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"More like Digimon Fumble Arena"

Back in the Holiday season of '04, all I had was 40$, a Gamecube, all the good games were 49.99 and every store I went to were stocked out of PS2's. I was bored, desperate then I saw a copy of DRA2. I figured, hey, DRA1 was an enjoyable experience. So how bad could this be? Dun-dun-dunnnnnn...

Story: 1/10=1/5
What story? I just told it. Uh I mean, no in game story, there's not even a really cool opening scene like in the prequel.

Graphics: 8/10=4/5
The graphics are pretty good, not breathtaking, but good. The Start screen looks kinda cool. The Digimon look the way they are supposed to, no color errors or missing detail. And they're shiny! All the levels create a certain theme, there are old broken down wood houses and tumbleweeds in the Western level, lava and rocks in the volcano level and conveyor belts explosive barrels and huge funnels in the factory level.

Sound: 4/10=1/5
The game consists of no techno J-poppish themes at all and aren't very memorable, which surprised me, I mean what Japanese cartoon/game uses clicks and whistles for factory level music? And THAT's when I also realized that this game is not a Japanese import. Which probably is why the game isn't as good as before, just look what happened to the English dub. BUT the menu music sounds pretty cool. The voice acting is taken from the english licensed Foxkids dub but dialogue is limited, though you hear the attack names, it's just that when you win or lose the characters only say "I won!" or "I lost" (and sometimes replaced with a crackly noise.) just right after the announcer says that same thing.

Gameplay: 5/10=2/5
This game, as said by everyone else, plays like Super Smash Bros, watered down. You got your B button for the special move, the double-jump and the throwing of others. You can walk freely without having to face your opponent ala Street Fighter. What's missing are the recovery rebounds after being knocked down, the rolling, the smash attacks and the limitless energy. But like the prequel, you have life meters, and the controls are almost unresponsive. And there aren't a lot of items either. You can also Digivolve your digital friend into its more powerful forms up to 2 levels. The roster also has taken in some new characters and replaced a few in the process. That means Renamon's gone, and she was really cool and just as strong in her rookie form.

Replay Value: 5/10=2/5
As you progress, you can unlock new levels modes and monsters to add some more fun to the game. One disappointing note is that the other unlockable monsters are just "black" counterparts of some of the other monsters, that play exactly the same!

Overall: 6/10=1/5
Not good, maybe even for the Digimon fan, but perhaps good for the fanboy. I'm a fan and I LOVED the uncut japanese original toon but this adaptation, in my opinion, is just a disappointment from its predecessor.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/11/05

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