Review by GeneralGrievous2004

Reviewed: 09/16/04

Stealth action redifined...twice!!!

Now THIS is a stealth game. Some people will think that this is only a copy of the Metal Gear Games... that's not the case. This game is awesome and has its own style, and it's even better than its predessesor.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are simply great. Everything like the lights, the textures, the backgrounds, the characters are fantastic and have a great resolution. This game can even use the progressive scan mode, which improves even more the quality of the graphics. The only bad thing for me about the graphics is that they are EXTREMELY dark, but... that's the point of the game, isn't it?

Music/Sound: 8/10

There's not much to say about sound and music, only that they are both greatly done. The voice acting is pretty good and the music never gets repetitive. Its pretty cool music for a spy game, by the way.

Load times: 9/10
Its never excesive, and the best thing about it is that in this game the load times are actually USEFUL, because while a level loads, you are given the briefing of the mission; all the details and stuff. This game is excellent for the people who like to save a lot (like me) because each level has a a lot of checkpoints, so if you lose you don't have to start from the beginning.

Story: 8/10
The story is pretty good and interesting for being a videogame plot. It never gets tired and is really involving. There are almost no plot holes and, as said before, is very interesting. Definitely not a kiddy game.

Controls: 10/10
I have the Gamecube version and I must say that the controls are excellent and comfortable. No problem with that.

Gameplay: 10/10
EXCELLENT GAMEPLAY! Especially the hiding in the shadow and hiding dead bodies thingy. The gameplay makes you fell that you are a real spy; its very realistic. The only problem with my version (GCN) is that it hasn't got multiplayer, but the 1 player gameplay is much better than the other consoles' versions, plus it has more 1 player levels. Great gameplay.

Final Comment:
This definitely is a great game, everything from the graphics to teh story to the gameplay. The best version for lonely players is the GCN version, definitely. XP It's an excellent game and is not a copy of the Metal Gear games, it has its own style and has nothing to do with the other series. Final mark: (not average) 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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