Review by Kelamon

Reviewed: 09/18/04

Digivolve into one Champion of a game.

Summary: Digimon Rumble Arena 2 is your basic Arcade-style fighting game. With non-stop action and a number of extra characters and game styles to unlock, this game is definitely one to check out. In the 1-Player Mode, you guide your digimon through several levels of battles, digivolving and using your special attacks to defeat your rivals until you come face to face with one of six different Boss digimon. Defeat the Boss digimon to unlock him for use in the 1-Player and Mulit-Player Modes. In Multi-Player Mode, you and up to 3 other human or computer players go head-to-head to see who is the best in the Digiworld.

Gameplay (10/10): Pretty straightforward. For anyone who's played Super Smash Bros. Melee, this will be familiar territory. With 20 digimon to play as, and all but 6 able to digivolve twice, you'll never get bored. Multi-Player Mode also has several alternate games to play, such as the "Catch Culumon" game, where you chase Culumon around the arena, trying to snag him the number of required times to win. Then their's "Big vs small", where one digimon is in it's most digivolved form, and the digimon who defeats it digivolves to their highest form.

Graphics (10/10): The digimon have all undergone a much needed improvement since Rumble Arena 1. The backgrounds are very colorful, and interactive no less.

Sound (8/10): Explosions, electrical shocks, smacks from punches, crunches from falling on your head. The sound effects never seem to cease. But what makes the sound the best part of all is also what makes me give it an 8/10. More than half of the digimon and their digivolved forms have the original voice actors providing the voice for the digimon. A major plus. However, the other half doesn't sound remotely like the original voices, and some just sound horrible (ex. Patamon).

Controls (8/10): While simple button combinations for special attacks are the key to making this game enjoyable control wise, the fact that while you're being attacked with normal attacks you can't defend yourself or get out of the combo of hits until the third or fourth hit lands is annoying.

Overall (9/10): If it wasn't for the above mentioned things, I'd have given this game a perfect 10. I was a fan of Rumble Arena 1, and this only helped to revitalize my liking of the Digimon game series. If you liked Rumble Arena 1, or if you enjoy using tons of different special attacks on opponents during a Fighting game, then you'll enjoy this game very much.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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