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"Overall, A Great Game....If You Have Friends"

Warioware Inc.: Mega Party Games has to be one of the weirdest games I've ever played. It has over 200 five second mini games featuring a game where you stick a finger up a nose, a game where you eat an apple, a game where you shake a dog's paw..things like that. However, it does prove weird can be fun.

Game play: 7/10
When you first start by yourself your in an elevator. There is a microgame on each floor. Your goal is to beat each microgame and keep moving up till you reach the "boss". The boss games aren't hard at all. After you beat the boss, you keep moving up to different themed games. It's fun...till you beat it the first time. It will get very old and boring after the first time. The real gem in this game is the multi player. In multi player mode, you have tons of different games to choose from. One that stands out is "Listen to the Doctor", where the doctor gives you an "Act like your about to cough" or "Stare at the person next to you". You have to do these orders while playing a microgame, and if the person did the order, the other players clap. Whoever listened the closest wins. I had a blast doing all the multi player games. One beef I have with the game play though is your so rushed. Going in to a microgame you are not told what to do, and have to figure it out in 5 seconds. Overall, the game is best if you have friends.

Graphics: 4/10
This is where they really screwed up. All the microgames look like something out of a GBA. Though sometimes it's needed with the old NES games they have. Besides the microgames, the characters are very cartoonish like in all Mario-style games. This is something you'd have to expect though. I was really hoping for Gamecube graphics, but it looks like something I would play on my Gameboy.

Controls: 9/10
What could be more simple??? The only buttons you use in this game are the joystick and the A button. Great, simple controls, but it may be too simple for some people.

Sound: 7/10
Not only does this look like something on the GBA, but some parts sound like it also. Every single microgame sounds like it was recorded right off the GBA. Though it does have nice, funny voiceovers. For instance, Wario will make a rude, mean comment to you if you loose a game. Nothing brilliant, but it's funny.

Rent or Buy??
This game won't have much value. Rent it. It will be a fun game with friends.

Overall: 7/10
Warioware Inc.: Mega Party Games is a different, fun game, but that's all it is. Try it out sometime if your bored.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/29/04

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