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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Karpah

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     BATEN KAITOS
                           Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
                                 Full FAQ/Walkthrough
                         Written by Rebecca Skinner (Karpah)
                          Version 1.0    25th February 2007
                       Arrr, thar be spoilers ahead, me matey.
                             [ToC]     TABLE OF CONTENTS
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                       - 1.0 -     INTRODUCTION
                         1.1       Game Introduction
                         1.2       About the Author
                       - 2.0 -     GAME BASICS
                         2.1       Story
                         2.2       Characters
                         2.3       Menus
                         2.4       Magnus Basics
                         2.5       Battle Basics
                       - 3.0 -     HINTS AND TIPS
                       - 4.0 -     WALKTHROUGH (With Spoilers)
                         4.1       Sadal Suud Frontier
                         4.2       Diadem, Land of Clouds
                         4.3       Anuenue, The Rainbow Nation
                         4.4       Mira, City of Illusion
                         4.5       Alfard, Empire of the Flame
                         4.6       Party Regroup
                         4.7       The Ice Lands of Wazn
                         4.8       The Imperial Fortress
                         4.9       Duhr, The Earth Nation
                         4.10      The Celestial Alps
                         4.11      Xelha - Forbidden Book Of Magic
                         4.12      Gibari - Greater Celestial River
                         4.13      Savyna - Mad Wolf Unit
                         4.14      Lyude - Phantom Goldoba
                         4.15      Mizuti - Zosma, Tower of Stones
                         4.16      Cor Hydrae Castle
                       - 5.0 -     SIDE QUESTS (And Other Bits)
                         5.1       Quzman's Family Tree
                         5.2       Completing the Star Map
                         5.3       Animals for Wazn Campaign
                         5.4       Aging Magnus!?
                         5.5       Shop Selections
                       - 6.0 -     OUTRODUCTION
                         6.1       Revision History
                         6.2       Credits and Shameless Plugs
                                [1.0]     INTRODUCTION
    Ahhh, a new guide for me. I've been chomping at the bit to do one, in the 
    break between Morrowind and Oblivion, and here I have a week of holidays to 
    hopefully set down a good foundation for one. Plus it's an RPG. I'm hooked!
                             [1.1]     Game Introduction
    Mmmm, Baten Kaitos. What is there to say about a game like Baten Kaitos? Well 
    for starters, it's one of the very few decent RPGs to surface on the little 
    ol' Cube. So when I decided I wanted to write for another RPG, preferably one 
    on the Cube because I don't have any Cube FAQs, the list of possible games to 
    draw from was pretty small, and I only owned two of them anyways.
    So I rock/scissor/papered between Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos, and 
    this game won. So here I am. Whee!
    Baten Kaitos is one of the most unique games I've ever seen, simply because of 
    its item system and battle system. And people liked it so much that it spawned 
    a sequel, which will probably hit Australian shores sometime in 2008. 
    Developed by Monolith Soft and tri-Crescendo, and published by Namco, this 
    cult hit keeps most of the standard RPG fares, introduces some new ones, and 
    creates an incredibly addictive mix that will keep most gamers hooked for at 
    least 50 hours. (336 for the completists. And the ones that aren't hooked need 
    to see a doctor.)
    I hope this guide completely covers the game, and helps you, the reader, 
    unlock all of it's secrets (of which there are many). Good luck and good 
                              [1.2]     About the Author
    Well now, what is there to say about someone like me. My name is Rebecca 
    Skinner, so yes before the e-mails start saying 'r u really a gurl', I am a 
    girl. (A female that loves video games? Wtf?) Right now, I'm 21 years old, 
    though I expect that to change sometime within the next year. Whee!
    I live in Melbourne, Australia, and when I'm not addicted to playing video 
    games, I'm either at university studying computer science, or at my local 
    tenpin bowling alley. (Duh. I'm a nerd.) I love playing RPGs, games I can lay 
    hundreds of hours into and never get bored. Though once in a while I am fond 
    of sports games such as the latest AFL or cricket versions, or the odd car 
    racing game. 
    If you want to know more about me, or have anything at all to say about my 
    guide, feel free to drop me an e-mail.
                            ~~~~~ faqs(at)karpie.net ~~~~~
    I check it fairly often, but my inbox does tend to fill up with crap all the 
    time. A good way to get me to read your e-mail:
    1)  Make it in readable English. I hate 1337 or AIM speak.
    2)  Please don't ask me how to do something I've already documented. I don't 
        mind if you ask for clarification on points, or ask me to explain further, 
        but the fiftieth e-mail asking me where to get the Splended Hair magnus 
        is ANNOYING.
    3)  Include "Baten Kaitos" in the subject title. These get forwarded to a 
        folder I check more often than my spam-filled inbox.
    4)  Don't ask me when I'm going to update the guide. I'm a busy person, and I 
        get about a dozen e-mails a week asking me 'omgwtfbbq are u gona updaet ur
        gide??' I work on it in my own time. E-mails like that make me not want to 
        work on it. See where I'm going here?
    5)  Offer cash donations. Just joking. Or am I? *X-Files theme*
    Boring copyright info now. This FAQ is copyright Rebecca Skinner AKA Karpah, 
    2006. You can read it, download it, print it off, e-mail it around unaltered, 
    whatever, I don't mind. But you wanna post it on your own site? Or copy and 
    paste it, pass it off as your own work? That's a definite NO-NO, sorry.
    This guide can ONLY be found on the following sites:
    *   http://www.gamefaqs.com (and affiliates)
    *   http://www.neoseeker.com
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    *   http://www.karpie.net (my site, of course!)
    Any other sites you find it on, lemme know so I can send some nasty e-mails to 
    webhosts. I like doing that.
    ------ Go download Don't Say A Word, by Sonata Arctica as you read this. -----
                                [2.0]     GAME BASICS
    Ah, good old game basics. This is the nitty-gritty stuff that you really 
    should learn before jumping in and playing the game. If you don't, you'll 
    either learn it pretty quickly in-game or be hopelessly stuck... Therefore, I 
    suggest reading it as being stuck is never a good option.
                                   [2.1]     Story
    Our story revolves around three main chracters - Kalas, a teenage rebel who 
    thinks of himself, revenge, and little else; Xelha (pronounced Shella), a 
    quiet but determined young woman on a mission; and you, the Guardian Spirit 
    watching over Kalas and making sure he doesn't screw up his life TOO badly.
    Long ago, the world was ravaged by a wicked god named Malpercio. He destroyed 
    the world's Oceans, and made the terrain unliveable, forcing the surviving 
    population up to live on islands floating in the sky. (Ignore reality for just 
    one moment here.) Now, in today's current world, there are five such islands - 
    the nations of Sadal Suud, Diadem, Anuenue, Mira, and Alfard.
    Our story begins with Kalas, waking up in the small town of Cebalrai, on Sadal 
    Suud. Here, he meets Xelha, and decides to accompany her to the nearby 
    Moonguile Forest (for the sole purpose of getting revenge on some rock cats, I 
    presume). There he learns a little about Xelha, who was there on a mission to 
    find an especially rare Magnus.
    From there, it turns into a good old-fashioned race around the world between 
    several parties to collect the set of these rare Magnus. Who will win? And 
    what will happen when the Magnus have all been recovered? Stay tuned and get 
    ready to play (or read), to find out...
                                [2.2]       Characters
    You'll meet a set of weird and wacky characters in this game, some likeable 
    and appealing, some intrinsically evil, some just downright weird. And so I 
    shall present, a list of the playable characters, with a little bit of 
    information about them.
                                  ~~~~~ Kalas ~~~~~
        Age:    18
        Found:  Cebalrai, Sadal Suud
        Base Stats:     LVL 1
                        HP  132    DCK 20
                        ATK 13     DEF 10     AGL 11     VIT 10     EXP 12
                        CLS 1      HND 3      CM  2      IT  inf.
        Equip:          Aged Buckle
    The main character of the game. The one you're the Guardian Spirit of! Kalas 
    is an unruly little kid, introduced to us at the start of the game in 
    Cebalrai. After accompanying Xelha to the capital city of the island, Sadal 
    Suud - he meets an old nemesis and becomes preoccupied with getting revenge 
    for his sibling and grandfather. Of course, there are a lot of twists and 
    turns in the road ahead for him, but Kalas is a good boy overall ;)
    Kalas will probably be your main fighter in battle, being the main character 
    overall. Picking him up first in the game, you'll become comfortable with his 
    battle style and equipment first of all and will probably be unlikely to 
    change :P He can use weapons and armour of every element, making him a good 
    all-rounder, and you can tailor his deck towards any specific boss with ease. 
    Overall, a pretty darn useful character.
                                  ~~~~~ Xelha ~~~~~
        Age:    17
        Found:  Moonguile Forest, Sadal Suud
        Base Stats:     LVL 1
                        HP  101    DCK 20
                        ATK 11     DEF 8      AGL 22     VIT 7      EXP 47
                        CLS 1      HND 3      CM  2      IT  inf.
        Equip:          Fancy Anklet
    Ahhh, young Xelha with the terrible name. Seriously, what kind of name is 
    Xelha? Anyways, you'll meet her in Cebalrai as well, as she tours Sadal Suud 
    with a purpose in mind. She's on a mission to recover five sacred Magnus known 
    as the End Magnus, remnants of an ancient and wicked god. Beyond her noble 
    intentions, you'll learn a lot more about her as the game progresses, such as 
    where she's from, how she came to learn about the End Magnus, and her possible 
    connection with the long lost Ocean.
    In battle, Xelha will be your first (and only for a long time) spellcaster. 
    She comes with a full deck of basic spell Magnus, and you will be using them 
    quite a lot. Finishing moves are all light or dark based, perfect for a lot of 
    bosses who have weaknesses to one or the other :P Later you'll get a second 
    spellcaster, but Xelha has a much stronger base Attack, so is better suited 
    for offense.
                                  ~~~~~ Gibari ~~~~~
        Age:    34
        Found:  Nashira, Diadem
        Base Stats:     LVL 6
                        HP  365    DCK 25
                        ATK 29     DEF 28     AGL 14     VIT 29     EXP 750
                        CLS 2      HND 4      CM  3      IT  inf.
        Equip:          Bamboo Creel
    Gibari's a fisherman from the land of clouds, Diadem. He seems set in his 
    ways, unwilling to foresee a change in world order, and quite happy to accept 
    Imperial rule... until the agenda is forced on him. He's almost like your 
    group's fatherly figure, imparting words of wisdom when needed, also beating 
    some sense into your other party members on occasion :P But watch him turn 
    into a kid in a pissing contest whenever Reblys appears on the scene... aye.
    The vast majority of weapons Gibari has access to are wind elemental. You'd 
    think they'd be water, he being a fisherman, but anyways. Combined with his 
    rather large attack power, he'll be a major player in your team, especially 
    when you come up against bosses weak against wind (of which there are 
                                  ~~~~~ Lyude ~~~~~
        Age:    18
        Found:  Castle Elnath, Diadem
        Base Stats:     LVL 11
                        HP  449    DCK 30
                        ATK 37     DEF 39     AGL 34     VIT 31     EXP 2930
                        CLS 3      HND 5      CM  4      IT  30
        Equip:          Dark Red Earrings
    I like Lyude. I really do. Even though his voice acting constantly sounds like 
    he's just finished running a marathon, I like him. Lyude is your token 
    Imperial soldier, an ambassador stationed in Diadem, until an unfortunate 
    incident sees him turn his back on his homeland and his people. And so he'll 
    join your rag-tag group of misfits, on their mission.
    In battle, Lyude seems to have a rather big affinity for musical instruments, 
    all either light or dark-based. Why musical instruments? No-one knows. But 
    anyways. A versatile character, but one fairly average in all stats, he's best 
    only brought in when the elements of a particular battle require it. He will 
    shine during some parts of the game, and be totally off the mark for others, 
    but is still a useful character.
                                  ~~~~~ Savyna ~~~~~
        Age:    25
        Found:  Opu, Anuenue
        Base Stats:     LVL 17
                        HP  780    DCK 30
                        ATK 55     DEF 52     AGL 57     VIT 48     EXP 8500
                        CLS 3      HND 5      CM  4      IT  30
        Equip:          Rubber Barette
    Ah, the mysterious Savyna. I won't say a lot about her, because for a long 
    time, you don't learn anything about her. The crazily dressed woman with 
    peacock tails for wings, who seems to be shadowing you around the island of 
    Anuenue, checking up on you. Who is she, why is she following you, and what 
    issues does she have?
    In battle, Savyna uses martial arts techniques combined with the elements of 
    fire and water, just to counteract Lyude's light and dark. She hits harder 
    than Lyude, and so is more useful, especially when the elements of battle are 
    in her favour. Her finishers are also all fire and water, and involve multiple 
    weaker hits. A very good character in battle, regardless.
                                  ~~~~~ Mizuti ~~~~~
        Age:    14
        Found:  Duke Calbren's Manor, Mira
        Base Stats:     LVL 22
                        HP  872    DCK 30
                        ATK 62     DEF 88     AGL 88     VIT 45     EXP 25000
                        CLS 3      HND 5      CM  4      IT  30
        Equip:          Dazed Birdie
    That's the Great Mizuti to you, punk! This little... person is the weirdest 
    thing to come out of a game since Quina made itself known in Final Fantasy 
    9. But hey, at least we know Mizuti's gender (although it isn't apparent for a 
    while), and at least Mizuti doesn't eat frogs. 
    You'll pick Mizuti up on your way to Mira, when you take a wrong turn in the 
    Trail of Souls and end up in the Outer Dimension. Scary, huh? And lemme say, 
    Mizuti's introduction scene (the first one you see them in) is one of the 
    funniest in the entire game.
    In terms of battles, Mizuti is your second spellcaster. Mizuti uses the same 
    spell Magnus as Xelha does, so you can basically pick who you like better out 
    of the two and use them for all your magic purposes. I chose Mizuti, as 
    they're cute and you can barely understand a word they say. Mizuti has the 
    edge over Xelha in defense, but in all other stats Xelha is slightly superior. 
    Only slightly. 
                                   ~~~~~ You ~~~~~
    Okay, so You isn't a playable character, You means you, you holding the 
    GameCube controller reading this guide because you're stuck on what to do 
    next! You do have an important role in the game, that being the Guardian 
    Spirit of the unruly Kalas. You'll be the one whispering the suggestions in 
    his ear, telling him, yes you do want to hear that story, and NO, YOU DON'T 
    WANT TO FIGHT THAT BOSS (I wish). Your responses to the questions Kalas and 
    his group pose to you will determine the number of Spirit Attacks you get in 
    battle - massively powerful elemental attacks that can be seen as your own 
    input into battle, as the Guardian Spirit. 
    You get to name yourself, whatever you like. I chose Becky, cuz it sounds 
    very mystical and Guardian-Spirit-ish, and just happens to be my name. Of 
    course, because you choose your own name, this means it will never be spoken 
    in the dialogue, making for some very messed-up lines. "And (long pause) is 
    your Guardian Spirit?" Arghhh!
                                   [2.3]     Menus
    A lot of the menus are self explanatory... but due to unique concepts like 
    Deck and Gathering, I'll go over them all.
                                  ~~~~~ Magnus ~~~~~
    The section of the menu that deals with managing the hordes of Magnus you will 
    collect over the course of the game. Lots of options with what to do with 
    ----/ Deck /----          How we go about putting cards in a character's Deck, 
                              for use in battle. If they're not put into the Deck, 
    forget about using them in battle. On the left side of the screen, you have 
    the Magnus stock - all the Magnus that aren't currently being equipped in any 
    Decks, as well as those that are non-usable in battle (such as Shish Kebabs). 
    The stock has a maximum capacity of 1000 Magnus - but don't worry, you 
    shouldn't come anywhere near it even if you are a hardcore collector.
    Cards listed in colour are able to be put in the current character's Deck. 
    Cards greyed out are not, ie. weapons of the wrong type, healing items that 
    can only be used in Camp, etc. On the right side of the screen is the 
    individual character's Deck. L and R toggles between the sides of the screen, 
    and up and down on the yellow C-stick switch between characters and their 
    Decks. To move cards back and forth between the Deck and the Stock, press A to 
    select the card. If putting cards in the Deck and there is no space left, 
    you'll be prompted to select a card to replace, otherwise the switch will take 
    Like all Magnus screens, pressing Z will show or hide more information about 
    the current Magnus.
    ----/ Use /----           This is where you can actually use one-use Magnus. 
                              Some types of Magnus, such as Shish Kebabs and Wheat 
    Crackers, are only usable in Camp, and using them here actually uses them up. 
    Most Magnus can not be used in Camp, for obvious reasons.
    ----/ Equip /----         Each character is able to equip one piece of 
                              Equipment Magnus, and here is where you select that 
    one piece. It has a similar layout to the Deck screen, except each character 
    has a single Magnus displayed at right, and Magnus details are replaced with 
    that Magnus' statistics at the bottom of the screen. Each character will only 
    have a handful of possible Equipment Magnus to select from, and at the 
    beginning of the game, none at all.
    ----/ Drop /----          Want to get rid of a Magnus? I have no idea why you 
                              would want to, unless you ran out of space in your 
    Magnus Stock (which has never happened to me in several complete-Magnus runs 
    of the game), but if you want to get rid of one, do it here. Select the 
    Magnus, confirm the drop, and away it goes, never to be seen again.
    ----/ Quest /----         Early in the game, you will be introduced to the 
                              concept of Quest Magnus, those Magnus that can be 
    used to draw the 'essence' of real objects, turning them into Magnus. Each 
    Quest Magnus starts off blank, and you can fill them with essence by using 
    them in the world, or empty them here. Pressing A on any quest Magnus will ask 
    you if you really want to empty it. Or you can just check which ones you 
    actually have.
    ----/ Valuables /----     This screen just holds a list of 'valuable items' 
                              and their descriptions. These are picked up over the 
    course of the story, and don't get used manually like other Magnus. Keys and 
    the like end up on this screen, as they are automatically used when necessary, 
    and totally irrelevant when not.
                                ~~~~~ Characters ~~~~~
    This set of menu options relate to how characters are displayed on the Camp 
    screen, and how they're organized in battle.
    ----/ Status /-----       Changes the display of the characters on the right 
                              side of the screen to a more detailed view, 
    displaying statistics and resistances for each character. Press up and down on 
    the C-stick to change characters.
    ----/ BTL Members /----   Changes the display of the characters on the right 
                              side of the screen to a less detailed view, 
    displaying minimal statistics for the three current battle party members on 
    screen. When this option is selected, it will become greyed out on the menu 
    You can still scroll up and down, but when the characters on screen are not 
    actually the ones in your battle party, the option will becoming active for 
    selection again.
    ----/ Order /----         Changes the order of your characters in the party, 
                              and therefore the active battle party. The top three 
    characters on the list will be the three that go into battle. Select a 
    character, then select who to swap them with, to change the order.
                                ~~~~~ Gathering ~~~~~
    The Gathering section is for the collection nuts - it helps to detail just how 
    far you've come in collecting all the possible items in Baten Kaitos. 
    Completing the Gathering is hardcore. Truly.
    ----/ Magnus /----        Lists how many of the 1022 possible different Magnus
                              available in the game, you have collected. Many of 
    the Magnus are one chance Magnus, or otherwise not easily obtainable without 
    meticulous planning and execution of the entire game. Completing the Gathering 
    is perhaps the most arduous task possible to complete in Baten Kaitos. At time 
    of writing, this author has 867/1022 collected.
    ----/ SP Combos /----     Lists how many of the 141 possible different special 
                              combos have been executed during battle, ie. 
    different combinations of existing Magnus to create new ones, along with the 
    combinations that created them (for future reference, should you want to 
    repeat the combo to get more Magnus).
    ----/ Music /----         Lists all of the music tracks heard so far in the 
                              game, as well as some hidden ones that are unlocked 
    by collecting various Magnus. In all, there are 58 songs to collect and they 
    can be listened to here.
                                  ~~~~~ System ~~~~~
    The System menu lists all the system options of the game - most are fairly 
    self explanatory.
    ----/ Auto Sort /----     Sorts Magnus in your inventory automatically as you 
                              pick them up. Turn it on or off.
    ----/ BTL Tips /----      Displays Magnus detail in battle, such as name, 
                              attack, and elemental power, as your cursor is on a 
    Magnus. Turn it on or off.
    ----/ BTL Results /----   After each character's turn, statistics are shown - 
                              attack power in each element, defense power in each 
    element, overall damage, combo additions (or subtractions), and final damage 
    taken/done. You can select to show all (on a screen you have to press A to get 
    out of) after each turn, or show popups only.
    ----/ Rumble /----        Simply, turn the controller rumble feature of the 
                              game on or off.
    ----/ Voices /----        Turn voice acting on or off. While the voice acting 
                              isn't terribly great, I find it best to leave it on.
    ----/ Sound /----         Change sound output, to either mono, stereo, or 
                              surround. If hooked up to a massive big-ass speaker 
    set, press Surround, otherwise Stereo should be just fine.
                                   ~~~~~ Save ~~~~~
    Saves the game while either at a save flower on or on an island map. Select 
    either slot A or slot B for your memory card locations, a save file, and save. 
    If overwriting, you'll be prompted to make sure you want to, that you're not 
    accidentally overwriting some 500-hour save game or something.
                                   ~~~~~ Load ~~~~~
    Loads a saved game from the memory card in either slot A or slot B. This can 
    be done at any time.
                               [2.4]     Magnus Basics
    Ahhh, and we get to the Magnus section. Knowing about Magnus and knowing how 
    to use them effectively is the key to getting through the game. 
                            ~~~~~ What Is A Magnus? ~~~~~
    To put it very simply, a Magnus is a card. It looks like an ordinary playing 
    card, with four sides, one or more numbers, and a pretty picture. The picture 
    on the Magnus is what that Magnus is. Some Magnus have pictures of swords on 
    them, and are used as swords in battle. Some have pictures of icecream or 
    apple pie, and can be eaten as recovery items. (Yum.)  
                               ~~~~~ Using Magnus ~~~~~
    What good is a card? Not much, really. Except when you use it. Use it, and the 
    card basically turns into the item pictured on it. Use a sword Magnus and 
    attack someone with the sword. Use a wine Magnus and get smashing drunk. Well, 
    no, but it would be nice. And when you combine multiple Magnus cards into a 
    Deck.... that's where REAL the fun begins. 
    Each character has their own Deck, of Magnus they can use in battle. If it's 
    not in the character's Deck, they can't use it. Planning out each character's 
    Deck is important - each needs to have a good combination of some or all of 
    the types listed below, otherwise they'll get slaughtered in battle. Moving 
    right along to the different types...
                               ~~~~~ Magnus Types ~~~~~
    Magnus come in a variety of types, as stated earlier. Each type is used 
    differently, by different people. Looking up a Magnus to see what it does is 
    easy in-game, but here are the general types, just for reference. Some Magnus 
    fit under more than one category. Some fit in none.
    ----/ Attack Magnus /----     These are the Magnus that get used in battle as 
                                  weapons against enemies. You can also use some 
    against your own party, but what would be the point in that? For attack Magnus 
    to be used, they must be placed in the right character's Deck, in the camp 
    menu prior to battle. Some attack Magnus have elemental affinities, for 
    example, Gibari's Mosquito paddle does both physical and Wind-elemental 
    damage, and all of the spell Magnus are based on an element. 
    Different types of attack Magnus are usable by different people. Sword Magnus 
    are only used by Kalas, paddle Magnus are used by Gibari, musical Magnus by 
    Lyude, claw Magnus by Savyna, and spell Magnus by both Mizuti and Xelha.
    ----/ Defense Magnus /----    These are the Magnus that get used in battle as 
                                  protection against enemy attacks. They can 
    loosely be split into several categories based on which of your characters can 
    use them - a large portion of defense Magnus can only be used by Xelha and 
    Mizuti, for example. Some defense Magnus have elemental affinities, for 
    example, the Crystal Helm, usable by Kalas, Lyude and Gibari, will protect 
    against a certain amount of both physical and fire damage, as it is a water-
    based helm.
    ----/ Recovery Magnus /----   These are the Magnus that get used to heal and 
                                  revive your own characters, either in the Camp 
    menu or in battle. They can also be used on enemies, but really, whats the 
    point of that now? They may restore HP, cure status ailments (including 
    Death), or add resistance against status ailments. Generally Very Useful 
    ----/ Finishing Magnus /----  These are special Magnus designed to be used as 
                                  finishing maneuvers in battle, to finish off a 
    long (or short) Magnus combo. Each character has their own set of finishing 
    Magnus, each with more attack power than a normal (equivalent) weapon, for 
    example, when you find Kalas' level 2 finisher, Shadow Wings, it will have 
    more attack power than any weapons you find or can buy at or near that time in 
    the game.
    Each finishing Magnus comes with a ComboMax requirement, ie. the number of 
    cards that must be played in a combo before the finisher is available for use 
    in battle. As a good guide, lower levelled finishers require a combo equal to 
    the level of the finisher, for example, Shadow Wings has ComboMax 3, while 
    higher level finishers (such as Chaotic Illusion, Kalas' level 8 finisher) 
    require ComboMax just over half of the Magnus' level (ComboMax 5, in this 
    ----/ Equipment Magnus /----  Equipment Magnus are the set of Magnus that each 
                                  character can equip. (Way to state the obvious, 
    stupid.) At any one time, each character can equip one of a predefined set of 
    Magnus to increase their stats and also boost their resistances. For example, 
    Savyna's Fairy Barette equip is useless on its own, but when equipped, boosts 
    HP, ATK, DEF, and AGL dramatically, while offering minimal resistance to all 
    status attacks.
    It's easy to tell each character's set of equipment Magnus, because they're 
    all different types of one item. Buckles are equippable by Kalas, anklets by 
    Xelha, creels by Gibari (with the exception of his Goldfish Bowl), earrings by 
    Lyude (are they trying to tell us something?), barrettes by Savyna, and 
    birdies by Mizuti.
    ----/ Class Magnus /----      These are special Magnus found over the course 
                                  of the game, required to 'class up' your 
    characters at the church. Each character has their own set of class Magnus, 
    and each set has between one and five Magnus in it, depending on that 
    characters' initial class level. Benefits of finding these Magnus (not that 
    many are missable) and using them to class up your characters involve a larger 
    Deck, a larger Hand, and larger possible combos, up to a maximum of a Deck of 
    60, a Hand of 9, and a Combo of 9 at level 6.
    ----/ Photo Magnus /----      These Magnus represent photos you have taken 
                                  during battle, either of your own party or of 
    your enemies, using a camera Magnus. Photo Magnus have no real purpose other 
    than to complete the Gathering, and sell at any shop for gold. Selling photos 
    is the only source of income in the game, so it would be wise to take photos, 
    especially near the beginning of the game.
    ----/ Quest Magnus /----       Quest Magnus are special Magnus that are 
                                   obtained by 'extracting the essence' of real 
    world items. For example, examine a crate of apples to receive the Mountain 
    Apple quest Magnus. As the name would suggest, these are not usable in battle 
    like most other Magnus, rather get used for mini (or major) quests - get a 
    Mountain Apple Magnus, take it to a specific person somewhere for a Magnus 
    reward. Some of these quests are small, some develop over the entire game, 
    such as the Constellation quest.
                               [2.5]     Battle Basics
    Alright, now that you know how our menu system works, what our Magnus are and 
    what types there roughly are of them in the game, it's time to get into the 
    important stuff. Using Magnus in battle, and how battles in general work.
    ----/ Friends, Foes /----     Battles will always be between your party, of up 
                                  to three characters, and an enemy party of up to 
    three opponents. Of course, in the beginning you will only have one character 
    in your party, that being Kalas, but you will still fight multiple opponents.
    ----/ Turn Concept /----      Baten Kaitos uses a turn-based system. Each 
                                  character (good and bad) will get an opportunity 
    to take a turn, in which they can play one or more Magnus against friend or 
    foe. Almost always, a battle will start with your party, ie. one of your party 
    will take the first turn.
    ----/ Decks and Hands /----   At the start of a battle, each character's Deck 
                                  of Magnus is shuffled just like a deck of cards, 
    and Magnus dealt into your Hand. The Hand is the number of Magnus a character 
    will have to choose from, in any one turn, and is decided by the character's 
    class level. At class level 1, your Hand will consist of three Magnus. 
    The Deck is predetermined before the battle, you set the Decks in the Camp 
    menu, manually adding and removing Magnus as you see fit. Just remember, if a 
    card is not in a character's Deck, that character can not use it in battle. A 
    good basis for a Deck is a majority of weapons, say 65-70% of the Deck, most 
    of the rest as armour, and a few healing items.
    When you use a Magnus, the next one in the Deck is dealt and added to the 
    Hand. When the end of the Deck is reached, as it will in a lot of boss 
    battles, one of the character's turns is used to shuffle the Deck, and the 
    dealing process begins anew with a fresh Hand.
    ----/ Kicking Butt /----      When it's time for your party to take a turn, 
                                  the standard course of action is to attack the 
    bad guys, right? So that is what you should normally do. The character's Hand 
    will be laid out for you to choose from, and you'll have a certain amount of 
    time to choose the first Magnus in. This time, known as the IT, is also 
    determined by your class level; at class level 1, IT is infinite. If you reach 
    the end of your IT without selecting a Magnus to start your turn, you will 
    forfeit it.
    Magnus greyed out are unavailable for use in an attack turn, either because 
    they're defensive Magnus, or their ComboMax requirements have not been met. 
    Once you have selected a Magnus to start a turn, then it's on for young and 
    old. You have until that attack finishes executing, to select your next Magnus 
    in your combo, or else your turn is over. You can select as many Magnus to use 
    in one turn as your Combo stat will allow, again decided by class level. At 
    class 1, this Combo is two, so two attacks can be carried out (two attacking 
    Magnus used) in one turn, and at class 6 Combo is nine.
    As you attack (and the same is true for defense as well) you should keep an 
    eye on what elements you use in a turn. Using a fire weapon, then a water 
    weapon, will do lots of physical damage yes, but the fire damage and the water 
    damage will cancel each other out (or at least partially). For best results, 
    you generally shouldn't use weapons of opposing elements in the same combo.
    Once your turn has finished, a stats screen will display showing the results 
    of that turn. How much damage you inflicted over your entire turn, how much 
    defense the enemy used over the entire turn, overall results. Prizes are also 
    indicated here, and an overall damage result is shown. Once you've finished 
    your turn, it's onto the next character's turn. And if that character just 
    happens to be an enemy...
    ----/ Saving Your Butt /----  Ah, this is when the tables get turned. It's 
                                  your opponent taking turns in the exact same way 
    as you did, selecting Magnus (only you don't get to see what Magnus they get 
    to choose from). Again, you're picking Magnus - the single character targetted 
    by the enemy attack gets their Magnus Hand spread out again, the same one they 
    ended their last turn with.
    This time, all of your weapons will be greyed out, and your armour and other 
    usable defense weapons will be active choices. IT isn't shown for your enemy, 
    but you will only have several seconds to select your first defensive card, 
    and you just keep on selecting them for as long as the enemy attacks.
    If you miss selecting a Magnus, that attack will not be defended, but you can 
    continue selecting Magnus for the rest of the enemy attacks. Often, you may 
    miss the first attack, not selecting a defensive Magnus fast enough, but you 
    can continue selecting Magnus for the rest of the combo.
    As with attacking, at the end of a turn, statistics for the turn are shown, 
    with damage the enemy dished out, defense you put up, and the difference. Plus 
    any Prizes. What are Prizes, again? Keep reading...
    ----/ Prizes /----            Put simply, Prizes are bonuses you recieve for 
                                  selecting a good combination of Magnus on any 
    turn, be it an attacking or defending turn. If attacking, the Prizes will 
    increase the damage inflicted (after the defenses have been applied) by a 
    percentage, if defending, the Prizes will reduce the damage you sustain 
    (again, after defense calculations).
    So, how do you get prizes? Prizes have to do with the numbers on your Magnus - 
    the Spirit Numbers. Early in the game, each card will only come with one 
    number, but later on they'll come with up to four, one in each corner.
    When you select a Magnus, one of the spirit numbers is chosen to represent the 
    Magnus in the combo. By default, this is the top-right number. If you press A 
    to select a Magnus during battle, this will give you the default selection, 
    the top-right number. However, if you use the C-stick in battle, to select 
    your cards, you can select between any of the numbers on the Magnus.
    How to use the C-stick to select Magnus? Put your cursor on the Magnus, then 
    move the C-stick in the direction of the number you want. This way you can 
    pick which numbers go into your combo, and which numbers don't.
    Why would you want this? Because the numbers are what gets you prizes. Like 
    poker, you get rewarded for making pairs of numbers, 3 of a kind, so on. At 
    the start of the game, you can easily make a pair, ie. picking two Magnus with 
    7's on them. You also get prizes for making straights, for example, 1-2-3-4 
    (in order) with your Magnus, or 8-7-6-5-4-3, or even just 6-7.
    Be warned though, with straights, the numbers MUST be in order and there must 
    not be any extra. 1-2-3-4 will get you a prize, 1-2-3-4-3 will not. 6-7 is 
    good, 6-7-9 is bad. With groups, such as pair, any number of combinations is 
    good, but having odd ones out will lose you your prize. 6-6 is good, 6-6-7-7 
    is fine, 6-6-7-7-7 is also fine, 6-7-6-7-6 works too as a group of three and a 
    pair, but 6-6-7 will get you nothing.
    So a complete list of the different prizes, and what sort of percentages you 
    get for them? Here goes...
    Note: "Cards" in this case means groups of that number of cards - 3 Cards, 2 
    Pairs means two lots of three cards, eg 3-3-3-4-4-4. First percentage listed 
    is for attacking turns, second in brackets is percentage for that same prize 
    on a defending turn.
    * 2 Cards: 10% (-9%)
    * 2 Cards with 9: 15% (-13%)
    * 2 Cards, 2 Pairs: 13% (-11%)
    * 2 Cards, 3 Pairs: 26% (-20%)
    * 2 Cards, 4 Pairs: 40% (-28%)
    * 3 Cards: 21% (-17%)
    * 3 Cards with 9: 31% (-23%)
    * 3 Cards, 2 Pairs: 39% (-28%)
    * 3 Cards, 3 Pairs: 65% (-39%)
    * 4 Cards: 33% (-24%)
    * 4 Cards with 9: 49% (-32%)
    * 4 Cards, 2 Pairs: 64% (39%)
    * 5 Cards: 45% (-31%)
    * 5 Cards with 9: 67% (-40%)
    * 6 Cards: 57% (-36%)
    * 6 Cards with 9: 85% (-45%)
    * 7 Cards: 69% (-40%)
    * 7 Cards with 9: 103% (-50%)
    * 8 Cards: 81% (-44%)
    * 8 Cards with 9: 121% (-54%)
    * 9 Cards: 93% (-48%)
    * 9 Cards with 9: 139% (-58%)
    * 2 Straight: 13% (-11%)
    * 2 Straight with 9: 19% (-15%)
    * 3 Straight: 28% (-21%)
    * 3 Straight with 9: 42% (-29%)
    * 4 Straight: 45% (-31%)
    * 4 Straight with 9: 67% (-40%)
    * 5 Straight: 64% (-39%)
    * 5 Straight with 9: 96% (-48%)
    * 6 Straight: 86% (-46%)
    * 6 Straight with 9: 129% (-56%)
    * 7 Straight: 111% (-52%)
    * 7 Straight with 9: 166% (-62%)
    * 8 Straight: 139% (-58%)
    * 8 Straight with 9: 208% (-67%)
    * Final Straight Sunset (9~1): 255% (-71%)
    * Final Straight Sunrise (1~9): 306% (-75%)
    OK, that was a long list. As we can see, the ultimate combos are the final 
    straights - creating either 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, for sunrise, or 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-
    2-1, for sunset. Obviously this is only available for class level 6, with a 
    Combo of 9.
    Getting prizes regularly will ensure a much easier game. For some boss 
    battles, getting major prizes will turn a hellishly horrific nightmarish 
    battle into a manageable one. If you can practice making prizes early, using 
    the C-stick, the game will become rather a lot easier as the battles get 
    ----/ What Now? /----         Armed with that knowledge, you should be able to 
                                  at least attempt the game without getting your 
    ass totally kicked. All battles (except several which are detailed in the 
    walkthrough) work in this manner, so once you get the hang of it, you can go 
    out and slaughter thy enemies with some degree of ease. Moving right along!
                              [4.0]     THE WALKTHROUGH
    Dun-dun-dun. The main part of the guide, though I suspect it will not be the 
    longest. This walkthrough will take you by the hand and walk you through the 
    entire game, from the moment you turn your GameCube on to the moment you see 
    the pretty screen that says "The End".
    Step 1:  Get out GameCube, plug it in, make sure all wires are properly 
    Step 2:  Obtain Baten Kaitos game discs, either legally or illegally. I 
             suggest legally.
    Step 3:  Insert disc 1 into GameCube, shiny side down. Close lid, and turn 
             GameCube on.
    That's it for the REAL basic housekeeping stuff. Once you've got the system 
    on, treat yourself to the beautiful introduction seen, in which you'll meet 
    your six playable characters, a few extra characters, and hear a little bit of 
    stuff I wrote in the story scene above. The wicked god, Malpercio. Something 
    about an End Magnus. Kalas, not caring about things that musn't be touched. 
    Enjoy the scene, because it's the last you'll see for a VERY long time. 
    Anyways, let's go! Press New Game and awayyyy we gooooo!
    Ah, it seems Kalas has found a Guardian Spirit. Input your gender, and your 
    name. Your name will come up frequently in written dialogue, not so much your 
    gender. We get a little bit about Kalas' history, nothing that will make much 
    sense. Him testing out his wings - one real, one mechanical. His home, ablaze. 
    Him and his younger brother escaping, into the darkness.
    Five feathers, wanting to be freed from a thousand years of darkness. Oh, 
    you'll learn to hate this voice, these feathers and what they represent. For 
    the world, death and destruction. Oh, joy.
                            [4.1]     Sadal Suud Frontier
    And young Kalas awakens, not knowing where he is. The village doctor, a man by 
    the name of Larikush, quickly informs him that he's in the small town of 
    Cebalrai, not that that means a lot to you. He was found unconscious in the 
    woods nearby, and Kalas remembers that he was attacked by rock cats. After 
    learning about Kalas' winglet, and his grandfather's death two years ago, 
    you're free to go. Be sure to thank Meemai, who found Kalas in the woods on 
    your way out of town.
    In the room, get used to checking everything out and pressing A wherever a ! 
    appears. As a reward for doing this, in the open wooden box you'll find a 
    Shish Kebab (Small). The woman in the room is a great source of beginner's 
    info, from types of Magnus, to earning money, to the Magnus Gathering. Read 
    it, or not, then exit.
                       ~~~~~ Cebalrai, the Farming Hamlet ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Shish Kebab (Small), Shish Kebab (Medium), Fire Burst
                        I, Dark Flare I
    Just in case you weren't sure where you were ;)
    Lots to see and do. Maynee, the girl in pink, suggests you go see the village 
    mayor. Will do, later on. Speaking to the guy closest to camera prompts a 
    scene about the Winglet. The guy close to the big blue flower will give you a 
    small tutorial about saving and using the church. He's vague, but I'll be more 
    Red flowers are used for saving your game only. Blue flowers are used for 
    saving, as well as transporting to a church where you can pray to level 
    yourself up. No automatic level ups when you get enough EXP. If you don't 
    visit the church and pray, you're doomed to be stuck on level 1. Forever! 
    ... err, ok, that's out of my system now. On the next screen, you'll meet 
    Meemai, the little blue... thing. Greythorne, I think. Do the right thing and 
    thank him, now we can explore more. I like exploring and collecting things 
    such as Magnus... the only thing to collect in the game >:( 
    The stables net you nothing for now. In the house on the left, take the Dark 
    Flare from the dresser, and note that the girl wants milk for her cooking. 
    We'll bring her some shortly. The woman will offer you some weird advice, 
    telling you there's someone waiting for you, someone you'll need. Guh? Oh 
    well, you get a Shish Kebab (Medium) for listening to her ramble.
    The Magnus shop isn't much use to you now, seeing as Kalas only had 120 G in 
    his pockets at the time of the rock cat attack. Last thing of interest is the 
    girl in red, near the road out of town. Smart people will recognize her as 
    Xelha, from the opening cinematic. She came to see the ancient ruins in the 
    woods near here, but has to go. :( After she goes, Kalas decides he might like 
    to take a look at these ruins too. But first, we have to see the village 
    mayor, remember?
    In his house, the northernmost in the village, grab the Fire Burst from the 
    bookcase, then speak to the mayor. He'll warn you against going back to 
    Moonguile Forest - apparently an ancient, hideous monster slumbers deep within 
    the forest. Oh, COOL! I wanna go! After he's finished yelling at you, you are 
    indeed free to go. And where are you going? Baha, straight to Moonguile 
    Forest. Head out of town, the same way Xelha and her posse did. On the Sadal 
    Suud map, Moonguile is to the left, so head there.
                             ~~~~~ Moonguile Forest ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Voice 1, Leather Hat, Bamboo Shoot, Blue Storm, Fire 
                        Burst I x2, Draco, Warrior's Mementos, Flame Sword, 
                        Scale Buckle, Wild Strawberry, Escape
    Good thing to do might be to check your Deck and see if you're prepared for 
    battle, because battles do and will start here. And you can and will die if 
    you're not prepared. Luckily, Kalas comes with a full Deck of 20 cards - six 
    Short Swords, three Sabers, one Long Sword, one Ice Dagger, two Leather 
    Jackets, one Ice Armour, one Power Helmet, one Buckler, one Round Shield, one 
    Camera 1, one Green Bananas, and one Bamboo Shoot. 
    Battles here are pretty straightforward - take your time picking your 
    offensive cards first, then gape at the short time you get to choose defensive 
    ones. I was stunned when I was trying to get used to the system, seriously. 
    Eventually you will get used to it, trust me ;) I suggest running into every 
    enemy you see, for starters, just to get used to the system. Practice making 
    two-card straights with the numbers on the cards, if you like, or pairs. Learn 
    about claiming loot after battles. It's all in good fun. You'll also learn 
    about collecting loot from battles. Whee :)
    The green sparkly thing on the left is a treasure chest, so examine it and 
    you'll find a Voice 1 Magnus. Stick it in your Deck if you like, or leave it 
    out, then move onto the next screen. There, you can ask the guy sitting 
    against the log for battle tips, if you feel you need them. Attacks, combos, 
    target selection, defense. You can't get to the chest behind the log (yet), 
    but if you go through the little hole north of the river crossing, you'll find 
    a chest with a Leather Hat. Even if you can't see the hole, you can see the 
    chest so it shouldn't be too hard :P
    Across the river crossing, the chest to the south holds a Bamboo Shoot. Head 
    up the path... and you'll hear something off in the distance. Uh oh. Seems 
    like that creature the villagers were talking about was real after all... 
    Xelha! Here she is... and her bodyguards aren't much good...
    And we're thrust into our first boss battle of the game. Whee!
    ----/ Sabre Dragon /----     HP:   230
                                 ELE:  Fire(-80%), Water(+80%)
                                 DROP: Blue Storm, Fire Burst, Draco
    And here we are, with Xelha in the party. Note her pretty little magic
    OK. First things first. It's an easy battle, because it's your first boss 
    battle. But the principles of big battles get taught here. Firstly, 
    elements. Being a sabre dragon spitting fire, this guy is obviously of fire 
    element. So he'll absorb fire attacks (meaning Xelha's Fire Blast), and 
    water attacks (eg. Aqua Burst) will do 80% extra damage. Good in my book.
    So pepper it with Aqua Bursts, and Kalas' swords. Not too hard a fight. Take 
    a photo of it with the camera if you feel like going for a complete Magnus 
    set - you'll be doing so in every boss battle from now on :P
    Kalas doesn't make many friends after the battle, deciding to loot the corpses 
    of Xelha's bodyguards... indeed, they won't need the Magnus much anymore. He 
    gives Xelha the Warrior's Mementos... hold on to these, k? Finally, 
    introductions are made, and Xelha seems to know a lot about you, the Guardian 
    Spirit. The choice you can make is irrelevant... but may as well let Xelha 
    know that you do, in fact, exist. All of the choices are pretty much 
    irrelevant, they just affect little pieces of dialogue, no biggie.
    In the end, you're accompanying Xelha to the ancient ruins deep in the forest. 
    Kool. Head towards the light, to enter the ruins. Check Xelha's deck out, if 
    you haven't already. 
    The way around here can be kinda confusing, because the path isn't very 
    distinct. There's a path to a chest with a Flame Sword, under the arches, with 
    a Shawra guarding it. Back around, there's a narrow path to the right, going 
    around the tree, with another Shawra and chest in it. Take the Fire Burst, 
    fight the Unuk. You can save at the red flower, before heading up the ramp and 
    north off the screen.
    Is this the place?, Kalas asks. Must be, Xelha's doing all weird ass freaky 
    stuff. And she summons another creature, oh great!
    ----/ Lord of the Spring /----     HP:   300
                                       ELE:  Fire(+80%), Water(-80%)
                                       DROP: Scale Buckle, Wild Strawberry
    First thing to note, well, you will as soon as Xelha starts weaving elemental 
    spells, is that this guy is reversed from the Sabre Dragon - fire good, water 
    bad. Not much else to note - it's a fairly simple fight even at level 1 still. 
    If you do get stuck (say, after one of his four-hit combos), you should have 
    some bananas and bamboo shoots in stock. Just use them on yourselves to stay 
    healthy. It might be drawn out a bit, but you shouldn't have a lot of 
    ...unless you decide to go through the deck twice to get to a Camera Magnus, 
    to take a photo, like I did...
    The time has come, the gate to Ar is opening... The blessing of Malpercio... a 
    special card!? And one feather falls...
    But before Kalas and Xelha can make heads or tails out of all of this, an 
    airship appears... and big tough (read: obviously evil) guy appears to 'take 
    what has been stolen'. Meet Giacomo. No-one likes Giacomo. Especially not 
    Xelha, after Kalas gets knocked out and Giacomo whisks her away. Ick.
    Meemai's back again, to rescue Kalas. And the shining Magnus is gone! And a 
    revelation that Giacomo killed Kalas' family. Good reason to hate the 
    sumbitch, in my book. Cmon, let's go after him, make him pay! Yeah! So Kalas 
    decides to go back to the village to find out about the airship, taking Meemai 
    wih him. And you're back on the world map.
    If you're really an item perfectionist, you'll note that you missed a treasure 
    chest in the spring there, so you can go back and get it. It's an Escape 
    Magnus, which may prove useful for tough battles :P Once you've got it, head 
    back to Cebalrai.
                       ~~~~~ Cebalrai, the Farming Hamlet ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Mountain Apple, Ice Dagger, Pow Milk, Puppis, Maynee's
    Larikush is there to greet Kalas upon his return, and he drags you off to talk 
    to the village headman. Of course, Kalas spills his guts about everything that 
    happened, including Xelha's kidnapping. And you'll find out that the ship was 
    headed for Sadal Suud's capital, Pherkad. Off we go!
    ... but first, stop off and see Larikush. On the way, use the flower and visit 
    the church. You can class up to level 2, and may be able to level up to 3. ^_^ 
    Bigger deck and hand for you! Make sure to fill up the extra deck spaces with 
    more Magnus. Anyways, Larikush tells you that the road to Pherkad has become 
    impenetrable, and he gives you some explosives to clear the landslide in the 
    But wait, you can't carry explosives! You can now, with the new Blank Magnus 
    Larikush gives you. We're going to use these blank Magnus for a whole range of 
    other things too, but for now, just explosives. And to get the hang of it, 
    Larikush asks you to bring him some mountain apple essence. 
    The mountain apples are in the crates just outside the hut, at the far side of 
    screen. Press A, and you'll be asked if you want to trap the essence. Do so, 
    and take it back to Larikush. He'll reward you with an Ice Dagger! Then grab 
    the explosives, and head out.
    There are a few things you can use your blank magnus for, here in town. In the 
    stables, take some of the Pow Milk from the crates on the right side. Take it 
    to the house on the left, to the girl in pink, who wants some pow milk for one 
    of her recipes. Grab another lot of pow milk too... just in case >.>
    Near the entrance to the town, you'll find Maynee, in pink. She's looking for 
    her husband Aljeemo, who's been gone for three days... She'll give you her 
    pendant, to give to him if you see him. Don't know why, but she just does. 
    Well, okay. And if you feel like it, you can also trap the Stoked Flame from 
    the fireplace, and use it to burn down the log you couldn't get past at the 
    start of Moonguile Forest. The one with the chest behind it? Hell, it's only 
    an Ice Dagger if you do. And you've already got several of those...
    Okay. Once you've done some or all of that, feel free to head out of there, to 
    clear the landslide and go to the Nunki Valley!
                               ~~~~~ Nunki Valley ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Frozen Shield, Flame Shield, Secret Recipe 1
    OK. Lots of bad guys crawling around, chests to open, all that sort of stuff. 
    For now, I still recommend fighting every battle you see, to get practice. 
    When the game gets hard, it gets hard quick (that sounds so wrong) and it's 
    best to be prepared. Having the extra card in your hand and deck will help 
    make these solo battles easier.
    Cross the bridge to your left, and grab the Frozen Shield from the chest. To 
    get to the one below it, to the right, you'll need to cross back across the 
    river, then jump across the waterfall on the lower level. You'll be told to 
    time your jump right - press A when the water stops gushing over, it's pretty 
    obvious. Then jump across on the stone, and grab the Flame Shield.
    Head up to the next screen on either the left or right, it doesn't really 
    matter. Either way, the landslide's blocking your path. Examine the rocks, and 
    use the explosives when prompted. Move along, killing everything in your path, 
    to the next screen.
    Here you'll find new types of enemies - the Doomer. Think bombs. Fire 
    elemental. Ice daggers work really well. If you enter from the left side, kill 
    the two Doomers then grab the chest behind the waterfall - Secret Recipe 1.
    Ignore the guy standing IN the waterfall, and head back around to the right 
    hand side. A guy sitting there will tell you more trade battle secrets - about 
    prizes, straights, pairs, deck shuffles, and defense. Learn, do whatever, then 
    move on up the ladder and keep going. Behind the waterfall, then back out onto 
    the Sadal Suud map. Almost to Pherkad!
    Note that you can now run straight through the Nunki Valley (on the map) to 
    get back to Cebalrai and Moonguile. Just for reference. :)
                       ~~~~~ Pherkad, the Ancient Capital ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Pebble, Pyxis 
    Upon entering Pherkad, Kalas will immediately spot the airshop, docked high 
    above the town. Guess where we're going! (No, not Australian Lighting... curse 
    you people...)
    The little girl in the street there is always wanting Mountain Apples, and her 
    mother is frustrated. If you have a Mountain Apple Magnus (from Cebalrai), 
    give it to her and she'll give you a Pebble Magnus. Get the hang of how this 
    swapping of quest Magnus works? You'll be doing it a lot :P
    One of the two girls studying the ground will give you Pyxis, another 
    Constellation Magnus. I'm going to be detailing my explorations in each town 
    before I start on the rest of the action, just so you, dear reader, know :) In 
    the bar to the left, one of the women at the tables will tell you about a 
    country bumpkin that lost his savings and got arrested... sounds a bit like 
    Aljeemo, the man we're looking for. Anyways, he's in the Lord's Mansion, ie. 
    the big tower thing we're also going to soon :)
    There's a house to the right, and a tunnel leading to a pavilion with a blue 
    flower, out-of-order transportation to Diadem, and a Magnus shop. Shop if you 
    like :)
    The second tunnel is guarded by a snot-nosed kid, and there's another house 
    further on. In the house, examine the pot plants close to camera to find a 
    Pine Tree Magnus. I think that's all to see, move along to the next screen :P
    In the house on the right, you'll pick up the start of one of the major side-
    quests of the game. Speak with the man on the bed, and agree to do him a 
    favour. He'll ask you to travel the world and find all the members of his 
    family. If you can do it, he'll reward you with some rare Magnus. Hey, sounds 
    good to meeeeeee! He'll give you his Family Tree Magnus, to start getting his 
    family members to sign. And he'll sign it first with his name - Quzman.
    He'll give you a hint - most people wearing bracelets will belong to his 
    family - so everywhere we go, we should be checking people with bracelets. 
    Right. Start with his wife, Taymiya, and hand over the Family Tree. She'll 
    sign it, and off we start on the quest.
    I'll name drop throughout the walkthrough, of family members you should get to 
    sign it. A complete list and details will be at the end of the walkthrough, in 
    the Side Quests section :)
    After that, feel free to head up to the Lord's Mansion. But you won't get far 
    - the guards on the door won't let you in. What, you expected a welcoming 
    party? But your saviour will appear - in the form of little Palolo III, aka 
    snot-nosed brat from before. He snuck into the Lord's Mansion? Ah-hah, we 
    shall enlist his services! There's only one place he hasn't managed to break 
    into, in Pherkad... the house on the right, closest to town entrance. So 
    that's where we're going, aye.
    Enter the house, and a scene will take over. Why do you want to break into the 
    Lord's Mansion, anyway? For a laugh, tell him about Xelha, and Kalas will get 
    all pissed ^_^ Anyways, he'll tell you how to get in, but only if you bring 
    him some loot - a Rainbow Spider's Web. Uh, sure. Whatever. He suggests 
    looking on the banks of the river outside town... so back to the Nunki Valley 
    we go!
                               ~~~~~ Nunki Valley ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  the ones you didnt grab last time you were here >.>
    Okay. There are three screens to Nunki Valley, so how do you know where to 
    look? And what exactly are you looking for? Well, if you head to the centre 
    screen, it'll become pretty obvious - there's a big-ass weird looking spidery 
    creature that just wasn't there before. That's where we're going, folks. It's 
    a Rainbow Spider! Attack! *insert battle music*
    ----/ Nunkiratula /----     HP:   350
                                ELE:  Fire(+50%), Water(-50%)
                                      Wind (+30%), Chronos(-30%)
    Well, this isn't really a boss, but we have some trippy boss music so I'm 
    assuming it is. We'll go with that. It's on about the same difficulty as the 
    others so far though, ie. 0/5.
    The only move he seems to use with any frequency is Hardening Wax, which 
    raises his own defense. Big deal, that doesn't hurt YOU! So just attack him. 
    One strategy I used accidentally on purpose was to start using Ice Daggers, 
    and they froze the bugger. Frozen spider = no attacks and zero defence, so 
    just pepper away with attacks while he's frozen. It should only take a couple 
    of turns.
    Once you've beaten the spider, the Rainbow Spider's Web is yours. Back to 
    Palolo, whose hideout is behind the snot-nosed kid in Pherkad.
                       ~~~~~ Pherkad, the Ancient Capital ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Aquarius
    Because you're now 'Palolo's friend' (uh yeah whatever), the snotnosed kid 
    blocking the second tunnel in Pherkad's main street will now let you through. 
    Whee. The little girl in the hideout, Pilulu, is another source of battle 
    information, about choosing spirit numbers, defense, choosing a character, 
    recommended digital, Magnus changing with time, and special combos and their 
    hints. If you're new to the game, I recommend reading all the tutorials, even 
    if they don't make much sense. They will soon :)
    When you're done reading, speak to Palolo. He'll take the web from you, and 
    show you the well - apparently there's a secret passage that leads into the 
    mansion. Trippy. If you're ready to sneak in (might be an idea to save first), 
    talk to Palolo again and in you'll go. And now we're in...
                            ~~~~~ The Lord's Mansion ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Frozen Shield, Stagnant Water, Nameless Flower,
                        Shadow Wings, Chain Mail, Wind Blow I, Mink Coat,
                        Voice II, Shrike Statue, Chronos Blow I x2, Fire Burst II,
                        Sparkle of Life
    Giacomo's on the ship, we already know that. So what's our plan of action? 
    This time, if you mention Xelha, no funny scene, she'll just have to wait >_< 
    Ick. So to the roof, we're going!
    The fountain in the centre of the room there serves as your exit point - if 
    you want to leave at any time, examine it. But we're not leaving just yet, so 
    head into the mansion. New types of enemies here, obviously - all Imperial 
    soldiers. Examine the stained glass in front to grab a Frozen Shield. Now, 
    there are four doors here - two guarded, two not. There are two people we need 
    to find here, Xelha, and perhaps Maynee's husband Aljeemo... two people, two 
    guarded doors, coincidence!? I think not!!
    So let's explore. Kill all the bad guys on the level, because even if you 
    don't, they'll lay chase. Starting from the room on the far right... there's a 
    Stagnant Water and Nameless Flower quest Magnus to obtain. Also an Ice Dagger, 
    on the bedside table. Second room has a female locked inside... Xelha! Need 
    On the left, the unguarded room has a Shadow Wings Magnus in the treasure 
    chest. Kalas' next finishing move! Suh-weet. The maid working there will also 
    give you a tip about Xelha - the lord keeps the keys, and they may be in his 
    room. Right. And the far left room has a man locked up - obviously Aljeemo :) 
    But we do need those keys... time to explore...
    Heading up the left stairs (because they're closest), fight the guards then 
    take the Chain Mail from the chest. Head through the doorway, and there's the 
    big shiny key on the table! Grab the Wind Blow from the chest, then take the 
    key. All easy so far. A scene will commence... Kalas hides behind a couch as 
    Lord Rodolfo and his lackey chat about what to do with Xelha. They agree to 
    get rid of her tomorrow... Bah, we'll be saving her long before then.
    You can pick to go after either Giacomo or Xelha in speech... but either way, 
    it would be nice to save Xelha :P Use your brand new key to unlock both doors. 
    In Aljeemo's room, grad the Mink Coat from the bedside table, then speak with 
    him. You were supposed to give him Maynee's pendant remember? So do it! And as 
    a reward, you'll get a Voice II. And he'll leave to go back to Cebalrai. Whee 
    Next, for Xelha. Unlock her door, and another scene. She's injured, so Meemai 
    decides to help her. And of course, now that you're here, you're going to help 
    her retrieve the shining Magnus from Giacomo and his goons. Such a do-gooder, 
    you are. *snicker*
    Once the scene's over, empty the chests for a Shrike Statue and Chronos Blow. 
    Leave, and take the other stairs up. Blue flower! Enter the church and see 
    what you can do. You can now class Xelha up with the Shrike Statue, so do so. 
    Bigger deck and hand for her, whee. And a few levels for her... maybe one or 
    two for Kalas, as well. Make sure to fill Xelha's extra deck slots with the 
    new spell Magnus you've been picking up :)
    In the kitchen, which is the door to the north of the save flower, a woman is 
    despairing because she's run out of the lord's favorite yoghurt. If you picked 
    up another lot (or more) of pow milk from Cebalrai... one may just have aged 
    into Pow Milk Yogurt by now. (You may have noticed other Magnus aging too, 
    such as bananas and bamboo. Such is life.) Or further into Pow Milk Cheese. 
    The woman with the bracelet (note: Family Tree!) at the central island is 
    looking for cheese - so hand over Pow Milk Cheese if you have some. (I'm 
    playing slow as I type, so I have both cheese and yogurt >.>) She won't reward 
    you, but the yogurt lady will give you a Fire Burst II.
    Outside the kitchen, examine the two statues and Xelha will unlock the passage 
    through for you. Save if you haven't already, then head on up to the roof.
    A short scene, in which Kalas confronts Giacomo. This is for his grandfather, 
    and for Fee!
    ----/ Giacomo /----     HP:   750
                            ELE:  Water(+30%), Fire(-30%)
                                  Light(+30%), Dark(-30%)
                            DROP: Sparkle of Life, Chronos Blow I
    Bloody awesome battle music. Get used to hearing it >.> 
    This is the toughest fight we've had so far. He's pretty strong - a basic 
    three-hit combo will do around 60 damage (without defense). End Slasher is 
    also particularly nasty, doing 30 darkness damage - in my first playthrough, 
    this was the first boss I actually died on >.>
    Luckily, you can start off the bat exploiting his elemental weaknesses. Xelha 
    has both water and light spells, including level 2 ones, along with the Dance 
    of Light finisher. Kalas has ice daggers to help, but Xelha is obviously going 
    to be your main attacker here. Here's where you'll start grasping the real 
    importance of elements.
    If a defensive turn comes up, and you've got nothing suitable to use, go 
    through the cards you don't want. ie. waste Fire Bursts on Xelha's defensive 
    turns if she has no armour, just so she can use the good water ones on her 
    offensive turn. Use Kalas and his bananas (you have some in his deck, right?) 
    to heal if health gets low. It's not that difficult. He'll even drop Xelha's 
    next finisher for you.
    After Giacomo calls off the battle, kicks Kalas and Xelha off the ship, then 
    you get chased out of town... You'll hear a bit more about what's going on. 
    Emperor Geldoblame, trying to revive an ancient and cursed power... The evil 
    god, Malpercio!
    Do you want to help Xelha? Kalas doesn't, but I do. Either way, Kalas gets 
    huffy, refusing to die a glorious death, and stomps off.... before Xelha 
    reminds him that the only way off Sadal Suud is via liner to Diadem, and thats 
    where she's going, too. So begrudgingly, the two of you will travel together.
    There's a few more things to do in Pherkad. The house with the painting of the 
    woman... When Palolo broke in, he destroyed it, painting a mustache on it. The 
    woman could clean it, if she had some fresh water... You can obtain Pristine 
    Water from the waterfall in Nunki Valley, and if you give it to the woman from 
    the portrait, she'll give you the constellation Aquarius. Collect all the 
    Quzman family members in Pherkad - you won't be back here for a long time. 
    When you're ready, talk to the liner operator and agree to go to Diadem.
                           [4.2]     Diadem, Land of Clouds
    Mmmm... Diadem pretty. Purple clouds everywhere. You'll get your first view of 
    the world map here, as well.
                       ~~~~~ Nashira, the Fishing Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Salty Water, Salt, Stagnant Water, Carina, Feathered 
                        Hat, Fire Burst II, Scale Shield
    Nashira's just a small fishing village, as all the little villgers milling 
    around inside the warehouse will tell you... Yes, apparently there are rivers 
    running through the sky -_- To get closer to the Empire, the liner guy will 
    tell you that you need to get to the port town of Sheliak. Hey, Xelha's going 
    there too. So again, you're travelling together :P
    Explore the warehouse, you can get Salty Water and Salt here if you like. Head 
    down the street to the main part of town... and you'll spot a guy in Imperial 
    uniform. Zuh! Apart from that, not much to see here in Nashira. A Fire Burst 
    II from the container in the close right corner of screen. A Scale Shield from 
    the container in the close left corner. In the first house to the left of the 
    open Magnus shop, constellation Carina in the laquered chest, and Stagnant 
    Water in the barrels. The fortune teller will tell you about what happened to 
    the ocean, and the 'whale' living in it - swallowed by Malpercio, who then 
    drowned under the weight of all the water. The irony is delicious :P
    The house to the right of the Magnus shop has a Feathered Hat on the top bunk. 
    Enter the room to the right and speak to the man at the table, and you'll 
    learn a little about Lyude, the Imperial 'spy'. In the tavern to the right of 
    screen, speak to Anna the barkeep and she'll confirm what everyone else has 
    suggested - that the roads to the city have, in fact, flooded -_- One of the 
    fishermen by the name of Gibari might be able to take you to the city in his 
    boat, she suggests... but he's not here now, check back later.
    When you've finished exploring, try talking to Lyude, at the dock. He's the 
    Imperial Ambassador to Diadem, but it's just a name, an excuse to send him 
    away from Alfard, the Imperial capital. When you're done, head back to the 
    tavern. Gibari hasn't showed up, but a grumpy man shows up to get in your 
    business. His name is Reblys, and he claims to be the head fisherman of the 
    village. Reblys doesn't seem to like Gibari much, saying he's always following 
    his own rules instead of the village rules. So we should just take the liner 
    back home to our mommies. Oh REALLY? Punk.
    Before Kalas and Reblys come to blows, Gibari decides to show up. After 
    scaring off Reblys, he agrees to take you to the city - if you'll accompany 
    him to the Lesser Celestial River, on the way, to see why it's flooding over. 
    Sure, why not? Agree to do it, then head over to his boat, the middle one at 
    the docks.
                          ~~~~~ Lesser Celestial River ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Chaos Edge, Mana Stone, Stream Blade, Camera I,
                        Fire Burst II, Century Veil, Energy Wave, Silver 
                        Anklet, Pisces, Heron Statue, Thunderfish Bone,
                        Hemp Creel, Stream Blade, Cloak of Dark Knight
    And now Gibari's in your party as a playable character. Kool. After oogling at 
    his initial Magnus, and paddles for weapons, we can start. Take the Chaos Edge 
    from the chest, and equip it in Kalas' deck. If you need to return to Nashira 
    at any time, just go to the ship and you'll have the option to leave.
    New enemies -  Litte frogs, basically. Generally come in packs of two, but if 
    you kill one, the other will escape :P You can't get to the chest to the 
    bottom left of screen yet, so just leave it and jump to the rocks on the north 
    side. You'll be ambushed by another new type of enemy, the Cancerite, not much 
    harder :P But if they get to use Ice Cold Liquor, they'll start putting 
    characters to sleep!
    The two chests on the next rocky outcrop hold a Mana Stone and a Stream Blade. 
    Mmmm.... Kalas class up item. At the next blue flower you see, make sure to 
    level his class to 3. Jump across the river again, and into the blue light.
    There, you'll find another frog, as well as a chest with a Camera I. Just to 
    remind you to take photos of all the different enemies and characters, 
    otherwise no moneys for you :P There's two paths to take, left and up - the up 
    path leads to a chest with a Fire Burst II, and the left path leads to the red 
    flower. The trick is to run through when the waterfall isnt gushing - there's 
    three lots of water, alternating closer to you. When the closest one finishes, 
    run through to the middle one, then when the third one finishes, run through. 
    If you mess up, you wont die, just be sent back and you'll have to fight the 
    Cancerites again :P
    Empty the chest for the Century Veil, and put it in Xelha's deck. Save, jump 
    across again, and head through - now you'll be at the source of the overflow. 
    Something's moving in there! And of course, it wants to fight. 
    ----/ Thunderfish /----     HP:   1000
                                ELE:  Fire(+50%), Water(-50%)
                                      Dark(+50%), Light(-50%)
                                DROP: Energy Wave, Silver Anklet, Pisces
    Okay. If you weren't clever enough to heal up at the red flower, you might be 
    in a spot of trouble for this one. I know I am >_<
    It's weak against dark and fire, so Kalas (dark) and Xelha (fire) will be your 
    two main attackers here. Gibari, being mainly wind and water, isn't much good 
    so stack his deck with healing items, if you haven't already. Mineral Waters 
    will come in very handy - the Thunderfish has an attack called Venomous 
    Droplets that inflicts no damage but will poison one character. Not fun.
    For this fight, if you can start making straights with your cards, you might 
    find it a bit easier. ie. using three cards with the numbers 4, 5, and 6 in 
    order (or in reverse order). This will get you a nice little percentage bonus. 
    If you combine this with say, 2x Fire Burst, or a dark weapon and Shadow 
    Wings, you can possibly do up to 300 damage in one hit ^_^ Makes things a lot 
    easier, no?
    Apparently, according to Gibari, Thunderfish died out ages ago! (I wonder what 
    we just fought then...) As Xelha freaks out and runs off to go tell King 
    Ladekahn of Diadem what's happening, the Thunderfish begins to float 
    downstream. Follow it, and keep pushing it downstream, until it lodges next to 
    the chest we couldn't get to before, blocking the rushing water and giving us 
    access to the chest. Empty the chest to find the Heron Statue, and you can 
    also get the essence of the Thunderfish Bone from the head of the thunderfish 
    as well :)
    There's another section of the Celestial River to explore - that past where 
    you fought the Thunderfish. Battles get tough in here, and you might be a bit 
    overwhelmed, but there are good goodies to be found. Such as the Hemp Creel, 
    Gibari's class 3 item. If you go further, you'll be under the Cloud Passage 
    (which was previously flooded by the river). 
    On the little lower section of the first area, there's a boy with a bracelet 
    who claims he's drowning. Save him, then get him to sign the family tree :P If 
    you jump across the row of stones directly below the right of the cloud forks, 
    you'll find a chest with a Stream Blade in it. To the very left of screen, in 
    another pool, you'll find another drowning boy. Save him, get him to sign the 
    family tree too. :)
    After that, there's not much else to see. Before heading back to the Celestial 
    River, jump across the rocks to the south (near the first Striper) and you'll 
    find a chest with a Cloak of Dark Knight. Once you've got that, THEN head back 
    to Nashira the way you came :)
                       ~~~~~ Nashira, the Fishing Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  whatever you missed before
    Straight away, someting's different about the town of Nashira... Imperial 
    soldiers, everywhere! They'll shut you in the town - no-one's allowed to enter 
    or leave. Well, that's just great, we wanted to go to Sheliak -_-;
    Use the blue flower in town to class Kalas and Xelha up to 3, and level up 
    what you can. I have Kalas at 8, Gibari and Xelha at 9. (Xelha was forced to 
    do a lot of solo battling in the River after I ran out of Wheat Crackers >.>) 
    Once done, save and look around. Not much else to see... But Reblys is in the 
    pub, and he's a tad ticked off. The soldiers have arrived, but they're not 
    here for Kalas and Xelha... because a larger squadron went off to the castle. 
    Whatever they're looking for, is in the castle. Of course, the two of you are 
    off to the castle then... And Gibari too, because he wants to know whats up 
    and promised to take you there originally anyways. (Weak excuse.)
    But how are you going to get out of town, it being so heavily guarded? Well, 
    apparently there's a secret path out... but only Anna the bartender knows 
    where it is, and she's gone walkabouts. Argh. Time to go find Anna!
    After consulting a few villagers, they'll point you in the direction of the 
    fish warehouse, near the liner dock. Go to enter, and you'll hear Anna inside. 
    She's arguing with an Imperial soldier - the Empire will never win the hearts 
    or minds of the Diadem people! Good for you luvey, stand up for yourself. 
    Anyways, once inside, Anna is quick to agree to show you the secret passage in 
    the pub, so meet her there when you're ready to go.
    In the pub, speak to her and she'll open the secret passage. When you enter 
    it, you're out on the world map, so move to the only place you can - the Cloud 
                            ~~~~~ The Cloud Passage ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Cygnus, Aqua Burst II, Soul Flash, Shark Tooth
    If you didn't visit part of the Cloud Passage in the Celestial River... meet 
    the Stripers. The main enemy of this area. They are tough. And you'll often 
    meet them in groups of three. They're Wind-elemental, meaning unless Xelha has 
    a lot of Chronos Blow, you'll be relying mainly on physical rather than 
    elemental attacks -_- And starting from class 3, your IT (time you get to 
    choose your first move) is no longer infinite - it's 30 seconds and will fall 
    with each class up you get. Here's where the challenge begins!
    In this first part of the area, it's just one straight path with three sets of 
    Stripers on it. Next is the screen you may have visited before, except now 
    you're on the cloud paths instead of the rocks below. If you can see green 
    treasure chests below you, come back and get them later in the game :P On the 
    left path is Qutayba, another Quzman relative, and if you came here earlier 
    and saved his two sons in the water below (getting them to sign), he too will 
    sign. If not, never fear, they'll still be here drowning later.
    Head up on the right, to the next screen. This one also splits into two forks. 
    Take the right fork, and you'll find a cloud machine. Turn it on, then grab 
    the magna essence of the Cloud. Once you've got it, head back and up the left 
    fork. It's a dead end... but you've got the Cloud to fill the gap in the path, 
    Once you've recreated the path, grab the constellation Cygnus and the Aqua 
    Burst II from the chests. Save at the red flower. Follow the path along, then 
    realize it doesn't actually lead to the wooden bridge :P To get to the wooden 
    bridge, head back past where you put the Cloud and down, and across to the 
    left. Try to cross the bridge. Uh oh.
    ----/ Iron Beetle /----     HP:   1500
                                ELE:  Water(+30%), Fire(-30%)
                                      Light(+30%), Dark(-30%)
                                DROP: Soul Flash, Shark Tooth
    OK. This battle sucks for several reasons. Firstly, his first move is pretty 
    much always Nitro Boost, which boosts his attack. As if he wasn't formidable 
    enough. It's no Orb of Magical Offense, but still. Secondly, his next turn 
    AFTER a Nitro Boost will generally be a Voldocannon. Which is painful. Very 
    painful. Even if you luck out with the right elemental defense, you're still 
    looking at 200 damage. Ugh. And you know what he has every chance of doing? 
    Repeating those two moves, over and over again. See what I mean?
    So, what can you do to stop this? Several things. For starters, if you've 
    walked into the battle and made a meal of it, as I just did, it might be an 
    idea to stop and start thinking about deck strategies, ie. customizing your 
    deck for a specific battle. All of these here boss battles are designed to 
    teach you individual things while the going's easy. And here's what I would 
    You need one dedicated healer out of your three. Choose whoever has the worst 
    elemental weapon selection - either Kalas or Gibari. Take everything out of 
    their deck and replace it with every healing item you have. You would have 
    been collecting things like grapes, milk and honey, which are great on their 
    own, even better when combined to get prizes such as pairs. For Xelha and your 
    other attacker, remove the elements the Beetle is strong against (dark and 
    fire) and replace them with every strong element you have, even if it's 
    sacrificing a Fire Burst II for a Water Burst I. Xelha is doubly good because 
    of her Light elemental finishers. 
    Then attack, attack, attack. Have your defender heal as much as they can. 
    After every Voldocannon, you want that recipient to be at least over half 
    health before the next one comes around. You shouldn't have too much trouble 
    once you work out the fine art of deck tailoring.
    Once you're done, head out of the Cloud Passage and back onto the area map. 
    You have access to the Lesser Celestial River again, just in case you wanted 
    to collect the items you missed, or perhaps rescue the two Quzman quest kids. 
    Or you can just head to Sheliak, to go to the castle.
                         ~~~~~ Sheliak, the Castle Town ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Clock Shield, Red and Blue Pencil, Voice II, 
                        Fading Notebook, Calm Helmet, Ray of Truth
    Very strong military presence here too. Go to pass the first house on the 
    road, and Kalas will overhear Lyude, the Imperial ambassador, in discussions. 
    King Ladekahn, plotting against the Empire? Well, of course not, but they'll 
    say anything to draw attention away from what they're REALLY doing. The 
    Imperial commander completely disregards everything Lyude has to say, warning 
    him that he was exiled here for a reason, and not to make it any worse. 
    Gibari speaks to a man coming out of the Magnus shop, about the situation in 
    town. It doesn't sound real good. Doesn't sound like Kalas has a lot of 
    respect for Lyude, either. Check out the Magnus shop after the scene - only a 
    handful of new items, the most interesting of which is a weapon, the Shadow 
    Cornet, that none of your party members can use. Double hmmzorz...
    Head through the town and start exploring. In the first house in the main area 
    of town, check the display cabinet between the windows for a Clock Shield. You 
    can use the blue flower near the boat to go to the church, class Gibari up to 
    3, and maybe level up one or two. For the record, all of my characters are now 
    level 10.
    In the second house in the main square, where the mayor is holding a meeting, 
    grab the Red and Blue Pencil from the dresser. Talk to the mayor and you'll 
    find out more about the situation in Diadem - it isn't good. In the third 
    house, take the Voice II from the dresser, and from the corner near the 
    chests, take the Fading Notebook. How to get to the chests? Easy. Go back to 
    the second house, and you'll notice the bookcase has moved. Get behind it, in 
    the corner, and run into the side of the case - Kalas will push it out of the 
    way, revealing the door. Then you can take the Calm Helmet and the Ray of 
    Once you're done looting, head through the archway to the castle. It's on 
    fire! Holy shit. Kalas is his usual pessimistic self, ready to run with his 
    tail between his legs because he doesn't care about this, all he cares about 
    is avenging Gramps and Fee. However, Gibari has other ideas. Sleeeeeeper hold! 
    Cop that, Kalas. No-one seems to be too concerned about the fires, oddly 
    enough. Could have used some awesome 'hurry' music here, or something. 
    XD I so use that line 'if you get me killed, I'll come back as a ghost and 
    haunt you forever'. This is priceless!
    Anyways, the plan is to steal a boat and fly into the tower from above. This 
    game defies reality so much, it isn't funny. Steal a boat and...fly? But 
    anyways. Save at the blue flower again, then grab the boat. It says to wait 
    for an opening, but you don't have to. And then you're off to Castle Elnath.
                              ~~~~~ Castle Elnath ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Infinity Mask, Dark Sword, Butterfly, Dark Flare II, 
                        Light Flare II, Dark Yell I, Chronos Aura I, 
                        Fire Aura I, Light Aura I, Aqua Aura I, Light Yell I, 
                        Pebble, Wind Aura I, Dark Aura I, Wheat Crackers, 
                        Crescent Buckle, Shadow Cornet
    OK, first things first. Let's find King Ladekahn! In the chest on the far left 
    of screen, you'll find an Infinity Mask. Inside, speak to the Head Knight in 
    front of the staircase. Here's a little mini-game of sorts for you... with 
    unique Magnus as a reward. Unique in meaning if you want to collect all 1022 
    Magnus, you better get this right. You get four knights, a blank Magnus, and a 
    Royal Crest. If you want another Royal Crest to make sure, go to the wall 
    hanging and grab another.
    Speak to the guy on the left and he'll teach you what to do with the four 
    knights you just received. You can dispatch them to existing battles between 
    Diadem knights and Imperial knights, in the hope of overcoming the Imperials 
    and winning the battles. If you win the battles, you'll be rewarded. If you 
    lose, you'll have to fight off the knights yourselves. You can also use the 
    Crest to inspire fallen knights, ie. get more knights to join you.
    Sound simple enough? Hope so >.> I'll be giving instructions to make sure you 
    get it right anyways. :)
    Take the Dark Sword from the chest, and start arranging decks to make sure 
    everything new goes in them. If you didn't re-arrange back after the Iron 
    Beetle battle, please do so ;) Head down the stairs and we'll find our first 
    One Diadem knight vs. two Imperial knights. Not good. Examine the battle and 
    add some knights. A Knight and a Squire should be sufficient - and as a 
    reward, you get a Butterfly. Check all the statues in the area - the Foot 
    Soldier on the very right near the rubble will give you a Dark Flare II, and 
    the centre one on the left hand side will give you a Light Flare II. Give 
    these to Xelha immediately, then head down the stairs.
    Two battles here. One on the left, which you can't add knights to, you can 
    just fight yourself. Make sure to take a photo of the Imperial Elites, if 
    you're a completist. Then around on the right, fight the lone Blackhelm 
    standing over the soldier's body. Take a photo of him too. At the battle on 
    the right, add a Senior Knight to the mix and the two Imperials will fall. 
    Fire Aura I as a reward. Check the painting on the right as well, to get a 
    Dark Yell I. Now head left on that screen, to the room behind the two Diadem 
    knights. This is the infirmary.
    Lot of wounded knights here. However, if you show the crest to any of them, 
    they'll get up and join you. What we want right now is one Senior Knight - Uki 
    sitting on the floor near the door fits the bill, so show him the crest. Then 
    head out, back up the stairs, and through the door on the left. Three Elites 
    vs two Diadem knights, in here. So send out your new Senior Knight. After the 
    three Elites collapse, you'll be given a Chronos Aura I. Grab the Magical 
    Anklet from the chest (put it on Xelha straight away), and the Fading Notebook 
    from the urns at the back of the room, then head back to the infirmary.
    Now we need one normal Knight - Rikmi sitting up against the bed will do. Take 
    him, then head out and down the stairs on the right. Here, some Diadem knights 
    will fight off a wave of Imperial Elites, and Kalas will walk right into a 
    battle. Dispatch the three Elites. Then, you'll see two Blackhelms and two 
    Diadem knights going at it. Unleash both your new Knight and your Squire on 
    them, and the Blackhelms will fall. Whee! Light Aura I as a reward. You're 
    advised that the path behind the door has already been lost, so to take the 
    stairs on the right around. We can dooo that.
    But firstly, we have no more knights. So we must go get more. Back to the 
    infimary we go. Grab a Senior Knight, a Knight, and a Squire. Head back to the 
    main room where you were before, and down the stairs. There's another 
    swordfight going on - one Diadem knight vs an Elite and two Blackhelms. I do 
    NOT like those odds. So send your three knights out there. You'll get a Dark 
    Aura for doing this. Save at the red flower... we're ALMOST done. Either side 
    of the jade statue on the centre of the room, you'll find a Flash Armour and a 
    Shadow Suit. Light and Dark, I like it. Anyways. Back to the infirmary. Yes, 
    this bit is hella complicated.
    Grab a Knight, an Apprentice Knight, and a Squire. Yes, we're leaving the 
    Senior Knight there for a REASON. Take your three new knights, head back down 
    the stairs, and across to the right like the knights suggested. Four Elites vs 
    two Diadem knights? Eep! Put all three of your new guys out there to do some 
    slaughtering. Five against four, better odds... and the Elites will all fall. 
    Take the Aqua Aura I as our reward. Check the painting to the right of the 
    staircase to grab a Light Yell I. You can even extract a Pebble from the 
    debris on the stairs if you like. Then head back and get some more knights. 
    Take as many as you can - well, as many as there are. Last one. From there, 
    heac back past the main room, past the staircase with the debris, and through 
    to the room on the right at the bottom. Set out all of your knights, and as a 
    result, the Elites will fall and you'll get a Wind Aura I.
    Check your Gathering screen, or Magnus inventory. Make sure you have ALL SIX 
    AURA, AND pictures of both the Blackhelm and Elite soldiers. You will NOT get 
    another chance to get any of them. If you've collected all eight, 
    congratulations. Head back and save your game... because I don't think you 
    want to be going through all that again. Then come back here and climb out the 
    window, to get to the floor above.
    On the top floor, take the Wheat Crackers from the pottery urns at the back of 
    the room, then head out the door. Kalas will rush over to the balcony... 
    because something major's happening downstairs. The king is still okay! But 
    the Empire is declaring war on Diadem unless Ladekahn gives himself up! And 
    Lyude stands there and does nothing...
    Ladekahn decides that for peace, he will go with the Imperial troops and 
    discuss the matter with Emperor Geldoblame personally. But the troops have 
    other plans... one of them, Ayme, Kalas recognizes. And she's the one that 
    takes the shot at Ladekahn! Now Lyude finally speaks out against his 
    commander... and before Ayme can do any more damage, your party jumps down to 
    defend Ladekahn.
    So now it's Ayme and the Imperial commander versus Kalas, Gibari and... 
    Lyude!? Not quite, because Ayme has another trick up her sleeve....
    ----/ Iron Beetle /----     HP:   1700
                                ELE:  Water(+40%), Fire(-40%)
                                      Light(+30%), Dark(-30%)
                                DROP: Crescent Buckle, Shadow Cornet
    Gee, THIS guy looks familiar. He's almost an exact carbon copy of the LAST 
    Iron Beetle we fought. With a few different attacks, and with a new character, 
    the principles are slightly different. But we'll see how we go. 
    Note that like Xelha, Lyude's finishers are all light-based. (For now.) And 
    it's he that uses the musical instruments as weapons, like the Shadow Cornet 
    we saw in the Sheliak Magnus shop. He also comes equipped with some weird 
    other things, like a Dark Yell I, and a Pretty Flower. But we'll ignore those 
    for now.
    As for the Iron Beetle... no Voldocannon this time, but a rather annoying 
    maneuver called Self-Repair which... yup, you guessed it, completely recovers 
    his HP. And he'll follow this up with a five hit combo and Diving Drill that 
    has the potential to do 200 damage, just like his predecessor did. 
    The good news is, you have a lot better equipment this time. You've picked up 
    a lot of bits and pieces around the castle, and you can put them all to good 
    use here. WHen his five hit combo comes around, if you have five pieces of 
    armour, USE THEM, ignoring elements as there's only a small percentage of 
    elemental attack. You just want the physical defense points. Sometimes he uses 
    single attacks, which are a nice reprieve for you to get a lot of damage in. 
    Overall, more HP, but nowhere near as challenging as the last Iron Beetle. 
    Make sure to take a few happy snaps during the battle. 
    After the battle, the Imperial soldiers retreat. Everyone rushes to Ladekahn's 
    side, where Xelha asks the question of the day - is there something hidden 
    here to draw the Empire's attention? Something to do with an ancient god? Ah 
    yes, the Shrine of the Winds. Mere legends, but they're actually true. Word.
    Save your game at the blue flower. The two knights to the right of the blue 
    flower are a shop and a rest spot, so buy anything you might need, rest, then 
    make your way down the stairs behind the right column. On the world map, Xelha 
    and Kalas will discuss Xelha's pendant, the one she stole, and the copy of it 
    she had made. When it's done, head over to the Shrine of the Winds.
                           ~~~~~ Shrine of the Winds ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Coral Plant, Magic Pen
    You were expecting another big dungeon? Fooled you! Xelha's pendant goes nuts, 
    just like it did in Moonguile Forest, and a really big... thing... appears...
    ----/ Lord of the Winds /----     HP:   1900
                                      ELE:  Chronos(+80%), Wind(-80%)
                                      DROP: Coral Plant, Magic Pen
    Okay. No prizes for guessing this guy's elemental weaknesses. Strong against 
    wind, weak against chronos. If you were smart enough to put Xelha back in your 
    party (this game only does three person parties, and the addition of Lyude 
    pushed Xelha out) this battle will pretty much be a cakewalk, with her Chronos 
    Blow. Because Gibari's weapons are primarily wind based (with a few water 
    exceptions), I would swap him out for Xelha before the battle. 
    That being said, there are really only two things that you need to worry about 
    in this battle. One - poison. He uses Venomous Powder, so make sure each 
    character has a Mineral Water or two to counter it. And two, Slashing Winds. 
    Gee, who woulda predicted he has a massive wind attack? By itself it only does 
    about 50 wind-based damage, but it generally comes at the end of a four hit 
    combo that can do nearly 200 damage (sounds familiar...) 
    Like the last battle, when a four hit combo comes around, its not the 
    elemental damage that hurts most, it's the physical. So just block with 
    anything and everything. Because you've probably levelled up since the last 
    boss battle, and have your choice of characters, this one is significantly 
    After the battle, the second shining Magnus appears. Lyude seems captivated by 
    it... and the second feather falls... And WTF does Lyude do with that End 
    Magnus!?!?!? Bastard...
    After the battle, we'll be back in Sheliak, in the castle.
                         ~~~~~ Sheliak, the Castle Town ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Tempest Shield, Hydra, Glass Earrings, Savings 
                        Book, Butterfly
    Speak with Lyude - he seems to be pretty depressed. GEE I WONDER WHY. You just 
    literally handed an End Magnus to the enemy, dumbass. Apparently it was a 
    strong form of hypnosis, and he's perfectly fine now. Baha. I don't trust him.
    We'll find out a little more about the End Magnus, how they came to be, and 
    why they're buried underground. Xelha's story of how she found the pendant. 
    About how it's now YOUR job to go to the other nations and track down the 
    other End Magnus. Next stop, Anuenue! It's my favorite island ^_^
    Go to exit, and yo'll automatically have a nap. Leave the room and speak to 
    the supervisor, and agree to help him clean up. (There's Magnus in it for 
    you.) Cleaning up is pretty easy if you "Magnatize" it, as the supervisor 
    says. What he means is, collect the rubble in the form of Pebbles in your 
    Magnus, then empty them. Easy. Pick up Pebble. Get rid of it. Release process 
    until the area is clean. Then speak to the Head Knight, at the top of the main 
    stairs, to get a Tempest Shield. 
    You can do the same on the west side, speak to the supervisor and clean up 
    there too. This one's different, you need to organize the rubble by pushing it 
    to the top and bottom of the room. This will take a while and be very 
    frustrating (and you'll be asked a million times if you want to quit, if you 
    accidentally move too far away from the supervisor), but the pieces do slot 
    nicely into a complete row at the top of screen, and half a row at the bottom. 
    Good luck... As a reward, you'll get the constellation Hydra from the Head 
    Knight. And if you do both, you'll get Glass Earrings as well :)
    If you want to head back into town, you'll have to do it via the front doors, 
    not the roof. If you've missed anything at all in Diadem, might be an idea to 
    get it now because you wont be back for a while :P For example... You can now 
    enter the house in Sheliak where Lyude and his commander were talking. There 
    you'll find a Savings Book on the dresser, and a Butterfly from the treasure 
    Head up the the dock to leave, and you'll be told the boat isn't ready, so why 
    not go check on Lyude? Head back downstairs. Lyude is up and at the window, so 
    talk to him. He's all sooky-sooky, can't go back to the Empire, why would he 
    even want to, etc. So Xelha suggests he joins you on your quest. Kalas doesn't 
    like it, but Gibari makes him tap out and agree to have Lyude back. And if 
    Lyude plays up again, Gibari will pop him one in the jaw :P
    Ok. Once you've got Lyude, head back up to the ship, and set sail. You'll 
    cross the Taintclouds, a noxious mix that the fisherman refer to as the 'pit 
    of hell'. Fun, really. On to Anuenue!
                        [4.3]     Anuenue, The Rainbow Nation
    Let me just say now - Anuenue is beautiful. Lush and green and pretty. 
    Possibly why I love it so much :) I'm sure you got SO sick of the clouds 
    everywhere in Diadem. And Sadal Suud was just boring. But Anuenue is great! 
    Plus it has a kick-ass name. And it's led by a female. What's not to like? 
    Let's go! We have a letter to deliver to Queen Corellia! ^_^
                               ~~~~~ Anuenue Port ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Auriga, Bamboo Grass Creel, Snake Tuba, Explosive
    So let's start with exploring, as always :) Climb the nearby ladder to find 
    the small house, and in between some books on the bookshelf, grab the 
    constellation Auriga. Also take the Bamboo Grass Creel from the chest. 
    Outside, to the left of the ladder, there's a hidden stairwall in the plant 
    that lets you walk along the top ledge... and at the end, you'll find a chest 
    with a Snake Tuba :) If you take the ladder down from the main ledge, just to 
    the left of the orange Greythorne, you'll find a chest with Explosive Paddle, 
    Gibari's level 3 finisher. From there... that's all to see. If you talk to the 
    few townspeople, they'll tell you all about the Thirty Year Festival in Komo 
    Mai, which starts soon. So let's go there! Head out of town to the right.
                        ~~~~~ Komo Mai, City of Flowers ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Stagnant Water
    So, what's happening in this here town? A massive party! The Festival of the 
    Celestial Tree - a tree that blossoms once every thirty years. All the 
    innocent people, with no knowledge of whats about to come. Hmmzorz. Let's 
    explore! :P
    All of the people dancing around don't have a lot to say. The house to the 
    north has a well with Stagnant Water in it, and a woman and child with a flock 
    of ducks. Ducks inside? Stranger things have happened. Like, you know, boats 
    that fly. Anyways.
    On the main area screen, at the very bottom near two laughing people, grab the 
    Bananas wedged in between the baskets of bananas. There's a save flower to the 
    north, and a Magnus shop through the open doorway. Once you've scoped the 
    place out, head up the spiral path in the centre of town. First time I played 
    this game, I seriously didn't see the path >.> Spent forever here in Komo Mai 
    wondering what to do next...
    When you go to climb the ramp, you'll witness an interaction between a 
    mysterious woman and a shop owner. She brings in top quality monsters, and he 
    forgot to pay her all the money he owes her. Sounds like a top chick, in my 
    Up the ramp, you'll find even more people and festivities going on, making 
    things kind of confusing. An old man tries to give you some Komo Mai cookies, 
    but Kalas isn't interested. The large portable shrine on the path will block 
    the way to Queen Corellia's castle, so you've got no choice but to explore the 
    School of Magic, up the stairs to the left and right of the path.
                             ~~~~~ School of Magic ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Black Scepter, Secret Recipe 3, Silkworm, 
                        Chronos Blow II, Sweetheart Picture
    The game lists it as a seperate area completely, and so will I :) I've started 
    with the right hand side, before exploring the left, though you can do it 
    either way. 
    In the first classroom, you'll interrupt a class learning about the mysteries 
    of the world. The Taintclouds we heard about before, and legends of a kingdom 
    of ice far to the north. Once she's done, you can investigate the room. The 
    lockers on the left will give you a Black Scepter, and the bookcase on the 
    right will give you Secret Recipe 3.
    In the second room, you'll see a bunch of kids studying. This is also the 
    principal's room - she's the little girl to the right of screen o.O There's a 
    big conical flask of green fluid at the top of the room that the woman nearby 
    reckons no-one has the balls to smell or tarse...Well, we can just prove her 
    wrong, now. Examine the flask, and smell it. Hey, it doesn't smell half bad! 
    So taste it. Baha, Kalas falls to his knees, groaning. But the woman nearby is 
    impressed enough to give you a Silkworm for making her laugh so hard :P
    In the left half of the School of Magic now... you'll come across another 
    class in the first room. A lecture on the five continents - and let us pray 
    that the peace between them will last forever. Uh, no. It isn't going to. 
    Sorry dude :P From the lockers on the right, take the Chronos Blow II. 
    In the second classroom, on the far left, a teacher is giving a lecture on the 
    Ocean... but where are the students? Oh, who knows, just listen to the 
    lecture! Examine the three oil paintings nearby to find the Sweetheart 
    Picture. When you've finished exploring, the portable shrine will have been 
    moved out of the way, giving you access to the castle outside.
                            ~~~~~ Corellia's Palace ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Deluxe Bananas, Flower Bud, Strawberries, Hair 
                        Dryer, Mattress, Celestial Flower Seed
    OK, let's see what we can find here before we deliver this letter from 
    Ladekahn to Corellia. Take the path to the left and enter the small room - 
    there you'll find Deluxe Bananas in the pot plant near the door. In the first 
    room on the right, grab a Flower Bud from the same pot plant near the doorway, 
    and Strawberries from the platter of fruit on the table. 
    The second room on the right is Queen Corellia's room. We're warned not to 
    touch anything, especially the shelf, but meh. Take the Hair Dryer from the 
    dresser, and the Mattress from the bed. (o.O). To the right of the bed, you 
    can trap the essence of Celestial Flower Seeds from the shelf. Once you've 
    looted her room, head up the main staircase to the Throne Room.
    A scholar currently has audience with the Queen. Xelha interrupts (how 
    roooode) and hands over the letter from Ladekahn. Just as she's trying to 
    explain the urgency of finding the End Magnus to Corellia.... guess who 
    decides to turn up! None other than clownface Geldoblame himself! Oh, this IS 
    rich. However, Corellia doesn't seem to believe you, and asks Geldoblame 
    directly about the End Magnus. Oh, gee. Like he's going to admit to invading 
    Diadem looking for it. Gibari does his nut, but Geldoblame is quick to shut 
    your party down - after all, it has an Imperial traitor, and a thief. Good 
    Geldoblame was just leaving, in fact - he came to bid farewell. He recognizes 
    Kalas, as does his cronie. Outside, Geldoblame can't believe Kalas is alive... 
    and sets a target on his head. He didn't actually find the End Magnus, as 
    Anuenue's magical field is too strong... but his main objective now is to see 
    Kalas dead. Interesting...
    Back in the Throne Room, Corellia is sympathetic towards your plight but won't 
    help you. Seems like Anuenue is the Switzerland of their world - always 
    neutral, no matter what. So she's no help. And she doesn't know any legends 
    that would help you locate the Mangus anyways. Boohoo. Tail between your legs, 
    out you go.
    But she'll stop you on the way out. Your name is Kalas, right? Well, yeah. 
    Hmm, she knows something about you. But won't say. So you leave. Walk away, 
    and a scene will take over outside. What to do now? Xelha suggests that they 
    could look for it themselves, but Kalas doesn't like the idea. Agree with him, 
    to get brownie points. 
    A court lady interrupts - if you're looking for something, maybe you could try 
    the Ancient Library of Magic. Apparently a witch went back there, so maybe you 
    could ask her to point you in the right direction. At the end of the scene, 
    you'll see the huntress from before... she's following you!
    Leave town, and you'll get a glimpse into Corellia's private thoughts. Anuenue 
    is faltering, slowly but surely. ;_; And we're back on the world map. We now 
    have access to both the Ancient Library of Magic, and Holoholo Jungle, but 
    we're more interested in the Library, so head there.
                         ~~~~~ Ancient Library of Magic ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Zeit Robe, Sforzando, Will-O'-Wisp Hat, Falcon Statue, 
                        Scarlet Shell, Deluxe Cookies, Silver Sword, 
                        Ruby Earrings, Kite Shield, Fruity Gelatin, Taurus, 
                        Deluxe Bonbon, Deluxe Shortcake, Heartlight Candle, 
                        Devil Eupho, Water Mirror Anklet
    Now, the first time I played this game, this place was the death of me. I 
    spent hours wandering around not knowing what parts I had done and what I 
    hadn't. I'll try and get through it and organize it properly and direct you 
    through it properly this time >.>
    Okay. On our first screen here, there's several things to note. Two bad guys 
    walking around. A treasure chest. Something glinting on top of the shelves. 
    Two seals. And a stairwell on the right. The glinting thing is a key on the 
    shelf, labelled "Geography Section", so take it, and the chest holds a Zeit 
    Robe. Now let's check the seals.
    The one on the right is labelled "History Section". No dice getting past it. 
    However, the one on the left is the Geography Section, so you can get past it 
    with the key you found.
    And what do we have in here? A bunch of bookcases, with red ones that can be 
    pushed. Get the Skeleton Warriors out of the way first, then push on the red 
    bookcase all the way in. Then, move around the back of the far bookcase (you 
    can even read about the disappearing plants if you like), then push the next 
    bookcase... just enough to get past it. Then you can collect the treasure 
    chest, which you couldn't if you pushed too far :P
    Take Sforzando, Lyude's next finisher, from the chest. Then grab the next key, 
    the Philosophy Section key, from the floor in the corner. See how this is 
    going to work? -_- Also of note is the hidden Will-O'-Wish Hat, in the top-
    left corner of the room, but facing right, behind the two vertical bookcases. 
    Grawr. If you push the second bookcase the rest of the way in now, 
    you can get to the last section of bookcases, one which holds a book signed by 
    the Head Librarian - valuable item Geography Book.
    Time to find where to use the new Philosophy Section key. Head up the 
    staircase on the right of the entrance screen, and grab the Wave Blade from 
    the chest at the end of the hall. There's two doorways there, take the left 
    one as the right one is blocked. :P
    There's another key on the dresser, but dont grab it yet. Make your way 
    directly to the north of the red case, and examine the shelves there. There's 
    a gap on the shelves that can fit one book, and you're prompted to put your 
    Geography book in. So do so.
    Now to find the Philosophy Section. Save at the red flower at the top of the 
    room if you like, and take the Falcon Statue from the chest. Xelha's class up 
    item! Yay! If you examine the door at the back of the room, you'll be told 
    that to gain entrance, you need to collect four books written by some guy. 
    Well, we've already done one. 
    The Philosophy Section is on the far left side of the room, so push the red 
    case out of the way to get there. Note that if you examine some of the 
    bookcases that come up with !'s, you'll be thrown into battles against mutant 
    books - two types, and if you're a completist, you'll need to photograph them 
    Now, ignore the red case for a moment. See the ladder on the side of the 
    bookcase, on the close right corner of screen. Climb it, and jump across to 
    grab the Scarlet Shell from the treasure chest. Gibari's class 4 item! Whee!
    Next, jump two bookcases across to the left and grab both the Deluxe Cookies 
    from the chest and the Literature Section key from the floor. But we still 
    haven't got the Philosophy book, and you can bet your bottom dollar its in the 
    closed off section in the left corner. But how to get there? Can't jump across 
    from the big shelves near the door, because the bookshelf isn't stable 
    according to Kalas. How to make it stable? Push another case against it! Like 
    the red one there ^_^ You need to push it down, so do so from the top side, 
    ie. go to where the chest was and come back to push it down. Then jump across 
    and climb down.
    Take the Philosophy book from the shelf, and the Magnum Cornet from the chest, 
    then head back out. Save again. And where does this Philosophy book go... on 
    the bookcase in the corner right next to the exit door. So put it there. Next, 
    Literature section!
    The Literature Section entrance is right below the Philosophy one. Inside, 
    take the Silver Sword from the chest, and use it to whoop the butt of the 
    Skeleton Warrior. Then head around the back of the room to the red case on the 
    left - push it just far enough to sneak into the gap on the right. There's a 
    hidden ladder here, on the top bookshelf, so climb up then jump across to the 
    bottom bookshelf. Climb down, and take the Ruby Earrings from the chest. Then, 
    push the red case all the way back up into the gap. Climb back up on the top 
    case and run across to check what book it is on top of the bookcase against 
    the wall... hey, it's a the Literature book :P Take it and head out, pushing 
    the second red case out of the way to create an exit path.
    Now for the final key, on top of the red case in the main hall. Examine the 
    case, and it will fall down, knocking the key on the other side. No drama, it 
    created a path across to the other doorway which was previously blocked. Take 
    the Kite Shield, then unblock the right doorway by pushing the case out of the 
    way. Head out, then back in the other door to grab the History Section key.
    As there's nothing else to do there, head out and down the stairs to the 
    History Section. This room's the easiest of the lot, no red cases or anything. 
    Just collect the Fruity Gelatin and the constellation Taurus from the two 
    chests on the left side of the room, then take the History book from the case 
    in the bottom left corner of screen. Also take the Deluxe Bonbon from the case 
    in the top right of screen. Then head back to the main hall.
    Where do these two books go? Well, if you examine the left of the two 
    bookcases on the right hand side of the room (closest to camera) you'll get a 
    Deluxe Shortcake. But no, thats not where the books go. One goes right below 
    where you put the last one - below the top right corner of screen. And the 
    last goes just to the right of the standing red case, on the left side of the 
    room. When you're done, save your game, then head through the door.
    Is there a witch here? Well, no. It's only Folon, Geldoblames cronie from 
    before >_< We took the bait! Now, Folon knows exactly who Kalas is, he's a 
    leftoever from the attack on Georg, Kalas' grandfather... And all of today's 
    lucky winners receive a one way ticket straight to hell!
    ----/ Folon /----     HP:   2300
                          ELE:  Water(+30%), Fire(-30%)
                                Light(+50%), Dark(-50%)
                          DROP: Heartlight Candle, Devil Eupho
    Been a while since we had one of these boss-type things. And the kick-ass 
    music is back. Now, with elemental weaknesses like that, Gibari's pretty 
    useless in this battle, being wind and dark based. So bring in a party of 
    Lyude, Kalas and Xelha, all whom have strong light-based moves, including 
    finishers for Lyude and Xelha.
    Folon has several annoying maneuvers. One, Energy Injection, raises his own 
    attack, like your own Cucumbers and the like. And he'll generally follow it up 
    with one of those annoying multi-hit combos with the devastating finisher, 
    Chaotic Flames (which also inflicts Flames status for good measure). 
    Grrrrrrrrr. My Xelha just got hit for 180 damage.
    And it is just me, or is Folon a lot faster than any boss we've had so far? 
    Less time to make your defensive moves. Either way, it's frustrating. Luckily, 
    HE doesn't actually defend much. You'll need several strong healing items, 
    such as Strawberries, and if you can combo them together for prizes you can 
    completely recover your HP in one fell swoop. I'd ignore the Flames, as theyll 
    only deal 25-ish damage each turn, and concentrate on strongest attacks.
    After the battle, Folon decides to show you the power of Malpercio, and what 
    it's gonna be like when they finish awakening his power. Scaaa-reeee. But just 
    as he goes for the final blow... random special attack from unknown person! 
    Party escapes! Whee!
    And we'll find out who it is... huntress chick from Komo Mai! She has a name, 
    but until she gives it to you, I'm not saying what it is :P She wants to meet 
    you at the village by the waterfall, so that's your next stop.
    Note there was a treasure chest next to Folon in the room. When you're dumped 
    back on the world map, go back into the Library to get it - a Water Mirror 
    Anklet for Xelha. There's also a journal on the desk which makes for some 
    interesting reading, about the old head librarian...
    Now, before heading onwards, into another bitch of a dungeon called the 
    Holoholo Jungle, I'd recommend going back to Komo Mai and resting at the shop. 
    Then use the blue flower to class up the rest of your characters, and do what 
    levelling you can. All of my characters are now level 14 ^_^ You're gonna need 
                             ~~~~~ Holoholo Jungle ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Silver Earrings, Ice Crystal Buckle, Brave Knight 
                        Helm, Equuleus, Heat Paddle, Fire Burst III, 
                        Smash Tackle, Wind Yell I
    Now, this place is a complete bitch. For one main reason - you cant see where 
    in blazes you're going! On the first screen, you'll meet a small man, who is 
    whining because he forgot to bring a Landmark Stone to get through the jungle, 
    and it's impossible without one. He wanted to get a stone from the principal 
    of the School of Magic... but didn't. You can try and ignore his pretty 
    blatant hint, and get through without one, but I'm here to tell you it 
    seriously won't work. So, guess where WE'RE going? :P
    Head back to Komo Mai, to the School of Magic. On the right side, second 
    classroom, speak to the principal. She'll hand one over just like that, so 
    head straight back to Holoholo. 
    It's still a pain in the ass dungeon. You still can't see where the hell 
    you're going. And so, I might miss a few items in it >_<
    The first screen remains the same, just the one path. On the second screen, 
    there's one path with a ladder coming off it, near the first blue butterfly. 
    At the bottom of the ladder, grab the Silver Earrings from the chest (which is 
    near the other blue butterfly). From there, then head down to the left, and 
    off the screen - follow the path to come to another chest with the Ice Crystal 
    Buckle. Then head back and back up the ladder and across to the third screen.
    On the third screen, there's another ladder right near the blue butterfly at 
    the start. Head down, then around to the right at the bottom of the ladder, to 
    find a whole slew of chests. Brave Knight Helm, constellation Equuleus, Heat 
    Paddle, Fire Burst III, Smash Tackle, and Wind Yell I. Nice lot of loot there 
    From there it's just one straight path to the end, with a few enemies on the 
    way. Take a few photos, kick some bum, and soon you'll be back on the world 
    map. So save, then head down to Opu, the Waterfall Village.
                        ~~~~~ Opu, the Waterfall Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Boiled Egg, Lupus, Ice Knuckles, Perseus
    So we were here looking for the mysterious huntress, right. Feel free to rest 
    your wings at the Magnus shop right near the entrance to town first, though. 
    Check out what's for sale, as well - a pair of knuckles and a barette for 
    absolutely no-one in your party.... gee, I WONDER... :P
    Now time to look around. The little girl on the bridge is trying to fix the 
    water wheel, but it isnt working. Cross the bridge, and you'll meet Mayfee, 
    one of the Keepers of the Celestial Tree. She knows you're here to meet the 
    huntress, and the huntress told her to tell you to wait until she gets back. 
    Uh, right. OK.
    From the house on the right, you can grad a Boiled Egg from the stove, and the 
    constellation Lupus from the flower pots right next to it. Also take the 
    Uncooked Rice from the tub next to the door. Then head to Mayfee's house.
    There's not much to see, except Mayfee and her grandmother. Speak with her 
    grandmother, and listen to her story of when she was a Keeper for the tree. 
    When she leaves, you can leave too and keep poking around. 
    At the bottom of the long path, visit the church, save, and grab constellation 
    Perseus from the girl standing next to the save flower. Then enter the 
    huntress' house. Grab the Ice Knuckles from the plants on the left (so the 
    knuckles in the shop were for her, eh? ;) ) then head back up to see Mayfee in 
    the waterwheel house. Speak to her, and she's praying for her grandmother's 
    wellbeing. She'd offer Komo Mai cookies... but doesn't have any. The person 
    near the stove also talks about Komo Mai cookies... what on earth are they? 
    Apparently if you offer them to the Guardian Angel, she'll grant your wishes 
    right away... hmm..
    Outside, Gibari declares that they must go find some Komo Mai cookies to help 
    Mayfee out, seeing as you've got time to kill. Kalas doesn't like the idea, 
    and neither does the little kid trying to fix the wheel, but Gibari's mind is 
    made up. Back to Komo Mai we go!
                        ~~~~~ Komo Mai, City of Flowers ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  only what you didn't pick up before
    Now, remember there was a guy just outside the School of Magic talking about 
    the wonder of Komo Mai cookies? Sounds like he might be the guy to go to about 
    them. So ask him, on the right side of the path leading up to the palace. 
    He's a bit huffy we ignored him every other time we've been in town, but he's 
    willing to make you Komo Mai cookies as long as you can find him the 
    ingredients - he needs a seed from the Celestial Tree. They're not called 
    legendary cookies for nothing, you know!
    Now, you might have a Celestial Tree Seed already, or remember where to get 
    one. Corellia kept some, on the shelf next to her bed in her palace, remember? 
    I did tell you to pick one up when you were there last >.> If you didn't pick 
    one up, go get one. Then hand it to him. After a bit of wizzle wazzle hand 
    waving, he'll hand you a valuable item - Komo Mai cookies! Take them back to 
                        ~~~~~ Opu, the Waterfall Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Flash Explosion
    Back in Opu, enter whe waterwheel house, and Gibari will give the Komo Mai 
    cookies to Mayfee. She'd never actually seen them before, and doesn't 
    recognize them, heh. But she offers them to the guardian angel, to make her 
    grandmother well and to make the waterwheel work... And wouldn't you know it! 
    That darn water wheel actually starts spinning!
    OK, it wasn't the cookies, it was actually Mayfee's little friend >.> After he 
    leaves, take the Flash Explosion from the chest behind him. Oh, and you can 
    now go and see the woman in her house. So save again, then go there.
    She seems to think you have a death wish for taking on the Empire, and I'm 
    inclined to agree with her. But regardless, she'll take you to the Celestial 
    Tree to get the End Magnus - that's what you're here for, isnt it? o.O.o.O How 
    does she know!? And only now does she tell you her name - Savyna.
    Once you've got Savyna in your party, feel free to change her equipment, then 
    head on down to the Celestial Tree.
                            ~~~~~ The Celestial Tree ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Crater, Wild Cherry Bud, Gold Beetle Carapace
    Yes. Pretty tree. We get it. Savyna wants to climb the tree, but the Keeper is 
    turning her back. Mayfee's caused enough trouble, apparently. Oh? Mayfee's 
    already climbed the tree! 
    The Keeper tries to keep all of you back, but your party won't have a bar of 
    it, brushing right past. Before climbing the tree, though, head into the hut 
    on the right and take constellation Crater from the boxes. Once you're done, 
    start climbing the tree, on the left hand side :)
    Take the Wild Cherry Bud from the chest (class up item for Savyna! Whoo!) 
    Seeing as to get any further you have to climb back down to the bottom then 
    take the right path anyways, I'd almost recommend going back to Opu and using 
    the blue flower to class Savyna up to 4, just to make her even with the rest 
    of your party. If you plan on using her right now >.>
    Either way, climb back down to the bottom and climb up on the right side. When 
    you reach the ledge, Kalas will spot Mayfee, sitting on the ledge. Let's go 
    get her! Climb up the right hand side, because the left is a dead end. At the 
    top, ignore the red flower, then head down on the right to get to Mayfee. 
    Unfortunately, you'll have to fight to get to her >_<
    After the scene, in which Savyna scolds Mayfee for wanting to be just like 
    her, you'll have to babysit Mayfee to the top of the mountain. No big deal, 
    she's just tagging along. So head back up the mountain. You can avoid the 
    circling Blood Fangs if you time your movements right. And on the next ledge, 
    fight the Devil Fangs and save at the red flower.
    Take the path up on the right and enter the cave, to trap the Beetle Carapace. 
    Then climb back down, save again for good measure, and head up again on the 
    left to get to the top of the tree.
    Examine the doorway, and Mayfee will unlock the seal with her special Keeper 
    power. Make sure you're well healed and cured and whatnot, then enter the core 
    of the tree.
    ----/ Tree Guardian /----     HP:   2700
                                  ELE:  Fire(+50%), Water(-50%)
                                        Dark(+20%), Light(-20%)
                                  DROP: Freezing Axe, Dancing Flames
    HP:   500                                  ----/ Tentacle x2 /----
    ELE:  Fire(+30%), Water(-30%)
    Ewww.... three targets in this battle. Two pussy Tentacles, and a Tree 
    Guardian. So let's look at how to set up our decks. Seeing as this is a water
    -based boss, fire would be a VERY good idea. If you're anything like me, 
    Savyna is several levels higher than everyone else - and she's fire/water 
    based. Take everything water out of her deck, leaving her with fire weapons, 
    fire armour, and non elementals. Likewise, take everything water out of 
    Xelha's deck. And seeing as Gibari and Lyude have little or no fire 
    whatsoever, Kalas better be your third.
    With such a strong assault, you can simply ignore the Tentacles if you wish, 
    because most of their attacks are weak, with no more than about 50 damage. 
    However, they have this annoying tendency to heal the Tree Guardian, at 540 HP 
    a pop. Alternatively, if you take out the Tentacles, the Tree Guardian will 
    take the time out to revive the Tentacles, with 250 HP each. So you can pick 
    which way you want to take the battle.
    If the Tentacles attack you, don't bother with your specially selected fire 
    armour, just regular will do. If the Guardian attacks, thats when you use your 
    fire armour, and even a Fire Aura if you have it to stop the devastating water 
    attack at the end of the chain.
    If you're well prepared, the battle isn't too difficult, even with the multi 
    targets and the high HP. Just make sure you keep Savyna, as her fire attacks 
    are deadly :)
    At the end of the battle, the third End Magnus appears... and Celestial 
    Flowers, that look like shooting stars! Take your battle spoils, and 
    celebrate. The tree is blooooooooooming! And Komo Mai goes wild! And the third 
    feather falls... Finally, an End Magnus that YOU get to keep :P
    But wait, there's controversy... Savyna, an Imperial soldier??? Lyude is SURE 
    of it. And she's not denying it! Argh! Savyna will NOT get her hands on this 
    End Magnus!
    ----/ Savyna /----     HP:   3300
                           ELE:  N/A
                           DROP: N/A
    Much, much easier than the last fight we had. If Savyna was in your current 
    party, she's obviously not in it anymore, so the next person in line will move 
    up (Lyude, in my case). Whichever person it is, doesn't really matter, because 
    Savyna has NO elemental weaknesses or strengths. Rather odd, because I had her 
    set up for fire, but anyways :P
    So just pummel on her. She doesn't defend a lot, but she does have a few 
    multi-hit attacks that sometimes end with her Burning Arrow finisher - her 
    only elemental attack. 10 bucks says you have no defense for Burning Arrow, 
    being all prepped up to fight water enemies, but it makes little difference.
    If you could handle the last fight, you won't even need healing items for this 
    one. Oh, and you start back with full health, just to make it even sweeter. 
    Just attack, attack, attack, and she'll fall.
    Eventually, she'll call off the battle, citing 'enough sparring'. And she even 
    claims she DOESN'T work for the Empire, you guys just jumped to the conclusion 
    that she did and attacked her. Heh.
    When the scene's over, and your party has decided to trust Savyna again, head 
    back to Komo Mai to see Queen Corellia. 
                        ~~~~~ Komo Mai, City of Flowers ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  whatever you didn't grab before
    Queen Corellia is in her throne room, so visit her there. She'll study the End 
    Magnus there... and collapse at the things she sees inside it...
    As your party waits for Corellia to recover, Gibari approaches Savyna and asks 
    her about her past. She used to wander around as a travelling mercenary, until 
    a strange old fortune teller told her about the Celestial Tree, and the evil 
    dwelling within...
    After the scene, you'll be told that Corellia has regained consciousness, and 
    wishes to see you. So head on over to her room. She'll be amazed at the power 
    of the being in the Magnus, but still doesn't quite believe that Geldoblame is 
    trying to unleash such a monster... But regardless, she'll contact King 
    Ladekahn to discuss what should be done. In the meantime, you've got two more 
    Magnus to collect - in Mira and the Empire itself. Mira is your next 
    destination, but it's a tricky place, shifting dimensions, apparently. So 
    you'll need to take the Trail of Souls, the road between dimensions, to get 
    Make sure you've collected everything you need from Anuenue, because you won't 
    be back here for a while. And if you're a completist, for the love of God, 
    SAVE before leaving Anuenue. When you're ready, head back to the port and 
    catch a ride off the island :D
                           [4.4]     Mira, City of Illusion
    Well, isn't this just the trippiest looking place you've ever seen! Looks like 
    one of my pieces of equation art. Anyways. Kalas is a bit thoughtful about 
    Mira... it's been a while since he left. He's from Mira? Hmmzorz.
    He's getting restless, so decides to go talk to everyone. Gibari's busy 
    navigating, so suggests you go talk to others. Xelha's worried about you and 
    Kalas getting seasick. Lyude is questioning everyone's loyalties. And Savyna 
    issues a threat to anyone who stands in her way. Fair enough.
    There's a red flower, but please, take note of this -> the upcoming sequence 
    is tricky, and there are a lot of one-chance Magnus to be obtained. If for 
    some reason you need to go back to Anuenue to get something you missed, that 
    you need for this sequence... save in a new save file, if you must save here, 
    Speak to Gibari again, and he'll have a few thoughts on the trust issue. But 
    then, jsut when Kalas starts to say his piece... the ship is under attack! 
    It's the Goldoba! Giacomo and co.! They've come after all! But Giacomo is 
    cautious, don't attack, the Divine Child is on that ship. Guh? Divine Child? 
    The plot thickens...
    When Kalas comes to, after your ship (the Mindeer) crashes out of the Trail of 
    Souls, wake up the rest of your party members. What to do next? Sit... and 
    wait, and contemplate. Head outside to do your own contemplating. 
         "Cast light upon the darkened earth,
          Save those lost in despair, 
          O Mighty Ocean, guide us as we journey through,
          The darkest pit of night..."
    The prayer Kalas offers. It's also the prayer of Xelha's nation. What IS 
    Xelha's nation, anyways? Uh.... best not ask that question yet >.> A bit more 
    on Kalas' family history... before Meemai spots something off in the 
    Best. Scene. EVARRRRRR. Meet the weirdest little creature, introduced with a 
    cute little song. What the hell is it? WHO the hell is it? It's the Great 
    Mizuti, of course! What are we doing here? Well, we took a wrong turn at 
    Albuquerque... so did Mizuti, apparently. She (yes, Mizuti is a she) is on the 
    way to Mira, and yes yes she definitely knows the way. So she'll take you! 
    Yay! Speak to Xelha inside, and away you'll go!
                      ~~~~~ Portal to the Outer Dimension ~~~~~
         Items Gained (For 100% Completion): Secret Recipe 4, Zelmer, 
                      Ghost Claw, Diminuendo, Frost Cap  
    Now, if you intend on getting 100% Magnus collection, this is the part where 
    you need to pay the most attention. No coming back here when you're done, so 
    if you want to collect everything, PAY ATTENTION!
    Ahem. Now that I've got that out of my system. There are two unique enemies 
    here, so to round off the picture collection, you need to take pictures of 
    both. One of the two, the Zelmer, also drops a unique Frost Cap Magnus. You'll 
    also get Diminuendo, Lyude's level 4 finisher, and Secret Recipe 4 here. 
    Alright. Got all that? Let's go!
    If you let Mizuti stray too far away (ie. she goes off screen in your mini HUD 
    here) you'll get sent back to the start and start again. You can use this to 
    your advantage. My method for this is, fight as many battles as you need to 
    fight to collect all the cards you need, if you intend on getting the unique 
    ones. Place as many cameras as possible in one person's inventory, to ensure 
    multiple battles aren't needed to take photos. The enemies are actually 
    pretty easy... they'll defend a lot, but be 60% weak against ALL elements. 
    Anyways... when you've got all the items, then go hell for leather shooting 
    enemies. The last waves are the ones with the important drops, the recipe and 
    The first three waves will appear to your left and right, then they'll appear 
    staggered across the screen (ie. spread out from left to right). The sixth 
    will provide you with a speed up, in case you need it to catch up. From them, 
    they'll appear two on one side, two on the other. As soon as you see the first 
    appear, start moving in the OTHER direction, shooting all the while, so you 
    get the other two then are in line to get the Magnus. At the end of the 
    shooting sequence, Mizuti will drag you off the map and you'll get the rewards 
    you picked up off the map for shooting. For the record, I just got nine Magnus 
    (and only took one pass through the Dimension) - Half Plate, Aqua Burst III, 
    Crystal Edge, Shish Kebab (Large), Green Oak, Kite Shield, Diminuendo, Camera 
    II, and Secret Recipe 4. Phew!
    After the sequence, Kalas will be REALLY annoyed to find that Mizuti is, in 
    fact, still lost. Never mind that... something's coming!
    ----/ Gnosis /----     HP:   3600
                           ELE:  Dark(-100%), everything else(-50%)
                           DROP: Andromeda, Brave Knight Helm, Ancient Branch
    Hrmm. An annoying one. For starters, it's elemental strengths and weaknesses 
    SUCK. No dark attacks? Cross Lyude off your battle list. If you're like me, 
    you forgot this battle was coming, so didn't have time to fix decks... So 
    we'll have to make do with what we have!
    The only time you should use a Dark attack is if you're using it to get one of 
    the combo prizes. That being said, if you can effectively (or luckily) make 
    nice full house prizes by now (3 cards/2 cards with the same number) you can 
    add 31% damage to each turn. Which makes this battle a LOT easier, and almost 
    negates the elemental strengths.
    Of course, it attacks with Dark attacks, so if you have light armour, use it. 
    If you don't, focus in blocking the non-elemental damage that goes with it, 
    and just put up with the elemental damage. If you see Dark Force - you'll 
    probably be paralyzed... if you have cure paralysis items, use them, else hope 
    that that character has enough HP to wait out the turns to come back to life. 
    It's not THAT difficult a battle if you don't see Dark Force too often... just 
    stressworthy due to what's come before it >.>
    After the battle, Mizuti tells you to fly through the hole and back to the 
    Trail of Souls. After that whole debacle, you'll arrive in Mira :) Am I the 
    only person that looks at the map of Mira and sees a skull? Anyways, now after 
    Mizuti leaves, now you can FINALLY save on the Miran map. There's only one 
    possible destination at this point - Parnasse.
                   ~~~~~ Parnasse, the Confectionary Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Mira Cream, Frozen Tangerine, Mira Chocolate, 
                        Chronos Armour, Fresh Beef
    Um, yes, it appears this is a village made completely out of confectionary. 
    Yum. Kalas walks in to see two villages arguing over whos sweets are best... 
    oh boy, it's gonna be one of those days. The fighting will be interrupted by a 
    young woman... Lady Melodia! After settling the arguing, she goes to leave, 
    but trips and stumbles, only to be caught and rescued by Kalas. Awwww, what a 
    nice guy. Turns out Melodia is grand daughter of Duke Calbren, ruler of Mira. 
    Tha man sitting at the entrance to town, Nubata, is one of Quzman's relatives, 
    but he might not be ready to sign the Family Tree just yet (if Sabin's already 
    signed, from Pherkad, Nubata won't.) So come back to him later.
    Feel free to use the blue flower to visit the church. Hand over your latest 
    constellation/s, and class Kalas up to 5. Everyone should also be able to 
    raise a level or more, as well. For the record, I have Savyna/Xelha/Kalas (my 
    party) at 19, and Lyude/Gibari at 18.
    To the left of the blue flower, you'll find the Magnus shop. Some good stuff 
    on offer there. Opposite that, up the ramp, you'll find Trill in Master 
    Tisocco's shop. She's an apprentice pastry cook, and really needs some Mira 
    chocolate for the latest recipe. Could you go to Donella's bakery and ask if 
    anyone there will spare you some?
    Donella's bakery is the next door up the road, so head over there and ask the 
    guy with the chocolate if you can have some. He won't give you any, but will 
    swap for some Mira cream from Tisocco's shop. Damn you people, you're making 
    me crave sweets! Head back to Tisocco's shop, and take some of the cream from 
    the pots to the left of the store. Also take the Frozen Tangerine from the 
    front of the fridge. Head back to Donella's and give it to the guy with the 
    chocolate, and in return you'll get some chocolate. Take it back to Trill.
    After she takes the chocolate, she'll tell you a story, about the Empire's 
    arrival and a strange, shining Magnus. Uh...oh. She saw it in the Mystical 
    Garden, when she was there looking for Clemon. But the Empire doesn't know 
    about it yet! Off we go to the garden!
    ... after we explore the rest of town. In the house on the very end of town, 
    grab the Chronos Armour from the dresser made of chocolate, and the Fresh Beef 
    from the sideboard on the right. Melodia doesn't even have anything 
    interesting to say, bollocks. Once you've got the scoop, head out of town 
    towards Detourne.
                      ~~~~~ Detourne, the Mystical Garden ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Mirage Weed, Silver Barette, Whirlwind Hit
    When you enter the Garden, and see a save flower upside down, you just KNOW 
    things are going to go a tad screwy, now.
    So, where do we start, looking for this Magnus? Well. All we can do is jump 
    across to the right on the red block, so do so. You can ask the woman there 
    kneeling in the corner for information on various things about the garden - 
    the garden itself, the red and blue stones, the scales, the Mirage Weed, and 
    the Golden Hero. Ask about any and all if you have zero idea what you're 
    doing. Seeing as I recall hating this place last time I played, I'm checking 
    out her information :P Of particular interest is her note about the red and 
    blue stones - the red are heavier than the blue, and so they sink.
    Prepare yourselves, and head through the doorway now. No, you haven't just 
    taken a big whiff of happy juice. You're in a 2D platform game. Well, Kalas 
    is, anyways. If you run into the slimes, you'll have to fight. Oh boy.
    There's really only one way through, and then you'll have a choice of the 
    three doorways, or heading further to the left to find another one. Now, the 
    doorways have rather different effects. The bottom door will take you out to 
    the area you started in, but behind the red block on the far side of screen. 
    Pointless for now. The middle will take you to a set of scales... ahh, 
    interesting. Remember the lady said the weight of the blocks was important? 
    Well, here we can change the weight of the red and blue blocks. First, take 
    the Silver Barette and the Whirlwind Hit from the two chests.
    To get to the scales, you need to jump across on the far side, on the red 
    block. Then, to adjust them, take two lots of Pristine Water from the lake and 
    dump them in the blue side of the scales. See, the blue block will fall! Jump 
    back across on the blue block.
    Now head out the top door, and you'll be able to detach the chain holding the 
    golden key in place. If you listened to the lady talk about the garden, you'll 
    realize the golden key is important :P Head out and back through the bottom 
    door, and the world will crazy shift again. Grrrr. This time, you can jump 
    across to the left on the blue blocks and talk to the guy that identifies 
    himself as the Golden Hero. Heyyyyy, we've heard about him!
    Talk to him enough and he'll hand over three valuable items - the Jet Boots, 
    the Red Necklace, and the White Sword. OK cool. Now, to get the key, we need 
    to tinker with the scales again. So back to Crazy Map, and through the middle 
    of the three doors. Change the scales back to make red heavier, then head out 
    and back through the bottom door. Lo and behold, key is yours!
    Now go back and through the top door. Head across to the right on the red 
    block. The Golden Hero has nothing new to offer, but the doorway leads to a 
    different area of the Crazy Map! Defeat the slimes there, and note the two 
    new crazy blue things floating around the map... that we can't get to. Head 
    back to the main part of the map.
    Time to move the scales AGAIN! Yes, I know you're getting sick of it. But 
    change the scales, then head through the bottom door. Across to the left, and 
    through the doorway there. Lo and behold, what can you grab there? The Golden 
    Pick Axe! Which you can use to break through the golden walls you've seen on 
    the map! Doooo eeeeeet!
    After you break the walls down, head through the door into the quarry. 
    There's no End Magnus here, but there is a...
    ----/ Magnus Giganticus /----     HP:   4000
                                      ELE:  Everything(-50%)
                                      DROP: Emerald Earrings, Gleaming Helm
    Mmm, yup, as the name would suggest... It really is a giant Magnus. With an 
    elemental affinity almost as bad as that last pesky boss! And this one comes 
    with two NASTY attacks - Chronos Cage (inflicting paralysis) and Dark. If you 
    don't have light and/or wind armour, you're looking at about 200 damage a pop, 
    which isn't really nice.
    Apart from those two attacks, there isn't really a lot to be worried about in 
    this battle. Sure, it will be a long one because of his HP, and your attack 
    power which doesn't seem to be growing at an equally exponential rate. But as 
    long as you keep a decent supply of healing items in your inventory, it really 
    should not be a problem. You can use any elements you like (and any 
    characters, really, because all elements are the same strength), just pummel 
    away at him because his actual defence moves are weak as.
    Also good to note is that the Magnus' physical appearance will change as his 
    HP goes down - it'll lose its corners, one by one, and in the end you'll be 
    fighting a diamond-shaped card. So you can see how well the battle is going. 
    But this wasn't actually an End Magnus - a mere shadow of one. The real one 
    may have been kept here at one point, but it was obviously moved because this 
    just isn't it. Or was it already unlocked some time ago? Gibari has the idea 
    to ask Duke Calbren, Lord of Mira, to see if he knows what's up. Back to 
    Parnasse you go!
                   ~~~~~ Parnasse, the Confectionary Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  N/A
    Uh oh... strong military presence in Parnasse. Seems Lady Melodia has been 
    kidnapped by a group of suspicious looking strangers... And you dont see 
    strangers in Mira often... Must have been the lot of you guys! Zoinks. We're 
    in trouble! Trill steps in to defend you, but gets shot down (not literally). 
    And your group is captured. Poopy.
    So, what to do? Obviously it's the Empire's work, and the Empire is getting 
    desperate now that Anuenue and Diadem have both taken up arms against them. So 
    what are you guys going to do? If you select to save Melodia yourselves, 
    you'll get Xelha's approval. 
    OK... now how to get out, to go rescue her? Well... you're locked up in a 
    house made of candy... are you thinking what I'm thinking!? Speak to Gibari, 
    and you'll find out he's thinking the same thing. Eat your way out! :D 
    In the end, the actual eating gets left up to Gibari, so he starts munching 
    through the wall... and finds a very surprised Trill on the other side! She 
    believes you, and was coming to break you out! The people that took Melodia 
    were heading towards the Picture Book Village! (Don't ask how she knows...) 
    But that's where we'll go too!
                   ~~~~~ Reverence, the Picture Book Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Monolith Pen, tri-Crescendo Pen
    Now you might see why I dislike Mira so much, it's just TOO weird -_-
    After listening to the clairvoyant, you can examine a lot of things to hear 
    about this weird-ass town. Like the moving face on the rock. o.O Through the 
    doorway to the right, you'll find a lot of weird-ass dancing things that are 
    supposedly releasing stress. Err... ok then.
    Across the bridge, the woman sitting at the base of it is a Quzman relative, 
    but she won't sign just yet. North of the bridge, following the path on the 
    left, enter the house and grab the Monolith Pen from under the left chest of 
    yellow drawers, and the tri-Crescendo Pen from the chest on the right. (If I 
    use them both, will I get a Namco Pen? Geez...) Once you're done, save at the 
    blue save flower outside. If you speak to the... machina... thing... just to 
    the left of the bridge, he'll offer to tell you some secrets in exchange for a 
    Mirage Weed. Hmm.
    Where can you get a Mirage Weed? Back in the weird-ass garden of Detourne. So 
    go and grab one, and give it to him. And he'll offer to open the path to the 
    fortune teller's house for you. Cue weird-ass sequence. Uh. Right.
    Enter the newly revealed house and speak with the fortune teller there. Hmm, 
    how very strange... she senses no Magnus with you. Every object in the 
    universe supposedly has its own Magnus... but Kalas seems not to. Huh? Then he 
    is not of this world... And someday you will know, who you really are. That 
    line should be familiar from the opening sequence to the game. Hmm....
    Head outside, and Kalas will observe a conversation about Lady Melodia. A 
    group of strangers entered the Shrine of Spirits, and were spotted by a group 
    of villagers! One was a young girl wearing a hood! Could it have been her? Of 
    course, you're going off to the Shrine of Spirits too, so leave town. Nekton 
    now appears on your map, in the dark blue sphere.
                        ~~~~~ Nekton, Shrine of Spirits ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Wind God Blade, Corona Borealis, Water Blade, 
                        Golden Buckle, Dark Embrace, Virgo
    Wow, apparently you and Kalas originally met here, young Guardian Spirit. 
    Remember? Nah, because you have amnesia, you woke up when Kalas did, in 
    Cebalrai. Anyways.
    Into the Shrine, take the top path and follow it along to find a chest with a 
    Wind God Blade. Then head back, and take the bottom path twice to find a chest 
    with the Corona Borealis constellation. Head back one junction and take the 
    top path (towards the blue light) to find a chest with a Water Blade, and 
    continue on to find a red save flower. Short dungeon. Really. Save and 
    continue on.
    Ah-hah, it IS the evil trio of Folon, Ayme, and Giacomo. (Haha, that 
    abbreviates to FAG...) And Melodia. The trio just wanted to talk to Melodia in 
    private, they're not here to wage a war on Mira, after all. They just want to 
    ask about the shining Magnus, or perhaps an old family treasure or two. 
    Melodia assures them, if such a thing does exist, she doesnt know, but her 
    grandfather, Duke Calbren, might. Hmmzorz.
    But Kalas just has to spoil the party. And a surprise appearance by Sir Lyude, 
    backstabber extraodinaire to the Empire! Yay! But before they get the chance 
    to come to blows... the Tree Spirits! You're stirring them up! The boundary 
    between dimensions! Argh! And a giant thing appears... so what do the FAG team 
    do? Disappear, of course. Leaving you to deal with the creature. Gee, thanks 
    ----/ Sikri /----     HP:   3000
                          ELE:  Dark(+80%), Light(-80%)
                                Wind(+50%), Chronos(-50%)
                          DROP: Golden Buckle, Dark Embrace, Virgo
    Hmm... this isn't a bad fight, not a bad one at all. Sikri's Unholy Symbol 
    move sucks, because it has the chance to paralyze a character. Not fun at all. 
    However, it only lasts a couple of turns so you can easily wait it out, if you 
    don't have paralysis-resisting equipment on. 
    But thats really about all you need to worry about. The boss has pretty good 
    weaknesses, so a party with Lyude, Xelha and Gibari shines right here. If you 
    keep attacking, and have a good bonus or two (making four or five of a kind 
    and so on), you can deal in the vicinity of 1000 damage per hit. (I did, 
    anyways.) He goes down pretty quickly when you're doing this.
    Towards the end of the battle, he'll start to use Life Drain, sucking 200-ish 
    HP or so from a character at the end of an attack sequence. You'll probably 
    only see this once or twice though, so it isn't much to worry about. Just keep 
    attacking, but do remember to stop and cure if necessary. I walked into the 
    battle with my characters all at half health, healed once or twice, and walked 
    out in better condition than I started in, with zero deck preparation. Not a 
    hard one at all.
    After the battle, Melodia will coax the Sikri back into the Outer Dimension 
    from which it came. Nice of her, but she could have done that before it 
    attacked us at all >:( Now the Guardsmen are here, and they'll thank you for 
    protecting Melodia. She welcomes you to visit her grandfather's manor, before 
    Gibari draws up the plan - visit Duke Calbren, show him the End Magnus you 
    have from Anuenue, and see if he recognizes it or knows anything about any 
    similar. Kalas checks for the End Magnus... umm... it's gone! SAY WHAT!? 
    Do you know where it is, Guardian Spirit? Well, I do indeed know, having 
    played the game before, but I don't get the option to tell Kalas exactly where 
    it is -_- So you're going to retrace your steps back to the ship, looking for 
    ... After they finish their search, there's still no sign of it, no sign at 
    all. If anyone else had've found it, they would have heard the fuss made about 
    it, so that really isn't an option. If you didn't drop it... it must have been 
    stolen! Badum tish. So who? The group mull it over for a while, and achieve 
    absolutely nothing.
    Anyways, you still have to go to Duke Calbren's manor, in case Giacomo is 
    there scheming something. So off you go, to Balacoire!
                     ~~~~~ Balancoire, Borough of Illusion ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Sugar Cane, Millinery, Cedar Tree, Pot of Air, 
                        Deluxe Cream Puff, Deluxe Red Wine, Bacon, 
                        Scorpion Barette
    As soon as you enter town, a random person walks up to you, they recognize 
    Kalas! Seems Kalas used to live around here. 
    First of all, you'll note the whale in the river. Er. Can't do anything about 
    it yet. So do a bit of shopping, in the store near the save flower. Save, hand 
    over all your new constellations, level up if you like. All my characters are 
    now level 20, for reference.
    Enter the house just near Kalas' old friend (kinda hard to see the doorway). 
    From the pots on the right, take the Sugar Cane. The man on the bed will talk 
    about the day Kalas arrived in town, with his grandather, and your brother 
    Fee... and the accident, and the doctor that saved you... hmm. Grab the 
    Millinery from the dresser to the left of the stove.
    Cross the bridge, and enter the first house, south of the path. Take the Cedar 
    Tree from the shrubs to the left of the entrance, and a Pot of Air from the 
    shelves also on the left. Talk to the old lady, and agree to hear her tale. 
    More about these powerful wizards, named the Guardians, and them saving the 
    land of Mira from the abyss. And they still cling ot the faith that the ocean 
    will save them. Find them, O Mighty Ocean, and forgive them.
    Outside, the two people leaning over the river will tell you about Melodia's 
    family, and how she nearly herself succumbed to the fatal illness that claimed 
    her parents. Poor child. 
    Inside the next building, the bar, the woman to the left will give you a 
    Deluxe Cream Puff if you show her what gold looks like (ie. give her a Gold 
    Nugget, if you have one). Alternatively, if you give one to the man instead, 
    he'll give you a Deluxe Pastry. Take the Deluxe Red Wine from the barrels near 
    the bar, and the Bacon from the stove behind the counter, then head out.
    Talk to the guy outside the bar, and you'll see what a terrible barker he is. 
    So go inside and talk to Trill's father behind the bar. He'll ask you to do 
    him a favour, teach the barker how to do his job properly! Errr... ok. Go talk 
    to him, and let the lesson begin! I don't think what you tell him matters, but 
    I told him that his voice should be a shout, and the pitch should be great 
    tasting food. As a reward, Trill's father will give you a Scorpion Barette.
    After all is said and done, Melodia will arrive back in town. If shedoesn't 
    come back, check you've seen all the above little scenes - Kalas' friend, the 
    old man, the old lady, the barker, the two near the river. When Melodia 
    returns, head over to her manor to see her. You'll see another scene, in which 
    you'll find that not everyone likes Kalas being back in town. Malformed wings 
    are the direct result of a malformed heart, apparently.
                           ~~~~~ Duke Calbren's Manor ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Jill's Jewelry Box, Piscis Australis, Secret 
                        Recipe 5, The Silent Woman, Tearless Mermaid, 
                        Sleet Shawl, Robe of Firelight.
    Inside, Calbren and Melodia will greet you warmly. Your other friend arrived 
    earlier, it seems. Guh? Other friend? Either way, the Duke wishes to meet you 
    Meh, explore first! :P You can get Stagnant Water from the two little water 
    features in the back of the room. In the museum, through the doorway to the 
    left, take Jill's Jewelry Box from the case in the top left corner of screen. 
    You'll find the constellation Piscis Australis in the drums to the south of 
    the room (so keep misspelling that as Australia). At the top of the stairs in 
    the main hall, enter the study on the right. There you'll find Secret Recipe 5 
    in the bookcase, and The Silent Woman behind the portrait on the right.
    In the room on the left (Melodia's room!) take the Tearless Mermaid from 
    underneath the mattress on the bed, and the Sleet Shawl from the oh-so-comfy 
    chair. Then you can go meet Duke Calbren :P
    Heyyyy, THERE's your other friend! :D The Great Mizuti! :D :D :D :D! I so like 
    her. Mizuti is here to protect Bo, because you have the Earth Sphere... and 
    what is Bo? The End Magnus in Mira! A historian discovered in the Mystical 
    Garden and unsealed it (ah, the shadow Magnus we found there), which is what 
    caused Mira's dimensional shift. It's now here in the manor, in the basement! 
    And guess who's here to spoil YOUR party this time -_- Damn Giacomo. He heard 
    Calbren say where Bo is, and he's here to take it! So head after him.
    The entrance is back in the museum, so head down there. You're too late, he's 
    already inside! A bright light... they're trying to awaken the Magnus! Mizuti 
    must hurry. And she'll join your party to do so! YAY!
    After you've finished sorting her out (adding her to your active party if you 
    like), descend the stairs into the sewers. Take the Robe of Firelight from the 
    chest on the right, then head left. Into... oh, Christ.
                     ~~~~~ Coccolith, Labyrinth of Mirrors ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Heaven's Pillar, Corona Australis, Pinecone, 
                        Vanish Grenade, Capricornus
    My head, it HURTS.
    OK. Let's take this one step at a time. Literally. If you look at the third 
    mirror piece in the bottom row, you'll see Kalas' legs - this reflection 
    actually follows Kalas, unlike the rest, and is probably your best method of 
    navigation through this crazy place. The layout's really simple, but direction 
    is hard!
    We start at the star, top right, and we're trying to get to the moon, top 
    left. Right. Head left slightly, and you'll see yourself on multiple 
    fragments, most importantly the bottom left corner. At that intersection, head 
    up (on the controller), which is the left side of the intersection. Then 
    you'll come to another junction, head up and grab Heaven's Pillar from the 
    Back down and keep heading left, then left again (on controller) at the next 
    junction and you'll find the moon. Examine it to teleport to the second 
    Again, going from star to moon. This one's slightly different. Try to ignore 
    your reflection running around, and just follow the path. In the top right 
    corner of screen is a partially hidden chest, containing the constellation 
    Corona Australis. Apart from that, it's not too tricky, but if you do what I 
    did and get to the moon, but can't examine it, check to make sure it's you at 
    the moon and not your reflection :P Onto the third screen...
    Similar layout to the first, except this is two interleaved oval paths. And 
    this time it's the diamond shaped piece on the left following Kalas' feet. 
    Even I'm getting confused trying to find my way through this one. I just say, 
    wipe out the enemies then run around until you find the red flower. Save, then 
    run around some moor until you come to the moon. Warp out.
    There you'll find Giacomo. Grawr! Breaking the seal... finding the Phantasm. 
    And of course, he summons it for YOU to fight, not HIM!
    ----/ Phantasm /----     HP:   3000
                             ELE:  Dark(+80%), Light(-80%)
                                   Wind(+50%), Chronos(-50%)
                             DROP: Pinecone, Vanish Grenade, Capricornus
    Hmm. Even though it looks like there's multiple targets, the Phantasm and the 
    little flying doohickeys, there's just the one. And it's a pretty easy one, 
    just like the Sikri. In fact, I could probably copy and paste the info for the 
    Sikri, change on top, and it would be equally as relevant. The elemental 
    strengths and weaknesses are even IDENTICAL! 
    Eyes of Terror is the main attack here, at the end of a five hit combo, and 
    it'll put one character to sleep. Occasionally you'll get Lightning instead, 
    but this rare, and occasionally the hit combo will stop at 4 instead of going 
    for the fifth. Like before, I'd suggest Gibari, Xelha or Mizuti now, and Lyude 
    because of the elements - Savyna isn't much good because she's fire/ice, and 
    Kalas is good but the others are better.
    It's pretty much the same thing. Stock up on attacking items to get the fight 
    over quickly, make sure to get a photo, then take your spoils.
    However.. it's not over yet. The Magnus is unsealing itself, and even Giacomo 
    doesn't like this idea just yet. But Mizuti will take control... she is 
    invincible, or so she claims :P Use the Shadow Magnus, while Mizuti distracts 
    it... and it'll stabilize the End Magnus... just long enough for Giacomo to 
    take it. Blargh! Pipped at the post again!
    According to Calbren, the five End Magnus are the parts of a deceased god's 
    corpse. That would explain the names, symbolizing Arms, Legs, Chest, Body... 
    what's left? The Head, of course :P And it's buried somewhere in Alfard, 
    Empire of the Flame... You're gonna have to take Giacomo out on his own turf!
    After Kalas welcomes Mizuti into the party, Melodia offers to take you to 
    Alfard on her ship - it's well known, and should be allowed into port easily. 
    So the group agrees to rest, and set off tomorrow.
    Cue mandatory late-night chat between two party members with a tension filled 
    relationship. It happens in every freaking game I've played, and Baten Kaitos 
    is no exception. This time it's Kalas and Xelha, out overlooking the river in 
    Balancoire. She seems on the verge of divulging a secret to him... but stops 
    at the last second. Gah. More scenes, between Savyna and Gibari, and Lyude 
    alone. Calbren alone, wondering about Xelha's pendant.
    The fourth feather falls, and that damn voice again. Is it starting to sound 
    familiar yet? :P It just might...
    Ladekahn and Corellia, discussing what to do about the situation. War must be 
    avoided, yet if the End Magnus do get unsealed, it will be too late to stop 
    everything from happening... Tricky situation at best.
    Once the scene is over, you're told to visit Melodia in her room when you're 
    ready to leave. First, visit the church, and class Mizuti up, most 
    importantly. Level up what you can, drop off your latest two constellations. 
    Then talk to Melodia in her room. Agree to leave, and you're off to Alfard!
    And you'll be prompted to insert disc 2 into your GameCube. JOY! We're getting 
                        [4.5]     Alfard, Empire of the Flame
    See the ship fly over to the last of the five major continents, Alfard. 
    Melodia disappears off with a guy named Fadroh for a cup of tea, and your 
    group decides to make its way over to Lyude's residence.
                      ~~~~~ Mintaka, the Imperial Capital ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Secret Recipe 6, Pickled Eggplants, Viking Helmet, 
                        Apple Pie (Slice), Sleet Shawl, Coffin Shield, 
                        Scale Mail, Ara
    There's a lot of weird people walking around in Mintaka, people that just want 
    to talk up the Empire and Geldoblame's greatness. Well, we're kinda here to 
    shatter that illusion, guys, but we won't tell them yet :) 
    Just to the left of the ship, on the walkway, you'll find a Quzman relative, 
    Qasim. He'll sign the tree immediately. Whee! From there, we can start 
    exploring. You can walk around to get to the long metal spokes jutting out 
    from the walkway, and if you walk onto the second from bottom spoke and 
    examine the end of it, you'll grab Secret Recipe 6.
    Enter the building closest to Qasim, the door under the small canopy. Grab the 
    Pickled Eggplants from the weights on the right, and the Viking Helmet from 
    the chest in the corner. I want one of those fluffpups, they're soooo cute! 
    Outside and on the next screen, Gibari will accidentally bump into a little 
    kid... and you'll see just what sort of elitist snobs live in the Empire. 
    However Lyude isn't like that, he was homeschooled. Thank the lord for small 
    After that, visit the shop just there. Head left and you'll see another scene 
    with a speech machine. It's Geldoblame, being all tyrannical and dictatory. 
    Fun. Not. Where to next? Try to door just right of the crowd there. There 
    you'll find Scalla and his mother... and they're worried about what's going on 
    in Mintaka lately. No items though. Pooey.
    Try the road between Scalla's house and the shop, and there you'll find one 
    more house. Take the Apple Pie (Slice) from under the window, and Sleet Shawl 
    from the chest. Then speak to the man there. Apparently a world-famous doctor 
    used to live here, a man that designed the first Imperial Winglet and the 
    Battleship Goldoba. But he got too caught up in research, and late one night 
    his lab exploded. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    The road out to the south of the speech machine leads out of town, so we don't 
    want to go there just yet. But enter the building just behind it. From the two 
    chests, take the Coffin Shield and the Scale Mail. The two soldiers sitting in 
    the corner will tell you about Operation Azha, and a killing machine by the 
    name of Lady Death. Hmm. From the pots in the bottom left corner of screen, 
    take constellation Ara. Go to head up the stairs, and you'll hear about a 
    ruckus in Diadem. The kid who got exiled to Diadem because of a muckup at 
    Azha. Lyude! And Savyna knows about this mission to Azha, Operation Sweep...
    Follow the balcony, and cross the bridge to find Panaway's house. Methinks 
    Panaway is the elite child from before, from the way he talks. Eh, nothing 
    much to see here, I'm just exploring :P Head back out the bar the way you 
    came, and follow the road north. There you'll find a big and important looking 
    house... Lyude's old house. Uh oh...
    You're welcome to enter, so do so. And we'll get a little bit of backstory on 
    Lyude - the death of his parents, and his nurse/foster mother Almarde. And 
    speaking of.... here she is! And Lyude's brother and sister, Skeed and Vallye. 
    And the guards outside... double uh oh. They want the foreigners, and if Lyude 
    hands you over, he'll be welcomed back into the Empire. Like hell he will. As 
    the family feuds, Vallye tries to shoot Lyude, but gets stopped by Almarde. 
    Guh!? Almarde is a warrior type person? 
    Either way, she knows where Giacomo and his goons are - on the Battleship 
    Goldoba, high above Mintaka. And she tells you to go! But before you can go, 
    Vallye shoots Almarde, and the two run off... bloody wimps! Argh...
    Sad scene >_< And then you'll sneak out the back door. But... I wanted what 
    was in the chest inside Lyude's house ;_; You can't go back for it yet, 
    either. Poopy. So just head towards the ship. You're going to go after the 
    Now, you'll start getting into battles on the way, with the Imperial Guard and 
    Elite Imperial Guard. These are one-shot battles, so if you want to take 
    photos, now's the time. Head over to the ship, SAVE in a DIFFERENT save 
    (please, please), then head off.
    As soon as you land on the deck of the Goldoba, you'll be thrust into a battle 
    with three Imperial Walkers. These guys do pack a fair punch, but nothing you 
    shouldn't be able to handle easily (otherwise you may be screwed, for what's 
    to come). Take your spoils, and enter the Goldoba. 
                          ~~~~~ The Battleship Goldoba ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Rainbow Straw Hat, Sleet Shawl, Grace Shield, 
                        Robe of Firelight, Cetaka's Sword, Rice Paper,
                        Crystal Nails, Hermit's Creel, Rarebird Statue, Oil
    There's a red save flower here, but if you're going to use it, please save in 
    a DIFFERENT save from the one you last saved in Mintaka. A LOT and I mean a 
    LOT of people have trouble with this part of the game, and if you save over 
    your old game here and gets stuck... there's no going back to Mintaka. If you 
    keep your Mintaka save, and get stuck here, then you can go back, level up, 
    whatnot. So keep it. PLEASE.
    Anyways. What do we have here? Not much. No sign of everyone. So let's 
    explore. Save if you like (heeding my words), then check the top door leading 
    out to the bridge. Locked! Nuts. And the terminal to unlock it is in the main 
    communications room. Right, head down the dark path (avoiding the Walkers if 
    you don't want to fight more.) From there, in the first small room on the 
    left, you'll find a Rainbow Straw Hat. On the floor, if you examine when the ! 
    appears, you'll also get a Sleet Shawl. In the room on the right, grab the 
    Grace Shield, and the Robe of Firelight from the !.
    There's also a room on the far right (kinda hard to see the entrance) with a 
    few chests in it. Two more Walkers, but I'd be avoiding those to save your 
    energy. Grab Cetaka's Sword and Rice Paper from the chests there. Back out and 
    in the horse-shoe shaped room, take the bottom right exit to find a chest with 
    Crystal Nails.
    From there, head up the stairs in the horseshoe room to find the main 
    terminal. And it will ask for a password. If you've been fighting Walkers 
    (which I have not), you'll have been collecting passwords for the terminal. If 
    you haven't, here's a nice list ;) 
    0429 - enemy attack
    0819 - Assassin's Hood
    1004 - enemy attack
    1342 - Goldoba cannon fire
    3291 - Viking Helmet
    4649 - Goldoba cannon fire
    4653 - unlocks Bridge
    Once you've got the Bridge unlocked, save again and head up there. Before 
    going through the door, make sure your decks are set, your best characters are 
    in position, etc. (Not that there's like, anything major coming up >.>) See, 
    the Bridge is empty! Not for long though... the FAG team have arrived! The 
    Emperor's not here, he's gone to the Lava Caves to get the final End Magnus... 
    But they'll keep you company!
    Your team knows, you're not after these goons, so you don't want to fight. But 
    Kalas does. And after he rejects Giacomo's proposal to join them, the fight is 
    ----/ Giacomo /----     HP:   3800
                            ELE:  Water(+50%), Fire(-50%)
                                  Light(+30%), Dark(-30%)
                            DROP: Hermit's Creel, Rarebird Statue
    ----/ Ayme /----        HP:   2400
                            ELE:  Light(+30%), Dark(-30%)
                                  Chronos(+50%), Wind(-50%)
                                  Fire(+30%), Water(-30%)
    ----/ Folon /----       HP:   2700
                            ELE:  Water(+30%), Fire(-30%)
                                  Light(+50%), Dark(-50%)
                                  Wind(+30%), Chronos(-30%)
    Yes, you have to fight ALL THREE AT ONCE. No, it's not fun. Not fun at all. 
    I've spent a long time analyzing this battle and it still sucks >_<
    One thing to note, while reading the above list of strengths and weaknesses, 
    is that all three bad guys are susceptible to light damage. Because of this, 
    either Xelha or Mizuti is a must, with their light magic. Kalas is most likely 
    your strongest character, and class 5 while other characters are all class 4, 
    so he is worthy of inclusion as well. For a third, you can pick between either 
    attack (Lyude and his light instruments) or defense (Gibari with paddles that 
    can be used both offensively and defensively). I'll opt for Gibari, though 
    Lyude is a viable alternative as well. 
    This will be the biggest and definitely the hardest battle to date, so let's 
    take a look at deck preparation for it. One option is to completely clear all 
    the Dark cards out of your deck, because all three are strong against 
    darkness. One thing you should definitely do is create the best possible 
    decks, ie. if you've been swapping Xelha and Mizuti every so often, take all 
    the best Magnus from one and give them to the one you're using for this 
    battle. Why waste half of your high powered light Magnus on Mizuti if she's 
    not part of the battle at hand? 
    Also, take all the best armour from your inactive characters, making sure to 
    have a good sprinkling of light and water armour (you'll see why to keep water 
    armour in a sec), and put it on your current party. Same with healing items - 
    you've probably picked up a lot that you haven't even been using because you 
    haven't needed them - well, now you will. Take the old Honeys and Milks out of 
    your decks and start putting in the Eggplants, the Persimmons, and the Red 
    Now, for the battle itself - you can use multiple strategies for it. There are 
    good arguments to focus all your attacks on either Ayme or Folon, but I'll 
    pick Folon. Folon is the biggest immediate threat in the battle, because he 
    likes to use Energy Injection, ramping up his attack. More attack for him = 
    bad news for you. Luckily, he only uses Energy Injection on himself, so throw 
    all your major defense cards at him after he does it. If he doesn't, you can 
    relax a little easier, but you might see it up to three times if the battle 
    drags on.
    Ayme likes to have massive combos, up to eight or nine hits each. However, she 
    is like Savyna in terms of hits - many hits, not much power behind each hit. 
    For an eight hit combo, you could probably negate the entire lot with three 
    well chosen defence cards. This is why I would leave her alone as she isn't 
    much of a threat, and focus on Folon first. 
    Giacomo will be a major problem in this battle, as he takes double-turns. Even 
    worse when he uses them both on the same character >_< Therefore, you could 
    probably make an argument for taking him out first, if he wasn't the hardest 
    to kill because of his HP. But once you get to know his elements, he's easy. 
    When he attacks, he'll do physical and fire damage in four hits - so if you 
    defend with two physicals and a water Magnus, you should almost completely 
    negate his attack.
    When Giacomo gets down to low health, he'll add two new moves into the mix - 
    Imperial Force and End Slasher. Both are darkness based, but if you're keeping 
    light armour as was suggested earlier, it shouldnt make that much of a 
    difference. Instead of just using the three defence cards, use four and add a 
    light armour in there if possible.
    Once you've got a strategy worked out, and a bit of luck with the right cards 
    coming your way, you can go on the offensive. The defense is more important 
    than the offense in battles like this, because even with the best attack 
    Magnus in the world, the battle is still going to be LONG. So set up camp with 
    good defense, drag it out just a bit longer, better to be safe then sorry then 
    whittle down their HP, one by one.
    After the battle, Kalas is triumphant, we did it! You avenged Gramps and Fee! 
    WHEEE! But wait a sec... Georg's research... the power of the Divine Child... 
    eek. Georg is Giacomo's father? SAY WHAT!? And before you can come to grips 
    with this, he activates the self-destruct sequence on the ship. Gee thanks. 
    One way ticket to helllllllllll....
    And you've got five minutes to get off this ship before it goes down in 
    flames. Great. Luckily, it's pretty simple. Remember the hangar where we found 
    the Crystal Nails earlier? Well, it's full of all sorts of aircraft that we 
    could possibly use to escape. Awesome. Head there :)
    In the hangar, start checking things - the two at the left and the right, and 
    the weird goldy things along the bottom wall. Kalas will tell you, all of them 
    are dead, keep looking... except the second goldy thing from the top. (Dude. I 
    got no idea what it is. Are these things supposed to fly?) But the aircraft 
    has no fuel. Let's go find some fuel!
    Just to the left of the row of goldy things is a fuel container, so examine it 
    and you'll be prompted to trap the essence of the Oil. Do so, then empty it 
    into the goldy aircraft. And off you go! I still had nearly 4 min left on my 
    timer, geez >.>
    Anyways, you'll land in the desert with no injuries other than wounded pride 
    from the big fall. Of course, like anyone would actually die falling from that 
    height >.> So time's a wastin, you're off to the Lava Caves to see the 
    They're just to the south, through the town of Azha. Funny, Azha was mentioned 
    earlier... Famous for its iron mines, apparently. And the name Georg... Lyude 
    knows the name Georg, he was the doctor you heard about in Mintaka, who 
    developed most of the technology driving the Empire. Ahhh, the plot 
    .... damn that voooooooooooice....
    Anyways, to Azha!
                               ~~~~~ Azha Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Green Tea, Sculpting Knife, Crimson Oak Blossom, 
                        Lepus, Mephistopheles Cloak, Secret Recipe 7
    What a dreary looking place... the results of Operation Sweep, which you heard 
    about earlier. Used to be a big mining village, but then the miners protested 
    over poor conditions... and the Empire killed everyone that went on strike. 
    Yikes. That was Operation Sweep. And... wait a sec, Savyna led the operation? 
    Savyna WAS an Imperial soldier? Aw, geez...
    Anyways, after the scene, you'll get control of Kalas. You can visit the 
    church, and level up (all of my characters are now level 24). Class Xelha up 
    with the Rarebird Statue, too. The little kids in the main street will follow 
    you around, begging for stuff, and you can give them any of your quest Magnus. 
    If you can find a source of endless quest Magnus, such as water (or lava 
    inside the nearby Lava Cave), you can bring some to the kids, rinse, lather, 
    repeat. If you bring 15 Magnus for them, the woman sitting on the right will 
    reward you with Mephistopheles Cloak. Bring 20 in total, and you'll score 
    Secret Recipe 7 from her.
    You can't enter the caves just yet (where the flags are), so look around. The 
    woman near the laundry on the clothesline is in despair because it won't dry. 
    The main to the right will give you stuff if you give stuff to the kids. 
    There's a shop at the end of the long road where you can pick up a Aqua Burst 
    IV, alright! 
    In the house on the left, the little girl runs away from Savyna... why? 
    Everyone's so depressed here. Take the Green Tea from the barrels to the right 
    of the stairway, then head up.
    There's a Sculpting Knife in the machinery to the left, at the top of the 
    stairs, and a Crimson Oak Blossom on the shelf on the right. The people there 
    won't talk to you, so keep heading upstairs. At the bend in the path, head 
    right, and you'll find a secret path leading to a chest with constellation 
    Lepus :)
    At the top of the staircase, you'll be confronted by some children who just 
    won't let you pass, they're convinced you're here for another massacre ;_; So 
    go to leave, and a scene will take over just as you leave the house. Savyna 
    here as part of the mission, the indecision she faced, and some of the things 
    she did anyway. Outside, Savyna forces the guards outside the mine out of her 
    way, gaining you entrance.
                              ~~~~~ The Lava Caves ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Dream Blade, Serpens, Grumble Pen, Lava, 
                        Shadow Thruster, Catfish Whiskers, Gold Earrings, 
                        Solar Saber, Shadow Gate, Power Snow Anklet
    Kalas gets a bit mushy inside the mine, thanking you for your help. Aw, no 
    time for that, we've got an Emperor to annihilate! Move along to get to the 
    door... but you can't even move it. Nuts. As Kalas tries to work out how to 
    open the door, an old man approaches, asking about his winglet. Now is NOT the 
    time, old geezer. But Kalas indulges him anyways. 
    Ah, and the bribery of getting the door opened if you stop by his place. Heh. 
    So follow him off to the right of screen. And we'll learn a bit more about 
    Georg - Azha was his hometown. He was always the whiz kid at mechanics, and 
    then was seduced by the Empire. And he did indeed have a son named Giacomo. 
    Argh! And yes... that makes Kalas... Giacomo's son!
    And Larikush... any news on him? Do you remember him? He was the doctor that 
    found Kalas in Cebalrai, right at the start of the game :P So yes, you do 
    remember him now. :) Afterwards, he'll go off and open the door, and we can 
    loot his little room. Whee!
    Take the Dream Blade from the chest, and constellation Serpens from the drum 
    behind the bed. There's also a Grumble Pen underneath the blueprint on the 
    table. (I'm still waiting for a Namco Pen.) When you're finished looting, head 
    back to the door and speak with the man, and he'll unlock it for you. Yay!
    Now, inside, aint this a scary place. Complete with creepy music. Fun. You can 
    take the essence of Lava if you like, it will prove useful shortly. From the 
    chest, take the Shadow Thruster, then follow the path to the left.
    Err... no dice this way, the path is blocked by lava. Oh yeah, the Emperor 
    conveniently left a lava flow in his way to stop you pursuing >.> Anyways, 
    your group decides to backtrack, to ask the mechanic how to stop the lava 
    flow. Sounds fair. Speak to him, and he'll be so annoyed... but he reckons you 
    can stop the lava flow with something called Flame Ice, and you can find it in 
    the cave. Find it and bring him some.
    Guh... Flame Ice? Isn't that like... an oxymoron!?
    Anyways, back in the cave, if you take the path to the right at the junction, 
    you'll find some suspiciously icy looking stuff. Guarded by two sets of... 
    Lanocaulis... things... which you will have to fight, unfortunately. Once 
    you've defeated them, examine the ice to get the Flame Ice, and take it back 
    to the mech. 
    Apparently this ice is so special that even lava can't melt it. Errr.... k. 
    And he puts it in the machine, which makes something like a snow cone. You're 
    given a new blank Magnus to trap the stuff coming out of the machine, named 
    Sparkling Snow. Ooooook then. Take two of the Sparkling Snow.
    Take the Snow back to the lava flow, and it'll freeze it solid. Cool. If you 
    go down the lava flow and off screen to the right, you'll find two chests 
    containing Catfish Whiskers and Gold Earrings. Head back up and across to the 
    right, where you can use the second Snow to stop the second lava flow. Down 
    again, and you'll find a Solar Saber and a red save flower. Save again. 
    On the main path... something white and glinting on the ground. Wasn't that 
    the pendant Xelha wore? Finding it here on the ground must mean they don't 
    need it anymore... They've already summoned the guardian for the final End 
    Magnus. Uh oh. Head through.
    There you'll find Geldoblame... but it looks like you've made it in the nick 
    of time! No, no you haven't... The gate to He has been opened... Behold the 
    power of Malpercio... 
    "We lost? Wait a second, we're not supposed to lose, let me check that 
    Xelha's pendant shatters, as the five End Magnus fuse together... And the void 
    appears... With the storm castle of the ancient gods within it... Cor Hydrae! 
    And Geldoblame... he has the power of Malpercio... and turns into... ugh.
    ----/ Geldoblame /----     HP:   5500
                               ELE:  Water(+20%), Fire(-20%)
                                     Light(+80%), Dark(-80%)
                                     Wind(+30%), Chronos(-30%)
                               DROP: Shadow Gate, Power Snow Anklet
    That is one ugly mofo, I have to say.
    There's one major, major sucky thing about this battle, one devastating 
    attack, and it's called Forfeit Your Life. Instant death on a character. You 
    probably haven't had to deal with reviving characters much during battle, and 
    probably haven't done so much at all. It'll most likely be the first move you 
    see, and it will suck.
    If you have Magnus like Japanese Rice Wine and Holy Grail, these can cure 
    Death. Mizuti came with a Holy Grail, and you should have one or more JRWs (I 
    have three). If you're lucky enough to get these in your hand at the start of 
    the battle, you can revive the dead character... or hope that the attack 
    misses, it sometimes does.
    The arguments for characters to use in battle are the same as for the last 
    major boss battle, due to the light weakness. Kalas and Xelha should both be 
    level 5 now, so include them, as well as either Gibari (wind) or Lyude 
    You'll need to rearrange your decks from the last major boss battle, as you'll 
    need a lot less defense cards and a lot more offensive cards. Similarly to 
    Giacomo, Geldoblame does take double turns, but the first of each turn is 
    always Divine Seal, to recover 110 HP. Just serves to prolong the battle a 
    little bit -_-
    What attacks does he have that you need to worry about? He favours five or six 
    hit combos, five of just normal hits (physical and darkness based, plus 
    sometimes fire) but sometimes tacks a sixth finisher on the end, either Seal 
    of Evil (major darkness damage + paralysis) or Venomous Pollen (poison). The 
    paralysis can be a problem if he attacks that character while they're 
    paralyzed - two long combos with minor defence can whittle down your HP fairly 
    quickly. If you're keeping items like Green Tea, this is when you use them.
    The battle isn't too hard, if you avoid using dark attacks like the plague (or 
    only use to make up a prize bonus such as pairs or three of a kind, which I 
    sometimes do). Careful not to overload with the defense cards, as having no 
    offense is what can drag the battle on and spell doom. Pray you only see 
    Forfeit Your Life once... he tends to use it close to the end of the battle as 
    well, so if you can, finish on a big combo so he completely bypasses the low-
    health stage. I pulled a 1223 damage combo out of my ass with Kalas to finish 
    things off. Geldoblame pwned.
    And Geldoblame loses control of his body... And the voice is here! If you 
    haven't worked out by now who it belongs to, prepare for the shock of your 
    life... Melodia is here! MELODIA, with Fadroh as a sidekick, was behind the 
    plan to unlock the End Magnus, using Geldoblame and the Empire to do the grunt 
    work! Unbe-freaking-lievable!
    And with that, Melodia's men kill off Geldoblame, pushing him into the lava 
    below. But wait, the plot twists aren't over... here's another for you. Enough 
    deception, she cries. You have done well, so step forth and claim your reward. 
    Uh, who?
    You can pick yourself up off the floor now.
    Of course, you, as the Guardian Spirit of said traitor, had absolutely no idea 
    this was coming (if you haven't played the game before). And so, Kalas takes 
    the power of Malpercio... and decides to kick you out of his life. Well, 
    Err, ok, what now? >.>
    A woman and a greythorne, in the darkness. Xelha and Meemai. And you, calling 
    out to them. The feathers symbolizing that you are now the Guardian Spirit of 
    Xelha! Yay! But she's all alone, in a prison cell. Head out the door, and 
    you'll be in...
                          ~~~~~ The Imperial Fortress ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Fire Burst IV, Spark Hat, Whispering Wind
    Mmmmm, and you have to escape all by your lonesome. Not cool.
    In the cell left to Xelha's, you'll find a Fire Burst IV. Equip it 
    immediately. Head left, ignoring Xelha's spasticated running style, past the 
    lifts, and you'll find two more cells. At the end of the path is a desk and a 
    chest with a Spark Hat, and in the left of these two cells you can get a 
    Whispering Wind for Xelha.
    After you explore the second cell, you'll hear a loud crash bang, and Xelha 
    will want to go investigate. Back near your cell, someone's punched a huge 
    hole in the wall! Three women outside, and a dragon. And guards behind you. No 
    time for questions, time to escape!
    Wait... QUEEN Xelha? -_-
                               [4.6]     Party Regroup
    It seems Xelha was taken to Anuenue, because she meets with Ladekahn, 
    Corellia, and Calbren. Poor Calbren, his only granddaughter's gone ape and has 
    the world hostage. Speak to the three of them, and then you'll be prompted to 
    rescue your friends, the sooner, the better. The appearance of the Cor Hydrae 
    has created five interdimensional cracks, one near each island, and Corellia 
    believes the rest of your party is being held near the cracks. So you're 
    going. Solo. To rescue them.
    For the first time, you have complete control over your destination. So if you 
    missed anything on islands you visited before, now you have the opportunity to 
    go back and get it. Me, I'm collecting little things like the Will-O-Wisp Hat 
    I missed in the Ancient Library of Magic. :)
    Once you've done all that.... five islands, five interdimensional cracks... 
    five End Magnus, even.... No prizes for guessing where exactly on each island 
    you have to search. The cracks have sprung up exactly where you found each End 
    So one by one, it's your job to visit the cracks, and regain your party 
    members. We'll start with Sadal Suud, as it might be the easiest to tackle 
    with just one party member >_< 
                           ~~~~~ Sadal Suud Frontier ~~~~~
    Sadal Suud was the first continent you visited, way back at the start of the 
    game. This is where it all began - Kalas waking up in Cebalrai, meeting Xelha. 
    The End Magnus there was found in Moonguile Forest, so head over there, to 
    where you originally fought the Lord of the Spring.
    There you'll find the first of the five cracks. Make sure Xelha is well-
    equipped, and examine it.
                          ~~~~~ Interdimensional Crack ~~~~~
    Something strange in the air... Xelha feels it... can you feel it? It doesn't 
    really matter what you say. She gets dizzy, and collapses, but recovers. There 
    doesn't seem to be anything here. So let's move onto the next island.
                        ~~~~~ Diadem, Land of the Clouds ~~~~~
    Diadem was the second continent Kalas and Xelha visited. They met Gibari in 
    Nashira, visited the Cloud Passage, and fought off an Imperial invasion in 
    Castle Elnath. A shrine high above the castle was also found to be the home of 
    the End Magnus residing on the island.
    In the Shrine of the Winds, you'll find the second interdimensional crack. 
    Examine it, and you'll enter it. However, there's a wall inside this crack... 
    and it demands 'a white Magnus, the symbol of freedom that flies in the sky'. 
    Let's see, you're in Diadem, Land of CLOUDS, and you want a white object that 
    flies in the sky... Remember the cloud-making machine in the Cloud Passage? 
    Head over there :)
    Take the essence of a Cloud from the cloud machine, and put it in the wall in 
    the interdimensional crack. The wall will vanish... but a new challenger 
    ----/ Naiad /----     HP:   1400
                          ELE:  Water(+30%), Fire(-30%)
                                Light(+50%), Dark(-50%)
                          DROP: Spiraling Gale, Goldfish Bowl, Ophichus
    A solo boss fight? Less intimidating than one might think, just looking at its 
    stats. Weak against light, so you've got the right person for the battle. A 
    nice spellcaster with Light III to spam.
    It's weak, as well - it'll do about 100 damage with each hit, undefended, 
    mostly physical and darkness with a touch of fire thrown in. Really easy to 
    defend against, you shouldn't have a problem with this fight at all. A handful 
    of turns, and the boss is history.
    After the battle, move up to the imitation crucifix.. and hanging there is 
    none other than Gibari. You've rescued him! Yay!
    The crack closes, and now you have a party of two! Yay! Head out.
    At a blue save flower, you can now class Gibari up to class 5, and level him 
    up to be equal with Xelha if you so desire. I could have them at level 30 lol, 
    but I'm leaving them both at 25 for now :) Next stop... Anuenue!
                       ~~~~~ Anuenue, The Rainbow Nation ~~~~~
    Anuenue was the third stop in your world tour. Led by Queen Corellia, the 
    island was just beginning its Thirty Year Festival when your party arrived, 
    celebrating the blooming of the celestial tree. Here you also met Savyna, in 
    the waterfall village of Opu.
    The celestial tree was also where the End Magnus was found, so head towards 
    there. At the very top, you'll find the interdimensional crack. Inside, the 
    wall has an opening for 'a Magnus of life, the seed of life from a glorious 
    tree'. Could that be, a Celestial Flower Seed?
    If you remember when you were here in Anuenue, you needed a Celestial Flower 
    Seed to make some Komo Mai cookies for Mayfee. And you obtained the Celestial 
    Flower Seed from Corellia's bedroom, in her castle. So head over there, and 
    you'll find the seeds just to the right of her bed. Take one and head back up 
    the tree.
    Inside the crack, enter the Celestial Flower Seed into the wall and another 
    battle will ensue.
    ----/ Thalassa /----     HP:   2300
                             ELE:  Fire(+30%), Water(-30%)
                                   Light(+50%), Dark(-50%)
                             DROP: Hurricane Blade, Golden Barrette, Cancer
    Double the party members, less than double the difficulty. This battle isn't 
    really that much different from the Naiad, except with fire and water 
    elementals swapped over.
    The Thalassa has one finishing move to speak of - Tears of Destruction, which 
    deals about 50 points of dark-based damage. Really, really, not scary, 
    especially with how beefed up you were after a couple of hard boss battles in 
    Alfard. You can completely negate his attacks with one water and one light 
    based armour, and then just pummel away until the thing dies.
    And now you've saved Savyna. And look, the two drops from Thalassa were both 
    for Savyna, as well :P I sense a pattern...
    Once you've collected her, and set her up properly for battle, feel free to 
    proceed to Mira.
                          ~~~~~ Mira, City of Illusion ~~~~~
    Mira is Kalas' homeland, and the fourth pit stop in your race to secure the 
    End Magnus. On the way here, through the treacherous Trail of Souls, your 
    party took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up in the Outer Dimension. 
    There is where you met the Great Mizuti, and she led you back to civilization 
    Upon reaching Balancoire, Duke Calbren finally admitted that the End Magnus 
    was buried underneath his manor, in the mirrored maze of Coccolith. 
    Thankfully, you don't have to maske your way through that nightmare again, but 
    the entrance to the interdimensional crack can be found in the sewers 
    underneath the museum.
    Enter and examine the now familiar wall to read the engraving. Set here the 
    illusory Magnus, the plant which listens not to the reasons of this world. The 
    word 'plant' should give it away right away - you need a Mirage Weed, found in 
    the mystical garden of Detourne.
    Grab the Mirage Weed and put it in the wall... to reveal yet another boss.
    ----/ Despina /----     HP:   3700
                            ELE:  Wind(+30%), Chronos(-30%)
                                  Light(+50%), Dark(-50%)
                            DROP: Mega Flood, Tearful Birdie, Lyra
    Well, we've got the two best characters for a chronos-based boss... right here 
    in our party. Gibari packs a lot of wind strength (man, that sounded wrong) 
    and so does Xelha. If you play this one right, it can be over in just a few 
    Not to say that this boss is as much of a cakewalk as the last two. Three 
    words - Hour of Reckoning. The Forfeit Your Life of the regroup part of the 
    game -_- Yup, instant death, it's not something you see often but it's 
    something you'll see here.
    As soon as you see it, it's gonna basically be a race to see who will be 
    killed first, your party, or him using Hour of Reckoning. If you're lucky 
    enough to have only Savyna killed off, it's still a fairly easy battle as you 
    can spam his weaknesses with Gibari and Xelha. Overall, again a pretty 
    standard battle with just the one added twist.
    No prizes for guessing who you've rescued here. Mizuti! Hehe, she scolds you, 
    telling you you're late, when you came as soon as you could. Anyways, onward 
    march, to our last character... in Alfard.
                       ~~~~~ Alfard, Empire of the Flame ~~~~~
    Mmmmm... home of the Empire. It was always going to be risky, your party 
    coming here, to search for the final End Magnus. And draining for Lyude, to 
    face the ghosts of his past, Operation Sweep, and his family. Not all bad news 
    though, because Kalas got his much needed revenge on Giacomo and his team... 
    only to betray you at that last moment and side with Melodia on the side of 
    So, what do here in Alfard? First, you can get the treasure chest in Lyude's 
    house that we saw before but couldn't access. It's Lyude's level 5 finisher, 
    Intermezzo. Once you're done there, it's time to head to the location of the 
    End Magnus, the Lava Caves. Make your way through the cave again.
    When you reach the wall in the interdimensional crack, it'll tell you to 
    provide it with a 'blistering hot Magnus, an all consuming, fiery heat found 
    in the infernal cavern'. No prizes for guessing it wants a piece of lava, so 
    backtrack slightly to get one. When the wall vanishes, you'll have the final 
    boss of this section on your hands.
    ----/ Galatea /----     HP:   5600
                            ELE:  Chronos(+30%), Wind(-30%)
                                  Light(+50%), Dark(-50%)
                            DROP: Crescendo, Amethyst Earrings, Libra
    That HP is a tad scary. Geldoblame didn't even have that much HP. Gulp.
    And this guy hits HARD. One four hit combo will knock you for over 500 damage, 
    before defense. If he adds Heart of the Maelstrom to the end as his finisher, 
    change that figure to about 800. It's largely physical damage, though about a 
    third of it is wind and darkness elemental, so with the right defense, you can 
    get it down to a manageable number. It's still tough.
    The good news in this one is, he doesn't defend a lot. I would avoid darkness 
    based attacks because that's a hefty strength to them, but any other element, 
    combo it up and just let loose. Even though my lower levelled Savyna got 
    killed off early in the battle, I still managed to survive because of good 
    defense and well-timed healing items. You can get to low health, but a Green 
    Tea and Deluxe Pickles will fill it right back up again.
    And I believe Xelha has the edge over Mizuti for this fight, now that you have 
    them both back, because while Mizuti does have a good chronos-based finisher 
    or two, Xelha's light ones dominate it right here.
    Lyude's thankful to be saved, but Xelha's quick to tell him she'd do anything 
    for her friends. Awwwww.
    Now you've got everyone back together! Where should you go? Xelha wants to go 
    back to Corellia in Anuenue, to let her know you've put the band back 
    together, and to see what the latest developments are. Sounds like a plan. 
                        ~~~~~ Komo Mai, City of Flowers ~~~~~
    Back to Corellia's castle, in Komo Mai. She doesn't have much new information 
    for you - Cor Hydrae is still silent. The Empire has been launching attacks on 
    every other island, but their defenses are strong. So what exactly can you do 
    next? Can't go back into the Empire, you'll fall prey to Melodia and Kalas. 
    But you need to do SOMETHING...
    In the end, it's Mizuti who has the answer. The ice lands. The Kingdom of 
    Wazn. Apparently the queen of Wazn is a great witch with tremendous magical 
    power... maybe they can seek her assistance? I have to tell you, I don't like 
    the way the game just throws a sixth continent in here. But Wazn may just be 
    their last hope.
    Xelha volunteers to go, of course. And so the rest of your party will tag 
    along too. Whee! I don't like the idea, but anyways. So head back to the 
    Mindeer, and your party will automatically depart for Wazn.
                           [4.7]     The Ice Lands of Wazn
                        ~~~~~ The Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Leo, Forseti Robe, Aqua Burst IV, Tower Shield,
                        Deluxe Pastry, Shepherd's Purse
    And the Mindeer will dock at the ice cliffs. Slow going here, because it's so 
    cold and Xelha's still only in those little shorts, I guess. There's a chest 
    to your left, with constellation Leo in it, then head on up the snowy hill. 
    Intruders beware... barriers must be passed. The witches of Wazn... they MUST 
    be real!
    Up the hill, you'll find another chest with a Forseti Robe. And a strange 
    glowing light to the left... Head over slowly and examine it. It must be the 
    key to breaking the barrier... There's another just above it, so you'll have 
    to go back down, around, fight the grey cancerite -_- and go up the hill. Once 
    you've touched it, move up to the next screen.
    There you'll find some flashing stars, and a chest off to the right. The chest 
    contains an Aqua Burst IV (yeah great, in the snow where everything is ice 
    elemental, thanks), but grab it for future reference. The stars are actually 
    indicating Sparkling Snow, which you're obviously gonna need at some point... 
    so you may as well grab some, eh.
    If you head further upwards on the right path, you'll find a snow junction - 
    there's an orb down each of the two paths, left and right. Grab them, and upon 
    touching the second one, you'll see the large barrier disintegrate. Once it's 
    done, head back down to the sparkling snow.
    To the left, you'll find another chest with a Tower Shield. Keep heading up 
    and you'll find where the seal was, next to a chest with a Deluxe Pastry. 
    Further up on the left is a Shepherd's Purse, which will raise Mizuti up to 
    class 5. Yay! Keep on moving up.
    So the rumours were true... Wazn really does exist, as you can see the ice 
    palace in the distance. But it's a dead end... not if you're Xelha, and know 
    the key to unlocking the path. The mystery deepens, as the snow clears and 
    Wazn officially appears on your world map. Like you didn't already know that 
    something was going to fill the gap there, really. But Xelha knows... how?
                               ~~~~~ Kaffaljidhma ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Light Flare IV, Young Wasabi Root, Dancing Flames,
                        Shortcake (Large), Phoenix Helm, Birdie Fatale,
                        Full Helm or Golden Bugle, Snow
    Inside the ice castle... Xelha is still behaving strangely. She just walks on 
    ahead, like she knows where she's going, leaving your party even more confused 
    than they already were. Eventually she meets up with some servants... who 
    welcome her home, Your Majesty. Say WHAT? Uh huh... Queen Xelha, so that's 
    what the three women meant -_-
    Xelha fills Barnette in on the story of what's happened in the world, and 
    seeks her advice. The only idea Barnette has is to use the Ocean Mirror, an 
    artifact passed down from generation to generation... And using it to reflect 
    the wicked god's power should give you enough time to either reseal the End 
    Magnus, or destroy them. Man, things are starting to sound even flakier.
    So Xelha decides to go down to the Lake of the Dragon and get the Mirror. But 
    apparently, this is not a good path to take. While Barnette gets things ready, 
    your party decides to stop and take a look around town.... Errrrrr... ok.
    In the room you're in, search the far dresser for a Light Flare IV, and the 
    near one for a Young Wasabi Root. There's also a Dancing Flames in the bed, 
    even though you're scolded for searching a lady's bed :P
    Outside, there's a red save flower on the right side of the hall, near the 
    door to the ritual room. You can't get in yet, but save anyways. The throne 
    room is to the north, but there's nothing to see there.
    Down one level, you'll find more living areas. On the left in the court lady's 
    room, grab the Shortcake (Large) from the ice pot in the bottom right corner. 
    You can also start the animal side quest here if you want, she'll give you 
    directions. In the right room, you'll find the grieving widows of Gram and 
    Leon, the two men killed in Sadal Suud. :(
    The two chests in their room hold a Phoenix Helm and a Birdie Fatale. Once 
    you've grabbed them, talk to the wives. Xelha is upset, but they reassure her 
    that their husbands died fighting for their cause, they wouldnt have wanted it 
    any other way. If you speak to the wives again, you'll be prompted to hand 
    over a quest Magnus. But which one? Do you remember picking up the Warriors' 
    Mementos way back in Sadal Suud, after they died?
    If you still have them, there are two options. If you're going for 100% Magnus 
    collecting, you need to let the Mementos age for 50 hours to become the 
    Warriors' Memories. If you've got over 55 hours on the clock, they've probably 
    aged already. You can hand over either the Mementos or the Memories to the 
    wives - and they'll reward you with a Full Helm for the Mementos, but an 
    awesome Golden Bugle for the Memories.
    Keep exploring the castle, down one more level. In the room on the left, you 
    can take Snow from the pot in the bottom-left corner, and a Green Tea from the 
    table near the woman on the couch. In the right room, you'll find a white 
    dragon - the one Xelha escaped the Imperial Fortess on. Wow. Down one more 
    level and you'll be out of the castle, and into...
                          ~~~~~ Cursa, the Snowy City ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Cloudy Emblem, Dark Flare IV, Soybeans, Ursa Minor
    In the main square of Cursa, Xelha will begin to tell you her tale. Nine years 
    ago, Barnette felt that something strange was going on in the outside world, 
    so she sent three witches out to keep an eye on things. Kodelle, Glamyss, and 
    Catranne. You actually bumped into these three sisters a couple of times - the 
    fortune tellers in Nashira, and Reverance. So from Wazn, Xelha went to the 
    Empire, got a job as a maid, and found out about the secret plans of 
    Geldoblame - and so she stole the pendant and fled to Sadal Suud, where she 
    met Kalas. And the rest, as they say, is history.
    A knight will come up to you and tell you that preparations are ready. Stuff 
    that, we want to see Cursa first. I'm going to start from the very left hand 
    side of town and work right, so head left :) The snowman in the back left 
    corner of the city is holding a Cloudy Emblem, and in the house just right of 
    it, you'll find a Dark Flare IV and some Soybeans in the two bins. In the next 
    building, which looks more like a fishing shop, you'll find the constellation 
    Ursa Minor tucked up against the big frozen fish on the back wall.
    Save in the main square if you want, and class Mizuti up to 5. To the right, 
    you'll find a shop, as well as a woman with a bracelet who isn't part of the 
    Quzman clan :P Once you're done shopping, head back up into Kaffaljidhma, to 
    the ritual room. Gulp.
    Inside, Barnette will send your entire party off into the Lake of the Dragon.
                            ~~~~~ Lake of the Dragon ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Ocean Mirror, Sacred Wine, Holy Grail
    Ah, you've been expected, apparently. You must pass the test to prove yourself 
    worthy of receiving the Ocean Mirror... I don't like the sounds of this.
    A lone Xelha battle... Which may just be the weirdest one ever. The Goddess 
    will show an elemental Magnus, and you have seven Magnus to choose from, all 
    face down - one of each of the six different elements, and a camera.
    You have to correctly guess the right element to match the one she shows - you 
    miss, she hits you, you get it right, you hit her. Just a game of luck, 
    really, but the hits from the missed Magnus aren't hard. Four hits, and she'll 
    allow you to proceed. I guess you could call that a boss battle? o.O
    After the battle, you'll be rewarded with the Ocean Mirror, and warned that 
    this means the time is near when the Ocean must be released. (Guh?) Xelha 
    understands, but I bloody don't. Anyways, take your battle spoils, and your 
    photo if you were lucky enough to get one, and you'll be sent back to 
    Kaffaljidhma.... only for Xelha to collapse on arrival.
                          ~~~~~ Cursa, the Snowy City ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Sagittarius
    Back in Xelha's room, you'll get a bit more backstory. After Xelha awakes, her 
    first question to Barnette is whether she thinks the Ocean Mirror may be able 
    to save Kalas from the darkness. Ooooooh-er, she likes himmmmm! Xelha and 
    Kalas, sitting in a... err..
    Now we're wondering about another never-before-heard-of race of people, 
    Children of the Earth, those who sealed away Malpercio. Bahhhhh, no time, 
    we're going back to the rest of civilization now. But we're going to take the 
    long way to do it -_-
    Head back to the ritual room. On the pillar at the back of the room, you'll 
    find constellation Sagittarius. Then ask Barnette if you can ride the White 
    Dragon back to civilization... what, the Mindeer's not good enough for us 
    anymore? :P Barnette will agree... but you must do her a favour first. You 
    must look after the White Dragon as the Knights of Wazn would, because the 
    Dragon isn't yours, it gets passed down through the generations of queens. So 
    for the ice statues of the Knights in this room... They were veterans in the 
    field, but they're missing their weapons. So you have to make their weapons 
    and return them to the statues, before you're allowed to ride the Dragon.
    O... K then.
    There's an ice sculptor living in Cursa, who can fashion weapons for you. You 
    might have seen him inspecting pillars in the guest room of Kaffaljidhma. He 
    lives in the left-most house of town, where we raided the bins. Speak to him 
    and Xelha will ask him to make the sculptures for her. He's too busy... but 
    his son Junior will do it! All Junior needs is the material... Sparkling Snow, 
    I told you we'd find a use for it sooner or later :P
    So where can you find the Sparkling Snow? Back down on the ice cliffs of 
    Gomeisa, at the junction of the paths. Head there, and grab some - one is 
    enough - then you can meet Junior in the ritual room. Give him the Sparkling 
    Snow, and he's right. Now you just need to decide which weapon goes where.
    * Top left sculpture - "My philosophy: deliver a finishing blow with precise 
      aim. Nothing has escaped from me. This strained string is my heart and 
      soul." String? Sounds like a bow to me, so select bow.
    * Bottom left sculpture - "I can take any attack. Guarding and protection are 
      my forte. This piece of steel is my life." There's only one guarding 
      apparatus on the list, that of the shield, so pick it.
    * Top right sculpture - "Millions have fallen before me. I slash, stab, and 
      bludgeon. This long spear is my best friend." Well, out of what we have 
      left, even if you didn't know what a halberd was, an axe ISN'T a spear, so a 
      halberd must be (and is), so select it.
    * Bottom right sculpture - "There's nothing I can't cut. Even a wall of a 
      thousand soldiers is nothing to me. This thick blade is my heart and soul." 
      Well, there's only one option left, so select axe.
    Junior reckons it will take him overnight to make them, so we should go rest. 
    You can't rest in Xelha's room, so go rest your wings at the Cursa shop, then 
    return here.
    OK, Junior did a pretty cool job on those ice sculptures. Barnette reappears, 
    to tell you that yes, you are now allowed to ride the White Dragon, which has 
    been moved to the Cursa port. She recognizes the Mindeer as being Ladekahn's 
    ship, and will arrange it's return. So now, to the White Dragon! The Cursa 
    port is just near the shop, so traipse back there AGAIN.
    As you ride off into the sunset, Barnette is wishing for your forgiveness... 
    for nothing can save someone tainted by evil such as Kalas, not even the Ocean 
    Anyways, the White Dragon will set sail back for Corellia's castle, in 
                       ~~~~~ Anuenue, The Rainbow Nation ~~~~~
    Corellia is understandably a little ticked that no-one told her Xelha was the 
    Queen of Wazn. Ladekahn just can't get used to the idea either :P After a bit 
    of laughter to liven up the mood, Xelha locks herself away, thinking to 
    herself... The burden she carries as the Ice Queen... Tomorrow they'll know if 
    everything will be ok... right?
    Anyways, your team is now off to Mintaka, to try and reclaim the End Magnus 
    from the clutches of Melodia. Leave Komo Mai, because the Dragon is docked at 
    the port. When you leave, everyone will appear to bid you farewell, and you 
    will automatically be directed towards Alfard.
                      ~~~~~ Mintaka, The Imperial Capital ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Girl's Thoughts
    As soon as you arrive in Mintaka... dead bodies. Creatures taking over the 
    city. What on earth is going on!? The creatures are Gagareks... supposedly 
    Imperial soldiers that have been touched by the power of Malpercio and turned 
    into demons. They give nice EXP, so if you feel like levelling a bit, here is 
    the place to do it.
    In the little girl Scalla's house (to the left of the Magnus shop), she won't 
    be as snobby to you as she was last time you were here, mainly because she's 
    scared of the Gagareks outside. Now she'll even let you read her journal... 
    and you can take the essence of Girl's Thoughts from them.
    What can you do with Girl's Thoughts? Well, if you head back to Azha, and 
    speak with the little kids blocking the way on the third level of the house, 
    if you give them Girl's Thoughts they'll not only give you a Red Oak but also 
    let you pass. Once they've let you pass you can grab a Sunflower Coin from 
    the bookcase on the left, Pork Ribs from the shelves north of the table, and a 
    Jumbo Pastry from a pot to the right of those shelves. Anyways, that's all 
    side stuff >.>
    Your real target in Alfard is Melodia's base, the Imperial Fortress. Outside 
    Mintaka, you'll have access to the fortress for the first time.
                           [4.8]     The Imperial Fortress
    Yes, I'm putting it in a section by itself, this is such a major section of 
    the game. If you don't like it.... well, tough titties :P
                          ~~~~~ The Imperial Fortress ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Light Flare IV, Wave Cutter, Fire Burst IV,
                        Aqua Impulse, Phoenix Helm, Aqua Yell I, Deluxe
                        Cream Puff, Wolf Fangs, Dark Flare IV, Scorpius,
                        Inferno Fists, Efreeti Suit, Dragonfly, 
                        Asura Tuba, Blood Sword, Full Helm, Aqua Burst IV,
                        Golden Bugle, Birch, Crown of Bubbles, Cute Doll, 
                        Picture Book
    As you enter the fortress, a soldier will stop you. Weren't you at the Lava 
    Caves on that fateful day!? He was too! And Melodia and General Fadroh are in 
    the fortress, cooking up some plan... can't we stop them!? We're going to do 
    our best...
    To the right of the entrance, you'll spot two treasure chests in the distance, 
    holding a Light Flare IV and a Wave Cutter. Grab them, and approach the 
    fortress - whose gates will open wide just for you. Errr. Now I'm a tad 
    worried. But enter anyways.
    Inside, Xelha is still insistent on saving Kalas at all costs. Feh. We'll see 
    what we can do. Anyways, you'll come to an elevator with two corrupted walkers 
    walking around outside it... battles get rather tough in here >_< The EXP is 
    killer though. I'm trying to keep my characters at low level for the purposes 
    of the walkthrough but finding it tough, with so much EXP for the taking >.>
    Anyways, pass the elevators for now and you'll come to what looks like a 
    dining area of sorts. The chest in the corner holds a Fire Burst IV, whee. If 
    your decks are still set up the same as they were in Wazn, might be an idea to 
    change them back now :P
    Now check out the elevators. The ones with the flashing arrows are the usable 
    ones, and signify which way you can go, up or down. No, you don't get to 
    choose which floor you go to, on any of them, they're all predetermined :P So 
    head up the elevator, and you'll get to the second floor. Let's explore around 
    a bit first, and the battles are pretty easy to avoid :P Head right, then 
    north to find a man with his head in his hands. Talk to him, and he thinks 
    he's pretty much done for, he just wants someone to look after his Whiskers. 
    If you've accepted the Animals for Wazn quest, you can take Whiskers as part 
    of it. Grab the Aqua Impulse from the chest as well.
    Head back down and all the way to your right, and you'll be in a bathroom. 
    Check the cubicles, just because you can, and in one you'll find a soon-to-be-
    unconscious man ;) Take the Prison Cell Key from his belt. You'll also find a 
    chest with a Phoenix Helm in another cubicle. And a guy sitting down reading 
    what looks like a porno in another. XD!
    In the third urinal, you'll find a Aqua Yell I. To finish looting the second 
    floor.... We'll need to go all the way across to the left of the floor. Past 
    the elevator you came up on, and past another going up, you'll come to another 
    room. There's a Deluxe Cream Puff in the drawers just right of the big chest, 
    and Wolf Fangs in the chest itself.
    Up one more floor. I'm doing this slowly and methodically so I don't miss a 
    thing :P The fifth floor (accessible from the right elevator, near the 
    bathroom) is out of bounds right now, without an elevator key. So up to the 
    fourth floor we go, in the elevator just outside the bedroom with the Wolf 
    There, head left to continue the exploring, and you'll come to some prison 
    cells. These cells look familiar? Were you on the fourth floor when Xelha was 
    imprisoned here earlier? Yes you were :P Is there anything new on the entire 
    floor? Well yes, the elevator key on the desk on the very left of the level. 
    Grab it! And the platform through the hole in the wall where you were picked 
    up by the Dragon earlier... two chests, containing a Dark Flare IV and the 
    constellation Scorpius. Once you've got it all, there isn't much to see here, 
    so back down to the second floor.
    Now that we've got the elevator key, we can head up from the second floor to 
    the fifth floor on the other elevator, near the bathroom. Because we're near 
    the right side, may as well start exploring from the right side. Head right on 
    the third floor, and you'll come to a locker room. Making your way around the 
    room starting from the left wall, grab the Inferno Fists, the Efreeti Suit, 
    the Dragonfly from the chest, the Asura Tuba, and the Blood Sword from the 
    next chest. Quite a haul here ^_^
    This floor has the same layout as the second floor, so it has the T junction 
    and the northern room. The northern room on this floor is just an operations 
    room, with a nonfunctional security center, unfortunately, so once you've 
    cleaned out the locker room, head all the way left. 
    There you'll find the throne room, and a scene will take over. Lyude 
    remembering Geldoblame ordering Operation Sweep. Set fire to their houses! 
    Unleash the Mad Wolves! He's insane >_< And he just confirms it more and more, 
    every time he opens his mouth. But the Emperor is gone... and so is the coward 
    Lyude once was. Amen. Take the Full Helm and the Aqua Burst IV from the 
    chests, and the hidden Golden Bugle behind the throne itself, and save.
    Now we can use the elevators just outside to go down to the third floor. SO 
    much confusion... I hate this place. Examine the barrier on your right - you 
    can't get through right now, but Lyude can disable it from the operations room 
    on the 5th floor, ok then. First head left and loot the room there (wtf a 
    nursery!?) - a Birch under the rocking horse, a Crown of Bubbles in the chest, 
    a Cute Doll in the chest behind the revolving bed (...), and a Picture Book on 
    the dressing table. Once you've got it all, head back to the operations room, 
    which was the northern room on the fifth floor.
    Once there... Lyude notes that the security system still isn't working... so 
    how is that barrier up? He doesn't know... but to disarm the barrier, they'll 
    have to fix the machine. How can they do that? Fill the big blue ball there 
    with water, for starters.
    Ooooookay.... where can you get water? Closest place I can remember to get 
    water was in the bathroom, back down on the second floor. So go there, down on 
    the elevators on the right, then right again. Fill up with as much Stagnant 
    Water as you can - it'll take four quest magnus worth to get the machine up 
    and running, so you might need two trips two and from the bathroom.
    When the ball is full of water, the machine will spring back to life, and 
    deactivate the electronic barrier on the third floor. PLEASE go back and save 
    again. Save save save in a new save because what's coming up freaking sucks 
    ass. Then head back down to the third floor, and past where the barrier once 
    Halfway down the next hallway, you'll be interrupted. You knew something was 
    going to happen when the camera angle changed :P A voice from the darkness 
    that soon reveals itself... it's General Fadroh! Well, he was once a general, 
    now he exists to serve and honour Malpercio and Melodia. Ugh, gimme a break. 
    Anyways, because you've gone against the god's will, you must be eradicated. 
    Or something.
    ----/ Fadroh /----     HP:   7000
                           ELE:  Light(+30%), Dark(-30%)
                                 Wind(+80%), Chronos(-80%)
                           DROP: Camera 3, Freezing Axe
    This battle is universally one of the most hated in the entire game. For one 
    reason - the Orb of Magical Offense. There's a high probability he'll use it 
    on his first turn, and if you see it, it's pretty much guaranteed Game Over 
    unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing. It ramps his attack up to INSANE 
    levels, so much so that a six hit combo from him with a finisher will do an 
    incredible 1500 damage before defence. That's a very large portion of, or 
    possibly be even more than, any character's HP at this point, unless you're 
    doing some serious powerlevelling. And guess what? He takes DOUBLE turns. See 
    what I mean yet? :P
    However, not all is lost even if he uses the dreaded Orb on the first turn. 
    With the right deck preparation, this battle can become manageable... 
    difficult still, but rather manageable. And as such, I'll spend most of this 
    here description talking about deck preparation :P
    First things first - looking at his weaknesses and deciding on characters to 
    use. Massive wind weakness? Gibari is an absolute given, given that the vast 
    majority of his weapons are wind ones. Depending on how much battling you've 
    been doing, you may have a fair stock of Dragonfly weapons, kick-ass wind 
    weapons for him. If you need more, the guys up on the 5th floor drop them.
    A mage is also essential - go with whoever is better levelled out of Mizuti 
    and Xelha. If you're like me, keeping people equally levelled (all of my chars 
    are level 27), go with Mizuti as her defense is significantly higher and 
    you'll need ALL the defense you can get.
    For a third character, I would select Lyude. It's really a toss-up between 
    Lyude and Savyna (don't need two mages after all), and Lyude has the masses 
    and masses of light based weapons. OK. That's party. Now for deck.
    Going on his strengths and weaknesses again, take out EVERY chronos-based item 
    from your deck. I mean EVERY one. (Minus maybe your Deluxe Pickles because you 
    won't be using them on him :P) Add EVERY wind based item you have, even shitty 
    little ones that have like 15 defense points. For Gibari, this isn't a big 
    deal - he only has like half a dozen chronos Magnus. For Lyude, even less of a 
    big deal, as he has none. For your mage, take out all dark and chronos spell 
    Magnus, and replace with wind, even level 1. Empty out the characters' decks 
    that you're not using, so you can put all the best armour and spells on your 
    active characters.
    Now. For the battle itself. You're hoping and praying he doesn't use the Orb 
    on the first turn. In my first attempt at this battle, he used it on the 
    second turn and I still got royally ass kicked. On my second attempt, he did 
    use it first turn (used it twice over the course of the battle) and I still 
    won convincingly. But if he does, and you're following my directions, all is 
    not lost.
    The biggest problem is his massive attack. And so you need an equally massive 
    defence. The easiest way of reducing it is via bonuses - straights, 2x 3 
    cards, etc. All of Xelha, Gibari and Mizuti should be class 5, so can use 6 
    cards in one turn. Therefore, your best defense bonus is a straight of 6 cards 
    , ie 1-2-3-4-5-6, 8-7-6-5-4-3, or something similar.If you can pull one off, 
    it'll reduce damage sustained by 46%. Similarly, other big bonuses are 2x 3 
    cards (ie. 4-4-4-6-6-6) or 3x 2 pair (eg. 4-4-6-6-2-2). You NEED to be doing 
    things like this to counter the massive attacks, to stand a good chance if he 
    uses the Orb very early on.
    If you can pull off something like this, you can reduce a 1500-damage combo to 
    as little as 400. You can negate up to 500 of the damage with good armour 
    (wind and physical based defense), and the rest via the bonuses. If you can do 
    this regularly, the battle becomes pretty standard. You'll still need to heal 
    every so often, but now you're starting to get some really good healing items 
    - the Ocean Mirror, Green Tea, Eel, Apple, etc. So if you can reduce the 
    damage so much, you don't need to heal so often, every second round of turns, 
    have two characters heal.
    Now you need Gibari dealing out some massive attacks of his own. You've got 
    decent wind weapons, they're doing +80% damage.... if you can make a few 
    combos such as straights or three-of-a-kind on the offensive turns, with a lot 
    of wind in it, you can easily do over 1500 damage per hit. And he has no uber 
    skillful defense like you do, so you can make him hurt :P
    Hopefully, if you can follow most of the above advice, the battle shouldn't be 
    that difficult at all. I've tried to be clear on how to get through one of the 
    hardest bosses in the game. I managed it pretty easily with this strategy.
    And with that, Fadroh kicks the bucket. Bye now. He says something about your 
    power being a tribute to the god... oh, who knows, the ravings of a madman. 
    Onward march, and you'll find another red save flower. Please, for the love of 
    God, save again :P I can't stress it enough, because there's more ass-sucking 
    moments coming up oh, about as soon as you walk forward another handful of 
    Guess WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's Melodia! And Kalas! And this is the sanctum of 
    Malpercio, apparently. After mumbo jumbo talk, about how Melodia is redeeming 
    the mortals' selfish act in destroying Malpercio on the first place, the fight 
    is on! Melodia sends Kalas out, like a dog, to attack...
    ----/ Angel of Darkness /----     HP:   9000
                                      ELE:  Light(+80%), Dark(-80%)
                                            Chronos(+40%), Wind(-40%)
                                      DROP: nothing (how rooode)
    Oh, spew. Spew spew and double spew. I hate this fight. It's Kalas! Xelha <3's 
    him! And we have to fight him! ;_;
    If you found the last battle easy, you're going to find this one tough. If you 
    found the last battle tough, you're going to find this one a nightmare. If you 
    just scraped through the last one by the skin of your teeth, you're going to 
    find this battle IMPOSSIBLE.
    It'll start off deceptively easy. I went into this one on a first attempt with 
    the exact same set-up I had from the previous battle, didn't stop to heal, 
    anything. I reckon I probably got him down to about 2,000 HP before he totally 
    creamed me.
    Two reasons why - one, Fangs of Darkness. His first finishing move, usually at 
    the end of an 8 hit combo, is worth 596 points - 298 physical, 298 darkness. 
    And whatever you don't defend, he'll absorb. So if you can't defend it, he'll 
    regain nearly 600 HP. Just like that.
    Second reason - Fangs of Darkness usually always follows Binding Wind, his 
    second finishing move. It does exactly what the name suggests - paralyzes you, 
    binds you to the spot. And when you're paralyzed... you can't defend. So when 
    he hits you with that Fangs of Darkness combo next, you're not only losing 
    nearly your entire HP, you're giving it straight to him.
    You won't see Binding Wind much early on, which is why the battle seems easy 
    to start. You can defend a significant portion of his Fangs of Darkness attack 
    with a lot of armour and a light piece or two thrown in there, but the Binding 
    Wind makes it difficult.
    Of utmost important for this battle, consequently, is paralysis-resisting 
    equipment. Xelha has the Golden Anklet, which is 90% resistant, Lyude has the 
    Amethyst Earrings (100% resistant), Gibari has Bamboo Grass Creel (50% 
    resistant), Mizuti has Birdie Fatale (90% resistant) and again you're not even 
    worrying about Savyna. Equip it, and you've got a good shot at resisting every 
    Binding Wind that comes your way.
    Now for attack. You only need a minorly modified setup from the last battle - 
    put all your chronos elements back in, and take out every dark card. Gibari 
    has few chronos Magnus, so just use him to bash Kalas with wind magnus - even 
    with the strength, if you can pull off a good bonus, they'll balance each 
    other out and Gibari hits hard with his wind paddles.
    Xelha has the edge over Mizuti for this battle because she has a lot of light-
    based finishers. Take the Dark Flares out of her deck, and add the Chronos 
    Blows back in. Lyude is a given, because of the light weakness, you just can't 
    use any of your awesome Asura Tubas on him :(
    This battle relies a little more luck than the Fadroh battle did - it's going 
    to drag on a bit longer if you're unlucky. Luck that you can resist Binding 
    Winds; luck that if he's going to kill you, he does it on a damage turn rather 
    than an absorption turn... but overall I think it's easier than the Fadroh 
    battle because you're not relying so much on prizes. Yes, tougher, but easier 
    because the set-up isn't so intensive and it can actually be pretty easy if 
    the Magnus fall your way :P
    Melodia is disappointed in Kalas... but she has you to thank, for finally 
    releasing the End Magnus. Uh, oops. Turns out your party is the key to 
    ressurecting Malpercio, the whole five End Magnus, five islands, five mortals 
    things. Sorry bout that, world, didn't mean it >.>
    But it's not over yet... Xelha pulls out her trump card, the Ocean Mirror. 
    Melodia's a bit frazzled by this, but it's ok. She shines it on Kalas, who 
    turns into a writhing heap on the ground... yeah, Barnette lied to you just so 
    you'd go along with HER plan. Dammit.
    Xelha is undecided, what to do? Oh, just use the damn mirror again, and Kalas 
    will actually agree with you, use it before it's too late! But she's weak... 
    she can't do it. Gotta love Melodia "are you finished yet?" And she shatters 
    the Ocean Mirror with a single shot. There goes that idea.
    So, this isn't looking like much fun right now. The darkness... a growl... uh 
    oh. He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack! -_-
    Kalas tries to resist the darkness, and stop Melodia, but once he's gone 
    black, there's no going back, apparently. And so Melodia sends Kalas after you 
    again... Xelha seems pretty much resigned to it, and starts praying... which 
    seems to be enough to tip Kalas over the edge. It was his wings controlling 
    him... the wing Malpercio repaired on his back... and so he tears it off, 
    effectively removing the power of the god. But without the power, he can't 
    stop her...
    So as Malpercio gets ready to annihilate you, Mizuti rushes forward with some 
    serious magical power... enough to stop the newborn demon right in his tracks. 
    How the... But with that, they escape, to the inner sanctum of Cor Hydrae.
    Take your Broken Ocean Mirror. I would have preferred the intact one, 
    personally, but that's just me.
    A flashback of Kalas', how Fee wanted to find the Ocean and ask the whale a 
    question, seeing as lore says it's all knowing. Georg's death. Fee's death. 
    And Savyna was there! She saw it all!
    And now, Kalas is awake, and asking for your forgiveness. Well, no, not your 
    forgiveness, but your assistance in stopping Melodia and Malpercio, and 
    hopefully the forgiveness will be a nice side effect along the way. And after 
    we embarrass the hell out of Xelha, she agrees to give possession of you, the 
    Guardian Spirit, back to Kalas where you belong. Aww, ok.
    So what's the plan now? Well, Savyna wants to know about the strange figures 
    that appeared and saved you from Malpercio. Oh, they're just Children of the 
    Earth, who live below the clouds. .....Bah, I told you they'd come into things 
    sooner or later :P Why didn't she say that earlier? Because no-one asked her, 
    obviously ^_~
    So, how did she get up through the Taintclouds, seeing as it's all poisonous 
    gas? Well, just like there is the Trail of Souls leading to Mira, there's a 
    Trail in the Clouds where the gas is thinnest, and they just... dive right 
    though! Well, that makes perfect sense :P Mizuti's mask acts as a filter, but 
    the rest of you will just have to hold your breath while diving, lol. And 
    that's it, you agree to leave!
    Before you head off, however, make sure to visit the church via the blue 
    flower near the Dragon, and level Kalas up. I know my Kalas is lagging three 
    levels behind the rest of my party, so I levelled everyone up to 28 including 
    him. When you're done, get on the White Dragon, and you'll automatically 
    depart for the Taintclouds.
                           [4.9]     Duhr, The Earth Nation
    The White Dragon is smart, it won't go anywhere near the Taintclouds... but 
    this is close enough anyways. What now? You bloody JUMP! Errrrrrr... jump?? 
    Yeah, jump. No-one likes the idea, but you're all here, so you may as well do 
    it anyway. Cowabunga!
                             ~~~~~ Labyrinth of Duhr ~~~~
         Items Gained:  Cinderella Birdie, Pristine Water, Fangs of Light,
                        Metal Knuckles, White Ash, Sun Coin, Hamelin Cloak,
                        Pegasus, Air Slash, Bells of Fate, Sunflower Barette,
    So much for not getting lost... seems the Great Mizuti took a wrong turn. Just 
    a little one. And we've been dropped in the middle of a labyrinth. Oh, whoo. 
    No map. Just find your way out.
    Lucky you've got me here to give directions :P
    I'm going to go the really long way, because I like collecting Magnus and like 
    fighting things. If you want to get straight out, just go right here, at the 
    next intersection turn left, then follow the path straight out, ignoring all 
    intersections. But that's really no fun.
    From where we start, head towards the camera. On the next screen you'll find a 
    Baruganam, may as well fight it :P Behind it, you'll find a chest with a 
    Cinderella Birdie, for Mizuti. From there, turn right and head to the very end 
    of the path, around two corners, and you'll find a Mad Cancerite walking 
    around. Kill it, then take some of the Pristine Water in the pot (you'll see 
    why) and the Fangs of Light from the chest. Is that anything like the move 
    from the last boss, Fangs of Darkness? :P
    Now follow the path all the way straight back, ignoring the intersections, 
    through the weird archway, until you find two Bar-Mools hopping around. Take 
    the Metal Knuckles from the chest, avoid the fights if you can, and follow the 
    path to the left. Hey presto, you're back where you started, with the red save 
    flower, albeit from a different angle :P
    Save again, and head through the archway. Head straight at the next 
    intersection, ignoring the empty pot, and around the corner, and you'll come 
    to a small shrine. The man standing there is Battuta, a Quzman relative, so 
    get him to sign the Family Tree. Take the White Ash from the chest as well. 
    Head back.
    This time when you get to the intersection with the turned over pot, turn 
    right. There's one long path for a while, with a smattering of enemies, chests 
    with a Sun Coin, a Hamelin Cloak, constellation Pegasus on the dead body 
    slumped against the wall (charming), and Air Slash. Then you'll come to 
    someone lost in the maze, but unfortunately you can't help her escape :/ So 
    just keep going.
    On the next screen you'll find a new enem, and hang a right past it. There 
    you'll find another mini-shrine and a monster, but this monster is harmless. 
    It's covered in sores... poor thing >.> If you did pick up some water 
    somewhere like I asked you to, give it to the monster... its sores will clear 
    up and it'll reward you with Bells of Fate, Xelha's level 7 chronos finisher! 
    Well, that was kinda cool.
    After it leaves, head back up and take a right. Follow the path, and when you 
    get to the next intersection, turn left and follow it along. There you'll find 
    a chest with a Sunflower Barette, and furhter along, a chest with Platter of 
    Parting. A class up item, for Lyude! Yay!
    Once you've got it, head back to the intersection where you found the 
    spinning-top lookalike, the Mafreega, and hang a left. There you'll find a big 
    bunch of clouds - just head left and you'll find the exit. We escaped the 
    Labyrinth! Yay!
    Now you've got two options on the map - Gemma Village, and the Garden of 
    Death. Um. I'll go with the village.
                              ~~~~~ Gemma Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Oakwood, Large Teamug, Adventure Novel, Slight Debt, 
                        Broken Earth Sphere, Bootes, Peanuts, Earth 
                        Buckle, Siegfried, Power Blade, Sacred Helm
    This is Great Mizuti's village! She wants to go to talk to the village elder, 
    so follow her. But the Great Kamroh is having a very important meeting, so 
    you'll have to come back later. Pooh.
    Navigating around town is done via the weird-ass teleporters around the place. 
    The one at the bottom of the stairs will move you to the ground, so take it. 
    There's no-one in the Magnus shop, in the middle of town, unfortunately. One 
    of the women walking around is Wahshiyah, a Quzman relative, so get her to 
    sign the tree.
    Save at the blue flower if you like, the head up the stairs on the left. There 
    you'll meet Kee... Mizuti's brother? And this is Mizuti's house! Enter, and 
    watch the scene with Mizuti and her parents... tee-hee, she gets in trouble 
    for calling herself 'great' again. Her father, Koh, thinks you should go see 
    the Great Kamroh... but he's busy, because Sir Krumly's in town. Hehe, Krumly 
    apparently won't be staying long, so you can go see Kamroh now.
    Speak to the child on the left of the fire, and he'll tell you that the last 
    Person from the Sky here was a man named Calbren, who stole their Earth 
    Sphere. Calbren, eh? Like, Duke Calbren from Mira? :P Interesting... In the 
    fire itself, grab the Oakwood. In Kee's treasure box, just left of his mother 
    (ok so Mizuti and Kee aren't related), grab the Large Teamug. You can also get 
    the essence of the Adventure Novel from the greenish bookcase on the very left 
    of the house.
    Outside, the only other house in town is a barn. Speak to the woman next to 
    the Cluckers, and if you're doing the Animals for Wazn quest, she'll let you 
    have one. Examine the green counter on the right, and Kalas will read that 
    it's labelled "DO NOT OPEN". Hehe, so of course you're going to open it - and 
    inside is a Magnus, Slight Debt. Eek!
    Speak to the man near the fire, and he'll want to see Xelha's pendant. He 
    thinks that the pendant is actually the Earth Sphere, stolen from the Children 
    of the Earth centuries ago... And now you can use it as a Magnus! Speak to him 
    again, and he'll also give you constellation Bootes as a welcoming present. 
    The man standing near the green lights is the shop owner, but he can't use the 
    shop because it's too rundown. If he had some Rubber Mud to fix it...then you 
    could shop there. Rubber Mud is found at the Garden of Death, so if you 
    wanted, you could just pop over and grab some even though you're not supposed 
    to go there yet :) 
    Take the Peanuts from the shelf on the left of the barn. If you bring the 
    clerk the Rubber Mud, he'll reward you with a Power Blade and a Sacred Helm. 
    He'll then open the shop for you, where you can get a LOT of healing items - 
    some good, some bad, most pricey.
    Now, for that mystery chest on top of the building there.... the only way to 
    get there is light transportation, and if you ask arond town, you'll be told 
    to follow the twinkling lights. OK then! This has to be done in very specific 
    order, in quick time before the twinkling stops. The first twinkling 
    teleporter is the very top one, on the left side of town. Jump on it, and 
    you'll be sent one floor down. Now, run over to the twinkling teleporter above 
    the shop. Jump on it, and you'll be sent across to in front of the barn. Now, 
    run across to the second teleporter on the left, on the middle floor. Jump on 
    it, and you'll wind up above the shop again. Now the last one is to your 
    right, in front of the barn - jump on it, and you'll be sent up to where the 
    chest is. And what's in the chest? An Earth Buckle! Yay.
    There's a guy on the top level just left of the treasure chest, thats been 
    apparently trying to reach it for ages. Once you've opened it, talk to him, 
    and he'll want to know what was inside. Meh, it's no big deal, so tell him, 
    and he'll reward you with a Siegfried. Cool.
    When you're done exploring town, head up to Kamroh's house again. Krumly 
    doesn't want to just rot down here in the Taintclouds, he needs to do 
    something now that the evil god has been awakened! But the conversation is now 
    over. And you can speak with Kamroh.
    That Kamroh's a really weird looking bloke. Anyways, he'll tell you about the 
    sealing spell the villagers cast on Malpercio, saving your bacon earlier, but 
    they no longer have the power to do such magic regularly. Centuries of living 
    under the Taintclouds have weakened them :( But Mizuti is different, Mizuti is 
    special, almost like one of their ancestors reincarnated. Note that the game 
    highlights the word 'her', informing you of what I've been saying all along, 
    that Mizuti is, infact, female :P
    Xelha knew, but everyone else is shocked. Haha. Anyways. Last time Malpercio 
    was sealed away, they needed three artifacts to do it - the Sword of the 
    Heavens, the Ocean Mirror, and the Earth Sphere. Well, the Earth Sphere is no 
    longer intact, and neither is the Ocean Mirror... but they have the Sword of 
    the Heavens locked away here in Duhr. It's in the Garden of Death, north of 
    the village... he's even nice enough to give you the key to get it.
    If you talk to each of the guards in Kamroh's house, you'll hear parts of a 
    story that you can piece together about ancient times. You don't get anything 
    from doing so, it's just interesting to hear about the old times and what 
    happened way back in Malpercio's day :P
    Once you've got the key, and finished exploring, head out of town towards the 
    Garden of Death.
                        ~~~~~ Capellia, Garden of Death ~~~~~
         Items Gained: Flashy Earrings, Whitecap Shield, Full Plate,
                       Purple Rose
    Sounds... icky. And muddy. Well, it doesn't sound muddy, but it is very muddy.
    Movement here is a very slow process. There's nothing up the left path, so 
    head up the right path.... slowly slowly... take another right turn, because 
    it will make your travel a bit quicker :P
    There, you'll find a chest with Flashy Earrings. Head on up, and onto the next 
    screen... and you'll find the source of the mud, or not. Looks really weird, 
    all this mud, then a little island with water and sun. Anyways, there's a 
    couple of chests around to the left of the house, empty them to find a 
    Whitecap Shield, a Full Plate, and, half hidden behind the house, a Purple 
    Rose, Savyna's class up item! Yay!
    Save, and head inside. The Sword of the Heavens be here.... but wait, NO ITS 
    NOT. Someone's already been and taken it! I call shenanigans.
    Anyways, you'll be dumped back on the Duhr map, and a few new places have 
    opened up to visit. Algorab village, run by Sir Krumly. Zosma, Tower of 
    Stones, and Duhr Port. Might be an idea to see if Krumly knows anything about 
    the missing Sword.
                             ~~~~~ Algorab Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Aries, Cherries, Curry, Divorce Papers, 
    The people here don't seem to be too fond of those from Gemma, who still cling 
    to the idea that they can still use their powers. The idea here seems to be 
    apathy and depression... very boring.
    Visit the church and class Savyna up. Now all your characters are class 5, 
    whee! Through the door to the left, you'll be asked what your business here is 
    - you want to speak to the mayor. But he's not here! He's gone to offer the 
    Sword of the Heavens to a god! So HE stole the sword! And he reckons he's 
    going to go to Zosma Tower, disperse the magical enchantment surrounding Duhr, 
    and allow Malpercio to enter! -_- My God, he's been breathing Taintclouds for 
    far too long...
    Anyways, from the pot along the close wall of the room, grab constellation 
    Aries. From a bookcase along the back wall, grab the Cherries (right next to 
    the self-publication of "How to be a Good Mayor" :P). Back in the main square, 
    there's a shop to the right, so check it out. There's a chest down the back 
    corner of the main square, but for now it's being blocked by the two talking 
    At the back of the square, there are two doorways. In the left house, check 
    the pots to the left of the stove for some Curry, and the book on the bedside 
    table for Divorce Papers (talking to the two of them, thats pretty easy to 
    understand). In the right house, you can find constellation Cassiopeia on the 
    small desk near the beds, and thats about it.
    I guess you're on your way to Zosma Tower, to stop this madness from taking 
                          ~~~~~ Zosma, Tower of Stones ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Firedrake Barrette, Burning Shield, Rhapsody,
                        Prominence, Poseidon's Creel, Gemini, 
                        Sword of the Heavens
    You'll learn to hate this place. You'll learn to despise this place. Give it 
    Just inside the doorway, two men are arguing - should they have followed 
    Krumly up? No way, this place is full of monsters! They'll let you pass, if 
    you agree to go up and stop Krumly. Well, that's kinda what we're here for :) 
    After you agree, one guy will leave, and the other will start teaching you how 
    this forsaken tower works.
    The most important thing is the lamp. Once you light the lamp, you can begin 
    the level. You can't move the blocks while the lamp is out... important to 
    remember. Follow the tutorial, and push the block in the hole. The blue 
    blocks, you push them into the wall. The yellow blocks are elevators. If you 
    need more fire, come back down here and get some. And now you're on your own.
    * First Floor
    Start by climbing the bottom level of the staircase on the left. He said blue 
    blocks could be pushed inwards, and there's one next to the second level, so 
    climb up and push it in. Hurrah, block rises. Push the new red block into the 
    wall. Block extends. There's a blue block just to right of you, so push it in. 
    Bam, chest appears on the other side of the elevator. Yay!
    Cross the elevator when it comes down, and grab the Firedrake Barette from the 
    chest. Then head up on the elevator.
    * Second Floor
    Start by lighting the lamp. You'll see a Mysterious Shellfish, a blue block, a 
    red block, and several holes in the floor and walls. Right.
    Start by climbing up and defeating the Shellfish. Then push the blue block in 
    - another block will come out of the wall as a result. Now push the red block 
    in the hole... and three red blocks will fall down in a very weird 
    arrangement. If you push on these red blocks, they'll go flying in the 
    direction you push them in, even through the air. So there's three red blocks, 
    three holes in the walls. Coincidence? I think not.
    You can climb on the red blocks via the brown block in the bottom left corner. 
    So climb on it, then climb up the red blocks. You're going to start from the 
    top red block, and push each one moving down the pile. So stand on the second 
    red block, and push the top one across to the right so it slots neatly into 
    the hole. 
    Climb down a block, and push the second one upwards into the next hole. Be 
    careful not to accidentally push them while you climb up, or you'll have to 
    extinguish and relight the flame and start again. Once its in, climb down 
    again and push the third block to the right again. Once all three blocks are 
    in position, another staircase similar to the last level will appear on the 
    right hand side of the screen. Climb it, then onto the elevator to go up 
    * Third Floor
    On this floor, your first step is to find the freaking lamp :P It's on the 
    second block up, next to the elevator, so climb up and light it. I bet you 
    didn't know there was a blue block there in that top left corner, you can't 
    get to it yet though. Anyways, you can push that red block off the edge, and 
    note that it falls down next to the hole. So climb down, and push the red 
    block up into the hole.
    This creates a path for you to get to the blue block in the corner. Push the 
    blue block in, and another block will turn into an elevator block of sorts, 
    moving back and forth. Now you have access to the red blocks in midair.
    Like before, we want to start pushing from the top down. So from the elevator, 
    climb up on the first red block, and push the second one to the right. Then 
    you'll need to climb down onto the elevator (and time it well so Kalas 
    actually touches down while the elevator is in the right position, otherwise 
    he'll climb back up).
    Once back on the elevator, time your push on the bottom red block so it slots 
    in the second slot on the right. This will cause another elevator to start 
    moving on the ground. Head back down, and climb on the second elevator moving 
    up. When you get to the top, push the red block at the top across and down 
    onto the ground.
    Back down on the ground, you can now push this red block into the hole by 
    climbing up and over and pushing it from the back. This will fill the bridge 
    up top, so head back up on the elevator and across. There's another elevator 
    moving from left to right, way up high, and a blue block in the wall. So jump 
    on the elevator, and push the blue block as you go past it. Pushing it in will 
    make a chest appear down on the ground, containing a Burning Shield. Once 
    you've got it, head back up, wait for the right timing to jump on the yellow 
    block, and head up.
    * Fourth Floor
    Light the lamp and look at the weird arrangement of blocks. Straight away you 
    can see that the two red blocks can be pushed down into the green holes 
    against the walls. However, you're not going to do this just yet because then 
    you have a third red block that can't get anywhere near a third green hole :P
    From the start, climb over the top of the diamond divide and into the space 
    where the third red block sits in the middle. Push this red block towards one 
    of the other two up high. Then climb on it, and push the top red block off its 
    ledge, and onto the ground.
    Now you can maneuvre all three blocks into gaps. Push the red block still on 
    the ledge, into the gap right next to it. Push the block you knocked off, into 
    the position at the top of the diamond. And push the bottom block into the 
    remaining gap.
    For doing this, a lot of block movage will happen, a chest will appear, and a 
    red save flower will appear. Empty the chest for Rhapsody, another finisher 
    for Lyude. Save, then had up on the yellow elevator block.
    * Fifth Floor
    Finally, a nice easy one with a couple of blue blocks and that's it >.>
    Light the lamp, then had up on the elevator. It's as simply as pushing the 
    blue block in, moving around to the next one, push it in, move around, etc. 
    The further you get down, the more you'll reveal two creatures just waiting 
    for you to get back to the bottom. When the red block comes out, push it 
    towards the hole in the centre of the room... And then the fight is on.
    ----/ Agyo /----      HP:   7000
                          ELE:  Fire(+80%), Water(-80%)
                          DROP: Prominence, Poseidon's Creel, Gemini
    ----/ Ungyo /----     HP:   7000
                          ELE:  Water(+80%), Fire(-80%)
    Two of 'em! They almost look like giant dogs... but just a bit meaner. And 
    more deadly than a damn American pit bull. And those things are ferocious.
    Guess what elements they are, just by looking at them and their colours. You 
    guessed right! Fire and water. Agyo, the red one, is the heavy hitter - 
    similar to Fadroh, he has Seal of Agyo, which will boost his attack up to 
    insane levels. I'm talking about 1600-1700 damage, mostly fire, per hit. As 
    well, he has the finisher Pillar of Fire, which will give one character 
    Flames. Flames aren't so bad - Flames you can deal with, they're like poison, 
    just whittle away a bit of HP per turn.
    Ungyo, on the other hand, is the defender. In a normal attack, he'll do about 
    600-700 damage, same as Agyo (minus Seal), but mostly water based damage 
    (obviously). For his special maneuver, he'll use Seal of Ungyo, which boost 
    defense massively. But defense you can handle - just means the battle will 
    take longer. His finisher is Column of Ice - and this is the one you DO have 
    to worry about, as it will freeze a character.
    So who are we taking into battle? Savyna, obviously - her equipment is half 
    water, half fire, so she can target each of the two dogs with ease. If 
    anything, I'd load her up more with water equipment than fire, because she'll 
    need the water first. If you picked up the Firedrake Barette earlier, equip it 
    now - yes she'll suffer from Flames automatically, but it's 100% effective 
    against freezing.
    That's what you should base your other choice of characters on, their ability 
    to resist freezing, because that's what will kill you in this battle. Watch 
    Ungyo freeze you, then Agyo blast you into oblivion with a six hit 
    undefendable attack. Sure it'll unfreeze you, but it'll also kill you. Mizuti 
    should have the Cinderella Birdie, which is 90% freeze-proof, Kalas has the 
    Earth Buckle, which protects 50-50 against flames and freezing, Xelha has the 
    Golden Anklet which is 50% freeze-proof, Lyude has the Flashy Earrings which 
    are 70-70 against flames and freezing, and Gibari has nothing which protects 
    against freezing at all.
    Based on that, I'd go with Mizuti and Kalas as your other damage-dealers in 
    this battle. I think it's pretty obvious that you need to load the two of them 
    up with as much fire and water Magnus as you can, to do maximum damage. In 
    battle, your aim is to target Agyo first - he's the one that will do the most 
    damage, especially if he uses his Seal. And his defense is lower, so if you 
    unload on him with everything you have, you should be able to deal with him 
    fairly quickly. Don't get me wrong - this battle is the one that's had me 
    tearing my hair out the longest. 5th attempt and climbing as I write this, for 
    my level 32 characters.
    This battle tends to rely a lot on luck - that you'll draw your water Magnus 
    instead of your fire Magnus when trying to deal with Agyo ASAP, that you'll 
    get a handful of the right elemental Magnus to defend with. Once Agyo is down, 
    Ungyo by himself is pretty easy - one attack per round, ample time to defend 
    heal and attack. I survived Agyo with one character hanging onto life and made 
    it through the battle on a seventh attempt with all characters at half-health.
    Whew. Pat yourself on the back for surviving that one, because it majorly 
    sucked. And the worst is yet to come... though not as soon as the gap between 
    Fadroh and Angel of Darkness, thankfully.
    Head up on the escalator, and you'll be on the roof. Krumly is to your north, 
    so head over and stop him. Bah, he's here to join up with Malpercio - and the 
    Sword of the Heavens will be his offering. Noob. Because the Children of the 
    Earth have lost their powers, they can no longer defeat Malpercio... and as 
    the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! And he's always wanted to 
    climb up to the Sky and live a free life...
    And just like that, he disintegrates the forcefield surrounding Duhr. You're 
    in deep shit now. A bit of sunlight comes through the clouds, bringing 
    Malpercio and Melodia with it. However, they're not as accomodating as Krumly 
    would have liked. Told you he was a noob. The Children of the Earth will 
    perish, as revenge for your deeds one thousand years ago!
    But Kalas won't have a bar of it, and he picks up the Sword of the Heavens. 
    And so the two disappear - they're heading off to Algorab village, to start 
    their path of destruction >_< I TOLD you you were in deep shit now -_-
    Take the Sword of the Heavens, and now you'll see that Duhr is a travellable 
    place on the world map. Err, cool, but we've got more important things to do 
    right now. 
    If you want a blue flower to level up, you'll have to use the one at Duhr 
    Port. The EXP from that battle should be enough to level all of your 
    characters up at least once - 120000 EXP is pretty nice no matter how many 
    ways you slice it. Prepare for another massive battle - make sure Mizuti is in 
    the active party. When you're ready, head for Algorab Village.
                             ~~~~~ Algorab Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Broken Heaven Sword, Sun Anklet, Inferno Cannon
    When you arrive in Algorab, you'll see the village in tatters. Buildings on 
    fire, people wounded and dying. Kalas wants revenge on Melodia, but Kamroh and 
    the other Children of the Earth tell you that you're not strong enough to take 
    on the evil god. Take the Sword of the Heavens back to the sky, get stronger, 
    etc. Mizuti wants to stay and fight with her family and her people, but her 
    parents say she must go up to the Sky. It's kinda a mushy scene, but Mizuti 
    finally gets approval from her parents. Awwwwwwww. Group hug!!!!
    Your party leaves, to head through the clouds and back to the Sky. But Kalas 
    stops... even if they do save the world, but everyone they left behind dies, 
    how could they possibly live with themselves? Even if the future of the world 
    depends on them and the Sword of the Heavens, its not worth it if it means 
    innocent people have to die... besides, he doesnt intend on losing to 
    Malpercio anyways :P And just like that, you turn around and run back to 
    And Malpercio is there, waiting...
    ----/ Malpercio /----      HP:   10000
                               ELE:  Water(+20%), Fire(-20%)
                                     Chronos(+30%), Wind(-30%)
                                     Light(+80%), Dark(-80%)
                               DROP: nothing (stingy bastard)
    Straight away, you'll notice something important - Mizuti has so much power at 
    this emotional moment, her mask has broken clean off! We can actually see her 
    face! And hear her normal, non-garbled voice! Aww, she's kinda cute!
    She'll even battle without her mask on too, which means one thing - if you're 
    going for a complete Magnus gathering, you've GOT to take some pictures of 
    Mizuti here without her mask. There's two up for grabs - Maskless Mizuti and 
    Mega-Rare Mizuti Pic. Make sure to grab them, as well as a pic of Malpercio if 
    you're a mega-completist :)
    Now, let me say this really quickly. If you could survive the Agyo/Ungyo fight 
    (and you obviously did if you've gotten to this point), this battle is a 
    cakewalk. Yeah, he hits a bit harder than they did (minus the Seal of Agyo). 
    His darkness damage will be a killer - up to 500 at any one time. But it's 
    just... not that hard. I went in with unchanged decks and unchanged characters 
    from Agyo and Ungyo, and cleaned house, never even came close to dying once.
    The only thing you really need to worry about is his lone finisher, the dark-
    based Soul Drain. If you see it, chances are one character will be hit for 
    about 800-900 damage, a fairly hefty amount. So be sure to keep your 
    character's health up, but with the healing items you now have (should have a 
    handful of Cherries as well), it shouldn't be a problem. Apart from that, it 
    really is easy.
    But of course, you haven't killed the bastard. Killing a god just isn't that 
    easy! He will, however, take your nice new Sword of the Heavens, and shatter 
    it. What is it with people breaking our artifacts!!?!? All three artifacts, 
    Ocean Mirror, Earth Sphere, Sword of the Heavens... broken. We're screwed.
    If you took any photos during the battle, collect one now. If you've got the 
    Mega Rare Mizuti Pic, keep it as it'll be worth a packet soon :)
    Duhr isn't safe for the Children of the Earth anymore, not with the magical 
    barrier gone. Lyude suggests that everyone move up into the Sky, to Anuenue... 
    wonder how Corellia will take that one!? o.O Krumly wants to stay behind, 
    self-serving bum, but Savyna convinces him that if he is sorry for what he's 
    done, then he should go into the Sky and fight for what is right. Fair 
    Outside, talk to a man walking up and down the stairs on the left to get the 
    Sun Anklet for Xelha. Then once you're done in Gemma, head over to Algorab 
    Village - the chest that the women were blocking before is now accessible, and 
    contains an Inferno Cannon for Savyna :) Now visit Duhr Port and the White 
    Dragon will now be there, to take you to Anuenue.
                       ~~~~~ Anuenue, The Rainbow Nation ~~~~~
    In Anuenue, you'll be in Corellia's Palace. Speak to all three island leaders, 
    and a scene will take over. Kalas wants to launch a full-scale attack on Cor 
    Hydrae, but it would be foolish to throw away your lives like that. You 
    couldn't do it anyway, according to Kodelle, because they've put a big-ass 
    shield up around the place. Well, bugger. There goes that idea.
    As you go to leave, Catranne will give Kalas a letter, from Larikush, back in 
    Cebalrai. Seems he wants to talk to Kalas about something, hmm. And Kalas 
    decides to go solo, without involving Xelha and the gang. Haha, that lasts 
    about five seconds. When the rest of your group joins you, head off to 
    Cebalrai, in Sadal Suud.
                       ~~~~~ Cebalrai, The Farming Hamlet ~~~~~
    Outside Larikush's house, the rest of your party will wait, sensing that this 
    is private business. Kalas will head inside, and Larikush will settle in to 
    tell a long story... Starting with the experiment he and Georg were working 
    on... The secret of the Magnus. Georg had actually succeeded in storing a 
    living creature into a Magnus, then being able to recreate it later...
    They did so using as much of the power of the sealed End Magnus in the Lava 
    Caves as they could, without breaking the seal. The results of these 
    experiments were Giacomo, Ayme, and Folon. But then he went one step 
    further... and created Kalas artificially using this new technology.
    Badum-tish. The penny drops.
    But the Emperor was unsatisfied with the results of the Kalas experiment - 
    Kalas was human, with flaws, and only one wing, and Geldoblame wanted a 
    perfect creature. And a few years later, another soul was born from a 
    Magnus... Fee!
    Later on though, Georg began to get remorseful. He had created human lives, 
    and got a tad clucky, it seems. Wanting to look after the children, instead of 
    subjecting them to experiments. And so he and Larikush decided to burn down 
    their laboratory, fake their own deaths, and the four of them escape to Mira.
    And it all went perfectly... until two years ago. Larikush doesn't know 
    exactly what happened in Balancoire when Georg was killed, but he does know 
    that Georg left you something - something you can find in a cabin high on the 
    Celesial Alps. Georg and Larikush built the cabin there as a holiday resort 
    when they escaped the Empire, and that's where Georg saw fit to leave your 
    Before you leave... who gave Kalas his name? The Emperor did. It means Raven 
    in a long lost language... because Kalas was impure, flawed. Eek.
    Anyways, outside the rest of your party agrees to accompany Kalas to the 
    Celestial Alps. If you're ready to go there, you can make your way there - it 
    will become available on your world map as the small island near Wazn.
                            [4.10]     The Celestial Alps
                              ~~~~~ Celestial Alps ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Canis Minor, Apocalypse Sword, Air Slash,
                        Chaotic Illusion, Efreeti Saber, Void Phantom,
                        Silk Veil, Avocado
    Yeah, this too gets its own section because it is its own island >.>
    The annoying thing about this place is that it takes a lot of backtracking and 
    a lot of climbing up and down. But we'll get through it. From the chest just 
    above your start point, grab the constellation Canis Minor. From there, you 
    can't head up that path, because you'll be blocked by some weird tentacle, but 
    a Rylug will appear on the path below. Hmm. Kill the Rylug, and the tentacle 
    will disappear, letting you go on up the high path.
    You won't get far before another tentacle appears. See how this evil place is 
    going to work? -_-;  There's a ladder just under you there, so climb down, 
    jump off the little cliff where the signpost is, and fight the next Rylug. 
    Forced battling. Forced levelling. Something big is coming up soon.
    After you've killed the Rylug, the second tentacle will disappear. To get to 
    it, head left, then back up the hill. Across where the second tentacle was, 
    then jump down the small cliff and head along to the next screen.
    If you climb down the ladder there and head back to your left, you'll spot a 
    treasure chest. But another tentacle will block it, and the Rylug will appear 
    below you! Grr. This is getting frustrating. To get to that Rylug, head left 
    to the previous screen, off the edge, then right, off the next edge, then 
    right back to the other screen and fight the battle. Then head right, up the 
    ladder, and across and around again to get back to the chest >_< Mmmm... 
    Apocalypse Sword...
    Head left and back up the ladder. You won't get far before being confronted by 
    another tentacle, though. So head back and back down the ladder... left off 
    the edge... If you head left again, you'll see a chest but it'll be guarded by 
    another tentacle, whos Rylug will appear just past the first tentacle XD 
    Anyways, head right over the edge, and defeat the next Rylug. Then head right 
    again, up the ladder, and back across to your left. This is getting annoying. 
    Past where the tentacle was, climb down the ladder to find the chest (baha, 
    don't even need to fight that Rylug), which holds an Air Slash. Onto the next 
    Here you'll find the cabin Larikush spoke of. You'll also find a bunch of 
    suspiciously sheep-looking white Caplins, and if you're on the Animals for 
    Wazn quest, you can take one. There's also one lone black Caplin hiding off to 
    the left - you can take it too. Empty the chest to the right of screen for 
    Azure Sand, Kalas' class up item! (Class 6. Whoa.) And there's also a chest 
    right next to the red save flower, with a Chaos Mail. Save. Please, save. 
    Prepare Kalas especially, for battle. Then enter the cabin.
    Guess who's here as well, looking for his father's legacy! And we thought we'd 
    killed this bastard in Alfard. Giacomo! And of course, he's not complete 
    without his sidekicks! Ayme! And Folon! The trio are back >_<
    More backstory about Georg, the Empire, and the experiments that went wrong. 
    Kinda interesting, but I'm not going to transpose it all here :P And then 
    again, the fight is on...
    ----/ Giacomo /----     HP:   7000
                            ELE:  Water(+50%), Fire(-50%)
                                  Light(+30%), Dark(-30%)
                            DROP: nothing (poopy)
    ----/ Ayme /----        HP:   5000
                            ELE:  Light(+30%), Dark(-30%)
                                  Chronos(+50%), Wind(-50%)
                                  Fire(+30%), Water(-30%)
    ----/ Folon /----       HP:   5500
                            ELE:  Water(+30%), Fire(-30%)
                                  Light(+50%), Dark(-50%)
                                  Wind(+30%), Chronos(-30%)
    Before the fight even starts, Giacomo's got a trick up his sleeve - a device 
    he stole from Mintaka, causing Hypertoxic Soundwaves! Ok, it sounds complex, 
    but all it means is, for now, you'll have zero access to spirit attacks. Ugh.
    Kalas is also necessary for this battle. If you're like me, you weren't using 
    him before and he had an empty deck, in which case he'll have 50 PASS Magnus 
    in his deck :P If this is the case, either restart or wait to die, then retry 
    the battle.
    Overall, this battle isn't too different from the first time you fought these 
    guys. Back then, I recommended Kalas, Xelha/Mizuti, and Gibari - and I'll do 
    the same again now. The elemental strengths and weaknesses of all three are 
    exactly the same. So, what exactly is DIFFERENT this time around?
    Well, for starters, these guys can now heal themselves and each other - Ayme 
    has Healing Salve, and Giacomo has Healing Potion. And if one member of the 
    trio drops to low health, the next member to take a turn can and will heal 
    them twice. Very annoying. Ayme's attack has been boosted, while Folon's has 
    been dropped. All three are now about equal in attack power - roughly 600-ish 
    of different elements before defense, per combo.
    However, Folon still has Energy Injection, and he likes to use it on himself 
    and others now. The boost isn't great, but it's annoying. And it seems to be 
    not just an attack boost, but a speed boost as well - Folon gets very quick 
    and you literally get only a second to pick defense cards. As a result, I'd 
    still target him first. 
    You could also make a decent argument for taking out Giacomo first - he still 
    takes double turns, so double the damage, for less than double the HP. 
    However, he is easy to defend against, as he still uses the same physical/fire 
    damage combo - two pieces of water-based armour and you've almost completely 
    negated his attack. 
    Whichever you decide to take out first, Folon or Giacomo, you should take out 
    the other second :P Leave Ayme for last, because she likes to use Rough Em Up 
    Drink, boosting defence, on herself at regular intervals. The more she boosts 
    it, the longer she'll take to beat, so no point trying to beat on her while 
    you have other opponents around, especially when those opponents are attacking 
    too as well as healing her!
    This battle isn't too hard if you're completely prepared, to be honest. You 
    should have a handful of level 5 spells and a lot of level 4, a lot of 
    Dragonfly paddles and other paddles left over for Gibari from the Fadroh 
    battle (which was a lot harder than this, I mean, cmon, he had more attack 
    power than these three put together when he used that Orb, and that was some 
    time ago when your characters were a lot weaker), and you've just started 
    picking up great weapons for Kalas again like the Apocalypse Sword, as well as 
    Dimension Blades and the like.
    However, if you are still having problems, there are several things you can 
    do. First, track out of the Celestial Alps, back to a blue flower, and use 
    Kalas' class up item that you picked up outside. This will give Kalas a 
    maximum combo of 9 hits - and you can make some insane prizes with that, as 
    well as just dealing out more damage in a shorter period of turns. Like Agyo 
    and Ungyo, these guys DO have the ability to set on flames/freeze, so 
    equipping the same equipment from that battle may help to prevent that.
    If you're still in trouble, just level up around the Alps as the monsters do 
    give good EXP, for not being that tough. However, excessive levelling really 
    isn't necessary - I'm level 34 and doing just fine.
    So pummel away on Folon, then Giacomo, then whittle down Ayme's HP slowly. 
    Significantly easier than the last time we fought this trio.
    Giacomo is impressed... but that doesn't mean he's going to let you live. More 
    flashbacks... of the night Fee died, and how Kalas survived... Kalas absorbed 
    Fee's Magnus! Kalas is the Divine Child, not Fee! And Georg's gift to you... 
    is another Winglet, to replace the one Giacomo just stomped on!
    And, just in case you weren't already sick of these goons, guess what, you 
    gotta do it all again :P Yes, you have to fight those same three goons again. 
    I'm not repeating the strategy again. It's exactly the same, except they'll 
    refill your health for you between battles :P If you lose the second battle, 
    you won't have to repeat the first again, either.
    After the second battle, Giacomo finally decides that it's over. On his death 
    bed, he asks Ayme and Folon to join Kalas, help him stop Melodia. Still no 
    rewards from the battles though >_<
    Afterwards, you'll immediately be transported to Komo Mai, to Corellia's 
    castle. There have been various reports coming in from different islands, 
    however.... And here's where we start our sidequests.
    * The 'Master of the River' has been spotted near Nashira, which Gibari has 
      heard of,
    * A Forbidden Book of Magic has been rumoured to be hidden in Anuenue, and 
      Xelha thinks it might help in attacking Cor Hydrae,
    * A floating ship similar to the Battleship Goldoba has been seen floating 
      through the Trail of Souls. And the ghosts that seem to be on board, are 
      calling for Lyude!
    * The Mad Wolf Unit are protecting hideous monsters invading the villages in 
      Alfard, which is right up Savyna's alley,
    * And Kee has gone back beneath the Taintclouds... which sparks Mizuti's 
    Does that sound like one sidequest for each character, excepting Kalas (who 
    one could argue already did his in the Celestial Alps?) I think so. Anyways, 
    there was a chest in the cabin of the Alps as well, head back there to grab it 
    - it's an Efreeti Saber :)
    Feel free to explore the cabin, too... There's a room to the right with a Void 
    Phantom in it, and in the main room, grab the Silk Veil from the statue at the 
    back. In the back left corner, there's an Avocado hiding in the containers. 
    And there's a room on the left too, with chests with a Skull Buckle and a Holy 
    Armour. There's also Milk in the containers between the two chests, and if you 
    climb the ladder, you can take Straw. Worth the effort of coming back here, 
    I'd say :P
    Anyways, from here you can start on your sidequests. There's no particular 
    order to do them in, and you don't even have to do any of them at all. If you 
    wish, you can now talk to Corellia and skip straight ahead to Cor Hydrae. But 
    for the sake of completion, I'll run through all the side quests :P
                      [4.11]     Xelha - Forbidden Book Of Magic
    I'll start with this one just because I can. There's rumoured to be a 
    Forbidden Book of Magic in Anuenue, which could be immensely useful in 
    attacking Cor Hydrae, so Xelha decides to track it down. This is her side 
    quest :)
    Where would one start looking, on the island of Anuenue? The School of Magic 
    might be a good guess, so head there :P 
                             ~~~~~ School of Magic ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Adventure Novel
    If you speak with the principal, on in the second room on the right side of 
    the school. She'll know exactly what you're looking for, but won't let you 
    have it, as she exposed herself to considerable risk, retrieving it from a 
    monster-filled library. If you want to borrow the book, you'll have to swap it 
    for the Adventure Novel she was reading.
    Where could you find such an Adventure Novel? It couldn't have gone far, so 
    start exploring the School of Magic... In the left room of the left side of 
    the school, speak to the woman sitting at the desk and she'll tell you a 
    student came in, clutching a book, and put it on the left bookshelf. Examine 
    it, and you can take the essence of the Adventure Novel.
    Give the book to the principal, and she'll let you borrow the Book of Magic. 
    Speak to her a couple of times after she lets you read it, and a scene will 
    takeover. Kalas and Xelha aren't sure what's so special about the book, but 
    then a mysterious white light appears...
                      ~~~~~ Illusory Fortress of the Book ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Apple Pie (Full), Aqua Truth, Bloody Vortex, 
                        Linnet Statue, Skull Anklet, Silk Veil, 
                        Galeos Fangs, Aqua Burst VI, Seal of Water
    A dungeon... hidden inside the secret book. Or at least, the illusion of one, 
    as the name of the place would suggest. Wonders never cease! But let's explore 
    it! There's a lot of doorways here - some hold monsters, some hold treasure 
    chests. I remember this being a good place to loot. Let's go!
    Every single one of these doors holds a compulsory battle, with either an 
    Alavarum or a Varalba. Every door that is, except one. Fourth room on the left  
    (from the front) - two chests with an Apple Pie (Full) and an Aqua Truth. 
    Examine the doorway, and Xelha will note that it is sealed with the Royal Seal 
    of Wazn. What's the Royal Seal doing here in Anuenue, in a magic book? And a 
    scene will take over, involving a flashback with Xelha and her mother...
    Like that, the seal will warp you to another part of the Fortress. That looks 
    exactly the same as the first part. So trial and error again, I'm betting 
    every room except one is another fight.
    If you're running low on health, you can always exit the Fortress and come 
    back, or exit and save then come back. This is what I did before tackling the 
    second part of the dungeon :P
    Indeed, every room in the second part is another fight. In the second room on 
    the right, you'll find a Quzman relative (Tumart) being attacked by said 
    monster - rescue him by killing the monster and you can get his signature.
    The safe room in this area is the last door on the right. There you'll find 
    two chests with a Bloody Vortex and a Linnet Statue, Xelha's class up item :D 
    Examine the door, and Xelha will get another flashback when she destroys the 
    seal. This one's an interesting one... the Queen of Ice, protecting the Ocean? 
    And if the world shall be reborn, the Queen will return the Ocean to the 
    people? Hmmmmzorz....
    Anyways, now we're in a third room identical to the other two. And, like the 
    first room, all rooms are filled with enemies... except one, the fourth door 
    on the left again. Enter, and you'll find two chests with a Skull Anklet and a 
    Silk Veil. And a red save flower. Boss coming up, I presume :P Save, then 
    examine the doorway.
    Should the prophecy be fulfilled, the Ice Queen will be no more... Xelha's 
    mother gets all melancholy, supposing it may be her to fulfill it. Hints are 
    being dropped here as to what this prophecy is... Anyways, we've found the 
    book, and there's something sealed inside it. Is Xelha really going to release 
    it? Eh, why not, we've come this far, eh.
    Five Magicians... all in a circle. Is Xelha the last of the Ice Queens? She 
    is. So lets see what a thousand years has brought you...
    ----/ Kulcabaran /----     HP:   10000
                               ELE:  Wind(+80%), Chronos(-80%)
                               DROP: Galeos Fangs, Aqua Burst VI
    Ahhhh... I like this guy. For starters, you have an IDEAL person for this 
    battle, with tons of wind-elemental equipment (in Gibari)... Xelha is 
    compulsory for the battle, so there's your mage, loaded with wind spells... 
    and pick a heavy hitter for your third, as elements really don't matter. I 
    picked Lyude.
    So you have masses of masses of wind equipment. Against a boss that.... 
    doesn't defend? Or defends very little, like less than 100 points total per 
    combo. And little of that is chronos elemental, to negate your wind onslaught. 
    What may be slightly worrying is his attack, and your defence. He'll deal out 
    about 900 damage per turn, undefended, made up of physical, fire, and chronos 
    damage. When he gets to low health, he'll start using Soul Illusion, a 
    darkness based attack that also absorbs the damage. Be sure to keep your 
    characters over 1000 HP just in case he does this attack... but that's really 
    the only thing you need to worry about. A pretty simple boss.
    And you also get Xelha's level 8 finisher, Seal of Water, for completing the 
    Fortress. Yay! That's also the end of the sidequest. Pretty simple.
                     [4.12]     Gibari - Greater Celestial River
    Next up on the sidequest list... Gibari. Apparently the Master of the River 
    was spotted near his hometown of Nashira, whatever the Master of the River is, 
    and he's worried. To start this sidequest off, just head to Nashira, in 
                       ~~~~~ Nashira, The Fishing Village ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  N/A
    In Nashira, the town has been overrun with monsters, and the guards are having 
    trouble fighting them off. Kablam! Pow! Smash! Splat! Monsters dead :)
    One of the Knights wants to ask Gibari a question - why did he leave them? He 
    used to be a Knight, and would have made a fine Head Knight.... He can still 
    fight, and is putting his skills and power to good use, so why leave? Eh, he's 
    not going to get into his story yet, either with the Knights or with Kalas.
    After the scene, explore the village. In the second house, between the shop 
    and the bar, a scene will take over - Shorty's grandmother wants Gibari to go 
    help Anna and Reblys! What's happened? They went to the Greater Celestial 
    River... to gather Pekusa seaweed to help Shorty get well. But that place is 
    So Gibari, being the good Samaritan he is, decides to go look for Anna and 
    Reblys, make sure they're okay. Oh, and while we're there, we may as well pick 
    up some Pekusa seaweed and check out the Master of the River, just because we 
    can :P The Greater Celestial River isn't actually in Diadem, it's accessible 
    from the world map. All the way on the other side, between Anuenue and Mira. 
    Head over there, and we'll begin our search.
                         ~~~~~ Greater Celestial River ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Power Blade, Buoy of Light, Battle Suit, 
                        Skull Creel, Corvus, Nemesis Fall, Dragoon Gale,
                        Eridanus, Balgora's Paddle
    Yup, looks exactly like the Lesser Celestial River. One might wonder why it's 
    on the other side of the world map, but questions like these invariably go 
    Along the bottom of the screen, you'll see a chest on a lower ledge. There's a 
    ladder down just near it, so look along until the icon appears, and climb down 
    to find a Power Blade. Head back up and up the ramp, and you'll find another 
    chest with a Buoy of Light, Gibari's class 6 item! Yay. The battles around 
    here aren't too hard either, especially if you did a bit of fighting looking 
    for the right rooms earlier in the Illusory Fortress >.>
    On the second screen, you'll find Reblys. But no Anna! Hmm... she went on 
    ahead, it seems. You'll go look for her, and Reblys claims he'll catch up and 
    pass you on the way, he'll be the one to save her. Baha.
    Anyways, along the bottom left of screen, you'll find a chest with a Battle 
    Suit. Top left, behind the two Maw-Maw-Goos, a chest with a Skull Creel. The 
    Skull equipment is like the ultimate armour in Baten Kaitos - 99% resistant to 
    everything, only problem is, it really screwes up your prize-getting abilities 
    by inflicting perma-Confusion >_< Up to you if you decide to wear it or not.
    Collect the creel. On the bottom level of the screen, if you follow the path 
    between the two high cliffs, you'll find constellation Corvus at the end. Then 
    head up to the top right of screen, and jump across to the red save flower. 
    Prepare Gibari for battle. Save, then head through to the next screen. These 
    'dungeons' are so short -_-
    Here you'll find Anna, and Reblys will come join the gathering. The River is 
    completely flooded... no getting the seaweed in these conditions, 
    unfortunately. We've seen this sort of flooding before, we know what sort of 
    things cause it >.> But Reblys has an idea to get the seaweed - fish! Some 
    fish is bound to have Pekusa seaweed in its gut, so it'll be there for the 
    taking. Whee!
    What follows is another amusing little banter session between Gibari and 
    Reblys, man these two are such typical blokes >.>
    And so the two decide to fish. And they sit. And they fish. And they wait. And 
    they sit. And they wait. Eventually, Reblys snags a fish, and the two together 
    struggle to bring it in. Ten bucks says they haven't actually snagged a fish, 
    they've managed to catch...
    ----/ Brokolis /----     HP:   13000
                             ELE:  Fire(+80%), Water(-80%)
                             DROP: Nemesis Fall, Dragoon Gale, Eridanus
    Yup, it's the Master of the River, alright... it's got Balgora's paddle 
    sticking out of its back and all. Logic dictates that this should then be a 
    hard battle. It's not, really :P
    Yes, the boss does do a lot of water and physical damage. So if you stock your 
    party characters with a decent-sized set of physical and fire armour and no 
    other type, you'll be right because you will come close to negating both in 
    one fell swoop :P Also of note is that the boss likes to use Venomous 
    Droplets, to poison you, and a finishing move that has the ability to freeze 
    you. You should have decent equipment to protect against freezing, because you 
    used it in the Agyo/Ungyo battle :P
    It really goes without saying that he's water elemental, being a sea creature, 
    and tremendously weak against fire. However, by the same reasoning, his water 
    defense is so strong that using fire attacks (to try and take advantage of the 
    weakness) can be impractical. It's hit and miss - I hit him with a six-hit 
    fire combo and did zero damage on one turn, yet did over a thousand damage 
    with nearly an identical combo on the next turn.
    Because of the unsurety there, I'd advise to steer clear of fire attacks, or 
    at least, not rely on them to deal out all your damage. I'd sit Savyna out of 
    the battle because most of the damage she has the ability to do is fire 
    damage. I'd go with other elemental damage - light, dark (because he is strong 
    against neither, you can build up some big combos with someone like Lyude, if 
    you pick him to focus on one of the two elements), or wind, because you're 
    forced to use Gibari.
    As always, a mage is essential, and useful because they can focus on any 
    element they like. Overall, it's not really a tough battle. If you do get 
    stuck, remember, like any of these side quests, that if you go back and find a 
    blue flower, you can class your compulsory character up to class 6, which does 
    make it a lot easier. (9 hit combos instead of 6? I'm there!)
    And you've killed two birds with one stone! The Master of the River... and the 
    Pekusa seaweed in its mouth! Whee! After the battle, the two fishermen seem to 
    have a bonding session... And so you decide to just leave them there. It's the 
    laughing scene from FFX all over again! Noooooooooooooooooo! >.>
    As a reward for doing so well, Reblys will give you the paddle in the Master's 
    back - Balgora's Paddle. Apparently you'll need it if you're ever going to 
    beat him ;) And then we're done here with Gibari's sidequest... another pretty 
    short one. At least we're picking up some decent items from them :P Onwards 
    march to the next one!
                          [4.13]     Savyna - Mad Wolf Unit
    Time to work on Savyna's sidequest. The Mad Wolf Unit, Savyna's old squad, 
    those responsible for Operation Sweep in Azha, is now in a bit of trouble in 
    Alfard. They're protecting some of the smaller villages against the onslaught 
    of monsters, and need your help!
    Upon arrival in Alfard, and checking out the area map, you'll notice a new 
    location - Nihal Desert. 
                               ~~~~~ Nihal Desert ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Skull Barrette, Centaurus, Pristine Water,
                        Dragon Plum Bud, Twinstone Compass, Red Impulse,
                        Chaos Mail, Holy Armour, Hellblood's Hammer,
                        Green Light, Phoenix Crest
    The soldiers on the door will be rather startled to see Savyna, Lady Death, as 
    is Azdar, inside the cave. She's curious, why are the Mad Wolves there helping 
    the very people they once set out to kill, those being the Azhani villagers? 
    Well, then they were on a mission... Now they just want to do what they can to 
    save lives. Fair enough.
    Outside, your party camps. Savyna has a lot on her mind, Operation Sweep, and 
    her last mission, two years later - to assassinate a man named Georg, in Mira. 
    We already knew she was there, but apparently Kalas didn't. All Savyna was 
    ever taught how to do was fight... and that night in Mira, when she realized 
    she couldn't, she was completely lost... Don't think I've ever heard Savyna 
    talk this much. I suppose, it is her sidequest, after all :P
    Anyways, inside the next day, Azdar and his men are going to lead the way, and 
    you guys are to follow at a short interval. Sounds like a plan. But first when 
    you get control, you got some looting to do :P When you arrived, you probably 
    saw the half-buried chest on the hill behind the entrance... empty it to find 
    a Skull Barrette. Inside, where the people are concentrated at the bottom left 
    of screen, you can find constellation Centaurus in the barrels, as well as 
    some Pristine Water. This water will come in handy rather shortly. Don't 
    forget where it is :P
    On the right side of the room, examine the crate behind the seated man to find 
    a Rooster. And the chest holds a Dragon Plum Bud, Savyna's class up item! Yay! 
    Seeing as we've barely even left yet, feel free to backtrack to Mintaka or 
    Azha and class Savyna up. Wheeeeeee!
    When you've done that, return here and talk to the man guarding the ladder. 
    He'll tell you that this is the way Azdar went, and also give you a Twinstone 
    Compass to help you in navigation. Apparently, it will also help you with 
    locating water, because you'll need water to survive out there (oh duh.) So go 
    get as much of the Pristine Water as you can carry. Don't empty any of your 
    important quest Magnus though :P Once you're ready, head up the ladder and 
    Out here in the desert, there are two indicators on your compass. The arrow 
    indicates the direction you should be going, to find Azdar, and the blue light 
    indicates other important things :P Also of note is that each screen you cross 
    (every time you change screen), you'll use one Magnus worth of Pristine Water. 
    Run out of Pristine Water, and you'll get dumped back at the cave.
    Okay. Let's follow the light and see where we end up. Head left, and you'll 
    use one water. On the second screen, you can give the man walking around a 
    water and he'll ask you to find his friends, and also give you a Red Impulse. 
    Head left again, and you'll use another water, so that's three.
    But here you'll find the source of water that the light was pointing to, so 
    fill up again. For the record, I'm carrying five Pristine Water. Head left 
    again and at the bottom of the screen you'll see a woman curled up, she's a 
    Quzman relative! Give her some water, then talk to her again, and she'll agree 
    to sign the family tree. Her name is Zuhr, for the record. :)
    Head left back to the water source. Fill up, and note that if you're doing the 
    Animals for Wazn quest, you can also pick up an Oliphant to take back. :) From 
    the water screen, head up and left... and your compass will go nuts. There 
    you'll find another woman wandering around - give her a water and you'll be 
    rewarded with a Chaos Mail. Return to the water source and fill up.
    From there, head up, then right because you can't go any further up... up 
    again and you'll find another person in the sand. Give them a water, and 
    you'll be rewarded with a Holy Armour. From there, if you head north and right 
    again, you'll come to another water source, so fill up.
    From this second oasis, head left twice.... you'll find a mirage (ooh, 
    sneaky), and a red save flower. Urgh. Save, and head down, following the 
    There you'll find bodies in the sand - Azdar and his men >_< Something got the 
    jump on them... And that something is here to play!
    ----/ Sowzana /----     HP:   12000
                            ELE:  Water(+80%), Fire(-80%)
                            DROP: Hellblood's Hammer, Green Light
    Hey, I know who THIS guy looks like! It looks like Fadroh! Hey, the Kulcabaran 
    looked like the Sabre Dragon, the Brokolis looked like the Thunderfish, and 
    this guy looks like Fadroh.... I sense a pattern. Anyways. He's another fairly 
    standard fight that by now you should just be able to walk into and win, it 
    just might take a while. I did, so I reset and tried again :)
    He even works similarly to Fadroh - except instead of the dreaded Orb of 
    Magical Offense, he has the Orb of Magical Defense :P And like Fadroh, he has 
    massive Dark based finishers - Hyper Wicked Light, which'll hit you where it 
    hurts, and also has the ability to Paralyze you.
    Apart from that, it's just a standard boss fight. He hits softer than Fadroh, 
    and you're a lot stronger than you were when you fought Fadroh. Already now, 
    from your desert battles, you should have a party completely equipped with 
    water weaponry and water armour, as everything is 80% weak against it, and 
    Sowzana is no exception.
    Like the last battle with the Brokolis though, he can sometimes defend against 
    water attacks very well, especially after using the Orb. So you can either go 
    non-fire/water (though for your compulsory fighter, Savyna, this isn't an 
    option, so get out those Freezing Nails) or all out on the water attack. A 
    spellcaster is good, because they can unload Aqua Bursts like there's no 
    tomorrow (including a level VI one you got from a previous side quest). For 
    your third character, just grab a heavy hitter and pummel him down.
    This isn't such a tough battle. None of these sidequest bosses are, really. 
    All of the hardest boss battles of the game are behind you :P
    After the battle, Savyna goes to strike the finishing blow, but a little child 
    recognizes this creature as... its father!? It attacks Savyna again and again, 
    but Savyna, realizing who it is, and knowing she can't go through that sort of 
    cruelty again, doesn't fight back... until Azdar makes the girl see that the 
    monster isn't her daddy anymore, and should go to sleep.
    For Savyna's restraint, the girl will give you a Phoenix Crest. It's an Azhani 
    design, a weapon for Savyna, most likely the girl's father's. Aye. And we're 
    done here. Savyna wishes Azdar luck, and you're on your merry way.
                          [4.14]     Lyude - Phantom Goldoba
    Number four, coming right up. Apparently, according to Catranne, a floating 
    ship similar to the Battleship Goldoba has been seen floating through the 
    Trail of Souls, on the way to Mira. And the ghosts that seem to be on board, 
    are calling for Lyude! What possible connection could Lyude have to a ship of 
    ghosts? We're about to find out...
    Starting this sidequest is very simple... just head toward Mira. On the trail, 
    you'll be approached by the ship, which does indeed look like the Goldoba. If 
    you just want to visit Mira, not do the sidequest, elect to Run. If you want 
    to do the side quest, choose to see what's going on.
    Kalas wants to know, where are you? Simple, you're on the...
                             ~~~~~ Phantom Goldoba ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Hades Horn, Jasper Gem, Skull Earrings, 
                        Agni Tuba, Mithril Helmet, Vishnu, 
                        Apple Pie (Full), Presto
    It's like... a dark creepy version of Giacomo's Goldoba. With the exact same 
    layout. ie. very small. For starters, empty the chest at the top of the stairs 
    for a Hades Horn, then head left into the horseshoe tunnel.
    The ghosts here are battles with Master Revenants, and they are unique to this 
    ship. If you're going for 100% Magnus gathering, you'll need to take a photo 
    of one of them while you're here. There are a lot of them, but they don't 
    respawn when you change screens like most enemies do. Luckily they're fairly 
    easy battles.
    In each of the small rooms, you'll see a scene. One with the Imperial 
    Commander, calling Lyude a traitor, one with Lyude's brother and sister... 
    Apparently Lyude was the only one to hear the voice... You'll also find chests 
    with a Jasper Gem, Lyude's class up item, Skull Earrings, an Agni Tuba, and a 
    Mithril Helmet, in front of the door to the bridge where you fought the trio 
    on the real Goldoba.
    Once you've visited all the rooms, head back to the horseshoe shaped tunnel 
    and another scene will occur... oh no, with Almarde >_< Poor Lyude, so much 
    torment for him here. Seems like Almarde's trying to talk him into suicide... 
    or at least, someone pretending to be Almarde. Someone like the thing it turns 
    ----/ Rampulus /----     HP:   13000
                             ELE:  Light(+80%), Dark(-80%)
                                   Wind(+50%), Chronos(-50%)
                             DROP: Vishnu, Apple Pie (Full)
    Continuing the trend of sidequest bosses... this one looks like something we 
    fought in the Outer Dimension >.> Or that thing that Melodia vanquished in 
    Mira. I can't remember which :P Anyways.
    This guy's actually pretty similar to Sowzana and Fadroh, in that he likes to 
    spam his defense boosting attack, Golden Symbol, endlessly. All it means is 
    that the battle gets dragged out further and further... and it means there's 
    more of a chance of seeing his other two finishing moves, Symbol of Slumber 
    and Death Count.
    Symbol of Slumber, as the name suggests, will just put you to sleep. You can 
    either wear sleep-protecting armour, or just wait it out, it's not that bad an 
    ailment. Death Count will hit you for even more darkness damage than his 
    regular attack, but still not much to worry about, maybe a thousand points 
    Like the other sidequest bosses, this is a relatively easy one. I had the same 
    party as I did for Savyna's boss, swapping Savyna for Lyude, and passed 
    easily. Unlike others, you can't use Lyude's class up item before the battle, 
    but you really don't need it. Just give him lots of his light equipment, such 
    as Glint Cornets. Also keep a mage with a lot of light and wind spells, and 
    you'll do killer damage (especially if you can combo it together nicely... I 
    had Xelha perform a final straight sunrise attack with wind and light 
    attacks... over 4000 damage wakawakawaka!) For your third character, a good 
    choice would be Gibari because of all of his predominantly wind based 
    weaponry. Equip all your best light armour, plus wind if you think you'll need 
    it, but you really shouldn't.
    And you also get Presto, Lyude's level 8 dark-based finisher. And with that, 
    you'll escape the Phantom Goldoba, and watch it sink into the depths of the 
    Trail of Souls. And proceed to Mira. Like you were even going to Mira anyways 
    :P But that's the end of the sidequest. These are pretty short... I thought 
    they'd be longer, for the rewards you get. Or did I save the longest one for 
                      [4.15]     Mizuti - Zosma, Tower of Stones
    In Anuenue, when you first started these sidequests, Mizuti was stunned to 
    hear that some of the Children of the Earth had returned to beneath the 
    Taintclouds, as they didn't feel comfortable in the Sky. She was even more 
    shocked to hear that Kee was one of them! So that's when she decides to 
    investigate. To Duhr!
    Upon arriving in Duhr, you'll be greeted right off the Dragon by a child who 
    is frantic to talk to Mizuti. Krumly and the Great Kamroh, went into the 
    depths of Zosma Tower! And Kee followed them! Kamroh said he was trying to 
    restore the Ring of Stars, and the children just couldn't keep Kee back...
    Looks like you're going to Zosma Tower to rescue them!
                          ~~~~~ Zosma, Tower of Stones ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Delinquency Stone, Tradescantia Petals, Aquila,
                        Skull Birdie, Wizard Robe, Fire Burst VI, 
                        Cream Puff, Alias Fall
    You either love this place or you hate it. The first half of it, going up, was 
    easy. This part, going down... it sucks.
    Enter, and Mizuti will sense movement below, and so another elevator appears, 
    going downwards. Like before, stock up on fire quest Magnus, to light the 
    lamps, then head down on the elevator. The man near the door will give you a 
    piece of advice - think about using multiple red blocks together, watch their 
    movements closely, and time your actions well. Eek!
    * First Floor
    Here, to get to the lamp, you'll have to climb across the row of red blocks to 
    the right. This screen looks really really confusing... Too many red blocks 
    and too many gaps on weird levels, sometimes I can't tell which level a gap's 
    on. Anyways, the right most red block, you can push it across to the right 
    when the elevator's up, to fill the gap there. Another red block will fall.
    Here's the tricky bit. You need to push the top most red block (ie highest, 
    two right of the lamp) across to the right... when the elevator's down. If you 
    do so, it'll stop at the same position the first red block was in before you 
    pushed it.
    Once you've done that, you can then climb up (around the Breacher) and push 
    that same red block up, into another gap. May as well kill the Breacher now 
    because you need to, to progress, and note that he was sitting on a 
    Delinquency Stone :) Take the essence of it, you'll need it. 
    Now, from there, right block across to the right. Now you'll raise a stone 
    platform, and this is exactly what we need. 
    For the last two red blocks, you have to time it well again. Like before, you 
    need to push the left one across, so it pushes the second one and both stop at 
    the elevator.So when the elevator's in the right position, stand near the lamp 
    and push to the right. If you do this right, you can now climb the newly-
    raised stone platform. Push the right block up first, then the left.
    Doing this will reveal a chest up the stone staircase with the Tradescantia 
    Petals, Mizuti's class up item! Yay :) You'll also get a new elevator going 
    down another floor. I recommend heading up, using the class up item and 
    saving, then coming back down and moving onto the second floor.
    * Second Floor
    And it just gets worse, the further down we go. On this level, the elevator 
    stops at two parts of the level - top where the lamp is, and two blocks down. 
    Two red blocks on the two levels, two holes very top and bottom of screen. 
    Interesting. Stop and light the lamp, then go down and to the right on the 
    There you'll find two blue blocks - push them in. They'll move a block around, 
    and make a few monsters appear. No big deal. Now head back up and to the 
    right, and push the red block off the edge to the right. Head down one level 
    and to the right again, and push the red block off again, but this time to the 
    left, so it falls next to the other block, and not in the corner.
    I bet now you could see how to put that block on the floor into either of the 
    holes. But then how the hell are you supposed to push the other in the other 
    hole? Hehe, this is where it starts getting tricky. You can use the red block 
    on the floor as a stepping stone, to get to the second red block up high to 
    push it down. Align it next to the two-high platform on the left, but not in a 
    corner or along a wall (so you can push it back again). Climb up, then push 
    the top block along and down into the top hole.
    Then, just push the second block into the bottom hole. That took me SO long to 
    work out. Moving right along...
    * Third Floor
    This one just looks... weird. You're dumped into the bottom corner of the map, 
    inside a cross of raised platforms. Three holes, one in each of the three 
    corners you're not starting in, and lots of raised sections. And a couple of 
    bad guys around the place.
    Where to start? Well, you can probably see that you could easily slot the red 
    block on the ground into two of the holes, however, that doesn't help you with 
    the other two holes. But if you think along the same principles as before, 
    using that red block as a stepping stone...
    Start from the left corner, near where the chest is, where the raised block is 
    two blocks high. Follow the climbable path along, mentally. You could climb up 
    on the red block, down on the other side of the corner, and push the red block 
    into the hole... if that thing wasn't in the way!
    So use the red block as a stepping stone on the right hand side, two blocks 
    right of where it started. Push it over to form a staircase, so you can climb 
    up and kill the Gul-Bar-Mool there. 
    Then push the red block across to the left, where the raised platform is two 
    high, and climb up. Climb up on the red block, up again, down on the other 
    side, and push the red block (near where the Gul-Bar-Mool was) across and down 
    into the hole.
    Now for the second red block. Awfully tempting to just push it up and into the 
    top corner... don't, because then you're stuck for the last block :P Instead, 
    climb all the way down and move the block on the ground over, so you can climb 
    up between the red block up high and the top corner of screen. Then push the 
    red block downwards, into the gap on the very left of screen.
    Once all that's done, just push the block on the ground into the hole in the 
    top corner, which you're right next to. Presto, the two chests fall to the 
    ground, and they hold a Skull Birdie and constellation Aquila. Take them, then 
    head down again.
    * Fourth Floor
    At least we're dropped right near the lamp this time, except one floor down. 
    This map's got a different vantage point, we're looking from a higher angle. 
    Anyways, climb up on the left and light the lamp so we can look around and 
    There's a lot of gaps in the middle of the room... lot of red blocks on ledges 
    surrounding them. However, once you've looked at the setup for a while, you 
    might work out the trick to it. Both the top half and bottom half are done 
    exactly the same. I'll start with the top.
    Push the block closest to the lamp left, so it falls in the hole. Then push 
    the one on the ledge next to it, right, over the top of itand further, so it 
    stops below the lamp. You can then push both blocks downwards, to fill two of 
    the gaps.
    Do the same for the bottom, except the other way around. Push the left block 
    to the right, down into the gap. Then push the right block over the top of it, 
    all the way to diagonal to the elevator. Then you can push both blocks upwards 
    into the holes.
    A save flower will appear. Head up on the elevator (but not all the way up), 
    to save.
    * Fifth Floor
    No puzzle, but I'll list it separately anyways :P Krumly and the others are 
    down there, disturbing an ancient wizard from his slumber. As you do. They're 
    there to ask for the Ring of Stars, which the wizard wielded against Malpercio 
    in the past... but are they worthy of recieving it? Obviously not.
    Mizuti steps in to save the day, but has eyes only for Kee. The Great Mizuti 
    was in the sky fighting for everyone, so he wanted to fight down here... but 
    he didn't have to, Mizuti would have fought everywhere. And so Mizuti decides 
    to take the Ring of Stars for herself, for Kee!
    Another strange battle like the Goddess of Ice was for Xelha. A solo Mizuti 
    battle.. Pick a card, and try to match the element. And she's fighting against
    a... large mutated version of herself? o.O
    So just pick a few random cards, trying to match the right elements. All luck. 
    Hope that you draw a camera as well, if you're a completist, to get a photo. 
    Four hits, and the battle is over.
    For that tough... err, battle, you'll get a Wizard Robe, a Fire Burst VI, and 
    a Cream Puff. And afterwards, Alias Fall, Mizuti's level 8 finisher. Yay!
    Once you're done, and you've completed all of the side quests, head back to 
    Anuenue and speak to Corellia in her castle. Ready to invade Cor Hydrae now? 
    Shit yeah!
    You'll be told about the direness of the situation - food and medical supplies 
    running low, etc. Not good. Now, your plans for Cor Hydrae? Corellia thinks 
    that using the power remaining after the End Magnus were released to attack 
    the shield might work, all five islands working together... but Kamroh 
    dismisses it as folly. Someone likes the idea... thought it was funny that you 
    had four non-Imperial islands, but only three leaders here? Lord Rodolfo, from 
    Sadal Suud, has come to join the party :P
    Lyude has some interesting theories on Georg and Melodia, two people seemingly 
    both influenced by the power of Malpercio but for seemingly contradictory 
    reasons... and Kalas and Malpercio, who may be destined to fight each other as 
    a result. Kooky stuff.
    After Kalas has his D&M session with you, and the dawn of battle rises, head 
    back the audience room (Corellia's meeting room) for a few final words. After 
    the scene, you'll be off to Cor Hydrae Castle! Watch the islands and their 
    powers converge.... and by your powers combined... HE IS CAPTAIN MALPERCIO!
                             [4.16]     Cor Hydrae Castle
    Yeah it gets its own section too :P
    Upon arrival in Cor Hydrae Castle, you'll find ghosts of the gods... and 
    Gibari isn't impressed. Five End Magnus, five ghosts to find throughout the 
    castle.... urgh. No time for ghost stories though, so you're going right in :P
                            ~~~~~ Cor Hydrae Castle ~~~~~
         Items Gained:  Fire Burst VI, Chronos Blow VI, Desperda, 
                        Dark Flare VI, Light Flare VI, Finale, Wind Blow VI,
                        Ultimate Geyser, Shield of Hope, Mermaid Nails,
                        Wind Blow VI, Wheel of Light, Brahma Eupho, Firefly,
                        Voice VI, Deadly Heat Scythe, Venus Garb, 
                        Chronos Blow VI, Sybil's Crown, Planet Soul
    No official declaration of where we are, but gotta keep my formatting 
    consistent :P
    On the left and right of the big room you start in, you'll find two chests 
    with a Fire Burst VI and a Chronos Blow VI. If you want to leave Cor Hydrae at 
    any time, doing so is as simple as heading towards the camera in this room, 
    and Kalas will prompt you if you want to leave. If so, you can easily do so - 
    some people seem to think that Cor Hydrae is an inescapable dungeon, but its 
    not :P
    There's only one way to go in that room, so head up and up the hall. There 
    you'll find the main hall of the castle - a room with five branching points, 
    and a blue save flower. Right! In the centre of the room is a graphic on the 
    floor - this is the key to moving on in the castle, but it's not lit just yet. 
    Visit the church if you need to, then we can start exploring the paths.
    There's no prizes for guessing that each of the five paths leads to one of the 
    five ghosts of the gods, because of five islands, five end Magnus, blah blah 
    :P If five is such a sacred number, why do we have six party members? Anyways. 
    I plan on starting with the bottom-left fork, and working around clockwise, 
    finishing on the bottom right, so thats the way I'm going to do it :P I'll 
    even label the forks to separate the sections, because I'm just too nice.
    * First Fork - Bottom-Left
    First up is a path with some Demonic Hands crawling all over the place. Mucho 
    EXP can be gained here, so if you think you need a few more levels (I'm level 
    40, but with a decent Magnus stock, for the record), any place around the 
    castle is a great place to level up, and you'll score some neat high-end 
    Magnus, too :)
    Next screen you'll find your first teleport puzzle, similar to the teleporters 
    in Gemma Village, in Duhr. Take the one on the path to the right, then the one 
    in the corner of the L shaped bend, and you'll wind up at the top of the 
    screen. If you take the teleporter you just stepped out of, you'll wind up 
    near a chest with a Desperda.
    Follow the only path you can until you wind up near the L again, take the same 
    teleporter in the corner, and this time take the teleporter on the right. 
    Again, take the teleporter you just stepped out of, and you'll get to a chest 
    with a Dark Flare VI. Head back to the start.
    Now take the teleporter at the end of the L-shaped path, on the left. You'll 
    wind up near a glowing orb - examine it and a chest will appear in the next 
    room. Wicked. Head back to the start again. (There's probably an easier way to 
    do this, but this is the way I did it and collected everything >.>)
    We want the teleporter in the corner of the L again, and the path on the left 
    of the W path. This'll take you to the exit of the teleporter maze. You'll 
    spot a chest below you, but you can't get to it yet, so just head out to your 
    left. In the next room, empty the chest you revealed for a Light Flare VI. 
    Through the door there, you'll find the first of the ghosts...
    ----/ Sibling God: Bo /----     HP:   14000
                                    ELE:  Fire(+100%), Water(-100%)
                                    DROP: Finale
    Mmmmmm, water boss. Completely water elemental. Absorbs every single water 
    elemental attack you can throw at it, also dishes out over 1000 points of 
    water elemental damage in one combo... and freezes you on top of things!
    What can we do to stop it? We've dealt with freezing a bit before, but now (if 
    you've done all the sidequests) you've got all the skull equipment for your 
    characters, so status effects are no longer an issue (if you choose to wear 
    them). If you don't have this equipment, look at a similar setup that you used 
    for Agyo and Ungyo, protecting against freezing there.
    Moving on... Savyna would be a good choice to use as she has a lot of fire 
    attack/defense, and as always you need a mage (I pick Mizuti for her defense), 
    and you can pick a third character, whoever you like. I'm using Kalas, as I've 
    picked up a few Kusanagi Blades and Efreeti Sabers for him... Gibari would 
    also be a decent alternative simply because he packs such a wallop, even if he 
    doesn't have quite the right elemental mix. If you want brute force, Gibari is 
    always your man.
    Once you've negated the freezing and have a lot of fire stuff to throw at Bo, 
    the battle isn't really that tough. He does do a lot of water damage, but you 
    can negate a lot of it with any armour, fire even better. A fairly standard 
    fight... these bosses may have a lot of HP, but I'm finding the random battles 
    in the castle more difficult than them :P
    Just throw everything non-water related you can at him, making sure to keep 
    items like Japanese Rice Wines on standby (or anything that cures death, I'm 
    using Wonder MOMOs) just in case, and you really shouldn't have that hard a 
    After the battle, head back to the main chamber of the Cor Hydrae and save. 
    One line of bright light shining up through the chamber, several to go. Pick 
    your next fork, you know what it's going to lead to, eventually...
    * Second Fork - Top-Left
    More EXP farming can be done here with the Demonic Hands... tough fights, but 
    maybe some much needed levels. Either good levels or good decks (or a 
    combination of both) are a necessity for the bosses here... I fall into the 
    second category, being level 40 but having some decent decks and Magnus such 
    as the Wonder MOMO.
    In the second room, grab the Wind Blow VI from the close-left corner. All of 
    the fights here are avoidable if you run around in circles a bit :p Through 
    the top door and you'll find...
    ----/ Sibling God: Che /----    HP:   14000
                                    ELE:  Wind(+100%), Chronos(-100%)
                                    DROP: Ultimate Geyser
    Well, that was a short path now...
    Anyways, you'll soon find out within a turn or two that Che is heavily 
    chronos-based, doing a lot of chronos and physical damage. If you turn the 
    elements against him, you can turn a somewhat daunting battle (though not as 
    hard as some of the previous bosses, coughFadrohcough) into a pretty easy one.
    Firstly, if you want to use wind against Che, Gibari is easily your best bet, 
    as we know that a majority of his weapons are wind based. For your mage, 
    again, pick between Xelha and Mizuti, though Mizuti has a brand spanking new 
    Alias Fall Magnus, 235 Wind power, so it may be reason to pick her (if you 
    leave her other chronos finishers out). Pick whoever you like best for your 
    third character, there is no real advantage once you take out all of Kalas' 
    chronos weapons. In fact, take out EVERYTHING chronos - it's kinda pointless 
    to hold seeing as it gets completely negated.
    In terms of offense, he has his hard chronos attack, plus two attacks that 
    inflict status abnormalities - Spark of Time, a finishing move that hits you 
    with paralysis, and Seal of Sanity, a single attack that inflicts confusion. 
    You can pick to either use the same equipment that you did against the Angel 
    of Darkness, which was mostly paralysis protecting, and try and weather the 
    confusion if it hits you, or.... you can go all out with skull equipment from 
    side quests. They'll protect you against the paralysis completely, but inflict 
    confusion as a result.
    If you're relying on combos and prizes to do a lot of your damage, the skull 
    equipment is a no-no (confusion = numbers rotating on spirit cards, making 
    combos near impossible), and you'll have to make do with paralysis equipment.
    When defending, don't be afraid to mix things like light and dark armour, and 
    fire and water armour - he won't touch you with any of those elements, so the 
    physical component is all that matters and that won't get cancelled out.
    Lastly, he has this annoying habit of healing himself once he reaches critical 
    health (you'll see him stoop close to the ground), with Seal of Health (2100 
    HP recovered). If he's still stooping after he does it, that's pretty much all 
    the health he has left, and will only last a couple more attacks. Altogether, 
    if you go in prepared, strong in wind, no chronos, it shouldn't be too 
    And another line of light appears. Head back to the main chamber and save, 
    then pick another fork.
    * Third Fork - Top
    Up here, be prepared to be ambushed by Diabolos, the weird hovering creature 
    things. And I mean, ambushed by a fair few of them. Levelling central! If you 
    can get past them, there's chests with a Shield of Hope and Mermaid Nails, 
    then head on. Next room, there's a chest on the left with another Wind Blow 
    VI, hidden behind the patrolling creature. Examine the bright light on the 
    right hand side of the room and a treasure chest will appear... but where, 
    you're not exactly sure. We'll find it later.
    You know what's coming up next, don't you. Prepare for another boss fight and 
    head on up.
    ----/ Sibling God: He /----     HP:   14000
                                    ELE:  Dark(+100%), Light(-100%)
                                    DROP: Wheel of Light
    Though it's kinda hard to prepare when you don't know what's coming... so I'll 
    tell you. A light based boss! You just don't see many of them around. So 
    here's where you wanna pull out all your dark based attacks. Though, truth be 
    told, I didn't change my decks from fighting Che and scraped through this 
    battle regardless, even though I threw a ton of light at him because I didn't 
    have anything else.
    The strategy for this battle is much the same as the last two, with some 
    elements changed around, I'm sure you're figuring out how it works. Give Lyude 
    all his dark-based weapons, give Xelha/Mizuti every Dark Flare you have, and 
    go for either Gibari or Kalas as your fourth. Savyna isn't much use here, with 
    fire and water, obviously.
    What does he have to throw at you? A lot of light and physical attack, 
    obviously... 702 points of each in a six-hit combo. Apart from that, the only 
    status attack finisher he seemingly has is Flash Attack, which will hit you 
    with sleep and (you guessed it) even more light damage. Not much to worry 
    about, if you've gotten through the last two battles, you can get through this 
    one fairly unscathed. If you do find it tough, there's always levelling to be 
    done outside with the Diabolos or Demonic Hands, and deck arrangement to be 
    done, the more darkness in your deck, the better.
    Lastly, he has this annoying habit of healing himself once he reaches critical 
    health (you'll see him stoop close to the ground), with Seal of Health (2100 
    HP recovered). If he's still stooping after he does it, that's pretty much all 
    the health he has left, and will only last a couple more attacks. 
    And a third beam of light appears, pointing straight up. Like we didn't expect 
    that to happen >.> Anyways, head back to the save point (note that the 
    swarming Diabolos are now gone), and save. Now, that chest from before that 
    appeared when we examined the ball of light, where is it?
    Head back up the top-right path, past the Demonic Hands, and you'll see the 
    chest at bottom of screen. Open it, for a Brahma Eupho. Yay! Now head back and 
    head towards the next fork in the path.
    * Fourth Fork - Top-Right
    Another path with falling Demonic Hands to maneuver... this is getting 
    repetitive, aye? Avoid as many as you can (two out of three ain't bad), and 
    make sure you examine the ball of light. A path to another chest will be 
    created, but in a place we havent seen before. (Guess which fork it's along!?) 
    Moving right along. In the next, also familiar, square room with enemies 
    circling, you'll find a chest with a Firefly in it, for Gibari, and another 
    with a Voice VI. Make your preparations, then move on up...
    ----/ Sibling God: Ar /----     HP:   14000
                                    ELE:  Water(+100%), Fire(-100%)
                                    DROP: Deadly Heat Scythe
    HOLY CRAP it's another boss! Whoever woulda thunk it! Sorry if I'm sounding a 
    bit sarcastic, but the game keeps throwing spectacularly average bosses at me 
    with easy-to-exploit elemental weaknesses -_-;;
    Anyways, Ar is a fire-elemental boss, so that means you'll be bringing Savyna 
    along for company, loaded with water elemental weapons, as well as your 
    standard mage, as well as another heavy hitter such as Gibari or Kalas. For 
    this battle, I chose Gibari (minus his brand new Firefly).
    He's elected to take flames and confusion out of the status pool, to use 
    against you. (A fire elemental enemy? Using flames? omgnowai.) The best bit 
    about all this though, is that both flames and confusion are non-
    incapacitating, ie. you can still take turns while inflicted with them (just 
    becomes a tad more difficult). And if you're using skull equips, you're 
    already under confusion anyways, so it's hardly a worry. I wouldn't even 
    bother trying to deal with the flames, just concentrate on negating the fire 
    damage, of which there is again 702 (and 702 physical damage) per combo. It's 
    like the He fight, only easier. Take your Deadly Heat Scythe, Savyna's level 9 
    finisher, and move right back to where you came from.
    Save again, and it's time to attack the last path. FINALLY.
    * Fifth Fork - Bottom-Right
    Easy to avoid the Demonic Hands in this section... move into the centre of the 
    room, one will drop the right and lay in wait for you... but you can just move 
    to the very top of screen and walk past it.
    Now we're in the section we saw before, where we uncovered a path to a chest 
    with the second light ball. Here, the little green pillars act as controls for 
    miniature lifts, moving their respective platforms up and down. Try the first 
    one, and you'll be moved up to the chest to get a Venus Garb. Head back down 
    and across to the right.
    The red pillars work similarly, except when you raise one red pillared 
    platform, you raise them ALL. Try the first one, behind the next green pillar, 
    and watch three red platforms raise. Either way, grab the second chest, with 
    the Chronos Blow VI, and move back down.
    Use that second green pillar now, and if you touched the second light ball on 
    the fourth fork, you'll be on a platform with two green pillars (including the 
    one you came down on) and a red pillar. Touch the second green pillar to get 
    access to another chest off to your left, with an Esperanza. Grab it, and head 
    back down.
    You may be able to see another white glowing ball, at the very top of the 
    screen to the right, near the exit. How to get all the way up there? It's 
    actually rather simple - toggling different red pillars keeps making the 
    platforms go up, but once you go up, you can't seem to get to another one to 
    keep going up towards it. Solution - start alternating between red and green 
    lifts, in the following pattern, from where you are, on the three-pillar 
    * Touch the red pillar, and you'll go up.
    * Head across and touch the right-most green pillar, and you'll go down.
    * Touch the red pillar to go up.
    * Touch the green pillar right next to you to go up.
    * Touch the red pillar right next to you to go up again.
    And when you examine the ball, another chest appears, back in the hallway 
    leading from the third, top-most fork! If you head back there, you'll find no 
    Diabolos (yay) and a chest with a Sybil's Crown. Ooh, pretty. Anyways, head 
    back, save again if you like, then proceed through the pillar maze to the very 
    right of screen, and through.
    There you'll find another typical square room, a chest with a Aqua Burst VI, 
    so grab it and then head up to find...
    ----/ Sibling God: Le /----     HP:   14000
                                    ELE:  Chronos(+100%), Wind(-100%)
                                    DROP: Planet Soul
    Yup, the fifth of the Magnus ghosts, the bosses that pervade yet protect Cor 
    Hydrae and it's evil owner. And just for a change, it's wind based... so get 
    Gibari and his wind paddles out of there.
    As you have no real chronos based person to attack him full force with, you 
    can pick whoever you like as long as you keep a mage with a lot of chronos 
    spells. Although chronos is the rarest element to find in the game (none of 
    your characters really have a good chronos setup, unless you've been farming 
    Spatulas here for Gibari), the battle is about the same difficulty due to the 
    fact that this ghost puts up very little defense. Even if you hit it with a 9-
    hit combo, it'll still only put up 57 points physical and 57 points wind 
    defense, ie. nothing that you cant overcome with one strong chronos weapon, 
    plus whatever else you use in the combo.
    Again, he favours the traditional 702/702 attack, and for his status goodies, 
    he picks poison, with Winds of Terror, and confusion, with Seal of Sanity. 
    Again, like the statuses inflicted by Ar, these you can simply ignore and 
    fight through, stopping to cure only slightly more often. Like the other 
    bosses, he still uses Seal of Health to recover himself, but by now this only 
    serves as a warning to let you know that you're kicking it's butt and it's 
    nearly dead. Ho hum.
    All five paths complete, and the beams of light turn into a pillar, leading 
    upwards! Whoo, cool. Head back to the main chamber and save. Aw thanks Kalas, 
    just in case we weren't sure we broke the seal, you'll let us know.
    Take the platform up, then head north, the only way you can go. If you're 
    clever, you can avoid all the Demonic Hands that circle the path endlessly, 
    and at the top, you'll find... Melodia, welcoming you to the Throne Room of 
    the Gods! After a bit of chat chat, in which she says she's tired of playing 
    games with you (yeah well... we're tired of playing games with you too, 
    wench), she'll sic Malpercio onto you... oh, here we go.
    ----/ Malpercio /----      HP:   16000
                               ELE:  Wind(+20%), Chronos(-20%)
                                     Light(+50%), Dark(-50%)
                               DROP: nothing (stingy bastard)
    Ding ding, take two, fight!
    We last fought this guy way back in Algorab Village, Duhr... so let's see 
    what's changed. His elementals, for starters... though not much, but he's 
    slightly less resistant to dark and wind than before, which makes things a tad 
    Like Le before him, he'll use a Seal of Venom to randomly inflict poison on 
    your party, which is usually followed by a Seal of Awakening, to put that same 
    character to sleep. (Awakening... asleep? Guh?) Can be minorly annoying, if 
    not wearing skull equipment or something to protect against sleep.
    What makes him different from the bosses before him, however, is his heavy 
    eight hit attach that finishes with Divine Doom. Undefended, this attack will 
    do something in the vicinity of 1150 physical, 600 dark, and 200 chronos 
    damage - nearly 2000 altogether (which goes straight to him, as an added 
    bonus), so as you can see, this is where your defense needs to lie. Gibari is 
    a must for the battle, with his wind equipment (you may have been picking up 
    Mirage Blades from all the Diabolos around the place, this is where they come 
    into play), as is a mage (as you've gotten several Wind Burst VIs as well), 
    and as usual, the third character is up to you.
    Overall, this battle also isn't very difficult with a good setup, same as the 
    ones before it. If you need to, go back and farm more Mirage Blades, or 
    Avocados from the Demonic Hands for healing if you don't have anything better. 
    (Beer also works well.) While the Divine Doom is annoying, it's defendable and 
    manageable with prizes, so overall, not too bad.
    Did you get him? Somehow I don't think it was that simple. And Corellia and co 
    will confirm it... and Duke Calbren is here with some shocking truth for 
    Melodia. It was not she that summoned the power of the Malpercio using the End 
    Magnus... it was he that used the End Magnus to revive her from a deadly 
    infection, and now they have come to claim her back... creepy. Mucho, mucho 
    However, instead of being stunned by this, Melodia thinks its absolutely 
    hilarious, thinking it was all predestined by the gods over a millenium ago, 
    her dying and being brought back to life, so that they too may live. Freaking 
    psycho chick. But the empty vessel of Malpercio now has a soul... that of 
    I just knew it was gonna get even screwier, I so did.
    Anyways, after Melodia/Malpercio punches a hole in the wall and leaves, you're 
    free to follow them. There's a final red save point, so make sure you save, 
    then prepare for what SHOULD be the toughest fight yet. Head up the stairs, 
    grab the Golden Helm from the chest, and keep going up. Ready? Here goes!
    ----/ Malpercio /----      HP:   20000
                               ELE:  varying >_< (+80%/-80% to two opposing 
                                                  elements at a time)
                               DROP: nothing (stingy bastard)
    Pretty soon you'll work out that yes, indeed, this guy is worthy of being a 
    final boss :p He packs a punch unlike anything we've ever seen, has a wide 
    range of varying elemental weaknesses, and inflicts a couple of bad statuses 
    at the same time >_<
    Because this is indeed a final final boss, I'll go over strategy in some 
    detail. What's really annoying here is that he has two big elemental strengths 
    at any one time, and no weaknesses. What's worse is, when he uses Seal of 
    Entropy, as he will several times during the fight, these weaknesses randomly 
    change! So even if you stack a deck full of Light Flares, one move and he 
    suddenly has an 80% strength against it, and you're shit out of luck. 
    Annoying, I know.
    And on top of that, you can add on his finishing moves - Dark Arrow, at the 
    end of a nine-hit combo, a massive dark-based attack which will also inflict 
    any or all of sleep, flames, poison, and paralysis. That's just NOT COOL! One 
    could make a case for using skull equipment here if you have it, just to 
    protect against Dark Arrow - because if he hits a character with it, then hits 
    that character again, that character is as good as dead. If you don't want 
    skull equipment because you like your combos and prizes, equipment protecting 
    against the paralysis is a MUST, we did that before for the Angel of Darkness 
    fight most memorably, we can do it again.
    So what can we do? Some very one-sided deck stacking, for starters (ie. stock 
    up on one element, and none at all of its opposing element). Because it's 
    guaranteed that he starts with a light weakness, focussing on that might be a 
    good place to start. Cases could be made for taking Lyude, with everything 
    dark taken out of his deck, or Xelha/Mizuti with an array of Light Flares 
    (amongst other things), or Kalas, if you stock up on Durandals. Durandals are 
    great light-based weapons dropped by Demonic Hands, and they'll come in a 
    treat here. If you don't feel like taking light, make sure you do focus very 
    strongly on something else (such as taking Gibari and packing a HELL of a lot 
    of wind.) I have a party of Xelha, Kalas, and Gibari (with what I mentioned 
    above, as I have more dark weapons for Lyude than light.)
    No matter what you do, this fight is going to be long, you're going to be 
    shuffling the deck numerous times, and you're going to be getting KOed a lot 
    (whereas before you probably weren't getting KOed much, if at all.) So packing 
    Cure Death items is a necessity - Holy Grails at the weak end, Japanese Rice 
    Wines, Sacred Wines, Wonder MOMOs at the strong end. (If you really want 
    Wonder MOMOs, the ultimate healing Magnus, heal 2800 and cure all ailments, 
    try aging a Peach Boy, which you obtain from aging a Peach.) Other curative 
    items are also a must, as you don't want to have to face two hits without 
    curing in between - each character should have more curative items than usual 
    (mine have five each), things like Avocado (drop from Demonic Hands) and Beer 
    work well, as do Green Tea or Deluxe Green Tea (combo of Green Tea + Large 
    Once you've got everything set up, and you've prayed for a lot of luck (cuz 
    believe me, you're gonan need it, no matter what your setup) it's time to 
    start the assault. Hammer him with everything light based you have, watching 
    carefully for Seal of Entropy. When he uses it, you'll see the colour of the 
    element his strength is changing to - if he radiates green waves while casting 
    it, his strength is going to be chronos, for example. You can then (hopefully) 
    change your strategy accordingly.
    When he gets to low health, Malpercio will start using Enchanted Blade - a six 
    hit combo that ends in him draining whatever damage you couldn't defend, from 
    a base damage of 1700. Yeah, that's a lot. Expect to have him drain about 
    1000HP every time he casts it, and what's worse is, he'll usually use it three 
    times running, once for each character. If he does, stop and heal, but you 
    know you're getting close to the end. Once you're all cured up, hit him with 
    the strongest Magnus you've got, pray he doesn't use Enchanted Blade right 
    before all three characters need to shuffle their decks (as happened to me 
    twice -_-) and hopefully you'll scrape through.
    For the record, I was level 42 during this battle and it took me four attempts 
    to make it through.
    After the battle, Mizuti will use her special Children-of-the-Earth powers to 
    bind Malpercio back to the darkness from whence he came, while Kalas struggles 
    to save Melodia. Aw, ain't he a nice guy.
    More flashbacks - Kalas being saved by a dying Fee, and what happened that 
    fateful day he met up with Melodia, Melodia's 'coming of age' (way too much 
    info there)... and sealing away Malpercio for good, with the help of a newly 
    blue-haired Melodia. Yayzorz! (Look! That little blue glowing light! That's 
    And what's happening to the world? The Taintclouds are gone, and the islands 
    are falling...
                           ~~~~~ The Victory Banquet ~~~~~
    Gibari is trying to cheer Kalas up, but Kalas won't have a bar of it. And so 
    our story wraps up, Kalas asking each party member what they will do now... 
    including Savyna becoming a... cook!? o.O
    But there's one still secret left to be revealed... about the long-lost 
    And a joke of a boss, but he doesn't even count :p
                             ~~~~~ Congratulations! ~~~~~
                 You just beat Baten Kaitos! You clever person, you!
                                [5.0]     SIDE QUESTS
    Okay! Now that that behemoth of a walkthrough is out of the way.... phew. That 
    sure is a lod off. But the information overflow isn't done just yet, oh no. 
    Now we have side quest stuff - several major side quests span the space of the 
    entire game, or large portions of it, and so they don't exactly fit into the 
    walkthrough neatly. So they get added in here.
    Oh, and random little tidbits like a shop guide. Where else should I put the 
                            [5.1]     Quzman's Family Tree
    Quzman is an elderly gentleman who lives in Pherkad, on the island of Sadal 
    Suud. You can visit him the first time you visit the city, or any time after 
    that, in his house just outside Lord Rodolfo's mansion.
    When you talk to him, he'll tell you that he is dying, and ask you to please 
    travel the world and collect his family members all over the place to come 
    visit him before he passes on. (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea.) You 
    can identify his family members by the fact they wear a bracelet - if you ever 
    see people identified as 'Woman with a Bracelet' etc. they're a relative of 
    To aid you in your quest, Quzman will give you a Family Tree quest Magnus, to 
    get all of his family members to sign it. He'll sign his own name in the 
    centre, and you can see several sub-families below it - his four wives, their 
    children, and their partners and families. If you get an entire subfamily 
    (enclosed in a square) to sign the tree, Quzman will reward you, as well as 
    rewarding you when you complete the entire tree.
    So without further ado, on with the list of Quzman family members, and where 
    you can find them:
    Notes:   * X marks deceased relatives - one of their family members will sign 
               the tree for them)
             * Family members in subtrees are arranged top to bottom, left to 
               right, in rows. Because of this, Quzman's children will be 
               separated from his grandchildren in the ordering, but it makes 
             * Some names and descriptions are duplicated because they appear in 
               overlapping families of the tree.
                   ~~~~~ Bloodline of Usaybia - Left Subtree ~~~~~
    X Usaybia (passed away at age 29, female)
    - Quzman's first wife. Passed away a long time ago.
    + To get her signature, examine the picture on the dressing table of Quzman's 
      house, and he will sign the tree in her name.
    Surayj (47 years old, female)
    - Her husband works in the city, and her child wanders the world. She awaits 
      their return.
    + To get her signature, speak with her in the farmhouse in Cebalrai, Sadal 
    Qasim (53 years old, male)
    - Left his wife at home and went to work in the city. Is he doing well? 
    + To get his signature, speak with him near the airship in Mintaka, Alfard 
    Yamin (50 years old, female)
    - A hardy Northerner mother, not overprotective of her children... unlike her 
    + To get her signature, speak to her near the shop in Cursa, Wazn. You must 
      have already obtained Usaybia's signature.
    Gabirol (55 years old, male)
    - Over-protective of his daughters, hardly cares about his wife anymore...
    + To get his signature, speak to him in the fields of Gomeisa, Wazn (out in 
      the snowstorm). You must have already obtained Yunus' signature.
    Battuta (27 years old, male)
    - Born Battu-Batturum, lover of freedom and solitude. A master of the 
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him in the Labyrinth of Duhr, on the 
      island of Duhr.
    X Bajja (passed away at age 8, female)
    - Yamin's daughter, killed in an accident... hence the over-protectiveness of 
      the father...
    + To obtain her signature, speak with Yamin at Quzman's house in Pherkad. 
      Obviously, you must have already obtained Yamin's signature for this.
    Yunus (8 years old, female)
    - A regular girl, the apple of her father's eye. A strong girl, able to travel 
      on her own.
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her in the fields of Gomeisa, Wazn, just 
      left of the junction with the arachnid. You must have already obtained 
      Yamin's signature.
    Reward for completing bloodline of Usaybia - Aurora
                ~~~~~ Bloodline of Misjah - Bottom-Left Subtree ~~~~~
    Misjah (83 years old, female)
    - Quzman's second wife, a self-proclaimed abstractionist painter of dubious 
    + To obtain her signature, speak to her at the base of the bridge in 
      Reverance, Mira. Initially, she will refuse to sign, but if you bring her a 
      Terrible Painting (found in Quzman's house in Pherkad) she will sign the 
    Hawqal (48 years old, male)
    - Speaks with animals, befriends them, catches them and stuffs them. So much 
      for trust...
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him in the Moonguile Forest, Sadal Suud.
    Kemal (55 years old, female)
    - Tumart's wife, passed away 10 years ago. A truly likeable person, according 
      to Tumart.
    + To obtain her signature, speak with Tumart at Quzman's house in Pherkad. 
      Obviously, you must have already obtained Tumart's signature for this.
    Tumart (60 years old, male)
    - An absent-minded ex-librarian at the Library of Magic. Musth ave lost his 
      way. Seriously.
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him in the Illusory Fortress of the 
      Book. He can be found in the second room on the right, in the second area of 
      the fortress.
    Tufayr (28 years old, male)
    - Works at the School of Magic. Lover of ancient tomes. A firm non-believer in 
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him in the Philosphy room in the Ancient 
      Library of Magic. You must have already defeated Folon there for him to 
    Tulun (26 years old, female)
    - Works at the School of Magic. Very pretty, yet a married mother of two. Such 
      is life...
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her in the classroom on the right hand 
      side of the Library of Magic. You must have already obtained Tulun's 
                 ~~~~~ Bloodline of Wahshiyah - Central Subtree ~~~~~
    Wahshiyah (76 years old, female)
    - Quzman's third wife. Likes to wander around. Tactically feigns memory loss 
      when cornered.
    + To get her signature, speak to her wandering around in Gemma Village, Duhr.
    Sabin (43 years old, male)
    - Quzman's adopted son, full of worries lately. Does he take after his adopted 
      father? Hmm...
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him on the launching platform in 
      Pherkad, Sadal Suud. You must have already obtained Rushd's signature. If 
      you have obtained Nubata's signature already, you will need to bribe Sabin 
      to sign the tree, with a Naughty Novel found in Quzman's bedside table.
    Reward for completing the bloodline of Wahshiyah - Silver Ash
                     ~~~~~ Family of Sabin - Bottom Subtree ~~~~~
    Tulun (26 years old, female)
    - Works at the School of Magic. Very pretty, yet a married mother of two. Such 
      is life...
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her in the classroom on the right hand 
      side of the Library of Magic. You must have already obtained Tulun's 
    Sabin (43 years old, male)
    - Quzman's adopted son, full of worries lately. Does he take after his adopted 
      father? Hmm...
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him on the launching platform in 
      Pherkad, Sadal Suud. You must have already obtained Rushd's signature. If 
      you have obtained Nubata's signature already, you will need to bribe Sabin 
      to sign the tree, with a Naughty Novel found in Quzman's bedside table.
    Al-athir (24 years old, female)
    - A pretty young lady with excellent cooking skills but pathetic luck with 
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her in the kitchen of the Lord's 
      Mansion, in Pherkad, Sadal Suud. She will initially refuse to sign, but if 
      you bring her some Pow Milk Cheese, she will agree and sign the tree.
    Sallam (5 years old, male)
    - Quzman's grandson, as mischievous as his grandfather. Shy around others, 
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him on the launching platform in 
      Pherkad, Sadal Suud. If you have not already obtained Rushd's signature, 
      agree to take Rushd home to Quzman and he will sign.
    Rushd (6 years old, female)
    - A curious little girl who believes in the Bluebird of Happiness.
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her on the launching platform in 
      Pherkad, Sadal Suud (she'll be hanging on the rail). To make her sign, 
      you'll have to bring her a Bluebird, which can be obtained in the Moonguile 
    Completing family of Sabin - Voice 4
                 ~~~~~ Bloodline of Maja - Bottom-Right Subtree ~~~~~
    X Maja (passed away at age 68, female)
    - Quzman's fourth wife, already passed away. They say she was overweight, too.
    + To obtain her signature, speak with Asakir at Quzman's house in Pherkad. 
      Obviously, you must have already obtained Asakir's signature to do this.
    Asakir (50 years old, male)
    - A massive man whose passion is working out. Never misses his push-up and 
      sit-up sessions.
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him under the waterfall in Nunki Valley, 
      Pherkad. You must have already obtained Zuhr's signature.
    Zuhr (48 years old, female)
    - Plain and simple, a stark contrast to her husband, though she was once 
      massive too.
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her in the Nihal Desert, Alfard Empire. 
      You can find her on the third screen left of the start point.
    Nubata (45 years old, male)
    - Ate a lot, grew a lot... which leaves one wondering why he refuses to 
    + To obtain his signature, speak to him sitting near the entrance of Parnasse, 
      in Mira. If you have already obtained Sabin's signature, you must bribe 
      Nubata to sign by bringing him a Roasted Bluebird (obtain a Bluebird in the 
      Moonguile Forest, Pherkad, and use Trill's oven in Parnasse to roast it.)
    Al-rumi (40 years old, female)
    - Always has room left for sweets. A plump matron with a voracious appetite.
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her in the Celestial Alps after your 
      first visit to them. She'll be at the base of the mountain with her 
      daughter, Al-khatib. Reunite the two women at the top of the hill, and Al-
      rumi will sign the tree.
    Al-athir (24 years old, female)
    - A pretty young lady with excellent cooking skills but pathetic luck with 
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her in the kitchen of the Lord's 
      Mansion, in Pherkad, Sadal Suud. She will initially refuse to sign, but if 
      you bring her some Pow Milk Cheese, she will agree and sign the tree.
    Al-khatib (16 years old, female)
    - The resemblance is unmistakable. Well-built, to put it in polite terms.
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her in the Celestial Alps after your 
      first visit to them. She'll be at the base of the mountain with her 
      mother, Al-rumi. Reunite the two women at the top of the hill, and Al-
      khatib will sign the tree.
                 ~~~~~ Bloodline of Taymiya - Top-Right Subtree ~~~~~
    Taymiya (55 years old, female)
    - Quzman's fifth and current wife. Looks much younger than her actual age.
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her in Quzman's house, she's right next 
      to his bed :p
    Maymun (33 years old, female)
    - Daughter of Quzman and Taymiya, mother of two. Obsessed with her children's 
    + To obtain her signature, speak with her on the top floor of the warehouse in 
      Nashira, Diadem.
    Qutayba (34 years old, male)
    - Quzman's daughter's husband. Lacks the guts to stand up to his wife.
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him on the higher levels of the Cloud 
      Passage, Diadem. You must have rescued his two children on the lower levels 
      and gotten them to sign, else he will refuse.
    Rustah (12 years old, male)
    - A smart and cheeky little boy, no doubt the product of his mother's 
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him on the lower levels of the Cloud 
      Passage, in Diadem. Rescue him and he will gratefully sign the tree.
    Hisham (11 years old, male)
    - No less smart than his elder brother, though he akways wants to prove 
      himself better...
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him on the lower levels of the Cloud 
      Passage, in Diadem. Rescue him and he will gratefully sign the tree.
    Reward for completing bloodline of Taymiya - Sorcerer's Seal
    After getting everyone to sign the tree, return to Quzman and show him the 
    completed Family Tree. Only then will he remember another relative... his long 
    lost brother Rabbih. And another space will appear on the tree for him to 
    X Rabbih (passed away at age 99, male)
    - An eccentric old man who hated people and loved stones. Passed away 
      happily... hopefully.
    + To obtain his signature, speak with him on the fourth floor of the Zosma 
      Tower, in Duhr. He will only appear after the family tree has been fully 
      completed! He will request a Delinquency Stone, which can be found on the 
      first underground floor of the Zosma Tower. Bring him one and he will agree 
      to sign, and then pass away :(
    As a reward for completing the family tree, return to Quzman's side with 
    Rabbih's signature and Taymiya will also give you Platinum Earrings, 
    Endeavouring Woman, and Fairy Shield. Yay!
                          [5.2]     Completing the Star Map
    Another biggie but goodie quest, that will take you all over the world in 
    search of mysterious star fragments. Let's get to it!
    When visiting the church via blue save flower, you may have noticed a man at 
    the bottom of the screen gazing off into space. (I like to pretend he is, 
    anyway.) Speak to him, and he'll tell you about the star map in the roof. It 
    got broken, and the pieces spread around the world, or something like that, 
    and he'll ask you to retrieve them for you. Well, we can try. For every one we 
    retrieve, we'll get rewarded, as well as bonuses for milestones and 
    completion. Sweet!
    That's pretty much all of the background info out of the way, so now for the 
    loooong list of different constellation pieces, where you get them, and the 
    rewards for them! It's a pretty self explanatory list, so here goes...
    Notes:   * Constellation Magnus are listed in the order they appear in the 
               Magnus list - which is *not* the order you'll find them in in-game, 
               if picking them up as you proceed from start to finish. Dunno why 
               it works like that, but it just does, unfortunately. However, if 
               you've got a gap in the Magnus list, it's much easier to find what 
               fills it, if I arrange them this way.
    * Draco             Drop from Sabre Dragon boss
                        Location:  Moonguile Forest, Sadal Suud
                        Reward:    Shish Kebab (small)
    * Vela              Random drop from Shawra
                        Location:  Moonguile Forest, Sadal Suud
                        Reward:    Flame Sword
    * Puppis            Recieve from girl in left house after bringing her some 
                        Pow Milk
                        Location:  Cebalrai, Sadal Suud
                        Reward:    Nixie Garb
    * Aquarius          Recieve from woman with painting in house in main street 
                        (may need to bring her water to clean the painting)
                        Location:  Pherkad, Sadal Suud
                        Reward:    Green Bananas
    * Pyxis             Talk to girl studying ground in main street
                        Location:  Pherkad, Sadal Suud
                        Reward:    Aqua Burst II
    * Carina            Open lacquered chest in a house
                        Location:  Nashira, Diadem
                        Reward:    Fire Burst II
    * Cygnus            Open chest after using Cloud to construct path
                        Location:  Cloud Passage, Diadem
                        Reward:    Shish Kebab (Medium)
    * Hydra             Clean the western passage after visiting Shrine of the 
                        Location:  Castle Elnath, Diadem
                        Reward:    Shawl of the Goddess
    * Pisces            Drop from Thunderfish boss
                        Location:  Lesser Celestial River, Diadem
                        Reward:    Secret Recipe II
    * Triangulum        Random drop from Albireo
                        Location:  Cloud Passage, Diadem
                        Reward:    Pegasus Cloak
    * Auriga            Examine bookcase in house in Anuenue Port
                        Location:  Anuenue Port, Anuenue
                        Reward:    Chunk of Ice
    * Taurus            Open the chest in the History Section
                        Location:  Ancient Library of Magic, Anuenue
                        Reward:    Voice III
    * Equuleus          Open chest on the third screen, after descending the 
                        ladder near the blue butterfly, and following the path
                        Location:  Holoholo Jungle, Anuenue
                        Reward:    Camera II
    * Lupus             Examine the flower pots in the right-hand house
                        Location:  Opu, Anuenue
                        Reward:    Maple Leaf
    * Perseus           Talk to the girl next to the save flower
                        Location:  Opu, Anuenue
                        Reward:    Bomb
    * Ursa Major        Random drop from Devil Fang
                        Location:  Celestial Tree, Anuenue
                        Reward:    Unicorn Horn
    * Crater            Examine inside of tent at base of Celestial Tree
                        Location:  Celestial Tree, Anuenue
                        Reward:    Fruity Gelatin
    * Andromeda         Drop from Gnosis boss
                        Location:  Outer Dimension, Mira
                        Reward:    Deluxe Bananas
    * Corona Borealis   Open a chest in the Shrine of Spirits
                        Location:  Nekton, Mira
                        Reward:    Robe of Firelight
    * Piscis Australis  Examine the drums in Duke Calbren's Manor
                        Location:  Balancoire, Mira
                        Reward:    Brilliant Horn
    * Corona Australis  Open chest in Labyrinth of Mirrors
                        Location:  Balancoire, Mira
                        Reward:    Wheat Crackers
    * Virgo             Drop from Skiri boss
                        Location:  Nekton, Mira
                        Reward:    Gladius
    * Hercules          Random drop from May-moo
                        Location:  Nekton, Mira
                        Reward:    Burning Arrow
    * Cepheus           Random drop from Filler
                        Location:  Nekton, Mira
                        Reward:    Light Yell I
    * Capricornus       Drop from Phantasm boss in Labyrinth of Mirrors
                        Location:  Balancoire, Mira
                        Reward:    Frozen Tangerine
    * Ara               Examine a pot in the bar in Mintaka
                        Location:  Mintaka, Alfard Empire
                        Reward:    Magic Beans - Death
    * Lepus             Open the hidden chest in the treehouse
                        Location:  Azha, Alfard Empire
                        Reward:    Voice V
    * Serpens           Examine behind the bed in the Lava Caves house
                        Location:  Azha, Alfard Empire
                        Reward:    Jumbo Pastry
    * Ophichus          Drop from Naiad boss
                        Location:  Diadem interdimensional crack
                        Reward:    Light Flare IV
    * Cancer            Drop from Thalassa boss
                        Location:  Anuenue interdimensional crack
                        Reward:    Dark Flare IV
    * Lyra              Drop from Despina boss
                        Location:  Mira interdimensional crack
                        Reward:    A Good Fortune
    * Libra             Drop from Galatea boss
                        Location:  Alfard interdimensional crack
                        Reward:    Explosive Paddle
    * Delphinus         Random drop from Flobo
                        Location:  Gomeisa, Wazn
                        Reward:    Sforzando
    * Sagitta           Bring a guard in Corellia's Palace some Pow Milk Yogurt
                        Location:  Komo Mai, Anuenue
                        Reward:    Aqua Impulse
    * Leo               Open a chest in the snowy fields
                        Location:  Gomeisa, Wazn
                        Reward:    Birch
    * Sagittarius       Examine the pillar in the ritual room
                        Location:  Kaffaljidhma, Wazn
                        Reward:    Sugar Cane
    * Ursa Minor        Examine the frozen fish in the Cursa fishing shop
                        Location:  Cursa, Wazn
                        Reward:    Charred Fish
    * Scorpius          Open the chest out on the landing of the fourth floor of 
                        the Imperial Fortress
                        Location:  Imperial Fortress, Alfard Empire
                        Reward:    Tower Shield
    * Pegasus           Examine the dead body propped up against the wall
                        Location:  Labyrinth of Duhr, Duhr
                        Reward:    Camera 3
    * Aries             Examine a pot in the left-most house in the village
                        Location:  Algorab Village, Duhr
                        Reward:    Girlish Birdie
    * Cassiopeia        Examine the desk in the second house in the village
                        Location:  Algorab Village, Duhr
                        Reward:    Hair Aftercare
    * Gemini            Drop from Agyo and Ungyo bosses
                        Location:  Zosma Tower, Duhr
                        Reward:    Shortcake (Large)
    * Bootes            Talk to the man near the fire, in the barn
                        Location:  Gemma Village, Duhr
                        Reward:    Secret Recipe 8
    * Centaurus         Examine the barrels in the Nihal Desert main cave
                        Location:  Nihal Desert, Alfard Empire
                        Reward:    Dragon Claws
    * Canis Minor       Open a chest in the Celestial Alps, right near the start
                        Location:  Celestial Alps
                        Reward:    Ometeotl Gear
    * Canis Major       Random drop from Badwin
                        Location:  Celestial Alps
                        Reward:    Kusanagi Blade
    * Corvus            Examine the end of the path leading between the two 
                        cliffs, near the save flower
                        Location:  Greater Celestial River
                        Reward:    Devil Knight Shield
    * Eridanus          Drop from Brokolis boss
                        Location:  Greater Celestial River
                        Reward:    Mature Birdie
    * Aquila            Open chest in the Zosma Tower basement
                        Location:  Zosma Tower, Duhr
                        Reward:    Rare Action Figure
    * Cetus             After collecting all the other star map pieces, ask the 
                        quest giver at the church for more info
                        Location:  Church
    Whew! That was a long list. There's also a few extra rewards you can pick up 
    along the way, and they are as follows:
    Reward for collecting all 12 astrological constellations - Pendulum Blast
    Reward for collecting 10 constellations overall - Conditioner
    Reward for collecting 20 constellations overall - Golden Anklet
    Reward for collecting 30 constellations overall - Crystal Helm
    Reward for collecting 40 constellations overall - Pegasus Cloak
    Reward for completion of star map - The Fool
    And that's it! Moving right along...
                         [5.3]     Animals for Wazn Campaign
    This one isn't available until quite a ways into the game, due to its 
    location. Yup, it's located in the icy land of Wazn, in the palace of 
    Kaffaljidhma. In one of the rooms on the left side of the palace, you can 
    speak to a woman who despairs because Wazn is completely devoid of wildlife. 
    (Well DUH! It's an island made of ice!)
    Anyways, she wants to change this, and she asks you for help in recruiting 
    animals to come live in Wazn. (Ignore reality for just one more second here.) 
    And to make it sound appealing, she labels it the 'Animals for Wazn!' 
    campaign. Originality +10.
    So what you have to do, is 'talk to' (examine) certain animals all over the 
    world, and you will be prompted to pick them up. They'll actually sit in your 
    inventory, in the Valuables section. Then bring them to the lady here in this 
    room, where they will proceed to sit and make a complete racket, all these 
    animals cooped up in the one room o.O Strange quest.
    Anyways, onward march with a list of all the animals to collect, and the 
    rewards for them.
    * Bunnycat                 On the second floor of the Imperial Fortress, speak 
                               with the man in the locker room and agree to look 
                               after his Whiskers
                               Location:  Imperial Fortress, Alfard Empire
    * Caplin (black)           Examine the herd of animals outside the farmhouse 
                               in the Celestial Alps (the black one may be 
                               slightly hidden behind the house)
                               Location:  Celestial Alps
    * Caplin (white)           same as Caplin (white) except not so hidden
    * Cloudgull                Speak to the man outside Quzman's house in Pherkad
                               Location:  Pherkad, Sadal Suud
    * Clucker                  Speak to the woman looking after the cluckers in 
                               the barn in Gemma Village
                               Location:  Gemma Village, Duhr
    * Fantail Duckling         Speak to to the little girl near the duck herd in 
                               Location:  Cebalrai, Sadal Suud
    * Fantail Duck (regular)   same as Fantail Duckling
    * Fantail Duck (white)     same as Fantail Duck (regular)
    * Fluffpup                 Speak to the little girl in the house closest to 
                               the landing port in Mintaka
                               Location:  Mintaka, Alfard Empire
    * Hograt                   Examine a Hograt in the sewers under Balancoire
                               Location:  Balancoire, Mira
    * Koa Monkey               Speak to the woman cleaning in a room of Lord 
                               Rodolfo's Mansion
                               Location:  Pherkad, Sadal Suud
    * Oliphant                 Examine an Oliphant at a watering hole in the 
                               Location:  Nihal Desert, Alfard Empire
    * Pigeon                   Examine a Pigeon at the base of the Celestial Tree
                               Location:  Celestial Tree, Anuenue
    * Pollywhale               Examine the whale in the river in Balancoire... 
                               he's kinda hard to miss :p
                               Location:  Balancoire, Mira
    * Pow                      Speak to the man looking after the pow in the 
                               stables of Cebalrai. You must have already obtained 
                               a Prancer, left, and returned.
                               Location:  Cebalrai, Sadal Suud
    * Prancer                  Speak to the man looking after the prancers in the 
                               stables of Cebalrai.
                               Location:  Cebalrai, Sadal Suud
    * Waterlark                Climb the ladder near Mayfee's house, and examine 
                               the waterlark hiding behind the waterfall
                               Location:  Opu, Anuenue
    And as a reward for collecting all of these animals and bringing them to Wazn, 
    the woman will reward you with Endeavouring Woman, and Pegasus Anklet. 
                               [5.4]     Aging Magnus!?
    Say WHAT now? Magnus are just cards, cards don't age.... or do they?? 
    *hears the X-files theme playing somewhere in the distance*
    Unfortunately, in the Baten Kaitos world, Magnus do age, and as they age, they 
    can change. Fruit ages, ripens, and goes rotten, while some weapons lose their 
    power over time. Both Quest and normal Magnus can age over time. It's a tricky 
    little concept.
    And so, I have put together a small list of aging Magnus, what they start off 
    as, and what they age into. By no means is the following a comprehensive list 
    (I just wrote it up from memory >.>), but aimed to give you an idea of what 
    kind of Magnus age, and what they become. 
    Green Bananas      -> Bananas             -> Blackened Bananas -> Rotting Food
    Bamboo Shoot       -> Young Bamboo        -> Fishing Rod
    Nameless Flower    -> Pressed Flower
    Pow Milk           -> Pow Milk Yogurt     -> Pow Milk Cheese
    Warriors Mementos  -> Warriors Memories
    Pristine Water     -> Stagnant Water
    Stoked Flame       -> Weak Flame
    Shampoo            -> Splendid Hair
    Salty Water        -> Salt
    Solar Saber        -> Saber
    Mountain Apple     -> Mountain Apple Wine -> Apple Vinegar
    Fading Notebook    -> Blank Notebook
    Savings            -> Savings + Interest
    Milk               -> Cheese
    Uncooked Rice      -> Japanese Rice Wine  -> Vinegar
    Jill's Jewelry Box -> Jack In The Box
    Cedar Tree         -> Cedar Tree Sap
    Peach              -> The Peach Boy       -> Wonder MOMO
    any Aura I         -> Aura 2              -> Aura 3 etc.
    For a more complete list, feel free to check out the following guide (not 
    written by I, but hey, a free plug for it and its author):
                              [5.5]     Shop Selections
    The omnipresent shop guide. For Magnus not easily available through normal 
    battling, you want to know if you can buy them, where, and for how much, 
    right? Well, this section will give you all the info on that... for there just 
    aren't that many shops out there.
    Do shops restock their items after purchase? Survey says... no, unfortunately. 
    :( Buy everything from a shop, and it'll put a figurative 'Sold Out' sign in 
    the window, to buy no more :(
                       ~~~~~ Cebalrai, The Farming Hamlet ~~~~~
        Bamboo Shoot x1           160 G       Wheat Crackers x1         300 G
        Long Sword x2             200 G       Safety Hood x1             40 G
        Shish Kebab (Small) x2     30 G
                       ~~~~~ Pherkad, the Ancient Capital ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Small) x4     30 G       Wheat Crackers x2         300 G
        Flame Sword x2            250 G       Chain Mail                120 G
        Light Flare I x2          230 G       Wind Blow I               260 G
        Mink Coat                 350 G       Bananas                   180 G
        Chunk of Ice              100 G
                       ~~~~~ Nashira, the Fishing Village ~~~~~
        Power Helmet               30 G       Shish Kebab (Medium) x2    75 G
        Wheat Crackers            300 G       Chestnut Truffle x2       100 G
        Silver Buckle            2500 G       Flame Sword x2            250 G
        Duel Sword                900 G       Frozen Shield             700 G
        Fire Burst II             950 G       Aqua Burst II             950 G
        Mineral Water x2           50 G       Honey x2                  200 G
                         ~~~~~ Sheliak, the Castle Town ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Medium) x2    75 G       Wheat Crackers            300 G
        Chestnut Truffle          100 G       Ray of Truth             1200 G
        Mosquito                  250 G       Stream Blade              520 G
        Shadow Suit               300 G       Clock Shield             1000 G
        Light Flare II           1050 G       Dark Flare II            1050 G
        Century Veil              550 G       Milk                      250 G
        Rooster                   150 G       Shadow Cornet            1600 G
               ~~~~~ Castle Elnath (knight shop in main chamber) ~~~~~
        Wheat Crackers x3         300 G       Chestnut Truffle x3       100 G
        Shish Kebab (Medium) x10   75 G       Cypress Creel             350 G
                        ~~~~~ Komo Mai, City of Flowers ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Medium) x2    75 G       Wheat Crackers            300 G
        Chestnut Truffle x2       100 G       Fruity Gelatin x2         200 G
        Dark Sword               2600 G       Marvelous Sword          4000 G
        Shadow Cornet            1600 G       Black Scepter            2300 G
        Shako                    1250 G       Light Flare II           1050 G
        Dark Flare II            1050 G       Peach x2                  600 G
                        ~~~~~ Opu, the Waterfall Village ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Large) x2    250 G       Wheat Crackers            300 G
        Chestnut Truffle x2       100 G       Fruity Gelatin x2         200 G
        Wave Blade               3000 G       Flame Sphere             2400 G
        Feathered Barrette       5000 G       Light Yell I             1600 G
        Dark Yell I              1600 G
                   ~~~~~ Parnasse, the Confectionary Village ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Medium) x2    75 G       Shish Kebab (Large)       250 G
        Fruity Gelatin            200 G       Chestnut Truffle          100 G
        Wheat Crackers            300 G       Moonlight Creel         12000 G
        Half Plate               8500 G       Brave Knight Helm        7300 G   
        Plain Pastry             2200 G       Aqua Burst III           7000 G
        Flame Sphere             2400 G       Bacon                     580 G
        Chunk of Ice              100 G
                   ~~~~~ Reverence, the Picture Book Village ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Medium) x2    75 G       Shish Kebab (Large)       250 G
        Fruity Gelatin            200 G       Chestnut Truffle          100 G
        Wheat Crackers            300 G       Pegasus Cloak            6700 G
        Millinery                5100 G       Silk Robe                9800 G
        Shortcake (Small)        2200 G       Sculpting Knife           450 G
        Uncooked Rice             120 G       Brilliant Horn           8800 G
        Light Flare III          8000 G       Chunk of Ice              100 G
                     ~~~~~ Balancoire, Borough of Illusion ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Medium) x2    75 G       Shish Kebab (Large)       250 G
        Fruity Gelatin            200 G       Chestnut Truffle          100 G
        Wheat Crackers            300 G       Apple Pie (Slice)        5000 G
        Mini Cream Puff          2200 G       Mayfly                   8500 G
        Tekken (Iron Fists)      4800 G       Dark Flare III           8000 G
        Chronos Blow III         9000 G       Persimmons               1800 G
        Skipjack                10000 G       Chunk of Ice              100 G
                      ~~~~~ Mintaka, the Imperial Capital ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Medium) x2    75 G       Shish Kebab (Large)       250 G
        Fruity Gelatin            200 G       Chestnut Truffle          100 G
        Wheat Crackers            300 G       Tongue Birdie            6000 G
        Deluxe Red Wine         17000 G       Arm Bomber               6200 G
        Blue Sky Mail            9500 G       Wind Blow III            9000 G
        Dark Yell I              1600 G       Light Yell I             1600 G
        Magic Beans - Death      8000 G       Chunk of Ice              100 G
        Bamboo Shoot              160 G       Uncooked Rice x3          120 G
                               ~~~~~ Azha Village ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Large) x2    250 G       Wheat Crackers x2         300 G
        Fruity Gelatin x2         200 G       Chestnut Truffle x2       100 G
        Death Pendulum          10000 G       White Scepter            9200 G
        Panther Claws            7500 G       Blue Sky Mail            9500 G
        Coffin Shield            2500 G       Chronos Blow III         9000 G
        Aqua Burst IV           13000 G       Mohawk Birdie            9999 G
        Apple                    1000 G       Red Pickled Veggies       380 G
        Soybeans                   20 G
                          ~~~~~ Cursa, the Snowy City ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Large) x2    250 G       Wheat Crackers x2         300 G
        Fruity Gelatin x2         200 G       Chestnut Truffle x2       100 G
        Wave Cutter             17500 G       Saxoflare               15800 G
        Aqua Impulsa            13500 G       Wind Blow III            9000 G
        Grace Shield             7700 G       Battle Hood             13800 G
        Wheat                    1500 G       Apple                    1000 G
        Beef                     3800 G       Soybeans                   20 G
                              ~~~~~ Gemma Village ~~~~~
        Egg                       800 G       Peanuts                  1500 G
        Salted Sweetfish         7500 G       Wheat                    1500 G
        Eel                      8500 G       Soybeans                   20 G
        Beef                     3800 G       Squid                    2500 G
        Sugar Cane                800 G       Frozen Tangerine          400 G
        Cedar Tree               2100 G       Persimmons               1800 G
        Custard Pudding          2700 G       Strawberries             3800 G
        Peach                     600 G       Deluxe Bananas           6800 G
        Shrimp                  13500 G       Skipjack                10000 G
        Mattress                 4000 G       Green Plums               100 G
        Grapes                    950 G       Uncooked Rice             120 G
        Milk                      250 G       Flower Bud                850 G
        Chunk of Ice              100 G       Cucumbers                 700 G
        Rooster                   150 G       Pine Tree                1700 G
        Green Bananas             500 G       Bamboo Shoot              160 G
        Forlorn Woman           70000 G
                             ~~~~~ Algorab Village ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Large) x2    250 G       Wheat Crackers x2         300 G
        Fruity Gelatin x2         200 G       Chestnut Truffle x2       100 G
        Fire Yell I              1500 G       Aqua Yell I              1500 G
        Light Yell I             1600 G       Dark Yell I              1600 G
        Chronos Yell I           1700 G       Wind Yell I              1700 G
                               ~~~~~ Nihal Desert ~~~~~
        Shish Kebab (Large) x2    250 G       Deluxe Shish Kebab       1000 G
        Wheat Crackers x2         300 G       Fruity Gelatin            200 G
        Chestnut Truffle          100 G       Shampoo                  1500 G
        Salted Sweetfish         7500 G       Eel                      8500 G
        Squid                    2500 G       Skipjack                10000 G 
        Shrimp                  13500 G       Young Wasabi Root        7100 G
        Deluxe Pastry           10000 G
                                [6.0]     OUTRODUCTION
    I never understood why a lot of people write up huge 'closing' sections in 
    their guide. People read for the game-related info, right? Why include a 
    'closing' section? I've fallen victim to the 'closing' curse before, and I vow 
    NOT TO DO IT AGAIN! .... oh wait....
                             [6.1]     Revision History
                     ~~~~~ Version 1.0 - 25th February 2007 ~~~~~
    * The first submitted version of this guide
    * Started 14th April, 2006. Yes it's taken me nearly a year -_-
    * Walkthrough complete!
                        [6.2]     Credits and Shameless Plugs
    Hehe, final few words from me. There were a lot of people instrumental in me 
    creating this guide, it would not have been made without them, so a shout-out 
    goes to them:
    * All of my friends and family
      Who put up with me when I go crazy obsessing over one game for weeks on end. 
      Next is Oblivion, that will test you lot >.>
    * The fine folks at the GameFAQs Baten Kaitos board
      All of you, for answering my silly questions, and generally being pretty 
      darn informative. Hats off to ye.
    * tri-Crescendo, Monolith, and Namco
      For all taking part in creating this mammoth beautiful game. It's simply 
    * CJayC and GameFAQs.com
      For hosting all of my attempts at well-written guides. Thank you!
    And thats all from me. Peace out!
    Feel free to check out some of my other guides:
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