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    Quest Magnus FAQ by Ket Shi

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/30/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    [Quest Magnus FAQ]
    For Baten Kaitos
    By Ket Shi
    Version 1.0
    Warning:  Some spoilers ahead.
    [Table of Contents]
    1.	Introduction
    2.	FAQ
    3.	Magnus List
    a.	Explanation
    b.	Changing Magnus
    c.	Constant Magnus
    4.	Sidequests
    a.	Calbren’s Museum
    b.	Azha Kids
    c.	Field Trip
    5.	Credits
    6.	Disclaimer
    7.	Contact
    8.	Update History
    9.	Closing
    [1.  Introduction]
    What are Quest Magnus?
    Magnus are blank cards used in Baten Kaitos.  After you obtain your first set
    of Quest Magnus, you can trap the essence of an item by examining it, ranging
    from apples to secrets to water.
    Some people or objects will want/need a Quest Magnus.  When you talk to the
    right person or examine the right object, the Quest Magnus menu will appear.
    Using the C Stick, scroll through your Quest Magnus until you find the one
    needed for the task.
    Sometimes you’ll want to throw away a Quest Magnus.  Go to menu, go to Quest
    Magnus, then press A on the one you desire to discard.
    Some Quest Magnus are endowed with the ability to change over time.  See the
    list of Changing Magnus for more information.
    [2.  FAQ]
    Q:  Help!  I got rid of the Warrior’s Mementos/Thunderfish Bone!  Can I get
    another one?
    A:  Sorry, but no.  Be sure not to toss them if you want to complete the game’s
    Q:  Which Quest Magnus are one-time only?
    A:  Only the Warrior’s Mementos/Memories and the Thunderfish Bone.  The rest
    can be regained through various methods.
    Q:  Where do I get additional Gold Pick Axes?
    A:  Kill all of the Slimes in the Tower of DRUAGA again, and the chest will
    Q:  I need assistance with a certain boss battle on the Goldoba…
    A:  Sorry, but I only answer questions about this FAQ or Quest Magnus.  Try the
    other FAQs or the GameFAQs Baten Kaitos forum for assistance on other issues.
    [a.  Explanation of the Format]
    This is a list of Quest Magnus.  Section b is devoted to Magnus that change
    over time, and Section c is devoted to Magnus that do not change at all.
    They're listed in alphabetical order according to the name of the basic Magnus.
    This is the format used to explain the Magnus:
    Magnus -> Advanced Magnus
    Magnus description:  An ordinary Magnus.
    Advanced Magnus description:  A Magnus that takes 30 minutes to mature.
    Found:  In this FAQ.
    How to use:
    1.	No use.
    -Advanced Magnus:
    1.	Give to Ket Shi to make an FAQ.
    [b.  Changing Magnus]
    Celestial Flower Seed -> Celestial Flower Bud -> Celestial Flower Blossom:
    Celestial Flower Seed description:  A seed from the Celestial Tree, said to
    bloom once every 30 years. The last blooming was 2 cycles ago, making this seed
    quite valuable at roughly 100 years old.
    Celestial Flower Bud description:  A bud from the Celestial Tree. Its delicate
    color is highly valued in Anuenue, traditionally used in weddings for the
    bride's wedding gown.
    Celestial Flower Blossom description:  A flower from the Celestial Tree, in
    full bloom.  Its petals are said to be imbued with the magic of the Tree
    itself, and they are often ground into a powder to create healing concoctions.
    Found:  Examine a shelf in Queen Corellia’s bedroom in Komo Mai to find
    Celestial Flower Seeds.
    How to use:
    -Celestial Flower Seed:
    1.	Give one to the Komo Mai Cookie seller for Komo Mai Cookies.
    2.	After you get the cookies, give another seed to receive a Doll Magnus.  You
    can do this as many times as you want.
    3.	Take one to the Anuenue Interdimensional Crack to open the door.
    -Celestial Flower Bud:
    1.	No use.
    -Celestial Flower Blossom:
    1.	Give one to Mayfee for a Deluxe Shish Kebab.  This can be done as much as
    you like.
    Cloud -> Salty Water -> Salt:
    Cloud description:  Diadem is known for its abundance of clouds, and some
    sources suggest the clouds be placed under legal protection. One reason for
    this may be the radical gourmets claiming to appreciate their taste...
    Salty Water Description:  Diadem's trademark clouds turn back into water, given
    enough time.  The original clouds contained salt, hence the salty taste of this
    Salt Description:  Leave salty water lying around long enough, and you'll be
    left with salt. Indispensable for cooking, not to mention everyday health. A
    chief product of Nashira, together with sea bream fillets.
    Found:  Clouds are found on Diadem’s Cloud Passage.  Salty Water can be found
    at the Cloud Passage (before Lesser Celestial River) and at a warehouse in
    Nashira (before the fishermen catch the Sea Bream).  Salt can be found in
    barrels in the previously mentioned building.
    How to use:
    1.	Use two to repair the Cloud Passage.
    2.	Give a Cloud to a lady near the entrance of Balancoire for an Arm Bomber.
    -Salty Water:
    1.	Give one to a person washing a lamp near the beginning of Sheliak for a
    Flash Armor.
    1.	No use.
    Delinquency Stone -> Pebble (Pebble covered elsewhere):
    Delinquency Stone description:  A rare stone, found occasionally within Zosma
    Tower, in Duhr. Not especially valuable, but rumor has it that a certain old
    man is dying to get his hands on this stone.
    Found:  On the first bottom floor of the Tower of Zomsa.
    How to use:
    1.	Put it in the Calbren Museum.
    2.	Give to Rabbih (the last Quzman family member) in the basement of Zomza
    Tower to make him sign the Family Tree.
    Fantail Duck Egg -> Boiled Egg:
    Fantail Duck Egg description:  An egg from a duck-like animal often seen in
    Sadal Suud. Popular breakfast food among people of all classes, these eggs tend
    to generate heat and cook themselves over time.
    Boiled Egg description:  Separated from its parent, this egg has cooked itself
    over time with internal heat. Radical gourmets claim to love the peculiar taste
    it offers.
    Found:  Fantail Duck Eggs can be found in a Komo Mai house filled with Fantail
    Ducks.  Search the middle of the nest.  Boiled eggs can be found in several
    houses in Duhr.
    How to use:
    -Fantail Duck Egg:
    1.	No use.
    -Boiled Egg:
    1.	Give to the starving kid in Azha.
    Gold Beetle Carapace -> Gold Nugget:
    Gold Beetle Carapace description:  An old shell from the Gold Beetle, known
    only to live around the Celestial Tree in Anuenue. Highly valued for its
    magnificent gold sheen, yet collectors prefer to keep these until...
    Gold Nugget description:  Previously a magical Gold Beetle shell, now a gold
    nugget.  Considered of a higher value than regular, mined gold, these natural
    gems are traded at astounding prices among select merchants.
    Found:  In the Celestial Tree, near the top, go up a “ladder” and examine the
    hole in the tree wall.
    How to use:
    -Gold Beetle Carapace:
    1.	No use.
    -Gold Nugget:
    1.	In Balancoire’s restaurant, give to an old lady for a Deluxe Cream Puff or
    to an old man for a Deluxe Pastry.
    Note:  You can only get one of the items.
    Lava -> Hot Rock -> Pebble:
    Lava description:  With temperatures said to reach 1000 degrees Celsius, the
    beautiful color and rich appearance of lava compels radical gourmets to have a
    quick taste, though none have been known to ask for seconds.
    Hot Rock description:  Lava from the Lava Caves in Alfard, now cool enough to
    touch. The rock retains part of its heat, and can be wrapped up in thick cloth
    and used to keep warm in freezing temperatures.
    Pebble description:  A truly mundane pebble, available practically anywhere.
    Considered of little value and a waste of space.
    Found:  Trap the Lava in the first screen of the Lava Caves.  Age a Lava for a
    Hot Rock.  Pebbles can be aged from a Hot Rock or Delinquency Stone, gotten in
    exchange for a Mountain Apple in Pherkad, and trapped in Sheliak Castle before
    the restoration.
    How to use:
    1.	Use a Lava to enter the Alfard Interdimensionial Crack.
    -Hot Rock:
    1.	In the house-caves in Azha, give it to a woman on the first floor for a
    Cetaka’s Sword.  Talk to the old lady nearby and she’ll also give you a
    Platinum Buckle.
    1.	No use.
    Mirage Weed -> Blank Magnus:
    Mirage Weed description:  Illusionary grass seen only in the Mystical Garden in
    Mira, which disappears into thin air shortly after being uprooted.
    Found:  Detourne, growing on the walls of the main room.
    How to use:
    1.	Give one to a creature in Reverence to open a door
    2.  Use another to enter the Interdimensional Crack in Mira.
    Mountain Apple -> Mountain Apple Wine -> Apple Vinegar:
    Mountain Apple description:  The mountain apple industry, along with dairy
    farming, is widespread in and around Cebalrai village in Sadal Suud. Tasty as
    it is, but can also be left alone and fermented...
    Mountain Apple Wine description:  A specialty of Cebalrai, the main market for
    mountain apple wine is in and around the city of Pherkad, but exports have
    started going to other regions, including Diadem and Mira.
    Apple Vinegar description:  Mountain Apple Wine has been fermented further to
    produce vinegar.  Apple Vinegar has stronger sterilizing effects than regular
    vinegar, and is used for first aid as well as cooking.
    Found:  Examine a barrel of apples in Cebalrai, or, after defeating Giacomo in
    Pherkad, talk to a lady selling apples.
    How to use:
    -Mountain Apple:
    1.	Give to a crying girl in Pherkad for a Pebble.
    -Mountain Apple Wine:
    1.	After Duhr, give to a man in Nashira’s tavern for a Secret Recipe 9.
    -Apple Vinegar:
    1.  After Duhr, give to a man at the Celestial Tree for a Flugel Shield.
    Nameless Flower -> Pressed Flower:
    Nameless Flower description:  A nameless flower found blooming in non-descript
    places, its pretty looks soothe a tired mind nevertheless.
    Pressed Flower description:  A dried, nameless flower. Flowers will wither if
    left alone, but retain their form if dried and preserved.
    Found:  Flower bed in Pherkad, Rodolfo’s Mansion, house in Sheliak, Komo Mai,
    How to use:
    -Nameless Flower:
    1.	No use.
    -Pressed Flower:
    1.  Give to a woman near a flower bed in Pherkad before defeating Giacomo for a
    Popular Pickup Line.
    Popular Pickup Line -> Outdated Pickup Line:
    Popular Pickup Line description:  A trendy pickup line, popular among the
    young, used to win the hearts of cautious members of the opposite gender.
    Outdated Pickup Line description:  Pickup line that is seldom heard in this day
    and age, let alone recommended. Guaranteed to turn away even the least cautious
    member of the opposite gender.
    Found:  Give a Pressed Flower to a woman in Pherkad before fighting Giacamo for
    the first time, or, after making the Celestial Flowers bloom, visit the right
    side of the School of Magic in Komo Mai and talk to the man flirting with a
    How to use:
    -Popular Pickup Line:
    1.	Give a Popular Pickup Line to a man sitting in the tavern at Nashira.  Leave
    then reenter the bar and talk to him again for a Shako.
    2.	Give another Popular Pickup Line to a man in a classroom in the left side of
    the School of Magic.  Leave then reenter the room and talk to him for a Zeit
    -Outdated Pickup Line:
    1.	No use.
    Pow Milk -> Pow Milk Yogurt -> Pow Milk Cheese:
    Pow Milk description:  A dairy product characteristic of Cebalrai, this milk is
    richer than milk from other animals, and is often used for cooking. It can also
    be left alone and fermented to produce other dairy products.
    Pow Milk Yogurt description:  Fermented Pow milk. Good as is, also used for
    cooking. Popular as a dessert among kids. Further aging is also an option.
    Pow Milk Cheese description:  Derived from Pow milk yogurt, this cheese is a
    specialty of the Sadal Suud Frontier. Often enjoyed with another local
    specialty, mountain apple wine.
    Found:  Pow Milk can be found in the stable at Cebalrai in a barrel.  Yogurt
    and Cheese are not found and must be aged.
    How to use:
    -Pow Milk:
    1.	Give to a woman in Cebalrai in a nearby house for a Puppis constellation.
    2.	Later in the game, give to a child in Calbren’s Manor.
    -Pow Milk Yogurt:
    1.	Upon getting free access to the World Map via the Mindeer, give one to a
    guard in Corellia’s Palace to get the Sagitta constellation.  After the
    Celestial Alps, talk to the guard again for a Fairy Barrette.
    2.	In Rodolfo’s Mansion’s kitchen, give Pow Milk Yogurt to a woman to obtain a
    Fire Burst 2.
    -Pow Milk Cheese:
    1.	In Rodolfo’s Mansion’s kitchen, give Pow Milk Cheese to a young lady and
    talk to her a second time to get Al-athir to sign the Family Tree.
    Pristine Water -> Stagnant Water:
    Pristine Water description:  Crystal clear water. This level of pure water is
    not available in many places in the world. Water can turn stagnant, and should
    be used or consumed as soon as possible.
    Stagnant Water description:  Though still fit for drinking, this water has
    turned stagnant. Even pure water can go stale over time. Bottled water
    aficionados would have none of this.
    Found:  Give a Pristine Water can be found at the Moonguile spring, the
    waterfall near the end of Nunki Valley, in the spring at Detourne, in a jar at
    the Labyrinth of Duhr, and in some vases at the beginning of the Nihal Desert.
    Stagnant Water can be found in Rodolfo’s Manor, the Labyrinth of Duhr, and the
    Imperial Fortress.
    How to use:
    -Pristine Water:
    1.	Give one to a lady scrubbing at a painting in Pherkad for an Aquarius
    2.	Water a flower bed in Pherkad for Nameless Flowers.
    3.	Use to travel in the Nihal Desert.
    4.	Give to a man in the Nihal Desert for a Red Impulse.
    5.	Give to another man in the Nihal Desert for Chaos Mail.
    6.	Give to a woman in the Nihal Desert for Holy Armor.
    7.	Give to a final man in the Nihal Desert to receive a Galeos Fangs.
    8.	Give to a woman with a bracelet in the Nihal Desert to make Zuhr sign the
    Family Tree.
    -Either Water:
    1.	Give some water to the running soldier in Sheliak to receive a Shadow Cornet.
    2.	Fill up the security system in the Imperial Fortress with several doses of
    3.	Give to a sickly Cancerite in the Labyrinth of Duhr to receive Bells of Time.
    4.	Pour into the scales in Detourne to alter the layout of the dungeon.
    5.	Scrub off the sign in the Moonguile Forest to read Rodolfo’s message.
    Roasted Bird -> Maggot-ridden Meat:
    Roasted Bird description:  An entire bird cooked whole, survival style. Its
    simple seasoning is increasingly popular among youngsters who appreciate the
    all-natural flavor of the ingredients.
    Maggot-ridden Meat description:  Roasted poultry gone bad, rotten and filled
    with maggots.  Eating this is out of the question, and there's no other way
    this could come in handy...or is there?
    Found:  Roast a Dead Bluebird in Trill’s oven.
    How to use:
    -Roasted Bird:
    1.	If Sabin signed the Family Tree before Nubata, give Nubata a Roasted Bird to
    make him sign.
    2.	Give one to a child in Calbren’s Manor.
    Rubber Mud -> Chunk of Rubber:
    Rubber Mud description:  Rubber-like mud that flows through the Garden of Death
    in Duhr, a mixture of mud and black sap from trees corrupted by the Taintclouds.
    Chunk of Rubber description:  Hardened rubber mud looks and acts exactly like
    regular rubber. Not very useful in itself, yet who knows... it just might come
    in handy.
    Found:  Just about everywhere in Capella.
    How to use:
    -Rubber Mud:
    1.	Give one to the shopkeeper in Gemma Village to reopen the shop and obtain a
    Power Blade and Sacred Helm.
    2.	Give one to a girl in the main screen of Cursa for a Light Flare 4.
    -Chunk of Rubber:
    1.  No use.
    Unpopular Painting -> Treasured Painting:
    Unpopular Painting description:  A terrible painting by the self-proclaimed
    painter Misjah.  Unappreciated by circles around the world, the artist's
    autograph does little to increase its minimal value.
    Treasured Painting description:  A premium work of art by the renowned Misjah.
    Neglected at first, her style was recognized over time. Her work now carries
    exorbitant price tags, sought after by collectors and curators worldwide.
    Found:  Have Misjah sign a Terrible Painting.
    How to use:
    -Unpopular Painting:
    1.	Apparently no use.
    -Treasured Painting:
    1.	Apparently no use.
    Warrior’s Mementos -> Warrior’s Memories:
    Warrior’s Mementos description:  Tokens of the noble warriors who gave their
    lives to protect Xelha.  Gram's armlet is inscribed with his wife's name, and
    Leon's pendant holds his wife's photo.
    Warrior’s Memories description:  Tokens of the noble warriors who gave their
    lives to protect Xelha. Though mementos may be lost over time, the memories of
    their owners are everlasting.
    Found:  When Xelha rejoins you in Rodolfo’s Manor, it is automatically added to
    your Quest Magnus inventory.
    How to use:
    -Warrior’s Mementos:
    1.	Give the Warrior’s Mementos to Gram and Leon’s wives in Kaffaljidhma for a
    Full Helm (not recommended).
    -Warrior’s Memories:
    1.	Give to Warrior’s Memories to the wives to obtain a Golden Bugle.
    Important Note:  You obtain this very early in the game, but be careful not to
    throw it away or give the Mementos to the wives if you want the Warrior’s
    Memories Quest Magnus.
    Sea Bream Fillet -> Rotten Fillet:
    Sea Bream Fillet description:  A fillet from a sea bream, the main catch among
    Nashira's fishing folk. A chief Diadem export, the reasonable price tag makes
    this a must for the average citizen's dining table.
    Rotten Fillet description:  A sea bream fillet left for too long at room
    temperature. Unfit for eating and often thrown away entirely. Strangely enough,
    this fish never smells bad even when rotten.
    Found:  Examine the giant pile of Sea Bream in the warehouse in Nashira after
    the fishermen can fish again.
    How to use:
    -Sea Bream fillet:
    1.	After Duhr, give to Trill’s mother in Balancoire for a Wizard Robe.
    -Rotten Fillet:
    1.	No use.
    Secret Information -> Well-known Story:
    Secret Information description:  A well-kept secret - bane and blessing of the
    curious. Yet secrets are never secrets for long...
    Well known Story description:  Passed around a network of acquaintances, all
    swearing not to tell anyone, this former secret is now anything but.
    Found:  After you can freely explore the World Map via the Mindeer or White
    Dragon, talk to the old lady examining a bed in Corellia’s palace right quest
    How to use:
    -Secret Information:
    1.	After the Celestial Alps, give Secret Information to a woman at the base of
    the waterfall in Opu Village for a Crimson Oak Blossom.
    2.	After the Celestial Alps, give a Secret Information to a man sitting at the
    bar in Nashira for a Creel of the Whale.
    -Well-known Story:
    1.  No use.
    Snow -> Stagnant Water (Stagnant Water covered elsewhere):
    Snow description:  Snow collected in the Ice Lands of Wazn. Though powdery when
    falling, this snow hardens over time and forms pure, rigid crystals often used
    as material for Wazn's famous ice sculptures.
    Found:  Just about anywhere in the Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa.
    How to use:
    1.	Give one to a boy in the hallway of the left side of the Library of Magic
    for a Light Flare 5.
    2.	Give one to a child tourist in Calbren’s manor.
    Sparkling Snow -> Pristine Water -> Stagnant Water (Water Magnus covered later):
    Sparkling Snow description:  This snow is purer than normal snow, hence its
    sparkling sheen. In regions where ice sculptures are popular, some craftsmen
    insist on using this type of snow for their work.
    Found:  Sparkling Snow can be found at the old mechanic’s house nearby the Lava
    Caves (after you give him the ice) and also can be found in a patch of snow in
    the Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa.
    How to use:
    1.	Give to the boy sculptor at Kaffaljidhma to make statues.
    2.	Use it to destroy the rivers of lava in the Lava Caves.
    Stoked Flame -> Weak Flame -> Blank Magnus:
    Stoked Flame description:  Indispensable for everyday life, strong fires can be
    carried around or stored as Magnus, and used for light, cooking, you name it.
    Flames tend to weaken with time, though.
    Weak Flame description:  A flame that has weakened over time. Suitable for all
    but industrial or extreme purposes.
    Found:  Stoked Flames are found in a multitude of fireplaces in the Nihal
    Desert, Opu, Mintaka, Cebalrai, and more.  Weak Flames can be found in some
    fireplaces, candles, and the fire at the base of Zosma Tower.
    How to use:
    -Stoked Flame:
    1.	In Moonguile Forest, burn a tree trunk in the second screen to obtain an Ice
    2.	In Kaffaljidhma, use a Stoked Flame on a frozen pot in one of the rooms to
    get a source of Stagnant Water.
    -Weak Flame:
    1.	Use for lighting the lamps in Zosma Tower to solve the block puzzles.
    [c.  Constant Magnus]
    Adventure Novel:
    Adventure Novel description:  Two unlikely opponents of Imperial Might - a boy
    who refuses to give up, and a girl who stands by him throughout. The author is
    said to have fled Alfard. Once property of the Ancient Library of Magic.
    Found:  In Mizuti’s house in Gemma Village, on a dresser.
    How to use:
    1.	Give one to the headmaster of the School of Magic to enter the Illusionary
    Fortress of the Book.
    2.	Put one on display at Calbren’s Manor.
    Blank Magnus:
    Blank Magnus description:  An empty Magnus waiting to be imbued with the Magna
    Essence of some object or another. It is considered impossible to contain
    living creatures within a Magnus.
    Found:  Four given by Larikush in Cebalrai and one given by the old scientist
    near the Lava Caves.  Magnus with things on it already are given by a guard in
    Sheliak, Quzman in Pherkad, and obtained from Xelha in Rodolfo’s Manor.
    How to use:  Use on objects to trap their essence.
    Notes:  The Warrior’s Memories, Diadem Crest, and Family Tree also come on a
    new Magnus, but do not start out blank.
    Dead Bluebird:
    Dead Bluebird description:  The body of a blue-winged bird found in Moonguile
    Forest. Said to bring good luck, this bird is sought after by many.
    Found:  Aid a man with a bracelet in catching Bluebirds of Happiness in the
    Moonguile Forest.
    How to use:
    1.	Give one to Rushd at the Pherkad port to make her sign the Family Tree.
    2.	Pop one in Trill’s oven in Parnasse to get a Roasted Bird.
    Diadem Royal Crest:
    Diadem Royal Crest description:  The crest of the royal family of Diadem sports
    a design combining knights, a sword, and Wings of the Heart. A mere glimpse of
    this crest is enough to rally the Diadem Knights in any situation.
    Found:  Given to you by guard in Castle Elnak, and found on the top floor on
    the wall.
    How to use:
    1.	During the siege of Elnak, use it to recruit more soldiers in the guest
    2.	After Duhr, show to a knight in the main entrance for a Rainbow Ash.
    Explosives description:  Created with Imperial technology, these tubes can be
    detonated with a fuse, destroying nearby objects with the resulting blast. Why
    Larikush, a village doctor, would possess these is anyone's guess.
    Found:  In Larikush’s house, after obtaining the Blank Magnus.
    How to use:
    1.	Destroy the rocks blocking the way in Nunki Valley.
    Family Tree:
    Family Tree description:  The genealogy of Quzman, an old man who claims his
    days are numbered. All the blanks must be filled in by his relatives, once they
    agree to visit him back in Pherkad.
    Found:  Talk to Quzman in Pherkad.
    How to use:
    1.	Use on people wearing bracelets to make them sign the Family Tree.
    Note:  You only get one (It comes on a its own Quest Magnus card) and you
    cannot throw it away.
    Girl’s Thoughts:  The innocent, peaceful thoughts of a girl untainted by
    Imperial doctrines. The purity of her heart holds the power to calm people's
    hatred towards the Empire.
    Girl’s Thoughts Description:
    Found:  After being able to freely explore the World Map via the Mindeer or
    White Dragon, go to Scialla’s house in Mintaka and examine her diary.
    How to use:
    1.	In Azha, go into the house-caves and ascend to the third floor.  Show the
    Girl’s Thoughts to the children blocking your way.  They’ll allow you to
    explore the remainder of the cave (which has some nice items) and give you a
    Red Oak.
    Note: After the people of Azha have fled, if you did not give the Girl’s
    Thoughts to the kids, you can access the room, but you’ll miss the Red Oak.
    Golden Pick Axe:
    Golden Pick Axe description:  A magical pick axe used to tear down golden
    walls, with limited use due to its weakened magic. Silver and copper variants
    are known to exist, though not in this world.
    Found:  Kill all of the green Slimes in the Tower of DRUAGA and a treasure
    chest will appear in a distant corner of the maze.
    How to use:
    1.	Use it to break the walls of the Tower of DRUAGA.
    2.	Display at the Museum in Calbren’s Manor.
    Note:  You can get as many as you want by killing the Slimes again.
    Naughty Novel:
    Naughty Novel description:  A novel that was banned upon publication because of
    its... ahem... radical content. Once property of the Ancient Library of Magic.
    Found:  After Duhr, examine Quzman’s dresser.
    How to use:
    1.	 If you had Nubata sign the Family Tree before Sabin, give one to Sabin to
    make him sign.
    Oil description:  Used for various purposes ranging from everyday cuisine to
    Imperial Iron Beetle fuel, its unique taste has sparked many an argument among
    radical gourmets.
    Found:  In a container in the Goldoba, and in a pot in Gemma Village.
    How to use:
    1.	Use to start up a vehicle to escape the Goldoba.
    Picture Book:
    Picture Book description:  An ancient picture book with a heartwarming tale.
    Said to have been created by an anonymous author before the islands left the
    Earth for the Sky. Once property of the Ancient Library of Magic.
    Found:  In the pink room of the Imperial Fortress, on a dresser.
    How to use:
    1.	Give to a child in Calbren’s Manor.
    Rock Salt:
    Rock Salt description:  High-quality rock salt, a product of the desert village
    of Ahza. It is often used in pastries due to its subtle sweetness, with the
    village of Parnasse leading yearly consumption by far.
    Found:  Upon arriving in the warehouse in Nashira, an old man standing near a
    ledge dares you to jump off.  Do so and return to him for a Rock Salt.
    Otherwise, it can be found in the second floor of the house-caves in Azha by
    examining the left wall.
    How to use:
    1.	In a house in Komo Mai, give it to an old person for Deluxe Cookies.
    Terrible Painting:
    Terrible Painting description:  A painting by the self-proclaimed painter
    Misjah, who considers it a masterpiece. Unappreciated by circles throughout the
    world; in short, it's terrible. Will trouble anyone who receives it as a gift.
    Found:  Examine Quzman’s drawer after getting the Mindeer/White Dragon.
    How to use:
    1.	Give one to Misjah to make her sign the Family Tree.
    2.	Give one to Misjah after she arrives at Quzman’s to make her sign it,
    transforming it into an Unpopular Painting.
    Thunderfish Bone:
    Thunderfish Bone description:  Bone from the head of a Thunderfish, said to
    have died out ages ago.  There's bound to be someone in this world who would be
    interested in such a rare specimen.
    Found:  Lesser Celestial River.  After obtaining the Heron Statue, examine the
    Thunderfish’s head.
    How to use:
    1.	Put it in the Calbren Museum.
    Important Note:  There is only one Thunderfish Bone in the game, and you will
    only need it near the end of the game.  Do not pick it up until you can access
    the Calbren Museum sidequest.
    [4.  Sidequests]
    [a.  Calbren’s Museum]
    After the five sidequests open up late in the game, go to Calbren’s Manor and
    go into the museum.  Talk to the old man there and he will set up four stands.
    Put these four items on the stands:
    -Thunderfish Bone:  Found on the Lesser Celestial River.
    -Adventure Novel:  Found in Mizuti’s house in Gemma Village, in a dresser.
    -Gold Pick Axe:  Reenter the Tower of DRUAGA and kill each of the Slimes to
    make the Gold Pick Axe reappear.
    -Delinquency Stone:  On the first basement level of Zosma Tower, guarded by a
    For your efforts you’ll receive Mizuti’s strongest equipment, the Broken Birdie.
    [b.  Azha Kids]
    One of the first things you’re likely to notice in Azha is that there’s three
    kids you trail behind you and ask for stuff.  The one that says she’s starving
    wants Boiled Eggs, but the other two will take any Magnus you’ll give them.
    Trap as many Rock Salt/Lava/Sparkling Snow as you can and give it to them.
    After giving 13 Magnus to the kids, talk to a nearby man for a  Mephistophes
    Cloak.  Give a total of 21 Magnus to the kids and he’ll give you a Secret
    Recipe 7.
    Do note that once the Nihal Desert sidequest is available, you cannot do this
    sidequest, and both items obtained are one-of-a-kind.
    [c.  Field Trip]
    Near the same time the Museum sidequest is available, a bunch of children will
    be visiting the Manor.  Go into one of the upstairs rooms and exit to see that
    the children are wreaking havoc.  Four of them want certain things:
    -Picture Book:  Found in the pink room of the Imperial Fortress.
    -Pow Milk:  Examine a barrel in Cebalrai’s stable.
    -Roasted Bird:  Roast a Dead Bluebird in Trill’s oven.
    -Snow:  Everywhere on the Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa.
    Once you have given each what they want, exit the room, reenter, and talk to
    the maid for Firedrake Fists.
    [5.  Credits]
    -Chaos Grimoire, for information on the Dried Flowers for the Popular Pickup
    -VansFlyingPapaya, for the Treasured Painting and Warrior's Memories
    description, as well as information about the Rock Salt and Gold Nuggets.
    -Napoli, for being the cutest kitty ever.
    -GameFAQs, for hosting this FAQ.
    [6.  Disclaimer]
    I created this guide.  You cannot use this to sell to others, or pass this on
    as your own work.  Only GameFAQs has my permission to host my FAQ.  If you’d
    like to host this FAQ on your site, please email me!  Use this FAQ for private
    use only.
    [7.  Contact]
    If you have questions, corrections, comments or suggestions about this FAQ or
    the Quest Magnus or would like to put this on your webpage, contact me at
    ketshi at gmail.com.  Make sure to include something to the effect of “Baten
    Kaitos” in the title, or I could possibly delete it.
    [8.  Update History]
    January 30th:  This is it:  The first day this baby is an official FAQ!  I hope
    it gets accepted.
    [9.  Closing]
    Thanks for reading!  I hope that this document will help you with Quest Magnus
    to make Baten Kaitos even more enjoyable.

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