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    Save State Hacking Guide by PKT_Paladin

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    Save State Hacking FAQ for Megaman 2 NES
    by: PKT_Paladin
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Revision History
    III. Basic Modifiers
    IV. Powers Modifiers
    V. Items Modifiers
    VI. Credits
    VII. Contact Information
    I. Introduction
    	My alias is PKT_Paladin, but that is not my name.  For this FAQ you
    don't need to know my real name =).  Please don't steal anything from this
    FAQ for your site or for your own FAQ unless you provide some sort of credit.
    I wrote everything in this FAQ.  These offsets are specifically for the emulator
    Nesticle and the game these offsets for is Megaman 2 for NES.
    	If you are new to Save State Hacking, this is how it is done:
    Download Hex Workshop from download.com.  Install it, run it, and 
    open up the save state file.  On the left you will see addresses on the 
    left and 16 columns on the right.  There are actually 16 bytes each in
    groups of two.  Observe:
        0 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
       10 0000 0000 0000 00FF 0000 0000 0000 0000
    	The location of the byte FF is actually 17.  In hex, as opposed to
    the regular number system we are used to that goes from 0-10, the numbers
    go from 0-F (0-10 and then A,B,C,D,E,F).  That means FF is the highest value
    and 00 is the lowest (FF is 255 in decimal and 00 is 0).  Find the location
    that I have listed in the savestate editting section and modify the bytes
    to as high or as low as you desire.  When you are done, save it on the
    hexidecimal editor and load it in the emulator and you should be done.
    II. Revision History
    v.90		: I doubt that I needed to do this, but I added information
    		  for all of the weapons and items.  My motive for doing
    		  so is to make this FAQ at least 5K for gamefaqs, but
    		  there are no save state hacking guides for Megaman 2
    		  so it could have probably been done without.  Then again,
    		  it just might come in handy.
    III. Basic Modifiers
    20A7 - Energy Tanks
    	- For the game to work correctly, the maximum amount should be
    	  04.  However, the only side effect of putting a higher value
    	  is that the blue dots that represent the energy tanks will
    	  overlap the menu window.  If you put too many (for instance,
    	  FF) the Bars that represent ability points will disappear
    	  as well as the letters and you won't be able to see anything
    	  but blue dots lined across the bottom of the menu.  You'll
    	  still have virtually limitless energy, but you will have a
    	  slight difficulty picking your weapons.
    20A8 - Lives
    	- You can put as high of a value as you would like, but for it
    	  to look correct the highest value is 64 (hexidecimal).  If
    	  you put FF, you will have a strange looking symbol and a 4
    	  which represents the amount of lives you have.
    IV. Weapon Modifiers
    		The maximum value for the Ability Points is FF.  In the game,
    	however, it is only refilled to 1C when you pick up an energy pellet
    	that refills it.  Therefore, if you set the value to FF (which has
    	no side effects [like an over-filled bar]) you can have an unlimited
    	amount of powers until the end of the stage when all of the values
    	are reset to 1C.
    209C - Atomic Fire's Ability Points
    	- Received from Heat Man
    	- Letter H
    	- Can be charged up if the button is held down
    209D - Air Shooter's Ability Points
    	- Received from Air Man
    	- Letter A
    	- Small, blue air tornados fly in the direction towards
    	  up and to the way Megaman is facing
    209E - Leaf Shield's Ability Points
    	- Received from Wood Man
    	- Letter W
    	- Acts as a protection barrier and when a direction
    	  is pressed it acts as a projectile in the direction
    209F - Bubble Lead's Ability Points
    	- Received from Bubble Man
    	- Letter B
    	- Rolls across the ground and can be used to detect traps
    	  (usually the fake floors in Dr. Wily's castle)
    20A0 - Quick Boomerang's Ability Points
    	- Received from Quick Man
    	- Letter Q
    	- Acts like a boomerang and like Cut Man's Rolling Cutters
    20A1 - Time Stopper's Ability Points
    	- Received from Flash Man
    	- Letter F
    	- Freeze's everything on the screen
    20A2 - Metal Blade's Ability Points
    	- Received from Metal Man
    	- Letter M
    	- Can be shot in 8 directions and three at a time
    20A3 - Crash Bombs's Ability Points
    	- Received from Crash Man
    	- Letter C
    	- Act as a projectile and can blow up certain walls
    209B - Powers Options
    	- Each different value for Powers Options
              is a different combination of possible
              different powers you could obtain.  If
              you would like to just have all of the
              abilities, use FF.
    V. Items Modifiers
    		Similar to the Abilities Points Modifiers, the maximum
    	value for these should be 1C, but you can set it to FF with
    	no side effects and still use the power for a long time without
    	a noticeable decrease in the amount you have left.
    20A4 - Item-1's Ability Points
    	- Received from Heat Man
    	- Represented in the menu by 1
    	- Creates a platform that is lifted by a propeller
    20A5 - Item-2's Ability Points
    	- Received from Air Man
    	- Represented in the menu by 2
    	- Creates a jet that provides quick transportation
    20A6 - Item-3's Ability Points
    	- Received from Flash Man
    	- Represented in the menu by 1
    	- Creates a platform that hops until it reaches a wall and
    	  then it climbs the wall
    209C - Item Options
    	- Each value is a different combination.  Listed below
    	  are all of the possible combinations.
    Item Options Values
    	00 - (None)
    	01 - 1
    	02 - 2
    	03 - 1 2
    	04 - 3
    	05 - 1 3
    	06 - 2 3
    	07 - 1 2 3
    VI. Credits
    Capcom			- They made the game.  They deserve all of
    			  the credit.
    CMoriarty		- I used his FAQ as a reference for the names
    			  of all the weapons you get in the game.
    VII. Contact Information
    If you want to send me an e-mail, please send it pkt_paladin@yahoo.com.  
    Since there are a few things that I have yet to know that you might know, 
    I would appreciate any submissions (you will be given credit, of course) 
    to help further develop this FAQ.  Please submit any questions so I can
    answer them for you and anyone else who reads this FAQ.
    This guide was written by PKT_Paladin (pkt_paladin@yahoo.com.  Please do
    not use this guide without permission or take direct information from 
    it.  Doing that is illegal.  I am in no way affiliated with the makers
    of Megaman 2.

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