"Rip & Roll/Crush & Destroy!!!"

If you are tired of racing games with cruddy and unrealistic physics, this game is for you!

If you demand tight racing controls that matter on how well you manipulate your buttons, this game is for you!

If you have ever watched Monster Jam in your life and enjoyed what you saw (Monster Wars to us vets), then this game is for you!

And last but not least, if you love monster trucks and/or some serious off road racing challenge, while decimating the entire area around you...My friends, once again...THIS GAME IS FOR YOU!!!


My breakdown on Monster 4x4:Masters of Metal


I will start right here explaining my number nines...a game must be of exceptional mind blowing caliber to get a ten out of me...I haven't seriously enjoyed a racing game ever since Wipeout64, sans F-Zero GX...

When I heard about this game coming out, I just knew it had to be in my collection.

Dude, come on...Prowler...Madusa...Maximum Destruction...GRAVE DIGGER!!!

So anyway, I got this lovely gem of a game for, the gameplay is insane...there are stadium races, off road races(and when I say off road...I mean off road, buddy), and stunt get little power ups to help you in off road races...rad stuff like shocks that help you jump fences and other objects, shields to keep you from taking too much damage...believe me, you'll need them...spikes that pop out of your tires to help you on tough terrain like ice, mud, and when treading water...and nitrous and turbo boosters to help you speed up


Super controls...I cant diss them at all...this was meant to be played on the cube, since the L&R buttons are the best on any controller (*hint to microsoft to change those damn triggers that pinch your fingertips sore after so much use!*)

Its all tight controlling...if your truck spins out of turn, its because of you and not some terrain glitch...for those that whine and cry *I always get stuck behind trees!*, well a little more careful next time while racing off road

Pretty realistic, you have the ability to do wheelies, front end stands, two-wheeled side driving, turn donuts, even do a complete somersault off of a ramp if you're going fast and high enough...when you use the brakes, your back end spins out nasty, but hey...its pretty damn realistic when you think of what you're driving...not some little sedan at 15 mph, but a huge monster truck at high speeds


I would have said a 9 too, but the people in the stands have that older wrestling game crowd paper thin look, which is relatively minor considering you cant really pay attention while in a race, but hey...I'm a nit picker

The rest of the graphics are pretty awesome...arenas look great, the off road stuff looks real wanna talk about interactivity with your surroundings, screw Backyard this game you're mowing down fences, water fountains, trees, crushing lengths of cars, all sorts of crazy stuff...when your truck hits stuff, your hood will pop up and flap as you drive, the front body work may get completely torn off showing just your engine and suspension...hell, you'll even lose a wheel here and there if you aren't careful


The truck rumbles are real good...the smash sounds are nice...people say stuff at you during the races...even the soundtracks compliment the game...nothing but good hard doses of instrumental heavy only grips is that I feel the music isn't loud enough, but that can always be fixed by turning down the other sounds and turning up your tv set volume to set the right level for you


They make you compete in champion mode in various cities doing stadium, off road, and stunt challenges to make more money to be able to buy into the next round challenges, also giving you the option to upgrade your power ups and refill depleted ones before doing off roads with money you've earned from previous challenges...make sure not to over spend on goodies, cause then you can't afford to get in the next race, and your game will be over

Replay Value~9/10

Pretty can unlock some of the monster trucks that aren't available from the start plus win the trophies and stuff...also its pretty good to get your aggressions out, or if you just wanna tear up the ground for fun

Multi player?...Well, if you've got friends then you have one CRAZY ASS race on your hands, there's no better way to put it

To sum it all up, if you demand racing satisfaction, and you don't run out and pick this game up...well, you might as well slap yourself in the face

Comparing this to T.H.U.G.(on xbox no less, so I could skate to my tunes), which I also got for Xmas, and yes I beat it(twice in fact and unlocked everything)...T.H.U.G. is going right back to the store in less than a week after
I got it, while Masters of Metal is gonna be a permanent resident in my archive of games

Final score~9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/01/04

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