to choose the best one for your skills. Furthermore, Sam's wall split and wall jumps have greatly improved. For first timers, Sam sneaks around, knocks out enemies, hides the body and keeps going. His gadgets are the same and he uses the same two guns. Plus, those heat targeting auto-machine guns are back!

Graphics:5/10 The graphics haven't improved in this sequel. One big problem I have with this game is that half of the time you have to use night vision or heat vision goggles to see. So if the graphics were good you really can't tell.

Sound/Music:8/10 Sam's famous deep voice is just as gruff as ever and seems to have a more noticeable, but small, sense of humor. The music gets more varied when an enemy becomes alert, but sometime it can be mistaken for foot steps. By the way Sam has actually learned to whistle, this is a great way to lure people into a dark corner, but it doesn't always work the way you may want it to. A whistle can sometimes cause an opponent to set off an alert. By the way, if you are offended by "Mild Language" you may want to turn down the voice volume. Lambert enjoys using "colorful metaphors".*Star Trek IV

Controls:8/10 The controls are only slightly altered. There was no reason to change them but the change is so small it doesn't really matter. One improvement is that Sam can fire his gun while hanging upside down now.

Story:7/10 At a few points, the story line may get a bit difficult to follow but otherwise it's okay. Terrorist, revolutions, enemies of America, small pox, Israel, East Timor, Sam Fisher, etc, so on and so forth. Don't worry, when you play the game it will all fall together into a fascinating plot where you can't tell who your real allies are, except for Echelon team.

Replayability:7/10 Another interesting point in this game is that the story line can be slightly altered, so naturally you'll want to play it again. I just saved the game before an important part and replayed that level, but things DO change depending on how well you follow orders.

Conclusion: This game is a worthy sequel with all of the stealth action and excitement of the first, with added exploring freedom. The game isn't too expensive nowadays so if your a true Fisher fan go ahead and buy it, but if your an avid renter, you could probably beat it in a week it you got the time. A lot of people complain because the cube can't go online for two player mode, but who wants to play the game with Sam and Bob? Sam Fisher is the one-man invisible army, he doesn't need back-up. Another note, if any of you feel queasy about gunning down total strangers left and right, down worry, Sam's gun is a last resort and you shoot ten times as many light bulbs as people.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/30/06

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