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    Missable Magnus FAQ by Fei Hong

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    Written by: Stephen Chi
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    1) Introduction
    As a card-based game, a major part of Baten Kaitos is simply collecting every 
    card possible.  For most of the 1000+ cards, collecting can be put off until 
    the end of the game, when the player can simply revisit an area and fight an 
    enemy, take a photo, or open a treasure chest for the card.  In other cases, 
    however, there is just one chance to obtain a card or perform some sidequest, 
    and this FAQ will cover as many of those points as possible to aid in those 
    seeking to complete their Gathering. 
    Spoilers will be kept to a minimum, limited only to the names of areas and 
    several common enemies.
    2) Vital Sidequests/Cards
    There are a number of general tips that should be followed throughout the 
    entire game, and these will be listed first.  All subsequent sidequests/cards 
    are listed chronologically to when they can be obtained/ended.  Purposes to 
    certain quest Magnus are provided, except when that would entail a spoiler.
    1. Take a picture of every boss. If the boss has more than one part, take 
    pictures of each part. Just seeing the picture after the battle is enough; you 
    don't need to actually own it.  You will actually have multiple chances to take
    pictures of G, A, and F (initials, you will be fully introduced by the middle 
    of the third island), but it never hurts to be safe.  The main reason people
    have been unable to complete their Gathering is because they forgot to take a
    picture of one of the bosses.  Make it a priority to get that Camera out as
    soon as possible.  Bosses in Baten Kaitos are rarely difficult; I have made it 
    a habit to waste cards by attacking the boss and then healing him/her/it in 
    the same combo so I can get my camera as quickly as possible without risk of 
    accidentally ending the fight prematurely.  
    2. Just to be safe, make sure to take pictures of every type of enemy because 
    the area might be closed off later. Again, you don't have to keep the photo, 
    just see it after the battle is over in the rewards screen.
    3. Do NOT throw away Warrior's Momentos (Moonguile Forest), and do NOT give it 
    to the wives (Wazn) later in the game until it has turned into Warrior's 
    Memories.  Reward for the Memories is a Golden Bugle.  The Momentos take 50 
    hours to transform, making the Memories one of the most missed cards.
    4. Do NOT throw away the Thunderfish Bone (Lesser Celestial River). Do not even
    pick it up until the second disc, because it's a waste of space for a long 
    time. Give it to the museum in Balancoire on the second disc.
    5. Diadem Castle, first visit, take pictures of the TWO types of enemies. They 
    won't be around again.  They DO NOT respawn, so take pictures AS SOON AS 
    6. In Diadem Castle, save every knight (if you need extra help, there is a room
    full of wounded knights to the left of a staircase) in order to get the six 
    elemental auras, which will gradually increase in power from level one to level
    six. You MUST save them, as the auras will not show up elsewhere. Auras are 
    special defense cards that require a defense card of the same element to be 
    used rightbefore them, but have the helpful effect of ending the enemy's combo.
    7. Do NOT throw away or sell Magical Piggy Bank (School of Magic, talk to the 
    student sitting in the front row four times, then speak to the boy sitting 
    behind him). It has two transformations (Full Piggy Bank, Empty Piggy Bank), 
    and it's the only one you'll get. 
    8. Trail of Souls. Ah, the accursed Trail of Souls. You MUST get Secret Recipe 
    4 here, and you MUST allow a monster to attack you (preferably in the fourth 
    wave, where the reward is a speed boost) so you can take pictures of the TWO 
    types of monsters there. You MUST ALSO obtain a Frost Cap as a random drop from
    the Zelmers there (floating ice head). (Ket Shi/VansFlyingPapaya) You WILL NOT 
    get a second chance.  The Trail of Souls is probably the second highest reason
    why people fail to complete the Gathering, as there is no indication of what 
    cards can be obtained.  Secret Recipe 4 is found in the very last wave.  See 
    Section 4 for more information about the Trail of Souls.
    9. If you do not get all 9 Secret Recipes, you will be unable to create the 
    tenth Secret Recipe, which is formed by making a straight of all nine previous
    recipes in ascending order.  Only three Secret Recipes can be missed forever,
    4, 6, and 7, unless you accidentally sell or discard one.  
    10. Once you reach Alfard, keep a spare Camera in your Stock. Once you get off 
    the island, you'll see why. 
    11. In Mintaka, you should get Secret Recipe 6 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It's 
    located on the screen with the port.  Go far up past the door to the house, 
    then right onto the spindle-like things.  Walk to the end of the one second 
    from the bottom.  Examine the air for the Secret Recipe.
    12. Mintaka, first visit, take pictures of the TWO types of enemies. They won't
    be around again.  You MUST take pictures of both enemies BEFORE leaving 
    13. In Azha, give the kids 13 Magnus and talk to the guy sitting on the ground 
    for a Mephistoles Cloak, then keep giving them Magnus until you pass 20. Talk 
    to the guy again for Secret Recipe 7. Do this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you need
    disposable Magnus, just make repeated runs into the nearby Lava Caves for some
    Lava.  For some reason, the kids just gobble those up like any other Magnus.
    14. In Mintaka, en route to the Imperial Fortress, enter the house in the 
    screen that leads out of the city. Examine the journal to obtain Girl's 
    Thoughts. Do this BEFORE finishing the Imperial Fortress.  Girl's Thoughts can
    be used in Azha to unblock a passage (see 7 in Missable Sidequests).
    15. Late, late in the game, a certain someone's face will be slightly altered 
    for a single battle. Annoyingly, you can get TWO pictures, one rare, the other
    Mega Rare, from that person in that state, and you MUST get BOTH during that
    one battle. Don't forget to take a picture of the enemy, too.
    16. In the Phantom Ship, take a picture of the normal enemy, the Master 
    Revenants, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. They DO NOT respawn when you leave and reenter
    the screen.
    17. In the Phantom Ship, do not enter the leftmost room in the main hall (the 
    one with six entry points) until you have gotten all the Magnus. That triggers
    the boss battle, and there are several unique Magnus on the Ship that you will
    want beforehand, since the party is ejected from the ship after the fight.
    3) Missable Sidequests
    These sidequests are not essential in the sense that the Magnus received can 
    be obtained elsewhere, but will disappear after certain points in the game. 
    Some people may enjoy doing them, as the prize is often worth the trouble.
    1. Talk to woman near exit of Cebalrai after getting Explosives, then save her
    husband in the mansion in Pherkad (second door from left after heading up 
    stairs).  Talk to the couple back in Cebalrai Village. Get Shampoo.
    2. In Sheliak, prior to entering castle, give water (Age a Cloud to get Salty
    Water) to a soldier standing in the plaza. Get nothing.
    3. In Diadem Castle, after visiting the Shrine, clean up the rubble in the East
    wing. Get Glass Earrings. (Ket Shi)  If you do not do this, the rubble will be 
    cleared up later and you can obtain the Glass Earring by giving a soldier in 
    the Castle several Nameless Flowers.  
    4. In Diadem Castle, after visiting the Shrine, push rubble in the West wing 
    against the walls. Get Hydra. (Ket Shi)  Similarly, the rubble will be cleared
    up later and you can obtain Hydra by giving a soldier in the Castle some 
    Nameless Flowers.  
    5. In Sheliak, after finishing the Shrine, give water to the person washing the
    street lamp (hold a Cloud long enough and it will degenerate to Salty Water) 
    and to the soldier running around.
    6. In Azha, give the woman in the house to the left a Hot Rock (Age Lava from 
    the Lava Caves). Get Cetaka's Sword. Talk to the old woman in the same screen, 
    get Platinum Buckle. (Omnigamer)
    7. In Azha, give the boy on the third floor of the house Girl's Thoughts. Gain 
    entry into third floor room. (Omnigamer)
    4) Trail of Souls
    In order to enter the fourth island, your party must board a ship and travel 
    through an outer dimension, the Trail of Souls.  But, after certain events
    occur en route involving a trio of villains, your ship will be forced to 
    follow a smaller ship in an attempt to reach safety.  This takes place as a 
    shooter style minigame, in which your ship attempts to keep pace with the 
    other ship while shooting down enemies.  Once this minigame is finished, it 
    can never be played again, so obtaining all of the unique Magnus in one go is
    a must if you wish to possess a full Gathering of Magnus.  
    A: Shoots homing shots
    Hold R + A: Shoots shots in direction ship is facing
    Left: Turns ship left
    Right: Turns ship right
    In this minigame, your ship will automatically move forward at the bottom of 
    the screen.  A total of 12 waves of enemies, with 4 enemies each, will appear 
    at the top of the screen and travel downwards towards you.  If you destroy all
    4 enemies in a single wave, the last one will drop a Magnus.  The only 
    exception to this rule is the fourth wave, in which the last enemy will drop a 
    speed boost that rapidly accelerates your ship up to the smaller one. The 
    Magnus drops are as follows:
    1. Half Plate
    2. Aqua Burst Level 3
    3. Crystal Edge
    4. Speed Boost
    5. Shish Kebab (Large)
    6. Green Oak
    7. Kite Shield
    8. Devil Eupho
    9. Diminuendo
    10. Wheat Crackers
    11. Camera 2
    12. Secret Recipe 4
    The only wave that you absolutely must destroy is the last one, which holds 
    Secret Recipe 4.  All other cards can be obtained elsewhere, though you may 
    want to have Diminuendo as soon as possible since it's next location won't be
    for many hours.  One shot kills an enemy, so jam that button the moment you 
    see one approaching on the radar screen.  It's a good idea, if you're having
    trouble, too just spray shots wildly between waves.  You can probably take out
    one or two of the next wave right off the bat.
    There are three other unique Magnus aside from Secret Recipe 4, however, and 
    getting them requires you to purposefully miss at least one wave.  First, 
    there are two enemies in the Trail of Souls that do not appear elsewhere: 
    Ghost Claws and Zelmers.  You must spare one wave (preferably the one with the
    speed boost) and take pictures of both enemies.  In addition to this, there is
    one other Magnus that requires you to fight an enemy wave.  Zelmers, the blue
    floating ice heads, occasionally drop Frost Caps.  They are the only enemy to
    drop this Magnus, and it cannot be found elsewhere.  So, you must continue to
    allow waves to live until a fight with a Zelmer yields this Magnus.  
    The enemies will of course be shooting back at you during your flight.  Being
    hit reduces your speed and paralyzes your shooting for a moment.  If you are 
    hit so many times that the second ship reaches the top edge of your radar, the
    minigame will start over.  But, the number of times you would have to be hit 
    is so high, that will likely never occur to you as long as you keep shooting.
    5) Contact Info
    If you wish to contact me, I can be reached by email at stichifaq@verizon.net.
    Do not email me about some piddling grammar or spelling mistake, or to tell me
    my FAQ sucks.  Do not email me asking how to get through an area.  DO email me
    if you have info to contribute, which I will credit you for (unless I have 
    already found it), or if there is some vital, glaring error in the locations.  
    If you would like clarification on a location, the forum would probably be a 
    better idea, since I check that daily and there are other competent players 
    there to answer your question in the likely event that I screw up.

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