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"Digimon still are the champions"

Summary -
Digimon Rumble Arena 2. Better than it's predecessor for multiple reasons. More Digimon, more play modes, Evolutions, and just more in it. It has a nice arcade-style mixed with a style similar to that of Digimon Battle Spirit. With each bead you collect from your opponent when he is hit, the closer you are to evolution. Most Digimon have 2 evolutions, getting stronger with each evolution.

Gameplay - (10/10) -
Much better than Digimon Rumble Arena. There are more attacks to pull off and more special attacks as well. There's also so much more in it. Many of the items summon a certain "mode" or sorts. Phantomon, "Pinata Party", and a bunch of others. In one arena, you can get turned into a punching bag/marshmallow. Annoying, but it's quite amusing when it happens to your opponent.

Graphics - (10/10) -
Wonderful. One thing that bugged me about Digimon Rumble Arena was the visible joints. The arenas are also wonderful, with a lot to look at.

Sound/Music - (9/10) -
One thing I liked it how it almost strays from the original show voices. Some voices...need work, but others are good. Explosions and crashes also have nice sound effects. Music, however, is mediocre. Sometimes it's hard to hear, but otherwise it's nice. If you like voices that sound similar to either the Japanese or American versions, you'll have no issue with voices.

Controls - (9/10) -
Easy to learn, easy to master. Problem is, once you're in an attack, it's hard to get out. Otherwise, it's perfect.

Overall - (9/10) -
If you liked the original game, or you just like Digimon and fighting games, I highly recommend this one. There are more modes than just "Easy" "Normal" and "Hard" and it never gets old. If it wasn't for the two 9's above, and the lack of an opening movie, it would have gotten a perfect score.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/15/04

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