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    Boss FAQ by CMoriarty

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    M    E    G    A         M    A    N         B    O    S    S         F   A   Q
      A complete Mega Man Boss FAQ for the NES version, to be used in conjunction 
         with my (CMoriarty's) complete FAQ/Walkthrough on Mega Man, found at:
                                                    | By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                                    | E-Mail:   cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                                    | Date:        January 14, 2002
                                                    | Version:         FINAL (Only)
    NOTE: Although the date says "January 14, 2002", on May 20, 2002, I updated 
    each of my Mega Man boss FAQs, posting that they are now "Final" versions, in 
    addition to the "Only" version I denoted them to be earlier. This is to stop 
    any e-mails I'm getting with "add this strat, d00d11!!!!" You, as readers, are 
    more than welcome to read this, e-mail me with comments, suggestions, and/or 
    criticism, but please, no e-mail regarding your strategies being better than 
    mine, or how I should put your strategy in my FAQ in place of yours. Trust me, 
    there's a 99.99% chance I'm better than you at Mega Man anyway, so not to sound 
    rude, but don't waste my time. If you have your own strategy, that's excellent; 
    to each his own. Keep it to yourself though, because not only will I not post 
    your strategy, but I won't respond to your e-mail, or even acknowledge that I 
    recieved it, if you send me an e-mail like that.
    So to re-itterate, the FAQ was submitted on January 14, 2002, and hence, the 
    date wasn't changed to reflect that on this version, since nothing but this 
    "note" was added into this FAQ. Thanks for reading.
    -Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty311@cs.com)
    This FAQ, and all 11 other of my FAQ/Walkthroughs, are now dedicated to the 
    over 6,000 innocent people killed in the World Trade Center and Pentagon 
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    September 11, 2001. To all of the innocent working people, and FDNY Firemen, as 
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    I.)........... | Legal Disclaimer
    II.).......... | Versions of the Guide
    III.)......... | Introduction
    IV.).......... | Robot Masters
    V.)........... | Dr. Wily's Castle Bosses
    VI.).......... | In Closing
    VII.)......... | About the Author
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                            L E G A L   D I S C L A I M E R
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                                    S E C T I O N II
                       V E R S I O N S   O F   T H E   G U I D E
    This version of the guide is the only version of the guide I will release, as 
    it's basically a mini-FAQ. Hence, it's "Version Only." (FINAL VERSION)
    Version Information:
    Version: FINAL (Only)
    Date: January 14, 2002
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Version Entails: Everything on the bosses in the game.
    Still To Come: Nothing... this is the first, only, and final release of the 
    guide, so enjoy it! =)
                                   S E C T I O N III
                                I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Welcome, readers, friends, et cetera, to my Boss FAQ for the classic NES game, 
    Mega Man, on the NES Nintendo Entertainment System. 
    I don't have much to say here except that this FAQ is meant to be used in 
    direct conjunction with my FAQ/Walkthrough, already on GameFAQs, which can be 
    found at the following URL:
    Of course, you don't HAVE to use it in conjunction. The primary point of this 
    FAQ on the bosses in the game, in fact, is to simplify the information out of 
    my more intricate FAQ/Walkthrough for the game, so if you don't need step-by-
    step instructions on beating the game as a whole, but only on the primary 
    problems people encounter in the game - the bosses - then this FAQ is for you. 
    There ARE pretty good instructions in my FAQ/Walkthrough for this game as far 
    as all of the boss battles are concerned, but again, this is for 
    simplification, so I hope it helps you out. Enjoy!
    -Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                    S E C T I O N IV
                               R O B O T   M A S T E R S 
    This section is to assist you on your battles with the Robot Masters in the 
    game. Included are descriptions of each Robot Master, as well as their battle 
    tactics, their weapon information, et cetera - everything you need to know 
    about to defeat them! I hope it helps!
    [in order which you should beat them, for ease]
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Hyper Bomb
    Primary Weakness: Fire Storm
    Other Weaknesses: Mega Buster (is what you SHOULD use on him), Rolling Cutters, 
    Elec Beam
    Description: Bomb Man, the Mr. T look-alike of the Mega Man Universe, is a 
    yellow, black, and red robot, with a big red mohawk on his head. He has no arm 
    cannons, instead, he pulls out his weapon, the Hyper Bomb, seemingly out of 
    midair, and throws them at his target. These black bombs fly high and can do 
    some serious damage upon detonation.
    To Defeat Bomb Man...
    Bomb Man is fast moving, and semi-aggressive. However, he's completely beatable 
    with the simple arm cannon, which is why I suggest not only in this guide, but 
    in my walkthrough for the game as well, that you defeat him first. It makes the 
    most sense. He has a distinct battle pattern (not to say it's set, it's not), 
    that is easily read. He jumps REALLY high, stops jumping, and keeps his foe at 
    bay by chucking Hyper Bomb after Hyper Bomb. These Bombs have a small blast 
    radius, which you certainly have to worry about much more than getting hit by 
    the bomb itself. Bomb Man will try to corner you with the technique of his bomb 
    throwing, which is to get you to jump backwards until you can't anymore, in an 
    attempt to avoid his bombs and the ensuing explosions upon their impact with 
    the ground or wall. Just keep firing on Bomb Man when he jumps around. When he 
    stops to toss a bomb or two, keep blasting at him, but try to run towards him 
    when he throws his bombs, so that he can't corner you. If you get real close to 
    him, he'll flee to another area of the room. That's when you know your tactics 
    are effective. He'll fall quickly to the power of the arm cannon. Of course, if 
    you have it and you aren't going in the order I suggest, Fire Man's Fire Storm 
    is the weapon he's weakest to.
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Super Arm
    Primary Weakness: Hyper Bomb
    Other Weaknesses: Fire Storm
    Description: Guts Man, probably the Robot Master spokesperson for the Mega Man 
    series (c'mon, everyone knows who he is in the videogame world!), is one of the 
    biggest Robot Masters ever. Towering greatly over Mega Man, it seems as if he'd 
    have the advantage, but that's not necessarily true. Guts Man's weapon isn't a 
    conventional one - he uses his brut strenght to lift boulders and other items 
    and throws them at his foe. This is the weapon you assimilate if you can defeat 
    To Defeat Guts Man...
    Guts Man is surprisingly easy, gathering that his size is many times that of 
    Mega Man (but not quite as drastic as say, Frost Man, from Mega Man 8). Not 
    having a conventional weapon to call his own, Guts Man uses his size and 
    strength to hurt his enemy, and that's exactly what he does in the battle at 
    hand. Guts Man slowly jumps around the room (NEVER walks), each time, causing 
    an earthquake, which shakes the room and trips up Mega Man. Every so often, a 
    large boulder will fall from the ceiling during these shakes, which Guts Man 
    will catch and toss at Mega Man. If the initial boulder flying through the air 
    happens to miss you, the fragments resulting from the impact probably will. To 
    combat this, equip the Hyper Bomb and toss away. Try to aim your tosses in the 
    middle of the room, because after they hit the ground, you have to wait for 
    them to detonate. Between Guts Man jumping around the room and the time it 
    takes to detonate the bomb, it's very easy to aim at him initially, and then 
    completely miss him when it actually goes off. It only takes three hits with 
    the Hyper Bomb to defeat this foe, so naturally, that's your best bet.
    ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Rolling Cutters
    Primary Weakness: Super Arm
    Other Weaknesses: Hyper Bomb, Fire Storm
    Description: Cut Man, "the guy with the scissors on his head," is another well 
    known cast member of the Mega Man games, even if he is a mere push-over in 
    comparison to other boomerang-weilding Robot Masters in the Mega Man games, 
    like Quick Man. A short robot in build, Cut Man can take the scissor off the 
    top of his head and chuck it at his enemy, having it return directly to its 
    place atop his head.
    To Defeat Cut Man...
    Cut Man is very, very simple to defeat as well, if you have the Super Arm from 
    Guts Man, which you should if you're following my order in which to defeat the 
    six Robot Masters in the game. The first thing you might notice in his lair is 
    that he has two blocks, large, square boulders that look as if they're made up 
    of smaller bricks. These are the key to your success. Cut Man will jump and run 
    around his lair, taking off the scissor on top of his head and chucking it at 
    you, then waiting for it to come back before attacking again. Once Cut Man is 
    away from you and these blocks to the left of his lair, step next to the block 
    with the Super Arm equipped, face it and press B. You'll pick up the boulder. 
    Face Cut Man's position, press B again, and you'll throw the block at him. 
    Voila, a direct hit results in half of his energy gone. There are two blocks, 
    which can both be used to the ultimate demise of Cut Man, but if you do miss 
    Cut Man with one or both of these attacks, the Hyper Bomb is an option to use 
    on Cut Man, although using the regular old arm cannon is far more efficient.
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Thunder Beam
    Primary Weakness: Rolling Cutters
    Other Weaknesses: Super Arm, Hyper Bombs
    Description: Elec Man is the menace of the original Mega Man - that is, he's 
    the hardest Robot Master in the game to defeat by far, whether or not you have 
    the right weapon(s) in your aresnal or not. His weapon, the Thunder Beam, does 
    incredibly MASSIVE damage to Mega Man upon impact, killing you in a matter of 
    three or four hits. This is why you have to make quick work of him before he 
    gets to you first. And trust me, that doesn't take long...
    To Defeat Elec Man...
    Elec Man is hard... and he can be a real problem for new players to the game. 
    You'll definetly, beyond a doubt, want to have the Rolling Cutters from Cut Man 
    in your arsenal before getting to fight Elec Man, and if you followed my order 
    in which to defeat the Robot Masters, then you'll have them indeed. Elec Man is 
    fast moving, with no pattern what-so-ever. He jumps around and fires his 
    Thunder Beam out of his fingertips, and this Elec Beam does massive damage, 
    evidentally, because Mega Man is weak to electricity, as it can short circuit 
    him. =) From the getgo, it's going to be a battle of who can outdo who. And 
    trust me, either way, the battle'll be short. There's no avoiding Elec Man, 
    he's just too much for you, I don't care who you are. =) Have the Rolling 
    Cutters equipped before you enter his lair, and be ready to fire them right 
    away. When Elec Man makes his appearance, start firing at him, jumping over 
    and/or avoiding his Elec Beams if you can. You only need to connect seven times 
    to make him reach his demise; however, without the Rolling Cutters, you might 
    be helpless. I can beat Elec Man without the Rolling Cutters, but that's just 
    because I've been playing too long. The average player won't last five seconds 
    without it. The Hyper Bombs do decent damage, as does the Super Arm, but you'll 
    have to wait for the bombs to explode, and where are the boulders to use in 
    Elec Man's lair?
    ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Ice Slasher
    Primary Weakness: Thunder Beam
    Other Weaknesses: Hyper Bomb, Fire Storm, Rolling Cutters
    Description: The little Eskimo-looking Robot Master, Ice Man looks harmless 
    enough, but he's a killer. =) His Ice Slasher, which look like arrows made of 
    ice, are shot from him when he jumps and slowly descends, and are almost 
    impossible to avoid because of the style in which they are shot. But three 
    shots with a particular weapon make him quick work.
    To Defeat Ice Man...
    Ice Man isn't hard with or without the Thunder Beam, but you'll absolutly want 
    to have the Thunder Beam if you want to easily get through the battle. One 
    trick I'll tell you about that most Mega Man players know regarding the Thunder 
    Beam is what's known as the Pause Trick, which can also be used with the 
    Rolling Cutters and the Ice Slasher, as well as the Fire Storm, but not with 
    such great results. This is because the Elec Beam is LONG. When you fire the 
    Thunder Beam at Ice Man, or any weapon, start hitting select, keep hitting it, 
    and it'll pause, then unpause, then pause, et cetera, the game. The Thunder 
    Beam will shoot across the screen slowly. Once it starts to make contact with 
    Ice Man, it'll hit him multiple times, if you're doing the trick correctly, so 
    that he can be killed with one Thunder Beam in a matter of mere seconds, before 
    he can even get an attack off. That's considered cheating, of course, but hey, 
    any way you can do it, right? And hey, if you don't want to do that trick 
    because either you can't do it or you think it's cheap, then three regular 
    shots from the Thunder Beam will take out Ice Man almost as quickly. Don't 
    bother avoiding his Ice Slasher attack though, it's nearly impossible, the way 
    he jumps up and then shoots them at you as he descends, so that they are not 
    jumpable 95% of the time. And since you can't slide until Mega Man 3... well, 
    ya know. =)
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Fire Storm
    Primary Weakness: Ice Slasher
    Other Weaknesses: Rolling Cutters
    Description: Fire Man, the coolest looking Robot Master out of the six in the 
    original Mega Man, is the last Robot Master on our journey to defeat. Fire Man 
    has two arm cannons, one where each hand WOULD be, which gives him double the 
    firing capacity, to fire that Fire Storm at you, a fire attack similar to the 
    Thunder Beam in looks, but not quite as strong. He shouldn't give you a 
    trouble, regardless of how menacing he looks.
    To Defeat Fire Man...
    If you have the Ice Slasher, great. If you don't, that's great too, I really 
    don't care. =) Either way, Fire Man is easy. When he shoots his Fire Storm at 
    you, you'll want to jump over and/or avoid it best you can, and then start 
    pummeling him with the Ice Slasher. It shouldn't be a problem for you - Fire 
    Man will fall with only seven hits from the Ice Slasher. He is also weak to the 
    Rolling Cutters you acquired from Cut Man, but that weapon is twice as weak 
    against Fire Man, and also, twice as hard to hit Fire Man with, with his speed 
    incorporated into the picture. Fire Man's dueling arm cannon threats shouldn't 
    be a proble, for you, my friends!
                                    S E C T I O N V
                      D R . W I L Y ' S   C A S T L E   B O S S E S  
    This other primary section of this FAQ is to assist you in the battles with the 
    stronger bosses found in the game, that aren't Robot Masters, but are found in 
    your journey through Dr. Wily's castle! Again, I hope it helps!
    [in order of which they appear]
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Weapon: His Body
    Primary Weakness: Thunder Beam
    Other Weaknesses: Arm Cannon
    Description: The Rock Monster is a cliché Mega Man enemy found in Wily's 
    castles throughout the series. He is always a huge brown "creature" (couldn't 
    think of a better word to describe him), that breaks apart randomly and shoots 
    across the room, reforming on the other side. His only weakness is hitting him 
    in his one eye, but to get there, you have to survive the cycloptic enemy's 
    onslaught of body parts first.
    To Defeat Rock Monster...
    Rock Monster is incredibly easy if you don't have any qualms with cheating a 
    little bit. Equip the Thunder Beam, and think of the trick I taught you when 
    you were fighting Ice Man back in the middle of the game. Using the Pause Trick 
    (rapidly pausing and starting, then repausing, et cetera, the game, as 
    described above), Rock Monster can be beaten with one or two Thunder Beams if 
    the trick is used to full effect. Otherwise, if you don't want to use that 
    trick for whatever reason, you'll have to be more patient with fighting Rock 
    Monster. Avoiding his flying body parts can be a bit of a chore, but surviving 
    the battle is the only way forward. Perhaps trying to defeat him the honest way 
    is the best option, but why bother if you keep losing to him? The arm cannon 
    also works on him, but to use that, you have to be greatly skilled and very 
    Weapon: Your Arsenal
    Primary Weakness: None
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: Clone is, yup, you guessed it, your clone. If you don't have the 
    right idea when you're fighting him, you can get beaten BADLY. He'll clone 
    everything, everything, everything you do, to every jump, walk, and run, to the 
    weapon you equip on yourself. So whatdya do!?
    To Defeat Clone...
    So Clone is giving you some trouble, eh? That's cool. We'll simply use the 
    Thunder Beam on him, smacking him around a bit with the pause trick I've now 
    described to you twice, and won't describe again. (if you're clueless on what 
    I'm talking about, see either Ice Man's strategy or Rock Monster's strategy). 
    So you figure that if this is your clone, that the Clone will use it against 
    you too? Well, technically, you're right, but the processor isn't that fast, 
    nor smart enough to detect that glitch, so using the trick against him will 
    kill him pretty quickly, long before his Elec Beam shooting at you will do any 
    damage to yourself. So worry not, use the trick, and don't be ashamed. 
    Otherwise, use the arm cannon so that he can't unleash the power of the six 
    other weapons you have on you, and duel him to the death.
    ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Weapon: Bubbles
    Primary Weakness: Super Arm
    Other Weaknesses: Arm cannon
    Description: The Robot Bubbles are a group of seven robotic bubbles that reside 
    in a lair with three holes in the wall; one at the top, and one on either side 
    of the room. They come out of random holes in the wall, shooting smaller 
    bubbles at its foe. In addition, they get faster as you kill them...
    To Defeat Robot Bubbles...
    The Robot Bubbles are very easy. Notice how there are four blocks in the middle 
    of the boss lair, that you can use the Super Arm to pick up and throw. There's 
    your hint. The bubbles get faster as you kill them, and there are seven of 
    them. See where I'm going with this? Kill the first three, the three slowest, 
    by firing on them with the arm cannon, and avoiding the bubbles they shoot, and 
    running into the bubbles themselves. After three are defeated, equip the Super 
    Arm right away. When the fourth comes out of the wall, have one of the four 
    blocks in the room in your hands and chuck the blocks at 'em. Using the four 
    blocks, kill the final four bubbles and the boss enemy will be defeated like 
    that. =)
    DR. WILY
    ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯
    Weapon: UFO
    Primary Weakness: Thunder Beam and Rolling Cutters
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: This is the final battle of the game, and naturally, you'll be 
    fighting the mastermind behind all of the mayhem in the game, Dr. Wily. Dr. 
    Wily fights from the relative safety of his UFO, and you'll have to fight two 
    different forms of it, so get ready. =)
    To Defeat Dr. Wily...
    Dr. Wily is a very simple battle if you don't care about using the pause cheat. 
    As you begin the fight, Wily will be in his UFO. There's a huge red dot on the 
    front of it that shoots plasma shots at you. Equip the Thunder Beam and fire at 
    the dot. Use the pause trick if you'd like, if not, keep firing away at it 
    until the energy meter is done on Wily. Since the Thunder Beam can shoot up and 
    down as well as forward at the same time, try to find some safety by hiding 
    under Wily's craft, and fire from there. Once that red dot is defeated, the 
    armor comes off of Wily's UFO and you can see the man within, but he'll still 
    be in his UFO in this final battle. The UFO is more mobile now, but just as 
    easy to defeat. Equip the Rolling Cutters this time and fire them at the 
    cockpit area, and again, use the pause trick, or you can do it the conventional 
    way, but trust me, doing the battle the conventional way is haaaard. Either 
    way, once he's defeated, you've beaten the game. Congratulations!
                                    S E C T I O N VI
                                  I N   C L O S I N G 
    I hope my little Boss FAQ for the game at hand helped you in your journey 
    through the lands of Mega Man, and made it THAT much easier. =) If you have any 
    questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. Please, use reasonable language, don't demand things, and 
    above all, please be constructive, or your e-mail will be read, laughed at, and 
    deleted. I might even print it out and show my friends. =) Anyway, thanks for 
    reading, and take care.
                                   S E C T I O N VII
                             A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R 
    [accurate as of January 14, 2002]
    I'm a 17 year old, a senior in high school. I live on Long Island, in New York, 
    about half an hour from New York City. I play ice hockey, I work at a deli, and 
    I love videogames, especially RPGs. My favorite series for videogames include 
    the Final Fantasy series (excluding VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the 
    Mega Man series, and the Tales series. I aspire to go to Northeastern 
    University in the fall of 2002 to study History and Archaeology.
    This walkthrough is copyright (c) 2002 to Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty), e-mail 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. All rights reserved. Completely unofficial - Mega Man and 
    all related items copyrighted 1987 to Capcom Japan/US, all rights reserved!

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