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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Relle

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/25/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           ______   _____)) ________|   ___/| __'__
                           \  _  \    \ \   `--. .--' ,'/  ""`  '__ '-, 
                           | |_)  |   _\ \     | |   / /    . | |  ` , ,
                           |     /   / /\ \    | |  /  .---'| | |    | |
                           |  _  \  / /__\ \_) | |  \  .---,| | |    / /
                           | |_)  || |    \ \  | |\`,\  \   ` | |   | |
                           / ____/  \ \   _\_\_\ \/ , `, \ -- |_|_  \ \
                           ((     ((/_/         `--'    `--\|//      \_)   
                                  E T E R N A L     W I N G S
                       ____))   _____))   ____))________|     __       ____/|
                        | |___)   \ \      | |  `--. .--'  ,'/  `,   ,',____/
                        | |/ /    _\ \     | |     | |    / ,\_\, \ |  __  
                        |   <    / /\ \    | |     | |   | |     | | \___ `, 
                        | |\ \  / /__\ \_) | |     | |   | |  _  | |     `, \
                        | | \ \/ /    \ \  | |     | |\`, \ '\ \' / |____-' |
                       _|_|_ \  |     _\_\_|_|_    \ \/ ,  `,__/,'  /_____-'
                              | \))                 `--'    ((___,-'
                              A N D    T H E    L O S T    O C E A N
    Spoiler-Free FAQ/Walkthrough
    by Relle (getrelle@yahoo.com)
    ASCII art courtesy of Leebo
    Table of Contents
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Updates
    3.  Game Basics
      3a. Battle System
      3b. Combos
      3c. Other Mechanics
    4.  Walkthrough
      4a. Disc 1 - Upon the Wings of New Beginnings
         4a-1. Cebelrai, the Farming Hamlet
         4a-2. Moonguile Forest
         4a-3. Cebelrai Revisited
         4a-4. Through the Nunki Valley and to the City Beyond
         4a-5. The Lord's Mansion
      4b. Disc 1 - The Cloud Island Diadem
         4b-1. Nashira, the Fishing Village
         4b-2. Over the River and Through the Woods...
         4b-3. Nashira Under Occupation and the Road of Clouds
         4b-4. To the Palace and Intrigue!
      4c. Disc 1 - Anuenue and the Colors of the Rainbow
         4c-1. Komo Mai and the Flower Queen
         4c-2. Ancient Library of Magic
         4c-3. Climbing the Celestial Tree
         4c-4. Dropped Off in the Outer Dimension
      4d. Disc 1 - Mira and the Great Illusion
         4d-1. Parnasse and Detourne
         4d-2. Reverence and the Shrine of Spirits
         4d-3. Balancoire and the End Magnus
      4e. Disc 2 - Assault on the Empire
         4e-1. Mintaka, the Imperial Capital
         4e-2. Assault on the Goldoba
         4e-3. The Final End Magnus
      4f. Disc 2 - Darkness Engulfs the World
         4f-1. The Adventures of Xelha
         4f-2. Through Freezing Winds and Endless Snow
         4f-3. The Empire is Struck Back
         4f-4. Poisonous Pathways and Laborious Labyrinths
         4f-5. Zosma, Tower of Stones
         4f-6. Celestial Alps
      4g. Before the Final Conflict
         4g-1. The Book of Forbidden Magic
         4g-2. Up Ghost River With a Magic Paddle in the Sand
         4g-3. The Tower's Final Secret
         4g-4. Taking Care of Business
      4h. For a Bright Blue World...!
    5.  Acknowledgements
    6.  Copyright Info
     1.  Introduction
    Guess who's back!  Back again!  No, it's not that dick Eminem.  Once again the
    RPG lust fuels my passion for FAQ writing, and once again I have a game worthy
    of my efforts.  Besides being a card-based RPG, it also contains a fantastic
    soundtrack, a key element for an RPG, and a battle system that gives me shivers.
    All the flowery and overblown language aside, I'm continuing my quest to provide
    a spoiler-free walkthrough for all the RPGs of the world, and Baten Kaitos is
    one more stop in a long line of fun and kickass games.  As any veteran to my
    guides would know, don't expect much in terms of listwork here.  The point of
    this guide is to get you through the game with a minimum of spoilers (none if
    possible).  If I've missed anything or if you want to add a tip or suggestion,
    feel free to e-mail me.
     2.  Updates
    0.01 - Just started.  What you see now is more or less a skeleton until I make
    some progress in the game.  As with all my RPG walkthroughs, I'll likely add
    more sections and information as I go along.  Though don't expect any listwork
    like card combos, since there's already a FAQ up for those and...well, it'd
    be listwork, I hate listwork.
    0.05 - Further progress.  If I had any idea how far in the game I am, I'd be
    able to give more accurate version numbers...
    0.10 - Added some stuff and wrote up the Cloud Passage.  Next stop, the castle.
    0.12 - More progress.  Continuing on...
    0.15 - Finally finished Diadem.  Next up, Anuenue.
    1.17 - Walkthrough, walkthrough.  Finished through the library.  Also fleshed
    out and added to the section on the game's mechanics.
    0.25 - Lots and lots of progress.  I'm in Mira currently, but I missed some
    things in Anuenue, so expect random corrections to sprout in the middle of the
    0.27 - Minor update, just expanded the walkthrough a little.  Happy Holidays!
    0.40 - First update of 2005.  Ran into the first disc a mite sooner than I
    0.43 - Made it through the Goldoba and quite possibly the toughest boss battle
    in the game.  Go me.
    0.50 - Continued progress.  No idea if this is really the halfway point.
    0.52 - Really small update, I know, but I wanted to do something after having
    been fully sucked into World of Warcraft.
    0.55 - Really, really drawn into World of Warcraft.  I still managed to make
    updates, though.  Went through the dimensional rift bosses.  Also revamped the
    boss listings.  Thanks to the guys at the FAQ critiques board for their input.
    0.57 - Continued progress.  Moving on.
    0.59 - Slight progress.  Mintaka part deux is next.
    0.60 - Finally finished the Imperial Fortress section!  Whoo!  Also got past a
    couple stumbling blocks, namely the two bosses in said section.  So...yeah.
    0.65 - Suddenly I am greatly inspired to write.  Woo.  Continued walkthrough
    0.67 - Meh.
    0.75 - Taking some time off from World of Warcraft since I'm in the horrible
    fifties and I need all the rested XP I can get.  Finished off a major boss
    battle, so I figured I'd upload something.
    0.77 - Continued progress.  I've made an end-March resolution to play a little
    Baten Kaitos before feeding my World of Warcraft addiction, so that'll help get
    this thing finished.
    0.80 - Hah, continued progress.  I did, in fact, write a little in this guide
    every day, but I do reserve the right to forget to update it.
    0.90 - Very nearly done!  All that remains is the final dungeon!
    1.00 - That's it!  Walkthrough completed!  The long delay was, of course, due
    to World of Warcraft, but after several months I'm beginning to lose interest.
    In all likelihood I'll be quitting once my subscription's up.  Either way, it
    doesn't matter since the walkthrough's finally completed and the only thing
    left is minor corrections I can do anytime.  Thanks for putting up with my
    ridiculous procrastination, folks.  It's been a pleasure.
     3.  Game Basics
     3a. Battle System
    Because this game's battle system is so unusual, I felt I should dedicate a
    section to it.  This game is unlike other RPGs, and even other card RPGs, as it
    incorporates real-time combat and card combos into the battle system.  So, 
    here's a brief and probably highly uninformed overview of the battle system.
    First of all, you don't fight by the standard menu selection process of RPGs
    past.  Instead, you choose cards to either attack, defend or heal yourself or
    others.  These cards can be strung together into combos, resulting in much
    higher damage dealt.
    When attacking, it's turn-based, so you can take your time selecting your first
    card, but once you pick that first one, you're off and running.  Two things to
    keep in mind: one, when selecting a healing item, make sure you're not targeting
    a monster!  You start any battle targeting monsters by default, so before using
    a healing card, use the L and R buttons to select your target.
    When defending, everything is done in real-time.  You must select a defense
    card before the enemy's attack hits, or it deals full damage to you.  There are
    also elemental armor cards that have greater defensive power against an enemy's
    elemental attack.  However, you don't have to match your elemental armor to the
    enemy's attack.  The total damage done and the defense you raise is calculated
    at the end of the enemy's turn, so if you were to use a regular Buckler Magnus
    against a flame breath attack, for example, then were to use an Ice Armor
    Magnus against a regular claw attack, the elemental defense of the armor would
    be calculated, and the fire damage reduced when the time comes to tally up all
    the damage dealt.
     3b. Combos
    Combos can be difficult to accomplish, because they require certain conditions.
    The numbers on each card are how you string together combos.  They can be done
    in pairs (two cards with the same number) or straights (cards with sequential
    numbers).  Straights can be done backwards and forwards, meaning 1-2-3 and
    3-2-1.  Combos only register when your entire attack or defense hand matches
    the requirements.
    I'll elaborate.  Say you have Xelha draw Light Flare 1 and 2, and Fire Burst
    7 and 8.  If you were to select them in this order: 1-2-7-8, you wouldn't get
    two 2-card straight bonuses because the entire hand you deliver must be in one
    sequence, or be of a proper number for pairs (either 1-2-3-4, or 2-2-2-2 or any
    other combination).  You can have more than one set of pairs, meaning 2-2 and
    4-4 if you can select them in the proper order (2-2-4-4, or even 2-4-4-2).
    Straights, however, must not have a break in between them.
    Early on you'll only be able to use two or three cards and this won't matter
    much, but later on you'll be throwing out hands of five or six and then you'll
    have to make a choice.  Is it better to use up your entire hand, or stop short
    to gain the bonus percentage?  Later on, it's often better to do the latter.
    The high-damage cards you'll find will get more of a boost from the end-of-round
    bonuses than one more attack card.
    Later in the game you'll notice new cards will have a number in more than the
    upper right corner.  These additional numbers are actually quite helpful in
    stringing together larger and larger combos.  Elaboration: if you select a card
    with the A button, you'll automatically use the card's number in the upper right
    corner.  However, you can use the C-stick during battle to select the numbers
    in other corners to create straights or pairs that you couldn't with the default
    number in the upper right.
    Another example: say you have a Light Flare Lv.3 card with 8 in the top-right
    corner and 5 in the lower left, and a Chronos Blow Lv.3 with 5 in the top-right
    and 2 in the lower left.  You would use the C-stick to select the Light Flare's
    5 in the lower left corner, then select Chronos Blow with the A button to create
    a pair.
    While this may sound like a daunting task, it's easiest if you get used to using
    the C-stick in battle as soon as you start running across multi-numbered cards.
    Later on when you start stringing together long straights and quadruple-pairs,
    the rewards will be quite apparent.
    Also, be aware of special combos you can accomplish with your deck.  With
    certain sequences of cards, you can actually create brand-new cards to be
    selected with the end-of-battle loot.  As I said in multiple parts of this FAQ,
    I won't be listing the game's many combos because...well, it's listwork, I hate
    listwork.  However, I will tell you one particular combo that can help: use a
    Blank Notebook and Magic Pen in battle, and ONLY THOSE TWO CARDS for that turn!
    If you use any other card during that turn, either before or after the notebook
    and pen combo, it won't work.  This particular combo creates the Prophet's
    Notebook, an item that will tell you when and how your Magnus change due to
    time.  More on that later.
     3c. Other Mechanics
    A word on money.  You garner your funds in this game by taking pictures of
    monsters through the Camera card.  Early on you can take photos of your
    characters for spare cash, but monsters and bosses will soon reap huge monetary
    benefits.  However, don't sell right away, as it will take time for each new
    photo to fully develop.  Just remember to use your Camera Magnus whenever you
    draw one and you'll never be wanting for money.
    Also, there is one more very important thing to note.  You don't gain levels
    through normal means in this game.  You can fight a million battles, but you
    won't raise in level until you visit the church via the blue save flowers.
    In order to increase your level, you must earn experience from battles as per
    normal, then pray at the church.  To improve your job level, you must first
    find a special item that will increase that character's job level and then...
    well, pray at the church.  Religious much, Namco?
    This has the additional benefit for those of you out there who like a challenge.
    You don't have to pray.  You don't have to gain levels.  You can fight as many
    battles as you want and never get any stronger if you so choose.  Just avoid
    that altar and you'll stay level 1 throughout the game.  Groovy.
    One more note.  Time is a very big factor in this game.  Some of your Magnus
    will actively change over time.  Bananas will become old and stale.  Milk
    changes to Cheese.  Grapes become Wine.  Firey blades will lose their flames.
    Other weapons and armor will either lose their powers or gain new ones.  This
    mostly affects food items, but can also happen to less obvious Magnus.  Make
    sure to check your card supply periodically, as what was there yesterday may
    have changed overnight.  The Prophet's Notebook (mentioned above) helps
    immensely with this.
    This is a rather basic look at the game and battle system, and I'll try to add
    to it over time as I delve deeper into the game.  For now, though, I hope it
    helps.  One final request, and that is if anyone has the actual HP counts for
    the bosses and could send them to me, I'd appreciate it.  There's currently no
    card to analyze the bosses, so I've just been adding up all the damage I deal
    and estimating the total from that.  Currently I have the 'official' totals for
    several bosses, but the ones I'm not sure about have a little tilde (~) by the
    HP total.  So...yeah.
     4.  Walkthrough
     4a. Disc 1 - Upon the Wings of New Beginnings
     4a-1. Cebelrai, the Farming Hamlet
    Lots of cutscenes to watch when the game begins.  When you regain control, take
    a look around.  Speak to the woman to get an understanding of the game mechanics
    if you're one of those people (like me) who never read the instruction booklet.
    Go outside when you're ready.  Speak to Maynee, the woman in pink, then try to
    leave the screen via the west end.  Some idiot will stop you and explain that
    the blue flower beside him is this game's version of a save point.  So keep
    that in mind.
    In the next screen you'll be assaulted by a kid.  Talk to the blonde near him
    when you regain control for another cutscene.  Go in the building by the guy
    shouting to check out the Magnus store.  There's not much you can do about it
    now, seeing as you're pretty much destitute, but it's good to know where it's
    at for future reference.  Go north from there and enter the house.  The man 
    inside will give you a Shish Kabob (Medium) Magnus.  Examine the dresser in the
    lower right corner to get a Dark Flare Magnus.  Go out and enter the house in
    the northernmost part of the screen.  This is the mayor's house, and there's a
    Fire Burst Magnus in the bookshelf.  Talk to the mayor, who will warn you
    against going to the forest.  Well, gee, guess where we're heading next?
     4a-2. Moonguile Forest
    Right off the bat there will be a couple monsters to fight, and a green sparkly
    thing which is a treasure chest containing a Voice Magnus.  I'd recommend you
    fight just to get the hang of the battle system.  It can be a little hectic.
    My only real tip is to remember that you have to select a defense card before
    the enemy attacks, and since the enemy attacks in real-time, you have to be
    quick about it.
    Now then...go towards the light!  The guy sitting down is another tutorial dude
    who will teach you the basics of battle.  Talk to him if you want, but practical
    experience is always the best.  There will also be a chest behind a fallen tree,
    but because you can't use the Fire Burst Magnus, it'll have to wait.  Instead,
    go across the river and snag the Bamboo Shoot from the chest.  Be sure you're
    ready before you go north, as you'll trigger a boss battle.
     Boss - Sabre Dragon
     HP   - 230
     Weakness - Water (+80%)
     Resists  - Fire (-80%)
     Magnus   - Blue Storm, Fire Burst Lv.1, Draco
    A quick note on the resistances.  Any number with a + signifies a weakness to
    that particular element, while a - signifies strength.  So, this particular
    boss is strong against fire, and weak against water.  I'll typically list the
    weaknesses first, then the strengths.  Just for future reference.
    A very easy fight, though you may have trouble if you didn't pick up on the
    battle system with the few fights you've had to prepare you earlier.  Just
    remember the battle system is real-time when the enemy attacks, so you'd better
    pick your defense and counter-attacks quickly if you want to survive.  This
    boss is strong against fire and weak against water, so if Aqua Burst or any of
    Kalas' water cards should come up in the shuffle, use them.  Oh yes, make sure
    to take a picture of the beast should your camera pop up.
    Cutscenes follow.  Go north into the lighted tunnel to reach the next screen.
    Fight monsters and take the Fire Burst Magnus from the chest.  Go through the
    narrow passage and beat up the bird for the Flame Sword.  To reach the save
    point you'll have to go through a hidden path in the trees south of the land
    bridge above the red flower.  Before you go to the next screen, save, then try
    to configure your decks.  Make sure you have a lot of fire Magnus, including
    Fire Burst, the new Flame Sword, and take out any water Magnus, as they won't
    be of much help.  Make sure you have as many healing Magnus as possible in your
    decks.  When your deck is set and you feel you're ready, head up to fight
    another boss.
     Boss - Lord of the Spring
     HP   - 300
     Weakness - Fire (+80%)
     Resists  - Water (-80%)
     Magnus   - Scale Buckle, Wild Strawberry
    As I said, this monster is weak against fire.  The opposite of the last boss,
    as it were.  At this point you should have enough Fire Burst Magnus to make
    Xelha a useful entity.  Be careful, though, because when this guy is low on
    HP he will use a four-hit combo ending in a powerful water attack called
    Thundering Falls.  And unfortunately, he'll start using it every time he
    attacks.  Ouch.  Later on he'll use a two-hit combo ending with Dragon Press,
    which isn't really that much better.  Make good use of your healing Magnus and
    apply Fire Burst cards as needed.
    Watch the cutscenes and...well, crap, that can't be good.  Choose the first
    option when prompted.  Equip the Scale Buckle when you regain control.  You'll
    automatically be dumped to the world map, and there's nowhere to go but back to
    Cebelrai.  So...go there.
     4a-3. Cebalrai Revisited
    You'll automatically be taken to the mayor's house and chewed out.  When you
    regain control, head over to the Magnus shop.  If you took any pictures of the
    monsters in the forest (and you should have) they should be fully or mostly
    developed by now (except the two boss pictures) so sell what you have for cash.
    Buy the two Shish Kabobs if you haven't already, then go to the doctor's house
    where you first woke up in the beginning.  Before you do that, take the blue
    save flower to the church and pray at the altar.  You can use the Wild
    Strawberry to raise Kalas' job level, and more than likely you've earned enough
    XP to boost yourself up a level or two.  Unfortunately, you'll have to listen
    to an old man's story before you can return.  He'll give you one of the game's
    many sidequests, to find bits of the Star Map.
    Anyway, go to Larikush's house when you're ready.  He'll give you four blank
    Magnus, which can be used to trap various items into cards for easy storage.
    Like you can't just pick it up and carry it...oh well.  The blank Magnus are
    reusable, fortunately, since they're used for pretty much every sidequest you
    have access to right now.
    Those sidequests are pretty simple, and very lucrative.  Talk to Larikush and
    ask him how to use the blank Magnus to be given a sidequest to get a Mountain
    Apple.  They're right outside his house, the lazy bastard.  Just get one and
    give it to him for an Ice Dagger.  Now go and talk to Maynee near the village
    entrance to get a quest to find her boyfriend, Aljeema.  Now go in the house
    near the Magnus shop and talk to the woman in the red dress.  She wants Pow
    Milk.  Well, since Kalas is apparently incapable of carrying anything heavier
    than a card, you'll have to trap it in those blank Magnus.  Go to the barn and
    snatch the essence of Pow Milk from the vat in the upper right corner.  Return
    the milk to the lady to get the Puppis Magnus.  Give it to the old man in the
    church if you want.  You'll get a Nixie Garb in return.
    Finally, go to the mayor's house and examine his fireplace to trap a Stoaked
    Fire into a blank Magnus.  Remember the fallen tree in the forest?  Go back
    there and use your stored fire to burn away the tree and get the Ice Dagger.
    While you're here, go to the screen where you fought the Lord of the Spring and
    get the Escape Magnus from the chest there.  Now then, with all that nonsense
    out of the way, revise your deck if you wish, make sure you're leveled up and
    all that jazz, and go to the Nunki Valley.
     4a-4. Nunki Valley and the City Beyond
    Right off the bat you'll see a whole bunch of monsters.  Fill your deck with
    Ice Daggers, as the monsters here are primarily weak to water.  Go up to where
    the waterfall crashes into the river and hop across, then go down and snag the
    Flame Shield.  Return and make your way across the bridge to the chest, which
    contains a Frozen Shield.  Now go up to the next screen.
    Use your Explosives to blast the rocks away.  This is actually the long way,
    but the battles here are good experience.  Fight your way past all the monsters
    and just go to the next screen.  Here you'll see Doomers, which are completely
    immune to fire, but incredibly vulnerable to water.  Make sure you have as few
    fire cards in your deck as possible (none would be prefereble, obviously) and
    take them down.  They drop good loot and give good XP.  Take a picture if you
    can manage it.  Check behind the waterfall for a Secret Recipe 1 Magnus.  Go
    back to the previous screen and cross the river by leaping across the rocks.
    Head to the next screen and get some Pristine Water essence from the waterfall,
    then beat up the Doomers in your way, and exit the valley.
    Anyway, go back to Cebalrai and see if you can level up at the church.  While
    you're there, get a Mountain Apple in one of your blank Magnus.  Now leave and
    enter Pherkad, the new city.  Talk to the crying kid, who apparently wants a
    Mountain Apple.  How conveeee-nient.  She gives you the essence of a pebble.
    Might as well take it.  Talk to the girls drawing on the ground to get another
    constellation Magnus.  Now examine the flowers near the lit doorway on the
    right and use your Pristine Water to help them along.  Examine the flowers again
    to trap their essence.  The side street leading right will have a blue save
    flower if you want to visit the church.  The lit doorway to the north is the
    Magnus shop.  Sell off your photos and buy what you want.  I'd recommend getting
    as many Shish Kabobs as you can afford, and the Bananas.  They're better healing
    than Bamboo Shoots.
    Return to the main street and head up (that is, away from your TV screen).
    Enter the next glowing doorway and examine the pine tree along the south wall
    to get a Magnus.  Check the dresser to find out how much that portrait on the
    wall cost.  There's no point to it, but good god, that's a lot for an ugly
    painting!  Go outside and head up to the next screen.  Enter the non-glowing
    doorway on the right and talk to the old man inside.  Agree to help him.  Talk
    to him again when you regain control, since apparently he wasn't finished the
    first time.  Your task?  Bring all his family members to his pre-funeral.  This
    is like the star map quest in that you don't have to (and can't) finish it 
    right away.  Speak to his wife first to get a good start on completing the tree.
    The first two members of the tree are in the same screen as the blue save
    flower.  They just happen to be the girl sitting on the fence and her morose
    father nearby.  The girl won't do anything till you give her a special flower,
    which we'll get right now.  Leave the city and return to Moonguile Forest.
    Make your way to the screen one short of where you fought the Lord of the
    Spring (or one past where you fought the Sabre Dragon).  There will be a man
    near the bottom of the screen, slightly obscured by brush.  Speak with him
    (notice he has a bracelet?) and agree to help.  Go toward where you fought the
    Lord of the Spring, but notice how the Bluebirds fly away when you pass through
    the secret path in the trees?  What you need to do is come at them from the
    other side, at a diagonal angle.  That'll send the birds toward the proper spot.
    Go back and trap the dead Bluebird essense (ewww!) and show the man the Family
    Tree to have him sign it.  Leave.
    By this time your Nameless Flower should have magically changed into a Pressed
    Flower.  Go back to Pherkad and speak to the girl by the flower stand.  Give
    her the Pressed Flower to get the essence of...the Popular Pick-up Line?  HAH!
    Might as well take it.
    Go back to the girl sitting on the fence and give her the dead Bluebird
    (creepy...) then show her the family tree to have her sign it.  Talk to her
    father next to her and have him sign it as well.  Now talk to the kid running
    around near the airship.  He's part of the family as well, so agree to his
    request to have him sign the family tree.  Leave the city again and go back to
    Cebalrai.  Get a couple Pow Milk essences and speak to the woman leaning on
    the fence to have her sign the family tree.  That's it for now.  Go back to
    Just go up two screens to find the lord's mansion.  Approach for a cutscene.
    Go back to the entrance of Pherkad to see the kid wander into a nearby house.
    Follow for a cutscene.  When you're given a choice, choose the first one.  I
    know, it's not exactly kosher for an RPG main character, but go with it.  Once
    you regain control, check your deck.  Put whatever Flame Swords you have in it,
    swapping out the Ice Daggers.  Go to the Magnus shop if need be to buy new ones.
    This rainbow spiderweb you need is protected, and this is the preparation you
    need.  Also replace any water armor with fire, and you'll be good to go.  Now,
    leave Pherkad.
    The rainbow spiderweb is in the Nunki Valley, so enter from the south side.
    Go up to the next screen on the left side of the river, and from there it's an
    easy walk to the very big and visible spider.
     Boss - Nunkirantula
     HP   - 350
     Weakness - Fire (+50%), Wind (+30%)
     Resists  - Water (-50%), Chrono (-30%)
     Magnus   - Duel Sword, Light Flare Lv.2
    I hope you put a lot of fire weapons and armor in your deck.  The lack of
    resistance to wind should be exploited with Blue Storm.  One thing I caution,
    though, is if you manage to pull off a two-card straight with your Flame Swords,
    resulting in Sacred Spring being drawn, be careful about using it.  It'll do
    damage, but will also hamper the power of your fire cards.  This boss also uses
    Hardening Wax, a skill that basically lets it automatically defend against all
    your attacks.  It's very annoying, trust me.
    Heal when necessary and hope your fire weapons come up often.  Combo your
    defense cards when you can, and while it may not be possible at this stage in
    the game, try out certain basic combos like straights and pairs.  If possible,
    unload a powerful attack early on in the battle, before this thing casts
    Hardening Wax and reduces all your attacks to almost nothing.  It will be a
    long battle once Hardening Wax is tossed out, so be patient and you'll win.
    With the spiderweb in hand, leave Nunki Valley and go back to Pherkad.  Check
    and see if you can level up at the church.  Odds are after that battle you'll
    have enough experience.  Now then, talk to the little girl standing in front
    of the second alley on the first screen (the one farthest from your TV screen)
    and she'll let you in.  Talk to the self-proclaimed Master of Shadows to learn
    of the secret passage.  Heal/save if you need to, then talk to him again to
    enter the well.
     4a-5. The Lord's Mansion
    When presented with a choice, just choose the first one.  The second gets you a
    rather nasty response.  Remember, the choices you make aren't just a convenient
    romantic factor, but intended to build trust with Kalas and his guardian spirit.
    Now then, go up to the next screen.  Dodge the soldiers and enter the first
    room on the left.  Get the Shadow Wings Magnus from the chest and put it in
    your deck.  It's a finishing move for Kalas, and obviously very powerful.
    Speak to the woman here to learn of Xelha's location...sort of.  Leave and fight
    whatever soldiers are in the hallway.  They won't respawn, so feel free to
    gather up experience and loot.  The first room to the right of the stairs
    contains a moaning woman (Xelha) and the room to the right of that one just has
    a pair of soldiers, so head all the way left and up the stairs.
    Fight the two soldiers and grab what's in the chest, then enter the room they
    were guarding.  Snag the chest in the corner, then get the key on the table for
    a cutscene.  When you need to make a choice, choose the first one again.  Yeah,
    this is not your ordinary lovesick RPG hero.  Leave the room and go back
    downstairs.  Check the first door you see to unlock it and go in.  Inside
    you'll find...Aljeema!  Give him Maynee's pendant and you'll get a Voice 2
    Magnus in return.  Now go to the room where Xelha's locked up and get her out.
    Revenge or not, Kalas needs to learn a little something about women.  Watch the
    cutscene, then snag the two Magnus from the chest.
    Leave the room and take the stairs to the right.  Hey, a blue save flower!  A
    boss battle must be coming.  Go to the church and see if either Kalas or Xelha
    can level up.  Now rework your decks so that your weapons and armor are of
    either water or light element (or both).  Fire weapons/armor should be removed.
    Just a little preparation.
    But first, check your quest Magnus.  If you got the Pow Milk like I told you,
    by now it should have turned to Yogurt.  Go into the north room and speak to
    the woman in a green dress.  Give her the Yogurt to get a Magnus in return.
    The woman by the island has a bracelet (yes, a relative for the family tree)
    but she wants cheese.  Your second Yogurt won't turn to cheese for quite a 
    while, so just leave for now.  Remember to come back and give her the cheese,
    though.  She's an easily missed member of the family due to the sensitivity of
    the milk Magnus.  Examine the statues in the hall to clear the way to the roof.
    Before you go up, make absolutely sure you're ready.  When you do head up, it's
    a cutscene and a boss battle!
     Boss - Giacomo
     HP   - 750
     Weakness - Water, Light, Wind (+30%)
     Resists  - Fire, Darkness, Chrono (-30%)
     Magnus   - Sparkle of Life, Chronos Blow Lv.1
    Is it my imagination, or is there a rapper in the background?  Oh well, it's a
    great song.  Water and Light elements are your friends here.  This guy is very
    strong, so hopefully you loaded up on armor Magnus.  If not, be prepared to be
    hurt, a lot, and often.  He has a four-hit combo with End Slasher as a finisher
    that'll do 90 damage or more, so either guard or make sure to heal soon after.
    If you can combo your armor, he won't do very much damage, so just hope you
    have the luck of the draw.  While his HP is much higher than any boss you've
    thus faced, it's also a lot easier since now you're fighting two on one like
    any respectable RPG boss battle.  Just make sure to keep your HP high, or
    you'll be in trouble when he unleashes his End Slasher.  This is especially
    true when you've taken off a good chunk of his HP (600+) as he'll start using
    it every round.  Make as many combos as possible and exploit his elemental
    weaknesses when you can.  Also remember to take his picture, should it come up.
    After dealing about 800 damage, Giacomo will stop the fight and leave.  Wimp.
    At least you get loot.  Watch the cutscene and...whoo, guitar rock!  Anyway,
    it seems you end up in the opposite direction you were running, so...strange.
    Watch the cutscene, and choose whatever choice you want when prompted.  I got
    sick of agreeing with that self-centered Kalas.  Either way, you'll join up
    with Xelha again.  Leave Pherkad for now.  Go back to Cebalrai and speak to
    Maynee to get a Shampoo Magnus.  Weird.  Head to the Magnus shop and buy/sell
    and rest your wings, then head into the Pow barn and talk to the woman milking
    the Pow.  Tell her you liked Pherkad to get a new equip Magnus for Xelha.
    Okay, quick collecting spree before heading to Diadem.  First, get a Mountain
    Apple, then go back to Moonguile Forest and get another dead Bluebird (ick),
    and finally, if your Popular Pick-up Line has become old and stale, toss it and
    get a new one from the flower girl in Pherkad.  You'll have to get yourself a
    new Pressed Flower to do so, though.  Either way, go to the Diadem Express
    Liner near the blue save flower and get on.
     4b. Disc 1 - The Cloud Island Diadem
     4b-1. Nashira, the Fishing Village
    Watch the cutscene and leave the dock.  Talk to the woman with the pointy green
    hat to find another relative to add to the family tree.  Go downstairs and
    inspect the water tanks to find a Fire Yell Magnus.  You can get the essence of
    Salt nearby, but don't bother.  Exit south.
    Now this is the actual city...town...village...whatever.  After the cutscene,
    head right and enter the rightmost glowing doorway.  Speak to the bartender,
    Anna.  Hmm, a portrait.  Must be an important person.  After you finish, leave
    the bar and head south a bit.  Examine the odd lantern-looking thing for a
    Fire Burst Lv.2 Magnus.  Okay, explore around a bit.  Along the north end of
    the screen you should see four doorways, the leftmost one being the one you
    came in from.  Enter the one to the right of it and speak to the old woman to
    hear the legend of the old ocean.  Leave and enter the next doorway for the
    Magnus shop.  Buy/sell or whatever.  This shop has a new equip Magnus for Kalas,
    but it's pretty expensive.  If you took a picture of Giacomo, try to refrain
    from selling it until it's fully developed.  It's worth a fortune when it
    finally does.  Anyway, enter the rightmost door and climb up the ladder to the
    bunkbed to get a Feathered Hat.
    With all that out of the way, talk to Lyude at the dock.  After you're done
    there, go back to the bar and speak to Anna.  After all the cutscenes (when
    prompted, just choose the first choice twice) Gibari the Wakka look-alike will
    join your party!  Woot, full boat!  If you have the Popular Pickup Line you can
    give it to the moping guy by the bar for a reward.  Otherwise, head out, save
    up, and go to the boat to the right of Lyude's.  That's Gibari's boat, and it'll
    take you down to the Lesser Celestial River.
     4b-2. Over the River and Through the Woods...
    Obviously the monsters here are of the water type, so fill your decks with
    fire weapons and armor.  Snag the Chaos Edge Magnus from the chest right where
    you start out.  The treasure chest to the left is blocked by rapids washing
    over the stepping stone, so ignore it for now.  Instead, go up and cross the
    river where it's safe.  You'll be ambushed by monsters on the way over, though.
    Focus on attacking one at a time, because they're all very strong and if you
    don't block their attacks properly, they'll do some serious damage.  If you
    can manage to take a picture of them, I highly recommend it.
    Once you're safely across, beat up both monsters for the chests they protect,
    namely the all-important Mana Stone (Kalas' class upgrade Magnus!) and a
    Stream Blade, which is useless in this area.  Now leap across the river to the
    right and go to the next screen.
    Immediately go left to snag a chest with a Camera Magnus, which should be put
    in one of your other character's decks.  More pictures means more money.  At
    this point you'll have two routes to take: left and up.  Up leads to a battle
    with Cancerites and a chest.  The chest contains a Fire Burst Lv.2, so make
    your own decision on whether it's worth the trouble.  Left leads to an ambush
    by the same Cancerites as before.  Past those is a timing puzzle.  You have to
    run past the waterfalls without getting hit, or you'll be sent to the right
    bank and have to make your way over again (and yes, you'll have to fight the
    Cancerites every time, too).  Wait till the waterfall closest to you stops
    falling, then run to the edge of the farthest fall.  As soon as that one stops,
    run like hell to reach the other side safely.
    Well, what's this?  A save point and a chest?  Inside the chest is a Century
    Veil, a defensive Magnus for Xelha.  Obviously a save point means a boss battle
    is incoming, so prepare your decks.  Fire cards all around.  Take out whatever
    light-element Magnus you may have, too.  This boss is strong against such cards.
    It's doubtful you have many Darkness cards, but if you do, make sure to use
    them.  Anyway, heal up, save, and press on.  As I said, the next screen brings
    a boss battle.
     Boss - Thunderfish
     HP   - 1000
     Weakness - Fire, Darkness (+50%)
     Resists  - Water, Light (-50%)
     Magnus   - Energy Wave Lv.3, Silver Anklet, Pisces
    Whoa, that's a big fish.  As I said, fire and dark Magnus will be the most
    effective here.  Wind and Chrono have no real weakness or stength, so use them
    at your leisure.  This boss can also poison one of your characters, which isn't
    so bad right away, but can be a real pain later on.  Cure it when you can.
    Because you have three party members, this won't be that hard, as long as you
    keep your HP high.  It does have a four-hit combo ending with Thundercloud that
    will deal over 100 damage easily unless you defend against it.  Fortunately,
    it doesn't use its finishing move that often.  It can still damage you for
    quite a bit, though.  Oh yes, remember to take its picture.
    Woo, good loot for beating that thing.  Equip the Silver Anklet on Xelha and
    give Kalas the Energy Wave.  Go back to where you fought the Thunderfish and
    cross the river in the shallows along the north edge of the screen.  Get the
    Hemp Creel from the chest, a new equip Magnus for Gibari, then go left.
    You'll be in the lower area of the Cloud Passage.  The monsters here can be
    tough, so be careful.  Save the drowning kid to the left and have him sign the
    family tree, then keep going left and circle downward.  Leap across the rocks
    and go left to find the second kid.  Have him sign the family tree as well,
    then go back to the Celestial River.  Don't forget to snag the Stream Blade
    from the hidden chest to the right of the second kid.  It's behind some clouds,
    so just tap A until you find it.
    At this point you'll have to return to your boat on foot.  While the insane
    waterflow has been stopped, this also means you're guarenteed a battle with
    the Cancerites on the way back.  Also on the way back is the corpse of the
    Thunderfish.  Examine it and let it drift farther out.  On the next screen,
    examine it again and keep it moving.  It will free the path to that stray
    chest near your boat.  Snag the Heron Statue (Xelha's class raising Magnus!)
    then trap the essence of the Thunderfish in a blank Magnus.  Head on back to
     4b-3. Nashira Under Occupation and the Road of Clouds
    Well, this isn't good.  Seems the Empire has taken over.  Fortunately, they
    won't kill you on sight.  Take the opportunity to hit the Magnus shop, sell
    whatever pictures you took, buy whatever new cards you want/need, and rest your
    wings.  Then head to the save flower and go to church.  Level up if you want,
    and give the old man his Pisces Magnus to further complete the constellation
    map.  He'll hand over the Secret Recipe No. 2.  With all that over with, head
    back to Nashira.
    Go to the bar and talk to Reblys, which will lead you to Anna in the fish
    warehouse.  Return to the bar and talk to Anna to leave the village.  Head over
    to the Cloud Passage on the world map.
    The enemies here are not-quite-obviously strong against wind Magnus and weak
    against Chrono, so if you happened to pick up such Magnus in town, stack your
    deck with them.  Be sure to remove Gibari's Mosquitos, as they're wind-element.
    Just follow the path for starters and go to the next screen.  Once there, take
    the left path at the intersection to find a man with a bracelet.  The drowning
    boys in the lower Cloud Passage are his sons, so if you rescued them earlier,
    you can get him to sign the family tree.  If not, you can do it later.  Those
    kids will drown forever.  Make sure to fight the winged monsters here, as they
    will drop the Triangulum constellation Magnus.
    Anyway, take the right path to reach the next screen.  There, go right at the
    intersection and turn on the cloud machine.  Now trap the essence of the clouds
    and go back.  You can use the essence to create a cloud bridge to the other
    side.  After doing that, go back and get another essence.  Now return and cross
    your cloud bridge, then head up the left path to the next screen.  Use the cloud
    essence to create a bridge here to two chests containing a Cygnus and an Aqua
    Burst Lv.2, not to mention a save point!  Use it, because if you head across
    the bridge you'll fight a boss.  Fill your decks with water and light Magnus
    before heading in.
     Boss - Iron Beetle I
     HP   - 1500
     Weakness - Water, Light (+30%)
     Resists  - Fire, Darkness (-30%)
     Magnus   - Soul Flash, Shark Tooth
    At the beginning it'll use Nitro Boost to improve its attacking power, which is
    bad.  Very bad.  It has a five (yes, five) hit combo ending in Voldocannon that
    can and will take off over 200 HP!  Very, very bad.  Defend to the death (which
    will come sooner than you think) and heal as soon as possible after a
    Voldocannon!  Once again your strength in numbers helps immensely, and the fact
    that the Beetle won't have very many turns compared to all your wailing on it.
    Just remember to heal as often as you can.
    Anyway, with that thing knocked out, go across the bridge.  You'll be dumped
    back to the world map.  The Cloud Passage now acts like the Nunki Valley, as
    you can safely cross it on the world map.  You can even go back to Nashira and
    rest/buy stuff/visit the church.  You can also return to the Lesser Celestial
    River if you missed anything.  I would recommend going back to Nashira, since
    you can probably level up at this point, not to mention level up Gibari's class.
    Giving the Cygnus Magnus to the astronomer for a simple Shish Kabob, but at
    least it's something.
     4b-4. To the Palace and Intrigue!
    On the world map, head to Sheliak.  Once inside, go to the large house that
    looks like it's on fire to peep in on a conversation.  After the cutscenes,
    go in the lit doorway to find the Magnus shop.  Buy what you want and head out.
    Head up the stairs to the right, then enter the second doorway from the left.
    Examine the desk to find a Red and Blue Pencil.  Stand on the left side of the
    large bookcase and shove it aside to find a doorway to the next house.  Get the
    Magnus from the two chests and leave the house.  Now go in the doorway on the
    far right and examine the vases to get a Voice II Magnus.  Also get the Fading
    Notebook Magnus from the lower left corner of the room, then go.
    Use the blue save flower, then leave the screen to the right.  Select the first
    option when prompte.  After the cutscene, go back to the dock.  While your
    characters claim you have to steal a boat with no one looking, you can just walk
    right up and take it.  Do so, and go to the far left after the cutscene for an
    Infinity Mask.  Head down to the next screen, then go left to get a Dark Sword
    from the chest.  Speak to the man nearby to learn of how to progress through
    the castle, then get the Diadem crest from the little nook in the wall.  Now
    talk to the knight in front of the stairs to get a blank Magnus with the crest
    and four knights to add to your regiment.  Use them straight off by taking out
    the two Imperials beating up on the one knight.  Something to keep in mind,
    and that is any knight you dispatch won't be returned to you, regardless if
    they win or lose against the Imperials.  So, don't be so quick to send out
    your best stuff right away.
    Anyway, go left, then keep going left to the next room.  Dispatch an apprentice
    knight, then go around the back of the room to get a Magical Anklet for Xelha.
    Go back and head downstairs, then left to fight a pair of Imperials.  Head into
    the room they were blocking.  This is more or less a stockpile of spare knights.
    You can only command four at once, so talk to the two on the beds and show them
    the Diadem crest, then go out and loose them on the Imperials fighting to the
    right.  Go back and take the two senior knights (leave the squire) and head out.
    Go down the stairs to the right to be ambushed by three Imperials.  After the
    battle, release your two senior knights, since any others are likely to be
    beaten by the black Imperials.  Go back to the infirmary and snag a couple
    new senior knights (get a regular knight if you can't get two seniors).  Return
    to the main hall and go downstairs.  Get the two chests behind the staircases
    and go to the right side to find another pitched battle.  One knight against
    two black imperials and one red?  Sic your best knights on these cheaters, then
    go back and get more from the infirmary.  Save your game in the main hall, then
    take the right staircase up to the next screen.
    Dispatch a couple apprentices at this next battle, or something similar.  Head
    right and take the Light Yell Magnus from the last painting on the right.  Go
    into the next room and use your best knights to stop the battle within.  If you
    have to fight, take out the black Imperials first.  Regardless of how the battle
    works out, talk to the fallen soldier to climb up to the next floor.  Make sure
    your decks are filled with light and water weapons and armor, but forget about
    outfitting Xelha.  Focus on Kalas and Gibari.
    Once you're ready, leave the room you end up in.  After all the cutscenes, it's
    time for another boss battle.
     Boss - Iron Beetle V
     HP   - 1700
     Weakness - Water (+40%), Light (+30%)
     Resists  - Fire (-40%), Darkness (-30%)
     Magnus   - Crescent Buckle, Shadow Cornet
    This boss's particular combo is Plasma Cannon, a four-hit beast that'll knock
    off a lot of HP if you don't defend properly.  You'll be introduced to a new
    and upcoming party member in this battle.  He's not bad, he just comes with a
    fresh deck that isn't entirely outfitted to your needs.  Gibari and his water-
    element finishing moves are especially helpful here.  And by the way, this boss
    is an incredible bastard.  It has a special move called Self-Repair that heals
    it for 1700 HP once its HP has been reduced by half.  That basically heals it
    to full.  So while you're tossing down killer combos and knocking it for a loop,
    it will just come along and use Self-Repair to nullify all your hard work.
    On the upside, it can only do this once per deck shuffle, so if you can inflict
    1500 damage before it shuffles and Self-Repair comes up again, you can beat it.
    Unfortunately, after it repairs it'll start using a five-hit combo called Diving
    Drill that'll do hundreds of damage even if you defend.
    So in short, be prepared for a very long, very difficult and very annoying
    battle.  If nothing else, your new party member has a good amount of healing
    Magnus for your benefit.  If by some horrible tragedy you can't block any or
    most of Diving Drill's attacks, make sure to heal that character right away,
    or suffer the consequences.
    After the cutscene, head to the blue flower, visit the church if needed, and
    save your game.  Shuffle your party if you want, since you now have four members
    and can only take three into battle.  I took Kalas, Xelha and the newbie, rather
    than the Wakka-wannabe.  Head out of the castle via the right side of the
     4b-5. Shrine of the Winds
    It's just to the right of the castle on the world map.  Don't go in, yet.  Set
    up your decks beforehand.  Chrono Magnus are the key here, though that should
    go without saying.  As soon as you enter, you'll be treated to a cutscene and
    a boss battle.
     Boss - Lord of the Winds
     HP   - 1900
     Weakness - Chrono (+80%)
     Resists  - Wind (-80%)
     Magnus   - Coral Plant, Magic Pen
    Hopefully you brought a lot of Chrono Magnus, because this guy's especially
    weak to them, and strong against any wind Magnus.  He's not quite as difficult
    as the Iron Beetle since he can't heal himself, but still a force to be
    reckoned with.  He can and will poison you often, but it's not enough of a
    negative effect that you should be concerned about it.  What you should try to
    block is its special moves, Slashing Winds and Miraculous Gale.  A good piece
    of Chrono armor is enough to put a damper on the damage dealt.  The latter
    attack can also put you to sleep, so be prepared.  A really evil thing this
    boss can do is put a character to sleep with Miraculous Gale, then use it again
    on the same sleeping person, waking them up, then putting them to sleep again.
    Great tactics, huh?  Well, not for you...
    And, that's it.  Yep, just a boss battle and a strange scene of glowing running
    people.  No dungeon or anything, which is a shame.  Afterwards you'll be back
    in the castle.  Talk to Lyude to trigger a cutscene, then you'll have to leave
    without him.  Check the door to spend the night in the castle (free healing!)
    then leave the room.  Talk to the supervisor to get a sidequest: cleaning!
    Here's how it works: you just go around the castle sucking up the debris as
    Pebble essences, then destroy them from the Quest menu.  It can take a while
    depending on how many blank Magnus you have available.  After you're done, go
    upstairs and talk to the head knight to get a Tempest Shield.
    Head downstairs to the left.  Talk with the supervisor on the lower level.
    This time you just have to move rubble over to the sides of the hall.  It may
    take a couple tries, since each piece may not fit depending on where you pushed
    the others.  It's not that tough, though.  After it's complete, go back to the
    head knight to get a Hydra Magnus, one of the constellations.  You'll also get
    the Glass Earrings if you already cleared the east passage.  Now go right up
    to the roof.
    Go to the blue save flower and visit the church if you want.  You can use the
    Coral Plant to raise Kalas' class level, but be careful!  You'll gain ten cards
    for your deck space and the ability to select from six cards at once, but your
    time to select your first card will be reduced to ten seconds!  Personally, I
    never take more than a few seconds to choose, so it isn't a problem for me, but
    definitely take that into consideration before jumping into Kalas' fourth class
    level.  You can always hold off till you become a little more familiar with the
    game before upgrading.  At this point I didn't have enough good cards to put
    together a decent 40-card deck, so I skipped the class level till later.
    Anyway, give the Hydra to the astronomer for a Shawl of the Goddess.  Leave when
    you're ready and talk to the knight by the big ship...creature...thing.  Leave
    the roof and go back to the room you spent the night in (the eastern room on the
    floor east of the balcony overlooking the throne room).  Talk to Lyude to get
    him to rejoin the party.  Go back to the roof.  Save if you want, then talk to
    the knight again.  Time to fly!
     4c. Disc 1 - Anuenue and the Colors of the Rainbow
     4c-1. Komo Mai and the Flower Queen
    After the cutscenes, climb up the ladder and enter the house.  Get the equip
    Magnus for Gibari from the chest, along with the Auriga constellation Magnus
    from the bookshelf.  Go outside and through the secret passage to the left.
    Keep going left till you can hop to a barely-visible platform with a chest
    containing a Snake Tuba Magnus.  Now go right to the world map.  Enter Komo Mai.
    Oohh, a festival!  Yippee-skippee!  After the cutscene, go inside the house
    with the unlit doorway and get the essence of the egg for later.  Now go right
    to the blue save flower and the Magnus shop.  When you're ready to proceed,
    there's a central spiral stairway leading upward in the center of the screen.
    Try to go up and you'll trigger a cutscene between a shop owner and a mysterious
    woman.  New party member?  Enemy?  Could be either one.  I'm not saying.  Either
    way, give the Auriga constellation to the astronomer for a Chunk of Ice, then go
    up the spiral staircase.
    The celebration is blocking the way to the palace, so take a detour to the left
    and enter the school of magic.  Enter the first doorway and examine the cabinet
    for a Chronos Blow Lv.2.  Go into the next room and check the paintings for a
    Sweetheart Picture Magnus, then check the bookshelf for a funny note and leave.
    Head to the right wing of the school and enter the first classroom.  Take the
    Black Scepter from the cabinet, then go to the next room.  Talk to the guy
    standing by the big flask filled with green liquid, then smell the flask.  Talk
    to the guy again, then taste it.  Hilarity abounds, and such.  Talk to the guy
    one last time to get a Silkworm Magnus.  Leave the school.
    You should notice the celebration is now over, granting you passage into the
    castle.  Go left once you're inside to another room.  Examine the big bushy
    plant for the Deluxe Bananas.  Now leave and go to the room on the far right
    of the entry hall.  Examine the waving plant for a Flower Bud Magnus, then
    check the fruit on the table for Strawberries.  If you have Milk and Sugar,
    you can now mix them together in battle to create Strawberry Milk.  Anyway,
    leave the room and enter the other room on the right side of the hall, which
    just happens to be the queen's bedroom.  Check the upper left corner of the
    room for a Hair Dryer Magnus (okay...) and the bed for a Mattress (pervert!)
    Check the shelf by the bed and trap the essence of the Celestial Flower Seed.
    That's all you can get from here, so leave the room.
    Now simply ascend the central staircase to find the queen.  Watch the cutscenes,
    then leave the castle.  After all the cutscenes, save if you want and leave
     4c-2. Ancient Library of Magic
    You can also visit the jungle, but I don't want to, so go to the library first.
    Inside will be...eeek, the undead!  Outfit your decks with light weapons and
    armor, and swap out Gibari for Lyude if you haven't.  Lyude's finishing moves
    are all light-based, so he's a big help here, as is Xelha and her spells.  Use
    as few darkness-based Magnus as possible, as these monsters have a high
    resistance to it.  Also try to use fire rather than water Magnus.
    Snag the Zeit Robe from the chest to the left, then examine the glowing thing
    on the bookshelf to get a clue and...a keychain, apparently.  Go back left and
    examine the glowing seals.  You'll be able to unlock the Geography Section, so
    head inside.
    Shove the red bookshelf to the left, then go around and push the second
    bookshelf down to reach the key, but don't push it too far, or you won't be able
    to reach the chest.  You can always leave and re-enter if you make a mistake.
    Now then, you can then go up and examine the bookshelf along the back wall for
    a battle with some giant killer books.  They're weak against fire and strong
    against light, but they're not that tough and give good XP and loot.  Fight
    them if you want, but ultimately take the key to the Philosopher's Section.
    You'll also need a special book, which is on one of the shelves.  Re-enter the
    room after getting the key to make things easier.  Just run around to the left
    red bookshelf and shove it down till you can slip into the alcove to the right.
    Examine the rightmost bookshelf to find the book.  Simple.
    From the entrance, go right and up the stairs.  Go into the first room you see
    and examine the red bookshelf with the key on top.  It'll crash, letting you
    take the Kite Shield from the chest, but you'll have to leave and re-enter the
    room to get the key.  It's for the History Section, so go back to the entry
    hall and enter the other sealed room.
    Check the bookshelf just above the door to get a Deluxe Bonbons.  Check the
    bookshelf in the lower left corner of the room to get the History Book, then
    head up and raid the treasure chests.  Leave and go back upstairs.  Go to the
    far right and snag the Wave Blade from the chest, then go in the rightmost
    door.  Weave your way through the bookshelves north to reach a save flower and
    a chest with a Falcon Statue (Xelha's class level 4 requirement).  Check the
    upper sealed door to unlock the Philosophy Section.
    Head down and climb up a ladder onto the bookshelves.  Leap over to the chest
    and get Gibari's fourth class Magnus, then leap left and climb down the ladder
    to get the chest and the key to the Literature Section.  Now make your way
    across the floor to the red bookshelf and push it down as far as it'll go.  Now
    climb back on top of the bookshelves and leap over to it.  Keep going left,
    then climb down to get a Magnum Cornet for Lyude.  Examine the bookshelf here
    to get the Philosophy Book.  Leave the room.
    Save if you want, but go down to the Literature Section.  It's the only other
    sealed door in this room.  As soon as you enter, go left to get a Silver Sword.
    Head around to the leftmost red bookshelf and push it so that you can slip into
    the alcove to the right, but no farther than that.  Climb up the ladder there
    and jump south, then climb down the ladder.  Shove the same red bookshelf up so
    that you can reach the loose book on top of the shelves.  Snag the Ruby Earrings
    from the chest on the floor before that, though.
    At this point you should have all four books, so now you have to place them in
    the correct shelves.  They all go in the same room as the red save flower.  The
    way I have them ordered is numbered by row, one to three, starting with one from
    the red save flower.  So, the Philosophy Book is placed on the shelf to the 
    right of the locked door.  The Literature Book goes on the shelf near the
    Philosophy section) and the History Book goes on the shelf a row down from the
    one where you placed the Philosophy Book.  Go down from where you placed that
    book and check the bookshelf to your left to get a Deluxe Shortcake.  Now then,
    the Geography Book goes on the shelf to the right of the Literature section.
    This will unlock the final room of this crazy library.
    As always, save your game before going in, and make sure you're loaded down with
    light-elemental weapons and armor.  Water also helps, but not as much as light.
     Boss - Folon
     HP   - 2300
     Weakness - Light (+50%), Water (+30%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-50%), Fire (-30%)
     Magnus   - Heartlight Candle, Devil Eupho
    Ah, how I love uneven boss battles...as long as they're in my favor, of course.
    A couple of things to note about this boss: his attacks are quick, so if you're
    not equally fast on choosing your defense, you'll be hurt...badly.  He'll use
    Energy Injection to increase his attack power as well, so quick reflexes when
    on the defensive is the key to victory.  Well, that and pounding him with light
    and water-element Magnus.  His extreme weakness to light is a huge advantage
    for you, since by this time Kalas should (emphasis on should) have a few Rays
    of Truth to use.  Not to mention Xelha's many light spells and finishers, and
    Lyude's finishing moves.  Gibari is also a help with his water Magnus, but not
    as much as Lyude.
    Anyway, as I said, the only thing to worry about is if this guy catches you
    off-guard and unloads an unguarded attack on you.  If you can block it, it won't
    hurt nearly as badly.  Just stay on guard for his attacks and unleash as many
    light Magnus as you can on him, and it'll go down easy.
    After the battle there'll be a cutscene, but notice the chest in the head
    librarian's room?  Go back and get it, why don't you?  It's a Water Mirror
    Anklet, an equip for Xelha.  Stop by the Philosophy section as well.  There's a
    man in there now.  Speak to him and have him sign the family tree.  Leave now
    and go back to Komo Mai.  Sell off whatever pictures you took (I made a fortune
    off that library!) and visit the church.  Level up if you want and hand over
    any constellations to the astronomer, then buy up any new Magnus you might need.
    Before leaving, head to the east wing of the School of Magic and enter the first
    room.  Speak to the woman examining the bookcase and have her sign the family
    tree.  Now head out.  You're off to the jungle.
     4c-3. Climbing the Celestial Tree
    First enter the west end of the Holoholo Jungle.  Talk to the guy wandering
    around, then go back to Komo Mai and speak to the principal in the east wing of
    the School of Magic.  Return to the jungle and fix up your decks.  The monsters
    here are of the water and light element, so pack your decks with fire and
    darkness-element Magnus.
    This is actually more of a mini-dungeon.  On the first screen, make your way
    through the trees and exit up from the upper left corner.  Now go to the upper
    right corner and exit right.  There will be a ladder leading down.  Follow it
    to eventually find a bevy of nice Magnus, then return, climb up and continue
    right.  Stay on that path and you'll eventually reach the world map.  Simple.
    Now go to Opu, the village by the waterfall.  The first glowing doorway you see
    is the Magnus shop.  Buy/sell and move on.  You'll be stopped by a girl once
    across the bridge.  Rather than follow her, enter the doorway to the immediate
    right.  Examine the flower pots inside for a Lupus constellation Magnus, and
    the tub for the Uncooked Rice.  Now go to Mayfee's house.  Speak to her and
    her sick grandmother, then go next door and talk to Mayfee and the villager.
    Komo Mai Cookies?  Sounds like a sidequest!
    Return to Komo Mai and head up the spiral staircase.  The man you want is the
    one in green on the right as you enter.  He needs a seed from the Celestial
    Tree.  Ain't that just ducky?  Go into the palace and enter the queen's
    chambers.  The seed is on a shelf along the back wall next to the bed.  Snag it
    and go back to the cookie man.  Give him the seed and get the cookies in return.
    Now return to Opu and give the cookies to Mayfee.  After the cutscene, go back
    inside and get the Flash Explosion from the chest.  Now go down along Opu's only
    road to find the mysterious hunter's residence.  But before going inside, talk
    to the girl on the ground to get a constellation Magnus.  Head on in.
    First snag the Magnus in the pots to the left, then talk to the girl.  Her name
    is Savyna, and she's your new party member.  A quick note on her abilities: she
    uses knuckle Magnus, and they tend to be of either the fire, ice or neutral
    element.  She also has the fastest attack animation of any character, which
    means you'll have to have quick card selection powers to use her properly.
    Anyway, you're to see the tree, so...might as well.  Go to the Celestial Tree
    and watch the cutscene.  When it's over, go into the tent on the right and get
    the constellation Magnus inside.  Now head up the tree.  There are two paths,
    right and left.  Go left first for a chest.  The little flying monsters here
    can drop an equip Magnus for Savyna, so try to fight them when you can.  The
    chest will contain Savyna's fourth class Magnus, so snag it and go down, then
    back up the right path.
    The prawn-like monsters are weak against water, so Gibari and Savyna are quite
    useful here.  You'll see Mayfee up on a higher branch, but actually getting to
    her will take a little effort.  Ignore the Devil Claw protecting the left path
    up and take the right one.  Go right from the save flower and climb down.
    You'll have to fight a battle for her, but the monsters aren't that difficult.
    Ursa Major, another constellation Magnus, will be your reward.  Climb back up
    and take the right path up to get a Golden Beetle Carapace, then stop and save
    your game.  The upcoming boss battle (isn't there always one with a save point
    around?) will require fire and dark weapons and armor, so make sure you have
    enough for each character who will be fighting.  Xelha, Lyude and Savyna are
    recommended due to their abundance of fire weaponry (and dark on Lyude's part).
    I would recommend a party of Kalas, Xelha and Lyude, since Savyna can be tough
    to use.
    Don't set up their decks yet, however.  Take the left path to continue your trek
    to the End Magnus.  You'll be forced into a battle with more Devil Claws, so be
    ready.  Once they're dead, there's no more opposition until the boss, so prepare
    your decks.
    Climb on up and enter the door once the cutscene is over.  One more cutscene,
    then it's fightin' time!
     Boss - Tree Guardian
     HP   - 2700
     Weakness - Fire (+50%), Darkness (+20%)
     Resists  - Water (-50%), Light (-20%)
     Magnus   - Freezing Axe, Dancing Flames
    It's three against three this time.  I hate even odds.  While this tree has
    tentacles, of all things, they're particularly weak and should be ignored.
    Focus your efforts on the tree itself.  It's weak against fire, and also against
    darkness, so fill Kalas up with as many Chaos Edge Magnus as possible, and let
    Lyude's dark horns work their magic.  Xelha's purpose here is to toss out level
    2 Fire Burst Magnus rather than using up her light-based finishing moves.
    While the tentacles are relatively weak, the tree itself is a heavy-hitter,
    doing over 200 damage easily with its five-hit combo.  Be prepared with plenty
    of fire armor to nullify damage.  The tentacles can be a pain, since they
    inflict a variety of status effects, including paralysis and sleep.  Focus most
    of your attacks on the tree itself, but fair warning: the right tentacle will
    use a healing move on the tree, restoring about 500 HP.  Annoying.  It'll only
    do this once per shuffle, and it's more than likely you'll be able to beat the
    tree before it happens again.
    Watch the cutscenes, and...shock!  Twist!  Spoilers!  While it may seem like
    the boss battle ahead is entirely optional, it's not.  You'll fight either way,
    another one of those inevitable and pointless choices I hate in RPGs.
     Boss - Spoiler Boss S
     HP   - 3300
     Weakness - None
     Magnus   - Freezing Axe, Dancing Flames
    You don't get any rest time between battles, so no swapping of your decks or
    battle participants.  Annoying.  Fortunately, you're fully healed, so you have
    that going for you.  This boss is quick, but very weak.  She does, however, have
    quite a bit of HP, and it's not so easy to take it down.  She has no resistances
    or weaknesses, making this more a test of endurance than a life-threatening
    battle.  When she's low on HP she'll start using recovery items, but they won't
    heal that much.  Honestly, after a few minutes I stopped using armor so it'd
    seem like more of a challenge.
    Final note: I fought both boss battles in a row, so I have no clue how much
    EXP each one gives.  Again, I guessed.  It's like Namco's trying to make things
    difficult for me.
    After the cutscenes and various dialogue, you'll be dumped out onto the world
    map.  Hurray, no climbing back down the tree!  Go back to Komo Mai and go up to
    the palace throne room for a few cutscenes.  When they're over, go to the
    queen's bedroom.  More talking ensues.  After you regain control, leave.
     4c-4. Dropped Off in the Outer Dimension
    It's time to make preparations, so sell off pictures and buy up new Magnus.  At
    this point I finally took the plunge and upped my class level to 4.  If you did
    it before me, congrats, you're braver than I.  If not, this might be a good time
    to do it, as you'll have tougher battles ahead.
    Now then, you've exhausted all locations on Anuenue, so what is there left to
    do?  Nothing!  Go to your Mindeer (the big gray ship you came in on) and speak
    to all your party members.  After talking with the others, speak to Gibari to
    proceed.  After the resulting cutscene, talk to each party member to wake them
    up, then go out onto the deck for one more cutscene.  Seems you can get out of
    here by following Mizuti.
    Talk to Xelha inside to proceed.  This is a rather interesting minigame.  It's
    most akin to an RPG shooter.  You just go left or right with the control stick
    and fire with the A button.  However, you have to follow Mizuti while doing
    this, and if you happen to miss any of the enemies, you'll fight them in a
    regular battle.  Darkness works surprisingly well here, but the enemies are
    packed to the brim with defensive cards, so you'd better have Xelha and her
    magic ready to go.
    There's really nothing more to say, other than you can hold the A button rather
    than tap it to have a steady stream of fire.  Dodge the blue enemy shots, or
    you'll be stunned.  If you shoot down an entire group of enemies they'll drop a
    Magnus, but you'll have to fly over and get it yourself, which can be
    troublesome.  The whole thing's not that hard at all once you get used to the
    rhythm (or if you're a shooter nut like myself...)  You get some really great
    Magnus at the end of it, so try to shoot down as many enemies as possible.
    You can pause in between bursts of enemies, and I'd recommend doing so and
    emptying your decks of darkness cards.  Also, switch out Xelha for a physical
    attacker, either Gibari or Savyna.  After clearing all the enemies, you'll be
    introduced to Mr. Boss!
     Boss - Gnosis
     HP   - 3600
     Weakness - None
     Resists  - Darkness (-100%), Light, Chrono, Water, Wind, Fire (-50%)
     Magnus   - Ancient Branch, Brave Knight Helm, Andromeda
    He is completely immune to darkness, and every other element does half damage.
    Well, that's just great.  Physical attacks are your best bet here.  This boss
    isn't very strong, but his five hit combo (ending in Dark Force) can paralyze
    the character it hits.  This is mostly another endurance test, especially if
    you're using Xelha or your decks have too many elemental cards.  Just keep
    yourself healed and you'll survive.
    After the cutscenes, you'll finally arrive in Mira.
     4d. Disc 1 - Mira and the Great Illusion
     4d-1. Parnasse and Detourne
    It's Candyland!  After the cutscenes, talk to the fat guy near the entrance.
    He's one of the relatives you need for the family tree, but you won't get him
    to go, even if you lie and say the guy he hates isn't at the house yet.  What
    you need is a special quest Magnus to feed him in order to convince him to go.
    If you still have the dead Bluebird from Moonguile Forest, you can finally put
    it to use.  Enter the house to the right of the blue save flower and talk to
    Trill.  Now leave and enter the house just north of it and talk to the guy by
    the chocolate vat.  Return to Trill and get some Mira cream from the pots.
    Take some chocolate and give it to Trill.  Now cook the Bluebird in the oven
    and give it to fatty.  Have him sign the family tree and you're good.
    Visit the church to level up and hand over the Andromeda constellation, then
    hit the Magnus shop, which is left of the save flower.  Buy/sell/rest and save
    your game.  Leave Candyland and go to the garden Detourne.
    Hop over the red block to the right and talk to the woman if you want.  After
    that, head through the door to the right.  And holy hell, Namco's gone insane.
    Notice you have a time limit.  Notice you're in a maze.  Notice you've suddenly
    gone 2D.  Wow.
    Okay, here's how it works: you need to get to a staircase that's past a golden
    wall.  Your path is blocked by red fire elements and green slimes which can be
    fought as regular monsters should you run into them.  They're very weak against
    fire, so use that to your advantage.  You're also timed, but it's a pretty big
    limit, so don't worry too much.  Work your way through the maze to the left.
    When you reach an area with three staircases lined up vertically, take the
    middle one.  Snag Gibari's level 5 finishing move from the chest and hop across
    the water to the island in the middle.  Take two pristine waters from the little
    moat and use them to make the blue pan heavier.  Go back into the maze and
    continue heading left.  Take the upper left staircase when you reach it.  Save
    if you want and talk to the guy in green to get the Jet Boots.  Now you can move
    faster in the maze.
    Go back in and head to the three vertical stairs.  Take the upper one first and
    examine the chain in the ceiling.  Break off a piece, then go back into the
    maze.  Now take the lower stairs to return to the entrance of the garden.  The
    blocks will flip-flop, so hop across the blue block to the left and speak to
    the Golden Hero again to get the Red Necklace.  Now you can cross the fire
    elements in the maze!  However, that's rather pointless, as the fire elements
    don't really block your path.  Anyway, head into the maze again by the same way
    you left.  Go through the middle stairs and re-balance the scales so the red
    pan is heavier.  Return to the maze and exit via the lower-right stairs.  Talk
    to the Golden Hero to get the White Sword, then snag the key from the red block.
    Once more, head into the maze.  Exit via the northmost stairs and hop across the
    upside-down block to the right.  Enter the maze here and kill off the last slime
    monster.  Make sure it's the last monster, otherwise you won't be able to get
    the Golden Pickaxe.  If there are any other slimes wandering the maze, now would
    be the time to take care of them.
    Return to the main part of the maze and go to the scale room.  Weigh down the
    blue side of the scale and return to the maze.  Exit via the lower staircase
    and jump across the blue block to the left.  Enter the maze and snag the essence
    of the Golden Pickaxe.  Sweet.  Now return to the central room and enter the
    maze via the center doorway.  Take that Golden Pickaxe and break down the gold
    walls blocking the stairs.  Make sure you're ready before entering the final
    stairway!  A boss waits just beyond it.  Gibari, Lyude or Savyna is recommended
    for this fight.  Xelha is not.
     Boss - Magnus Giganticus
     HP   - 4000
     Weakness - None
     Resists  - All elements (-50%)
     Magnus   - Emerald Earrings, Gleaming Helm
    Well, look at that, a great big Magnus.  Once again it's strong against every
    single element, which makes it a royal pain in the ass to fight.  Not to mention
    it has a combo attack that'll cause confusion.  Fortunately, confusion in this
    game just means the numbers on your Magnus will be moved around a bit, so it's
    not really a problem.  You'll be able to track your progress by the bits and
    pieces of itself this Magnus loses.  Its attacks are element-based, so tossing
    out any given elemental armor will help, as long as you don't use conflicting
    elements in your combo.  Make sure to bring a lot of healing Magnus, as its
    combos are incredibly damaging.
    And once again I got no EXP total.  Damn you, Namco.
    After the cutscenes you'll automatically be back on the world map.  Go back to
    Candyland for more cutscenes.  When you regain control, talk to your party
    members, leaving Gibari for last.  After more cutscenes and lots of sugar,
    you'll be back on the world map.
     4d-2. Reverence and the Shrine of Spirits
    Before you hit the new village, return to Detourne and snag some Mirage Weed
    from the walls in the central chamber.  Now enter Reverence.
    It's Toyland!  Seriously, what's next, Ritalinland?  This place has very little
    to offer.  Wait till the prophet toy is done ranting and cross the bridge.  The
    robot to the immediate left of said bridge wants the Mirage Weed you just picked
    up, but don't give it to him yet.  First talk to the woman beneath the bridge.
    It's Quzman's ex-wife, but she won't sign the family tree just yet.  Head to
    the blue save flower and visit the church if you need to.  The Magnus shop is
    just to the left of it.  Enter the doorway on the higher level left of the shop
    and check underneath both shelves for pen Magnus.
    Now talk to the robot who wants Mirage Weed and hand it over.  The path to the
    fortune-teller will open.  Go see her.  Nothing earth-shattering to hear, but
    still important.  Leave and eavesdrop on the soldiers talking about your next
    destination: the Shrine of Spirits.  Leave town when you're ready and go there.
    Note: This dungeon is a good place to level up, as there are a good number of
    monsters to fight on the first screen alone, and they're very weak with the
    right party.  The monsters here will also drop the Hercules and Cepheus
    constellations, so be on the lookout for them!
    The enemies here are weak against darkness, so a team of Kalas, Xelha and Lyude
    works well.  Go left and take the upper path.  Go to the end and snag what's in
    the chest, then go back and take the lower path.  At the next path split go
    down to get a constellation Magnus, then head up to the next screen to get the
    Water Blade, Kalas' level five finishing move.  Keep going up to reach a red
    save flower.  You know what that means: boss battle ahead!  Take a little time
    and build up your decks with dark Magnus, both weapons and armor.  When you're
    ready, go left to the next screen.  After the cutscene, there's that boss!
     Boss - Sikri
     HP   - 3000
     Weakness - Darkness (+80%), Wind (+50%)
     Resists  - Light (-80%), Chrono (-50%)
     Magnus   - Golden Buckle, Dark Embrace, Virgo
    This boss is so much easier than the previous few, it isn't funny.  Darkness
    does insane amounts of damage to him, and his HP is quite low compared to the
    last bosses.  Due to the incredible weakness to darkness, it's advised to use
    Kalas, Xelha and Lyude.  This boss does have one caveat, and that is its Unholy
    Symbol move, which causes paralysis.  Very annoying, but not enough for it to
    be a big danger.  Its regular combo does less than 200 damage unguarded, after
    all.  Just make sure to keep everyone's HP at high levels, because it can take
    two turns in a row and attack a single person both times...while they're
    paralyzed, even.  Cheezy, I know, but that's the way it goes.
    Afterwards, you'll discover something's missing.  Hmm, that could be a problem.
    After some cutscenes, you'll be back on the world map and a new town will become
    available.  Equip the Golden Buckle on Kalas.  That 90% resistance to paralysis
    sure would've come in handy, huh?  Oh well, it'll be useful later.
     4d-3. Balancoire and the End Magnus
    Head on over to Balancoire.  Look, it's Ritalinland!  Must be, it's the only
    normal village on the island.  The Magnus shop here has some great stuff,
    including an Apple Pie Slice that increases your EXP by 3000.  However, it and
    the other Magnus are quite expensive.  Go back to the Shrine of Spirits and
    take pictures if you need money.
    There's a house to the right of the blue save flower.  Go in and examine the
    dresser for a Millinery.  Check the pots for a Sugar Cane.  Leave and go left,
    across the bridge.  Enter the first house to the left and check the plants for
    a Cedar Tree, then the shelf of dishes for the Pot of Air.  Talk to the kids to
    see just how horrible the little girl's life is going to be, then speak to the
    old woman to hear story-riffic tales.
    Go to the next house, which is, in fact, a tavern.  If you have a Gold Nugget
    (the Gold Beetle Carapace eventually turns into it) then you can give it to one
    of the two people who are looking for one.  The man will give you a Deluxe
    Pastry and the woman will fork over a Deluxe Cream Puff.  The Pastry will
    improve your max HP by 120, while the Cream Puff will improve defense by 10.
    I'd recommend the Cream Puff, just because later on an additional 10 defense
    will make more of a difference than 120 HP.  Also check the barrels for a
    Deluxe Red Wine Magnus.
    Left of the tavern is the Duke's mansion.  Try to go in and you'll be blocked
    by the guards.  Go back and speak to everyone in town (including those in their
    homes) to proceed.  After you're done, Melodia will return, and you can enter
    the Duke's mansion.
    You'll be invited upstairs, but first head into the room to the right and check
    the cabinet by the door for Jill's Jewelry Box.  Examine the drums to get a
    constellation Magnus, then leave and go upstairs.  Head into the room to the
    right and check the bookshelf for a Secret Recipe 5, then the painting for a
    Silent Woman.  Leave and go left into another room.  Check the armchair for a
    Sleet Shawl and the bed for a Tearless Mermaid.  That's all the treasure, so
    enter the middle room for a cutscene.
    When it's over, go downstairs and enter the room to the right.  Mizuti will
    finally join you, and comes with a lot of great spells, but is only class level
    three.  Strip Mizuti of spells for Xelha if you're not going to put him/her in
    your party.  Otherwise, go down the ladder.
    Head right and get a Robe of Firelight.  Now go left and...holy hell, Namco's
    got my vote for most inventive dungeon design!  The monsters here are weak
    against Darkness, so if you're not using Mizuti, take his/her Dark Flare spells
    and stick them on Xelha.  It's rather hard to give directions here, as 'left'
    changes over time.  One mirror you should watch in particular is the one third
    from the left on the bottom.  It's small, but gives a good view of Kalas and
    the path, and while you can't see much of where you're going, it's the easiest
    mirror to use since it follows you all the time, rather than focusing on a
    particular area of the map.  Be sure to get the chest, as it's a good finishing
    move for Mizuti.  After that, move toward the red star pole and examine it to
    warp to a new area.
    This place is much less complicated.  Get the chest in the upper-right for a
    constellation Magnus, then fight your way to the pole on the left side.  You'll
    have to make your reflection examine it to proceed.  The next floor is another
    myriad of mirrors, so once again you're on your own momentarily.  There's no
    treasure, just lots of monsters and a save flower.  Whuh-oh, boss battle
    incoming.  Better set your decks.  Darkness weapons and wind armor is highly
    recommended.  When you're ready, head toward the yellow pole to be warped to
    said boss.
     Boss - Phantasm
     HP   - 4200
     Weakness - Darkness (+80%)
     Resists  - Light (-80%)
     Magnus   - Pinecone, Vanish Grenade, Capricornus
    Once again darkness is incredibly effective, so Kalas, Xelha and Lyude are your
    preferred party.  Its combo attack ends with a Chrono-based attack called Eyes
    of Terror that puts a character sleep, so wind armor is useful here.  This is
    another boss that has a cheese combo of putting a character to sleep, then
    attacking them while they can't block and sleeping them again.  Annoying, but
    remember you can use certain attack cards on your own characters to wake them
    up.  When it's running low on HP it'll start using Seal of Steadiness, which
    paralyzes.  At this point you'll know you're almost done with it.
    More cutscenes follow.  When you finally regain control, head out of the mansion
    and to the blue save flower and Magnus shop.  Buy/sell whatever, hand over any
    constellation Magnus, level up if you want, and save.  You're about to head into
    enemy territory, so make sure you're well-prepared.  Talk to Melodia in her room
    when you're ready to go.
     4e. Disc 2 - Assault on the Empire
     4e-1. Mintaka, the Imperial Capital
    Notice you're leaving your other vessel behind.  Waste of a good ship, that's
    what it is.  When you arrive, talk to the man in black up and left from where
    you arrived.  He's one of Quzman's family, and he'll sign the tree without a
    fuss.  Enter the nearby house and take the Viking Helmet from the chest, and
    the Pickled Eggplant from the stones off to the right near the entrance.  Leave
    and go left to the next screen to meet the kid most eligible for a royal
    Anyway, the door right nearby is the Magnus shop.  About the only things of
    note are the Tongue Birdie for Mizuti and the Blue Sky Mail, both of which
    should be in your price range.  The other cards are ones you've seen before and
    should have by now.  Besides, they cost a fortune.
    When you're done shopping, go left till you spot a crowd.  Approach for a
    cutscene.  Scary.  The home just to the right of the crowd has nothing of great
    importance, but the one to the left has a couple of chests with a Coffin Shield
    and Scale Mail.  Make sure to snag the constellation Ara from the pots on the
    left side of the room, then go upstairs.  After all the cutscenes, head back
    downstairs and leave.  You can reach the upper-story house from the top of those
    stairs, but there's nothing worthwhile in it, so skip it.
    Instead, from the crowd gathered around the speech machine, go right and up at
    the first opportunity to the next screen.  Go up and enter the building.  Get
    the Sleet Shawl from the chest and examine the window for a slice of Apple Pie.
    Talk to the man in the top hat and head out.  Return to where the crowd was
    stationed.  What do you know, it's gone.  Head up the alley that was previously
    blocked and just keep going up till you reach a door.  Trying to go through will
    spark a cutscene.
    It's times like this I hate this game.  They show you this tantalizing chest,
    but after all the cutscenes are over, you won't be able to get it.  Anyway,
    you'll have to fight your way to the dock and your ship.  The enemies here are
    weak against water and light.  You can still use the Magnus shop if you need to
    buy any supplies.  Not only that, but you can use it to heal and fight
    indefinitely.  However, before entering your ship and heading off into battle,
    make sure all your characters are level 25 or above.  A couple more levels
    would make things a lot easier.  I'd also recommend just fighting around town
    to pick up some good cards, and maybe level up your underused characters.  It's
    also a good place to make money, since pictures of the soldiers will sell for
    at least $10,000 when fully developed.
    When you're ready, make a separate save file before you go.  Just trust me on
    this.  Now just board the ship you came in on.
     4e-2. Assault on the Goldoba
    Upon arriving you'll be assaulted by three flying machines.  They're weak
    against water and light, so your decks should already be prepared.  You'll be
    set inside when the battle's over.
    In here, save if you want (but use a different slot than the one back in
    Mintaka!) and fight the enemies here.  Write down the number that's given after
    each battle for later reference.
    More enemies here, and they all contain passwords.  Gotta beat them all.  But
    before you do, go into the door in the upper left and get the chest there along
    with the Sleet Shawl in the bed, then exit and head into the room in the upper
    right.  Get the treasure there and check the bed for a Robe of Firelight, then
    go back and exit via the lower right corner and get the Crystal Nails from the
    chest in the lower-right-hand corner of the hanger.  Now go back and head into
    the door along the right wall.  Two chests are in here, as well as two bots.
    Beat them both for passwords.  Return to the central chamber and kill all three
    bots, then go through the center door.
    Go up to the console and examine it.  You can now enter all those passwords you
    gathered.  First, put in 0819 and 3291 for a pair of Magnus, then enter 4653
    to unlock the bridge once you're done playing around.  Doing so will lock up
    the console and prevent you from entering any more passwords, so make sure
    you're done first.  Now return to the first screen and save (in a different
    file!) and ready your decks.  Check and see if you have any Sacred Wine, which
    can bring back dead comrades.  If so, give it to someone.  If not, you can make
    some by using a Holy Grail and Japanese Rice Wine (in that order) in combat.
    Go up to the bridge.  Cutscene and boss battle time.
     Boss - Ayme, Folon, Giacomo
     HP   - 2400 (Ayme)
            2700 (Folon)
            3800 (Giacomo
     EXP  - 34,000
     Weakness - Chrono (+50%), Light, Fire (+30%)
     Resists  - Wind (-50%), Darkness, Water (-30%)
     Weakness - Light (+50%), Water (+30%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-50%), Fire (-30%)
     Weakness - Water (+50%), Light (+30%)
     Resists  - Fire (-50%), Darkness (-30%)
     Magnus   - Hermit's Creel, Rarebird Statue
    What the hell?  Three on three?  That's not fair!  Heed my warning when I say
    this will be the boss battle that kills you.  Not that you're supposed to die
    or anything.  Anyway, should you happen across a Camera Magnus, use it on Ayme,
    as you should have pictures of Folon and Giacomo already.
    Now then, on to strategy.  Ayme has a nine (yes, nine!) attack combo, but it's
    actually fairly weak.  If you were to toss one good neutral armor Magnus into
    the mix, it'll do a couple hundred at most.  Giacomo will attack twice in a row,
    regardless of the whole 'order of battle' thing, but he won't attack the same
    person twice.  Not to mention his attacks aren't that strong, even unguarded.
    Folon will boost his attack power with Energy Injection, then proceed to do a
    combo attack ending in Worg Laser which will do 500 damage or more unguarded.
    Naturally, light works great against these guys, so Kalas, Xelha and Lyude are
    your preferred party.  All their old resistances and weaknesses hold true in
    this battle, so use them to your advantage.
    First off, kill Folon.  His combo attack is the only thing you should worry
    about, so once he's down, it's just Ayme and her boring (and weak) multi-hit
    combos and Giacomo.  Make sure to heal whoever bears the brunt of the trio's
    attacks, especially if they have less than 500 HP and can't stand another Worg
    Laser.  Once Folon dies, you're mostly in the clear.  Target Ayme next, since
    she's the weakest, and when she's down, Giacomo is pretty much done for.  Do
    him a favor and beat his ass down!
    After the cutscene, it's a Metroid-esque escape from certain doom!  But first,
    heal yourself up and save your game.  The timer won't count down while the menu
    screen is up, thankfully.  It also won't count down during battle, so don't
    worry if you get sucked into combat.  Head toward the hanger now.  You'll need
    to escape on one of their ships docked along the bottom of the screen.
    Unfortunately, the one that's in working order is also out of gas.  Examine the
    big gold tank near the entrance to the hanger to get some oil, then put it in
    the machine.  After all the cutscenes, you'll be dumped to the world map.
     4e-3. The Final End Magnus
    This place is just south of where you end up on the world map.  After the
    cutscenes, visit the church and level up if you want.  The Magnus shop is on
    the far side of the village.  The girls running around will demand a Magnus of
    you.  Don't give them anything yet.  Instead, head inside the first house on
    the left.  There's a Green Tea Magnus in the barrels, and the woman to the left
    wants a Hot Rock.  You can get one by snagging some lava from the Lava Caves,
    then waiting a little while for it to transform into the rock.  She'll give you
    a great sword for Kalas as a reward.
    Head upstairs and inspect the drill for a Sculpting Knife, then check the shelf
    for a Crimson Oak Blossom.  Go upstairs, but stop before leaving the screen.
    Off to the right is a secret passage containing the constellation Lepus.  Now
    go up one more time for a cutscene, then leave the building entirely.  After
    the cutscenes are all done, save, hand in Lepus to the astronomer, then fix up
    your decks.  With a name like the Lava Caves, you obviously want as much water-
    based Magnus as possible.  Also take a bunch of wind Magnus, as they're equally
    weak to that.  Make sure you're using water-based armor, becaues the fire damage
    done by the monsters is just as bad as their physical strength.
    When you're ready, go to the weapon-filled hallway you were previously forced
    into and follow it till you find a wooden door.  Examine it to be taken away to
    a mechanic's hiding place.  When prompted, say you know Larikush, then select
    the first option (Cebalrai).  How Kalas could forget, I have no idea.
    Anyway, after the cutscene the mechanic will wander off.  Get the Dream Blade
    from the chest, the Grumble Pen from the desk and the Serpens constellation
    out of the barrel before following.  Talk to him and he'll open the door.  When
    you're ready, go on in.
    Trap the essence of the Lava before going anywhere.  By the time you're done
    here you'll be able to hand in the Hot Rock to the lady requesting it.  Snag
    the very obvious chest here and head down the left path.  You can run past the
    bull monster here, since it's pretty slow.  Go up to the lava flow and you'll
    note the way ahead is unpassable.  Gee, really?  Head out of the Lava Cave and
    go see the mechanic again.
    After he's done talking, go back to the cave and take the right path this time.
    You'll have to fight the monster here, since it specifically blocks your path.
    Examine one of the patches of ice on the floor and take it back to the mechanic.
    You'll get a new blank Magnus, along with a free source of Sparkling Snow
    essence.  Take as many as you can hold, but don't delete any potentially
    valuable essences you may already be holding.  Anyway, head back into the cave.
    You may notice those buzzing insects that didn't hassle you before are now
    active little monsters.  Damn buggers.  Make sure to defend their attacks, as
    they'll heal themselves for whatever damage they deal to you.
    Anyway, head down the left path and get rid of the lava with your newfound snow.
    You can now walk down your newly-created hill and head right to the next screen
    to snag a Catfish Whiskers and Gold Earrings.  Go back up the hill and exit
    right to proceed.
    Fight the monsters there if you must, but go right to the next patch of lava.
    Use another bit of snow to create a path.  First head down the hill for a Magnus
    and a red save flower.  Uh-oh, there must be a boss battle coming soon!  Gee, I
    wonder who it could be?
    Anyway, beef up your decks.  If you haven't already, make yourself some Sacred
    Wine and give it to each of your party members.  Remember, it's Holy Grail and
    Japanese Rice Wine.  Spruce yourself up properly, meaning as many light-element
    weapons and armor as possible, with as few darkness Magnus as you can manage.
    Make sure your armor is primarily light-based.  When you're ready, head up the
    hill and exit right.  After all the cutscenes, there's the boss!
     Boss - Geldoblame
     HP   - 5500
     Weakness - Light (+80%), Wind (+30%), Water (+20%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-80%), Chrono (-30%), Fire (-20%)
     Magnus   - Shadow Gate, Powder Snow Anklet
    Talk about an extreme makeover!  Being a rather evil little...big bastard, he's
    weak against light and wind mostly, with water being a lesser help.  Due to his
    extreme weakness to light he'll take a lot of damage with a party like Kalas,
    Xelha/Mizuti and Lyude, but he does have one little trick that makes him tough
    to beat.  His special move, Forfeit Your Life, will be damaging, but will also
    cause instant death, making it insanely annoying.  Fortunately, it's not a sure
    thing, and you can help your odds by using Magic Beans: Death if you have them,
    or any other Magnus that boosts your resistance.  Besides the instant death
    trick, this boss isn't that tough, but it can cause problems, so be ready with
    the Sacred Wine.  Seal of Evil can paralyze you, but it's more of an
    afterthought compared to Forfeit Your Life.  Just unleash light-based death on
    him and he'll go down soon enough.
    Avast, me hearties!  Spoilers, incoming off the port bow!  Ready the guns!
    So...yeah, lots of spoilers in the cutscenes ahead, including the famed Namco
    twist!  Sure didn't see that coming.
     4f. Disc 2 - Darkness Engulfs the World
     4f-1. The Adventures of Xelha
    Okay, maybe not darkness-darkness, but still.  When the cutscenes end you'll be
    shown a series of choices.  It doesn't really matter what you pick, the game
    proceeds regardless.  Check the Powder Snow Anklet you won from the last boss
    fight.  It's got more agility than the Golden Anklet and a better resistance
    against death magic, but not as much of a bonus against paralysis or sleep,
    which are a little more debilitating and more often used.  It's best to keep
    them both in reserve, since they protect against different things.
    Anyway, once you regain control, leave your cell.  Check the cell to the left
    for a Fire Burst lv.4, then leave.  Go left to the next screen.  Go left once
    more and enter the second cell you come across to get a Whispering Wind.  Leave
    and go left till you spot a chest with a Spark Hat.  Now head into the right
    cell on this screen and leave immediately.  After the cutscene, go back right
    two screens and keep on heading that way till you spot a hole in the wall.
    More cutscenes, then when you regain control, talk to the three leaders.  When
    that's all over with, check out of this depressing place.  Hit the Magnus shop
    and visit the church, then leave.
    At this point you must rescue the rest of your party by beating down several
    bosses.  By yourself, you say?  Don't sell Xelha short, she's nearly as strong
    as Kalas (or she should be, unless you've been using Mizuti) and she's effective
    in more situations due to her wide range of elemental attacks.  Anyway, you
    should be at least level 30 by this time, and of course more levels will help.
    Head to your ship at the docks and fly on over to Diadem.
    It should be mentioned that you can fight any of the following bosses in any
    order you choose.  However, because they become progressively harder, it would
    be highly recommended to fight them in the order listed rather than head
    straight to the Uber Black Dragon of Fiery and Painful Doom.
    So anyway, once in Diadem head out to the world map.  Go to the Cloud Passage
    and snag a cloud from the machine from so long ago.  Go back to the castle and
    head to the Shrine of Winds.  That's a mighty big interdimensional rift, huh?
    Go on in and use the cloud to open up the gate inside.  Boss battle!
     Boss - Naiad
     HP   - 1400
     Weakness - Light (+50%), Water (+30%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-50%), Fire (-30%)
     Magnus   - Spiraling Gale, Goldfish Bowl, Ophiuchus
    While you're alone in this, you also have powerful Magnus and you should be of
    a decent enough level such that you'll be setting up combos dealing a few
    hundred damage per turn.  In other words, this'll be a quick battle.  A few
    words of warning: make sure to have some light and water-based armor, because
    the boss will deal darkness damage and has a combo finisher called Burning
    Blood that's fire-based.  However, it's not very strong at all.  With only
    three non-combo armor cards, I reduced a five-hit combo to zero damage.  Yeah.
    Equip the Goldfish Bowl to Gibari before you go anywhere.  Also fix up his deck
    if he hasn't been in the party for a while.  Your next stop is Anuenue.
    As you may have gathered from the previous boss, all the rifts are situated
    where you fought the End Magnus guardians, meaning you'll have to climb the
    Celestial Tree again.  Before you do, snag a Celestial Flower Seed from the
    shelves in Queen Corellia's room.  Now climb the Celestial Tree and save on
    the way.  Just in case.  Hop in the dimensional rift, set the Celestial Flower
    Seed in the door, and fight!
     Boss - Thalassa
     HP   - 2300
     Weakness - Light (+50%), Fire (+30%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-50%), Water (-30%)
     Magnus   - Hurricane Blade, Golden Barrette, Cancer
    Don't take this boss too seriously.  Xelha could beat him by her lonesome, and
    you have a dueling second by your side.  Due to his strength against water,
    Gibari won't be much help here, but he's still something of a help due to the
    sheer physical damage he can dole out.  Xelha is once again your main fighter
    thanks to her many elemental spells.  While this boss is not a very powerful
    creature, it has a combo finisher that can freeze you, which means it will
    naturally attack that frozen and helpless character in the next round.  So says
    Murphy's Law.  Even still, an unblocked combo will do less than 300 damage.
    So just wipe this guy out.
    Two down, two to go.  The next one's in Mira.  Hit the church and buy up stuff
    for Savyna if, like me, she wasn't one of your underused characters.  Before
    going to Mira, stop at Quzman's house in Sadal Suud and inspect the dresser to
    get a Terrible Painting.  Also check the picture on the nightstand to the left
    of the bed to have Quzman sign the family tree for his dead wife.  Now go to
    Mira.  Stop by the Mystical Garden and pick up some Mirage Weed, and go to
    Reverence to give the Terrible Painting to Quzman's second wife, Misjah to have
    her sign the family tree.  Now head to Balancoire and drop in the sewers
    underneath the Duke's house.  Fortunately, the dimensional rift is right at the
    entrance, so you don't have to go through the hall of mirrors again.  Score.
    Once inside, drop the Mirage Weed at the door to make the boss appear.
     Boss - Despina
     HP   - 3700
     Weakness - Light (+50%), Wind (-30%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-50%), Chrono (-30%)
     Magnus   - Mega Flood, Tearful Birdie, Lyra
    The true strength in this boss lies not in its power, but in its instant-death
    magic.  Make sure you have Holy Grails and Sacred Wines equipped to all three
    characters, and use them immediately.  Once again Xelha's Light Flares shine
    (no pun intended) and you should be able to deal heaping amounts of damage with
    her alone.  In fact, if you can create high enough combos, you may be able to
    topple this boss before it ever unleashes Hour of Reckoning and instant-kills
    someone.  Didn't happen to me, but then, I got lousy hands.
    That's three down, one left.  At this point I swapped out Savyna for Mizuti
    because Savyna is a pain in the ass to use.  Plus, Mizuti can use all the
    wonderful Light Flares and other elemental spells Xelha uses.  The last party
    member awaits, and the guardian for this one is a doozy.  Go to Alfard, the
    Empire's territory.  Stop by Lyude's house and grab the chest you may have seen
    during a cutscene a while back to get his fifth-level finishing move.
    When you're ready, go to the Lava Caves.  Pick up some lava from the entrance
    and take it to where you fought the final End Magnus guardian.  Enter the rift,
    toss that lava at the big door and fight the final rift boss.
     Boss - Galatea
     HP   - 5600
     Weakness - Light (+50%), Chrono (+30%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-50%), Wind (-30%)
     Magnus   - Crescendo, Amethyst Earrings, Libra
    This boss's secondary weakness is Chrono, but like the others, it's mostly
    weak against light.  Xelha is once again your light-bringing goddess, and Gibari
    is also a help with his light-based oars.  If you have enough magic to keep
    Mizuti's deck filled, he/she/it should also be in your party, but if not, use
    Savyna.  Make sure you have as much Chrono-based armor in your decks as you
    can to avoid being stuck with a lot of wind damage when the boss unleashes his
    combo attack.  There's no instant-death magic here, but he can hit rather hard.
    He's still not as threatening as past bosses.  His only real strength is his
    high HP count which, with lots of light attacks, will be down to nothing in no
    time at all.
    Wouldn't you know it?  One of my favorite party members is the last one.  Darn.
    Anyway, as per the cutscene's orders, you'll have to go back to Anuenue now.
    Go talk to the big-shot rulers and you'll end up with a new destination.  As
    for preparations, Savyna is a much better choice than Gibari due to her fire-
    based weapons, so switch him out for her if you haven't.  Lyude and Xelha or
    Mizuti are, of course, your other must-haves.  Board your Mindeer and fly off
    to the frozen wastes.
     4f-2. Through Freezing Winds and Endless Snow
    Check out the snow.  See how it gives way?  Neat effect.  Anyway, head left.
    Snag the constellation Leo from the chest and go up to the next screen.  Work
    your way through the snow to the Forseti Robe, then go left to the glowing
    portal to get a key for the barrier.  Go back right and up, then left at the
    path split to find another key, then return right and go up to the next screen.
    Get the chest that's in plain sight and follow that same path to the screen to
    the right to get the third key.  Return and head left to get the final key.
    Now return to the path near the chest with the Aqua Burst level 4 (with the
    sparkling snow) and take the left hill up.
    Take the Tower Shield on your way to the next screen.  Get the Deluxe Pastry
    and the Shepherd's Purse, then go up to reach a new area.  Much cutscenes and
    story bits ahead.  Feel free to admire the ice castle (because they're hard to
    build, you know?)  When you regain control, you'll have the run of the place.
    Check the dresser to the upper left to get a Light Flare lv.4.  Examine the one
    to the lower left to get a Young Wasabi Root.  This particular plant has a
    chance to cure death status, and is an alternative to Holy Grails and Sacred
    Wines.  Check Xelha's bed, be amused at the response, and get the Dancing Flames
    Magnus.  Now leave the room.
    Go downstairs and enter the room to the right.  Get both treasures and examine
    the pot for an Eel, then talk to the two women.  You can give them the Warrior's
    Momentos Magnus you should still have to get a Full Helm, but I would recommend
    you wait till the Momentos turns into a Warrior's Memories.  You'll receive a
    Golden Bugle, a very powerful weapon for Lyude.  If you threw away the Warrior's
    Momentos, you can't get another one.  Sorry.
    Leave, and go across the hall and enter the room there.  Pick up a Large
    Shortcake in the pot to the right, then talk to the woman.  You'll be introduced
    to another of the game's sidequests.  Like the family tree, this one will carry
    you all over the world.  Leave the room and go downstairs again.
    The room on the right contains the White Dragon, which you should definitely
    see.  The room on the left has a Green Tea Magnus on the table, so get it and
    go downstairs one last time.
    This place is Cursa, and it has some nice stuff.  After the cutscene, go to the
    screen to the right.  Talk to the woman checking something on the ground and
    have her sign the family tree.  She'll only sign it if you've examined the
    portrait by Quzman's bedside and had him sign for his dead wife.  Enter the
    doorway right nearby and you'll find the Magnus shop.  Hopefully you have some
    money saved up, because the Magnus are getting rather expensive at this point.
    Return to the main area of Cursa and go to the screen to the left.  Enter the
    first house you see and examine the large fish for the Ursa Minor constellation.
    Leave and enter the next door to the left.  Check the bin in the lower-left
    corner for a Dark Flare lv.4, the one in the lower right for Soybeans, then
    leave and check the snowman for another Magnus.
    Leave Cursa by going south from the center screen.  Head down one screen and
    talk to the man wandering in the snow.  Head south to the sparkling snow, then
    head up the right path.  At the next intersection, go left.  You'll find the
    girl in the snow.  Talk to her and she'll sign the family tree, then go back
    to the worried parent and have him sign.  Return to Cursa.
    Head up to the top floor of the castle and enter the room on the right side.
    Talk to Barnette and you'll be sent down into the Lake of the Dragon.  Not much
    of a lake, is it?  At this point you'll fight a boss, but it's not your ordinary
    enemy.  Instead of a typical battle, you'll have to select from a set of face-
    down cards and match the Goddess's card.  It's entirely random, so the only
    thing you have on your side is luck.  Choose the wrong card, and Xelha will take
    100 damage.  You can also uncover Chance cards, which reduce the possible
    choices to two cards, or a camera, which will give you the Goddess's picture.
    You have to match five cards to beat the Goddess and proceed.
    Once that's over with, you'll get the Mirror, some Sacred Wine (score!) and a
    Holy Grail (lesser score!) and a picture if you managed to pick a camera.  With
    those in hand, wait till the cutscenes are over and return to the room with
    Barnette.  Speak to her and you'll gain control of the White Dragon...but first,
    you'll have to have some snow weapons made.  Before leaving, examine the altar
    to get a constellation Magnus.
    First go into Cursa and enter the last house on the left screen.  Talk to the
    guy examining the pillar, then talk to his son.  Now leave and get some
    Sparkling Snow from the snowfields.  One piece will suffice.  Return to the
    castle and enter the statue room.  Talk to the kid and give him the snow.  Then
    examine the statues.  You'll have to determine which weapon goes on which
    statue.  It's pretty easy, but here's the solution anyway:
    Top Left - Bow
    Top Right - Halberd
    Bottom Left - Shield
    Bottom Right - Axe
    And that's it.  The scuptor will have them done overnight, so go to the Magnus
    shop in Cursa and select Rest Your Wings.  Go to the statue room and talk to the
    sculptor, then return to Cursa and go to the screen on the right.  Board your
    dragon and head out.  You'll automatically appear back in Anuenue.  After the
    cutscenes, go to the dock and board your dragon.  It's time to attack the
     4f-3. The Empire is Struck Back
    It seems Mintaka is having some personal troubles.  Take out the lone monster
    at the docks and enter the house nearby.  Talk to the woman to get a Fluffpup,
    one of the critters for the animal sidequest.
    At this point I'd recommend fighting around here and leveling up to the mid- to
    high-30's for the boss battles ahead.  You can get great XP, good pictures, and
    some fantastic loot, not to mention take advantage of the nearby blue save
    flower and Magnus shop with its free resting spot.  I recommend leveling up
    Xelha (naturally) Lyude and Gibari.  Savyna won't be much help where you're
    going.  Equip them with as much light Magnus as possible.  When you think you're
    ready, leave the city by the normal route.  Enter the Imperial Fortress.
    After the cutscene, go grab the two chests sitting out in plain sight.  Don't
    worry about the tank, it's just an Iron Beetle Mk.1.  In other words, it has
    about 700 HP and it will die very quickly.  Go up to the main gate and it will
    open itself for you.  Go all the way down the hallway to the left and get a
    Fire Burst lv.4 from the chest.  Go back right one screen and examine the left
    elevator to be shot up to the second floor.  Go left twice and pick up the
    chest, then examine the dresser by the bed for a Deluxe Cream Puff.  Go all the
    way right and examine the first bathroom stall you see.  You'll get into a
    fight, but it's hilarious!  Open the next stall to get a Phoenix Helm.  Check
    the next one for another funny scene, and you'll receive the Prison Cell Key as
    a reward.  Just what the hell was that guy doing, anyway?
    Now return two screens left.  Go up at the intersection.  Pick up the Aqua
    Impulse and talk to the guy on the bed.  He'll give you an animal for your
    sidequest.  Go back down and left.  One of the elevator rooms will have a red
    arrow pointing up and flashing.  That's the one you want.  You'll end up on
    the fourth floor, with tougher monsters and better rewards.
    First go left and take the Elevator Key from the desk.  Now keep going right
    till you reach a dead end.  Recognize the hole in the wall?  Go through it and
    pick up the two Magnus from the chests.  Now return to the second floor and
    head to the elevators directly left of the washroom.  With the elevator key,
    you can now go up to the fifth floor.
    Go right first and get the two chests.  Check the ammunition rack by the left
    chest to get an Efreeti Suit.  Examine the bookshelf to get an Asura Tuba.  Now
    go left till you reach a room with a red save flower and a cutscene.  Take the
    treasure afterwards and go around to the back of the throne to find a Golden
    Bugle.  Save if you want.  Head back one screen and take the elevator down to
    the third floor.
    Head left first.  Snag the Magnus in the chest, then examine the bed.  Check
    the safe to get a Cute Doll.  Whatever...  Trap four Stagnant Water Magnus from
    the pool in the center of the room before leaving.  Once you've secured all
    four, head out.  Go right and examine the electrical field.  Take the elevator
    back up to the fifth floor and go right till you reach an intersection.  Go up
    to find the security room.  Examine the big blue ball in the center, then pour
    the four Stagnant Waters into the globe.  Return to the elevator, but before
    going downstairs, head left and save your game.  Check your decks.  Light
    element attack and defense Magnus are key.  Xelha, Lyude and Gibari are your
    best bets, since Savyna doesn't have any light-based attack Magnus.  Now go
    down to the third floor and head right.  Boss battle time.
     Boss - Fadroh
     HP   - 7000
     Weakness - Wind (+80%), Light (+30%)
     Resists  - Chrono (-80%), Darkness (-30%)
     Magnus   - Camera 3, Freezing Axe
    Much like the Ice Goddess, this battle is based slightly on luck.  By that, I
    mean this boss has a special Magnus that will make him nigh-unbeatable.
    Ordinarily, he will hit you for about 450-500 damage unguarded, but with his
    special Magnus, Orb of Magical Offense, his attack power will triple, and he'll
    do nearly 1500 damage unguarded, and his number of attacks will double.  That
    means he can potentially deal 3000 damage to a single character.  Bastard.
    The only way around this is to simply pray he never uses it.  That, and to
    deal 7000 damage before he can wipe you out.  That's where Xelha and Lyude's
    mass of light-element weapons come in, and Gibari's wind paddles will help as
    well.  If you can block most of his attacks, the damage dealt will be reduced
    to about 750, less if you can throw out a whole bunch of light and wind-based
    armor.  Make sure everyone has a lot of healing Magnus, and at least two have
    Sacred Wine or a Holy Grail.  I managed to beat this guy after he used Orb of
    Magical Offense on his first turn, but it was tough.  Very tough.
    Good luck.
    Go to the next screen.  A red save flower?  Guess what that means.  Before going
    after this next boss, stop.  Take a moment.  Check your equipment.  Not your
    decks, your equipment.  Make sure all your characters' armor is resistant
    against paralysis attacks.  If it is, great.  If not, and you have no
    alternates, you'll have a tough time ahead.  Anyway, your decks should be the
    same for fighting this next boss, as he and Fadroh share similar weaknesses.
    If you can stand the walk, go back to Mintaka and level up beforehand.  All the
    doors and elevators will remain open for you.  When you're ready, go on ahead
    and fight!
     Boss - Angel of Darkness
     HP   - 9000
     Weakness - Light (+80%), Chrono (+40%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-80%), Wind (-40%)
     Magnus   - None
    This boss is not nearly as strong as Fadroh, but he loves (and I mean LOVES) to
    paralyze you.  If you have a good resistance, great.  If not, be prepared for a
    very, very long fight.  Otherwise, he's not that tough.  He just has a ton of
    HP and can also drain your HP at the end of a combo, which is where paralysis
    resistance comes in.  If you can avoid being stopped cold, you'll be able to
    defend and reduce the amount of HP he drains from you.
    Otherwise, it's a pretty standard battle.  He's much faster than Fadroh and
    will deliver fairly strong combos of 500-600 unguarded damage, but compared to
    Fadroh that's barely a mosquito bite.  He won't start draining your HP until
    late in the battle, but when he does, that's 500-600 damage healed for him.
    Not a good thing for you.  You want to save the majority of your defense cards
    for the later part of the battle so you can prevent his draining ability and
    force a win.
    This is not a difficult battle (unless you have no paralysis resistance) just a
    very long one.  Very long.  Very, very, very...well, you get the picture.
    Good luck.
    Cutscenes and spoilers abound!  After all's said and done, you'll be back in
    Mintaka.  The monsters still occupy the city, so don't think you have the run
    of the place.  Make your way back to your dragon, level up at the church if
    you can, and go.
     4f-4. Poisonous Pathways and Laborious Labyrinths
    You'll automatically be dropped off near a red save flower.  Use it if you want.
    The enemies here are weak against fire, primarily.  Go down from the save flower
    and get the Cinderella Birdie in the chest, then go right, then left twice.
    Take the Fangs of Light and return to the save flower, then go right to get a
    Metal Knuckles from a chest.  Check the vase and trap some Stagnant Water, then
    go back down and straight up.  Notice how the viewpoint changes?
    Keep going straight past the first intersection, then turn left when you get
    the chance.  Take the White Ash from the chest and talk to the guy here.  He's
    part of Quzman's family, so have him sign the family tree.  Go back to the
    previous intersection and go right (the view should have changed appropriately).
    Take the chest and go straight, then right (make sure to grab the Hamelin Cloak)
    then steal the Pegasus constellation from the corpse.  Yuck.  Go left.
    Just follow the path now till you run into a lost traveler.  Go right twice, and
    try to avoid the rather large monster on the second screen.  At the dead-end,
    talk to the monster here (yes, you can do that, he's not hostile) and give him
    the Stagnant Water.  You'll get Bells of Fate, a Chrono-based finishing move
    for Xelha.  Go back down and right twice.  At the intersection, go left to get
    a Sunflower Barette, then left and up to get a Platter of Parting.  Go back
    three full screens till you're at an intersection.  Go left to reach a purple
    clouded area, then left again to exit the maze.
    Go to Gemma Village.  After the cutscene, go back to where you came in and talk
    to the lady there to find another Quzman relative.  The Magnus shop is by the
    blue save flower, but there's no one inside, so don't bother.  Go up the left
    stairs and enter the house here.  This is Mizuti's home.  After the cutscenes,
    examine the table to get an Oakwood Magnus, then the bookshelf to the left to
    get a Large Tea Mug.  Leave, then go up the stairs on the right side of the
    village entrance and enter the house.  The clerk for the Magnus store is here,
    and apparently Rubber Mud is needed to rebuild the shop.  Check the shelf to
    the left to get Peanuts.  Talk to the woman surrounded by chickens, then pick
    one up for the animal sidequest.  Talk to the man by the fire twice.  On the
    second try he'll fork over a constellation Magnus.  Finally, examine the drawer
    on the right side of the house to get a Slight Debt Magnus.  Leave the house.
    At this point you want to get that chest that's in the upper right corner of
    the village.  Thing is, you can't get there by normal means.  You have to enter
    the teleporters around the village in a certain sequence.  The one that flashes
    is the one you must enter next.  Start at the top-left corner.  Then take the
    teleporter to the right of the palace.  Now take the one on the second level
    to the left.  Finally, take the one to the right on the second level.  Poof,
    you're right by the chest.  Get the Earth Buckle, then step into the teleporter
    to be returned to safety.  Talk to the man on the top level to the right of the
    palace and tell him what was in the chest (the first option) to get a Siegfried.
    Enter the palace.
    Hmm...ever wondered what was behind Mizuti's mask?  I'm not telling!
    You'll get the Garden of Death Key, and you'll be able to talk to the
    storytellers around the Great Kamroh.  It's an optional thing, but it provides
    a lot of backstory to the game.  Anyway, head out and go to the Garden of Death.
    This is a rather short trip to the other side.  Trap the essence of the Rubber
    Mud as soon as you come in.  Go back and give the mud to the Magnus shop clerk
    to get a Power Blade and Sacred Helm, not to mention being able to buy and sell
    stuff.  Go back to the garden after you're done.  Go up the right path to the
    next screen.  Take the Flashy Earrings from the chest and go up to the next
    screen.  Cross the bridge and snag the three chests to the right of the house.
    Note the red save flower.  Note that there is no boss ahead.  Fancy that.  Enter
    the house.  You'll be dumped to the world map after the cutscene.
    Go to Algorab Village.  Enter the house to the left of the blue save flower.
    After the cutscene, check the pots for the Aries constellation and the bookshelf
    for some Cherries.  Leave this place and go to the rightmost house for the
    Magnus shop.  The two houses at the north end of the village hold treasures.
    The one on the right has the Cassiopeia constellation on the shelf next to the
    bed, and the one on the left has Curry in the pots by the stove, and Divorce
    Papers on the nightstand.  Uh-oh...
    Anyway, that's it for this town.  Save and head out.  Time to go to the tower!
     4f-5. Zosma, Tower of Stones
    What if it were Zosma, Tower of Cheese?  Oh well.  Anyway, enter the tower.
    You'll trigger a rather lengthy cutscene in which some random guy explains how
    you're supposed to go through this tower.  Couldn't we just take the stairs?
    Complete the little tutorial, then fill out any spare quest Magnus with the
    Weak Flame so any return trips are kept to a minimum.  Before climbing up to
    the next floor, push the blue block into the wall.  While it may look like the
    red block has obstructed your path, push it into the green glowing space, then
    push the nearby blue block into the wall.  You'll open the path to the elevator
    and a chest with a Magnus.  Take the elevator up to the next floor.
    Light the lamp here, then climb up onto the blocks and shove the blue block
    into the wall.  Climb down on the right side and push the red block into the
    hole.  Now climb up the newly-fallen blocks on the left.  Push the highest red
    block to the right into the hole, then climb down and push the next one into
    its appropriate hole.  Do the same to the final red block and climb up the
    path to the elevator.
    Here on the third floor, the lamp is atop a block to the left.  Take out the
    nearby monsters before lighting it.  Once it's lit, push the red block to the
    left down to the lower level.  Go down and shove it north into the green hole.
    Go northwest from where the hole was, through a slightly hidden passage to the
    blue block.  Shove it into the wall, then climb to the upper level and ride
    the moving block over to the red blocks.  Climb the first and shove the second
    into the hole in the wall, then push the second one in turn when the moving
    block returns.  Be very careful not to push the first block into the wall, or
    you'll have to start all over.
    Return to the bottom level and ride the new moving block up to a red block.
    Shove it north, then ride the block back down and push it into the hole.  Ride
    the elevator up, then take the next moving block left.  Push the blue block
    into the hole on your way to make a chest appear on the bottom level.  Snag it
    if you want (it's a Burning Shield) and go up to the fourth floor.
    Up here, light the lamp and climb on the blocks on the right side of the room.
    Push the red block down and into the hole.  Now go to the red block in the south
    end of the room and push it against the stone with the red block on top of it.
    Now push that upper red block in the same direction so it's trapped between the
    two regular blocks.  Go around to the left of it and push it right, then into
    the green hole that's partially hidden by the many stones.  You'll uncover a
    chest with a Rhapsody.  Now go back down and push the last red block into the
    hole near the lamp.  Yahtzee, the way is secure!  Save your game, then ride the
    elevator up to the final floor.
    Up here, light the lamp and ride the block up.  There are three blue blocks
    here, two in the floor and one in the wall.  Push the one in the wall, then ride
    the elevator down and push the next one into the wall as well.  Repeat this
    process until a red block pops out of the wall.  Get behind it, then ready your
    decks.  The next boss battle is a bit of a bitch in terms of preparation,
    because there are two of them and they have opposite weaknesses.  Make sure at
    least one party member is stacked with water cards, while at least one other is
    stacked with fire.  Push the block into the hole between the two bosses when
    you're ready.
     Boss - Agyo, Ungyo
     HP   - 7000 (Each!)
     EXP  - 120000
     Weakness - Water (+80%, Agyo), Fire (+80%, Ungyo)
     Resists  - Fire (-80%, Agyo), Water (-80%, Ungyo)
     Magnus   - Prominence, Poseidon's Creel, Gemini
    The red one is Agyo and the blue one is Ungyo.  Simple.  This battle isn't
    terribly difficult, but it can be trouble simply due to the fact that there's
    two of them, they have conflicting weaknesses, and you may not be able to
    effectively attack or defend against one or the other.  Don't bother trying to
    kill them both simultaneously, the other one isn't going to go nuts when his
    buddy dies.  Take down one as soon as you can, and the other one will fall
    soon after.  Fortunately they have no weaknesses or resistances outside water
    and fire, so you can have Lyude and Kalas using whatever weapons they have
    against one or the other.  One thing to watch out for is an instant death
    attack they both have, but they typically won't use it till late in the battle,
    and usually only after one or the other is dead and gone.  Otherwise, it's not
    too difficult.
    Once you regain control, take the elevator up to the roof of the tower.  After
    the cutscenes, you'll be dumped to the world map.  Before going to Algorab
    Village, change your decks around so they contain as many light-element cards
    as possible.  Kalas, Xelha and Lyude are once again the optimum party for this
    endeavor.  Make sure to save your game before entering the village (you can
    save on the world map from your main menu, if you don't already know).  When
    you're ready, go on in and face your destiny!
     Boss - Malpercio
     HP   - 10000
     Weakness - Light (+70%), Chrono (+30%), Water (+20%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-70%), Wind (-30%), Fire (-20%)
     Magnus   - None
    Ahh, that's a big'un!  Despite the massive HP count, this boss isn't very tough.
    His massive weakness to light makes it a fairly simple battle, especially if
    you can manage to string together a few good combos.  Much like the Angel of
    Darkness, he'll start using a special attack that drains your HP when he's close
    to dying.  Bastard.  It won't save him, though.  Just defend as best you can and
    let loose with your best cards.  He's much slower than the Angel of Darkness, so
    you should be able to pull off quite a few combos before he can drain you.
    As you may have figured out from the length of this guide, that was not the end.
    After all the cutscenes, visit the church, hit the Magnus shop, then skip town.
    Go to the port just south of the tower to find your dragon.  You'll end up in
    Anuenue, in the queen's throne room.  Talk to the three rulers, and after the
    conversations, try to leave the palace.  Try again, then head to Cebalrai.
     4f-6. Celestial Alps
    Before going to Cebalrai, there are a few things you can pick up in past areas
    now that you're a little further along in the game.  First off, head to the
    lord's mansion in Pherkad.  On the way, talk to the man near Quzman's house to
    get a Cloudgull for the animal sidequest.  In the mansion, go to the first room
    on the left on the first floor to get a Kao Monkey.
    Anyway, go to Cebalrai when you're done in Pherkad.  There are a bunch of
    animals you can get here.  Enter the stables first and talk to the guy on the
    left to get a Prancer.  Exit and re-enter the stables and that same guy will
    be taking care of the Pows.  Talk to him to get one for yourself.  Now leave
    the stables and go right.  Talk to the girl feeding the ducks, then just pick
    up three ducks from the flock.  It doesn't matter which you examine, you'll get
    all three.
    Enter Larikush's house.  After he's done talking, go back to Pherkad and board
    your dragon.  You'll be whisked off to the Celestial Alps.  Well, you will have
    to press the A button, but still.
    First go up the left path for a Canis Minor constellation.  Continue left, but
    you'll be stopped by...a tentacle.  Right.  Go down and kill the insect
    controlling it, then proceed left along the opened path to the next screen.
    Another tentacle blocks you, so climb and jump down to the insect and kill it.
    You'll have to double back to the first screen to move forward.  Before you do,
    try to get that chest on the middle level cliff.  Another tentacle will pop up.
    Now go left to the next screen.  Jump off the cliff to the left and keep going
    till you're blocked yet again.  Climb down and hop off the cliffs to the left,
    then the right to fight the annoying insect.  To get back up, you'll have to
    return to the previous screen, go right and climb up the cliff, then go back
    left.  Having fun yet?  Oh, you can also pick up that chest now, which contains
    an Apocalypse Sword, very nice weapon for Kalas.  Before going to the next
    screen, climb down the ladder to get an Air Slash sword.  You'll have to fight
    one more insect, but it's worth it.  Go left when you're able.
    In this next screen, you can pick up an animal for its respective sidequest.
    There's one white sheep and a single black one off to the side.  You can also
    pick up the Azure Sand, Kalas' class 6 quest item.  A Chaos Mail Magnus is by
    the red save flower, as well as that black sheep.  Use the save flower if you
    want, then go back right and leave the area entirely.  Seriously.  Go back to
    the nearest blue save flower and level up, then raise Kalas' class level to 6
    with that Azure Sand.  Doesn't matter if you have enough cards to max out his
    deck, you'll need that nine-card combo limit.
    Also, make sure you have a little time on your hands.  The upcoming battle is
    rather long.
     Boss - Ayme, Folon, Giacomo
     HP   - 5000 (Ayme)
            5500 (Folon)
            7000 (Giacomo
     Weakness - Chrono (+50%), Light, Fire (+30%)
     Resists  - Wind (-50%), Darkness, Water (-30%)
     Weakness - Light (+50%), Water, Wind (+30%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-50%), Fire, Chrono (+30%)
     Weakness - Water (+50%), Light (+30%)
     Resists  - Fire (-50%), Darkness (-30%)
     Magnus   - None
    Yeah, they're back.  Not only that, but you have to fight them twice.  No, I'm
    not kidding, you actually have to fight this battle, twice in a row, with no
    breaks.  They're a bit stronger, but then, so are you.  As with the first time
    you fought, take out Folon first.  He's got the most powerful attacks, and even
    though Ayme still has that annoying nine-hit combo, it's still weak compared to
    Folon's finishing move.  However, it's gotten stronger, and if you don't use at
    least a couple good armor cards against it, you'll be hit for 600 or so damage
    per shot.
    There are a few more differences from the last time you fought.  First off,
    they'll heal themselves on occasion, and use items to buff themselves up.  Even
    worse, Giacomo and his stupid 'attack twice in a row' habit will end up healing
    twice in a row sometimes.  Bastard.
    Make sure your decks are loaded down with light-element weapons, since they're
    all weak against it.  Once Folon is down, kill Ayme.  Giacomo has the most HP,
    the weakest attack, and he's the slowest among them, so leave him for last.
    When Ayme dies, Giacomo is just a matter of patience.  When he's down to about
    half health, he'll start using his finishing moves, but he's still weaker than
    the other two.
    Of course, after the first battle ends, you'll have to undergo a cutscene, then
    fight them again.  Same stats, same battle.  Different strategy, actually.  Ayme
    will likely use defense-boosting items on Folon, while Folon will use his own
    stat-boosting items on himself.  If this happens, forget Folon and just kill
    Ayme first to spare yourself the nine-hit combo animation.  Take out Giacomo
    next, since Folon is a pain to kill after being buffed twice in a row with
    defense-boosting items and hit with healing potions.  When he's dead, kill
    Giacomo for the last time.  It shouldn't be too different from the first battle
    unless, like me, you accidentally healed Folon for his entire HP value (don't
    You'll automatically appear back in Anuenue, which means you'll have to go all
    the way back for that Magnus chest you saw in the cutscene.  But before you do,
    ask the penguin lady about all the places in the list to proceed.  After you
    finish finding out what's going on around the world, return to the Celestial
    Alps.  Talk to the woman on the path to learn her daughter is somewhere here.
    Actually, she's at the lower exit to the left on the same screen.  Talk to her,
    then her mother, then the daughter again.  The fat lazy woman wants you to push
    her up the hill, yet she's still walking on her own two feet.  Bah.
    Anyway, they'll sign the family tree when you're done with this foolishness.
    The chest in the house contains an Efreeti Saber, not really worth the trouble,
    but you can get a Silk Veil from the angel statue, and an Avocado from the left
    windowsill.  In the room to the left, climb the ladder to get some Straw, Milk
    from the milk jugs, and a Holy Armor and Skull Buckle from the chests.  The
    Skull Buckle looks like the best piece of armor for Kalas (99 for all
    resistances, great stat bonuses) but you're in the confused status from the
    moment each battle starts.  If you can deal with that, then enjoy.  Before
    going back to Anuenue, stop by Quzman's house and talk to Yamin to have her
    sign Bajja's name on the tree.  Stop by Wazn and pick up some snow on your way
    back.  Now return to Anuenue.
     4g. Before the Final Conflict
     4g-1. The Book of Forbidden Magic
    Anuenue should be your first stop in this series of sidequests before the final
    battle.  Since you're looking for a forbidden book, your first stop should
    naturally be the library.  Before you go in, though, stop by the Celestial Tree
    and pick up a pigeon for the animal sidequest.  You can also get a Waterlark
    from the top of Mayfee's house in Opu.  Finally, hand in the snow to a kid in
    the corridor of the left side of the School of Magic in Komo Mai for a Light
    Flare Lv.5.  Now talk to the principal in the right side of the school to learn
    about his missing adventure novel.  To get it, head down to Gemma Village in
    Duhr and enter the house to the left of the palace.  Check the bookshelf along
    the left wall to get the Essence of the Adventure Book.  Bring it back to the
    principal to get a free pass to the Illusory Fortress.  Examine the book to be
    sent inside.
    See all the doors?  This place is a pain in the ass without directions.
    Fortunately, that's what I'm here for.  First enter the fourth door from the
    bottom on the left side to pick up a pair of chests.  Examine the door to the
    north for a cutscene, then you'll be back in a room identical to the first.
    Go in the second door from the bottom on the right side to find a relative of
    Quzman's.  You'll have to fight a monster to save him, but it's easy.  Return
    to the main hall and enter the top door on the right side for more treasure.
    Enter the door when you're done to be sent to yet another hall of doors.
    Now enter the fourth door from the bottom on the left side to get another two
    chests and a nice save flower.  Must be a boss ahead.  Save your game and press
     Boss - Kulcabaran
     HP   - 10000
     Weakness - Wind (+80%)
     Resists  - Chrono (-80%)
     Magnus   - Galeos Fangs, Aqua Burst Lv.6
    This guy's only weakness is wind, and Kalas should have enough swords of that
    element to take him down easily.  Otherwise, just beat on him with whatever
    you've got, because he's not nearly as tough as the last few bosses.  He does
    hit fairly hard with a few different elements, but you should be able to take
    him out before he can do any serious damage.  He does have a draining move
    that he'll use near the end of the battle, and it's this you should save your
    armor cards for, because he can cure more than 1000 HP in a single combo.  Ouch.
    Still, when he uses it, you'll know he's almost dead.
    After the cutscenes, you'll be back in Komo Mai.  Level up/save your game, do
    whatever needs doing and head out.
     4g-2. Up Ghost River With a Magic Paddle in the Sand
    While I would just as soon let Gibari flounder, some people think he's the big
    fish of the group, not to mention I'd have my head on a pike if anyone thought
    I left him floating, so we'll be swimming on.
    I profusely apologize for the previous sentence.  Anyway, fly over to Diadem.
    Leave Sheliak and go to Nashira.  After the cutscene, enter the house to the
    right of the Magnus shop for another scene and...a clue!  To get to the Greater
    Celestial River, return to Sheliak and board your dragon.  The River will
    appear on the world map, at the leftmost end.  Fly over there to begin.
    First go left and climb down a short ladder for a Power Blade.  Now go up to
    the next screen, but get the Buoy of Light from a chest to the right first.
    On the next screen, you'll find Reblys, the wanna-be hero.  First go into the
    slim passage ahead to get a constellation Magnus.  Now go left from Reblys to
    get a Battle Suit, then up and left to find a Skull Creel.  Go right and hop
    over the gap to reach the red save flower.  There's a boss ahead, so take out
    any water Magnus in your decks and replace them with fire.  If Gibari hasn't
    been in your party thus far, adjust his deck appropriately.  Go up to the next
    screen for a cutscene and...!
     Boss - Brolokis
     HP   - 13000
     Weakness - Fire (+80%)
     Resists  - Water (-80%)
     Magnus   - Nemesis Fall, Dragoon Gale, Eridanus
    This one's weakness is fire, obviously.  Use as much of it as you can, and if,
    like me, Gibari hasn't been in your party for quite some time and is seriously
    lagging behind everyone else, just stick a bunch of healing items on him and
    let him keep the rest of the party alive.  Otherwise, this is not a terribly
    hard boss, despite the HP count.  It has a powerful combo, but it often wastes
    turns trying to poison people.  If your resistances are high, it's a free round
    for you.  He does hit very hard, so make sure everyone has some good healing
    items on them, and try to keep everyone above 1500 HP.
    After the battle and cutscene, you'll be back in Nashira.  After the cutscene,
    visit the church, level up and hand in constellations, then head out.  Next up
    is one of my favorite bosses, simply due to its weakness.  Go back to Sheliak
    and board your dragon.  Fly on over to Mira and you'll end up in a very scary
    place indeed.
    First go up and take the blatantly hidden Hades Horn from the chest.  Exit to
    the left, then enter the top right door for a quick scene.  Take the Jasper Gem
    from the chest and go.  Enter the top left door for another scene and the
    Skull Earrings from the chest.  Leave, then exit the main hall by the bottom
    left.  Here, fight your way to the Agni Tuba and the Mithril Helmet, then return
    to the main hall.  Go up to the center room and leave for a cutscene.  Make sure
    your decks are filled with light-element Magnus first, and that Lyude is well
    Afterwards, ye olde bosse will appear.
     Boss - Rampulus
     HP   - 13000
     Weakness - Light (+80%), Wind (+50%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-80%), Chrono (-50%)
     Magnus   - Vishnu, Apple Pie (Full)
    Like the last boss, this one has a devastating weakness, and a party member
    will be forced into your lineup for the duration of the battle.  If you haven't
    been using Lyude up till now, he's a rather good choice for this fight due to
    his abundance of light-element Magnus.  This boss isn't as strong as the last
    one, but it can put you to sleep with a combo and that's never fun.  He can
    also attack twice in a row, and use a special move to increase its defense
    more than once.  Fortunately, its weakness to light is so high that it
    shouldn't make a difference if you stacked your decks properly.
    You'll receive the Presto Magnus, another of Lyude's finishing moves.  After
    the cutscene, you'll be in Mira.  Stop by Balancoire and pick up Polly in the
    canal, then walk north in the canal to reach the sewers.  Take a rat from here
    and leave Mira entirely.  Fly over to Alfard.
    Leave the city and go to the Nihal Desert by Azha Village.  After the cutscene,
    pick up Savyna's class level 6 item from the chest and get the Centarus
    constellation from the water jugs.  Check the jugs along the south wall and
    fill up as many blank Magnus as you can with Pristine Water.  Go outside and
    pick up the Skull Barrette there.  Go back in and leave via the ladder in the
    upper left corner.
    First head west, giving up a Pristine Water as you go.  There's a man to the
    west.  Give him some water, then go west to the next screen.  Why, it's an
    oasis!  Fill up your blank Magnus with water and check the anteater-looking
    things to get another animal for your sidequest.  Go west once more to find a
    woman in the sand.  Give her some water and have her sign the Quzman family
    tree.  Exit to the north.
    Give the man here some water, and unless you had six or more waters from the
    oasis, you'll run out now and be sent back to the beginning.  Otherwise, just
    make your way back to the first screen of the desert.  If you did collapse,
    refill your water supply and head out.  Start by going north, then west, and
    north once more.  You'll find another woman in the sand.  Give her some water
    and dehydrate yourself back to the entrance.  Fill up on water one last time.
    Now then, just keep heading north till you run into an oasis.  There will be
    an oasis mirage along the way, so don't be fooled.  The real oasis is three
    screens north of the entrance.  Stock up your water reserves and go west twice.
    Give the near-dead man here some water to get a nice weapon for Savyna.  Use
    the red save flower and prepare Savyna's deck for battle if you haven't been
    using her lately.  Water weapons and armor are key here.  Go one screen south.
    Talk to Azdar and fight...!
     Boss - Sowzana
     HP   - 12000
     Weakness - Water (+80%)
     Resists  - Fire (-80%)
     Magnus   - Hellblood's Hammer, Green Light
    I'm starting to hate these 'force a party member I don't use into battle'
    things.  Oh well.  Savyna should have a nice arsenal of water knuckles whether
    you've been using her or not, and you'll really need them.  This boss has that
    hated Orb of Magical Defense, which'll make him take far less damage than any
    boss has a right.  He has a wicked combo attack that'll deal nearly 1000 damage
    with fire alone, not to mention physical damage, which will push it up beyond
    1500!  Your only chance, should he use his orb of defense, is to exploit his
    water weakness and basically outlast him.  It helps if you use cards that boost
    your attack and defense power, such as shortcakes and cucumbers.  Otherwise,
    just pound on him till he falls.
    You'll get the Phoenix Crest Magnus after the battle.  Once the cutscenes are
    over, save, heal, level up, and ride your dragon out of here.  The last place
    to visit is the Tower of Zosma.
     4g-3. The Tower's Final Secret
    Fly on down to Duhr and enter the tower.  This time you'll have to enter the
    lower levels.  After the cutscene, pick up as many weak flames as you can
    carry and ride the elevator down.
    The lap is on the opposite side of the room, so you'll have to climb across the
    red blocks to reach it.  After it's lit, climb up the first red block to your
    right and shove the next one right.  Wait till the elevator block has moved out
    of the way before pushing.  Once it's done, climb down to the floor and up to
    the large cerebrus monster.  Kill it and take the Delinquency Stone.  Now climb
    up the rightmost block and shove the higher one into the wall.  Return to the
    lamp and shove the block next to it to the right, making sure the elevator is
    blocking the rightmost block this time.  It's not that tough because when you
    push the red blocks, the elevator stops moving.
    Once that's done, the three blocks should be lined up in something of a twisted
    L shape.  Push the one at the bottom (the one not lined up) to the right, into
    the wall.  Now there are two blocks left.  Push the right one to the north (not
    the left, for the love of everything, not the left!) then shove the final block
    to clear the floor.  Climb up the stairs for Mizuti's class level 6 item, then
    go down the elevator.
    This time you'll be set down next to the lamp.  Light it and ride the elevator
    down to the next level.  Get off on the right side.  There are two blue blocks
    in the wall here.  Shove both of them (in no particular order) then go back up
    to the first level and take the right side this time.  Shove the red block and
    go back down to it.  Don't push it down, but instead go into the little niche
    you made with the blue blocks and push it left.  Now climb all the way down to
    the floor and take out some monsters if needed.  Move the red block across the
    floor and leave it to the left of the two gray blocks stacked on top of each
    other.  Climb up to the middle level and shove the red block here to the right.
    Now climb back down and push the last red block into the hole in the floor.
    Go on down.
    Third floor, lingerie, savage monsters, men's fine things.  Climb down and
    clear out the monsters before you do anything.  Once the flame's lit, go to the
    red block on the floor and push it one square right and one square down.  Climb
    up and kill the monster, then go all the way back down and shove the same red
    block three squares left and two squares up.  Climb up the red and gray blocks,
    then go right.  Don't push the red block here, but instead climb it.  Traverse
    this path till you reach the right red block, then shove it as far as it'll go.
    This part's a little tricky due to positioning.  Go back down to the floor and
    push the red block there three squares to the right.  Climb up when it's in
    place so that you're to the right of the red block on the upper level.  Now
    push that block left so that it fits snugly into the hole in the floor.  Lastly,
    shove the final block into the final hole.  Perfect.  You can now take the two
    chests, which include a Skull Birdie and a constellation Magnus.  Ride the
    elevator down to the fourth floor.
    One more to go!  Clear the floor of enemies and light the lamp.  Push the nearby
    block to the left.  Now climb down and back up so you're on the left side of the
    left block, then push it right so it's one square south of the lamp.  Climb down
    and back up to the lamp and push that same block south so it falls in the hole.
    Now climb down to the south and up again so you're to the right of the nearby
    block.  Push it left and go to the next block.  Push it just one square left and
    leave it.  Now push the two red blocks on floor-level into their respective
    holes.  Shove that last block into its hole to be done with this maddening
    tower.  Use the save flower, then go down to the final floor.  No deck
    preparation necessary.
    After the cutscene you'll fight a boss, but it's much like the Goddess of Ice
    battle.  You just pick cards and try to match them.  If you don't, you get
    hurt.  If you do, the boss is hurt.  Just keep matching to win.
    Quick note: anyone else think one of the programmers put his face in that
    glowing ball and obscured it a little?  Could be...
    Anyway, you'll get a Wizard Robe, Fire Burst Lv.6 and a Cream Puff for winning,
    along with Alias Fall, one of Mizuti's finishers.  You'll also be taken out of
    the tower automatically.  Rest up, visit the church, and save.  At this point
    you can either go ahead to the final area, or finish off your remaining side-
    quests and get a few nice equipment Magnus.  Let's do the sidequests, shall we?
     4g-4. Taking Care of Business
    This section is going to have to be mostly incomplete, because aside from the
    two main sidequests (the family tree and the animals) I'm not sure where to
    find the best equip Magnus for all the characters.  So, if anyone out there
    knows, send me an e-mail and maybe I'll get this thing done before 2068.
    First of all, leave Duhr and go back to Sadal Suud.  Enter the Nunki Valley and
    talk to the man underneath the waterfall.  Have him sign the family tree, then
    return to Quzman's house.  By this time you should have all but two signatures,
    unless you missed someone, in which case you'll be cursing me since I don't do
    lists.  Sorry.  Anyway, return to Quzman's house and talk to Tumart and Asakir
    until they sign the tree for deceased family members.  Now, if your tree reads
    31/31, talk to Quzman.  Brief cutscene, then he'll add a spot to the family
    tree.  This guy's in Duhr.  Before leaving Sadal Suud, go to Rodolfo's mansion
    from the beginning of the game.  Make your way up to the roof.  Remember the
    Magnus you couldn't get earlier due to the game's cutscenes?  Neither did I,
    but anyway, there's a chest up there and in it is Kalas' Moon Buckle, his best
    equip.  No sidequest necessary.
    First off, make sure you have the Delinquency Stone.  If your old one turned
    into a pebble, you can get a new one from the first basement floor of the tower
    in the same spot as the last one.  Now climb the Zosma Tower once more, to the
    fourth floor.  There, give Rabbih the Delinquency Stone you got from the
    basement of the same tower and you'll have completed the family tree.  Go back
    to Quzman's house after you're done.  Talk to Quzman to receive the Platinum
    Earrings, Lyude's best equip Magnus in the game.  Speak to Taymiya afterwards
    to get a few more Magnus for your trouble.
    Now then, if you've been following the guide thus far, you should have every
    animal for that particular sidequest.  So, go on down to Wazn and talk to the
    woman in the room on the left of the second floor of the castle.  Just keep
    talking to her till you've given her all the animals.  Once you give all of
    them, you'll receive the Endeavoring Woman and Xelha's best equip, the Pegasus
    Next up is the museum sidequest.  Go to Balancoire and enter Calbren's mansion.
    He has a museum there that will accept various Magnus in exchange for a reward.
    Among these are the Thunderfish Bone, which is gotten from a boss a long time
    ago.  It's a one-time item, so if you took it and threw it away, you're not
    going to complete this sidequest, simple as that.  If you didn't take it, you
    can still get the bone from the Lesser Celestial River.  If you did keep it,
    then there are only a few more Magnus you need.  The first is the Golden Pick
    Axe, which is gotten from the Mystical Garden's maze.  The next is the Adventure
    Book, found in Gemma village, in one of the houses.  The last is the Delinquency
    Stone, located in the Tower of Zosma.  The reward for handing all four of these
    in is Mizuti's ultimate equip, the Broken Birdie.
    At this point the section will have to be incomplete, because I don't know
    where to find Gibari or Savyna's best equip Magnus.  If I ever do figure it
    out, I'll be sure to write it up here.  Feel free to help out by e-mailing me
    if you do know...
     4h. For a Bright Blue World...!
    That section title sounds far too much like a Gundam slogan.  Anyway, go to
    Anuenue and talk to the queen when you're ready to hit the final dungeon.  After
    all the cutscenes return to the audience room to be sent inside.  Of course,
    there will be many cutscenes first.
    Once you're in, go left for a Fire Burst Lv.6 and right for a Chronos Blow Lv.6.
    Go up two screens to find a room full of monsters and, of all things, a blue
    save flower.  This is the best place in the game for both leveling up and
    getting new Magnus for your deck, so feel free to stay awhile and fight for new
    cards and such.
    Start off by going through the top right hall.  Note that the Demonic Hands here
    drop both the Durandal and the Muramasa Blade, the strongest light and dark 
    weapons (respectively) for Kalas, and they're really easy to kill.  Farm them
    for cards if you want, then go on.  Examine the glowing light and proceed to
    the next room.  Go down to pick up a couple chests, then up once and ready your
    decks.  Prepare water armor and weapons.  Now go up to find a boss.
     Boss - Big Scary Shadow
     HP   - 14000
     Weakness - Water (+100%)
     Resists  - Fire (-100%)
     Magnus   - Deadly Heat Scythe
    Gee, I wonder who this could be?  Anyway, this aspect of you-know-who is just
    ridiculously weak against water.  Pack enough water armor cards and you won't
    take a point of damage against his combos.  Otherwise, wet him down a bit with
    whatever party you like, although obviously Gibari and Savyna and their mass of
    liquid assets will be a help.
    Note: The next few bosses are, shall we say, rather similar to this one, so
    much so that I'll refrain from making a boss section for each one.  All you
    really need to know are their weaknesses.
    Once he's taken care of, go back to the blue save flower.  Use the top left
    passage this time.  More Demonic Hands if you care to get more swords.  Go to
    the next room and go down again for more treasures.  Make sure to examine the
    ball of light in the middle of the room before going up.  This coming boss is
    weak to wind, so stock up on those weapons and armor for an easy fight.  Go up
    when you're ready.  Same as the last boss, and you'll be awarded an Ultimate
    Geyser finisher for Gibari.
    Return to the save flower and this time go to the bottom right passage.  More
    Demonic Hands.  Go to the next room.  Examine the green pillar to be raised up
    to a chest with a Venus Garb.  Go back down and examine the red pillar for a
    Chronos Blow Lv.6.  Take the nearby green pillar down, then go to the rightmost
    green pillar to be raised to a chest with the Esperanza, the best Chronos-based
    sword for Kalas.  Go back down and take the red pillar up.  Go to the far right
    green pillar and ride it down, then take the red pillar back up.  Check the
    nearby green pillar to go up and continue that way with the red pillar.
    Now you'll have to open up the way forward.  To do that, keep going down on the
    red elevators till you're back at the very bottom.  Take the green elevator up
    and go back to the next red pillar to the left.  Ride it down and take the
    green one back up.  The way should be made clear.  Go to the next room.
    Take the Aqua Burst Lv.6 from the chest and ready your decks.  This time you
    want Chronos-based cards.  This boss is the same as the ones before, aside from
    his element.  He'll give up a Planet Soul finisher for Mizuti.  Return to the
    main hall.
    This time, go to the bottom left hall.  Demonic Hands again.  Moving on.  This
    time you have to deal with teleporters.  Lovely.  Take the right one first.
    Now use the middle one and you'll appear at the highest point in the room, with
    a crossroads and three teleporters.  Go back in the one you came out of to be
    sent to a chest with a Desperda armor.  Take the various teleporters till
    you're back to the start, then return to the crossroads.  Hop in the red
    teleporter to get a Lord of the Wind finisher for Kalas.  Go in again to be
    taken to an area with another glowing light you should examine to make a chest
    appear elsewhere.  Go back in the teleporters till you're at the start.
    Now go back to the crossroads.  The left teleporter will lead you to the next
    area, but you can go back in the exit point to get a Dark Flare Lv.6.  When
    you're ready, move on.  Take the Light Flare Lv.6 from the chest and ready your
    decks.  This time, you want fire cards.  This one will give Finale, Lyude's big
    finisher (real creative name...)
    Now it's time for the last hall.  Go back to the save flower and walk straight
    up.  This part is physically short, but it's made long by the many monsters.
    It looks like a lot, but there's only a couple battles to the next room.  Take
    the stuff in the chests and fight your way through.  In the next room, check
    the ball of light to make another chest appear in the upper left room.  Ready
    your decks by preparing lots of darkness-based cards.  Same strategy as before,
    beat him to death with his weakness.  Wheel of Light for Xelha is your reward.
    That's it, final boss time.  Level up, save, fight the Demonic Hands if you
    want more swords, and make sure you're at or around level 70 for the three that
    will be fighting.  When you're all ready, take the teleporter in the center of
    the main hall.  Set your decks for light-based weapons and armor.  Just keep
    going up till the game takes over.
     Boss - End Boss A
     HP   - 16000
     Weakness - Light (+50%), Wind (+20%)
     Resists  - Darkness (-50%), Chrono (-20%)
     Magnus   - None
    To be perfectly honest, I didn't spend much time with this boss.  I ended up
    pulling off a 1-9 straight with Xelha on the first turn and did over ten
    thousand damage (10812, to be exact).  I had to reset the game to get a more
    accurate assessment of the battle since it ended so fast the first time.
    Anyway, he has two special moves, Seal of Venom and Seal of Awakening, which
    poison and sleep you respectively.  Naturally, being a boss who can put you to
    sleep, he will sometimes attack that same person after sleeping them, giving
    you no chance to defend.  Otherwise he's about the same as the last few bosses,
    except he has a Soul Drain finisher.  Like the name implies, he'll damage you
    and recover himself for the same amount.  It's a pain in the ass, so try to
    finish him quick.  Oh, and be sure to snap a picture.
    Various cutscenes ensue, complete with Namco's trademark twists.  After it's
    all gone down, you'll be in control again.  At this point you can return to the
    first floor and save/level up if you want.  When you're ready, go through the
    newly-opened path on the second floor.  There's a red save flower here if you
    need it (not likely, but still).  Get the Golden Helm on the fallen pillar and
    follow the stairs up to the roof.  Go on up to find the Big Bad.
     Boss - End Boss B
     HP   - 20000
     Weakness - Varies (+80%)
     Resists  - Varies (-80%)
     Magnus   - None
    Now this is an end boss that's worth the effort!  Not so much in looks, but in
    challenge.  This boss has a nine-hit combo which just kills.  Even defended,
    it'll do 1500-2000 damage or so.  Make sure everyone has Avocados and other
    high-end healing items, and make sure to use them!  He has a certain combo
    finisher he'll use at about the halfway point called Dark Arrow, which will
    inflict all manner of status effect horror on one character.
    Also, the boss will use Seal of Entropy, which changes the element he's weak
    against.  You have to watch what appears around him when he uses it, because
    that'll indicate which element he's attuned to.  Though you can't really do
    much about it, since decks made up of every element will inevitably fail due
    to their own internal conflictions.  So, just unleash everything you have on
    him and hope he makes himself weak against an element you have in abundance.
    It gets worse once he's low on HP.  He'll use an Enchanted Blade combo once
    on EACH CHARACTER, and, like the previous boss, it's a damn HP drain attack.
    There are two ways of dealing with this.  The first is to just keep on plugging
    and take him out as soon as possible.  The second is to take him down to about
    7500 or so HP (just keep track of the damage you do).  Once you've done that,
    toss out armor cards on all your characters till they have a good amount of
    weapons to use.  When you've got a decent amount, unleash your best combos,
    all at once, and take him down without giving him a chance to retaliate.
    Do note that the second strategy will likely have a drain on your healing items,
    so either bring a lot of them or hope for a good hand.  If neither is in your
    favor, don't force it.  Attack and take him down.
    More cutscenes will follow.  There's a "Are You There, God?  It's Me, Melodia"
    moment that's rather icky if you get the reference.  The game is more or less
    on autopilot now, for a bunch of long cutscenes.  More Namco plot twists, and
    then...the real final battle!
     Boss - The Final Boss
     HP   - 15000
     Weakness - None
     Resists  - None
     Magnus   - None
    Okay, now this is the most pathetic excuse for a final boss I've ever seen.
    Absurdly weak attacks  1/4 less HP, and there's a special trick to defeating
    him.  Depending on your relationship with your guardian spirit, you can kill
    him in one hit.  If you can get a Spirit Move to appear, use that and it'll
    destroy the boss instantly, regardless of his remaining HP.  You'll have to
    stock up on weapon cards, since they only appear as the last card in a combo,
    meaning you have to use eight other weapon cards first.  You can kill him
    normally, and odds are you will regardless, so just kill him however you like.
    Cutscenes!  Events!  Dramatic moments!  The big finale!  Enjoy it, you've
    beaten the game!  That's all from me, goodnight, folks!
    The End!
     5.  Acknowledgements
    Thanks to you, the reader and gamer, for taking the time to read my FAQ.
    Thanks a bunch to Leebo for providing the ASCII art for this walkthrough.
    Thanks to GCNszmm for telling me about the bunch of Magnus in Anuenue.
    Thanks to Namco and Monolith for bringing me a card-based RPG with a great
    story, soundtrack and more.  Kudos, guys.
    Thanks to CJayC and Gamefaqs for hosting it.
     6.  Copyright Info
    This file is Copyright (c)2002-2005 to its respective author, namely myself.
    All rights reserved.
    This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any web site
    other than those listed below, or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Sites allowed to use this FAQ:
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    there and is being used in violation of intellectual copyright laws and more
    importantly, against my wishes.  Simply, www.cheatcc.com and its respective
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