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"Great game, yet is sometimes easy"

This is one of the most thrilling new games to hit the gaming industry today. Your goal is to take out your opponent as quietly as possible and infiltrate the base until you reach your objective. Like a sliver of glass: small and nearly undetectable, yet deadly.

Game play
The game play is like most everything else in life: it has its strong points and its weak points.

Strong Points
This game is addictive. Once you get to a checkpoint, you just have to get to the next. Also, the new jungle levels are nice. You have pretty cool guns: the SC20K and and ordinary pistol. The SC20K is a huge gun which you carry on your back. It has many gadgets and a scope mode. This is a very useful for taking out enemies quietly when they are far away. The gadgets are: Sticky shocker, Ring airfoil, Sticky cam, and Diversion cam.

The lighting plays a key factor in this game. You have a luminosity meter which tells you how lit up you are. If it is in the darkest setting, enemies can come up to about one foot away from you and not see you because it is so dark. If you're at the highest level, then you stick out like a sore thumb. So how are you supposed to see? With either night vision or heat vision of course. I have to say, this game's night/heat vision is a lot better that the XBOX version's. This is not blurry from far away and the heat vision is vibrant and real.

This game has a good sense of reality in it, as shown by the light feature. Also, you must hide your victims. If you don't and someone finds a body, they will trigger an alarm. If they do this, then you might fail the mission and have to start over at your last checkpoint.

Weak Points

In this game, the enemies can at times be really stupid. At others, they can notice the slightest detail. When you are creeping up behind them, you can almost run and they can't hear you. This takes out some of the reality of this game. And at other times, they can notice you from several yards away while you are tiptoeing. This also subtracts from the overall score. I feel as the reality of the game plays a major role, so this is where a lot of points were lost.


Like I mentioned earlier, heat and night visions have been greatly improved. Also the lighting and Sam's face have been improved.


The sound is amazing in this game. Everything sounds extremely real.

Overall, a great game. Seriously, go buy/rent this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/09/06

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