Review by MrCheeseBurgers

Reviewed: 09/25/04

Great game!

Summary: I really liked Digimon Rumble Arena 1, but the graphics where a bit blocky and the controls got anoying. I was really happy when I saw this game came out, I bought it and this was extremely fun. You get to play with most of the season 1 characters plus some from other seasons. In each battle you fight 1-3 diffrent digimon! The levels are very well done, and interactive. There is a story but it is finished quickly, but the real fun is multi-player. Most of the digimon can digivolve into a champion, then a mega/ultimate.

Graphics 10: The graphics are VERY well done, I was very impressed when I saw all the digimon and there attacks. I like the new "shiny style" of the digimon and the loading screen. But there were some very minor glitches such as, if there was a uneven surface on the ground and you walked over it your digimon's foot would be INSIDE that object. The digimon look like they did in the anime cartoon which is nice. The background in the levels are very detailed.

Sound 7: The sound really is nothing special. But the one thing that is SO annoying is patamon's voice. He sounds like a 6 year old, seriously. And 40% of the digimon sounds like a avrage person's voice that has been modified by a computer, very easy to spot. It was great to hear some of the original actors' voice in the game.

Gameplay 10: The gameplay is absolutly amazing. Everything flows so smoothly. Even the level is interactive, such as in the "wild wild west" level you can bust through the upper level of the bank then go in the vault and bust out of this wood wall and see wood fly everywere. And in a level you can throw a digimon into these cups and then they pop out as a can! There are very cool power ups in the game. You can select from slow, medium and fast gameplay. I find the medium to be too fast, I always select slow because its a perfect pace for a game like this. The single player on the other hand is pretty bad, its just fighting up a "ladder" with no story or such.

Control 10: The controls are very basic, you press A for normal attack, B for special attack, Y for jump, L for guard, and R to digivolve (If you have your energy meter full). You can also combine these or press up + an attack or down + an attack for even more moves.

Overall 10: This is a great game for any digimon fan or any SSBM fan.

Rent or Buy? Choose buy, this game should be cheaper than 50$. It has GREAT replay value and you will have lots of fun with your friends, or even by your self.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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