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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GCNszmm

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 01/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                       -+XXX####=   =X###Xxxx#####x
                                   .=#x,       ,=##+-            .+##
                                 -#x       ,..                      ,#x
                               ##-.        ..             ....  ,x##x##,
                             X#;   ..,;=#,.             . ..  ;##.     #=
                            +x    ,,;=##   ....  ..........  x#         #
                           #x  ;-=+x### .,;-.     ....,,,,. +#          #x
                          #X-#######X#;,,.,   +-#X  .,..., .#           #-
                          ##+.       #-,-, .# =;- ,# ....  X+          .#
                                    +#,... # ##.## #,.,,. -#         . #-
                                    #+,=,, ++;+=##=# .., .#,    ..  .,=#
                          =#####.=##=.--+=,  =-  .   ... -#         .--#
                     =###-     ;+=,,;=.,=.,-      .,... .#,        . ;;##
                      .x#####=,.  ,.,;,;=-=+=+,.-x,-.  +#;              x#
                         ++,..,...      ,,. ,===-  .;###                 ##
                      #x-  . .   ;;==##X, .;--.;.;###.                   -##
                   #+-.      ..#;.#+,;;=##+.   ,X#                        #-#
                  #-.    .. .#x #- ..   .;##-.,##                       . #+-#
                xX    .,,;,,#; x=..       .x#x-#                          #x.==
       ..      #+  ;x+# ;, =#  # ,          -##=                          =x..#
      #xX##X  #=. =#  # ;,.#  -# -.   ...  ,.;#;                          x#. ,#
     .#    ;##=  .#   # ,.,#  =# -;;,.......,.,#.                         #X.. #
     .#;;,; #+ , xX  #+ ...#  =#.-;;;,.....  ..##                         #-   #
     .# ,++;# .  #   # x+X #  =#.-;;;,,.....  ..#= .                     x#,   #
     .#   ;+#x.# #   # # +=#   #.-;;;;,,.....  .-#  .                    #-,   #
      #+.. =#  # #   # # #;#  ;#.-;;;;,,....,. . #X  .      . . .. .   ,#x,;..=#
       #=  -##x=;#   #--x-=-  Xx.;;;;;;,,...,.....#=  .. ...........  ;#x;-;,=##
        #+  ##;X+ ..  +#-#    #;;;,,,,;;;,..,;-., X#;......,.,,,...  x##+,,;###
         ##+## ##  ,,. x##   -# ,,..;;;;, +-,;,,=+;#X,;;,,,;;,..  ..## +#+##+X
           +##  ##  ;,. ### ,##+#XX##   =x##.-;.# +##---,,.  .,==x#####,=X##
             =##,##,  . ;##+.#  ...   -#x X-;-;-#  ##-..  .=#########; --
                ;x###X;   ##+ #+-;;-##X  Xx. .-#,  ##=+#####-    =+
                    =#####x########X.   #x .,x#;  x####+
                              ,#-;.  -##;.,+#X  .##-
                               =,;+###+-x##=  .##-          ASCII ART
                                     ####x=x###      (c) 2005 WishingTikal
    ~Baten Kaitos~
    Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
    By Tyler Dinucci
    aka Ivysaur12 and Savyna’s Stalker
    This walkthrough does contain spoilers, so please be careful.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Update History
    3. Characters
    4. Game Basics
       - Battle System
       - Elements
       - Prizes
       - Deck Construction
       - Leveling Up and Classing Up
       - Photography
       - Spirit Attacks
    5. Walkthrough
       - Sadal Suud Frontier [SDSD]
         - Cebalrai, The Farming Hamlet [CBLR]
         - Moonguile Forest [MNGF]
         - Nunki Valley [NNKV]
         - Pherkad, The Ancient Capital [PRKD]
         - The Lord’s Mansion [LRMS]
       - Diadem, Land of Clouds [DIDM]
         - Nashira, The Fishing Village [NSHR]
         - Lesser Celestial River [LCRV]
         - Cloud Passage [CLPG]
         - Sheliak, The Castle Town [SHLK]
         - Castle Elnath [CELN]
         - Shrine of the Winds [STWD]
       - Anuenue, The Rainbow Nation [ANUN]
         - Anuenue Port [ANPT]
         - Komo Mai, City of Flowers [KOMI]
         - The School of Magic [SCMG]
         - Corellia’s Palace [CORL]
         - Ancient Library of Magic [LIBM]
         - Holoholo Jungle [HLJN]
         - Opu, The Waterfall Village [OPWV]
         - The Celestial Tree [CLST]
        - Mira, City of Illusion [MRCI]
         - The Outer Dimension [OUTD]
         - Parnasse, The Confectionary Village [PRNS]
         - Detourne, The Mystical Garden [DTRN]
         - Reverence, The Picture Book Village [RVRC]
         - Nekton, Shrine of the Spirits [NKTN]
         - Balancoire, Borough of Illusion [BLNR]
         - Duke Calbren’s Manor [DCNM]
         - Cocolith, Labyrinth of Mirrors [CCLT]
        - Alfard, Empire of the Flame [ALFD]
         - Mintaka, The Imperial Capital [MNTK]
         - The Battleship Goldoba [GLDB]
         - Azha Village [AZHV]
         - The Lava Caves [LVCV]
         - The Imperial Fortress [IMFT]
        - The Rescue [RSCE]
         - The Interdimensional Cracks [INDC]
         - Everything Else [EVR1]
        - Wazn, The Ice Lands [WZNI]
         - The Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa [ICGS]
         - Kaffaljidhma, Castle of Ice [KFJD]
         - Cursa, The Snowy City [CRSC]
         - The Lake of the Dragon [LDRG]
        - Back to Alfard [BTAD]
        - Duhr, The Earth Nation [DHRE]
         - Gemma Village [GMMV]
         - Capella, Garden of Death [CPLL]
         - Algorab Village [ALGB]
         - Zosma, Tower of Stones [ZSMA]
        - The Character Side Quests and Everything Else [CHSQ]
         - Kalas [KLSQ]
         - Gibari [GBSQ]
         - Xelha [XHSQ]
         - Lyude [LYSQ]
         - Savyna [SVSQ]
         - Mizuti [MZSQ]
         - Everything Else [EVR2]
        - Cor Hydrae Castle [CHCT]
       6. Sidequests
        - Quzman’s Genealogy
        - Constellation Sidequest
        - Wazn’s Animal Quest
       7. Magnus List
       8. Time Changing Magnus
       9. Magnus SP Combos
       10. Bestiary
       11. Voice Actors
       12. Contact Info
       13. Legal
       14. Thanks
    1. ~Introduction~
    Cast Light Upon the Darkened Earth,
    Save Those Lost in Despair,
    O Mighty Ocean, Guide Us As We Journey Through,
    The Darkest Pit of Night...
    May Time, Ever Fleeting,
    Forgive Us, We Who Forsaken Our Song,
    And Buried Our Future...
    Fare thee well, my children...
    Rest in my heart...
    Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wing and the Lost Ocean is an epic, original game from
    the masterminds at Monolith Software and tri-Crescendo. The actual star Baten
    Kaitos is an orange giant in the whale constellation of Cetus, approximately
    260 light-years from Earth. The word ‘Baten Kaitos’ is the corrupt form of the
    Arabic phrase Batn Qaytus, meaning "Whale’s Belly". In some cases, hardcore
    fans have even resorted to calling it "God". Hmm... maybe.
    Baten Kaitos tells the story of an young male named Kalas, who has lost both
    his grandfather, Georg, and his little brother, Fee, and is on a quest of
    revenge against The Mad Wolf Unit of the Alfard Empire - Giacomo, Ayme, and
    Folon, the people that murdered his family. Kalas and his unexpected companions
    Xelha, Gibari, Lyude, Savyna, and Mizuti find themselves wrapped in a plot of
    betrayal, love, and creation that delivers one of the finest RPGing experiences
    in history.
    2. ~Update History~
    {January 27th, 2004} Version 0.4 - Guide to end of Back to Alfard, added minor
    characters, added more quotes, added more monsters, finished Gibari's and
    Lyude's weapons in the Magnus List. Not looking forward to writing a guide for
    the Labrynth of Duhr.
    {January 10th, 2004} Version 0.3 - Guide to end of Wazn, added monster drops,
    more quotes, corrected some things. Next update should be a big one.
    {January 7th, 2004} Version 0.2 - Guide to end of Alfard, more of Bestiary
    done, added Meemai ASCII art from WishingTikal, added Time Changing Magnus,
    started Magnus list, fixed my spell check.
    {December 30th, 2004} Version 0.1 - Guide up to Detourne, part of Bestiary, all
    of the characters and game basics stuff finished, part of voice actor list
    done, legal stuff put up.
    3. ~Characters~
    "None can escape from destruction. None! Not even destruction itself!" -
    ~          ~
    ~~        ~~~
    ~~~~      ~ ~
     ~~ ~      ~~
      ~       ~~
    Age: 18
    Home: Balancoire, Mira
    Voice Actor: Eric Kelso
    "Yeah right! If you’re lookin’ for someone to die with you, you’re askin’ the
    wrong guy."
    Kalas, the protagonist, is able to talk to you, the player. That’s right, you.
    Kalas has bonded with a Guardian Spirit to help him find the murderers of his
    grandfather and brother. He’s cocky and arrogant, and will do whatever it takes
    to get revenge - whatever it takes. Armed with double swords, Kalas’s attacks
    all deal with some sort of blade. His attacks cover all of the elements, as
    well as his finishers. Many of his best swords are Combo 2 swords, so it would
    be wise to put many Combo 1 Magnus in his deck as well.
    ~Finishing Moves for Kalas~
    |Sword Style|
    I: Blue Storm
       ATK: 45 (40 Wind)
       Location: Moonguile Forest, defeating Sabre Dragon
    II: Shadow Wings
        ATK: 70 (60 Dark)
        Location: The Lord’s Manor, next to the Koa Monkey
    III: Energy Wave
         ATK: 95 (80 Wind)
         Location: Lesser Celestial River, defeating Thunderfish
    IV: Flash Explosion
        ATK: 120 (100 Fire)
        Location: Opu, Behind the Secret Wall next to Mayfee’s Altar
    V: Water Blade
       ATK: 145 (120 Water)
       Location: Nekton, take the top path once entering
    VI: Dream Blade
        ATK: 172 (140 Chronos)
        Location: Lava Caves, in the mechanic’s room
    VII: Fangs of Light
         ATK: 205 (160 Light)
         Location: Labyrinth of Duhr (see guide)
    VIII: Chaotic Illusion
          ATK: 235 (180 Chronos)
          Location: Celestial Alps, defeating Giacomo, Ayme, Folon
    IX: Lord of the Wind
        ATK: 275 (200 Wind)
        Location: Cor Hydrae Castle (see guide)
    ~Class Level Magnus for Kalas~
    Wild Strawberry (Class 2)
    Location: Moonguile Forest, defeating Lord of the Spring
    Mana Stone (Class 3)
    Location: Lesser Celestial River
    Coral Plant (Class 4)
    Location: Shrine of the Winds, defeating Lord of the Winds
    Ancient Branch (Class 5)
    Location: The Outer Dimension, defeating Gnosis
    Azure Sand (Class 6)
    Location: Celestial Alps, outside of Georg’s cabin
    ~          ~
    ~~        ~~~
    ~~~~      ~ ~
     ~~ ~      ~~
      ~       ~~
    Age: 17
    Home: Kaffaljidhma, Wazn
    Voice Actress: Bianca Allen
    "We tend to neglect the things that should be important to us. And sometimes
    forget about them completely."
    Xelha is the heroine of his powerful epic. She is very strong willed, albeit a
    bit naive about the world around her. Her clothes are rather odd, even for
    Baten Kaitos, and she is extremely knowledgeable of Malpercio and the End
    Magnus, though she chooses not to talk about her past. Xelha is extremely
    versatile in battle, as she has an equal assortment of elemental magic Magnus
    and has a very high speed. Her main drawback is that her defense and vitality
    are poor, and none of her magic Magnus can be used to defend, which limits the
    amount of offensive Magnus she can bring into battle.
    ~Finishing Moves for Xelha~
    I: Dance of Light
       ATK: 45 (40 Light)
       Location: -
    II: Sparkle of Life
        ATK: 70 (60 Light)
        Location: The Lord’s Mansion, defeating Giacomo
    III: Soul Flash
         ATK: 95 (80 Light)
         Location: Cloud Passage, defeating Iron Beetle I
    IV: Dancing Flames
        ATK: 120 (100 Fire)
        Location: The Celestial Tree, defeating Tree Guardian
    V: Dark Embrace
       ATK: 145 (120 Dark)
       Location: Nekton, defeating Sikri
    VI: Whispering Wind
        ATK: 172 (140 Wind)
        Location: The Imperial Fortress, in one of the cells
    VII: Bells of Fate
         ATK: 205 (160 Chronos)
         Location: Labyrinth of Duhr (see guide)
    VIII: Seal of Water
          ATK: 235 (180 Water, 100% Death)
          Location: Illusionary Fortress of the Book, defeating Kulcabaran
    IX: Wheel of Light
        ATK: 275 (200 Light)
        Location: Cor Hydrae Castle, defeating Sibling God: He
    ~Class Up Magnus for Xelha~
    Shrike Statue (Class 2)
    Location: The Lord’s Mansion, Xelha’s holding room
    Heron Statue (Class 3)
    Location: Lesser Celestial River, force Thunderfish Skull all the way down the
    Falcon Statue (Class 4)
    Location: Ancient Library of Magic, right next to boss room
    Rarebird Statue (Class 5)
    Location: The Battleship Goldoba, defeating Giacomo, Ayme, and Folon
    Linnet Statue (Class 6)
    Location: Illusionary Fortress of the Book
    ~          ~
    ~~        ~~~
    ~~~~      ~ ~
     ~~ ~      ~~
      ~       ~~
    Age: 34
    Home: Nashira, Diadem
    Voice Actor: Jeff Gedert
    "Simmer down, will ya? I’ve never been good at these... debates"
    Gibari is the oldest character in the game, and resembles Wakka from Final
    Fantasy X in appearance (though not in personality). He works as a fisherman in
    the small fishing village of Nashira, and doesn’t particularly care for the
    customs and traditions of the town. He and King Ladekahn seem to be good
    friends, and he is an extremely strong fighter, using his paddle as his weapon.
    Gibari’s main elements are Water and Wind, Fire and Chronos Magnus of his are
    very rare. He is extremely slow, but makes up for it in sheer might, being the
    strongest fighter in your party.
    ~Finishing Moves for Gibari~
    |Destructive Power|
    I: Dragon Uppercut
       ATK: 45 (40 Water)
       Location: -
    II: Crystal Shot
        ATK: 70 (60 Water)
        Location: -
    III: Explosive Paddle
         ATK: 95 (80 Fire)
         Location: Anuenue Port
    IV: Smash Tackle
        ATK: 120 (100 Chronos)
        Location: Holoholo Jungle
    V: Whirlwind Hit
       ATK: 145 (120 Dark)
       Location: Detroune, in the room with the scales
    VI: Spiraling Gale
        ATK: 172 (140 Wind)
        Location: The Interdimensional Crack, defeating Naiad
    VII: Pendulum Blast
         ATK: 205 (160 Light)
         Location: Constellation Magnus Sidequest
    VIII: Nemesis Fall
          ATK: 235 (180 Dark)
          Location: Greater Celestial River, defeating Brolokis
    IX: Ultimate Geyser
        ATK: 275 (200)
        Location: Cor Hyrdae Castle, defeating Sibling God: Che
    ~Class Up Magnus for Gibari~
    Shark Tooth (Class 3)
    Location: Cloud Passage, defeating Iron Beetle I
    Scarlet Shell (Class 4)
    Location: Ancient Library of Magic, Philosophy Section
    Catfish Whiskers (Class 5)
    Location: Lava Caves
    Buoy of Light (Class 6)
    Location: Greater Celestial River
    ~          ~
    ~~        ~~~
    ~~~~      ~ ~
     ~~ ~      ~~
      ~       ~~
    Age: 18
    Home: Mintaka, Alfard
    Voice Actor: Thomas Meleski
    "Will I be able to face them? Will I really be able to fight my own
    countrymen... my own family?"
    Lyude is a man full of sorrow and regret. His brother Skeed and his sister
    Vallye hate him, his country has exiled him, his caring nurse has been killed,
    and he thinks no one likes him. Because of his conflicts between doing what’s
    right and following his family, it’s only right that Lyude uses Dark and Light
    Magnus. Those are the only elements in his entire deck besides Neutral. Those
    he is not an offensive master, he is the only character in the game with an
    abundance of Light and Dark Magnus.
    I: Overture
       ATK: 45 (40 Light)
       Location: -
    II: Concerto
        ATK: 70 (60 Light)
        Location: -
    III: Sforzando
         ATK: 95 (80 Dark)
         Location: Ancient Library of Magic, Geographic Section
    IV: Diminuendo
        ATK: 120 (100 Dark)
        Location: The Outer Dimension
    V: Intermezzo
       ATK: 145 (120 Light)
       Location: Mintaka, in Lyude’s house
    VI: Crescendo
        ATK: 172 (140 Dark)
        Location: The Interdimensional Crack, defeating Galatea
    VII: Rhapsody
         ATK: 205 (160 Light)
         Location: Zosma, 3rd Floor
    VIII: Presto
          ATK: 235 (180 Dark)
          Location: The Phantom Goldoba, defeating Rampulus
    IX: Finale
        ATK: 275 (200 Light)
        Location: Cor Hydrae Castle, defeating Sibling God: Bo
    ~Class Up Magnus for Lyude~
    Heartlight Candle (Class 4)
    Location: Ancient Library of Magic, defeating Folon
    Platter of Parting (Class 5)
    Location: Labyrinth of Duhr (see guide)
    Jasper Gem (Class 6)
    Location: The Phantom Goldoba
    ~          ~
    ~~        ~~~
    ~~~~      ~ ~
     ~~ ~      ~~
      ~       ~~
    Age: 25
    Home: Opu, Anuenue
    Voice Actress: Rachel Walzer
    "I’ll say it once. No one goes down without permission. Those that can’t keep
    up will be left behind. Understood?"
    Savyna is a strong, silent woman that doesn’t take crap from anyone. She makes
    a living as a monster hunter in Komo Mai, keeping to herself. Though she
    shrouds herself in mystery, she is very concerned about children. Savyna is an
    excellent offensive fighter, and can attack with an amazing amount of neutral
    damage. One of her major flaws is that her attack animations are extremely
    quick, making it next to impossible for less-skilled players to use her. Her
    deck is made up of Water and Fire Magnus, and she uses melee fists to attack.
    Stocking up on Tekken (Iron Fists) Magnus would be wise, as that is her only
    Magnus that can be used to defend as well as attack.
    ~Finishing Moves for Savyna~
    |Special Attack|
    I: Burning Arrow
       ATK: 45 (40 Fire)
       Location: -
    II: Erupting Flail
        ATK: 70 (60 Fire)
        Location: -
    III: Splash Spear
         ATK: 95 (80 Water)
         Location: -
    IV: Freezing Axe
        ATK: 120 (100 Water)
        Location: The Celestial Tree, defeating Tree Guardian
    V: Vanish Grenade
       ATK: 145 (120 Fire)
       Location: Cocolith, defeating Phantasm
    VI: Hurricane Blade
        ATK: 172 (140 Water)
        Location: The Interdimensional Crack, defeating Thalassa
    VII: Inferno Cannon
         ATK: 205 (160 Fire)
         Location: Algorab Village, after clearing Zosma
    VIII: Hellblood’s Hammer
          ATK: 235 (180 Water)
          Location: Nihal Desert, defeating Sowzana
    IX: Deadly Heat Scythe
        ATK: 275 (200 Fire)
        Location: Cor Hydrae Castle, defeating Sibling God: Ar
    ~Class Up Magnus for Savyna~
    Wild Cherry Bud (Class 4)
    Location: The Celestial Tree, left hand side once entering
    Purple Rose (Class 5)
    Location: Capella, behind the house at the end
    Dragon Plum Bud (Class 6)
    Location: Nihal Desert, inside cave
    ~          ~
    ~~        ~~~
    ~~~~      ~ ~
     ~~ ~      ~~
      ~       ~~
    Age: 14
    Home: Gemma, Duhr
    Voice Actress: Yuko Yunokawa
    "Remember one thing. The Great Mizuti sometimes needs to tell lies. But you
    should never lie to the Great Mizuti. Never. Remember!"
    Mizuti is by far the most eccentric and imaginative characters in Baten Kaitos.
    Mizuti calls mizutiself (new word for y’all) "The Great Mizuti", tooting that
    The Great Mizuti is on a very important mission, and that The Great Mizuti is a
    hero. Who is this mysterious being? In battle, Mizuti uses the same exact
    attacking Magnus as Xelha. Mizuti’s speed is not as high as Xelha’s, but
    Mizuti’s defense is better than hers, making Mizuti’s a valuable asset to your
    ~Finishing Moves for Mizuti~
    I: Sorcerer’s Chakram
       ATK: 45
       Location: -
    II: Sorcerer’s Breath
        ATK: 70
        Location: -
    III: Sorcerer’s Seal
         ATK: 95
         Location: -
    IV: Heaven’s Pillar
        ATK: 120 (100 Chronos)
        Location: Cocolith (see guide)
    V: Shadow Gate
       ATK: 145 (120 Dark)
       Location: The Lava Caves, defeating Geldoblame
    VI: Mega Flood
        ATK: 172 (140 Water)
        Location: The Interdimensional Crack, defeating Despina
    VII: Prominence
         ATK: 205 (160 Fire)
         Location: Zosma, defeating Ungyo and Agyo
    VIII: Alias Fall
          ATK: 235 (180 Wind)
          Location: Zosma, defeating Wizard Shadow
    IX: Planet Soul
        ATK: 275 (200 Wind, 100% Death)
        Location: Cor Hydrae Castle, defeating Sibling God: Le
    ~Class Up Magnus for Mizuti~
    Pinecone (Class 4)
    Location: Cocolith, defeating Phantasm
    Shepherd’s Purse (Class 5)
    Location: Gomeisa, near the end, close to Cursa
    Tradescantia Petals (Class 6)
    Location: Zosma, B1
    ~          ~
    ~~        ~~~
    ~~~~      ~ ~
     ~~ ~      ~~
      ~       ~~
    Fun Fact: SQUEAK!
    Meemai is a Greythorne, mysterious and wise creatures that are scattered around
    the world. They are a relic of a time long passed, now living on the surviving
    continents. They’re true power remains a mystery...
    Fun Fact: Is a natural blonde.
    The King of Diadem, known as the "White Flame". He’s loved by his people, and
    is a strong leader. King Ladekahn resides in Castle Elnath, the extravegant
    cloud castle in Sheliak. He seems to know Gibari somehow, but that connects
    remains unknown.
    Fun Fact: Likes yogurt. A lot of yogurt.
    The Lord of Sadal Suud, he is a coward and a puppet of the Empire. He is not
    very well liked by the people of Sadal Suud, and not very respected by the
    other continents. Rodolfo is a coward, and rules his country in his best
    Fun Fact: Has a dragon on her dress.
    The Queen of Anuenue, known as the "Green Wind". She holds the power of
    prophecy, and is highly respected by her people, despite being the second
    youngest leader of a nation. She believes in warfare as an extreme last resort,
    fearing for the safety of her people.
    Fun Fact: The only character in the game that wears glasses.
    The Duke of Mira, he walks with a cane and wears a top hat in his old age. His
    daughter-in-law and son were killed by a disease, and he is left with only
    Melodia. Calbren’s ancestors seemed to have done something awful, as he is
    forced to protect something very important...
    Fun Fact: Plays dress up with 15 year old girls.
    The most sinister leader of any nation, Geldoblame is one of the evilest
    characters in the game. He believes the people of Mintaka to be the chosen, and
    that every one else is a pawn in his world.
    Fun Fact: Thinks he’s cool because he has a six-pack and a cape.
    Leader of the Mad Wolf Unit, Giacomo is under the direct control of the
    Emperor. He has been sent to find the End Magnus, and to finish off a certain
    dark-winged pest...
    Fun Fact: His skin is blue. That is so cool.
    Known as the "crazed joker", Folon is the youngest member of the Mad Wolf Unit.
    He has blue skin, and is extremely strong. Could Folon have some sort of power?
    Fun Fact: Has man thighs.
    The most insane member of the Imperial Army, Ayme rounds off the Mad Wolf Unit.
    She also has the strange power that Giacomo and Folon hold.
    Fun Fact: Plays dress up with 45 year old men.
    The granddaughter of Duke Calbren, and the heiress to the Duchy of Mira. Her
    parents died from a disease, and she was also came close to a near death
    experience. There is something perticular about her, something that doesn’t
    Fun Fact: Her VA is named "Satan".
    A keeper of The Celestial Tree who lives in Opu. Her grandmother is dying, and
    she somehow knows Savyna.
    ~More Coming Soon!~
    4. ~Game Basics~
    "Wonderful. Marvelous. Fantastic!!!" - The Great Mizuti
    So, you want to know how to play Baten Kaitos? You’ve come to the right place
    then! This guide will teach you all there is know about Magnus and how they
    play a part in the world of Baten Kaitos.
    ~~~Battle System~~~
    When Baten Kaitos was first announced in the summer of 2003 (well, it was
    mentioned before hand, but Famitsu first released the details of the game right
    before Monolith’s big show), many gamers, including myself, were skeptical
    about the card combat. No more Yu-Gi-Oh clones, please. Thankfully, Baten
    Kaitos does away with the standard that Card RPGs have set and introduces a
    completely new battle system dubbed Magnus Battle System. Magnus control
    everything in the game, so it would be wise to get aquatinted with them.
    On the field, you will see your enemies, so you can choose whether you want to
    battle or not (though sometimes it is a bit hard to avoid the enemies). Once
    the battle begins, you will see a row of Magnus at the bottom of the screen, a
    timer on the right side, and your HP at the top of the screen. This is your
    offensive turn. The first thing you’ll notice is that all the Magnus have
    different numbers one them. These numbers can be used for form prizes, which
    will be explained in the Prizes section. By moving your analog stick over your
    Magnus, you can select which Magnus you want to use, and then by using the
    C-Stick, you can choose what spirit number you wish to use. Point the C-Stick
    in the direction of the spirit number you wish to choose. Depending on your
    Class, you’ll be able to attack with multiple Magnus. At the end of the turn,
    the damage is calculated and the damage is dealt to the enemy.
    The next turn is a defensive turn. While this seems extremely odd to RPG vets,
    it is actually an amazing addition to the RPG genre. By selecting Magnus on
    your defensive turn while the enemy is attacking you, you can greatly reduce
    the amount of damage the enemy does. Unlike your offensive turn, you can choose
    cards that are grayed out to defend (they will do nothing if they are grayed
    out). This is a great way to cycle through a dead hand and get the Magnus you
    want in your deck. Sound simple enough?
    There are 7 elements in the game, ripped straight from Chrono Cross.
    Light <-> Dark
    Wind <-> Chronos
    Fire <-> Water
    On a Magnus, you will see a number such as "45 (20 Dark)". This means that this
    particular Magnus does 45 Neutral damage PLUS 20 Dark damage. This is useful
    against enemies who have a Light element, as the 20 Dark damage will do extra
    damage towards enemies of the opposite element.
    You do not want to mix elements, however. Say your offensive turn goes like
    40 (20 Dark)
    50 (25 Light)
    30 (15 Dark)
    10 (5 Light)
    Total: 130 Neutral Damage, 5 Dark Damage
    What happened?! I’ll tell you what happened - you mixed elements! By mixing
    elements, you do less damage than you normally would. Not good, not good at
    all. It is important to try not to mix elements unless it is necessary or the
    damage from the opposing element is so low it doesn’t matter.
    You also must be wary of elements when you are defending. Let’s say your
    defensive turn goes like this:
    Enemy attacks with:
    40 (20 Wind)
    80 (30 Wind)
    20 (10 Wind)
    You defend with:
    90 (45 Fire)
    110 (50 Fire)
    80 (50 Fire)
    Total Damage: 60
    Again, what happened?! You defended with cards that were much more powerful
    than the enemies. What did you do wrong?
    To block elemental damage, you must use defensive cards of the opposing
    element. You would need to block with 60 Chronos defense to counter the enemies
    attacks. Hard, huh?
    Ever wonder what the spirit numbers were for? By stringing together different
    spirit numbers, you can form prizes that lead to even more damage being dealt!
    Here’s an example:
    You attack with (number in bracket is spirit number]:
    40 (10 Wind) [2]
    10 (5 Fire) [3]
    20 (10 Wind) [4]
    Total Damage: 122
    Wait, wait, what? That should do 95 damage, not 122. Where did that extra
    damage come from? Because you had a 3 card straight, an extra 28% was added to
    your damage total. By stringing together spirit numbers, you can form
    devastating damage totals that can make all the difference in a battle, or take
    damage away during a defensive turn. Here’s a list of the prizes and what they
    do (note that straights can be played in ascending order or in descending
    Offensive Turn:
    2 cards: +10%
    2 cards with 9: +15%
    2 cards, 2 pairs: +13%
    2 cards, 3 pairs: +26%
    2 cards, 4 pairs: +40%
    3 cards: +21%
    3 cards with 9: +31%
    3 cards, 2 pairs: +39%
    3 cards, 3 pairs: +65%
    4 cards: +33%
    4 cards with 9: +49%
    4 cards, 2 pairs: +64%
    5 cards: +45%
    5 cards with 9: +67%
    6 cards: +57%
    6 cards with 9: +85%
    7 cards: +69%
    7 cards with 9: +103%
    8 cards: +81%
    8 cards with 9: +121%
    9 cards: +93%
    9 cards with 9: +139%
    2 straight: +13%
    2 straight with 9: +19%
    3 straight: +28%
    3 straight with 9: +42%
    4 straight: +45%
    4 straight with 9: +67%
    5 straight: +64%
    5 straight with 9: +96%
    6 straight: +86%
    6 straight with 9: +129%
    7 straight: +111%
    7 straight with 9: +166%
    8 straight: +139%
    8 straight with 9: +208%
    Final straight sunset (9-1): +255%
    Final straight sunrise (1-9): +306%
    Defensive Turn:
    2 cards: -9%
    2 cards with 9: -13%
    2 cards, 2 pairs: -11%
    2 cards, 3 pairs: -20%
    2 cards, 4 pairs: -28%
    3 cards: -17%
    3 cards with 9: -23%
    3 cards, 2 pairs: -28%
    3 cards, 3 pairs: -39%
    4 cards: -24%
    4 cards with 9: -32%
    4 cards, 2 pairs: -39%
    5 cards: -31%
    5 cards with 9: -40%
    6 cards: -36%
    6 cards with 9: -45%
    7 cards: -40%
    7 cards with 9: -50%
    8 cards: -44%
    8 cards with 9: -54%
    9 cards: -48%
    9 cards with 9: -58%
    2 straight: -11%
    2 straight with 9: -15%
    3 straight: -21%
    3 straight with 9: -29%
    4 straight: -31%
    4 straight with 9: -40%
    5 straight: -39%
    5 straight with 9: -48%
    6 straight: -46%
    6 straight with 9: -56%
    7 straight: -52%
    7 straight with 9: -62%
    8 straight: -58%
    8 straight with 9: -67%
    Final straight sunset (9-1): -71%
    Final straight sunrise (1-9): -75%
    ~~~Deck Construction~~~
    You’ve learned how to battle, and now you’re ready to make your deck. Hold on
    though - there are a few things you should know before hand.
    First, look at the enemies in the upcoming area. If you’re going to the Lave
    Caves, don’t bring Fire Magnus. When you’re going to the Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa,
    it would be wise not to bring Water Magnus. Elements can make all the
    difference in a battle.
    Second, remember than some characters can use offensive Magnus as defensive
    Magnus. Most of Kalas’s Gibari’s weapons can be used for defensive, but Tekken
    (Iron Fists) can also be used for defense in Savyna’s deck.
    Lastly, don’t overload your deck with finishers. They’re nice and all, but if
    you have too many, you’ll find yourself with a full hand of finishers at the
    end of your deck. Try to have 2 or 3 that will work well with the elements in
    your deck. (Mizuti is the exception since Mizuti has three neutral finishers.
    It’s always a good idea to keep Sorcerer’s Seal in Mizuti’s deck).
    ~~~Leveling Up and Classing Up~~~
    Baten Kaitos does things differently again, this time with leveling up and
    classing up. Instead of instantly leveling up once you get a certain amount of
    experience, you must go to the church through the Blue Flower Save Point to
    level up. While this is a bit inconvenient, it allows the player to have full
    control over the difficulty level. The low level challenge has become a
    favorite among hardcore players. Here is the amount of experience that is
    required to level up:
    01: -
    02: 80
    03: 170
    04: 280
    05: 420
    06: 600
    07: 830
    08: 1,100
    09: 1,420
    10: 1,800
    11: 2,250
    12: 2,785
    13: 3,420
    14: 4,170
    15: 5,050
    16: 6,090
    17: 7,400
    18: 9,100
    19: 11,310
    20: 14,160
    21: 17,790
    22: 22,420
    23: 28,200
    24: 35,180
    25: 43,410
    26: 52,940
    27: 63,820
    28: 76,100
    29: 89,860
    30: 105,180
    31: 122,140
    32: 140,900
    33: 161,560
    34: 184,220
    35: 208,980
    36: 235,940
    37: 265,250
    38: 297,060
    39: 331,520
    40: 368,780
    41: 408,990
    42: 452,300
    43: 498,910
    44: 549,020
    45: 602,830
    46: 660,540
    47: 722,350
    48: 788,460
    49: 859,070
    50: 934,380
    51: 1,014,590
    52: 1,100,000
    53: 1,190,610
    54: 1,286,420
    55: 1,387,430
    56: 1,493,840
    57: 1,605,650
    58: 1,722,860
    59: 1,845,470
    60: 1,973,680
    61: 2,107,490
    62: 2,248,900
    63: 2,391,910
    64: 2,542,720
    65: 2,699,330
    66: 2,861,740
    67: 3,029,950
    68: 3,204,360
    69: 3,384,970
    70: 3,571,780
    71: 3,764,790
    72: 3,964,200
    73: 4,170,010
    74: 4,382,220
    75: 4,606,930
    76: 4,831,640
    77: 5,056,350
    78: 5,281,060
    79: 5,505,770
    80: 5,730,480
    81: 5,955,190
    82: 6,179,900
    83: 6,404,610
    84: 6,629,320
    85: 6,854,030
    86: 7,078,740
    87: 7,303,450
    88: 7,528,160
    89: 7,752,160
    90: 7,977,580
    91: 8,202,290
    92: 8,427,000
    93: 8,651,710
    94: 8,876,420
    95: 9,101,130
    96: 9,325,840
    97: 9,550,550
    98: 9,775,260
    99: 9,999,970
    Classing up is also something that is a change from the norm in the RPGing
    world. When you "Class Up", you are allowed to have more cards in your deck,
    have more cards in your hand, and play more cards in your turn. The downside is
    that once you reach Class 3, you only have a certain amount of time to choose
    your first card. To class up, you need a certain item for each character,
    listed in the Character section. Here’s a list of what each class does:
    Class 1
    Deck Size: 20 Magnus
    Hand Size: 3 Magnus
    Combo Max: 2
    Time Limit: -
    Class 2
    Deck Size: 25 Magnus
    Hand Size: 4 Magnus
    Combo Max: 3
    Time Limit: -
    Class 3
    Deck Size: 30 Magnus
    Hand Size: 5 Magnus
    Combo Max: 4
    Time Limit: 30 sec.
    Class 4
    Deck Size: 40 Magnus
    Hand Size: 6 Magnus
    Combo Max: 5
    Time Limit: 10 sec.
    Class 5
    Deck Size: 50 Magnus
    Hand Size: 7 Magnus
    Combo Max: 6
    Time Limit: 7 sec.
    Class 6
    Deck Size: 60 Magnus
    Hand Size: 7 Magnus
    Combo Max: 9
    Time Limit: 5 sec.
    Did you ever wonder how the sea monster gave you 10,000 Gil after you beat it?
    Wonder why those Earth Elementals gave you 500 Gald even though the Desians
    earlier in the game gave you only 100? Baten Kaitos finally solves the long
    pondered money issue. Monster don’t carry check books anymore - you have to
    make money yourself.
    When you start the game, you might have noticed that you have a camera in your
    deck. By taking pictures of monsters, you’ll be able to sell them and make G
    (the currency in Baten Kaitos. Go figure).
    To select a picture that you have taken, you much select it from the spoils
    screen at the end of the battle. Normal enemies take about 10 minutes to
    develop, bosses take a bit longer.
    You may notice that your photos are too dark or they are too faded. Each enemy
    has a star rating. When adding this star rating to the star rating of the area
    the monster is in, you get a number some where on a scale of 0 - 10. Here’s an
    The Lave Caves: 1
    Foytow: 2.5
    Total: 3.5
    Uh oh, 3.5 is very low. When the number is below 5, the picture is going to
    come out too dark. Use light based Magnus along with the camera to get your
    perfect picture.
    Here’s an example of the exact opposite:
    Lesser Celestial River: 1.5
    Thunderfish: 4
    Total: 5.5
    This picture is going to come out very faded, and isn’t going to sell for much
    at all. Use dark based Magnus along with the camera to get the picture you want.
    What if it’s a perfect 5?:
    Nunki Valley: 1.5
    Doomer: 3.5
    Total: 5
    With the Doomer, you don’t need to adjust the light at all, it’s perfect the
    way it is!
    Agility also plays a factor into the picture turn out. In the start of the
    game, the lower level cameras won’t get a good shot of the monster. Once you
    get Camera 2 and Camera 3, your pictures will be much more clear and will be
    worth much more G.
    ~~~Spirit Attacks~~~
    Kalas will constantly be asking your opinion throughout the game. While these
    questions seem to have little to nothing to do with the story, they actually do
    two very important things. First, they get rid of the echoed sound in the
    speech. Because you are listening through Kalas’s mind, the more you bond, the
    clearer you hear things. Second, the higher the bond, the more likely Spirit
    Attacks will happen. Spirit Attacks are somewhat random attacks that will
    appear right before you combo max, and they replace one of the cards in your
    hand. It’s useful to be nice to Kalas, trust me. Here are the stats on the six
    Spirit Attacks:
    Shining Seraph
    ATK: 210 (150 Light)
    Demons of Darkness
    ATK: 210 (150 Dark)
    ATK: 210 (150 Fire)
    Sacred Spring
    ATK: 210 (150 Water)
    Lingering Time
    ATK: 210 (150 Chronos)
    Distorting Wind
    ATK: 210 (150 Wind)
    5. ~Walkthrough~
    "That Spirit seems to like you. If you could bond with it, something wonderful
    may happen to you... Are you ready?"
    After the voice speaks, a young man approaches. As he stretches him arms out,
    pink petals of light engulf him. He has bonded with you, the player. Give your
    gender and your name, and get ready to begin Baten Kaitos.
    "Foolish Waif. Did she truly believe she could get away with that? Against the
    Empire?" - Rodolfo
    You will be awakened by Dr. Larikush, a local doctor who is tending for your
    wounds after a fall you had in Moonguile Forest. Kalas will ask you if you
    remember what happened - obviously you don’t. Seeing this as really strange, he
    shrugs it off, and picks up his Winglet. Open the chest near the door that
    contains the "Shish Kebab (S)".
    1. Shish Kebab (S)
    2. Fire Burst Lv. 1
    3. Dark Flare Lv. 1
    4. Shish Kebab (M)
    Quest Magnus
    1. Explosives Essence
    2. Mountain Apple Essence
    3. Pow Milk Essence
    4. Stoked Flame Essence
    1. Fantail Duck (regular)
    2. Fantail Duck (white)
    3. Fantail Duckling
    4. Prance
    5. Pow
    Family Members:
    1. Surayi
    Bamboo Shoot (1): 160G
    Wheat Crackers (1): 300G
    Long Sword (2): 200G
    Safety Hood (1): 40G
    Shish Kebab (S) (2): 30G
    You’ll walk into a very rural farming town on the edge of the Frontier. Trees
    sway in the background as cloud traverse along the sky. Even the flowers in the
    foreground will rustle in the breeze from time to time.
    Head left, where you will hear of the Blue Flowers. This is a save point, and
    you go here to level up and class up. You can also deposit your Constellation
    Magnus there.
    Walk left, and you will reach another map. Head to the house in the very back
    of the town to see the mayor. On the way there, Kalas will meet Meemai, the
    Greythorne that saved you. Once inside the Mayor’s house, he will tell you not
    to go into the forest, it’s evil, all that good stuff. Talk to the person near
    the back bookshelf to get "Shish Kebab (M)". Walk out, and talk to the girl in
    pink near the exit.
    Before leaving, we have some things to do. Head into the house to the right of
    the Mayor’s house to find "Fire Burst Lv. 1" and "Dark Flare Lv. 1".
    While your in Celbalrai, speak to Maynee. She is standing near the entrance to
    the town. She says that her husband Aljeemo is somewhere in Pherkad.
    After the small cut scene, Kalas will decide, being the behaved boy he is, to
    go to Moonguile Forest. Exit Cebalrai and head towards Moonguile Forest.
    Picture Clarity: 2 Stars
    Monsters: Shawra, Unuk
    1. Voice 1
    2. Leather Hat
    3. Bamboo Shoot
    4. Ice Dagger
    5. Flame Sword
    6. Fire Burst Lv. 1
    7. Escape
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Dead Bluebird Essence
    2. Pristine Water Essence
    Family Members:
    1. Hawgal
    In Moonguile Forest, first head towards the green chest near the second
    monster. This contains a "Voice 1" Magnus. Voice Magnus add an automatic prize
    you damage total if used in the attack.
    Enter the second screen and walk upwards to get the "Leather Hat". Cross the
    river and fight the Shawra. At the end of the battle, you should get the
    constellation Magnus "Vela". Open the chest to get the "Bamboo Shoot".
    Before you head on, it’s best to keep fighting enemies until you get 80
    experience points. After that, head to the blue flower in Cebalrai to level up.
    The old man in the Church will stop you, asking about the Constellation Magnus.
    Only Orion is intact. Give him Vela, and be on your way.
    Head back to Moonguile, and make your way to the exit of the second screen. Uh
    oh... growling? This can’t be good...
    There’s the girl in pink! ...and there go Gram and Leon. Time for Kalas to save
    the day. Get your wings out and prepare to fight your first boss battle!
    Boss of Moonguile Forest (1)
    Sabre Dragon
    Picture Clarity: 3.5 Stars
    HP: 230
    Agility: 9
    Weakness: Water (+80%)
    Resistance: Fire (-80%)
    EXP: 40
    Winnings: Constellation Draco, Blue Storm
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Music: Metallic Stroke
    Recommended Level: 2
    This battle will use Kalas and Girl in Pink. Make sure you snap a picture of it
    with Girl in Pink, using Dark Flare with it to perfect your picture.
    Avoid using Fire Burst or Flame Sword, as they will do minimal damage to the
    monster. Girl in Pink is great because she has Aqua Burst, an attack which is
    sure to do some damage to the Dragon. Use Girl in Pink’s banana Magnus to heal
    your party if they get low on HP (use the R button to cycle through party
    members, use the L button to cycle through enemies).
    Once he gets about halfway done, he’ll start to use the nasty Crimson Hail.
    Make sure to keep your HP up when he starts doing this. It’s a fairly easy
    battle on the whole, and you’re awarded with a constellation and Kalas’s first
    Once the battle ends, you will see Girl in Pink (revealing her name as Xelha)
    praying for Gram and Leon. Being the nice person Kalas is, he will loot Gram
    and Leon for anything that is worth money, and be on his way. Xelha will join
    him, wanting to go deeper in the forest.
    Before you head out, head back to Cebalrai’s Blue Flower to level up and drop
    off your new constellation. Take out all of the water Magnus in your decks and
    replace them with as many fire Magnus as you can find. Of course, put Kalas’s
    new found finishing move in his deck as well. Sell your pictures and buy some
    items at Cebalrai’s shop. Head back to Moonguile and go deeper into the forest.
    Head to the left, through the arches, to get the "Flame Sword" from the chest.
    Go back to where you entered the screen, and then head upwards, collecting the
    "Fire Burst Lv. 1" from the chest. Head back to where you entered the screen.
    Move directly to the left, into the trees. You should see a faint path to the
    other side. Save at the Red Flower and move on.
    Once you enter this spring, the pendant around Xelha’s neck starts to glow,
    turning everything all space-like. A giant sea serpent will arise from the
    spring, talking about the ancient God Malpercio. Ready for another boss?
    Boss of Moonguile Forest (2)
    Lord of the Spring
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 Stars
    HP: 300
    Agility: 10
    Weakness: Fire (+80%)
    Resistance: Water (-80%)
    EXP: 80
    Winnings: Wild Strawberry, Scale Buckles
    Difficulty: 1.5/10
    Music: The True Mirror ~Guitar Version~
    Recommended Level: 3
    This battle isn’t that much harder than the Sabre Dragon, except you could get
    caught up in this completely awesome battle music. Anyways, pummel the guy with
    Fire Magnus, avoiding all water based Magnus. Though it might be early in the
    game, try using some straights and pairs to produce prizes. It’s good to learn
    to pull them off early.
    After the battle, you get a shinny Magnus that seems to be linked to the
    ancient God Malpercio. Oh damn. Xelha yells at Kalas for a bit, then, *gasp*
    GIACOMO! Oh daamn! Xelha gets captured by the Empire and you get knocked out...
    again. So is the life of an RPG hero.
    Once back in Cebalrai, talk to the Mayor. He’ll yet at you. First Xelha, now
    the Mayor... Kalas’s isn’t have a very good day. After the chat, head to Dr.
    Larikush’s house. He will teach you about Quest Magnus. By using the C-Stick,
    you can collect the Magna Essence of items on the field and store them as
    Magnus! You’ll get 4 Blank Quest Magnus to start. The Doc will ask for a
    "Mountain Apple", which can be found right outside. Bring it to him, and he’ll
    reward you with an "Ice Dagger". Head outside and go to the Blue Flower. Level
    and Class-Up Kalas, giving him a hand of 4 and a deck of 25. Nice.
    Go back to Celabrai and get "Pow Milk" from the stable. Give it the woman in
    the house next to the shop. She’ll reward you handsomely with a "Constellation
    Puppis" Magnus.
    Go to the Mayor’s house and grab the "Stoked Fire" from his fireplace. Head
    over to Moonguile and burn the log. The chest containing the "Ice Dagger"
    Magnus will now be free to get. Next, head towards the screen right before the
    boss fight with the Lord of the Spring. There will be a man with a bracelet who
    will ask you to help him catch a Bluebird of Happiness. Help him, and then
    collect the "Dead Bluebird" Magnus at the end. Finally, head up to where you
    fought the Lord of the Spring and open the chest that contains the "Escape"
    Head back to Cebalrai and get the "Explosives" on Dr. Larikush’s desk. Wait a
    minute... why does a doctor have explosives? Go to the map and enter "Nunki
    Picture Clarity: 1.5 Stars
    Monsters: Doomer, Unuk
    1. Flame Shield
    2. Frozen Shield
    3. Secret Recipe 1
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Pristine Water
    Family Members:
    1. Asakir
    First, cross the fallen tree to get the "Frozen Shield" and the "Flame Shield".
    Once that’s done, go up the ladder and jump across the small gap. This will
    take a bit of timing, so jump right when the water dies down. Use the
    "Explosives" to clear the path, and continue upwards.
    Make sure you get "Secret Recipe 1" behind the waterfall. After that, make your
    way towards the exit.
    1. Pyxis Constellation Magnus
    2. Dark Flare Lv. 2
    3. Shish Kebab (M)
    4. Pine Tree
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Nameless Flower
    2. Popular Pick-Up Line
    3. Pebble
    4. Mountain Apple
    5. Mountain Apple Wine
    6. Weak Flame
    7. Terrible Painting
    1. Cloudgull
    Family Members:
    1. Quzman
    2. Taymiya
    3. Sallam
    4. Rushd
    5. Sabin
    6. Usaybia
    7. Bajja
    Shish Kebab (S) (5): 30G
    Wheat Crackers (2): 300G
    Flame Sword (2): 250G
    Chain Mail (1): 120G
    Light Flare Lv. 1 (2): 230G
    Wind Blow Lv. 1 (2): 260G
    Mink Coat (1): 350G
    Bananas (1): 180G
    Chunk of Ice (1): 100G
    Ahh... Pherkad. Such a beauty. Pherkad is the first capital in the game (of 7,
    of course). Once you enter, I suggest you turn your voices off. Not forever,
    just for now. Trust me... you’ll thank me.
    First and foremost, talk to the girl studying the ground right in front of you.
    She’ll give you "Constellation Pyxis"
    Start walking upwards, towards the tall building far off. On the second screen,
    you will meet the infamous Palolo III, Master of Shadows. Yes, infamous.
    Remember how I told you turn your voices off for the time being? He’s the
    reason. Palolo’s VA is just laughable. It’s quite sad, actually. Anyways, head
    back to the first screen. Near the bottom of the screen on the right side there
    should be a small door that glows gold. Go inside there, and you’ll meet Palolo
    III (and remember, you turned your voices off). He will tell Kalas the secret
    to getting inside the mansion IF Kalas gets him a Rainbow Spider Web.
    Head out on the main screen go to the opening above Palolo’s house. This should
    lead to a port with a Blue Flower and a shop. Rest up, level up, and buy some
    Magnus. After you’re all done, head back to Nunki Valley.
    Boss of Nunki Valley
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 Stars
    HP: 350
    Agility: 16
    Weakness: Fire (+50%), Dark, Wind (+30%)
    Resistance: Water (-50%), Light, Chronos (-30%)
    EXP: 130
    Winnings: Duel Sword, Light Flare Lv. 2, Rainbow Spider’s Web
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Music: Glowing Clouds
    Recommended Level: 5
    The best way to take on Nunkirantula is to use Flame Swords and Flame Mail that
    you’ve acquired though out your journey. It has great defense, so this battle
    might drag on for a little while. Make sure that you’ve leveled up a couple of
    times by fighting the Doomers near by and you should have no trouble.
    After the battle, he’ll drop a Duel Sword, Light Flare Lv. 2, and a Rainbow
    Spider Web. Back to Pherkad!
    On the first screen in Pherkad go to the small entrance that is above the
    entrance to the port with the Blue Flower. This is Palolo’s hide out. Your
    voices should still be off, mind you. Give Palolo the web and he will tell you
    how to get into the mansion using the well. Make your preparations, and head on
    Picture Clarity: 1 star
    Monsters: Imperial Soldier
    1. Frozen Shield
    2. Chain Mail
    3. Wind Blow Lv. 1
    4. Mink Coat
    5. Shadow Wings
    6. Shrike Statue
    7. Chronos Blow Lv. 1
    8. Ice Dagger
    9. Moon Buckle
    10. Intriguing Mystery
    Quest Magnus:
    11. Stagnant Water
    12. Nameless Flower
    13. Weak Flame
    1. Koa Monkey
    Family Members:
    1. Al-athir
    Rodolfo’s Mansion... how spiffy. You can turn your voices back on, by the way.
    Head upwards, collecting the "Frozen Shield" that lies in the center of the
    hallway. Go up the stairs to the left, and grab the "Chain Mail". Enter the
    door. Grab the Guestroom key, but wait... hide! Rodolfo’s coming! Kalas quickly
    hides behind the couch and listens to Rodolfo’s plans... to execute Xelha!
    Guess who’s going to save her?
    Grab "Wind Blow Lv. 1" in the corner of the room and head downstairs. The
    Guestroom key can unlock all of these rooms. Start with the one to the far
    left. Grab the "Mink Coat", and walk into the one to the right of that. In room
    number two is Kalas’s second finishing move "Shadow Wings". Guess what element
    it is? Move to the next door to the right again. In here... it’s Xelha! Rescue
    her, and then grab the "Shrike Statue" and the "Chronos Blow Lv. 1". The Shrike
    Statue is used to move Xelha to Class 2. Also, grab the "Nameless Flower" Quest
    Magnus from the flower beds in her keep. Move again to the right to find an
    "Ice Dagger". Now that you’ve cleaned up, walk up the stairs to the right.
    Save at the flower, class up Xelha, and level up if you need to. Stock your
    decks with Water and Light Magnus. You’re going to need it.
    After a quick cut scene where Xelha opens the gate, She and Kalas run out to
    find, *gasp* the ship is leaving! Oh but wait, they have wings. Using the Wings
    of the Heart, Kalas and Xelha take off, ready to fight Giacomo.
    Boss of The Lord Mansion
    Picture Clarity: 4 Stars
    HP: 750
    Agility: 21
    Weakness: Water (+50%), Light (+30%)
    Resistance: Fire (-50%), Dark (-50%)
    EXP: 190
    Winnings: Sparkle of Life, Chronos Blow Lv. 1
    Difficulty: 3.5/10
    Music: Chaotic Dance
    Recommended Level: 6-7
    Giacomo is a bit of a tough cookie, probably the first *real* boss battle in
    the game. Of course, this battle also has AWESOME battle music. How many games
    have techno beat boss themes?
    Anyways, Giacomo’s End Slasher is trouble. You have no Light defensive Magnus
    at this point, so that damage is unavoidable. Try to use as many straights and
    pairs as possible to reduce the damage.
    It would be wise to have Xelha use the bananas and bamboo shoots to heal almost
    every turn. Kalas should focus on attacking, using Ice Daggers to your
    The party gets Sparkle of Life, the second finishing move for Xelha, and
    Chronos Blow Lv. 1 for beating Giacomo.
    After you defeat him, you’ll be on the run from the Imperial Army. This
    triggers a rather humorous cut scene where Kalas will flip over an entire
    barrel of apples to halt the soldiers. He and Xelha will then have a talk about
    the future, and Xelha convinces Kalas to come to Diadem with her to warn King
    Ladekahn of Giacomo’s plans.
    Of course, we still have plenty to do in Sadal Suud. By now, the Nameless
    Flower you had should have turned into a "Pressed Flower". Give the Pressed
    Flower to the woman next to the dead flowers in the streets of Pherkad to
    receive the "Popular Pick-up Line".
    Make your way back to Celbalrai and talk to the woman milking the Pow. Tell her
    that Pherkad was impressive, and she will give you "Anklet of the Calm Winds",
    an equip for Xelha.
    Make your way back to The Lord’s Mansion, and head to the room that is the
    farthest right in the hallway with all the doors. Aljeemo will give you "Voice
    2" for rescuing him. Return to Celbalrai and speak to Maynee. She will give you
    the "Shampoo" Magnus. Finally, talk to her mother in the house next to the shop
    in Celbalrai to get 500G. Score.
    Before you leave Celbalrai, grab 2 "Pow Milk's" from the jars in the stable.
    Hold onto one for 30 minutes. Head to the kitchen in The Lord’s Mansion (next
    to the blue save flower) and give it to the woman that needs it. Hold onto the
    other Pow Milk for an additional hour and give it to the woman that needs it.
    Next, head to Nunki Valley and get "Pristine Water". Go to the house that you
    met Palolo III in. In it, a woman is furious about Palolo III vandalizing her
    house (no one with a voice actor that bad could be good... sick little kid).
    Give her the Pristine Water and she’ll reward your efforts with "Constellation
    It’s time to start the second huge sidequest. This sidequest spans the entire
    game, and is rather fun to complete. Yes, it’s time for Quzman’s Genealogy. Go
    to the second screen in Pherkad (the one with the Cloudgull and the clouds that
    you can walk into) and walk into the house on the right. You will meet Quzman,
    a dying man who wants you to fill his family tree. He also wishes you bring the
    relatives here so they can see him in his last days. Each family member wears a
    bracelet, so they should be fairly easy to identify. First, get Taymiya,
    Quzman’s current wife (the man’s a pimp - he’s 100 and on his fifth wife). Go
    to the dock and speak to the little girl, Rushd, on the railing. Give her the
    Dead Bluebird we got earlier and she will agree to go see her grandpa. Talk to
    the little boy running around, Sallam, after you convince Rushd to go and he
    will join her. Travel to Moonguile forest and talk to the man, Hawqal, who is
    studying the birds. Since he’s already been delivered a bird for studying, he
    will happily sign the family tree. Go to Cebalrai and talk to the woman in the
    stable, Surayj, looking at the Pows. She happily signs the family tree and
    makes her way to Pherkad. Finally, go to Pherkad and talk to the woman in the
    kitchen, Al-athir, that was given the Pow Milk Cheese. She will sign and be off
    to her grandpa’s. Honestly, how do these people name their kids?
    Finally, it’s time to head off. Save at the Blue Flower and take the Diadem
    Liner in the port.
    "Confide not in those yet to the proven worthy of trust." - The Old
    The first look at the world map. Yup, you still have a ways to go, Kalas.
    1. Pine Tree
    2. Fire Yell Lv. 1
    3. Fire Burst Lv. 2
    4. Scale Shield
    5. Constellation Carina
    6. Feathered Hat
    7. Shortcake (S)
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Salt
    2. Salty Water
    3. Sea Bream Fillet
    4. Stagnant Water
    Family Members:
    1. Maymum
    Power Helmet (1): 30G
    Shish Kebab (2): 75G
    Wheat Crackers (1): 300G
    Chestnut Truffle (2): 100G
    Silver Buckle (1): 2500G
    Flame Sword (2): 250G
    Duel Sword (1): 900G
    Frozen Shield (1): 700G
    Fire Burst Lv. 2 (1): 950G
    Aqua Burst Lv. 2 (1): 950G
    Mineral Water (2): 50G
    Honey (2): 200G
    Wow... pretty pretty. No wonder Diadem is the land of the clouds. Head inside
    the building and move towards the edge of the platform. There should be a small
    gap. Inspect the gap twice, and then Kalas will jump down. He will be rewarded
    with "Rock Salt" for his amazing jumping abilities. Head back up the stairs to
    get the "Pine Tree" in the chest, and come back down to get "Fire Yell Lv. 1"
    next to the salt.
    Exit the storage building and head into the main town. Go to the dock and talk
    to the man with the red hair. His name is Lyude and he is an imperial officer.
    Grab the chests on the far right and far left docks ("Fire Burst Lv. 2", and
    "Scale Shield") and then enter the house to the left of the shop. Grab the
    "Carina Constellation" and talk to the Old Fortuneteller. She will tell you of
    Malpercio and the Great Whale. After learning some history, head to the house
    to the right of the shop and grab the "Feathered Hat" at the top of the bunk
    bed. It’s finally time to head into the bar at the far right of Nashira.
    In the bar, make sure to get the "Shortcake (S)" in the top right of the room.
    Also, star at the dancing Greythornes and let their cuteness engulf you. After
    that is over with, talk to Anna, the bartender to start a cut scene. She says
    the no fisherman really takes strangers out in their boats, especially not
    since the river has been flooded. Of course, she says the only man who might do
    it is Gibari. As Kalas starts to leave, Gibari walks in, saying that he will
    take them to Sheliak if they help him look at what’s making the Lesser
    Celestial River flood. Reblys, the town’s "head fisherman" completely objects,
    stating the customs of Nashira. Gibari shrugs it off, and goes to wait in his
    boat for the party. Go to the dock and head off towards the Lesser Celestial
    Picture Clarity: 1.5 stars
    Monsters: Pul-Puk, Cancerite
    1. Chaos Edge
    2. Heron Statue
    3. Mana Stone
    4. Stream Blade
    5. Camera 1
    6. Fire Burst Lv. 2
    7. Century Veil
    8. Hemp Creel
    9. Cloak of the Dark Night
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Thunderfish Bone
    Family Members:
    1. Rustah
    2. Hisham
    The enemies here like to poison you. Ouch. Luckily they drop Chestnut Truffles
    once you beat them. On the first map, collect the "Chaos Edge", "Mana Stone"
    (raises Kalas to Class 3), and the "Stream Blade". These are all extremely easy
    to get, but there is one chest that is blocked by by waterflow. We’ll fix this
    In the second screen, grab "Camera 1" at the entrance, and then take the upper
    path to get "Fire Burst Lv. 2" and the left path to get "Century Veil".
    This level is fairly linear up to the boss battle, except for the waterfalls.
    The avoid the waterfalls, wait until the third waterfall starts to flow. Walk
    to its edge, and then run in the small pause when the waterfall flow switches
    to the second waterfall.
    Save at the Red Flower, and walk into the next screen. The flooding makes sense
    now - there’s a huge waterfall in the top of the river! But wait... what’s that
    inside? Could it be... the boss, maybe?
    Boss of Lesser Celestial River
    Picture Clarity: 4 Stars
    HP: 1000
    Agility: 30
    Weakness: Fire, Dark (+50%)
    Resistance: Water, Light (-50%)
    EXP: 260
    Winnings: Energy Wave, Silver Anklet, Constellation Pisces
    Difficulty: 3.5/10
    Music: Glowing Clouds
    Recommended Level: 8-9
    This boss likes to poison you. Not good. Bring plenty of Mineral Waters along
    with you when you go into this fight. Try to avoid using Gibari’s water based
    weapons (which is admittedly hard). It would be wise to make Gibari the party
    healer during this battle.
    Kalas should go all out with his Fire Magnus which Xelha should focus on both
    Fire and Dark Magnus. Make sure that you watch your HP - it’s easy to find
    yourself suddenly on low HP due to poison.
    At the end of the battle, you get Energy Wave (Third finisher for Kalas),
    Silver Anklet, and Constellation Pisces (fitting). The river returns to normal
    and Cloud Passage is now open.
    Before heading back to Nashira, go back to the Lesser Celestial River. Walk all
    the way to where the Thunderfish was and cross the river. Pick up the "Hemp
    Creel" and move to the next screen.
    You are now below the Cloud Passage. There are two boys here, Rustah and
    Qutayba, who are drowning. Save them, and they will go see their grandpa. Head
    to the left, but enter at the lower left end of the screen. This will bring you
    back to where the Thunderfish was, but Kalas is now on a little rock in the
    middle of the river. Get "Cloak of the Dark Night", and go back to the
    Examine the Thunderfish Skull to push it down the river. It will get stuck in a
    rock, so you must examine it again. Once it makes it all the way down the
    river, it was block the water flow to the final chest in the Lesser Celestial
    River. It contains "Heron Statue", Xelha’s Class 3 item.
    Head back to Nashira. Crap, the Empire. Level up, Class up Xelha, and save.
    Head towards the bar where Reblys is staying. Anna is missing, and he wants you
    to look for her. Go towards the storage room, and you will hear a woman
    screaming and hitting and Imperial Soldier. Yup, that’s our Anna. Return with
    Anna to the bar and she will show you a secret exit out of the town.
    Picture Clarity: 3.5 stars
    Monsters: Striper, Albireo
    1. Constellation Cygnus
    2. Aqua Burst Lv. 2
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Cloud
    Family Members:
    1. Qutayba
    Note: The Albireos will drop "Constellation Triangulum"
    This place is pretty straight forward. On the second screen, talk to Qutayba.
    Since you rescued his sons, he will agree to sign the family tree.
    On the third screen, bear to the right and get 2 "Cloud" Quest Magnus. Use the
    first one in between the two cloud paths.
    On the fourth screen, bear to the right and use your last Cloud to connect the
    path. Get "Constellation Cygnus" and "Aqua Burst Lv. 2". Head to the Red Flower
    and save. You know what Red Flowers mean...
    Boss of Cloud Passage
    Iron Beetle I
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 1500
    Agility: 35
    Weakness: Water (+40%), Light (+30%)
    Resistance: Fire (-40%), Dark (-30%)
    EXP: 340
    Winnings: Soul Flash, Shark Tooth
    Difficulty: 4.5/10
    Music: Doomed in the Netherworld
    Recommended Level: 10-11
    The Empire is obviously expecting company. This boss with up its attack power
    and then attack you for 200+ damage. Daamn. Healing items are your friend here.
    This is Gibari’s time to shine. With his excess amount of water attacks and
    finishing moves, it’s necessary to go ALL OUT on Gibari’s turns. Use Xelha to
    heal, and have Kalas attack as well (give him a few healing items just incase
    Xelha gets unlucky).
    You are gifted with Soul Flash (3rd finisher for Xelha) and Shark Tooth (Class
    3 item for Gibari).
    1. Savings Book
    2. Light Flare Lv. 2
    3. Clock Shield
    4. Red and Blue Pencil
    5. Calm Helmet
    6. Ray of Truth
    7. Voice 2
    8. Fading Notebook
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Nameless Flower
    2. Stoked Flames
    Shish Kebab (M) (2): 75G
    Wheat Crackers (1): 300G
    Chestnut Truffle (1): 100G
    Ray of Truth (1): 1200G
    Mosquito (1): 250G
    Stream Blade (1): 520G
    Shadow Suit (1): 300G
    Clock Shield (1): 1000G
    Light Flare Lv. 2 (1): 1050G
    Dark Flare Lv. 2 (1): 1050G
    Century Veil (1): 550G
    Milk (1): 250G
    Rooster (1): 150G
    Shadow Cornet (1): 1600
    Welcome to Sheliak, the capital of Diadem. Its streets are filled with the
    famous Diadem clouds... and also Imperial Soldiers.
    Soon after you enter the town, you will overhear Lyude protest to the capture
    of Sheliak. Gibari doubts that King Ladekahn was planning an attack against
    Emperor Geldoblame, and the party starts to worry even more about the safety of
    King Ladekahn.
    Ascend the stairs and enter the first house. Get the "Clock Shield" from the
    shelves with the bowls on them, and also get "Light Flare Lv. 2" from inside
    the room. Go one more house over and nab "Red and Blue Pencil" from the desk.
    Move the bookcase to access a secret passage that allows you to obtain "Calm
    Helmet" and "Ray of Truth". Finally, go into the last house to get "Voice 2"
    and "Fading Notebook".
    After plundering Sheliak, the party agrees that going right into Castle Elnath
    is the wrong course of action. Instead, they decide to take an Imperial Boat to
    infiltrate the castle.
    Picture Clarity: 1.5 stars
    Monsters: Imperial Elite, Imperial Blackhelm
    1. Dark Sword
    2. Dark Flare Lv. 1
    3. Light Flare Lv. 1
    4. Magical Anklet
    5. Fading Notebook
    6. Dark Yell Lv. 1
    7. Flash Armor
    8. Shadow Suit
    9. Light Yell Lv. 1
    10. Wheat Crackers
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Diadem Royal Crest
    Wheat Crackers (3): 300G
    Chestnut Truffle (3): 100G
    Shish Kebab (M) (10): 75G
    Cypress Creel (1): 350G
    Once you enter the castle, every one seem to be happy to see Gibari here.
    Wonder why? Anyways, head down the stairs and through the door. Talk to the
    Head Knight. He will give you another Blank Magnus and a "Diadem Royal Crest"
    Quest Magnus.
    The party is now in charge of knights. They are able to send out knights to
    battle Geldoblame’s forces, and the party can use the Diademy Royal Quest to
    revive tired forces.
    This is where the math comes in.
    Diadem Knights already fighting: 1
    Senior Knight: 4
    Knight: 2
    Apprentice Knight: 1
    Squire: .5
    Imperial Elite: 1
    Imperial Blackhelms: 2
    You can stock up on Diadem Crests from the wall where the main crest is
    located. To the left of that wall is a "Dark Sword". Move down the stairs. To
    the right is a chest containing "Dark Flare Lv. 1". To the right is your first
    knight battle.
    Knight Battle 1: Deploy 1 Knight
    Reward: Butterfly
    Open the chest with "Light Flare Lv. 1" after the battle concludes. Go down the
    stairs and enter the door to the left.
    Knight Battle 2: Deploy 1 Knight
    Reward: Chronos Aura 1
    Go down the stairs and to the left. Here you can revived downed Knights. Revive
    one Knight (leaning on bed) and add him to your group. In here, also get the
    "Fading Notebook" and the "Magical Anklet".
    Next, across the hall where you will engage in the third Knight battle.
    Knight Battle 3: Deploy 1 Apprentice Knight and 1 Squire
    Reward: Fire Aura 1
    Head down the stairs.
    Knight Battle 4: Deploy 1 Senior Knight
    Reward: Light Aura 1
    Backtrack to the room with the tired Knights. revive a Senior Knight, a Squire
    (on the floor), Knight (leaning on bed), and Apprentice Knight (bottom bed). Go
    back to the room where you just fought the Knight Battle. Head down the stairs
    and get "Flash Armor" and "Shadow Suit". After that, go and help the knights.
    Knight Battle 5: Deploy 1 Senior Knight and 1 Squire
    Reward: Dark Aura 1
    Move up the stairs in the top right corner.
    Knight Battle 6: Deploy 1 Knight and 1 Apprentice Knight
    Reward: Aqua Aura 1
    Backtrack to the reviving room. Revive 1 Senior Officer and head back to the
    room that you just fought the Knight Battle in. Open the door to the right, and
    engage in the last Knight Battle.
    Knight Battle 7: Deploy 1 Senior Knight
    Reward: Wind Aura 1
    Climb the window in the room that you just fought the Knight Battle in (you can
    also go back to the Red Flower and save if you wish). Stuff Kalas’s and
    Gibari’s decks with as many Light and Water Magnus as possible. Don’t worry
    about Xelha’s deck, she won’t be used in the coming boss battle. Walk through
    the left door once you are all good to go.
    So Emperor Geldoblame is accusing King Ladekahn of plotting against the Empire?
    Blasphemy, I tell you. Of course, King Ladekahn is the noble king, and decides
    to give himself up as long as he goes unharmed. Yah, right. Ayme then takes a
    shot at King Ladekahn as he’s walking towards them. So much for trusting the
    Empire. Right as it looks like Ladekahn is having his final moments, Kalas,
    Xelha, and Gibari spring to the rescue. Xelha moves Ladekahn out of the way to
    take care of him, and he is extremely happy to see Gibari. Ayme then gets
    pissed and gets in her tank. Oh crap. Good thing Lyude’s here to help!
    Boss of Castle Elnath
    Iron Beetle V
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 1700
    Agility: 40
    Weakness: Water (+40%), Light (+30%)
    Resistance: Fire (-40%), Dark (-30%)
    EXP: 430
    Winnings: Shadow Cornet and Crescent Buckle
    Difficulty: 4.5/10
    Music: Rumbling of the Earth
    Recommended Level: 12-14
    This is the first time that Lyude will be used in battle. As you may or may not
    know, Lyude only uses Light and Dark Magnus. This means that you should try to
    use as many Light Magnus as possible when using Lyude. Fun stuff.
    Anyways, Iron Beetle V mainly does neutral damage, but when it uses Driving
    Drill, it will do massive neutral and fire damage. It can also heal itself once
    during battle, completely restoring its lost hit points.
    Just keep pummeling him with Lyude and Gibari while using Kalas to heal from
    time to time and you should be ok.
    After the battle is over, you receive Shadow Cornet and Crescent Buckle.
    After the battle, King Ladekahn will thank you again, and reveal the Shrine of
    the Winds to you, a place where the next End Magnus lies.
    Buy Cypress Creel from the shop, and save and level up. Stock up on Chronos
    Magnus and remove as many Wind Magnus as possible. Head out to the Shrine of
    the Winds.
    Picture Clarity: 1 star
    Monsters: -
    Once you head in, Xelha pendant starts to act up again. The Shrine of the Winds
    again shows visions from space, and once again a giant being talks of the
    blessing of Malpercio.
    Boss of Shrine of the Winds
    Lord of the Winds
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 1900
    Agility: 46
    Weakness: Chronos (+80%)
    Resistance: Wind (-80%)
    EXP: 530
    Winnings: Coral Plant and Magic Pen
    Difficulty: 3.5/10
    Music: The True Mirror ~Electric Guitar Version~
    Recommended Level: 13-15
    This is a fairly simple battle, it just can go on forever. Xelha should be used
    because of her wide assortment of Chronos magnus. Make sure that you have
    plenty of powerful defensive cards, regardless of element. This boss likes to
    do a lot of damage.
    He has two main finishing moves. The first is Slashing Winds, and attack that
    does neutral and wind damage. The next is Miraculous Gale which might put your
    enemies to sleep. Bringing a rooster would be wise.
    Once the battle is over, you win a Coral Plant (Class 4 for Kalas) and Magic
    Yay! We get an End Magnus! Wait... Lyude... what are you doing? Lyude? LYUDE!
    ...Oh crap. Well, that officially sucks.
    At the end of the battle, you return to Castle Elnath. Now it’s time to explore
    Sheliak and Elnath.
    Return to the first house in Sheliak, the one that Lyude was in. It contains a
    "Savings Book". While your in Sheliak, give the knight that is running around
    either Stagnant Water (get this in Nashira), Pristine Water, or Pow Milk and he
    will reward you with a "Shadow Cornet".
    Head back to Castle Elnath, to the hall that connected to the reviving room.
    Talk to the supervisor, who asks you to clean up the hallway. Move each piece
    of rubble to the front or back wall. Go to the Heal Knight in front of the
    Crest and he will reward you with "Constellation Hydra".
    Go to the hallway outside of where Lyude is contemplating life. The supervisor
    will ask you to clean up the rubble. Trap the rubble in a Blank Magnus, and
    then discard that "Pebble" Quest Magnus that it becomes. Do this until all the
    rubble is gone. Talk to the Head Knight afterwards and he will reward you with
    a "Tempest Shield" and "Glass Earrings" for Lyude.
    Return to Lyude’s room after you’ve finished. He was hypnotized by Ayme to do
    his bidding, and he isn’t too pleased with himself. Lyude then asks to come
    along to make up for what he did. It’s always good to have a fresh face in the
    Go to the castle airship dock where Ladekahn will give you a letter to
    Anuenue’s Queen Corellia. He bids you farewell as you make you way on the
    Ladekahn’s ship "The Mindeer" to Anuenue.
    "As the planet weeps and bleeds, so will the people of Anuenue." - Queen
    The world map again... still a while to go, Kalas. This time, you pass over the
    Taintclouds. I agree Lyude, they do certainly look ominous.
    1. Explosive Paddle
    2. Snake Tuba
    3. Constellation Auriga
    4. Bamboo Grass Creel
    Once you enter the port, head down the ladder to get Gibari’s 3rd finisher,
    "Explosive Paddle". Head up the ladder, and then head up the other ladder and
    walk to the right up the secret passage to get "Snake Tuba". Enter the house
    and check the chest in the back for the "Constellation Auriga" and also get the
    "Bamboo Grass Creel" for Gibari. Once you done, head to the Field Map and enter
    Komo Mai.
    1. Bananas
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Nameless Flower
    2. Stagnant Water
    3. Egg
    Shish Kebab (M) (2): 75G
    Wheat Crackers (1): 300G
    Chestnut Truffle (2): 100G
    Fruity Gelatin (2): 200G
    Dark Sword (1): 2600G
    Marvelous Sword (1): 4000G
    Shadow Cornet (1): 1600G
    Slack Scepter (1): 2300G
    Shako (1): 1250G
    Light Flare Lv. 2 (1): 1050G
    Dark Flare Lv. 2 (1): 1050G
    Peach (2): 600G
    A celebration! But for what? The Celestial Tree of course. The Celestial Tree
    is a the symbol and pride of Anuenue. It blossoms every 30 years. But, it
    hasn’t blossomed the last 2 times. Hmm...
    As you make your way towards the arch that leads to Corellia’s Palace, a solemn
    woman with purple hair will walk past you after delivering monsters to the shop
    in Komo Mai. The shop keeper states that she lives in Opu and keeps to herself,
    but she is a fantastic monster hunter.
    Keep heading towards Corellia’s Palace, but alas, it’s blocked. The only place
    to go is the School of Magic. Take the stairs to the left to enter half of the
    School of Magic.
    1. Sweetheart Picture
    2. Chronos Blow Lv. 2
    3. Black Scepter
    4. Secret Recipe 3
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Adventure Novel
    2. Popular Pick-up Line
    3. Weak Flame
    Family Members:
    1. Tulun
    To get into Corellia’s Palace, you must listen to the three lectures that the
    teachers give. 2 are in the left side, 1 is on the right side.
    In the first room on the left side, speak to the student in the front row in
    the left side of the room. Talk to him four times, and then talk to the student
    in back of him. He will reward you with a "Magical Piggy Bank".
    In the last room on the right side, there is a green liquid in a vile. Taste
    it, and get a "Silkworm" as a reward.
    The path to Corellia’s Palace is now open.
    1. Deluxe Bananas
    2. Flower Bud
    3. Strawberries
    4. Hair Dryer
    5. Mattress
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Secret Information
    2. Celestial Flower Seed
    Go straight to the left and open the door. Inspect the plant near the door to
    get some "Deluxe Bananas". Next, go out the door and go straight to the right.
    Inspect the plant near the door to get a "Flower Bud" and open the chest to get
    some "Strawberries". Walk out the door and go straight upwards to Corellia’s
    room. Check Corellia’s bed to get a "Mattress" Magnus, and then inspect the
    candles to the left to get a "Hair Dryer".
    Now that you’ve stolen everything in the Queen’s room, head up the huge stairs
    to have a meeting with Corellia.
    Once you walk in, who else should be there than Emperor Geldoblame himself?
    *gasp* *shock* *awe* What a big Emperor he is, as well. When questioned about
    the End Magnus (he knows nothing, riiiiiight?), he denies everything, and turns
    the table on Lyude and Xelha, calling him a traitor and her a thief. Once he
    and Folon leave, he says that Kalas is a threat to then Empire and must be
    disproved of immediately. How does Geldoblame know of Kalas?
    Back in the Queen’s meeting room, Xelha gives Queen Corellia the letter from
    King Ladekahn. Of course, Corellia tells the party of Anuenue’s long stance of
    not engaging in war. After the meeting, the party decides to find some way to
    prove Corellia that there is a real threat.
    One your away out, a woman will bump into you and tells you about the Ancient
    Library of Magic. Guess where we’re going next?
    Picture Clarity: 1 star
    Monsters: Skeleton Warrior, Cursed Spell Book, Cursed Grimoire
    1. Zeit Robe
    2. Sforzando
    3. Will-O’-Wisp Hat
    4. Wave Blade
    5. Kite Shield
    6. Deluxe Shortcake
    7. Falcon Statue
    8. Scarlet Shell
    9. Deluxe Cookies
    10. Magnum Cornet
    11. Silver Sword
    12. Ruby Earrings
    13. Deluxe Bonbon
    14. Fruity Gelatin
    16. Water Mirror Anklet
    Family Members: Tufayr
    Four books are hidden throughout the library that must be found. Take the key
    on the shelf. It leads to the Geography Section. Also open the chest to get the
    "Zeit Robe".
    There are two chests in the Geography Section, "Sforzando" (finisher for Lyude)
    and "Will-O’-Wisp Hat". Push the first book left as far as possible. Walk
    upwards and then left, and then down so your above the second red bookcase.
    Push the bookcase far enough down so you can walk left and right, but close
    enough so that you can walk downwards to reach the chest under the chest
    containing Sforzando. Move right so that you’re right under the first red book
    case. Inspect the book case right under the red one. It’s a bit to the right of
    the first red book case. You will get the "Geography Book". Find the
    "Philosophy Key" in the bottom left-hand corner.
    Leave the Geography Section and accent the stairs. Go to the end of the hallway
    to get "Wave Blade", the fifth finisher for Kalas. Go to the nearest door to
    the stairs. Once inside, inspect the red bookcase with the key on top. Oh
    great, it falls on the wrong side. Oh well. Keep moving upwards and move right.
    Open the chest with the "Deluxe Shortcake". Keep moving upwards, and open the
    chest on the other side of the bookcase. This holds a "Falcon Statue", a class
    4 item for Xelha. Move towards the far door on the left.
    This is the Philosophy Section. First, move downward and then left. Push the
    red bookcase up about halfway, making sure not to push it against the far fall.
    Grab the "Scarlet Shell" and the "Deluxe Cookies" from the ground. From the top
    of the screen, push the red bookcase downward so that it is against the close
    wall. Take the ladder up, and jump from bookshelf to bookshelf. Grab the
    Literature Section Key from the top of the bookcase. Jump down, and inspect the
    shelf that faces you for the Philosophy Book. Open the chest for the "Magnum
    Cornet". Leave the Philosophy Section. Enter the other door in his room.
    This is the Literature Section. Move straight to the left to get the "Silver
    Sword". Move upwards, and then downwards. Push the red bookcase halfway down.
    Move to the left and then downwards to get the "Ruby Earrings". Push the red
    bookcase upwards so it is right next to the bookcase with the book on top.
    Climb up the ladder and jump to the book. Take the "Literature Book". Take the
    History Key from where it dropped before. Also take the "Kite Shield".
    Return to where the front desk is and enter the far door. This is the final
    section, the History Section. Take the "Deluxe Bonbon" and then take the two
    chests in the top, "Constellation Taurus" and "Fruity Gelatin". Finally, take
    the "History Book" from the end of the column on the far left. The bookshelf
    should be facing you.
    Now, you should have all four books. Check the bookshelves in the room with the
    Red Flower. You should find 4 that you can place the books in. The door will
    then open.
    Hmm... No one’s in here. There should be a witch here. Oh no, it’s a trap!
    Folon, member of the Mad Wolf Unit, set Kalas and his party up. There’s only
    one way to take care of this...
    Boss of Ancient Library of Magic
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 2300
    Agility: 43
    Weakness: Light (+50%), Water, Wind (+30%)
    Resistance: Dark (-50%), Fire, Chronos (-30%)
    EXP: 880
    Winnings: Heartlight Candle and Devil Eupho
    Difficulty: 4.5/10
    Music: Chaotic Dance
    Recommended Level: 16-17
    Take Gibari along. You’re going to want him since he is full of Water and Wind
    Magnus. Ray of Truth and Crystal Mail are also great for this battle.
    This battle starts off pretty easy and it seems like it will be over quickly.
    Don’t count Folon out yet, however. Once his HP gets down, Folon will whip out
    Chaotic Flames, a devastating attack that does neutral and fire damage. He also
    can paralyze a member of your party, which can severely damaging since he will
    attack the character that is paralyzed.
    Once he uses Energy Injection to increase his attack and speed, be ready to end
    this battle quickly. The longer the battle goes on, the more of a chance that
    Folon has at winning.
    You get a Heartlight Candle (Class 4 item for Lyude) and Devil Eupho.
    Even though you won the battle, your party is tired and Folon looks like he is
    about to finish you off. Luckily, you get saved by random flames that seem to
    come out of no where.
    Outside of the battle, you meet Savyna, the woman that saved your sorry butt.
    She tells you to come to Opu, which is on the other side of the Holoholo
    Jungle. First though, we have some things to do.
    Go back to the Ancient Library again and enter the Head Librarian’s room where
    you fought Folon to get "Water Mirror Anklet". Next, to go to the Literature
    Section. Talk to the man who standing there. His name is Tufayr, and surprise
    surprise, he’s related to Quzman. He says that his sister is busy studying at
    the School of Magic. He signs the tree and is off. Head there, and enter the
    right side of the school. She is in the front corner of the first room on the
    left. Her name is Tulun, and signs the tree. Head to the right side of the
    school, and talk to the little girl on the far right wall. She is the
    principal, and will give you the Landmark Stone, an item necessary for
    traversing Holoholo Jungle.
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    Monsters: Acheron, Spell Shellfish, Undead Swordsman, Mairabilis
    1. Silver Earrings
    2. Ice Crystal Buckle
    3. Brave Knight Helm
    4. Heat Paddle
    5. Fire Burst Lv. 3
    6. Smash Tackle
    7. Wind Yell Lv. 1
    8. Constellation Equuleus
    This area is VERY hard to navigate. Very hard. It is beautiful though.
    On the first map, walk upwards and then move to the bottom right. This should
    lead you to an "Ice Crystal Buckle". Move back to the center, than move
    upwardly left. This should bring you to the second screen. Grab the "Silver
    Earrings" and move up the ladder and then go right to the next screen. Move
    right where you can see six treasure chests that include a constellation and
    Gibari’s fourth finishing move.
    Go back to the first screen and go downwardly right. You should be at the third
    screen, and now you can finally leave Holoholo. Phew, that was some work.
    1. Uncooked Rice
    2. Constellation Lupus
    3. Flash Explosion
    4. Curry
    5. Constellation Perseus
    6. Ice Knuckles
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Boiled Egg
    2. Stoked Flame
    3. Weak Flame
    1. Waterlark
    Shish Kebab (L) (2): 250G
    Wheat Crackers (1): 300G
    Chestnut Truffle (2): 100G
    Fruity Geltain (2): 200G
    Wave Blade (1): 3000G
    Flame Sphere (1): 2400G
    Feathered Barrette (1): 5000G
    Light Yell Lv. 1 (1): 1600G
    Dark Yell Lv. 1 (1): 1600G
    Turn your voice acting off again. Yup, it’s that time. The second offender of
    craptastic voice acting: Mayfee. She would be kinda cute if she didn’t sound
    like a 30 year old chain-smoker (Kinda like Yuna’s VA, but that’s for another
    Walk across the bridge to meet, yup, you guessed it, Mayfee. She’s a Keeper of
    the Celestial Tree. She’s also a friend of Savyna’s. Follow her inside to learn
    her heartwarming story (it’s more heartwarming when the voices are off -
    Mayfee’s VA sounds like she’s about to keel over due to Lung Cancer) of her
    dying Grandmother and her wish for Komo Mai Cookies.
    Go back to Komo Mai and speak to the man outside of Corellia’s Palace that
    talked about Komo Mai Cookies beforehand. He needs a Celestial Flower Seed. Go
    into Corellia’s Room and inspect the shelves to the right of her bed. Celestial
    Flow Seed get. Return them to the man to get a Komo Mai Cookie.
    Now, return to Opu and give the cookie to Mayfee. She will believe the power of
    the cookie made the mill start to work. Actually it was the guy behind the
    wall. Darn. Turn your voice acting back on once she’s done, because you’re
    about to meet one of the coolest gals in the game. Go to the bottom of the
    village and talk to the woman. She joins your party and suggests that they go
    to The Celestial Tree. Right on, but first, some things to do...
    In Savyna’s home, inspect the plants on the lower left wall to get "Ice
    Knuckles". Go outside to find "Constellation Perseus", and then go into
    Mayfee’s grandmother’s house. Look around the upper right wall to get "Curry".
    Finally, go to the altar room to get "Flash Explosion" (Kalas’s fourth
    finisher) and "Uncooked Rice". Search the pots in the upper right corner to
    find the final Opu Magnus, "Constellation Lupus".
    Return to Komo Mai and talk to the man who sold you the cookies. He says that
    he has run out of the seeds. Give him another one and he will reward you with a
    "Doll". You can do this as many times as you like.
    Go onto the field and make your way to The Celestial Tree.
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    Monsters: Devil Claws, Blood Leaf
    1. Constellation Crater
    2. Wild Cherry Bud
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Gold Beetle Carapace
    1. Pigeon
    Savyna will bust into the tree like its nobody’s business. You’ll learn that
    Mayfee already went up the tree. Start off by collecting "Constellation
    Crater". Move up the left side of the tree and get "Wild Cherry Bud" for Savyna
    (class 4 item). It should be noted that the Blood Leaves will randomly drop
    "Constellation Ursa Major" and "Butterfly Barrettes".
    Move down the tree, and then start to ascend the right side. Look! Mayfee! Move
    up the tree again, and then descend to the far right. Rescue Mayfee, and start
    going up the free again. Mayfee will open  the gate, and in you go.
    So, now the Tree Guardian is talking about Malpercio. They sure like this guy,
    don’t they?
    Boss of The Celestial Tree (1)
    Tree Guardian
    Tree Guardian
    Picture Clarity: 4.5 stars
    HP: 2700
    Agility: 30
    Weakness: Fire (+50%), Dark (+20%)
    Resistance: Water (-50%), Fire (-50%)
    EXP: 1500
    Tentacle (x2)
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 500
    Agility: 56
    Weakness: Fire (+80%), Dark (+30%)
    Resistance: Water (-80%), Light (-30%
    EXP: 100
    Winnings: Freezing Axe and Dancing Flames
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Music: The True Mirror ~Electric Guitar Version~
    Recommended Level: 19-20
    This is your first multi-enemy boss fight. In this battle, you should use
    mostly Fire and Dark Magnus, so Gibari should not be used in this battle.
    Attack the tentacles first, as they have a limited amount of HP. They might be
    resurrected, but they can be easily be disposed of again.
    When the Tree Guardian uses Banishing Water, make sure that you have powerful
    fire armor to negate damage done. It would be wise to keep your Fire Magnus for
    the Tree Guardian and rid the Tentacles with your Dark Magnus.
    After the battle, you get Freezing Axe (fourth finisher for Savyna) and Dancing
    Flames (fourth finisher for Xelha).
    The End Magnus has been released and Savyna grabs onto it. (It looked like she
    was about to pull a Lyude).
    Lyude then reveals that an imperial soldier is in the party midst. No, it’s not
    Lyude... it’s... SAVYNA! *twist* *gasp* *shock*. Yes, she is an Imperial
    Soldier. Now its time for the last boss fight on Anuenue - the fight against
    Boss of The Celestial Tree (2)
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 3300
    Agility: 68
    Weakness: -
    Resistance: -
    EXP: 0
    Winnings: -
    Difficulty: 2.5/10
    Music: Metallic Stroke
    Recommended Level: 19-20
    This is a very simple battle. Heal right away, and you should be fine. Savyna
    will use Burning Arrow from time to time. This will do some damage, but it will
    also burn your party member. Flames do more damage per turn than poison, so you
    should watch out and try to heal them if you have any items in your deck.
    Savyna will also heal herself with Energy Capsule, but it’s a very small amount
    of HP.
    Really, this battle just is a bit long. Make sure you don’t mix elements (she
    has no elemental affiliation) and use straights and combos. The battle should
    go over very smoothly.
    After the battle, Savyna reveals that she is not an Imperial Soldier anymore.
    She and Mayfee head out, with Kalas and co. following along.
    The blossoms really do bring out the beauty in The Celestial Tree, don’t they?
    Make your way to Komo Mai and speak to Queen Corellia. She faints when she
    touched the Che End Magnus, but recovers shortly after. Though she is still
    wary about conflict, she agrees that she will be of service to you on your
    trip. Since Anuenue has no army, she advises you to travel to Mira to see if
    Duke Calbren may be of use to their cause. Head to Anuenue Port, and then set
    sails for Mira!
    "Remember, the Lady is a friend of our Emperor." - Giacomo
    Ok, so we’re not in Mira yet, but we’re on the way there. While going through
    the Trail of Souls, talk to every one on the ship. You should probably cheer
    Lyude up, since he’s feeling pretty down. Actually... he’s always feeling
    pretty down. Once you’ve talked to every one, speak to Gibari at the helm. This
    cues a cut scene where the Goldoba comes up and starts blasting the way at the
    Mindeer. Crap. The Mindeer veers off through the Trail of Souls to the Outer
    Picture Clarity: 1.5 stars
    Monsters: Ghost Claws, Zelmer
    1. Half Plate
    2. Aqua Burst Lv. 2
    3. Crystal Edge
    4. Shish Kebab (L)
    5. Green Oak
    6. Kite Shield
    7. Devil Eupho
    8. Diminuendo
    9. Wheat Crackers
    10. Camera 2
    11. Secret Recipe 4
    Make sure that every one is safe once you’ve recovered. Go outside and this
    will cue a cut scene. Kalas will start to recite Xelha’s prayer. She will walk
    to him and tell him that that was the poem that she taught him when they met in
    Moonguile Forest. How cute... wait, didn’t he see her first in Cebalrai?
    Off in the distance, a mysterious being wearing a mask sings a song, slowly
    trudging along in his... er, hers... er... it’s ship. The creature reveals
    mizutiself as "The Great Mizuti". The Great Mizuti is lost as well (took a
    wrong turn, ;D ) but The Great Mizuti knows the way out. Save at the red
    flower, and then talk to Xelha.
    This is an insanely fun shooting level. You control the Mindeer and are able to
    pick up rare Magnus that they drop (you must run over the Magnus to get it).
    Secret Recipe 4 is only found here, and so are the monsters here. This is the
    hardest part of the game for the 100% people, so pay attention to the guide
    I’ve gotten a rather informitive email from Travis. He writes:
    "Anyway, if you want to get the pictures you can play through it once and take
    the pictures, anything you pick up after a fight is still in your inventory
    when you play through again if Mizuti gets too far away from you and makes you
    start over.. this helps for the people that want all the photos since you can
    kill them next time and take the speed that they drop and use that to catch
    back up to Mizuti if you need to.."
    So, no more need to worry about loosing that 100% in here! Wohoo!
    There will be four enemies on the left first. They will drop a "Half Plate". Go
    to the right and then shoot the four that come at you. They will drop "Aqua
    Burst Lv. 3". Go back to the left and shoot the next four that come to get a
    "Crystal Edge", and then back to the right to get a "Shish Kebab (L)". Quickly
    go behind Mizuti and start to strafe right to left, hitting the enemies as they
    come diagonally. This will give you the "Ice Knuckles". Return to the center
    and strafe left to right, rewarding you with a "Green Oak". Stay in the center
    and quickly move from left to right, shooting the four enemies in a zigzag
    formation. This will get you the "Kite Shield". If you want to get the enemy
    pictures now, do it with the next group, since they do not drop a Magnus. Next,
    move to the center and first to the right as the enemies appear. Start to move
    left, still shooting, and then pick up the "Wheat Crackers". Stay in the center
    and start to first to the left as the enemies appear. Start to move slightly
    right, still shooting, to grab the "Camera 2" Magnus. Finally, center yourself
    below Mizuti and fire from left to right to defeat the five enemies. This will
    get you "Secret Recipe 4"
    It looks like you’re finally going to get out, you are attacked by a huge
    monster from another world. Only one way to deal with this...
    Boss of The Outer Dimension
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    HP: 3600
    Agility: 60
    Weakness: Light (+100%), Water, Fire, Dark, Wind, Chronos (+50%)
    Resistance: -
    EXP: 2700
    Winnings: Ancient Branch, Brave Knight Helm, Constellation Andromeda
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Music: Doomed in the Netherworld
    Recommended Level: 20-21
    Gnosis? Xenosaga? Hmm...
    "Hilbert Effect Active..."
    "Who would’ve thought that one of Myuki’s inventions would come in handy?"
    Enough of that...
    This is an annoying boss fight. He will use Dark Force to paralyze his enemies
    and then attack the ones he paralyzed, doing massive amounts of damage. Make
    sure Lyude and Xelha are in the party. They both can do a large amount of Light
    damage. Kalas is also a good third member for the battle.
    Unfortunately, this boss has great defense, so it’s very hard to chip his HP.
    Straights and Pairs of Light Magnus are the keys to this battle. Honestly, I
    never got why they just didn’t dump a bucket of water on the thing. He is made
    of salt, you know.
    For winning, you will receive an Ancient Branch (class 5 item for Kalas), a
    Brave Knights Helm, and Constellation Andromeda.
    Mizuti (excuse me, The GREAT Mizuti) will beckon you to jump through the hole
    that the Gnosis has created. Viola. Back in the Trail of Souls. Bid adieu to
    The Great Mizuti for now. It certainty won’t be the last time that you see The
    Great Mizuti. Land on the field map for Mira and enter the only place
    available: Parnasse. Before that though, go grab a quick bite to eat if you’re
    hungry. You don’t want to empty Parnasse on an empty stomach.
    1. Frozen Tangerine
    2. Chronos Armor
    3. Fresh Beef
    Family Members:
    1. Nubata
    Shish Kebab (M) (2): 75G
    Shish Kebab (L) (1): 250G
    Fruity Gelatin (1): 200G
    Chestnut Truffle (1): 100G
    Wheat Crackers (1): 300G
    Moonlight Creel (1): 12,000G
    Half Plate (1): 8500G
    Brave Knight Helm (1): 7300G
    Plain Pastry (1): 2200G
    Aqua Burst Lv. 3 (1): 7000G
    Flame Sphere (1): 2400G
    Bacon (1): 580G
    Chunk of Ice (1): 100G
    Wow. So much food... so much sugar...
    Once you enter, you see two people, Tisocco and Donella, fighting over who has
    the best pastries. In comes Lady Melodia, heiress to the Duchy of Mira. She
    will trip and fall on her way over, and Kalas, being the gentleman he is, will
    pick her right back up. She thanks him, and goes on her way.
    Start by walking forward, to the room that Melodia entered. Inspect the draws
    to the right to find "Chronos Armor". Inspect the cookies in the upper left
    corner to get a "Fresh Beef". Leave, and enter the house closest to the
    entrance of the town on the right.
    As you walk in, you will meet one of Kalas’s old buddies, Trill (remember, he
    is from Mira). She has a favor for him. She asks him to do get some Mira
    Chocolate from Donella’s shop. Before you leave, inspect the fridge in the
    right corner to get a "Frozen Tangerine". Exit his shop and go to the shop
    right next door (it’s above Tisocco’s on the map). Talk to the man by the
    chocolate vat, and he will ask you to get Mira Cream before he gives you the
    chocolate. Go back to Tisocco’s and get the "Mira Cream" Quest Magnus from the
    bottles to the left of the apple oven. Give it to the man by the vat, who will
    let you take the "Mira Chocolate" Quest Magnus. Give it to Trill.
    She will tell you of a shining object that she saw in the mystical garden the
    other day. Thinking that this might be the End Magnus, Kalas and co. set off to
    Detourne, the Mystical Garden.
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars (scales area), 1.5 stars (in the maze), 1 star (boss
    Monsters : Gormer, Slime, Devilish Hands, Magic Shellfish
    1. Silver Barrette
    2. Whirlwind Hit
    Quest Magnus:
    4. Mirage Weed
    5. Pristine Water
    6. Golden Pick Axe
    Detourne is a great place it level up. I suggest you spend sometime here to
    level up... a lot. This is also a very confusing but fun level. Detourne is
    based off of an old Namco game called Tower of DRUAGA.
    Jump over the red bock on the left and talk to the woman. Ask her about
    everything. Enter the maze and defeat the two slimes. There are three stairs
    that are ontop of each other in the middle if the maze. Take the top stairs.
    Hop across the red block and talk to the hero. Talk to him twice and agree to
    help him. He will reward you with "Jet Boots" and "White Sword". Jet Boots
    allow you to travel faster in the maze. White Sword does nothing. Enter the
    door on the right and defeat the third sword. Exit the maze once more from
    where you entered and talk to the hero again. He will give you the "Red
    Necklace" which allows you to travel through fire in the maze. Enter the maze
    through the center of the top of the garden. This should bring you back to the
    top middle stairs in the maze. Enter the center middle stairs to reach the
    Open the chests containing "Silver Barrette" and "Whirlwind Hit" (fifth
    finisher for Gibari). Collect two Pristine Water Quest Magnus from the moat.
    Jump to the scales and put the two Pristine Waters in the blue side of the
    scale. Return to the maze. Now, enter the bottom middle stairs. Cross the blue
    block on the left and enter the left door. Get the "Golden Pick Axe" Quest
    Magnus from the chest. Exit the maze and enter it from the bottom center door
    in the garden. Now that you’re back in the maze, enter the the middle top
    stairs. Snap the chain. Return to the scale room and use two Pristine Waters on
    the red side of the scale. Exit the maze in the bottom center and collect the
    Stand in the center of the maze and wait there for 10 seconds. You should heard
    a chime. Somewhere in the maze there is a chest with a "Green Ring". Once you
    have the Green Ring, stand in the maze under the timer runs out. The Green Ring
    will make sure the two Will-O-Wisps don’t kick you out. Run into one of them.
    Somewhere in the maze, another chest has appeared containing "Balance". Talk to
    the Golden Hero and he will praise your efforts. This will allow the Hero to
    change the red and blue cubes without using the scales.
    Finally, use the Golden Pick Axe to get rid of the yellow walls and use the Key
    to unlock the door. Enter.
    Once inside, the Magnus start reacting oddly to the stone. The End Magnus
    appears... but it’s huge! This isn’t the End Magnus! ...is it?
    Boss of Detourne, The Mystical Garden
    Magnus Giganticus
    Picture Clarity: 3 stars
    HP: 4000
    Agility: 80
    Weakness: -
    Resistance: Water, Fire, Dark, Light, Wind, Chronos (-50%)
    EXP: 4700
    Winnings: Emerald Earrings, Gleaming Helm, Shadow Magnus
    Difficulty: 4.5/10
    Music: Doomed in the Netherworld
    Recommended Level: 22-24
    Do not use Xelha in this battle, since he is resistant to all of elements. He
    attacks with Dark, Chronos, and Water damage. He will use Chronos Gage that
    will sometimes paralyze you.
    Kalas and Savyna are excellent for this battle, because they both have plenty
    of Neutral damaging Magnus. Meets such as Beef and Bacon are also great for
    this battle, since they can be given to anyone.
    Once he looses HP, he will start to loose pieces of his card. When he haves
    only a center left, he has 800 HP left.
    Once you win, you will get Emerald Earrings and a Gleaming Helm.
    There is no End Magnus here, only a shadow of what was once here. Kalas will
    take the "Shadow Magnus", and Xelha will comment on the elements that are
    associated with the End Magnus.
    Return to Parnasse to find out that there is trouble afoot. Lady Melodia has
    been kidnapped. Too bad for you, Kalas and co. are blamed for the incident, and
    are put under house arrest in Parnasse. Inside, the party members will
    contemplate for awhile before Gibari comes up with the brilliant idea of eating
    their way out. The party then goads him into eating through the wall. Poor
    Gibari... Once he makes a whole, Trill appears and helps them escape. Before
    you go to Reverence, stop by Detourne and pick up a Mirage Weed.
    1. Monolith Pen
    2. tri-Crescendo Pen
    Family Members:
    1. Misjah
    Shish Kebab (M) (2): 75G
    Shish Kebab (L) (1): 250G
    Fruity Gelatin (1): 200G
    Chestnut Truffle (1): 100G
    Wheat Crackers (1): 300G
    Pegasus Cloak (1): 6700G
    Millinery (1): 5100G
    Silk Robe (1): 9800G
    Shortcake (S) (1): 2200G
    Sculpting Knife (1): 450G
    Uncooked Rice (1): 120G
    Brilliant Horn (1): 8800G
    Light Flare Lv. 3 (1): 8000G
    Chunk of Ice (1): 100G
    Oh... my... God... Can you say "Acid Trip"? Besides the fact that the place is
    basically one storybook, the town is inhabited by odd creatures that like to
    talk in mysticism and dance. Weird.
    Once you enter, a soothsayer will proclaim the coming of Malpercio and doom to
    the world. We’re working on that. Go to the Blue Flower if you need to level
    up, and then head to the building to the right of the triangle woman on the far
    back wall. Check the two dressers to get a "Monolith Pen" and a "tri-Crescendo
    Pen". These are rather obvious tributes to MonolithSoft and tri-Crescendo, the
    creators of the game.
    Exit the "house", and talk to the odd creature on the left side of the bridge.
    Give him a Mirage Weed, and he will start a rather hilarious cut scene where
    the village interacts with itself and opens up a new entrance. Enter it, of
    This is the last of the three Old Fortune Tellers, though it won’t be the last
    time in the game that you see them. She will comment that she feels now Magnus
    within Kalas. The party is astonished, and Lyude comments that every being in
    the world contains a Magnus within it. Still doubtful, Catra... er, the Old
    Fortune Teller sticks with the story that Kalas contains no Magnus. Befuddled,
    Kalas says that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and leaves.
    Outside, two guards are talking about some shady characters near the Shrine of
    Spirits. Leave Parnasse and head to Nekton on the map.
    Picture Clarity: 1 star
    Monsters: Gray Cancerite, Filler, Ray-moo
    1. Wind God Blade
    2. Constellation Corona Borealis
    3. Water Blade
    Kalas comments on how this is the place that you and him first met. Yah, it
    was. Kinda weird seeing in color now, isn’t it?
    First, it would be wise to prepare Lyude and/or Xelha for the upcoming boss
    battle, since he is weak to Dark and Wind Magnus. If you haven’t been training
    them, now would be a good time to level them up a bit.
    The Fillers in this area will drop "Constellation Cepheus" and the Ray-moos
    will drop the "Constellation Hercules".
    Once you start, take the path that veers to the upper left. This path will lead
    to a chest containing "Wind God Blade". Go back to where the paths diverged and
    head to the lower left path. Grab the "Constellation Corona Borealis" in the
    chest. Go north and get the "Water Blade". Head towards the Red Flower, save,
    and then enter the next screen.
    Here, you will see Melodia and the Mad Wolf Unit. She will be denying that she
    knows anything about the End Magnus in Mira. Ayme will then comment that
    Melodia is not to be hurt, as she is a "personal" friend of Emperor Geldoblame.
    Insert Kalas and co., RPG formation V. Before they can start fighting, they
    eight accidentally summon a being from another dimension into Nekton. Time to
    Boss of Nekton, Shrine of Spirits
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 3000
    Agility: 82
    Weakness: Dark (+80%), Wind (+50%)
    Resistance: Light (-80%), Chronos (-50%)
    EXP: 4700
    Winnings: Golden Buckle, Dark Embrace, Constellation Virgo
    Difficulty: 3.5/10
    Music: Glowing Clouds
    Recommended Level: 25-26
    This boss has low HP and low agility. He also has weaknesses which are very
    easy to attack, seeing as you should have a wide assortment of Wind and Dark
    Magnus by now.
    At the start of the battle, Skiri will occasionally use Unholy Symbol, an
    attack that will do Neutral and Light damage. This is a bit hard to block,
    since many Kalas, Gibari, Savyna, and Xelha don’t have an abundance of Dark
    defensive Magnus to use.
    Once he is almost out of HP, Skiri will use Life Drain, which can drain 250+ HP
    from a character. In the end, you really have to rely on elements and make full
    use of straights and pairs to do 300+ damage per attack. The battle should be
    won without that much of a problem
    You will receive a Golden Buckle, Dark Embrace (5th finisher for Xelha), and
    Constellation Virgo.
    After the battle, you the cavalry arrives, and Melodia is safe. She tells you
    that her father, Duke Calbren, probably has more information on these End
    Go back into Parnasse. Kalas will inspect their bad and find that... the Che
    End Magnus is... GONE! *gasp* *twist* *turn* After inspecting all of Mira, the
    party deduces that their must be a traitor. Who is it? Is there even won?
    After the trouble, go to Balancoire, the capital of Mira.
    1. Sugar Cane
    2. Millinery
    3. Pot of Air
    4. Cedar Tree
    5. Deluxe Red Wine
    6. Bacon
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Stoked Flame
    1. Pollywhale
    Shish Kebab (M) (2): 75G
    Shish Kebab (L) (1): 250G
    Fruity Geltain (1): 200G
    Chestnut Truffle (1): 100G
    Wheat Crackers (1): 300G
    Apple Pie (Slice) (1): 5000G
    Mini Cream Puff (1): 2200G
    Mayfly (1): 8500G
    Tekken (Iron Fists) (1): 4800G
    Dark Flare Lv. 3 (1): 8000G
    Chronos Blow Lv. 3 (1): 9000G
    Persimmons (1): 1800G
    Slipjack (1): 10,000G
    Chunk of Ice (1): 100G
    The capital and the only normal city of Balancoire. Quite beautiful. In the
    house right next to the entrance, enter and take the "Sugar Cane". Take the
    "Millinery" from the dresser in the back of the house.
    Go up the stairs and enter the door to the far left. Take the "Pot of Air" from
    the shelf in the back. Take the "Cedar Tree" in the bushes next to the close
    right wall.
    Exit, and enter the last house in this area. Take the "Deluxe Red Wine" and the
    "Bacon" from the shelf to the far left behind the counter. Talk to the man who
    revels himself as Trill’s Father. Exit the house, and then go to the first
    house near the entrance. Talk to the old man, who will comment amount Kalas’s
    and Trill’s relationship. Notice Xelha’s reaction ;).
    Finally, go up the stairs and go through the first door. Talk to the woman, and
    leave. Some kids will talk about Kalas, and how he is a one winged curse. Lady
    Melodia’s enters, and you are asked to go and visit her.
    Go to Trill’s Father’s house and talk to him twice. He will ask you to train
    his new employee. Go outside and talk to the main near the door. Once you’re
    done talking to him, enter the house and talk to Trill’s Father. He will give
    you a "Scorpion Battle".
    Finally, go straight to the left. Enter the huge castle.
    1. Constellation Piscis Australis
    2. Jill’s Jewelry Box
    3. Sleet Shawl
    4. Tearless Mermaid
    5. Secret Recipe 5
    6. The Silent Woman
    7. Robe of Firelight
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Stagnant Water
    Animals: Hogart
    Once in the Manor, you will meet Duke Calbren. He will say that the other
    member of your party has already entered. Hmm? Go up the stairs and go through
    the center door.
    THE GREAT MIZUTI!! *ahem* Calbren will state that the End Magnus in Mira is
    hidden under the Manor. Melodia is surprised, as she had no idea it was there.
    They will open the door to the area below the Manor, and, guess what? THE GREAT
    MIZUTI WILL JOIN THE PARTY! Score. Before we go down. Inspect the left drum
    near the near wall to get the "Constellation Piscis Australis". Walk over to
    the clock in the top left hand corner of the room to get "Jill’s Jewelry Box".
    Exit this room, and head up the stairs. Enter the room to the right. Grab
    "Secret Recipe 5" from the large shelves on the left-hand side of the back
    wall. Also, pick up "The Silent Woman" from the shelves in the right side of
    the back wall, with the picture over it. Exit this room and head across the
    hall. Melodia’s room. On the back wall, there is a dresser with a picture above
    it. Inspect the drawers to the right of the dresser with the picture above it
    to get a "Sleet Shawl". Take "Tearless Mermaid" from the foot of her bed.
    Now that you’ve looted Mira’s royalty, return to the room with the trap door.
    Go down, and grab the "Robe of Firelight" from the chest on the right. Go left
    to enter the dungeon.
    Picture Clarity: 3.5 stars
    Monsters: Wookoob Kakish, Crystal Spider, Sbarb
    1. Heaven’s Pillar
    2. Constellation Corona Australis
    Uh... And you thought Detourne was weird. Cocolith is also known as The
    Shattered Mirror dungeon. Each piece of the mirror shows the action from some
    angle. It’s a rule of thumb that you start at a statue of a star and end at a
    statue of a moon.
    This area is shaped as a circle with a bridge cutting across it. The best place
    to look is in the 2 pieces in the lower right-hand corner. One is right in the
    corner, shaped as a triangle, and the other is to the upper left of that,
    shaped as a trapezoid.
    Start by walking left. You should be able to get on the bridge. Keep following
    it until you can get to the little alcove on the other side. Open the chest to
    get Mizuti’s fourth finisher, "Heaven’s Pillar". Exit the alcove, and follow
    the circle to the left. You should end up at the exit moon. Press A to go to
    the next screen.
    The second area is backwards. You will see Kalas and his reflection. The real
    Kalas starts at the star pole. Move above the star pole and go to the right.
    Open the chest to get "Constellation Corona Australis". The rest of the mirror
    is very straightforward, it is set in a zigzag matter. Just make sure that the
    real Kalas reaches the moon pole.
    This is the final area, and it’s more confusing than the first. It is set up as
    two circles that are on 45 degree angles that insect. Use the top three section
    from the left to control Kalas. There is a red flower that you can see in the
    second piece below the left corner on the map. Start to move to the right, and
    then move downwardly right when you reach the convergence. Save at the red
    flower, and head upwardly left. Once you read the next merge of the circles,
    head upwardly right and enter the moon pole.
    *phew* Finally, no more of those mirrors! But... Oh crap, Giacomo. He just
    loves to do that. He will break all the mirrors, and viola, the End Magnus. Oh
    no, it’s been half awakened! Mizuti starts to contain it, and then Kalas bonds
    it with the Shadow Magnus. Yay! Oh wait, Giacomo. Boo. Great, now we lost the
    End Magnus AND we have to fight the stupid guardian.
    Boss of Cocolith, Labyrinth of Mirrors
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    HP: 3000
    Agility: 90
    Weakness: Dark (+80%), Wind (+50%)
    Resistance: Light (-80%), Chronos (-50%)
    EXP: 10,400
    Winnings: Pinecone, Vanish Grenade, Constellation Capricornus
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Music: The True Mirror ~Electric Guitar Version~
    Recommended Level: 26+
    Uh... Eh? What happened, Monolith? Where are my good end of disc boss battles?
    Gah, oh well. I guess it doesn’t really matter.
    This boss is weak against Dark, so Kalas, Mizuti, Lyude, or Xelha are all good
    for this battle. His two main attacks, The Lightning and Eyes of Terror, cause
    mostly neutral and Chronos damage, so a healthy amount of Wind-based defensive
    Magnus would be good to have.
    Besides that, hit him like crazy with Dark and Wind Magnus and the battle will
    be over before you know it. I’m serious too. At least he looks cool...
    For winning you will get a Pinecone (class 4 item for Mizuti), Vanish Grenade
    (level 5 finisher for Savyna) and Constellation Capricornus.
    After the battle, Lady Melodia will allow you to use her ship to sneak into the
    Empire. She’s a personal friend of Geldoblame’s remember, so she can do pass
    by. There will then be a cut scene for the leaders of the islands, wondering
    what the next move will be. Corellia and Ladekahn are seen together, discussing
    the future of the world. The calm before the storm...
    "You maggot... You haven’t changed a bit. It must be stone carver’s blood in
    your veins" - Skeed
    We’re riding on a horsey...
    Picture Quality: 1.5 stars
    Monsters: Imperial Guard, Elite Imperial Guard
    1. Secret Recipe 6
    2. Pickled Eggplants
    3. Viking Helmet
    4. Coffin Shield
    5. Scale Mail
    6. Constellaion Ara
    7. Sleet Shawl
    8. Intermezzo
    9. Rice Paper
    10. Pretty Flowers
    11. Apple Pie (Slice)
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Stoked Flame
    2. Girl’s Thoughts
    Family Members:
    1. Qasim
    Shish Kebab (M) (2): 75G
    Shish Kebab (L) (1): 250G
    Fruity Gelatin (1): 200G
    Chestnut Truffle (1): 100G
    Wheat Crackers (1): 300G
    Tongue Birdie (1): 6000G
    Deluxe Red Wine (1): 17,000G
    Arm Bomber (1): 6200G
    Blue Sky Mail (1): 9500G
    Wind Blow Lv. 3 (1): 9000G
    Dark Yell Lv. 1 (1): 1600G
    Light Yell Lv. 1 (1): 1600G
    Magic Beans-Death (1): 8000G
    Chunk of Ice (1): 100G
    Bamboo Shoot (1): 160G
    Uncooked Rice (3): 120G
    The heart of Alfard, the scourge of the Sky. After Melodia leaves with Fadroh,
    enter the first house that you see. Take the "Pickled Eggplants" from the right
    wall, and then inspect the object in the far back corner to get a "Viking
    Helmet". Exit this screen and enter the next.
    As the party is walking by, Gibari will bump into a young boy. He will explain
    how rich he is, and how he is destined to lead the lower people like Gibari.
    Lyude will explain that it is the natural teaching of children in Alfard. Go
    left and you will see a cutscene where a hologram of Geldoblame is rallying his
    people for the coming war. Great... Since you can’t go up that way, go into the
    small diner next to the hologram. Grab the "Coffin Shield" and the "Scale Mail"
    from the chests. Inspect the pots in the lower left corner to get the
    "Constellation Ara". Walk upstairs, and you will hear two soldiers gossiping
    about the happenings in Alfard. Exit the diner, and go up from where the
    pretentious little kid was talking to you. Enter the house to hear a story
    about a crazed scientist that lived in Mintaka. Get the "Sleet Shawl" from
    above the beds on the right wall, and an "Apple Pie (Slice)" from the glowing
    object in the far right corner.
    Return to the crowd, which is now gone. You can head up the way you couldn’t
    before. Lyude will explain that this is - or was - his house. Inside, Lyude
    will be reunited with Almarde, his nurse from Azha. The reunion is cut short,
    as Lyude’s *wonderful* brother and sister enter - Skeed and Vallye. They’re
    kinda pissed about the whole traitor thing, and tell Lyude to give his friends
    up to the Empire. Lyude, being the cool kid that he is, puts his foot down and
    refuses to do it. Before Skeed and Vallye can shoot him, Almarde whips out her
    gun! Oh yah, go old nanny! Unfortunetly for her, she is shot by the two
    siblings. Damn damn damn. Lyude, heartbroken, weaps tirelessly for the only
    person in the world that ever loved him. The party manages to escape, and winds
    up outside of Lyude’s house.
    The streets are crawling with Imperial Soldiers now, so it’s important to watch
    out where you’re going. Return to the port, and save. Make sure you do a lot of
    training and leveling up in this area. A lot. You might have noticed that my
    level recommendations have been a bit high so far. It’s because of this
    upcoming boss battle. Gain at least 3 or so levels before getting on the ship.
    Yes, I know it might be boring, but you’re going to need it.
    Picture Clarity: 1.5 stars
    Monsters: Imperial Walker
    1. Rainbow Straw Hat
    2. Sleet Shawl
    3. Grace Shield
    4. Robe of Firelight
    5. Cetaka’s Sword
    6. Rice Paper
    7. Crystal Nails
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Oil
    Welcome to the Battleship Goldoba. I hope you leveled up, since there are no
    Blue Flowers on this ship, only a red one.
    Go through the bottom path to the main room in the battleship. First, go to
    through the door to the upper left. Grab the "Rainbow Straw Hat" and grab the
    "Sleet Shawl" from the bed. Exit, and ship over the stairs. Go to the next door
    to the upper right. Grab the "Grace Shield" and the "Robe of Firelight
    Firelight" from the bed. Exit, and enter the door that is on the far right
    wall. Go around the enemies to the two chests that contain "Cetaka’s Sword" and
    "Rice Paper". Return to the main room, and go all the way to the bottom right.
    There is one lone chest in this room on the far right room that contains
    "Crystal Nails".
    Go to the main room, and enter the door that is after the stairs. In here, you
    can imput four digit codes. Imput the codes in this order:
    0819 (Assasin’s Hood)
    3291 (Viking Helmet)
    4653 (Unlocks Bridge Door)
    This should open the door in the first room. Go back to the room with the Red
    Flower and enter the top door.
    This will bring you to the control room. Where’s Geldoblame? Uh oh, the trio!
    It’s time to take them all on!
    Boss of The Battleship Goldoba
    Giacomo, Ayme, Folon
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 3800
    Agility: 95
    Weakness: Water (+50%), Light (+30%)
    Resistance: Fire (-50%), Dark (-50%)
    EXP: 14,000
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 2400
    Agility: 150
    Weakness: Chronos (+50%), Light, Fire (+30%)
    Resistance: Wind (-50%), Dark, Water (-30%)
    EXP: 10,000
    Picture Clarity: 4 stars
    HP: 2700
    Agility: 85
    Weakness: Light (+50%), Water, Wind (+30%)
    Resistance: Dark (-50%), Fire, Chronos (-30%)
    EXP: 10,000
    Winnings: Hermit’s Creel, Rarebird Statue
    Difficulty: 8.5/10
    Music: Chaotic Dance
    Recommended Level: 30-31
    Have you ever been to a Baten Katios message board and seen "Help on boss
    battle on disc 2" or "Ship boss battle, HELP!"? This is that battle.
    Fortunetly, you have me to help you out on this.
    First, you should heal as much as possible. Giacomo attacks twice in a row, and
    the other two have some truly annoying finishing moves. You need to heal. HEAL.
    HEAL. HEAL. I can’t stress that enough. Even if you feel like you’re on the
    winning side of the battle, HEAL WHENEVER YOU HAVE THE CHANCE. It could be too
    Take out Folon first. He can cause flames, and he likes to use really powerful
    attacks. Water damage is a must. Kalas’s Water Blade is perfect for taking out
    Folon. Once he’s out of the way, focus your attacks on Ayme. She is weak, but
    she has very long chain of combos that can eat into your deck. Mizuti’s
    Heaven’s Pillar is perfect for taking out Ayme.
    Once those two are out of the way, heal until you’ve almost got every one back
    at full health. You don’t want to take on Giacomo alone with half HP. After you
    have healed, go after him with Light damage (Lyude is good for this). Once his
    HP is drained, he will start to use End Slasher and Imperial Force. No time to
    heal. Go all out, try to kill him before you find yourself with one character
    After winning, you get a Hermit’s Creel and and a Rarebird Statue (Class 5 item
    for Xelha)
    Afterwords, Giacomo reveals that *gasp* *twist* *turn* Giacomo’s father is
    Georg! Then, he blows up the ship. Great. To escape, run to the center of the
    of the ship and go down the right side. Grab the "Oil" Quest Magnus from the
    bottom right corner and use it on the second tank from the left on the near
    wall. You will escape from the ship and land in the Nihal Desert. After the
    Goldoba crashes, you’ll exit and find yourself on the Alfard Field Map. Enter
    Azha Village.
    1. Green Tea
    2. Sculpting Knife
    3. Crimson Oak Blossom
    4. Constellation Lepus
    5. Jumbo Pastry
    6. Pork Ribs
    7. Sunflower Coin
    Qust Magnus:
    1. Rock Salt
    Shish Kebab (L) (2): 250G
    Wheat Crackers (2): 300G
    Fruity Gelatin (2): 200G
    Chestnut Truffle (2): 100G
    Death Pendulum (1): 10,000G
    White Scepter (1): 9200G
    Panther Claws (1): 7500G
    Blue Sky Mail (1): 9500G
    Coffin Shield (1): 2500G
    Chronos Bow Lv. 3 (1): 9000G
    Aqua Burst Lv. 4 (1): 13,000G
    Mohawk Birdie (1): 9999G
    Apple (1): 1000G
    Red Pickle Veggies (1): 380G
    Soybeans (1): 20G
    This is the town that Almarde is from. Geez... how sad. Since you can’t enter
    the caves, go through the only door to the left. Take the "Green Tea" and head
    upwards. Grab the "Crimson Oak Blossom" and the "Sculpting Knife". Head up a
    little bit, and then head to the right. You should end up in a tiny alcove
    containing "Constellation Lepus". Go back to the second cave, and head upwards.
    These kids don’t seem to like you (you being Savyna and Lyude). Oh well. Head
    back down and head out towards the main part of the village. On your way out, a
    little girl will run up to you and call Savyna a murderer. Phft. Savyna’s never
    murdered any one... Huh? What’s this? A flashback? Lots of fire, and...! *gasp*
    *twist* *turn* Holy crap, Savyna just killed that little kid! A man named Azdar
    comes up and tells her that she needs to keep moving on. The cutscene ends and
    the girl runs away. That explains why every one hates Savyna here... Walk
    outside, and Savyna scares the crap out of the guards. Did I meantion she’s the
    coolest person ever?
    Before you leave, there are these kids running around that want something. The
    easiest way to do this is get Rock Salt from the houses and give it to them.
    Once you have given them 13 Magnus, you will receive a "Mephistopheles Cloak"
    and give them 21 to get the "Secret Recipe 7". Now you can enter the caves.
    Picture Clarity: 1 star
    Monsters: Ceratobus, Foytow, Magma Beast, Lanocaulis
    1. Dream Blade
    2. Constellation Serpens
    3. Grumble Pen
    4. Shadow Thruster
    5. Catfish Whiskers
    6. Gold Earrings
    7. Solar Saber
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Lava
    2. Sparkling Snow
    This place is called The Lava Caves, so bringing Fire Magnus is not a good
    idea. Walk to the right and try to open the door. Closer. Gar. Oh look, an old
    guy! He will invite you to his home to talk to him. Walk to the right to enter
    his house.
    The old mechanic will talk about Georg and Larikush, two men from Azha. Kalas
    will ask you who Larikush is, and of course, answer that he’s from Cebalrai.
    Anyways, he’ll talk about how great of a mechanic Georg was and how the Empire
    took the two of them to Mintaka. Then, he asks Kalas if he’s Giacomo’s son.
    This, of course, pisses Kalas off.
    After he opens the door, return to his house and start to loot. Take the "Dream
    Blade" from the chest (sixth finisher for Kalas). Inspect the barrel to the
    right of the chest to get "Constillation Serpens" and inspect the bed in the
    back right wall to get a "Grumble Pen". Go back to the double doors and enter
    the main part of the cave.
    Ooh... how hot. Take the left path, picking up the "Shadow Thruster" from the
    chest. In here, walk up to the lava flow and Kalas will note how he can’t get
    by. Exit the main caves and talk to the mechanic again. He will tell you that
    you need Flame Ice to get by. Enter the main caves again and take the right
    path. See the ice? Grab that. Go back to the Mechanic, and he will make
    Sparkling Snow. Take two, and enter the caves again.
    Take the "Lava" Quest Magnus, and go back to Azha. Wait 30 minutes, and it will
    turn into a "Hot Rock". Take this to the woman with the bad back in Azha. She
    will be standing next to a bed in the first cave. She will give you "Cetaka’s
    Sword". Re-enter the lava part of the Lava Caves.
    Go left, and use the Sparkling Snow on the lava flow. Go down the flow, and
    then to the right. Get "Catfish Whiskers" (class 5 item for Gibari) and "Gold
    Earrings" for Lyude. Go back to the right, up the ramp, and go to the right.
    Use the final Sparkling Snow on this lava flow. Save, and inspect the shining
    orb on the ground. It’s Xelha’s pendant! They must already be in there...
    Before you go in, make sure your characters are equipted with items that resist
    against Death. For Kalas, Golden Buckle works the best. Use the Water Mirror
    Anklet for Xelha. Use the Moonlight Creel for Gibari. Unfortunetly, there is no
    resist-death equiptment for Lyude, Savyna, and Mizuti. Light is also a must in
    this next battle, so make sure that you have plenty of Light Magnus to boot,
    and enter the next room.
    Crap, Geldoblame has all 5 End Magnus. Oh damn... He uses them, and the evil
    God’s castle, Cor Hydrae, appears in the Sky. Daamn. It appears thought that
    the power it too much for Geldoblame. Oh crap, here we go.
    Boss of The Lava Caves
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    HP: 5500
    Agility: 104
    Weakness: Light (+80%), Wind (+30%), Water (+20%)
    Resistance: Dark (-80%), Chronos (-30%), Fire (-20%)
    EXP: 19,000
    Winnings: Shadow Gate, Powder Snow Anklet
    Difficulty: 7.5/10
    Music: Doomed in the Netherworld
    Recommended Level: 32-34
    This fight is a biotch. For starters, he has the nasty "Forteit You Life"
    finisher which causes Death to one of your character. He likes to use this
    first in the battle. Sacred Wine and Holy Grail are you friends. After you
    recover your character that died, and then go all out on him. You should attack
    him for 2 or 3 turns, and then use 2 or 3 turns to heal yourself.
    Light Magnus are a HUGE PLUS in this battle. If some one can pull of a 800
    damage straight with Light Damage, you will do unthinkable amounts of damage
    that will help. Geldoblame attacks with hefty Dark damage, so have plenty of
    Light Defensive Magnus with you. Trust me, they help.
    For winning, you get Shadow Gate (fifth finisher for Mizuti) and Powder Snow
    Before we continue, ask yourself something. Pause the game, do whatever, just
    stop playing the game for a minute. Ask yourself this question: Do you like
    Baten Kaitos’s story? Is it too slow? In Baten Kaitos, there is something
    called a transitional plot point. This is anytime in a story when it takes a
    dramatic turn. This can be for the better or worse. Just keep that in mind. Ok,
    you can resume gameplay now.
    Bwhaha, we’ve almost killed the pedophilliac psychotic Emperor who turned into
    an octopus with wings, one hand, and boobies. Hmm... Ok, so, all good. But
    wait... MELODIA?!?! O_O What the hell are YOU doing here? So Melodia now talks
    about how she used Geldoblame to get the End Magnus... WHAT?!?! SHE’S EVIL?!?!?
    And the traitor in our party is...
    No Kalas! Don’t bask in the light of Malpercio! DON’T DO IT!! Oh... daamn. You
    did it. So great, Kalas is evil now. He has perfect white wings, perfect blue
    eyes... and the game ends. Congrats, you just beat Baten Kaitos!
    Just kidding. The best is still yet to come.
    So now, everything is black and some one is crying. Faintly, you can see a girl
    in pink with blonde hair. XELHA! Answer a few questions and bond with her.
    Wohoo! She also has the most annoying run in the world, but that can be
    excused, cause she’s cool.
    1. Fire Burst Lv. 4
    2. Pot of Air
    3. Whispering Wind
    4. Spark Hat
    5. Dark Flare Lv. 4
    6. Constellation Scorpius
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Stagnant Water
    Leave your cell and head to the one directly to the left. Take the "Fire Burst
    Lv. 4" from the chest. Head out of the room, and go directly to the left. Head
    left to the next screen. Enter the first cell and get the "Pot of Air", then
    enter the last one to get "Whispering Wind", Xelha’s sixth finisher). Exit, and
    Xelha will hear a huge explosion. Before going, get the "Spark Hat" from the
    far left chest. Head all the way to the right and enter the gaping hole in the
    Three ladies are waiting for you, and they seem to know Xelha. They are
    Kodelle, Glamyss, and Catranne. As the chicken tells Queen Xelha to come wi...
    wait... QUEEN Xelha? Where is she the queen of? Sadal Suud, Diadem, Anuenue,
    Mira, Alfard... nope, they all have their respective royal houses. Weird. As
    you leave on the White Dragon, Kalas will walk out, and stare as you fly to
    Anuenue. I wonder how he’s enjoying his life of evil?
    In Anuenue, you will be informed that the three witches (ahh, they’re witches!
    ...but how do they know Xelha?!) have been helping them battle the creatures
    from Cor Hydrae. They will also tell you that Interdimensional Cracks have
    appeared where the End Magnus were sealed, and that it is speculated that the
    other members of you party are hidden within these cracks. Time to get
    cracking! Get it? Cracking?! Ok, I’ll stop. Seriously...
    "I know of no apology befitting such an oversight, but I ask for your
    forgiveness." - Duke Calbren
    Since you now have the freedom to travel all over, I’ve broken this section
    down into the five continents that you’ll be visiting. Each continent has an
    Interdimensional Crack, though only four have our party members in (Guess who
    the 5th one is going to be used for?). This is also the best time to do
    sidequests that you may have missed before. So, let’s go rescue!
    There’s ONE big thing to do FIRST. Take the Celestial Flower Seed from
    Corellia’s room. Just... take it. Don’t do anything with it yet. It needs 15
    hours to turn into a Celestial Blossom, so it needs all the time you can give
    The next thing you’re going to want to do is get your party members back. Each
    Interdimensional Crack requires a specific Quest Magnus that is native to that
    island. On Diadem, you need the Cloud Quest Magnus from Cloud Passage. Get it,
    and head to The Shrine of the Winds.
    You’re going to want to enter the omnious cloud things.
    How... creepy. Move forward, and you’ll see a place to put a quest magnus, with
    a riddle. We already have the cloud, so put that in. As the door opens, you’re
    attacked by a servent of Malpercio!
    Boss of The Interdimensional Crack: Diadem
    Picture Clarity: 1.5 stars
    HP: 1400
    Agility: 115
    Weakness: Light (+80%), Water (+30%)
    Resistance: Dark (-80%), Fire (-30%)
    EXP: 5,000
    Winnings: Spiraling Gale, Goldfish Bowl, Constellation Ophiuchus
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Music: Rumbling of the Earth
    Recommended Level: 29-35
    As someone that didn’t use Xelha, this battle was very scary for me. I was
    expecting a huge, powerful creature that would take hours to destroy.
    Thankfully... no. Naiad is very easy to defeat. Very easy. No, I’m serious,
    very easy. Just bash it with Light based attacks and this battle will be over
    quickly. So quickly, I beat this boss in 2 turns.
    You get Spiraling Gale (Gibari’s 6th finisher), Goldfish Bowl, and
    Constellation Ophiuchus for winning.
    Afterwards, you rescue Gibari, who was on... a cross? *remembers The Encephelon
    from Xenosaga*. Now we just need Gibari to shoot some crazy lasers out of his
    stomach while saying "Undo all your pain into me." Ok, maybe not.
    Now let’s do stuff in Diadem! Head to the Cloud Passage and take a Cloud. Now,
    go to Pherkad and talk to the lady near the flowerbed on the first screen. She
    will give you a Popular Pick-Up Line. Quickly zip back to Nashira and go into
    Anna’s bar. In the lower right-hand corner, there should be a man holding his
    head. Give him the Popular Pick-Up Line, and walk out of the bar. Walk back in
    and talk to him. He will give you a "Shako" as thanks.
    By now, your Cloud should have turned into Salty Water. Give it to the man
    cleaning graffiti in Sheliak. He will reward you will "Flash Armor". Get on the
    Mindeer and head for Mira.
    This is a bit trick. First, go to Detourne and get a Mirage Weed. Since they
    disapear in 10 minutes, you MUST be quick. Run to Balancoire, and then to the
    basement of Duke Calbren’s Manor. Enter the crack.
    Run forward, and place the Mirage Weed in the slot. If its gone, you have to go
    back and get another one. Here comes the boss!
    Boss of The Interdimensional Crack: Mira
    Picture Clarity: 1.5 stars
    HP: 2300
    Agility: 116
    Weakness: Light (+80%), Fire (+30%)
    Resistance: Dark (-80%), Water (-30%)
    EXP: 10,000
    Winnings: Hurricane Blade, Golden Barrette, Constellation Cancer
    Difficulty: 1.5/10
    Music: Rumbling of the Earth
    Recommended Level: 30-35
    Now that you have two characters, this battle shouldn’t be hard at all.
    Thalassa has a bit more HP than Naiad, but it’s not really a problem. Fire is
    nice here, but Light is the real killer. He should be dead after a few turns.
    You’ll get Hurricane Blade (6th finisher for Savyna), Golden Barrette, and
    Constellation Cancer for winning.
    Now you get Mizuti back. Yes. Of course, this means that you have two magic
    users in your party. Hmm...
    First, head to Parnasse. There is a pastry contest, and two people that you can
    help. Each gives you something different. They are need the blue flower. Here’s
    what they want:
    Girl 1 (Left)
    She is looking for a Celestial Flower Seed. Scurry over to Anuenue and get one
    from the shelf in Corellia’s room. Give it to her and she will give you a "Silk
    Girl 2 (Right)
    She needs Mountain Apple Wine, but she’s too young. Go to Sadal Suud and get
    some from Cebalrai. Let it ferment for 2 hours, and then give it to her to get
    a "Second Hand" Magnus. Kalas, Kalas... giving drinks to the underage. Bah.
    Head to Balancoire and go into Trill’s family restaurant. There are two people
    to the left that want a Golden Nugget. Remember that Gold Beetle Carapace from
    Anuenue? It should be a Gold Nugget by now. If you give it to the man, he will
    give you a "Deluxe Pastry". If you give it to the woman, she will give you a
    "Deluxe Cream Puff".
    Exit, and go into the first house in the town and talk to the woman cooking.
    She needs salt. Go to Alfard and get Rock Salt from Azha. Give her the Rock
    Salt to get "Pork Ribs" (This works with Salt, but that would take the Clouds 3
    hours to transform. This way is just faster).
    We’ve finished Mira, onto Anuenue.
    First, head to Komo Mai and a Celestial Flower Seed. It’s the item needed to
    open the crack. Go to The Celestial Tree and climb to the top. Enter the crack.
    Give the seed and wait, there’s a boss battle here? WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN?!
    Boss of The Interdimensional Crack: Anuenue
    Picture Clarity: 1.5 stars
    HP: 3700
    Agility: 117
    Weakness: Light (+80%), Wind (+30%)
    Resistance: Dark (-80%), Chronos (-30%)
    EXP: 16,000
    Winnings: Mega Flood, Tearful Birdie, Constellation Lyra
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Music: Rumbling of the Earth
    Recommended Level: 31-36
    This one is a bit harder, but you have three party members. Despina has an Hour
    of Reckoning finisher which can instantly kill its victim. Ouch, but besides
    that, that’s the only thing it has going for it. As usual, do an all out
    Light-assault, and a Wind-assault with your secondary magic user, who ever that
    might be.
    For winning, you’ll get Mega Flood (Mizuti’s 6th finisher, Tearful Birdie, and
    Constellation Lyra.
    Savyna. Awesomeness.
    Make your way over to The School of Magic (right side). Go to the first
    classroom and talk to the man sitting at the left end of the middle desk on the
    right side of the room (phew). He needs help talking to a girl. Walk outside
    and get a Popular Pick-Up Line from the man in the hat. Go back into the class
    and give it to him. Leave the class, and return again to get a "Zeit Robe".
    Now, go to Corellia’s Palace and talk to the soldier at the left end of the
    main hall. He wants Pow Milk Yogurt. Only one place to get this. Head to
    Cebalrai and take Pow Milk from the stable. Let it sit for 30 minutes and give
    it to the guard. He gives you "Constellation Sagitta", and he also tells you to
    come back later to get the rest of the reward. Ooh...
    If there’s ANY chance that the Celestial Flower Seed has turned into the
    Celestial Flower, head to Opu and give it to Mayfee. She will reward you with a
    "Deluxe Shish Kebab". If not, keep hold of it and give it to her later.
    While you’re in Opu, talk to the woman on the lower bridge. She wants to know
    Corellia’s beauty secrets. Head to Corellia’s Palace, and go to the room to the
    end of the right hall. Talk to the maid to get the "Secret Information". Give
    it to the woman in Opu to get a "Crimson Oak Blossom". Now that we’re done
    here, time to head to Alfard.
    First things first, head to Azha and go to the Lava Caves. Grab Lava on your
    way there, and head to where you fought Geldoblame and enter the crack.
    This time, things are a bit different. No, I’m just kidding, but this is the
    last crack. Joy. Place the Lava in the wall and wait for the boss fight to
    Boss of The Interdimensional Crack: Alfard
    Picture Clarity: 1.5 stars
    HP: 5600
    Agility: 118
    Weakness: Light (+80%), Chronos (+30%)
    Resistance: Dark (-80%), Wind (-30%)
    EXP: 21,000
    Winnings: Crescendo, Amethyst Earrings, Constellation Libra
    Difficulty: 3.5/10
    Music: Rumbling of the Earth
    Recommended Level: 35-37
    A challenge? Not really, but this boss does pose a bigger threat than the
    others. He has the most HP in a game so far. He will attack with Wind based
    attacks, so Chronos is good. But, as usual, Light Magnus also work perfectly.
    When you win, you get Crescendo (6th finisher for Lyude), Amethyst Earrings,
    and Constellation Libra (wohoo, my sign!).
    Afterwords, you get Lyude. Score. We’re not done yet. Go to Mintaka and get
    "Girl’s Thoughts" Quest Magnus from the house in to the left of the shop (it’s
    on the shelf in the top right-hand corner). Bring it to the girl blocking the
    way in the top part of the Azha cave homes. She’ll give you a "Red Oak" and let
    you pass. Take the "Sunflower Coin" from the far left bookcase, and the "Jumbo
    Pastry" and the "Pork Ribs" from the walls infront of you.
    We’re still not done yet. Sadal Suud is still left.
    ~~SADAL SUUD~~
    If you want to go the Interdimensional Crack here, do so. There’s nothing here,
    but guess who this one would be for?
    Talk to Quzman in Pherkad. He will give you "Sorcerer’s Seal" for completeling
    Taymiya’s line and "Voice 4" from Sabin’s line.
    There is a dresser behind Taymiya that has a "Terrible Painting" Quest Magnus
    on it. Bring it to Reverence in Mira and show it to the woman with the bracelet
    (Misjah). She will agree to come back to Pherkad. Finally, inspect the picture
    next to Quzman’s bed. It’s of his first wife, Usaybia. Quzman says that she
    died, and adds her to the tree for you. Finally, return to Komo Mai and speak
    to Corellia.
    Mizuti suggests that they should go to the ice lands of Wazn and ask the
    mysterious witch queen of Wazn. Hmmmm... witches? Head on the Mindeer and
    you’ll go to the that snow storm above Diadem.
    "It is but a pebble in calm waters now, but its ripples will grow... Until,
    some day, it will swallow all..." - Barnette
    Intersting... what other places could there be in the Sky?
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    Monsters: Arachnid, Snow Cancertine, Floomer, Flobo
    1. Constellation Leo
    2. Forseti Robe
    3. Aqua Burst Lv. 4
    4. Tower Shield
    5. Shepherd’s Purse
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Snow
    2. Sparkling Snow
    Family Members:
    1. Gabirol
    2. Yunus
    Note: The Flobos in this area carry "Constellation Delphinus". Head left to get
    "Constellation Leo". Joy. The wind here is really annoying, isn’t it? Head
    upwards to the next screen.
    Grap the "Forseti Robe" straight ahead, and then head left towards the glowy
    thing. Touch it to turn it off. Head right and the upwards and then left to the
    2nd glowy thing. Touch it and then head right, then up.
    Head left, grabbing "Aqua Burst Lv. 4" along the way. At the small fork in the
    road, go left to get the third glowy thing, and the right to get the final
    glowy thing. Head left, and then down back to the sparkling snow, and then up
    to the left, getting the "Tower Shield". Head up to the next screen. The shield
    should be down now. Finally, get the "Sepherd’s Purse", the class 5 item for
    Mizuti. Head up.
    Oh no, look how far away the castle is... Xelha, what are you... O_O
    1. Dancing Flames
    2. Light Flare Lv. 4
    3. Young Wasabi Root
    4. Shortcake (L)
    5. Phoenix Helm
    6. Eel
    7. Birdie Fatale
    8. Green Tea
    9. Constellation Sagittarius
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Snow
    2. Stagnant Water
    Once you head inside, every one will start bowing to Xelha. WAIT. Queen
    Xelha... OMFG!!! AHH!!! You’ll learn that Xelha was sent out after Barnette had
    a vision of a great evil coming. The three witches, Kodelle, Glamyss, and
    Catranne were sent out disguised as Old Fortune Tellers before Xelha to see
    what was happening in the world. Xelha then had a dream about the end of the
    world and lost most of her magical powers. Damn.
    Check Xelha’s bed to get her fifth finisher, Dark Embrace. Check the tables in
    the top and bottom left corners to get "Light Flare Lv. 4" and "Young Wasabi
    Root". Go to the outside of the room and head all the way to the right and
    enter the door by the Red Flower. Go all the way to the back and examine the
    altar to get "Constellation Sagittarius". Exit, and head down to the 2nd floor.
    Head all the way to the right and talk to the woman. She will give you the
    third biggest sidequest in the game - the Wazn animal sidequest. Here are the
    locations of all the animals that you need to find:
    Animal/ Location
    Pow: Cebalrai (Sadal Suud)
    Prancer: Cebalrai (Sadal Suud)
    Fantail Duck: Cebailrai (Sadal Suud)
    Fantail Duck (White): Cebalrai (Sadal Suud)
    Fantail Duckling: Cebalrai (Sadal Suud)
    Cloudgull: Pherkad (Sadal Suud)
    Koa Monkey: The Lord’s Mansion (Sadal Suud)
    Pigeon: The Celestail Tree (Anuenue)
    Waterlark: Opu (Anuenue)
    Pollywhale: Balancoire (Mira)
    Hogart: Duke Calbren’s Manor (Mira)
    Bunnycat: Imperial Fortress (Alfard)
    Olifant: Nihal Desert (Alfard)
    Fluffpup: Mintaka (Alfard)
    Caplin: The Celestial Alps
    Caplin (Black): The Celestial Alps
    Clucker: Gemma (Duhr)
    Inspect the table in the bottom righthand corner to find a "Shortcake (L)".
    Exit, and go all the way to the right. This is where Leon and Gram’s wives are.
    If you are going for the 100% run, do not give them the Warrior’s Momentos
    until they turn into Warrior’s Memories. If you give them the Warrior’s
    Momentos, they will give you "Full Helm", and if you give them the Warrior’s
    Memories, they will give you a "Golden Bugle". Take the "Birdie Fatale" from
    the top left, the "Phoenix Helm" from the bottom left, and the "Eel" from the
    bottom left corner. Exit this room, and head down the stairs. Go up the left
    stairs and inspect the table in the top right corner to get a "Green Tea". Exit
    this room and head town to enter the town of Wazn, Cursa.
    1. Cloudy Emblem
    2. Dark Flare Lv. 4
    3. Soybeans
    4. Constellation Ursa Minor
    Family Members:
    1. Yamin
    Shish Kebab (M) (2): 75G
    Wheat Crackers (2): 300G
    Fruity Gelatin (2): 200G
    Chestnut Truffle (2): 100G
    Wave Cutter (1): 17,500G
    Saxoflare (1): 15,800G
    Aqua Impulse (1): 13,500G
    Wind Blow Lv. 3 (1): 9000G
    Grace Shield (1): 7700G
    Battle Hood (1): 13,800G
    Wheat (1): 1500G
    Apple (1): 1000G
    Beef (1): 3800G
    Soybeans (1): 20G
    Prettyful. Actually, Wazn is REALLY prettyful. Go right first, and talk to the
    woman with the bracelet (Yamin). She will sign the family tree and be on her
    way. Go all the way to the left screen and take the "Cloudy Emblem" from the
    far left. Enter the door on the right. Inspect the desks on the bottom left and
    right to get "Dark Flare Lv. 4" and "Soybeans". Exit, and go to the left door.
    Inspect the fish in the back and get "Constellation Ursa Minor".
    Go back to Kaffaljidhma, and go up to the left to the White Dragon. After
    finding out the dragon is a woman (hmm), you will learn that she has a very
    special bond with Xelha, but the dragon is not hers. A messanger will arrive,
    and will tell Xelha that the room is ready for her. Return to the third floor,
    and enter the room near the Red Flower. Barnette will tell you that it is time
    to take the trial. Enter the teleporter to the Lake of the Dragon.
    Picture Quality: 1.5 stars
    Monsters: None
    There is only one fight here. Xelha will fight alone against The Goddess of
    Ice, the collective beings of all the other Ice Queens’ souls. No Ice Queen
    before has ever defeated The Goddess of Ice. Their luck must have sucked.
    Boss of The Lake of the Dragon
    Goddess of Ice
    Picture Clarity: -
    HP: Four
    Agility: -
    Weakness: -
    Resistance: -
    EXP: -
    Winnings: Ocean Mirror, Sacred Wine, Holy Grail
    Difficulty: -/10
    Music: Doomed in the Netherworld
    Recommended Level: -
    This is something... different. To win this battle, you must choose the same
    Magnus that the Goddess of Ice chooses. Of course, this is completely random.
    You have to do this four times to win.
    To add a bit of a twist, there is a Camera 1 Magnus to take a picture of her,
    and a Chance Magnus. The Chance Magnus will lower all the Magnus down to two.
    You have a 50% chance of getting the choice right. This battle can either be
    insanely easy or insanely hard depending on your luck.
    For winning you get the Ocean Mirror, Sacred Wine, and Holy Grail.
    Afterwards, Xelha will receive the Ocean Mirror, an ancient relic that sealed
    away Malpercio. It can also free some one that has basked in the light of the
    cursed God. Once you return, Barnette will need you to do one more task before
    you get to ride the White Dragon. Go to Cursa and talk to the sculptor and he
    will send his son to make the statues. Go back to the ritual room, and he will
    tell you that he needs Sparkling Snow.
    Head to Gomeisa, but before you get it, you should see a man, Gabirol, calling
    out for his daughter, Yunnis. Go and rescue his daughter by going to where she
    is and she will sign. Go back, and talk to Gabirol to get him to sign as well.
    Get the Sparkling Snow, and go back to the sculptor. Once he is done, it is
    time to give them weapons. The bottom left needs a shields, the top left has a
    bow, the top right carries a halberd, and the bottom right should have an axe.
    Go to the shop in Cursa and rest your wings, and then head back to the ritual
    room. You will now be able to ride the White Dragon to Anuenue.
    As you leave, Barnette will confess to you that the Ocean Mirror will not be
    able to save Kalas. That female dog!
    "Five Islands... Fire gods, torn apart... Five unsuspecting mortals..." - Lady
    Picture Quality: 1.5 stars
    Monsters: Corrupted Walker, Zuzlani, Iron Beetle II, Contaminated Walker,
    Beberum, Gagarek*
    *= Found in Mintaka only
    1. Wave Cutter
    2. Light Flare Lv. 4
    3. Fire Burst Lv. 4
    4. Phoenix Helm
    5. Aqua Yell Lv. 1
    6. Aqua Impulse
    7. Deluxe Cream Puff
    8. Wolf Wangs
    9. Constellation Scorpius
    10. Dark Flare Lv. 4
    11. Aqua Burst Lv. 4
    12. Full Helm
    13. Golden Bugle
    14. Inferno Fists
    15. Efreeti Suit
    16. Dragonfly
    17. Asura Tuba
    18. Blood Sword
    19. Birch
    20. Crown of Bubbles
    21. Cute Doll
    Quest Magnus:
    1. Stagnant Water
    2. Picture Book
    This place is rather huge. There are five floors in this place, each crawling
    with hordes of monsters. Plus, we get some rather eery insight to the persona
    of Geldoblame.
    Start by heading directly right. You can fight the Iron Beetle II if you want.
    Afterwards, open the two chests to get "Wave Cutter" and "Light Flare Lv. 4".
    Now, enter the fortress. Go left, and then left again, and then left again. Get
    the "Fire Burst Lv. 4" from the bottom right corner, and head back one screen.
    Take the left elevator to the 2nd floor. Go all the way to the left and take
    the "Deluxe Cream Puff" from the mantle to the right of the bed. Then, take the
    "Wolf Fangs" from the bed. Head back to thr right until you reach the screen
    that splits into two directions. Go up, and take the "Aqua Impulse". You can
    also get the Bunnycat here if you’re doing the Wazn Animal Quest. Go down, and
    the right. Take "Aqua Yell Lv. 1" from the sinks, and then open the second
    stall. This holds a "Phoenix Helm". Open the third stall and you will see a
    soldier... uhh... doing things. Take the key from him. Go back to the left set
    of elevators on this floor to go up to the fourth floor.
    Look framiliar. That’s because, *gasp* it’s where Xelha was being held! Go left
    and inspect the desk. Take the Elevator Key from the desk. Then, head all the
    way to the right and go to the outside, where the witches escaped with Xelha
    before. The two chests include "Constellation Scorpius" and "Dark Flare Lv. 4".
    Return to the second floor, and go to the right more set of elevators. Take
    them up to the 5th floor. Go to the right. MAGNUS GALORE! There are 5 Magnus in
    this room, including "Inferno Fists", "Efreeti Suit", "Dragonfly", "Asura Tuba"
    and a "Blood Sword". Joy. Updrade your decks with your new with your new ass
    kickers, and head all the way to the right to the screen with the Red Flower.
    You will then get a flashback where Geldoblame exiled Lyude for talking against
    him on Operation Sweep. Poor Lyude... On a side note, I love the way the games
    does flashbacks, with the filtering effects and all. Take the "Aqua Burst Lv.
    4" and the "Full Helm". Read the fairly hillarious description of Geldoblame’s
    throne, and take the "Golden Bugle" from behind it. Go outside, and take the
    elevator outside the throne room to the 3rd floor. There is an energy field,
    and Lyude will tell you that there is a place where it must be fixed. Yay. Go
    to the right.
    Oh. My. God. Words can not describe the shock, the pain, the scare that I was
    in once I entered this room for the first time. This is... Geldoblame’s room.
    Just... don’t ask. Take the "Birch" from the rocking horsey, and the "Crown of
    Bubbles" from the clothing on the floor. You can also get "Cute Doll" from the
    bed. Creepy. Grab 4 "Stagnant Water" Quest Magnus from the bathtup in the
    middle of the room (again, just don’t even try to think about it. It just makes
    it worse). Head to the right, and go back up to the 3rd floor. Go right, and
    then up. Inspect the globe, and fill it with the water. Joy, the force field is
    gone! Save, and head back to the 3rd floor.
    When you head right, Fadroh will interrupt you. Awww damn, he’s gone all
    psycho-y too. (Is he wearing bellbottoms?) Anyways, time for the most hated
    fight in Baten Kaitos.
    Boss of The Imperial Fortress (1)
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 7000
    Agility: 99
    Weakness: Light (+50), Wind (+30%)
    Resistance: Dark (-50%), Chronos (-30%)
    EXP: 45,000
    Winnings: Camera 3, Freezing Axe
    Difficulty: 6-10/10
    Music: Glowing Clouds
    Recommended Level: 40-45
    This is an interesting battle to say the least. In the start of the battle,
    Fadroh may use Orb of Magical Offense on his first turn. He may not use it at
    all. All I know that if he uses it early in the battle, you’re screwed. He does
    1000s of damage each turn. It’s almost impossible to win.
    If he doesn’t use it though, he’s quite easy. Always heal, as that’s an
    important part of this battle. Block with Light and Wind Magnus, and attack
    with those elements too. When you win, you will get Camera 3 and Freezing Axe
    (Finisher IV for Savyna)
    After you win, go back to the Blue Flower in Azha to level up. It shouldn’t
    take that long to get to. Keep continue the the way you were going before, and
    save at the new Red Flower.
    Oh, there’s Melodia... and Kalas. With the cool wings. I wish he had an extra
    costume where he had those wings. That’d be cool.
    Anyways, Melodia orders Kalas to attack the party. Crap.
    Boss of The Imperial Fortress (2)
    Kalas, Angel of Darkness
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    HP: 9000
    Agility: 168
    Weakness: Light (+80), Chronos (+40%)
    Resistance: Dark (-80%), Chronos (-40%)
    EXP: 0
    Winnings: -
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    Music: The True Mirror ~Guitar Version!
    Recommended Level: 40-45
    Lukcy for you, Kalas isn’t that hard. This battle is kidna long though, and I
    recomend using either Mizuti or Xelha. These two have really slow attack
    animations, and by now you should have an assortment of magic Magnus, allowing
    you to pull of a multitude of damage. They’re also at Class 5, which is a big
    Kalas will use Fangs of Darkness from time to time to steal some HP, but it
    will be minimal. He also will use many-Magnused combos that can drain the
    Magnus out of your deck. Be wary of how many Magnus you have left.
    After a while, he will start to use Binding Winds, where he’ll paralyze you and
    then steal your HP. Annoying. This is where Paralysis resistant equiptment
    comes in. He’s kinda a pushover though. Still... those wings... Totally awesome.
    For winning you get nothing, unless you took a picture of him, in which you’ll
    get that.
    Melodia will then use your party’s power that are tied to the power of the
    islands and the power of each other as the fabric to create Malpercio. Cool
    concept, but sucks for you. Oh, wait! Xelha whips out the Ocean Mirror! Yay!
    Uses on Kalas! Boo... Then, she gets a flashback to where Barnette lied to her.
    That female dog!
    Kalas yells at Xelha to use the Mirror on him. She can’t though. Melodia
    destroys the mirror, and every one’s starting to die. And then, oh crap... IT’S
    MALPERCIO!! *dun dun DUN!* So now that you’re all about to die, Kalas goes to
    try to attack Melodia and Malpercio. Note: Kalas, this is why we don’t make
    deals with satanic little girls.
    When it looks like all else is falling, Kalas, in possibly my favorite cutscene
    in the entire game, rips off his wing. Feathers fly everywhere, and Melodia is
    in complete shock. No mortal could do that. Who exactly is Kalas? Nevertheless,
    Malpercio is still going to kill us. But... THE GREAT MIZUTI? That’s right, the
    Great Mizuti uses powers so awesome, that they are able to wound Malpercio.
    Outraged, the two evil-ings return to Cor Hydrae Castle.
    Kalas is now having flashbacks with Fee and Georg. Aww... what a family. He
    really did love his brother. Wait... Georg... comitted suicide?! Giacomo tried
    to save his father, but he just stepped back into the fire. Poor guy. And as
    they leave... Savyna. Savyna was there. Hmm... interesting.
    When he wakes up, the party forgives Kalas, and Mizuti tells every one that
    they should go to Mizuti’s homeland, below the Taintclouds. Time to head to the
    Earth Nation - Duhr.
    ~Coming Soon!~
    6. ~Sidequests~
    ~Coming Soon!~
    7. ~Magnus List~
    This section will most likely be in updates for a very long time. Since there
    are so many different types of Magnus, each section has its own of describing
    the Magnus.
    Short Sword
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 1
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 4
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 3
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: A straight sword, light and easy to handle. Its short blade offers
    accurate targeting, and is handy for close combat and quick attacks.
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 1
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 8
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 5
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: A straight blade with a knuckle-guard to protect the fist. Light,
    long, and easy to handle, this type of weapon is often used by knights on
    Long Sword
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: 200
    Sell: 2
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 12
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 7
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: A long, sharp-edged blade with superior cutting, poking, and
    stabbing properties. This well-balanced sword is suited for both close and
    mounted attacks.
    Ice Dagger
    Element: Water
    Buy: -
    Sell: 2
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 23 (14 Water)
    Effect: Freezing (3%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 16 (14 Water)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This dagger damages its target by releasing frigid air from its
    edge on impact, occasionally freezing its victims.
    Flame Sword
    Element: Fire
    Buy: 250
    Sell: 2
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 28 (17 Fire)
    Effect: Flames (10%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 19 (17 Fire)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: A mere Short Sword imbued with flames from a blacksmith’s forge, a
    simple graze with this weapon can set a target ablaze, though the enchantment
    on the blade itself tends to be short-lived.
    Duel Sword
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: 900
    Sell: 9
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 28
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Defense: 16
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Also known as a Sword Breaker, this twin-forked blade is designed
    to catch and shatter enemy blades. Such weapons are said to grant supernatural
    strength to warriors heading to combat.
    Chaos Edge
    Element: Dark
    Buy: -
    Sell: 10
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 40 (24 Dark)
    Effect: Poison (12%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 27 (24 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This sword’s curved edge entices its bearer to seek out enemies
    and spill their blood. Those on the receiving end of this weapong have been
    known to be stricken with venom.
    Ray of Truth
    Element: Light
    Buy: 1200
    Sell: 12
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 48 (29 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Defense: 32 (29 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This blade is imbued with divine light, designed to strike down
    and purge the evils of this world. Though effective against the denizens of
    darkness, it is unwiedly and inadequate for quick attacks.
    Dark Sword
    Element: Dark
    Buy: 2600
    Sell: 26
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 55 (33 Dark)
    Effect: Sleep (15%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 36 (33 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The souls of victims claimed by this sword are doomed to wander in
    darkness. Their ghostly forms can be seen in the form of a pale, blue light
    emanating from the blade.
    Marvelous Sword
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: 4000
    Sell: 40
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 50
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 29
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This balde cuts as fiercely as it looks, one swing being enough to
    split the hardest rock. Made of a special metal with a golden hue, this weapon
    is in the prime of its popularity.
    Silver Sword
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 56
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 56
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 32
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: A steel blade coated with soft iron, this weapon’s edge is
    designed to absorb the impact of enemy attacks. Lightweight, well-balanced, and
    ideal for hitting where it hurts.
    Element: Fire
    Buy: -
    Sell: 60
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 78 (47 Fire)
    Effect: Flames (25%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 51 (47 Fire)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The fierce fire trapped in this sword sparks a flame withing the
    wielder’s eyes. Many victims struck with this weapong are engulfed in its blaze
    and perish in its fiery clutches.
    Crystal Edge
    Element: Water
    Buy: -
    Sell: 75
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 85 (51 Water)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Defense: 56 (51 Water)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The rise and fall of the "Divine Waters" can be seen in the
    wave=shaped ege of this crystalline sword. The mystical waters lost their life
    force ages ago, and have reverted to normal water.
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 83
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 74
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: A short sword with a razor-sharp edge and an easy-to-hold grip.
    This weapon is much more cubersome than it looks, and is unfit for defensive
    Wind God Blade
    Element: Wind
    Buy: -
    Sell: 95
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 100 (60 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 65 (60 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Blessed with the power of a wind god, this balde can be swung at
    terrifying speeds, engulfing its target in the god’s breath and tearing its
    spirit asunder.
    Death Pendulum
    Element: Chronos
    Buy: 10,000
    Sell: 100
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 108 (65 Chronos)
    Effect: Death (1%)
    Combo: 2
    Defense: 71 (65 Chronos)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This blade enshrouds its victims in silence, wrought with
    suggestions of impending death. Those who fail to see through this illusion are
    doomed to an untimely demsise.
    Cetaka’s Sword
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 125
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 92
    Effect: Sleep (5%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 52
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: A sacred weapon believed to have been wielded by the oriental
    deity Cetaka, this blade rids the soul of lurking evils and earthly desires,
    lulling the victim into a deep slumber.
    Shadow Thruster
    Element: Dark
    Buy: -
    Sell: 130
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 123 (74 Dark)
    Effect: Poison (10%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 80 (74 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The blade of this weapon can only be seen by the wielder. Other
    can merely discern a ghostly outline of its shape, making it difficult to parry
    or avoid. Victims are occasionally struck with poison.
    Solar Saber
    Element: Light
    Buy: -
    Sell: 150
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 133 (80 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 87 (80 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Imbued with sunlight, the blue-white brilliance emanating from
    this weapon awes the enemy and breaks its morale. The power within the blade
    expires in an hour or so, leaving but a mundane saber.
    Blood Sword
    Element: Dark
    Buy: -
    Sell: 165
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 140 (84 Dark)
    Effect: Poison (30%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Enemies struck with this sword never shed blood, as the blade
    soaks up the spoils of its passing, occasionally leaving the victim poisoned.
    Its design prevents it from being used for defense.
    Dimension Blade
    Element: Chronos
    Buy: -
    Sell: 180
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 148 (89 Chronos)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Defense: 96 (89 Chronos)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The shock waves unleashed with a mere swimng of this weapon tear
    time and space asunder, leaving little need to connect with the target.
    Air Slash
    Element: Wind
    Buy: -
    Sell: 195
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 101 (93 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 101 (93 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: An almost weightless sword shaped like a feather. The sky-blue
    edge of this weapon creates a vacuum with every swing, inflicting severe
    lacerations on its target.
    Apocolypse Sword
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 223
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 132
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 74
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The legendary, Apocolypse Sword, symbol of an all-ending war. It
    is said to appear in this world when times are chaotic, and bring civtory to
    its wielder.
    Efreeti Saber
    Element: Fire
    Buy: -
    Sell: 257
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 173 (104 Fire)
    Effect: Flames (75%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 112 (104 Fire)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This blade is totally engulfed in the flames of Efreeti, elemental
    spirits of fire. Its blaze never dies once ignited, delivering a fiery end to
    those who defy the Efreeti.
    Aqua Truth
    Element: Water
    Buy: -
    Sell: 301
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 183 (110 Water)
    Effect: Freezing (15%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 119 (110 Water)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: As calm as a quiet stream when drawn, as fierce as an ocean storm
    when swung. Much easier to handle than its broad blade would suggest, this
    sword occasionally freezes its target on contact.
    Kusanagi Blade
    Element: Fire
    Buy: -
    Sell: 365
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 190 (114 Fire)
    Effect: Paralysis (15%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 123 (114 Fire)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Claimed by the legendary Yamato Takeru after slaying an
    eight-handed dragon. The dragon’s curse occasionally paralyzes the weapon’s
    Element: Light
    Buy: -
    Sell: 423
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 198 (119 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 3
    Defense: 128 (119 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: In addition to its outstanding offensive capabilities, this
    weapon’s knuckle guard, shaped like an angel’s wings, makes it a durable
    defensive weapon. It is unfit for quick parrying, though.
    Muramasa Blade
    Element: Dark
    Buy: -
    Sell: 510
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 208 (125 Dark)
    Effect: Death (5%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 135 (125 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The gleam and razor-sharp edge of this blade have attracted great
    kings. This fearsome weapon has the potential of slaying an opponent with a
    single blow.
    Element: Chronos
    Buy: -
    Sell: 628
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 628 (129 Chronos)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Defense: 139 (129 Chronos)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Passed down among countless generations, Chronos himself is said
    to come to the aid of its wielder. His powers surround the balde to increase
    its might.
    Void Phantom
    Element: Wind
    Buy: -
    Sell: 898
    Users: Kalas
    Attack: 225 (135 Wind)
    Effect: Confusion (10%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 145 (135 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Those who oppose the wielder of this blade place their very
    existence in jeopardy. All traces of the victim will be scattered by the wind...
    Double Paddle
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 1
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 14
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 8
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: A double-headed oar used to propel boats. A special coating
    reinforces this weapon against enemy attacks.
    Element: Wind
    Buy: 250
    Sell: 2
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 23 (14 Wind)
    Effect: Paralysis (3%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 15 (14 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Named after its shape and the buzzing sound created when swung at
    high speeds, this weapon is relatively light and easy to hand, occasionally
    paralyzing its target.
    Stream Blade
    Element: Water
    Buy: 520
    Sell: 5
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 30 (18 Water)
    Effect: Freezing (5%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 19 (18 Water)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: With a curved handle resembling the flow of a quiet, gente stream,
    this oar is designed to provide precision control in rough waters, resulting in
    its ease of use as a weapon.
    Element: Wind
    Buy: -
    Sell: 13
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 38 (23 Wind)
    Effect:  -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 25 (23 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Use fancy footwork while using this oar and weave in closes to the
    enemy before striking. Adjustments have been made to the original design to
    enable its use as a weapon.
    Black Scepter
    Element: Dark
    Buy: 2300
    Sell: 23
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 45 (27 Dark)
    Effect:  Poison (10%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 29 (27 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Taken from a wicked boatman, this oar dooms its victims to an
    eternity of torment. Each swing is accompanied with the wailing and moaning of
    the dead. The occasional hit can poison its target.
    Wave Blade
    Element: Water
    Buy: 3000
    Sell: 30
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 53 (32 Water)
    Effect:  Freezing (7%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 34 (32 Water)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This oar is said to prevent seafarers from straying off course in
    perilous waters. The edge of the weapon ripples on impact, increasing damage
    dealt to the enemy.
    Heat Paddle
    Element: Fire
    Buy: -
    Sell: 48
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 60 (36 Fire)
    Effect:  Flames (10%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 39 (36 Fire)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This oar is imbued with fire, a rarity amoung searfaring tools. It
    never loses its warmth, even when used in icy waters.
    Green Oak
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 69
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 54
    Effect:  Paralysis (5%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 30
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Colored a youthful green like spring leaves, this oar fills its
    wielder with vitality and soothes his soul. It ccasionally paralyzes its target.
    Element: Wind
    Buy: 8500
    Sell: 85
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 78 (47 Wind)
    Effect:  -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 50 (47 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Resembling the second hand on a clock, this weapon emits powerful
    magnetic waves that occasionally confuse its target.
    White Scepter
    Element: Light
    Buy: 9200
    Sell: 92
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 93 (56 Light)
    Effect:  Cure Poison (50%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 60 (56 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Blessed with the grace of angels, this weapon is light and easily
    wielded. It purges evil from its targets, yet also cures them of poison.
    Black Ash
    Element: Dark
    Buy: -
    Sell: 123
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 103 (62)
    Effect:  Death (1%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 66 (62 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Imbued with the curse of Hades, god of the netherworld, a single
    touch from this weapon devours the victim’s life force, sometimes resulting in
    the immediate death of the subject.
    Red Oak
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 156
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 88
    Effect:  -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 49
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Carefully carved from hundred-year old oak, a spirit of the earth
    is believed to reside in this oar.
    Wave Cutter
    Element: Water
    Buy: 17,500
    Sell: 175
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 120 (72 Water)
    Effect:  -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 82 (72 Water)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The tremendous shock wave created by this oar could slice through
    a tidal wave like butter, and enemies just as easily.
    Element: Wind
    Buy: -
    Sell: 195
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 128 (77 Wind)
    Effect: Sleep (10%)
    Combo: -
    Defense: 82 (77 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Smooth, razor-sharp, and relatively light, this weapon allows the
    weilder to zip around his enemies at lightning speed. Occasionally it knocks
    enemies into a deep slumber.
    Crystal Wing
    Element: Water
    Buy: -
    Sell: 220
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 138 (83 Water)
    Effect: Freezing (20%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 89 (83 Water)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The striking beauty of this weapon is said to have rendered
    Poseidon speechless. Victims are engulfed by particles of ice and occasionally
    frozen solid.
    White Ash
    Element: Light
    Buy: -
    Sell: 238
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 125 (87 Light)
    Effect: Cure Poison (70%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 93 (87 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Blessings bestowed upon this oar allow it to easily purify the
    muddiest of rivers and turn putrid bogs into pleasant watering holes.
    Power Blade
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 265
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 124
    Effect: Death (4%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 68
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This weapon was crafted from the legendary Tree of Iron, which is
    said to be uncuttable by axe or saw. It’s coated witha special dye, and
    occasionally slays its target in a single blow.
    Bloody Vortex
    Element: Dark
    Buy: -
    Sell: 289
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 165 (99 Dark)
    Effect: Paralysis (30%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 106 (99 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Though the tip of this oar is blunt, the vampiric essence within
    it draws a must of blood from the victim, creating a maelstrom of crimson.
    Rainbow Ash
    Element: Light
    Buy: -
    Sell: 338
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 173 (104 Light)
    Effect: Cure Sleep (100%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 111 (104 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This weapon emanates the color of rainbows - truly a marvelous
    sight to behold. Though its offensive potential is devastating, one hit from
    this oar will awaken the target from the deepest of comas.
    Silver Ash
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 400
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 146
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 80
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: This oar was carved from a rare hardwood tree that grows once
    every millennium and is usually reserved for crafting sacred artifacts. It was
    created for the safety of travelers and fisherman.
    Element: Chronos
    Buy: -
    Sell: 489
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 193 (116 Chronos)
    Effect: Paralysis (30%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 124 (116 Chronos)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Blessed by Chronos, a blow from this weapon is likely to confuse
    the target’s biological clock and drastically reduce its defensive abilities.
    Mirage Blade
    Element: Wind
    Buy: -
    Sell: 203
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 103 (122 Wind)
    Effect: Confusion (30%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 130 (122 Wind)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Inflicts lightning quick blows hardly perceivable and rarely
    avoidable by its targets. The transparent, flame-like mirage surrounding this
    weapon instills panic in its victims.
    Element: Fire
    Buy: -
    Sell: 615
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 213 (128 Fire)
    Effect: Flames (45%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 136 (128 Fire)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: Light produced by fireflies was collected and refined, resulting
    in a mixture potent enough to ignite on contact with air. The blaze engulfing
    this weapon continues to burn even when dipped in water.
    Blagora’s Paddle
    Element: Water
    Buy: -
    Sell: 876
    Users: Gibari
    Attack: 220 (132 Water)
    Effect: Freezing (50%)
    Combo: 1
    Defense: 141 (132 Water)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 2
    Description: The legendary Balgora is said to have used this oar. Simply
    touching its tip to water propels the largest ships forward. Only a true
    Skyfarer can wield this weapon properly.
    Sound Shock Gun
    Krone Horn
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 3
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 20
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Light enough for easy handling, heavy enough for recoil control.
    Originally designed for civillian use, this weapons’s stopping power is limited.
    Assault Trumpet
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 5
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 24
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Designed for covert use by assassins, this weapon offers a
    trade-off of accurate targeting for reduced penetration, making it less
    effective against heavily armored targets.
    Shining Horn
    Element: Light
    Buy: -
    Sell: 9
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 38 (23 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: The design of this weapon makes it easy to aim, and what it lacks
    in firepower it makes up for with its purging capabilities.
    Shadow Cornet
    Element: Dark
    Buy: 1600
    Sell: 16
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 45 (27 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Equipped with a suppressor to mask its sound, this weapon can
    remove unwanted comapany in silence.
    Snake Tuba
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 22
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 45 (27 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: This weapon was designed for battling dragons. Its sonic
    projectiles pursue the target with snake-like precision, piercing the scaly
    armor of dragons with ease.
    Magnum Cornet
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 45
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 50
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Offering excellent accuracy and firepower in the harshest of
    conditions, and enhanced friend-or-for identification, this weapon can be used
    in melee situations with little fear of friendly fire.
    Devil Eupho
    Element: Dark
    Buy: -
    Sell: 73
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 40 (42 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Merging negative energy with its sonic projectiles, this weapon
    strikes fear into the hearts of its victims. But it’s much less effective
    against those who feed off dark energy.
    Brilliant Horn
    Element: Light
    Buy: 8800
    Sell: 88
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 80 (48 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: This weapon gleams with a golden tint and emits the most
    enthralling of sounds. When used in battle, however, the bolts of light it
    fires make short work of evil entities.
    Indra Horn
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 93
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 70
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: This weapon throbs with the power of Indra, the mercilesss god of
    war. The slightest pull of its trigger causes energy to spurt forth explosively.
    Veda Cornet
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 135
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 78
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Rounds fired from this weapon burst into a buckshot pattern before
    hitting the target, pumping victims full of holes, and guarenteeing a painful
    Element: Light
    Buy: 15,800
    Sell: 158
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 105 (63 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: This weapon fires projectiles imbued with holy light at terrifying
    speeds, smitting evil in its way. Only those pure of heart can resist such an
    Asura Tuba
    Element: Dark
    Buy: -
    Sell: 186
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 115 (69 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Though the projectiles shot from this weapon are slow, the
    negative energy within burst on impact, teraing through flesh and bone alike.
    Golden Bugle
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 220
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 100
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: This masterpiece sports a shimmering golden hue. As a weapon, it’s
    devastating both in accuracy and firepower. Every shot will find its mark.
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 246
    Users: Lyude
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: The wieght of this weapon is designed to counter its fierce
    recoil. Prolonged use is a feat itself.
    Glint Cornet
    Element: Light
    Buy: -
    Sell: 275
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 143 (86 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: The sonic projectiles fired by this weapon find their mark as if a
    streak of light. Only the nimblest of opponents have a chance of evading this
    Hades Horn
    Element: Dark
    Buy: -
    Sell: 305
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 153 (92 Dark)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: This weapon releases spirits of Hades in the form of sonic
    projectiles. The spirits then torment the victim, sometimes crushing a weak
    Varna Horn
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 332
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 130
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Veteran marksmen are said to bend its shots at will. Though
    potentially accurate, only the best know how to use it.
    Agni Tuba
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 386
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 138
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: This weapon is based on a military design, enhanced to deal with
    more powerful monsters. Its wide-bore muzzle allows the launching of
    large-caliber sonic projectiles.
    Revana Pet
    Element: -
    Buy: -
    Sell: 415
    Users: Lyude
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: This weapon fires the essence of Ravana, king of a powerful race
    of beings feared by the gods themselves. Merely taking aim consumes the
    target’s strength.
    Shining Trumpet
    Element: Light
    Buy: -
    Sell: 497
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 193 (116 Light)
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: In a deep valley somewhere in the mountains, the clear, lyrical
    note of this trumpet was heard amidst the morning mists. Its mysterious owner
    is rumored to be a wise hermit living in seclusion.
    Brahma Eupho
    Element: Neural
    Buy: -
    Sell: 586
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 162
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: Drawing from the wielder’s aura, this weapon creates and delivers
    a high-explosive round that detonates on impact, blasting its victims.
    Element: Neutral
    Buy: -
    Sell: 796
    Users: Lyude
    Attack: 170
    Effect: -
    Combo: 1
    Defense: -
    Effect: -
    Combo: -
    Description: According to legend, when the world falls into chaos, the god
    Vinshu will appear incarnate to destroy the evils of the world and save its
    people. This weapon’s name... its sheer might... could it be?
    ~More coming soon!~
    8. ~Time Changing Magnus~
    In this section, I will go over every single Magnus that changes with time. The
    time that it takes to change will be in terms of hours, unless otherwise
    specified. Note that time in the Camp menu does not count towards time for
    changing Magnus. <-(*)-> means that two items go back and forth with time of
    change where the * is.
    Apple (6)-> Forbidden Fruit (30min)-> Rotten Fruit
    Aqua Aura Lv. 1 (5)-> Aqua Aura Lv. 2 (5)-> Aqua Aura Lv. 3 (5)-> Aqua Aura Lv.
    4 (5)-> Aqua Aura Lv. 5 (5)-> Aqua Aura Lv. 6
    Aqua Yell Lv. 4 (20)-> Aqua Yell Lv. 3 (15)-> Aqua Yell Lv. 2 (10)-> Aqua Yell
    Lv. 1
    Avocado (12)-> Rotten Fruit
    Bacon (5)-> Rotten Meat
    Baked Potato (15)-> Rotten Food
    Bamboo Shoot (3)-> Young Bamboo (5)-> Fishing Rod
    Beef (2)-> Beef (Good) (2)-> Beef (Better) (2)-> Beef (Best) (2)-> Rotten Meat
    Beef Jerky (36)-> Pet Food
    Beef Stew (18)-> Rotten Food
    Birch (210min)-> Birch Sap Gum
    Bomb (3)-> Dud Bomb
    Cedar Tree (3)-> Cedar Tree Sap (12)-> Amber
    Cheese Fondue (10)-> Green Mold
    Cherry (6)-> Rotten Fruit
    Chicken Kebab (14)-> Rotten Food
    Chronos Aura Lv. 1 (5)-> Chronos Aura Lv. 2 (5)-> Chronos Aura Lv. 3 (5)->
    Chronos Aura Lv. 4 (5)-> Chronos Aura Lv. 5 (5)-> Chronos Aura Lv. 6
    Chronos Yell Lv. 4 (20)-> Chronos Yell Lv. 3 (15)-> Chronos Yell Lv. 2 (10)->
    Chronos Yell Lv. 1
    Chump Change (12)-> Vintage Coins (22)-> Styx Passage Coins
    Chunk of Ice (18min)-> Mineral Water
    Cucumber (3)-> Pickled Cucumber (15)-> Deluxe Pickles (72)-> Rotten Food
    Curry (24)-> Last Night’s Curry (5)-> Rotten Food
    Curry with Rice (36)-> Rotten Food
    Cute Doll (3)-> Hate-filled Doll
    Dark Aura Lv. 1 (5)-> Dark Aura Lv. 2 (5)-> Dark Aura Lv. 3 (5)-> Dark Aura Lv.
    4 (5)-> Dark Aura Lv. 5 (5)-> Dark Aura Lv. 6
    Dark Yell Lv. 4 (20)-> Dark Yell Lv. 3 (15)-> Dark Yell Lv. 2 (10)-> Dark Yell
    Lv. 1
    Deluxe Bananas (6)-> Rotten Food
    Deluxe Curry (36)-> Rotten Food
    Deluxe Curry with Rice (36)-> Rotten Food
    Deluxe Fireworks Set (24)-> Dud Bomb
    Deluxe Red Wine (24)-> Yesterday’s Wine
    Deluxe Rice (16)-> Rice Paste
    Deluxe Sashimi Boat (5)-> Rotten Sashimi Boat (24)-> Rotten Food
    Director’s Notebook (1)-> Fading Notebook (30min)-> Blank Notebook
    Doll (1)-> Crying Doll
    Dried Persimmon (15)-> Rotten Food
    Eel (5)-> Rotten Fish
    Egg (3)-> Ugly Duckling (4)-> Swan
    Extra Fluffy Rice (8)-> Rice Paste
    Fatty Tuna (5)-> Rotten Fish
    Fire Aura Lv. 1 (5)-> Fire Aura Lv. 2 (5)-> Fire Aura Lv. 3 (5)-> Fire Aura Lv.
    4 (5)-> Fire Aura Lv. 5 (5)-> Fire Aura Lv. 6
    Fire Yell Lv. 4 (20)-> Fire Yell Lv. 3 (15)-> Fire Yell Lv. 2 (10)-> Fire Yell
    Lv. 1
    Flame Sword (1)-> Short Sword
    Flower Bud (3)-> Dead Flower
    Fresh Beef (9)-> Rotten Meet
    Fresh Sashimi Set (5)-> Old Sashimi Set (24)-> Rotten Food
    Freshly Baked Bread (10)-> Rotten Food
    Fried Egg (8)-> Rotten Food
    Frozen Tangerine (150min)-> Orange (8)-> Rotten Fruit
    Fruit Cornucopia (10)-> Rotten Cornucopia (24)-> Rotten Food
    Fruit Sorbet (6)-> Melted Ice Cream (10)-> Rotten Food
    Fruit Tart (10)-> Rotten Food
    Grapes (3)-> Rotten Grapes (3)-> Deluxe Sweet Wine (7)-> Vinegar
    Green Bananas (2)-> Bananas (3)-> Blackened Bananas (7)-> Rotten Food
    Green Plum (5)-> Pickled Plum
    Grilled Fish (13)-> Rotten Food
    Grilled Hamburger (12)-> Rotten Food
    Hateful Diary 1 (24)-> Hateful Diary 2 (24)-> Hateful Diary 3
    Ice Sculpture (90min)-> Mineral Water
    Intriguing Mystery (30min)-> Unsolved Mystery
    Japanese Breakfast (18)-> Rotten Food
    Jill’s Jewelry Box (5)-> Jack-in-the-Box
    Light Aura Lv. 1 (5)-> Light Aura Lv. 2 (5)-> Light Aura Lv. 3 (5)-> Light Aura
    Lv. 4 (5)-> Light Aura Lv. 5 (5)-> Light Aura Lv. 6
    Light Yell Lv. 4 (20)-> Light Yell Lv. 3 (15)-> Light Yell Lv. 2 (10)-> Light
    Yell Lv. 1
    Lovey Dovey Diary 1 (24)-> Lovely Dovey Diary 2 (24)-> Lovely Dovey Diary 3
    Magical Piggybank (4)-> Full Piggybank (5)-> Broken Piggybank
    Maple Leaf (3)-> Bookmark
    Mattress (6)-> Broken Mattress
    Milk (4)-> Cheese (17)-> Green Mold
    Minced Slipjack (10)-> Rotten Fish
    Melon (6)-> Rotten Fruit
    Melon Shaved Ice (4)-> Melted Ice Cream (10)-> Rotten Food
    Oakwood (12)-> Doll of Lies
    Ox Tongue (4)-> Rotten Meat
    Pac-Man (7)-> Pac-Land (7)-> Pac-Mania
    Peach (8)-> The Peach Boy (72)-> Wonder MOMO
    Peanuts (15)-> Rotten Food
    Permission (7)-> Rotten Fruit
    Pickled Eggplant (72)-> Rotten Food
    Pine Tree (10)-> Pine Tree Sap
    Pork Ribs (10)-> Rotten Meat
    Pretty Flower (5)-> Dried Flower
    Prophet’s Notebook (10)-> Fading Notebook (30min)-> Blank Notebook
    Pudding (16)-> Rotten Food
    Red and Blue Pencil (18)-> Blue-only Pencil
    Red Pickled Veggies (72)-> Rotten Food
    Rice (4)-> Rice Paste
    Rice Ball (12)-> Rotten Food
    Roasted Squid (15)-> Rotten Food
    Rotten Wood (5)-> Incense
    Salted Sweetfish (48)-> Rotten Food
    Savings Book (1)-> Savings (+Interest)
    Sea Bream (8)-> Rotten Fish
    Sea Bream Lunch (12)-> Rice Paste
    Sea Urchin (3)-> Rotten Fish
    Sea Urchin Surprise (10)-> Rotten Food
    Shrimp (8)-> Rotten Fish
    Shampoo (336)-> Splendid Hair
    Silkworm (7)-> Cocoon (17)-> Silk
    Skipjack (8)-> Rotten Fish
    Slight Dept (2)-> Debt with Interest (4)-> Snowballing Debt (8)-> Debt Hell
    Small Fire (1)-> Large Fire (36)-> Firefighting Medal
    Soy Beans (7)-> Soy Sauce
    Soft Boiled Egg (12)-> Rotten Food
    Squid (4)-> Rotten Fish
    Stinky Beans (48)-> Rotten Food
    Strange Brew (10)-> Vinegar
    Straw (100)-> Voodoo Doll
    Strawberry (5)-> Rotten Fruit
    Strawberry Jam (48)-> Rotten Food
    Strawberry Milk (24)-> Green Mold
    Strawberry Shave Ice (4)-> Melted Ice Cream (10)-> Rotten Food
    Sugar Cane (4)-> Sugar
    Sushi Rice (10)-> Rotten Food
    Sweetheart Picture (2)-> Broken Heart Picture (18)-> Nostalgic Picture
    Toasted Rice Ball (20)-> Rotten Food
    Uncooked Rice (3)-> Japanese Rice Wine
    Vanilla Ice Cream (6)-> Melted Ice Cream (10)-> Rotten Food
    Wheat (4)-> Beer
    Wind Aura Lv. 1 (5)-> Wind Aura Lv. 2 (5)-> Wind Aura Lv. 3 (5)-> Wind Aura Lv.
    4 (5)-> Wind Aura Lv. 5 (5)-> Wind Aura Lv. 6
    Wind Yell Lv. 4 (20)-> Wind Yell Lv. 3 (15)-> Wind Yell Lv. 2 (10)-> Wind Yell
    Lv. 1
    Celestial Flower Seed (5)-> Celestial Flower Bud (10)-> Celestial Flower
    Cloud (1)-> Salty Water
    Delinquency Stone (1)-> Pebble
    Egg (30min)-> Boiled Egg
    Golden Beetle Carapace (4)-> Golden Nugget
    Lava (30min)-> Hot Rock (10min)-> Pebble
    Mirage Weed (10min)-> Blank Magnus
    Mountain Apple (2)-> Mountain Apple Wine (4)-> Apple Vinegar
    Nameless Flower (30min)-> Pressed Flower
    Popular Pick-up Line (1)-> Outdated Pick-up Line
    Pow Milk (30min)-> Pow Milk Yogurt (1)-> Pow Milk Cheese
    Roasted Bird (1)-> Maggot-ridden Meat
    Rubber Mud (30min)-> Chunk of Rubber
    Sea Bream Fillet (1)-> Rotten Fillet
    Secret Information (1)-> Well-known Story
    Snow (30min)-> Stagnant Water
    Sparkling Snow (20min)-> Pristine Water (2)-> Stagnant Water
    Stoked Flame (30min)-> Weak Flame (30min)-> Blank Magnus
    Unpopular Painting (50)-> Treasured Painting
    Warriors’ Mementos (40)-> Warriors’ Memory
    Sun Coin <-(6min)-> Dark Coin
    Sunflower Coin <-(18min)-> Primrose Coin
    Rainy Emblem <-(30min)-> Cloudy Emblem
    Green Light (3min)-> Yellow Light (18sec)-> Red Light (2min 24sec)-> Green
    Light (repeat)
    A Good Fortune (7sec)-> A Great Fortune (36sec)-> A Bad Fortune (36sec)-> An
    Average Fortune (7sec)-> An Awful Fortune (72sec)-> A Good Fortune (repeat)
    Magic Beans-Death (30min)-> Magic Beans-Sleep (30min)-> Magic Beans-Paralysis
    (30min)-> Magic Beans-Ice (30min)-> Magic Beans-Flame (30min)-> Magic
    Beans-Poison (30min)-> Magic Beans-Headache (30min)-> Magic Beans-Confuse
    (30min)-> Magic Beans-All+50 (30min)-> Magic Beans-All+100 (30min)-> Magic
    Beans-Death (repeat)
    The Fool (30sec)-> The Magician (30sec)-> The High Priestess (30sec)-> The
    Empress (30sec)-> The Emperor (30sec)-> The Hierophant (30sec)-> The Lovers
    (30sec)-> The Chariot (30sec)-> Strength (30sec)-> The Hermit (30sec)-> Wheel
    of Fortune (30sec)-> Justice (30sec)-> The Hanged Man (30sec)-> Death (30sec)->
    Temperance (30sec)-> The Devil (30sec)-> The Tower (30sec)-> The Star (30sec)->
    The Moon (30sec)-> The Sun (30sec)-> Judgment (30sec)-> The World (30sec)-> The
    Fool (repeat)
    9. ~Magnus SP Combos~
    ~Coming Soon!~
    10. ~Bestiary~
    This will be updated with every monster that is encountered in the walkthrough
    (bosses not included).
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 15
    Weakness: Chronos (+30%)
    Resistance: Wind (-30%)
    Location: Moonguile Forest, Nunki Valley
    Drops: Round Shield, Short Sword, Leather Vest, Saber, Small Knife
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 23
    Weakness: Water (+30%)
    Resistance: Fire (-30%)
    Location: Moonguile Forest, Nunki Valley
    Drops: Ice Armor, Bamboo Shoot, Small Knife, Long Sword, Safety Hood
    Picture Clarity: 3.5 stars
    HP: 45
    Weakness: Water (+100%)
    Resistance: Fire (-100%)
    Location: Nunki Valley
    Drops: Flame Mail, Shish Kebab (S), Flame Sword
    Imperial Soldier
    Picture Clarity: 3.5 stars
    HP: 70
    Weakness: Water (+20%)
    Resistance: Fire (-20%)
    Location: The Lord’s Mansion
    Drops: Leather Hat, Dark Flare Lv. 1, Aqua Burst Lv. 1, Long Sword, Wheat
    Crackers, Green Bananas
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 110
    Weakness: Fire (+80%)
    Resistance: Water (-80%)
    Location: Lesser Celestial River
    Drops: Mosquito, Chunk of Ice, Honey, Bamboo Shoot, Chestnut Truffle, Savings
    Picture Clarity: 2.t stars
    HP: 130
    Weakness: Fire (+80%)
    Resistance: Water (-80%)
    Location: Lesser Celestial River
    Drops: Aqua Yell Lv. 1, Chicken, Pine Tree, Shish Kebab (M), Chestnut Truffle,
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    HP: 170
    Weakness: Chronos (+50%)
    Resistance: Wind (-50%)
    Location: Cloud Passage
    Drops: Flower Bud, Milk, Shako, Pine Tree, Small Knife
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 155
    Weakness: Chronos (+50%)
    Resistance: Wind (-50%)
    Location: Cloud Passage
    Drops: Dark Flare Lv. 2, Cucumbers, Chaos Edge
    Imperial Elite
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 230
    Weakness: Light (+50%)
    Resistance: Dark (-50%)
    Location: Castle Elnath
    Drops: Uncoocked Rice, Shish Kebab (M)
    Imperial Blackhelm
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    HP: 280
    Weakness: Light (+50%)
    Resistance: Dark (-50%)
    Location: Castle Elnath
    Drops: Shadow Suit
    Skeleton Warrior
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    HP: 285
    Weakness: Fire, Light (+30%)
    Resistance: Water, Dark (-30%)
    Location: Ancient Library of Magic
    Drops: Strawberries, Crystal Mail, Ray of Truth, Chump Change, Flame Helmet,
    Blue Storm
    Cursed Spell Book
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 326
    Weakness: Fire, Light, Chronos (+30%)
    Resistance: Water, Dark, Wind (-30%)
    Location: Ancient Library of Magic
    Drops: Wind Blow Lv. 3, Black Scepter, Dance of Light, Mini Cream Puff, Wind
    Yell Lv. 1, Branches, Peach
    Cursed Grimoire
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 326
    Weakness: Fire, Light, Chronos (+30%)
    Resistance: Water, Dark, Wind (-30%)
    Location: Ancient Library of Magic
    Drops: Peach
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 380
    Weakness: Fire (+60%)
    Resistance: Water (-60%)
    Location: Holoholo Jungle
    Drops: Water Yell Lv. 2, Shagreen Helm, Plain Pastry, Grapes
    Undead Swordsman
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    HP: 340
    Weakness: Dark (+50%), Chronos (+30%)
    Resistance: Light (-50%), Wind (-30%)
    Location: Holoholo Jungle
    Drops: Silver Sword, Half Plate
    Spell Shellfish
    Picture Clarity: 4 stars
    HP: 180
    Weakness: Water, Fire, Light, Dark, Wind, Chronos (+20%)
    Resistance: -
    Location: Holoholo Jungle
    Drops: -
    Picture Clarity: 3.5 stars
    HP: 450
    Weakness: Fire, Wind (+30%)
    Resistance: Water, Chronos (-30%)
    Location: Holoholo Jungle
    Drops: Shorcake (S), Fire Yell Lv. 2, Fruity Gelatin, Pickled Eggplant, Milk
    Devil Claws
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 495
    Weakness: Water (+30%), Chronos (+20%)
    Resistance: Fire (-30%), Wind (-20%)
    Location: The Celestial Tree
    Drops: Heat Paddle, Pickled Eggplant, Shrimp, Pegasus Horn, Magnus Cornet
    Blood Leaf
    Picture Clarity: 2.5
    HP: 360
    Weakness: Chronos (+80%)
    Resistance: Wind (-80%)
    Location: The Celestial Tree
    Drops: Flametounge, Green Plums, Snake Tuba, Butterfly Barrette, Matress
    Ghost Claws
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 315
    Weakness: -
    Resistance: Water, Fire, Dark, Light, Wind, Chronos (-60%)
    Location: The Outer Dimension
    Drops: Fire Burst Lv. 3, Green Oak, Shrimp
    Picture Clarity: 2 stars
    HP: 270
    Weakness: -
    Resistance: Water, Fire, Dark, Light, Wind, Chronos (-60%)
    Location: The Outer Dimension
    Drops: Ice Knuckles
    Picture Clarity: 4.5 stars
    HP: 450
    Weakness: Water (+100%)
    Resistance: Fire (-100%)
    Location: Detourne, The Mystical Garden
    Drops: -
    Picture Clarity: 3 stars
    HP: 540
    Weakness: Fire (+80%)
    Resistance: Water (-80%)
    Location: Tower of DRUAGA
    Drops: Small Fire, Rotten Fish, Custard Pudding, Overture
    Devilish Hands
    Picture Clarity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 600
    Weakness: Water, Light, Wind (+20%)
    Resistance: Fire, Dark, Chronos (-20%)
    Location: Detourne, The Mystical Garden
    Drops: Oxe Tounge, Green Oak
    Magic Shellfish
    Picture Clarity: 4 stars
    HP: 200
    Weakness: Water, Fire, Dark, Light, Wind, Chronos (+20%)
    Resistance: -
    Location: Detourne, The Mystical Garden
    Drops: -
    Gray Cancerite
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 520
    Weakness: Fire, Dark (+30%)
    Resistance: Water, Light (-30%)
    Location: Nekton, Shrine of Spirits
    Drops: Milk
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 480
    Weakness: Dark (+505)
    Resistance: Light (-50%)
    Location: Nekton, Shrine of Spirits
    Drops: -
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 495
    Weakness: Dark, Chronos (+30%)
    Resistance: Light, Wind (-30%)
    Location: Nekton, Shrine of Spirits
    Drops: Ruffian Mask, Mayfly, Sugar Cane
    Wokoob Kakish
    Picture Quality: 4 stars
    HP: 600
    Weakness: Dark (+50%)
    Resistance: Light (-505)
    Location: Cocolith, Labyrinth of Mirrors
    Drops: Chronos Blow Lv. 3, Indra Horn
    Crystal Spider
    Picture Quality: 3 stars
    HP: 540
    Weakness: Dark (+50%), Fire (+30%)
    Resistance: Light (-50%), Water (-30%)
    Location: Cocolith, Labyrinth of Mirrors
    Drops: Arm Bomber, Second Hand
    Picture Quality: 2 stars
    HP: 570
    Weakness: Water (+75%)
    Resistance: Fire (-75%)
    Location: Cocolith, Labyrinth of Mirrors
    Imperial Guard
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 630
    Weakness: Dark (+50%), Water (+30%)
    Resistance: Light (-50%), Fire (-30%)
    Location: Mintaka, The Imperial Capital
    Drops: Wind Yell Lv. 1, Strawberries, White Sceptor, Death Pendulum, Beacon,
    Veda Cornet, Rainbow Straw Hat, Chronos Yell Lv. 1, Cedar Tree, Small Fire
    Elite Imperial Guard
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 585
    Weakness: Dark (+50%), Water (+30%)
    Resistance: Light (-50%), Fire (-30%)
    Location: Mintaka, The Imperial Capital
    Drops: -
    Imperial Walker
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 660
    Weakness: Water, Dark, Wind (+20%)
    Resistance: Fire, Light, Chronos (-20%)
    Location: The Battleship Goldoba
    Drops: Black Ash, Crystal Nails
    Picture Quality: 4.5 stars
    HP: 760
    Weakness: Water (+100%)
    Resistance: Fire (-100%)
    Location: The Lava Caves
    Drops: Solar Saber, Wheat
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 560
    Weakness: Water (+80%), Chronos (+60%)
    Resistance: Fire (-80%), Wind (-60%)
    Location: The Lava Caves
    Drops: Indra Horn, Green Plums
    Magma Beast
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 720
    Weakness: Water (+90%)
    Resistance: Fire (-90%)
    Location: The Lava Caves
    Drops: Shadow Thruster
    Picture Quality: 3.5 stars
    HP: 750
    Weakness: Water, Wind (+30%)
    Resistance: Fire, Chronos (-30%)
    Location: The Lava Caves
    Drops: Apple, Red Oak, Panther Claws
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 680
    Weakness: Fire (+80%), Dark (+30%)
    Resistance: Water (-80%), Light (-30%)
    Location: The Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa
    Drops: Apple, Soul Flash, Wave Cutter, Scale Mail, Red Pickled Veggies, Aqua
    Yell Lv. 1
    Snow Cancerite
    Picture Quality: 2 stars
    HP: 660
    Weakness: Fire (+80%), Dark (+25%)
    Resistance: Water (-80%), Light (-25%)
    Location: The Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa
    Drops: Wolf Fangs, Frozen Tangerine
    Picture Quality: 3.5 stars
    HP: 720
    Weakness: Fire (+100%), Chronos (+30%)
    Resistance: Water (-100%), Wind (-30%)
    Location: The Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa
    Drops: Beef, Apple
    Picture Quality: 2 stars
    HP: 720
    Weakness: Fire (+60%), Chronos (+30%)
    Resistance: Water (-60%), Wind (-30%)
    Location: The Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa
    Drops: Aqua Jacket, Pork Ribs, Eel
    Picture Qaulity: 2.5 stars
    HP: 790
    Weakness: Dark (+80%), Water (+20%)
    Resistance: Light (-80%), Fire (-80%)
    Location: Mintaka, The Imperial Capital
    Drops: -
    Corrupted Walker
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 820
    Weakness: Water, Dark, Wind (+20%)
    Resistance: Fire, Light, Chronos (-20%)
    Location: The Imperial Fortress
    Drops: Custard Pudding, Light Flare Lv. 4, Mini Cream Puff, Splash Spear,
    Inferno Fists, Wind Yell Lv. 1
    Picture Quality: 4 stars
    HP: 1000
    Weakness: Dark (+80%), Water (+20%)
    Resistance: Light (-80%), Fire (-20%)
    Location: The Imperial Fortress
    Drops: Blood Sword
    Iron Beetle II
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 960
    Weakness: Water (+20%), Dark (+80%)
    Resistance: Fire (-20%), Light (-80%)
    Location: The Imperial Fortress
    Drops: Young Wasabi Root
    Contaminated Walker
    Picture Quality: 2.5 stars
    HP: 920
    Weakness: Water, Dark, Wind (+20%)
    Resistance: Fire, Light, Chronos (-20%)
    Location: The Imperial Fortress
    Drops: Plain Pastry, Milk, Curry, Efreeti Suit
    Picture Quality: 4 stars
    HP: 860
    Weakness: Dark (+80%), Water (+20%)
    Resistance: Light (-80%), Fire (-20%)
    Location: The Imperial Fortress
    Drops: Spark Hat, Short Cake (S)
    ~More coming VERY soon!~
    11. ~Voice Actors~
    |Under Construction - Help needed in this section|
    ~Eric Kelso - Kalas~
    ~Bianca Allen - Xelha~
    ~Jeff Gedert - Gibari~
    ~Thomas Meleski - Lyude~
    ~Rachel Walzer - Savyna~
    ~Yuko Yunokawa - Mizuti~
    ~Janica Southwick - Lady Melodia~
    ~Kaw Hallbery - Fee~
    ~Amy Colyer - Ayme~
    ~Michael Rhys - Giacomo~
    ~Greg Dale - Dr. Larikush~
    ~Sage Hallberg - Cedr~
    ~Megan Kenna - Palolo III~
    ~Julia Yermakov - Anna~
    ~Michael Naishtut - Reblys~
    ~Peter Gomm - King Ladekahn~
    ~Carolyn Miller - Queen Corellia~
    ~Walter Roberts - Emperor Geldoblame~
    ~David Neale - Folon~
    ~Lisle Wikersoon - Trill~
    ~Tom Clark - Duke Clabren~
    ~Jack Merluzzi - Azdar~
    ~Anita Sugurnam - Barnette~
    ~Dennis Kaft - Sir Krumly~
    ~Ruth Ann Mori Zumi - The Ice Queen~
    11. ~Contact Info~
    You can contact me be e-mail at ivysaur_12@yahoo.com.
    Please, contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this guide or Baten
    Kaitos. Any help that you may have (particularly in the Voice Actor Department)
    would be greatly appreciated.
    Feel free to comment on my spelling - it sucks, I know.
    12. ~Legal~
    Copyright Tyler Dinucci 2004-2005
    For GameFAQs.com only
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    13. ~Thanks~
    First, I’d like to thank MonolithSoft and tri-Crescendo for creating this
    amazing game.
    Second, I’d like to thank Namco for publishing this game and bringing it over
    to the States.
    Third, I’d like to thank Nintendo for making such a great console to play Baten
    Kaitos on.
    Fourth, I’d like to thank all the people at Brady for writing the Baten Kaitos
    guide. It really helped me with locations and other pieces of data.
    Finally, I’d like to thank all of the people at the GCNGB at IGN. Yes, I know
    that that place is one of the weirdest boards out there, but you guys put up
    with me whoring out Baten Kaitos for months. You deserve some recognition.
    Thanks every one!

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