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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Reo

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    Rockman - The Power Battle 2 (Japan)
    By Joe "Reo" Gowen
      I. Introduction
    II. How to play
    III. Enemy Weakness Chart
    IV. Walkthrough
      V. Thanks
    VI. Disclaimer
    I. Introduction
    	The game "Rockman Power Battle 2" was released for Japan arcades only. 
    Thanks to an
    Arcade Emulator, I've been able to play this game. It was created by Capcom, 
    and hosts 3 varieties
    of enemies. You have the chance to pick up to 4 characters. Rockman(Megaman) 
    Protoman(Blues) Bass(Forte)
    and Duo(Duo). The game includes variously drawn backgrounds, and is set on a 
    2d side scrolling fighter like
    Street Fighter, but with the characters from Rockman.
    II. How to Play
    	On the arcade system, there are three buttons, and the joystick. The 
    joystick is used
    to move your character back and forth across the screen. The Jump button, is 
    of course, used
    to elevate your character into the air. The fire button is used to make your 
    character use it's
    weapon. I.e. Rockman's Buster Cannon. The areas in which you fight in are a 
    little bigger than
    the screen you play on, so enemies can go out of your point of view, but 
    they most likely will
    not attack at this time. On every character, there is a dash ability. With 
    Rockman, he slides
    along the ground feet first. With Protoman, he uses his shield to guard him. 
    With Bass, you get
    a little jump in the air. With Duo, he holds his spiked shoulder out, and 
    causes damage with a
    	After you win a battle, the boss you defeated will have had exploded, and 
    released a lot
    of little energy balls. If you pick up the balls, some will give you points, 
    some will restore
    your life. One in particular is a large blue ball with 2 red rings around 
    it. In order to use
    the boss that you just destroyed's weapon, you need to grab that. You have 
    maybe 5 seconds to
    get all the energy you can, so you should go for the ball first.
    	When you are in battle, there are a few things you should look for. In the 
    middle of the
    screen at the top is the timer. You start off at 89 and when it hits 0, you 
    die. Your life bar
    and a picture of your character are either on the top left or top right 
    corner, depending on
    if you are First player or Second player. When you have gained a power from 
    an enemy, and you
    change to use it, the amount of energy you have in that weapon is just below 
    your life.
    	Some player hints with Bass, if you jump towards a wall, and hold the 
    direction it's in,
    he will grab it and you can jump up again off the wall. Too make a quick 
    slash motion with Bass,
    you hold down the fire button until you glow a golden color, and hold a 
    direction on the joystick.
    III. Enemy Weakness Chart
    	The part I bet all you Rockman hardcore players want is here. If you don't 
    want my
    walkthrough, it's fine with me, but getting this part was probably the most 
    Wily's Levels
    (Enemy)			(Weakness)
    Gearman			Plantman
    Bubbleman		Shadowman
    Heatman			Bubbleman
    Shadowman		Centaurman
    Plantman		Heatman
    Centaurman		Gearman
    Roll's Levels
    (Enemy)			(Weakness)
    Cutman			Slashman
    Elecman			Stoneman
    Diveman			Elecman
    Shademan		Cutman
    Stoneman		Shademan
    Slashman		Diveman
    Machine's Levels
    (Enemy)			(Weakness)
    Gutsman			Napalmman
    Airman			Gutsman
    Pharoahman		Quickman
    Geminiman		Pharoahman
    Napalmman		Geminiman
    Quickman		Airman
    IV. Walkthrough
            This section is for all those people who have no idea about Megaman 
    psychics and are
    completely lost about how to play, or you just want too read what I'm 
    writing. When you start
    the game, you are brought too a screen where you can choose your character. 
    I'm more particular
    too Bass myself, but anyone of the 4 are fine. After you have chosen your 
    character, another
    screen appears where you must choose your levels. Dr.Wily, Roll and the 
    Machine are your choices.
            Dr.Wily's level has 6 robot masters in it. Gearman, Bubbleman, 
    Heatman, Shadowman, Plantman and
    Centaur man. To start off,
    	I'd choose Gearman first. As you can tell, his life bar down at the
    bottom of the screen is rather small. A few charged shots should take him 
    out. He throws his gears
    at you, but all they do is float in the air, then come down slowly when you 
    walk under them.
    	After, you should choose Centaurman. If you have the gear attack, then you 
    can easily just
    hit him with it. If you run out, I'd charge my cannon and try to disable him 
    as fast as possible.
    He may be weak when he's not attacking, but he's a rather stronger enemy.
    	Thirdly, I'd go after Shadowman. Shadowman is probably the hardest 
    character to face
    in this area. He fires shuriken's straight forward at you from the ground, 
    straight down at you
    from the air, and in a spray of three from the air. I just jump over them 
    when they get close enough,
    but you should wait for them to come to you. If you have Centaurman's arrow, 
    use that against
    him and try to keep him paralyzed. The arrow seems to change directions on 
    me quite often though, so
    it's not the most reliable weapon. After this enemy is out, it should be a 
    	Next, you should go after Bubbleman. Maybe one of the easiest bosses to 
    fight, his life shouldn't
    be too high either. Using the shuriken from Shadowman, if you hit him for a 
    while, he will die. His
    attacks are bubbles, some catch you in themselves, and some have craps that 
    drop down from them.
    	Now, you should seek to fight Heatman. His life should be pretty high, so 
    he is dangerous.
    His skills are pretty wide, and the fire he uses paralyzes you for a small 
    amount of time while
    it leeches off your life. If you do this smart, you can beat him without a 
    scratch. Using Bubbleman's
    weapon, you can paralyze him. After a while, the effect does where and you 
    will run out of
    energy to use on him. He will then shoot around in a fire blaze, or stand in 
    the middle of the area
    and shoot two large fireballs out towards you. Bass is good in this 
    situation because he can cling
    onto a wall while this happens.
    	Finally, you will have to face Plantman. Plantman may look easy, but he is 
    very strong
    due to the fact he is your last boss. The fire attack Heatman gave you is 
    rather flimsy and hard
    to use accurately, but when you hit him, it trails on the ground to kill any 
    monsters he has created.
    He jumps into the air a lot, so it's hard to hit him with the fire. I just 
    use my Shuriken’s and my gears
    mainly, they home in and do a lot of damage. After you defeat him , you go 
    to one of two wily levels.
    	Wily Level Number One, You will face the Mad Bulldozer, a very strong 
    enemy. His mobility is very lacking, and his movement
    is very slow, but when he hits you you lose a lot of life. I'd suggest using 
    the gears because they hit him in
    his only vulnerable spot, his head, from far away. When he starts to fly in 
    the air, right when he's over you
    he'll drop down, so I'd dash away before he hit's me. When you run out of 
    gears, the shuriken's and the plant
    shield from plant man work out very nicely too.
            Wily Level Number Two, In this level you face Wily in one of his 
    whacked out giant robots. There is a lot of things going on in
    the game at this point. He fires out bombs that seek in on you, he fires a 
    giant laser, he fires an array of gun
    blasts and more things of the like. His weakness in this case the 
    Bubbleman's attack. If you get close and use
    the bubble on him, he will fall to the ground paralyzed. Be careful for the 
    helped he keeps with him as well. It
    will fire at you while you fight Wily. After a bit of this nonsense, and you 
    defeat Wily, he will try to escape
    in a small capsule. You have 9 seconds to gun him down before he gets away. 
    Although I have not yet seen what
    happens when you do kill him, in the next version I will have it here, I 
    promise. After it hits 0, Wily supposedly
    gets away, until he is blown up and sent back to your feet. Then, you find 
    yourself in a cinematic part where
    they speak. You then see an array of screenshots depending on the person in 
    whom you beat the game with.
    	At the end of the game, you see the credits, and you can now put in your 
    	Roll's level is fairly easy overall, as too say none of the robots are hard 
    to beat. The robots are
    Cutman, Elecman, Diveman, Shademan, Stoneman and Slashman. To start off,
    	I'd choose Cutman. He isn't to maneuverable, and he isn't too strong 
    because you just
    started with him. His life down at the bottom is small, so a few charged 
    shots should be able
    to take him out of the picture. When he does attack he uses the scissor on 
    the top of his head,
    and it loops around until it is back on his head, and that’s about it.
    	Your next target is Shademan. He is a rather fast enemy and flies in the 
    air. When he
    swoops down, he grabs you and sucks out your life. If you hit him with the 
    scissors that you
    got from Cutman first, then it shouldn't be a problem. When he fires those 
    two large green
    rings at you, you should try to kill him soon, or avoid them when they hit 
    him. If you shoot
    a wall with the sonic attack, you charge it up and it becomes twice as 
    strong and twice as
    big. The fight should be easy if you avoid him coming from above, and avoid 
    the green circles.
    	Then, you should go after Stoneman. Using the sonic boom, charge is against 
    the wall,
    and blast him with it. Try to get close to him though because he does defend 
    himself a lot.
    He will hold his hand on the ground, and he'll create a wall from underneath 
    you. When you
    fight him at more advanced stages, he uses a large wall to bash you with and 
    throw at you.
    Also, when he touches the ground, a large hand of stone pops up at you.
    	 Now, you should go after Elecman. Using Stoneman's weapon, try to get 
    close and hit
    Elecman with it. Elecman does jump around a lot in the air, but he's still 
    rather easy to
    beat at the level he's at now. He will jump in the air and fire an electric 
    ball or two down
    at you, but if you just jump away, you should be fine.
    	This time you should go after Diveman. Diveman, from my past experiences 
    with him in
    the Megaman game, is to always keep moving. He's a very strong enemy, and 
    when he starts to
    spin, nothing you do can stop him. Using the electric bolt from Elecman, try 
    to paralyze him
    when he fires his torpedoes at you. He should be easily dealt with when you 
    have this, otherwise
    you should stock up on quarters. His life is pretty full by now, so prepare 
    for a long trip.
    	Your last enemy will be Slashman. Slashman is the hardest robot master I've 
    in this game. He's fast, does a lot of damage, and by now he has a ton of 
    life. Using Diveman's
    missiles, fire them at him and they will home in. Continuously firing until 
    you run out. Now, it's
    time for you to use your Sonic wave. If you hit him with this, it should 
    knock him down time
    after time until he dies. Now that you've beaten him and gotten his power, 
    it's time to kill
    Wily. You'll fight in 2 Wily levels.
    Wily Level 1
    	In this level you fight against the Yellow Demon. You do remember him 
    right? Of course
    you do! He's a big yellow blob with legs and arms. His weak spot is the big 
    black ball in the
    center of it all. Using your electric attack, keep firing at him until you 
    run out of energy.
    Next, use Diveman's torpedoes, and this fight should be in the bag. The 
    yellow demon attacks
    with lightning and itself. It turns into 9 little yellow balls, and they all 
    fly out at you.
    Wily Level 2
    	In this level, you fight Wily in one of his insane robot machines. It's 
    fairly hard if
    you don't know what you're doing against him. He fires missiles, lasers, 
    enemies, blobs, mines
    and anything else you can fit onto a machine shaped like a skull. The weapon 
    to use on him this
    time is the Slash from slash man. If you keep hitting him over and over, the 
    little person he
    has with him wont even attack you. It's a piece of cake to do, so don't 
    worry about it. After
    you beat him, a time pops up and you have 9 seconds to destroy Wily's escape 
    pod. I've never
    done it, so I don't know what happens. In the next version of this, I'll 
    tell you though.
    	Now, you'll see a storyline of what's happening, and depending on who you 
    were when
    you won the game, you'll see their story in screenshot. After this, you'll 
    see the credits,
    and the place to put in your initials. Good Job Megaman Player!
    	The weird looking machine's level is probably easy, although Roll's is 
    easier to beat.
    Your enemies are Gutsman, Airman, Quickman, Pharoahman, Geminiman, and 
    Napalmman. They're all
    rather easy, but a few extra coins wont hurt.
    	You'll start off by whooping Gutsman's tail. He's slow, and his only attack 
    is basically
    him making a big boulder, and throwing it. If you hit him hard enough, he'll 
    drop the rock,
    and the rubble will fall to the ground weak. A few charged shots and Gutsman 
    is out.
    	Your next fight is with Airman. He uses his wind to push you away and 
    forward, and
    also to make small tornados of wind. He shoots them at you after he guards 
    himself with his
    fan. Another move he uses at higher difficulty is he gathers in junk, spins 
    it around him in
    mid air, and fires it all at you. This is an easy fight, you basically keep 
    hitting him with
    Gutsman's giant rock, and he'll be out easily.
    	Now you'll go after Quickman. He's pretty weak with not much life, but he 
    throws small
    little boomerangs at you that home in. If you use Airman's attack, you'll 
    keep him out of the
    air and hurting on the ground. He jumps around a lot though, so accuracy it 
    a very hard thing
    to use on him. The little tornado goes out a little then shoots up, so maybe 
    a few inches away
    should do the trick.
    	The next battle is with Pharoahman. He's pretty hard to beat, but if you 
    keep on using
    those boomerangs, he should be out. He flies in the air and fires small red 
    balls down at you
    that do a reasonable amount of damage. When he gets to the middle of the 
    screen, he fires off
    two shields of energy in both ways. If you avoid that and the zombies he 
    summons from the sky,
    you should be just fine.
    	This next fight is with Geminiman. As soon as the fight starts, he splits 
    into two of
    himself. If you use Pharoahman's attack, you should hit both and do double 
    the damage. When
    you do enough, he'll return into just one of himself, and now you an 
    paralyze him. Just keep
    using the attack from Pharoahman, and you should kill him easily.
    	Napalmman is a fairly hard robot master. He isn't fast, but he first 
    missiles and Napalm's
    of course. He does a lot of damage, but he barely hits you, so it doesn't 
    matter. If you use
    Geminiman's power, you'll freeze him for a little bit. Keep on doing this, 
    and you wont have
    to worry about avoiding any on coming missiles.
    Wily Level 1
    	In this level you fight the insane MechaDragon, probably the hardest Wily 
    enemy you
    have to fight. He uses a ton of fire attacks, he scrolls across the screen 
    to hit you with it
    and it hatches small versions of itself that also shoot fire. I use 
    Pharoahman's attack to hit
    the Dragon, seeing how it's only vulnerable spot is it's head. When you run 
    out of energy though
    you should use either Airman's attack or Gutsman's attack. Gutsman's attack 
    does more than Air,
    but you have to get close and it's hard too without getting killed. Avoid 
    the fire, and you'll
    be fine.
    Wily Level 2
    	Right now you're fighting Wily in a crazed robot, again. He fires tons of 
    lasers, guns, and small dragons. If you use Gutsman's attack on Wily's 
    robot, you'll do fine.
    If he makes any small dragons, get rid of them with Pharoahman's attack. 
    After this, you
    should be able to kill him. After the fight, you have 9 seconds to kill Wily 
    again in a small
    capsule. I don't know what happens if you do, but in the next version I'll 
    tell you. After
    the time runs out, he explodes and falls to your feet anyway. You go through 
    a cinematic
    phase, and then you go to screenshots depending on your character. You can 
    then scroll
    through the credits, and enter your initials. Good Work Blue Bomber!
    V. Thanks
            Capcom - Without you, I wouldn't have a game to write about.
    Mystic Fusion of MegaMan's Domain - Without you, I would never have had 
    played this game before.
    FBA - For giving me the emulator to run the game in which I already have 
    *wink*, and it was all
    for informational purposes of course.
    Fans - Without Megaman fans, why would anyone spend the time to make the 
    game like this?
    Helpful People - The people that helped with spelling and ideas, I thank 
    VI. Disclaimer
           This walkthrough is Copyrighted Joseph Gowen, 2002. The name Capcom, 
    Rockman, Protoman, Megaman, Duo, Bass, Forte and Blues all belong to Capcom 
    and their respective owners. All other names, i.e. Gutsman and Cutman are 
    also copyright of Capcom and their respective owners.

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