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"Digimon rumbles its way off the ground"

Digimon Rumble Arena 2, or commonly known as DRA2, is the sequel to the popular Playstation game, Digimon Rumble Arena. Hardcore Digimon fans have long-awaited this highly anticipated game, only to find themselves greatly disappointed.

To be honest, I am a Digimon fan too. After playing Digimon Rumble Arena a few years back, I was expecting something new and interesting in this sequel.

Let's start with Gameplay. As the name of the game hints, it is an all melee-based game, which includes popular Digimon characters. The gameplay is quite fascinating. With attacks controlled by a series of buttons, each Digimon in the game can whip up a good fight. Also, the attacks are specialised to that Digimon only, meaning that no other Digimon in the game will have the exact same attack. Of course, Digivolution is a must. Each Digimon can digivolve to a higher-level and digivolution is based solely on the anime alone. In other words, we won't be seeing an Agumon digivolving into a Tyrannomon in this game.

However, many people, in which I partly agree, have claimed that it is a rip-off from Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers' Melee. This game uses the exact same method of gameplay, that somehow shows a clear similarity between this game and the original. However, having Digimon characters ultimately makes the game really unique.

Next, the gameplay is really too boring. After several fights with Computerised enemies and unlocking secret Digimons along the way, you will grow bored over the game. That is because, unlocking secrets in this game is really as simple as counting 123.

All in all, the gameplay has not only NOT added special features to make it different from its original, and has also made the game a really boring and simple one. I will rate this part, a 6 out of 10.
Score: 6/10

Sound and Graphics
I have grouped both sound and graphics together as it is easier to relate to each other.

Music in the game is quite nicely done. Each stage has its own background music and each attack has its own sound too. Though there're not many variations, this portion of the game is not that bad afterall.

However, as a Digimon game, it does not include special Digimon soundtracks from the anime or movies, which is quite a big disappointment.

Graphics in this game is rather clear and detailed. Although the Digimons in the game don't have much facial features whatsoever, they still look realistic and alive.

The background also fits with the music and is able to create a suitable atmosphere. As every single stage in the game is different, the graphics and the music together bring about a single aim, to defeat and complete the stage.

On the whole, the graphics and sound blend in together to create a suitable "feel" towards the game. I will rate this part, 7.5 out of 10
Score: 7.5/10

Replay Value
Replay Value, or what I usually call Replayability, is low for this game. After one has unlocked every single unlockable Digimon in this game, there are only two things left to do in the game: continue fighting computerised opponents or test out your unlocked Digimons with your friends. Henceforth, one will get bored very easily soon after unlocking everything, even if he/she's a hardcore Digimon fan. I have nothing much left to comment in this region, therefore, I will rate it, 2 out of 10
Score: 2/10

Market Value
No, this is not an analysis of what the game is going to be sold for, but how should you, as a reader, get your hands on this game. In other words, should you RENT, BUY or AVOID this game.

Due to its low Replay Value and poor Gameplay with totally no story at all, I will recommend anyone to AVOID this game. Unless you're a hardcore Digimon fan or are willing to waste US$29 on a piece of "utter crap", go on and BUY this game. Otherwise, if you're just one curious gamer after reading my review, RENT it and see how bad this game is.

Final Score
Alright, here's the final score for this game:
(6 + 7.5 + 2) / 3
15.5 / 3
Approximately 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/03/05

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