How do I beat the rubberobo at the iceberg lvl!?

  1. I cant beat this guy and there are no fricken guides anywhere!ik its an old game but could sombody at least finish a guide!?

    User Info: brycegoogler

    brycegoogler - 5 years ago


  1. In order to defeat the Rubberobo at the Iceberg, you have to hit him with an attack (I used napalm/missle style attacks). After flinching for a while, he turns 180 degrees to go the OPPOSITE direction of the way he faced when you hit him. The object is to get him to the goal. If you want him to turn left or right, hit him when he's facing the direction OPPOSITE that which you want him to go. It's easiest to have him go down, then turn him toward the goal. If he is in line with the goal, he'll go to it by himself.

    User Info: Muruzaki

    Muruzaki - 5 years ago 0 0

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