"Good, but could have been better."

When I first got the gamecube I was anticipating all sorts of games for it to come out and eventually those games got cancelled... so I felt bad. The Gamecube had a decent library but the Gamecube was only an average console for Nintendo becaues Nintendo's other consoles have been better. The gamecube lacked 3rd party support and among other things, and lacked the maturity that other Nintendo consoles had. The Gamecube had its great games, it had its classics, but in retrospect to the past Nintendo systems, the Gamecube was not as good as the other ones. The wii, for example, has better games than the Gamecube already and its only been out for a year.

I did not like how Nintendo failed to come out with a constant slew of games. I had to wait until the holiday season to get most of the good games since they did come out then and most of the times Nintendo made bad marketing decisions with its advertising. They advertised its mario game with a "clean is better than dirty" commercial and it was targeted for a younger audience, or late adapters. In interviews, Nintendo has repediately said that they have targeted late adaptors, and that they were not going after a hard core audience.

Nintendo usually makes classic systems, but this system is not what I would consider a classic. It had its high points and its low points, but overall it wasn't as good as some other systems that nintendo has created.

Nintendo ditched online play for connectivity with the gameboy advance in this generation, and that was a mistake, and they got a lot of harsh criticism for it. Nintendo's only online game was phantasy star online.

Nintendo had a few multiplayer games but opted for not focusing its entire system on multiplayer games like they did with the Nintendo 64.

Saturo Iwata looked to take nintendo in a new direction. Satoru Iwata had a good start, but needs to change some things in order to make the next system better.

Saturo Iwata failed to release the add on that was said to come out later on in the gamecube's lifespan to increase its longlivity, as he said it would come out with it on an interview with him at some E3.

The gameboy player increased the gamecube's library by a lot of games. The gameboy player was the successor to the super gameboy and provided the opportunity to play designated gameboy color and gameboy advance games on a gamecube. Plus, it allowed for multiplayer.

Nintendo had made a lot of changes and a lot of corrections to their mistakes that they made during the N64 era, but they certainly can do better.

The games: 8/10

The games on the Gamecube were the second best games to come during the generation. Unlike its competitor, the PS2, and the Xbox, the Gamecube went after different games. Nintendo made some really innovative games and they made some steps toward making a good game console. The problem was not with the games, but with the 3rd party developers making watered down ports for the system that shown up best on the Xbox when the gamecube has the potential for the best games on its system.

The Gamecube had multi-disc capabilities for its games and it used them in only very few of its games. Instead, the 3rd party developers opted out to leave out parts to games, because of the disc's "lack of space", and also they left out content to the games because they couldn't compress the space of the disc's.

I was anticipating a lot of good games coming from rare, but most of them got moved to the Xbox or the Xbox 360. I wanted Donkey Kong +, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo: Elements of Power, and possibly a Donkey Kong game made by rare for the gamecube. I also wanted more games from square enix but square enix only made final fantasy Crystal Chronicals on the system and they refused to make main series games on the Gamecube, and they only made the main RPGs on the PS2.

There were a few surprises, though, that I liked. The gameboy player, Viewtiful joe, Megaman X Anniversary Collection, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Mario Kart Double Dash were all good surprises.

The problem with the gamecube was that it was not as good as the wii, the n64, the Snes, or the NES for that matter. Nintendo made a mistake by not releasing some mature games on its system and thus lost some of the market by not releasing some of the same games on other systems on its system.

Nintendo, had great exclusives on its system, but the gamecube's main good games were made by Nintendo or a nintendo developer or by nintendo cooperating with anothre developer.

I hope Nintendo does a better job with the Wii... ditching online play wih the gamecube set Nintendo back last generation and they better not make the same mistake with the wii or they will lose some potential wii-buyers.

The games were good but they did not target the right audience. Nintendo used to say that they were going after a different audience. Nintendo

Graphics- 10/10
The Gamecube had the best graphics last gen. The gamecube could out produce the ps2, and the Xbox, even though it was graphically inferior technical wise. Starwars rogue squadron II held the record in some graphics department for a time. The gamecube's graphics were unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was able to produce amazing cell shaded graphics on games like Zelda: Windwaker, Viewtiful Joe, Super Mario Sunshine, and a couple of other games as well.

The graphics were good for the time. The Gamecube's graphics supposedly out performed the PS2, and was able to make detailed environments to suit the game. It was able to show the game environments so well that they topped what was previously possible.

Replayibility- 710
Since the new consoles have been coming out and since the wii is backwards compatable with the gamecube you'll find yourself playing the gamecube a lot less. The Gamecube was a good system for its time but it wasn't the best nintendo system to come out. The Cube had its good games, but there are better nintendo systems out there, like the Super Nintendo that you'll find yourself playing a lot more after they don't make games for the system anymore.

There are other systems out that you will find yourself playing more and you will like them better. There are some gems on this system but as you know, quality>>>quantity. The problem was that nintendo did not have a lot of quality games on the gamecube. They had watered down ports on its system... and lots of developers were skipping games on the Gamecube.

Overall- 7.4/10
The Gamecube is a good system... but isn't as good as the wii, the n64, the snes, the nes, or other nintendo hand helds. It could have been better but nintendo has made some mistakes here and there.

The gamecube had a selective library of good games. It did not have a lot of good games on it. Although there are tons of good games that you can find on it, some of the games didn't come out for it, were cancelled, or were moved to another system. I.E-- rare didn't release perfect dark zero for it and the game was moved upto the Xbox 360, and neither did Kameo: Elements of power.

Some hits didn't get made on it. They could have, but the developers cancelled the game. Also, raven blade was an anticipated RPG, but was also cancelled. If the games that were cancelled came out on the gamecube, the game system would have had alot more games that you could choose from. Unfortunately, developers seemed to want to skip this system.

The problem with the gamecube was that it lacked developer support. Nintendo, and a few other companies seemed to share the spotlight, while other companies opted not to make the version of the game on the gamecube system, but on the other systems instead of it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/06/07

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