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"You'll never play a game that is SOO dark!"

After playing the (superior) XBOX/PC versions and (frustrating) PS2 version, I finally got my hands on a copy of SC:PT for the Gamecube. I won't bore you with the story and just get straight to the technical stuff.
First of all, let me say this game has a LOT of flaws. Let me explain:

The graphics are good...when you can see them! Ubisoft Shanghai made the GC version SO incredibly dark that you can barely even see the light source of certain areas.
At times the framerate stutters down to 10 FPS and sometime up to 60 FPS.
When Night Vision is equipped, everything becomes clearer and all the light sources are bright as can be (until you un-equip NV). But in all fairness, the GC version of Night Vision is even better than the XBOX.
When equipping Thermal Vision, the graphics all of a sudden run at 60 FPS which is pretty cool at times.
It's basically a mixed bag on graphics but Night Vision is better and clearer in the GC version. 7/10

The sound mix is also a mixed bag. Music obviously cuts off and loops again in certain levels which is annoying. Sometimes audio cues for certain sound effects happen a few seconds AFTER it was initiated. All music looping aside, the in-game dialogue audio is presented in Dolby Pro Logic II and sound great. The dialogue is clear and always loud. 8/10

The gameplay is very sketchy. Even though this is just an exact port of the PS2 version, the game has more flaws.
For example, when hiding in the dark, a guard will walk by and see you and you'll fail the mission ALL WHILE HIDING IN DARKNESS! I encountered this problem MANY times throughout the entire game. Sometimes it ruins the whole point of stealth when you are detected just because the computer AI is so obviously incomplete!
There is also a glitch in the GC version: during certain MISSION FAILED screens, the game will freeze and make a buzzing noise when trying to reload the checkpoint. I encountered this problem twice in the TV station level.
And lastly, the Checkpoint system appears more frequently here resulting in more long loading screens.
Other than those flaws, the gameplay is always tension-filled and great. 7/10

Multiplayer was not included and after playing this version, I'm glad it wasn't added. With graphics so dark and such a twitchy framerate, I doubt mutiplayer would even run properly. Other than that (and a bunch of other flaws), the GC version is a great game if you haven't played the XBOX, PC or PS2 versions...BUT BEWARE! Frustrations will rise...don't say I didn't warn you.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/19/04

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