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    Boss FAQ by CMoriarty

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    M    E    G    A        M    A    N     6     B    O    S    S        F   A   Q
     A complete Mega Man 6 Boss FAQ for the NES version, to be used in conjunction 
        with my (CMoriarty's) complete FAQ/Walkthrough on Mega Man 6, found at:
                                                    | By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                                    | E-Mail:   cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                                    | Date:        January 24, 2002
                                                    | Version:         FINAL (Only)
    NOTE: Although the date says "January 24, 2002", on May 30, 2002, I updated 
    each of my Mega Man boss FAQs, posting that they are now "Final" versions, in 
    addition to the "Only" version I denoted them to be earlier. This is to stop 
    any e-mails I'm getting with "add this strat, d00d11!!!!" You, as readers, are 
    more than welcome to read this, e-mail me with comments, suggestions, and/or 
    criticism, but please, no e-mail regarding your strategies being better than 
    mine, or how I should put your strategy in my FAQ in place of yours. Trust me, 
    there's a 99.99% chance I'm better than you at Mega Man anyway, so not to sound 
    rude, but don't waste my time. If you have your own strategy, that's excellent; 
    to each his own. Keep it to yourself though, because not only will I not post 
    your strategy, but I won't respond to your e-mail, or even acknowledge that I 
    recieved it, if you send me an e-mail like that.
    So to re-itterate, the FAQ was submitted on January 24, 2002, and hence, the 
    date wasn't changed to reflect that on this version, since nothing but this 
    "note" was added into this FAQ. Thanks for reading.
    -Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty311@cs.com)
    This FAQ, and all other of my FAQ/Walkthroughs, are now dedicated to the over 
    6,000 innocent people killed in the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist 
    attacks in New York City, New York, and Washington, D.C., on September 11, 
    2001. To all of the innocent working people, and FDNY Firemen, as well as other 
    emergency workers, you will always be remembered. We won't stop until we bring 
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    death to all terrorists of all races everywhere.
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    I.)........... | Legal Disclaimer
    II.).......... | Versions of the Guide
    III.)......... | Introduction
    IV.).......... | Robot Masters
    V.)........... | Mr. X's Castle Bosses
    VI.).......... | Dr. Wily's Castle Bosses
    VII.)......... | In Closing
    VIII.)........ | About the Author
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                                    S E C T I O N II
                       V E R S I O N S   O F   T H E   G U I D E
    This version of the guide is the only version of the guide I will release, as 
    it's basically a mini-FAQ. Hence, it's "Version Only." (FINAL VERSION)
    Version Information:
    Version: FINAL (Only)
    Date: January 24, 2002
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Version Entails: Everything on the bosses in the game.
    Still To Come: Nothing... this is the first, only, and final release of the 
    guide, so enjoy it! =)
                                   S E C T I O N III
                                I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Welcome, readers, friends, et cetera, to my Boss FAQ for the classic NES game, 
    Mega Man 6, on the NES Nintendo Entertainment System. 
    I don't have much to say here except that this FAQ is meant to be used in 
    direct conjunction with my FAQ/Walkthrough, already on GameFAQs, which can be 
    found at the following URL:
    Of course, you don't HAVE to use it in conjunction. The primary point of this 
    FAQ on the bosses in the game, in fact, is to simplify the information out of 
    my more intricate FAQ/Walkthrough for the game, so if you don't need step-by-
    step instructions on beating the game as a whole, but only on the primary 
    problems people encounter in the game - the bosses - then this FAQ is for you. 
    There ARE pretty good instructions in my FAQ/Walkthrough for this game as far 
    as all of the boss battles are concerned, but again, this is for 
    simplification, so I hope it helps you out. Enjoy!
    -Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                    S E C T I O N IV
                               R O B O T   M A S T E R S 
    This section is to assist you on your battles with the Robot Masters in the 
    game. Included are descriptions of each Robot Master, as well as their battle 
    tactics, their weapon information, et cetera - everything you need to know 
    about to defeat them! I hope it helps!
    [in order which you should beat them, for ease]
    ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Flame Blast
    Primary Weakness: Arm Cannon (the weapon you SHOULD use on him)
    Other Weaknesses: Wind Storm
    Description: Flame Man, Wily's third fire Robot Master creation (after Fire Man 
    in Mega Man and Heat Man in Mega Man 2), Flame Man is probably the strongest 
    Robot Master in the fire genre yet. His advantage? Having two attacks instead 
    of one, like most other earlier Robot Masters. Flame Man has an arm cannon that 
    can shoot literal fireballs at his foe, but they travel slowly and are easy to 
    avoid. His other attack, which he activates via smashing his arm cannon into 
    the ground, his the Flame Blast, which causes many pillars of flames to shoot 
    up and then down across his lair, and this attack is very hard to avoid. Flame 
    Man looks over his Oil Fields with great care, and he can be a toughie to 
    fight. He's the hardest starting point Robot Master in the NES Mega Man games, 
    in my opinion, but he's a prime place to start, and, hence, I pick him to go 
    first, regardless.
    To Defeat Flame Man...
    If you're following my order, you'll have no choice but to fight Flame Man with 
    your arm cannon and nothing more. That's okay though, we don't really have a 
    choice (you don't want to take on some of the other Robot Masters in the game 
    with just your arm cannon, trust me.) Flame Man is unpredictable, yet you can 
    usually forcast what's coming up with his scheme of attacks simply because his 
    range of attacks isn't all that great, even having two attacks. Half of the 
    time he'll stand on the other side of the lair from you and shoot his slow 
    moving fireballs out of his arm cannon, which can easily be jumped over, or 
    slid under, either or. However, Flame Man's primary attack, the Flame Blast, is 
    where you should be more worried. The Flame Blast sends fire pillars across the 
    screen vertically, and they are very hard, if not almost always impossible to 
    avoid, unless you're standing in JUST the right place. To duel with him, hit 
    him up with the arm cannon, but try to charge up your shots before firing on 
    him. As you're charging, be careful not to get hit, or as with getting hit by 
    all enemies in Mega Man 6 while charging, you'll lose your charge and be back 
    at stage one. He's a toughie and it might take you a try or two to get past 
    him, but don't be afraid to use the E-Tank you find in his stage on yourself if 
    you need it. Once you get his Flame Blast, you'll start the chain against the 
    Robot Masters where they'll all fall easily to the weapon you got previously... 
    you just needed somewhere to start!
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Blizzard Attack
    Primary Weakness: Flame Blast
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: Blizzard Man is another interesting Dr. Wily creation. This snow 
    Robot Master (first since Ice Man in the original Mega Man, although Mega Man 7 
    features Freeze Man, Mega Man 8 features Frost Man, and Rockman & Forte 
    features Cold Man, so there's obviously a trend starting here), is placed upon 
    skis to make movement of his large body easier across the snow. While Blizzard 
    Man's primary attack is called the Blizzard Attack, where he does something on 
    his skis and four snowflakes appear in the air and shoot at Mega Man, he can 
    also roll himself up into a huge snowball along the floor of his lair and shoot 
    across the room with quick speed. In that state, he is immune to all attacks, 
    but he's also easy to jump over and avoid in that state. This snowbound Robot 
    Master is one of the easier Robot Masters to combat in the game, even if you 
    don't have the weapon he's weak to in your arsenal.
    To Defeat Blizzard Man...
    To defeat Blizzard Man, you don't HAVE to have the Flame Blast you acquire 
    after defeating Flame Man, but you should, simply because he's so much easier 
    with it equipped. Blizzard Man doesn't jump, he really can't on his skis (he 
    has a big size for a Robot Master, afterall); instead, he roams around his 
    snowy lair atop his skis, which give him pretty quick speed, which he can 
    control well. He's not exactly aggressive, but if you're in front of him when 
    he's skiing towards you, chances are he's not going to stop, he'll simply ram 
    right into you. You'll now that Blizzard Man is planning an attack (either a 
    Blizzard Attack or a snowball attack) because he'll start roving back and forth 
    in the same place on his skis, and then go into his attack. His one attack, the 
    Blizzard Attack, is a small maelstrom of snowflakes shooting at Mega Man, as 
    well as in several other directions, making it pretty hard to avoid. The other 
    attack, the snowball attack, is when he shoots across the room, along the 
    ground, as a giant snowball. You can easily avoid this by jumping over him, but 
    bare in mind that when he's in that state, he can't be harmed by any attacks, 
    so save your weapon energy until he's in a regular, stand-up state. To combat 
    him, equip the Flame Blast and fire away at him. Try to jump and fire to get 
    more range out of the Flame Blast, and attempt to hit him directly, because if 
    it hits the ground and causes a small flame pillar, it doesn't necessarily mean 
    that he's going to run into it, and if he does, it'll probably be in his immune 
    state when he's a snowball. Also keep in mind that you can shoot the Flame 
    Blast at walls and have the fire pillar erupt from the wall horizontally, 
    which, if you're an advanced player, is a good set up to do extra damage to 
    Blizzard Man.
    ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Plant Barrier
    Primary Weakness: Blizzard Attack
    Other Weaknesses: Flame Blast
    Description: Plant Man is... well... an interesting Robot Master name, idea, 
    design, et cetera... unfortunatly for him, he utilizes one of the stale and 
    generic Robot Master weapons found through the Mega Man series, the 
    shield/barrier weapon that no one really like using. And hell, when you get it 
    from him, it's just as useless as the Leaf Shield, the Skull Barrier, and the 
    Star Crash combined! But that's besides the point. My main question about Plant 
    Man is... why does he have an arm cannon? He doesn't shoot anything. Wood Man 
    didn't have an arm cannon and he did fine with his shield. Skull Man used a 
    shield and had an arm cannon, but at least he shot plasma shots at his enemies 
    in the interim of his shield bursts! And Star Man? His arm cannon opening is 
    shapped like a star, insinuating that his shield is activated by shooting out 
    of his arm cannon. But Plant Man? I just don't know! That's regardless though. 
    Plant Man is easy to defeat, and doesn't have any real skill in battling his 
    foes. He relies heavily on his Plant Barrier, however, and simply jumps around 
    his lair attempting to collide with you, as he's protected from attacks under 
    his shield, while you're not. He can easily be taken care of when he foolishly 
    lowers his shield, however.
    To Defeat Plant Man...
    To defeat Plant Man, the arm cannon is an ample weapon to have equipped, but 
    the Blizzard Attack you acquire from Blizzard Man works just as well. Plant Man 
    doesn't really have an attack pattern, nor does he really have an attack. 
    Instead, Plant Man simply jumps around his lair (he jumps high and far) 
    bouncing off of the walls, trying to collide with his foe, in this case, you, 
    Mega Man. Once in a while he'll activate his Plant Barrier, a collection of 
    (evidentally) razor sharp metal flower petals and shrubs, and continue to jump 
    around his room, which lengthens the radius around him in which he can damage 
    you. Then, he'll throw his shield at you or deactivate it completely, and run, 
    jump, whatever around the room. He's one of those unpredictable Robot Masters 
    that's predictable, if you know what I'm saying. If not, allow me to explain. 
    =) Plant Man is unpredictable in that he has no set pattern, he's wild in 
    battle. However, he's predictable because you know such variables as his speed 
    and what he can do, and whatnot, so... all in all, this battle really shouldn't 
    challenge you too much, with the Blizzard Attack equipped, or simply the arm 
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Silver Tomahawk
    Primary Weakness: Plant Barrier
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: Tomahawk Man is probably the strongest Robot Master in the game, 
    but even so, he's not too hard. Tomahawk Man is an indian Robot Master 
    replication with two powerful weapons for him to use. His head-dress is made of 
    shard metal feathers, which he can bend his head forward and shoot at his 
    enemies in an array of metal knife-like objects flying at his foe. His primary 
    weapon, additionally, is called the Silver Tomahawk. A Tomahawk sticks out of 
    Tomahawk Man's arm cannon, and he can shoot it basically at will, but the 
    Tomahawk has a certain path it takes. It travels out a bit, but then upwards in 
    a perfect arc, up into the ceiling and out of the screen (and harm's way, if 
    you're lucky). =) Tomahawk Man moves pretty fast and jumps with regularity, but 
    the fact that he only has two attacks and not much else makes him pretty 
    predictable, indeed. He doesn't fight in an exact pattern, but he can only 
    shoot one Tomahawk at a time, and his head-dress only allows one shot of 
    feathers at a time, as well...
    To Defeat Tomahawk Man...
    To defeat Tomahawk Man, you should have beaten Plant Man already before getting 
    to him and have Plant Man's Plant Barrier in your aresenal, ready to use. 
    Although Tomahawk Man is completely beatable with just the arm cannon, you want 
    to have an easier time, don't you? Tomahawk Man, as I mentioned above, has two 
    weapons; his primary weapon, the Silver Tomahawk, and his non-primary weapon, 
    the head-dress feather attack. Tomahawk Man will move around his room using 
    these attacks on you randomly, and he'll be very aggressive during the battle, 
    staying on top of you the entire time. Use this to your advantage. Activate the 
    Plant Barrier and let him run into you, or brush him with the Plant Barrier, so 
    that you may be hurt, but he will be hurt as well. Keep trading blows with him, 
    and don't be afraid to use an E-Tank if you need it, he'll probably be the only 
    Robot Master you might even THINK about using an E-Tank on, and that's just 
    because you're sacrificing some of your own energy to harm him. It's too bad 
    you can't shoot the Plant Barrier in this game, like you could shoot the Leaf 
    Shield in Mega Man 2, or whatever. But that's besides the point. When you 
    defeat Tomahawk Man, you get the Silver Tomahawk in victory, which acts as the 
    Metal Blade in this game (you'll get this joke if you've played Mega Man 2). 
    The Silver Tomahawk is nearly every bosses' weakness in Mr. X's castle and Dr. 
    Wily's castle. Woohah. =) Of course, it's also Yamato Man's weakness, and we're 
    going there next!
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Yamato Spear
    Primary Weakness: Silver Tomahawk
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: The thing about Yamato Man is... well... what is Yamato? What does 
    Yamato mean, anyway? Well quite simply, I'm told that Yamato was a feudal clan 
    back in ancient Japan. Mandi Paugh, over at the Mega Man Home Page 
    (www.mmhp.net) lists Yamato as meaning "Japan itself" and that it means 
    different things to different Japanese individuals, although I think her 
    explanation also reinforces my explanation of Yamato to some extent. Anyway, 
    Yamato Man fights with a spear, and was the first (and last, I think) Robot 
    Master to physically -carry- a weapon into battle. He -carries- his spear, it 
    doesn't shoot out of his arm cannon, which I think it pretty cool. What's even 
    cooler is that he throws his spear, and then has to run and pick it up, and is 
    defensless without it, which means when he throws it, avoid it and you can 
    pummel him for a bit and he can't do nothing about it! That's a beautiful 
    thing. Additionally, Yamato Man can jump into the air and shoot a trio of 
    Yamato Spears at Mega Man from the air, which can be jumped out of the way to 
    avoid, or slid under. Either way, gear up for a fight!
    To Defeat Yamato Man...
    To defeat the predictable and pattern-lux Yamato Man, equip the powerful Silver 
    Tomahawk you got from defeating Tomahawk Man, and gear up for battle. Yamato 
    Man, as I described in detail above, has a predictable battle pattern, and has 
    two attacks, both revolving around his Yamato Spear. When he shoots his Yamato 
    Spear from the ground, avoid it (jump over it), and Yamato Man will run to it 
    to pick it up and give it another go. During this time, he can't attack you 
    (although he can harm you via physical contact, and he WILL run right through 
    you to get to his spear), so use this defenseless state of Yamato Man's to 
    pummel him with some Silver Tomahawks. When Yamato Man utilizes his other 
    attack in the flying Yamato Spear attack, avoid them by running away, forward, 
    jumping, or sliding, whatever suits the current situation, because he shoots 
    them differently depending on your position in his lair. The thing about using 
    the Silver Tomahawk on Yamato Man is that the Silver Tomahawk, as I mentioned 
    in Tomahawk Man's section, is that it flies outward and then up in an arc. So 
    it's very ineffective on any Robot Master or enemy, unless you're up close or 
    the Robot Master or enemy is in the air. So you're going to have to get up 
    close to Yamato Man and then fire the Silver Tomahawk on him to get the full 
    effect of the Silver Tomahawk's power. If you stray to far from Yamato Man and 
    use them, you're going to miss most of the time and you'll have to wait until 
    he either jumps into one or gets close to you... and by that time, you might be 
    dead already.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Knight Crush
    Primary Weakness: Yamato Spear
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: Knight Man is probably the coolest Robot Master design in the 
    game, and one of the coolest in the entire series. Unfortunatly, his strength 
    severely lacks and doesn't give his cool look and battle weapons true justice. 
    Knight Man is the first (and only, I think) Robot Master to have a physical 
    barrier that can block all sorts of attacks (and no, don't e-mail me talking 
    about the Leaf Shield and the Skull Barrier and the Star Crash and the Plant 
    Barrier), I'm talking about a physical shield that he always has up... that is, 
    of course, until he decides to attack. Knight Man's only weapon his his mace 
    ball-and-chain like weapon that is attached to his arm cannon, the Knight 
    Crush. When he shoots it, he shoots it forward or wherever your position is, 
    and then is retracts. When it's shot, however, his shield isn't protecting his 
    body, and you can use that time to fire a few shots of whatever you want at 
    him. His shield can even be avoided with well placed shots, regardless. Even 
    the chain that holds his Knight Crush to his arm cannon doesn't harm you, so 
    you can jump in between and fire away...
    To Defeat Knight Man...
    Knight Man is a Robot Master many people like to defeat first, because, lets 
    face it - he's easy. The Yamato Spear works great on him, but the regular old 
    arm cannon (charged up or otherwise) works fine enough, as well. Knight Man has 
    his shield, which is really his only trump card, but it doesn't cover his whole 
    body, and if you can hit him in the top of his head, even with his shield up, 
    it'll still do damage against him. Also, when he jumps around (and he does so a 
    lot) pummel him with some Yamato Spears and you'll hit him a few times, as his 
    upper and lower halves are less protected when airborne. When Knight Man 
    decides to attack you, he'll always be on the ground. He'll chuck his Knight 
    Crush at you (in the air, if you're there), and it'll stay like that for a 
    split second. Use this chance to fire a barrage of Yamato Spears at his 
    vulnerable body before he repeats this process. He might jump around before he 
    attacks again, he might chuck the Knight Crush at you a few times, and then 
    jump. It's all about the luck of the draw... as well as how close you are to 
    him, and if he has you trapped against a wall or something, in which case he'll 
    probably keep firing at you until he's destroyed. This is the one legitimate 
    Robot Master in the game that even a newbie to the Mega Man series can beat 
    without getting hit, so make this one count. You'll get his Knight Crush for a 
    victory. Woohah.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Centaur Flash
    Primary Weakness: Knight Crush
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: Centaur Man is a pretty phat design, in that he is literally what 
    his name suggests, half man, half horse. The first Robot Master (and the last) 
    to have more than two legs, Centuar Man utilizes one of the infamous time 
    stopping devices, this one called the Centaur Flash, identical to Flash Man's 
    Time Stopper in Mega Man 2, and Bright Man's Flash Stopper in Mega Man 4. 
    Centaur Man, however, has a nice twist to this time stopper - not to the device 
    itself, but to what he can do otherwise. Flash Man had a simple arm cannon to 
    use when you were frozen - so did Bright Man. Centaur Man has an arm cannon as 
    well, but when his plasma shots hit a wall, they split into eight or so smaller 
    plasma shots that refract off of the wall back at the foe, which means you 
    can't avoid being hit when you are frozen, like you could with Flash Man or 
    Bright Man, back in the day. This combats Centaur Man's lack of a jump ability, 
    so you can't be missed, period, when you're frozen from his Centaur Flash. 
    Otherwise, Centaur Man is pretty blaisé, and can be beaten easily with the arm 
    cannon, although having his weakness weapon could make the battle go even 
    quicker. He's not as easy as Knight Man, though. =) Almost forgot - Centaur Man 
    can also teleport around his room. He'll disappear, then reappear. Almost 
    always when he reappears, he'll activate the Centaur Flash and cause his havoc 
    from there.
    To Defeat Centuar Man...
    To defeat Centaur Man, have the Knight Crush equipped from your arsenal, that 
    you won when you defeated Knight Man. If you don't have it, the arm cannon will 
    suffice. Centaur Man, as I mentioned above, can't jump, so you don't have to 
    worry about that. You do have to worry about him running towards you, because 
    he is kinda long, so he is hard to jump over. You have to time your jumps well 
    or get hit, one or the other. =) Of course, when he freezes you in place, 
    you're going to get hit (it's the only way out of the Centaur Flash), so you'll 
    have to take him out quickly, before he damages you to the point of defeat. His 
    powerful arm cannon I mentioned above can be shot without you in the Centaur 
    Flash. If this happens, fragments of the shot will ricochet off of the wall 
    back at you, so slide or jump over/under them to avoid getting hit, then turn 
    around and pump Centaur Man full of Knight Crush. If you're fast, you might be 
    able to beat him without him even using the Centaur Flash. If so, you're lucky, 
    you might be able to beat him without getting hit! =D When he's defeated, you 
    get the Centaur Flash, the most useless weapon in the game. But that's okay, 
    it's useful on Wind Man, and he's coming up next. (and of course, I forgot 
    again - beware of his teleport, he'll almost always activate the Centaur Flash 
    upon coming out of it).
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Wind Storm
    Primary Weakness: Centaur Flash
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: Wind Man is one of two things - Air Man version 2.0, or a result 
    of when Dr. Wily (Capcom) runs out of ideas for a Robot Master and makes one 
    similar, if not nearly identical to Air Man, found in Mega Man 2. Either way, 
    he looks cooler. =) Wind Man is far stronger than Air Man was however, which 
    makes him pretty formidable. Wind Man's primary attack is when the blades on 
    his shoulder fans shoot out, which zig-zag in and out of each other as they 
    shoot across and off of the screen. Wind Man can also use his fans to suck in 
    his foe. To get away from the suction, slide or run away from him. Lastly, the 
    the cable branching off of the top of his head can spin rapidly. This combined 
    with the leverage provided by his shoulder fans allows him to take flight 
    across his lair, attempting to land on his foe. When he goes in the air, keep 
    sliding away from him to avoid any contact. The weapon that you get for 
    defeating him, however, the Wind Storm, is a tornado... and he never uses that 
    in battle. Go figure... but in any case, the battle isn't too hard, and this is 
    another Robot Master some people like to fight him first because he's got a 
    predictable battle style and pattern. Take him out at any time during the game, 
    but, naturally, according to this order, I suggest you battle Wind Man last on 
    your journey.
    To Defeat Wind Man...
    Wind Man, as I mentioned in the above description, is easy enough to battle 
    with the arm cannon, but the Centaur Flash'll make quick work out of him, 
    period. Upon entering the battle, have the Centaur Flash equipped and press it. 
    The screen'll flash and Wind Man'll take four units of damage. Wait a second or 
    two and press it again, and four more will come down after the screen flashes. 
    He's that simple to attack, so now all you gotta worry about is avoiding his 
    attacks. He'll try to suck you in with his shoulder mounted fans, so just slide 
    away, run, jump, whatever. Try to turn around and get some shots on him when 
    he's in this state, because he's vulnerable as anything when he's trying to get 
    you to collide with him. Also, his arm cannon and shoulder mounted fans can 
    shoot the blades out of them, which, again, as I mentioned above, zig zag 
    around the screen in and out of each other's path, until the fly off screen. 
    Coincidentally, if you're close enough to Wind Man when he shoots this, they'll 
    go around you and miss you completely. If not, they are hard to avoid, so take 
    a chance and try to slide out of the way or jump out of the way.
                                    S E C T I O N V
                     M R .   X ' S   C A S T L E   B O S S E S  
    This second primary section of this FAQ is to assist you in the battles with 
    the stronger bosses found in the game, that aren't Robot Masters, but are found 
    in your journey through Protoman's castle! Again, I hope it helps!
    [in order of which they appear]
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Weapon: Plasma Cannons
    Primary Weakness: Flame Blast
    Other Weaknesses: Centaur Flash, Wind Storm, Blizzard Attack, Plant Barrier, 
    Silver Tomahawk, Yamato Spear
    Description: The Wall Walkers are the first boss character other than a Robot 
    Master you encounter in the game - and obviously, with this easy boss, the 
    programmers are trying to ease you into the harder enemies to come. These two 
    boss characters combine to make one, and they move around on one track attached 
    to the wall. As they roam around, they bump into each other on the track and 
    head back the other direct. Additionally, both are equipped with plasma 
    cannons, but what you really need to worry about is not getting hit my their 
    plasma cannons, but rather, getting hit by the walkers themselves. When they 
    come on the lower part of the track, they are hard, if not impossible to avoid. 
    However, it's the fact that the Wall Walkers are weak to all of your weapons 
    (except the Centaur Flash) that make them truly easy. Otherwise, you might 
    encounter some problems.
    To Defeat Wall Walkers... 
    Like I said above, the Wall Walkers are weak to seven out of eight of the 
    weapons in your arsenal, excluding only the Centaur Flash. However, they're 
    most weak to the Flame Blast, so that's the weapon you should equip. Upon 
    entering the battle, notice the shape of the two walkers. Only on the sides of 
    each walker are they weak to any sort of attack, the white parts of their 
    structures. So that's where you should aim the Flame Blasts you shoot at them. 
    Make sure to shoot for direct hits, to get the shot right on the white, because 
    if you hit the ground and the Flame Blast causes a fire pillar, it's not going 
    to damage them. It's really that simple, not much else to say about these two 
    weaklings... 'cept that you don't have to use the Flame Blast... try out all 
    the weapons on them for similar results. And don't waste an E-Tank on these 
    guys, PLEASE! =D
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Weapon: Huge Plasma Cannon, Rocks
    Primary Weakness: Silver Tomahawk
    Other Weaknesses: Yamato Spear
    Description: Wall Walker Advance isn't actually anything like the Wall Walkers 
    we encountered in the last stage, but the boss character does walk on a wall, 
    and hence, I call him Wall Walker Advance, because he's slightly more tricky, 
    but pretty easy, never the less. Wall Walker Advance's range is on the right 
    wall of his lair. He moves up and down it shooting huge balls out of his plasma 
    cannon, and can also summon brown rocks to fall from the heavens upon the 
    robot's foes. That's basically all it does. It moves up and down, shoots, some 
    rocks fall, repeat. It's hitting it that can be a problem, because most of the 
    time, the Wall Walker Advance is too high to hit it with any weaponry... 
    unless, of course, you're utilizing your arsenal of weapons to its full effect, 
    in which case, you'll find a weapon that fixes that problem right away. I think 
    you know what I'm talking about. =)
    To Defeat Wall Walker Advance...
    So you don't know what I'm talking about? That's okay. Equip the Silver 
    Tomahawk. Think back a little bit. Remember fighting Yamato Man and using the 
    Silver Tomahawk on him, and how you had to be close to him to shoot it, 
    otherwise it would "fly forward and upwards into an arc?" Excellent. You know 
    what to do I think. Keep moving to avoid the barrage of huge plasma shots from 
    the cannon of the Wall Walker Advance, and keep moving to avoid the rocks 
    falling from the sky as well (the rocks can be destroyed with your arm cannon 
    or Silver Tomahawks - the Silver Tomahawks, nicely enough, fly THROUGH them and 
    destroy them at the same time, unlike the arm cannon, which just destroys the 
    rocks and stops). As you're avoiding everything, unleash a few Silver Tomahawks 
    and they'll almost always hit their mark, which is the glowing orb on the Wall 
    Walker Advance's body structure. If you miss, use that miss to judge how much 
    closer or farther you need to be to hit the thing, but keep in mind that you 
    need to move with it to keep hitting it with Silver Tomahawk after Silver 
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯
    Weapon: Large Plasma Cannon
    Primary Weakness: Blizzard Attack
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: The Metool Tank made me laugh the first time I fought it. Not 
    because it's a stupid boss or anything, but just 'cause it's funny. Why? 
    Because a Metool, a little Metool (if you don't know what a Metool is, it's the 
    Hard Hat enemies famous in the Mega Man series) flies down a ship to the tank 
    and pilots it during the battle, which I found really amusing for whatever 
    reason. The tank enemy is elementary, though. It only has one weapon, and uses 
    it two ways. The plasma cannon on the front of the tank shoots larger than 
    normal plasma shots, which either bounce out of the cannon towards the tank's 
    foe, or shoots directly at the tank's foe, horizonatally. Either way, the tank 
    is an easy boss to beat, and never gets too close to you where it might run you 
    over or anything.
    To Defeat Metool Tank...
    To defeat the Metool Tank, equip its only weakness (other than your arm 
    cannon), the Blizzard Attack. Now, the Metool Tank is only weak in the cockpit 
    area, but that's cool, because, as we all know by now, the Blizzard Attack 
    shoots snowflakes in four directions the way Mega Man is facing, which means 
    two or three will always hit the cockpit area, doing nice damage to the tank. 
    So while you're attacking with the Blizzard Attack, keep focusing on the 
    defensive aspect of the battle. The plasma shots, as I already mentioned, 
    either come at you horizontally, or bounce towards you. Either or, slide under 
    the attacks he flings at you and keep firing upon him. He's not hard at all to 
    defeat, whether or not you play defensivly at all. Just trade blows with him, 
    and your strong Blizzard Attack will take him out long before his weaker plasma 
    cannons do.
    MR. X
    ¯¯¯ ¯
    Weapon: Plasma Cannons
    Primary Weakness: Flame Blast
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: Mr. X might seem like your last battle in the game, but any Mega 
    Man fan knows what's going on here. =) Mr. X comes down into a large land 
    roving robot from above, in his ship. He's easily beat, he's SUPPOSED to be 
    easy, and c'mon folks, this man is really Dr. Wily, lets get with it already! 
    =D The plot seemed cool, "Mr. X is using Dr. Wily the whole time, since the 
    series began, d00d!" but unfortunatly, that ended up being a bust. You actually 
    tricked me twice in a row back in the day, Capcom! (First with Mega Man 5, 
    Protoman is a bad guy!? And then with this, Mega Man 6... the whole Mr. X thing 
    nearly got me, but I was young and naïve back then.) Anyway, Mr. X in this form 
    isn't hard at all, especially if you know what weapon to use on him... bah, 
    just read below, there's not much else to say about him!
    To Defeat Mr. X...
    Mr. X is easily defeated by use of the Flame Blast. Just jump and fire at him, 
    and keep pummeling him. His energy'll drop quickly so don't worry about the 
    defensive end of the game. If he's actually got you on the verge of death, 
    don't be afraid to use an E-Tank on yourself, but try to save those for Wily's 
    castle, when things get a little bit more interesting. His plasma shots fire 
    across the ground, so jump over them when he fires them, and try to stay in a 
    corner to avoid direct physical contact with his machine. When he "dies" he'll 
    fly out of his ship, and reveal himself to be Dr. Wily, not Mr. X, cursing you 
    for again foiling his plans for world domination. Damn you, Mega Man! =D
                                    S E C T I O N VI
                      D R . W I L Y ' S   C A S T L E   B O S S E S  
    This third primary section of this FAQ is to assist you in the battles with the 
    stronger bosses found in the game, that aren't Robot Masters, but are found in 
    your journey through Dr. Wily's castle! Again, I hope it helps!
    [in order of which they appear]
    Weapon: Fireballs
    Primary Weakness: Yamato Spear
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: The Dragon robot is the first boss enemy you encounter in Dr. 
    Wily's castle. He's an interesting design. You know... it always boggled my 
    mind why Dr. Wily would create robots that have out of the reach weaknesses, 
    but create things on their robots, or things their robots shoot that help you 
    get to the weakness of the robot so you can exploit it. Well that's exactly 
    what we have on our hands here. The Dragon's weakness is its head. From its 
    mouth it shoots fireballs (which stay on the ground or wall it hits for a bit 
    afterwards, an afterburn, if you will.) Out of its stomach, it shoots out green 
    platforms that shoot quickly in an arc (like the Silver Tomahawk) out and then 
    up. So I think you know what you need to do here.
    To Defeat Dragon...
    Upon entering the battle, equip the Dragon's weakness, the Yamato Spear, and 
    lets get to work. The Dragon'll shoot fireballs at you. Avoid them the best you 
    can and wait for the green platforms to start flying out of his chest. Jump on 
    one and pummel the Dragon's head with Yamato Spears before the ceiling knocks 
    you back to the ground. You simply have to repeat this pattern over and over 
    again on the Dragon for a quick victory. However, the Dragon's fireball attack 
    is quite devistating on your energy meter, so use an E-Tank if you need to, 
    don't be afraid to use those with regularity!
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Weapon: Plasma Cannon, Bubble Cannon
    Primary Weakness: Wind Storm
    Other Weaknesses: None
    Description: The Bubble Shooter is a Wily creation that has wheels, so it's a 
    ground enemy. This large robot has two primary weapons that it uses against its 
    foes. Firstly, it's head-mounted plasma cannon shoots plasma shots up and out 
    on to the enemy, making them harder to avoid. Secondly, the bubble shooter 
    shoots bubbles out horizontally at its enemy, which are hard to avoid. However, 
    the Bubble Shooter is no problem if you have the right weaponry equipped. Be 
    more worried about getting trampled by the Bubble Shooter than anything else. 
    If you don't keep hitting it, it'll run you over before long... only your shots 
    momentarily back it up on its endless path forward, for you!
    To Defeat Bubble Shooter...
    The Bubble Shooter can be defeated easily by way of the Wind Storm. However, 
    the Wind Storm shoots onto the ground, and the Bubble Shooter is only weaker on 
    the upper half of its structure, near the bubble gun. So you have to get up 
    relativly close to the Bubble Shooter and pound it with Wind Storms. Keep 
    shooting it with Wind Storm, even if it's still flashing (which means it won't 
    get any damage inflicted upon it), because the shots keep the Bubble Shooter 
    from moving forward. If it keeps moving forward, it'll trample you, doing major 
    damage, so you gotta keep hitting it. If you stay on him with the Wind Storm 
    however, you'll make quick work out of him. Try to parry and avoid his two 
    attacks the best you can. If you keep moving, the plasma cannon atop his head 
    will almost always miss (and if it looks like it's on a collision course, just 
    slide out of the way), and the bubbles can be shot that the Bubble Shooter 
    shoots at you, and destroyed quickly. 
    DR. WILY
    ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯
    Weapon: Skeleton Ship
    Primary Weakness: Arm Cannon (the weapon you SHOULD use!)
    Other Weaknesses: Knight Crush, Silver Tomahawk
    Description: The first version of Dr. Wily is in a large Skeleton ground robot. 
    He's pretty simple really. His attacks are as follows. The bottom of the 
    Skeleton robot is equipped with huge metal spikes, which Dr. Wily uses when he 
    jumps. When the Skeleton jumps and lands, the metal spikes damage anything 
    underneath it. Also, the Skeleton can shoot plasma shots that look like 
    spirals... but they do a decent clip of damage. Those two attacks are all the 
    first form of Dr. Wily has to offer you.
    To Defeat Dr. Wily...
    The first form of Dr. Wily is weak to the Silver Tomahawk and the Knight Crush. 
    However, so are the two versions of Dr. Wily to come after this fight, so save 
    them both! In this fight, use your arm cannon. Shoot up any part of the 
    Skeleton, and avoid the spiral plasma shots Wily shoots at you. Try to stay 
    close to the Skeleton, so that when it jumps, you can easily slide out of the 
    way, to safety, and turn around, firing some more shots on Wily's Skeleton 
    ship. Don't worry though... there's more of Wily to come.
    DR. WILY 2
    ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯ ¯
    Weapon: Skeleton Ship
    Primary Weakness: Knight Crush
    Other Weaknesses: Silver Tomahawk
    Description: This is basically the original Dr. Wily fight above, same ship, 
    same attacks - faster craft.
    To Defeat Dr. Wily 2...
    Dr. Wily 2 can be defeated in the same fashion as the first Dr. Wily you just 
    fought. He's just faster moving now and moves and attacks more, basically. Use 
    the Knight Crush on him this time. Sorry I don't have more to say - you'll see 
    why when you fight him.
    DR. WILY 3
    ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯ ¯
    Weapon: UFO
    Primary Weakness: Silver Tomahawk
    Other Weaknesses: Knight Crush
    Description: The final version of Dr. Wily caps off a trio of the EASIEST final 
    three bosses in the history of Mega Man. Depending on how you look at it when 
    you play, this might be a good or bad thing. I don't know. Either way, this 
    third form of Dr. Wily is basically just as easy as the other two. This form of 
    Wily is similar to the last form of Dr. Wily in a lot of the Mega Man games. He 
    flies in a variation of his UFO around a dark room, appears, disappears, 
    reappears, et cetera. When he appears, he shoots plasma shots in all 
    directions, and then disappears right after that... not much else to say here 
    To Defeat Dr. Wily 3...
    Now you can finally use those Silver Tomahawks I told you to save up for this 
    battle. Being that Wily is always in the air, and on the other side of you, the 
    Silver Tomahawks path works perfectly in this situation. Stay on the other side 
    of the room from him and pummel him with Silver Tomahawks when he appears. 
    Remember, they travel out and then upwards in an arc formation, so you can hit 
    him from afar. When you beat him... well, you've beaten the game. So 
    congratulations, and enjoy the ending. 
                                   S E C T I O N VII
                                  I N   C L O S I N G 
    I hope my little Boss FAQ for the game at hand helped you in your journey 
    through the lands of Mega Man 6, and made it THAT much easier. =) If you have 
    any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. Please, use reasonable language, don't demand things, and 
    above all, please be constructive, or your e-mail will be read, laughed at, and 
    deleted. I might even print it out and show my friends. =) Anyway, thanks for 
    reading, and take care.
                                  S E C T I O N VIII
                             A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R 
    [accurate as of January 24, 2002]
    I'm a 17 year old, a senior in high school. I live on Long Island, in New York, 
    about half an hour from New York City. I play ice hockey, I work at a deli, and 
    I love videogames, especially RPGs. My favorite series for videogames include 
    the Final Fantasy series (excluding VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the 
    Mega Man series, and the Tales series. I aspire to go to Northeastern 
    University in the fall of 2002 to study History and Archaeology.

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