Review by joestin

Reviewed: 07/21/04

If you love stealth and being by yourself...

I waited and waited for this game to finally arrive and now that it has...I wouldn't say I'm disappointed, but rather just unreactive. I desperately wanted to love love love this game.

I was hoping to be wowed by the graphics which were supposed to equal xbox's after the release push-back. The GCN version falls somewhat short here. Levels of great size and high activity tend to slow down a bit...not to an unplayable level mind you, but just slow enough to be a little tedious. Other than those times (which are very much the minority) the graphics run great and the characters and scenery look excellent.

Essentially the same as the original here although I found myself using the gimmicks more often (split jumps; pole hanging). The sneaking move past doorways is a nice touch and very well utilized. The stealth aspects are played out well as well as interaction with enemy AI and usable scenery.

I give this its own category simply because I spent probably 2/3 of the game in night/thermal vision. Some might see this as a flaw of the game but I tend to see it as being more realistic. If it's dark outside or inside and you're hiding in the shadows...of course it will be dark and you'll use nightvision. In levels where it's supposed to be brighter, everything is fine. So unless you have something against black and white, this should not be a deal breaker.

I'm not a very good judge of this category as sound in games has never been a big concern. Nothing about the sound in this game irked me except the lack of accents in foreign fighters.

The story in this one is quite as good as the original and I found myself indifferent to the plight of whoever was being victimized...not good when you're fighting terrorism.

I have not yet decided if I like this more than the original but I would say let the price drop a bit before making the investment. I'm wishing I'd have gone with a rental first.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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