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    Magnus Enemy Drop List by INoble

    Updated: 01/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Created by Ann Noble for all the people on the Gamefaqs message board who ask
    where to find certain magnus that are dropped by enemies. With thanks to
    VansFlyingPapaya who answered my questions.
    The enemies are arranged in the order you will meet them but does not include
    bosses. The second section lists items alphabetically with the enemy/s who drop
    DISCLAIMER This list is not 100%, possibly not even 75%. If you find items I
    haven't mentioned, please contact me at inobleuk@yahoo.com and I will
    incorporate them in a later version.
    SHAWRA Round shield, Short sword, Small knife, Leather vest, Saber.
    UNUK Small knife, Ice armor, Bamboo shoot, Safety hood.
    DOOMER Shish kebab (small), Flame sword, Flame mail.
    IMPERIAL SOLDIER Aqua burst 1, Long sword, Leather hat, Green bananas, Dark
    flare 1, Wheat cracker.
    PUL-PUK Chunk of ice, Honey, Mosquito, Bamboo shoot, Cheasnut truffle, Savings
    CANCERITE Grapes, Rooster, Aqua yell 1, Pine tree, Shish kebab (medium),
    Chestnut truffle.
    STRIPER Flower bud, Shako, Small knife, Pine tree, Milk.
    ALBIREO Cucumber, Bamboo shoot, Dark flare 2, Chaos edge, Green bananas.
    IMPERIAL ELITE Unicorn horn, Shish kebab (Medium).
    IMPERIAL BLACKHELM Dark flare 2.
    SKELETON WARRIOR Crystal mail, Ray of truth, Strawberries, Chump change, Flame
    CURSED SPELLBOOK Mini cream puff, Peach, Black scepter, Wind yell 1, Wind blow
    CURSED GRIMOIRE (Note 2) Silkworm, Shining horn.
    ACHERON Shagreen helmet, Grapes, Plain pastry, Mattress.
    SPELL SHELLFISH (Note 2) Heat jacket, Rooster, Shish kebab (large).
    UNDEAD SWORDSMAN Silver sword, Shadow cornet, Will o' the wisp hat, Chunk of
    ice, Green plums, Half plate.
    MIRABILIS Milk, Fire yell 2, Pickled eggplant, Fruity gelatin, Shortcake
    (small), Pegasus horn.
    DEVIL CLAWS Heat paddle, Magnum cornet, Pegasus horn, Mattress.
    BLOOD LEAF Snake tuba, Green plums, Flametongue, Butterfly barrette.
    GHOST CLAWS Green oak, Shrimp, Fire burst 3, Skipjack, John Hancocks pen,
    Concerto, Crystal edge.
    ZELMER Ice knuckles, Frost cap, Aqua burst 3, Curry, Rooster, Dragon Uppercut.
    GORMER (Note 2) Crystal edge, Persimmons, Cedar tree, Ice knuckles, Bacon, Fresh
    SLIME Small fire, Custard pudding, Rotten fish.
    DEVILISH HANDS Beef, Flametongue, Ox tongue.
    MAGIC SHELLFISH (Note 2) Fire burst 3, Squid, Flame sphere, Green oak, Fire yell
    GRAY CANCERITE Blue sky mail, Frozen tangerine, Chunk of ice, Milk, Tekken.
    FILLER Sculpting knife, Rice paper, Light flare 3, Uncooked rice, Brilliant
    RAY MOO Ruffian mask, Mayfly, Sugar cane, Kite shield.
    WOOKOB KAKISH Dragon Uppercut, Assassins hood, Chronos blow 3, Persimmons, Indra
    CRYSTAL SPIDER Gleaming helm, Skipjack, Pine tree, Second hand, Wind blow 3, Arm
    SBARB (Note 2) Grapes, Dark flare 3, Sculpting knife, Fading notebook.
    IMPERIAL GUARD Strawberries, White scepter, Death pendulum, Chronos yell 1,
    Rainbow straw hat.
    ELITE IMPERIAL GUARD (Note 2) Veda cornet, Bacon, Wind yell 1, Small fire,
    Cucumber, Squid.	
    IMPERIAL WALKER Crystal nails, Jill's jewelry box, Black ash, Grace shield,
    Cetaka's sword, Green plums.
    CERATOBUS Wheat, Crystal nails, Crystal Shot, Good fortune, Bamboo shoot.
    FOYTOW Fire yell 1, Shadow thruster, Crimson oak blossom, Green tea.
    MAGMA BEAST Green plums, Sparkle of Light, Uncooked rice, Indra horn, Veda
    LANOCALIS Chronos yell 1, Apple, Panther claws, Red oak, Grumble pen.
    ARACHNID Red pickled veggies, Apple, Scale mail, Wave cutter.
    FLOOMER Beef, Light yell 1, Apple, Forseti robe.
    SNOW CANCERITE Chunk of ice, Viking helmet, Asura tuba, Birch, Wheat (note 3
    FLOBO Wolf fangs, Aqua jacket, Eel, Frozen tangerine.
    CORRUPTED WALKER Custard pudding, Splash Spear, Mini cream puff, Inferno fists,
    Light flare 4, Wind yell 1.
    ZUZLANI Apple pie (slice), Dark yell 1, Green bananas, Dark flare 4, Blood
    IRON BEETLE II Fresh beef, Aqua burst 4, Young wasabi root, Aqua jacket,
    Sorcerers Chakram, Inferno fists.
    CONTAMINATED WALKER Milk, Plain pastry, Curry, Efreeti suit, Flower bud,
    Sorcerers Breath.
    BEBERUM Strawberries, Eel, Shortcake (small), Dragonfly, Spark hat.
    BAR-MOOL Saxolauncher, Light flare 4, Shish kebab (large), Egg, Curry.
    MAD CANCERITE Dragonfly, Slight debt, Dark flare 4, Smash Tackle, Efreeti suit.
    BAUGANUM Chronos blow 4, Fresh beef, Inferno fists, Shaman hat, Diminuendo.
    MAFREEGA Peanuts, Solar saber, Small fire, Apple pie (slice).
    ALMANEK Crystal wing, Freezing nails, Young wasabi root, Ghost cap, Robe of
    morning cool.
    GHOULISH SKIRMISHER Dimension blade, Cherries, Sacred helm, Sweetheart picture,
    Wind blow 4.
    GUL-BAR-MOOL Salted sweetfish, Fire burst 5, Red impulse, Power blade.
    MYSTERIOUS SHELLFISH Apocalypse sword, Skull mask, Hades horn, Apple, Aqua burst
    5, Flash Explosion.
    RULUG (Note 1)
    BADWIN Fire burst 5, Efreeti saber, Small fire, Siegfried, Squid.
    MAW-MAW-GOO Wheat, Dark flare 5, White ash, Power blade.
    SHADOW CLAWS Platinum shield, Frozen tangerine, Bloody vortex, Light flare 5.
    ALAVARUM Fire burst 5, Light flare 5, Chronos blow 5.
    VARALBA Custard pudding, Battle suit, Peanuts.
    LARAMOOGA Red impulse, Grapes, Erbschaft, Sweetheart picture, Freezing nails.
    BREACHER Ghost cap, Avocado, Chronos blow 5, Shadow Gate, Wind blow 5.
    WOLGARB Green plums, Efreeti glitter, Frozen soul.
    VORLEG Fruity gelatin, Shining trumpet, Ravana pet.
    APOLLION Fire burst 6, Straw, Fresh beef, Deluxe shish kebab.
    DIABLOS Mirage blade, Bamboo shoot, Chestnut truffle.
    DEMONIC HANDS Flower bud, Durandal, Avocado, Heldentum, Muramasa blade.
    (Note 1 - there are no details about these yet. Note 2 - this enemy always came
    in company so I'm not 100% sure who dropped what. Note 3 - Wheat only turned up
    when the enemy was a Flobo and the Snow Cancerite was with two Flobos. So in
    fact the Wheat could have been dropped by the Flobos).
    SECTION 2:
    APOCALYPSE SWORD Mysteriou shellfish. 
    APPLE Lanocalis, Arachnid, Floomer, Mysterious shellfish. 
    APPLE PIE (SLICE) Zuzlani, Mafreega. 
    AQUA BURST 1 Imperial soldier. 
    AQUA BURST 3 Zelmer. 
    AQUA BURST 4 Iron beetle II. 
    AQUA BURST 5 Mysterious shellfish. 
    AQUA JACKET Flobo, Iron beetle II. 
    AQUA YELL 1 Cancerite.
    ARM BOMBER Crystal spider. 
    ASSASSINS HOOD Wookob kakish. 
    ASURA TUBA Snow cancerite. 
    AVOCADO Breacher, Demonic hands.
    BACON Gormer, Elite imperial guard. 
    BAMBOO SHOOT Unuk, Pul-Puk, Albireo, Ceratobus, Diablos. 
    BATTLE SUIT Varalba. B
    EEF Devilish hands, Floomer. 
    BIRCH Snow cancerite. 
    BLACK ASH Imperial walker. 
    BLACK SCEPTER Cursed spellbook. 
    BLOOD SWORD Zuzlani. 
    BLOODY VORTEX Shadow claws. 
    BLUE SKY MAIL Gray cancerite.
    CEDAR TREE Gormer, Imperial guard. 
    CETAKA'S SWORD Imperial walker. 
    CHAOS EDGE Albireo. 
    CHERRIES Ghoulish skirmisher. 
    CHESTNUT TRUFFLE Pul-Puk, Cancerite, Diablos. 
    CHRONOS BLOW 3 Wookob kakish. 
    CHRONOS BLOW 4 Bauganum. 
    CHRONOS BLOW 5 Alavarum, Breacher. 
    CHRONOS YELL 1 Lanocalis, Imperial guard. 
    CHUMP CHANGE Skeleton warrior. 
    CHUNK OF ICE Pul-Puk, Undead swordsamn, Gray cancerite, Snow cancerite. 
    CONCERTO Ghost claws. 
    CRYSTAL EDGE Ghost claws, Gormer. 
    CRYSTAL MAIL Skeleton warrior. 
    CRYSTAL NAILS Ceratobus, Imperial walker. 
    CRYSTAL SHOT Ceratobus. 
    CRYSTAL WING Almanek. 
    CUCUMBER Albireo, Elite imperial guard. 
    CURRY Zelmer, Contaminated walker, Bar-Mool. 
    CUSTARD PUDDING Corrupted walker, Varalba, Slime.
    DARK FLARE 1 Imperial soldier. 
    DARK FLARE 2 Albireo, Imperial blackhelm. 
    DARK FLARE 3 Sbarb. 
    DARK FLARE 4 Zuzlani, Mad cancerite. 
    DARK FLARE 5 Maw-Maw-Goo.
    DARK YELL 1 Zuzlani. 
    DEATH PENDULUM Imperial guard. 
    DIMENSION BLADE Ghoulish skirmisher. 
    DIMINUENDO Bauganum. 
    DRAGON UPPERCUT Zelmer, Wookob kakish. 
    DRAGONFLY Beberum, Mad cancerite. 
    DURANDAL Demonic hands.
    EEL Flobo, Beberum. 
    EFREETI SABER Badwin. 
    EFREETI SUIT Contaminated walker, Mad cancerite. 
    EGG Bar-Mool. 
    ERBSCHAFT Laramooga.
    FIRE BURST 3 Ghost claws, Magic shellfish. 
    FIRE BURST 5 Gul-Bar-Mool, Badwin, Alavarum. 
    FIRE BURST 6 Apollion. 
    FIRE YELL 1 Foytow, Magic shellfish. 
    FIRE YELL 2 Mirabilis. 
    FLAME HELMET Skeleton warrior. 
    FLAME MAIL Doomer. 
    FLAME SPHERE Magic shellfish. 
    FLAME SWORD Doomer. 
    FLAMETONGUE Blood leaf, Devilish hands. 
    FLASH EXPLOSION Mysterious shellfish. 
    FLOWER BUD Striper, Contaminated walker, Demonic hands. 
    FORSETI ROBE Floomer. 
    FREEZING NAILS Almanek, Laramooga. 
    FRESH BEEF Iron beetle II, Bauganum, Apollion, Gormer. 
    FROST CAP Zelmer. 
    FROZEN SOUL Wolgarb. 
    FROZEN TANGERINE Gray cancerite, Flobo, Shadow claws. 
    FRUITY GELATIN Mirabilis, Vorleg.
    GHOST CAP Almanek, Breacher. 
    GLEAMING HELMET Crystal spider. 
    GOOD FORTUNE Ceratobus. 
    GRACE SHIELD Imperial walker. 
    GRAPES Cancerite, Acheron, Sbarb, Laramooga. 
    GREEN BANANAS Imperial soldier, Albireo, Zuzlani. 
    GREEN OAK Ghost claws, Magic shellfish. 
    GREEN PLUMS Undead swordsman, Blood leaf, Magma beast, Wolgarb, Imperial walker.
    GREEN TEA Foytow. 
    GRUMBLE PEN Lanocalis.
    HADES HORN Mysterious shellfish. 
    HALF PLATE Undead swordsman. 
    HEAT JACKET Spell shellfish. 
    HEAT PADDLE Devil claws. 
    HELDENTUM Demonic hands. 
    HONEY Pul-Puk.
    ICE ARMOR Unuk. 
    ICE LNUCKLES Zelmer, Gormer. 
    INDRA HORN Wookob kakish, Magma beast. 
    INFERNO FIST Iron beetle II, Corrupted walker, Bauganum.
    JILL'S JEWELRY BOX Imperial walker. 
    JOHN HANCOCKS PEN Ghost claws.
    KITE SHIELD Ray moo.
    LEATHER HAT Imperial soldier. 
    LEATHER VEST Shawra. 
    LIGHT FLARE 3 Filler. 
    LIGHT FLARE 4 Corrupted walker, Bar-Mool. 
    LIGHT FLARE 5 Shadow claws, Alavarum. 
    LIGHT YELL 1 Floomer. 
    LONG SWORD Unuk, Imperial soldier.
    MAGNUM CORNET Devil claws. 
    MATTRESS Acheron, Devil claws. 
    MAYFLY Ray moo. 
    MILK Striper, Mirabilis, Gray cancerite, Contaminated walker. 
    MINI CREAM PUFF Cursed spellbook, Corrupted walker. 
    MIRAGE BLADE Diablos. 
    MOSQUITO Pul-Puk. 
    MURAMASA BLADE Demonic hands.
    OVERTURE Slime. 
    OX TONGUE Magic shellfish, Devilish hands, Slime.
    PANTHER CLAWS Lanocalis. 
    PEACH Cursed spellbook. 
    PEANUTS Mafreega, Varalba.
    PEGASUS HORN Mirabilis, Devil claws. 
    PERSIMMONS Gormer, Wookob kakish. 
    PICKLED EGGPLANT Mirabilis. 
    PINE TREE Cancerite, Striper, Crystal spider. 
    PLAIN PASTRY Acheron, Contaminated walker. 
    PLATINUM SHIELD Shadow claws. 
    POWER BLADE Gul-Bar-Mool, Maw-Maw-Goo.
    RAINBOW STRAW HAT Imperial guard. 
    RAVANA PET Vorleg. 
    RAY OF TRUTH Skeleton warrior. 
    RED IMPULSE Gul-Bar-Mool, Laramooga. 
    RED OAK Lanocalis. 
    RICE PAPER Filler. 
    ROOSTER Cancerite, Spell shellfish, Zelmer. 
    ROTTEN FISH Slime. 
    ROUND SHIELD Shawra.
    RUFFIAN MASK Ray moo.
    SABER Shawra. 
    SACRED HELM Ghoulish skirmisher. 
    SAFETY HOOD Unuk. 
    SAVINGS BOOK Pul-Puk. 
    SCALE MAIL Arachnid. 
    SCULPTING KNIFE Filler, Sbarb. 
    SECOND HAND Crystal spider. 
    SHADOW CORNET Undead swordsman. 
    SHADOW GATE Breacher. 
    SHAKO Striper. 
    SHAMAN HAT Bauganum. 
    SHINING HORN Cursed grimoire. 
    SHISH KEBAB (LARGE) Spell shellfish. Bar-Mool.
    SHISH KEBAB (MEDIUM) Cancerite, Imperial elite. 
    SHORT SWORD Shawra. 
    SHORTCAKE (SMALL) Mirabilis, Beberum. 
    SHRIMP Ghost claws, Ray moo. 
    SIEGFRIED Badwin. 
    SILKWORM Cursed grimoire. 
    SILVER SWORD Undead swordsman. 
    SKIPJACK Ghost claws, Crystal spider. 
    SKULL MASK Mysterious shellfish. 
    SLIGHT DEBT Mad cancerite. 
    SMALL FIRE Mafreega, Badwin, Slime, Elite imperial guard. 
    SMALL KNIFE Shawra, Striper, Unuk. 
    SMASH TACKLE Mad cancerite.
    SNAKE TUBA Blood leaf. 
    SOLAR SABER Mafreega. 
    SORCERERS BREATH Contaminated walker. 
    SORCERERS CHAKRAM Iron beetle II. 
    SPARK HAT Beberum. 
    SPARKLE OF LIGHT Magma beast. 
    SPLASH SPEAR Corrupted walker. 
    SQUID Magic shellfish, Badwin, Elite imperial guard. 
    STRAW Apollion. 
    STRAWBERRIES Skeleton warrior, Beberum, Imperial guard. 
    SUGAR CANE Ray moo. 
    SWEETHEART PICTURE Ghoulish skirmisher.
    TEKKEN Gray cancerite.
    UNCOOKED RICE Filler, Magma beast. 
    UNICORN HORN Imperial elite.
    VEDA CORNET Magma beast, Elite imperial guard. 
    VIKING HELMET Snow cancerite.
    WAVE CUTTER Arachnid. 
    WHEAT Ceratobus, Snow cancerite, Maw-Maw-Goo. 
    WHEAT CRACKER Imperial soldier. 
    WHITE ASH Maw-Maw-Goo. 
    WHITE SCEPTER Imperial guard.
    WILL O THE WISP HAT Undead swordsman. 
    WIND BLOW 2 Cursed spellbook. 
    WIND BLOW 3 Crystal spider. 
    WIND BLOW 4 Ghoulish skirmisher. 
    WIND BLOW 5 Breacher. 
    WIND YELL 1 Cursed spellbook, Corrupted walker, Elite imperial guard. 
    WOLF FANGS Flobo.

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