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     =-                            Mega Man 8 (PS1)                           -=
                        Written By: Ryan "MetroidMoo" Ammerman
                 GUIDE TYPE ..................................... FAQ
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                 FIRST RELEASED ................... December 15, 2002
                 LAST UPDATED .................... September 26, 2004
                 LATEST VERSION ................................ 1.11
    <<<                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                           >>>
     1) Version History
     2) Story
     3) Controls
     4) Weapons
     5) Dr. Light's Lab
     6) Bolt Locations
     7) Boss Strategies
           [7.1] Boss Order
           [7.2] Teleporter Layout
           [7.3] Robot Masters
           [7.4] Dr. Wily
           [7.5] Miscellaneous
     8) GameShark Codes
     9) Credits
    10) Contact/Legal Information
     =~   1)   VERSION HISTORY                                                ~=
    VERSION 1.11 - SEPTEMBER 26, 2004
      Updated e-mail address.
    VERSION 1.1 - OCTOBER 24, 2003
      Revised the file's format, adjusted the number of characters per line, and
    added/moved sections.
    VERSION 1.0 - DECEMBER 15, 2002
      First (and complete!) version of the guide.
     =~   2)   STORY                                                          ~=
    Mega Man 8's storyline, from the instruction manual...
      Dr. Light sped to his controls to react to the sudden alarms. Lights flashed
    and electronic sirens blared. He scanned the meters and checked the print-outs
    for any clues to what had just happened. Then the computers centered on the
    disruption in the radar and brought it on-screen.
      "Mega Man, come in! You must investigate the disturbance immediately. Come
    in, Mega Man!"
      A hologram displaying the gentle face of the Titanium Titan gradually
    materialized, and Dr. Light breathed a sigh of relief. Mega Man was already in
    the vicinity.
      "Yes, Dr. Light. I have the readings. From the looks of it that comet was
    not an accident. I detect a high concentration of metal alloy in that fire-
    ball. I bet Dr. Wily is behind this."
      "If not, he at least knows about it and is nearby. It crahsed onto that
    deserted island. If Wily's there, don't let him get away. And be careful,
    Mega Man. Remember what happened the last time!"
     =~   3)   CONTROLS                                                       ~=
    This section describes the basic controls.
    D-Pad     ->  (Left/Right) Move Mega Man
                  (Up/Down) Climb ladder
    Triangle  ->  Fire Mega Buster
                  (Hold) Charge Mega Buster
    Square    ->  Fire special weapon
    Circle    ->  Jump, swim
    X         ->  Jump, swim
    L1/R1     ->  Switch weapon
    Start     ->  Bring up menu
     =~   4)   WEAPONS                                                        ~=
    This section is a general overview of Mega Man's weapons.
    Mega Buster
    Received From: N/A
      Mega Man's basic weapon. As in every game, it has unlimited energy and up to
    three shots can be fired on the screen at once. Hold down the fire button to
    charge it up and unleash a powerful shot. You can equip the Laser Shot or
    Arrow Shot to change the charged blast.
    Mega Ball
    Received From: Dr. Light (Intro Stage)
      This fun weapon has many useful purposes! Fire once to drop a ball, and fire
    again to kick it. The Mega Ball will bounce around and hit any enemy in its
    path. If you land on a ball while holding down the jump button, Mega Man will
    jump higher than he normally can. Use this technique to reach high ledges.
    Flash Bomb
    Received From: Grenade Man
      The Flash Bomb looks identical to the Remote Mine weapon found in Rockman &
    Forte, but it doesn't work exactly the same way. When it collides with a wall
    or enemy, the mine explodes and rapidly damages whatever is in its radius. The
    explosion also lights up a dark room, though I don't see much of a point with
    that. You can fire up to two mines at a time.
    Thunder Claw
    Received From: Clown Man
      While it's not so hot against enemies, the Thunder Claw is a necessity when
    it comes to passing certain stage sections. Throughout the game, you can use
    this weapon on those wall hooks and cross certain obstacles. Keep in mind that
    Mega Man will *not* swing back and forth. He'll swing once and then disconnect
    from the hook.
    Ice Wave
    Received From: Frost Man
      The Ice Wave weapon deploys a wave of ice on the ground that damages
    anything it hits. It can also climb walls, making it wonderful for taking out
    annoying robots. Of course, because it only travels on the ground, it's
    useless against aerial foes.
    Tornado Hold
    Received From: Tengu Man
      While the previous weapon is effective against ground enemies, the Tornado
    Hold focuses on air robots. When fired, a propeller is placed on the ground,
    and it creates a small tornado. It can harm enemies, and Mega Man can ride it
    to reach higher places.
    Water Balloon
    Received From: Aqua Man
      As the name might suggest, this weapon is pretty...pathetic. Mega Man chucks
    a water balloon that bursts upon impact. Stay away from using this thing! NOW!
    Flame Sword
    Received From: Sword Man
      The Flame Sword does good damage compared to the other weapons; however, its
    range is very short, making it difficult to use against a lot of foes. In rare
    instances, the Flame Sword can be used to light up fuses you might find in the
    Homing Sniper
    Received From: Search Man
      The Homing Sniper launches a missile that locks on to the nearest enemy and
    attacks it. Very nice for taking out 'bots that out of your range. You can
    fire up to 5 missiles at one time.
    Astro Crush
    Received From: Astro Man
      Astro Crush summons a barrage of meteors that destroy practically everything
    on the screen. Use this weapon only when absolutely necessary! You don't get
    much ammo for it, so make every shot count!
    Rush Cycle
    Received From: Junk Bot (Grenade Man's Stage)
      Although not extremely useful, the Rush Cycle is fun to use. This item
    summons Rush in a motorbike form, and you can ride him for 40 seconds. He'll
    launch small missiles if you use the fire button. Once time has expired, you
    cannot use the cycle again until you either move on to another stage or die.
      One important fact to note about this is that whenever you receive a hit
    from an enemy, no damage is done to Mega Man. Instead, a hit takes seconds off
    your timer.
    Rush Item
    Received From: Bear Bot (Clown Man's Stage)
      Rush appears and drops a random item. Like the Rush Cycle, this can only be
    used once a life.
    Rush Bomb
    Received From: Wall Bot (Sword Man's Stage)
      Rush flies back and forth across the screen while carpet bombing the ground
    for 40 seconds. Not that great, in my opinion. Again, you can only use the
    Rush Bomb once in a single life.
    Rush Aid
    Received From: Piranha Bot (Aqua Man's Stage)
      Rush Aid is probably the best one out of the four Rush items. Mega Man's
    robotic companion will fly around while dropping energy and weapon capsules
    for a short length of time. Remember, so you can use this during boss fights,
    so take advantage of it!
     =~   5)   DR. LIGHT'S LAB                                                ~=
    This section lists Dr. Light's items and what they do.
    NOTE: New parts will become available after defeating the first four Robot
    Power Shield
    Cost: 6 Bolts
      The Power Shield prevents Mega Man from sliding back whenever he takes a
    blow from an enemy. Not worthy of 6 Bolts, in my opinion. How often do you
    find yourself dying because you fell off a ledge after being hit?
    Spare Extra
    Cost: 6 Bolts
      The Spare Extra enables Mega Man to start off with four lives instead of the
    usual two. Buy this part if you often find yourself using continues.
    Shooting Part
    Cost: 6 Bolts
      This item allows Mega Man to fire five Mega Buster rounds at a time instead
    of three. I would avoid buying this.
    Energy Balancer
    Cost: 5 Bolts
      With the Energy Balancer, the weapon with the lowest energy is automatically
    refilled when you pick up an energy capsule. If you're unsure of what to buy
    next, get the Energy Balancer! It makes things a lot more convenient for you.
    Cost: 4 Bolts
      If you defeated the boss of a stage, you can leave that stage at anytime by
    selecting Exit from the start menu. It sounds good, especially if you're
    searching for the Bolts, but once you finish your search and reach Dr. Wily's
    fortress, the Exit item becomes useless.
    Laser Shot
    Cost: 5 Bolts
      The Laser Shot part transforms Mega Man's charged shot into a laser that
    pierces through enemies. I prefer the Arrow Shot, so stick to that instead of
    this weapon.
    Arrow Shot
    Cost: 5 Bolts
      The Arrow Shot turns the Mega Buster's charged shot into an arrow. Upon
    impact, it explodes and releases multiple projectiles. Each projectile's
    damage is equal to a normal charged shot. The Arrow Shot can also pierce
    through some enemies' protections (such as Guard Joe's shield). Pair this up
    with the H. Speed Charge, and you'll rip through foes in seconds.
    Auto Shoot
    Cost: 5 Bolts
      This will automatically fire the Mega Buster as you charge it up. Once you
    buy the H. Speed Charge, this part becomes rather pointless, as you'll find
    yourself shooting charged rounds rather quickly.
    Step Booster
    Cost: 5 Bolts
      Mega Man can climb ladders faster! Yeah, that's about it...
    Energy Saver
    Cost: 6 Bolts
      This upgrade makes Mega Man's weapon energy usage more efficient, so you can
    fire your Robot Master weapons more often. Buy this if you enjoy toying around
    with the special weapons.
    Super Recover
    Cost: 6 Bolts
      Super Recover enables Mega Man to gain more energy back from weapon and
    energy capsules. Try and pick this up as soon as you can.
    Spare Charger
    Cost: 4 Bolts
      When you leave a stage, your life supply is returned to two (or four, if you
    bought the Spare Extra part). Spend your Bolts elsewhere.
    Hyper Slider
    Cost: 5 Bolts
      Mega Man slides faster! Like the Step Booster, don't even touch this.
    H. Speed Charge
    Cost: 7 Bolts
      This item shortens the time needed to charge the Mega Buster. Definitely
    purchase this as soon as possible!
    Rapid Part
    Cost: 6 Bolts
      When you press the fire button, the Mega Buster fires three shots at once.
    Unfortunately, equipping this disables you from charging the Mega Buster, so I
    wouldn't recommend using it.
    Boost Part
    Cost: 5 Bolts
      All this thing does is increase the speed of the Mega Buster's shot.
    Cost: 4 Bolts
      The Exchanger converts life energy capsules into weapon energy if your
    energy meter is full. Exactly how often do you find yourself with full health?
    Probably not that often.
     =~   6)   BOLT LOCATIONS                                                 ~=
    This section lists the locations of the Bolts in each stage.
    Intro Stage
    1. Press the skull button the ground to activate a skull elevator. Ride it
       down to a hidden area. After you pass through the five skull gates, go up.
       Instead of going to the right, head left through the wall to the Bolt.
    2. In the room following the first Bolt, ride the buckets down through the
    3. On the floor after you ride the buckets up.
    Tengu Man's Stage
    4. You'll see this one easily in the beginning part of the stage. Jump off the
       highest moving platform to reach the Bolt.
    5. Right before the cannon mini-boss, look towards the ceiling for a panel
       with a Bolt pictured on it. Shoot it with the Homing Sniper, and the Bolt
       will fall down.
    6. Defeat the cannon mini-boss to find a Bolt lying on the ground.
    7. This Bolt is located on a platform after the second bubble machine. Hop on
       those crazy moving platforms to reach it. Watch your step!
    Clown Man's Stage
    8. This Bolt can be seen before the first long drop. Get a running start using
       the Rush Cycle to reach it.
    9. After defeating the mini-boss, you can see the Bolt behind a Guard Joe on
       the skull boxes. The key here is run after the toy in the stage's back-
       ground hits the bell. If you're standing on a skull box when that occurs,
       you will fall through.
    10. Inside the pirate ship section, bounce off the Mega Ball to ride on the
        skull platform beside the first swinging pirate. Switch to the Flame
        Sword, and burn the barrel containing the Bolt.
    11. Head directly to the right from the previous Bolt to find another.
    12. When you reach the question mark box sequence of this stage, there's one
        point where you have 5 question mark boxes in a row (a tiny gap separates
        two of them). Stand on the second box from the right, and Mega Man will be
        transported to a hidden room with the Bolt.
    Grenade Man's Stage
    13. Reaching the Bolt in the room with the crates can be a little tricky. Try
        to destroy the crates without causing the metal ones to fall down (as you
        cannot blow those up). Work your way down, then to the right, and you'll
        spy the Bolt. Use the crates and the Mega Ball to collect it.
    14. You will find this one without an ounce of trouble! Jump from each time
        bomb to reach a ledge with the Bolt.
    15. This Bolt is stashed behind some flammable crates after the first set of
        swinging hammers. Slash the fuse with the Flame Sword to eliminate the
    16. During the Flaming Met sequence, move fast enough to reach the Bolt before
        the boxes explode.
    17. Go right, after the previous Bolt. Again, move quick to get it!
    Frost Man's Stage
    18. Right before you hear "Slide! Slide!" for the second time in the first
        snowboard ride, the path splits into two. Slide under the top path to find
        the Bolt.
    19. The second Bolt in Frost Man's stage can be a pain to acquire. Somewhere
        in the first snowboard ride, you will start to find ice platforms that
        collapse as you dash over them. At one point, there's two platforms (each
        made of two "tiles"). Instead of jumping off the second platform, ride
        forward, and you should land on the ledge hiding the Bolt.
    20. Look for it on a ledge in the city after the first snowboard ride. Use the
        Mega Ball or Tornado Hold to hop up there.
    21. Soon after the previous Bolt, you'll spot this one behind a block of ice.
        To destroy it, continue right to find a machine with an ice block beside
        it. Push the button down on that machine, and ride the block to the Bolt.
    22. As soon as you enter the "tower" area, use Astro Crush to smash the ice
        floor. Go down, and destroy the ice block to get your Bolt.
    23. In the tower, look out for an ice block containing a Bolt as you climb up.
        Smash the ice with a Flash Bomb, and grab the Bolt.
    Mountain Stage
    24. As soon as you enter the first screen inside the mountain, use the Mega
        Ball to reach the pink ladder at the top of the screen. Head left through
        the enemies, and nab the Bolt.
    25. Simply continue right from the previous location, and swing from the bar
        using the Thunder Claw to reach the item.
    Aqua Man's Stage
    26. After you defeat the mid-boss, you will come across a short tunnel with a
        cracked ceiling. Use Astro Crush to destroy the ceiling. Climb up the
        ladders to the Bolt.
    27. If you destroyed that ceiling, the next room will have more water in it
        than usual. Swim to the surface of the water, and continue right over the
        spiked floor into a hidden room. Proceed until you are forced to go down.
        Look around for a platform with a Bolt.
    28. In the flooded area with the spiked balls, head to the lower-right corner
        to find a spiked ball blocking a hidden room. Use Tornado Hold to move it
        out your way to get the Bolt.
    29. Right after the previous Bolt, you will be forced to go down an area with
        several of those time bombs. Keep to the left, and you should be able to
        land on a ledge with the Bolt.
    Sword Man's Stage
    30. It's guarded by a Flaming Met in the third screen of the Thunder Claw
    31. Check the first screen of the Flash Bomb area.
    32. Collecting this particular Bolt can be a nasty task. On the lava ride,
        scan the ceiling for a large chunk of rock with the Flash Bomb symbol on
        it. Obviously, hit it with a Flash Bomb to remove the rock and reveal a
        ladder leading to a treasure room. Climb up to find your prize.
    Search Man's Stage
    33. In the first wide open area with the hooks, check the very lower-right
        corner to find a small room with a Bolt.
    34. In the room right after the previous Bolt, proceed on the ground, slash
        through the spiked barriers with the Flame Sword, and collect the Bolt.
    35. Return to the beginning of the same room you found the last Bolt in, and
        go up the ladders instead of moving along the ground. Destroy the first
        spiked barrier you see with the Flame Sword. Here's the hard part. Deploy
        Tornado Hold on the same ledge where you just destroyed that spiked thing.
        Jump on the whirlwind to ride up and find another hook. Quickly switch to
        Thunder Claw, and swing from from each of the three hooks. Continue on to
        get the Bolt.
    36. You will see this one sitting on a really small ledge next to two hooks
        over a floor of spikes. Swing from the hooks to grab it.
    Astro Man's Stage
    37. This one is found in the first maze. If you need help with this maze (or
        the second one), check out NickWhiz1's excellent guide at:
    38. Slide under to reach the Bolt as you're climbing up the sinking tower.
    39. It's found right before the teleporter to the second maze.
    40. You will find this Bolt in the second maze. Again, check NickWhiz1's guide
        for help, if you need it.
     =~   7)   BOSS STRATEGIES                                                ~=
    Here are tips on the bosses...
    <<<   [7.1]   BOSS ORDER                                                   >>>
      This is my suggested order for taking on the Robot Masters.
    Group 1
    1. Tengu Man
    2. Clown Man
    3. Grenade Man
    4. Frost Man
    Group 2
    1. Aqua Man
    2. Sword Man
    3. Search Man
    4. Astro Man
    <<<   [7.2]   TELEPORTER LAYOUT                                            >>>
      This is a "map" of the teleporter room you encounter in Dr. Wily's castle.
     ___     ___   ___     ___
    |   |   |   | |   |   |   |     1. Tengu Man
    | 1 |   | 2 | | 3 |   | 4 |     2. Frost Man
    |___|   |___| |___|   |___|     3. Astro Man
     ___     ___   ___     ___      4. Sword Man
    |   |   |   | |   |   |   |     5. Clown Man
    | 5 |   | 6 | | 7 |   | 8 |     6. Grenade Man
    |___|   |___| |___|   |___|     7. Search Man
                                    8. Aqua Man
    <<<   [7.3]   ROBOT MASTERS                                                >>>
    Tengu Man
    Weakness: Ice Wave
    Receive: Tornado Hold
      Although the Ice Wave may be this arrogant boss's weakness, you're much
    better off sticking to the Mega Buster. Hitting an airborne foe with a ground
    weapon like the Ice Wave isn't exactly easy!
      Tengu Man has three main attacks, with the most dangerous being Tornado
    Hold. Just run away from the propeller, and hope Mega Man doesn't get caught
    in it. If you do, Tengu Man will hit you once, and then slam you into the
    ground, dealing even more harm. His other wind attack traps Mega Man and sends
    him flying backwards. If you're too close to one of the gaps in this room,
    chances are you will die. As soon as you hear Tengu Man say "Here you go,"
    that means he's going to do a dive attack. Once he passes by, he'll try to
    land at wherever Mega Man is standing.
      If you are fighting Tengu Man as the first boss (as I suggested), simply
    keep charging up the Mega Buster and hit him with charged shots. That's really
    all there is to this fight!
    Clown Man
    Weakness: Tornado Hold
    Receive: Thunder Claw
      You can tell Capcom is starting to run out of boss ideas here...
      Clown Man's worst attack is when he grabs ahold of the bar at the top and
    swings around the entire room. Use the Tornado Hold to tangle up Clown Man
    into a neat ball, and take advantage of his misfortune by blasting him (either
    with the Tornado Hold or the Mega Buster). His Thunder Carnival attack can be
    easily evaded by sliding, and Thunder Claw is pretty pathetic. As long as you
    keep moving, you won't have to worry about it.
    Grenade Man
    Weakness: Thunder Claw
    Receive: Flash Bomb
      Maybe it's just me, but I think this guy has the best voice! ^_^
      Anyway, as you might expect, Grenade Man is all about using explosives. His
    Flash Bomb isn't terribly difficult to dodge, but if you hit the bomb with the
    Thunder Claw, it'll hit Grenade Man and damage him. It doesn't do any more
    damage; it's just something you can do for fun. In most cases, Grenade Man
    drops a couple grenades after he passes over your head.
      Once his energy meter reaches a low level, Grenade Man demolishes the floor
    and leads you to a room with a Snake Man-style floor design. By this time his
    life is so low, it doesn't really matter!
    Frost Man
    Weakness: Flame Sword
    Receive: Ice Wave
      The only problem I think you will have here is dodging Frost Man's jumps.
    Obviously, his immense size doesn't help you much there...
      To pass his Ice Wave attack, simply jump at the right time. Whenever he
    starts to accumulate ice on his fists, back off so his ice punch misses. Frost
    Man's third (and final) attack is pounding the ground and causing the ice
    blocks at the top of the screen to fall one by one.
      Because the Flash Bomb's explosion lasts for so long, chances are each bomb
    will count as two hits against Frost Man, making this fight really easy.
    Occasionally, a Flash Bomb will stun the boss.
    Aqua Man
    Weakness: Astro Crush
    Receive: Water Balloon
      Yes, Capcom did encounter legal trouble due to the fact this Robot Master
    has the same name as our favorite nautical superhero...
      Aqua Man is easy enough just with the Mega Buster and even easier if you
    have Astro Crush. Hopefully, by this time you have the H. Speed Charge part.
      Like most bosses, Aqua Man has three different attacks. The easiest way to
    evade his Water Balloons is by staying as far away as possible. Whenever he
    uses his water cannon, step back a bit, watch to see where the gap in the
    water's path is, and then jump in that gap. The last attack is raising a water
    column, and then smashing it. As long as you don't stay under it, you're fine.
    Sword Man
    Weakness: Water Balloon
    Receive: Flame Sword
      Yes, the weak Water Balloon actually comes in handy for one fight! Make sure
    that when you fire it, you aim for Sword Man's upper half. Similarly to the
    other Robot Masters, it's possible for Sword Man to be stunned by the weapon
    for a few seconds.
      It seems that Sword Man's most often used attack is fire flash, where he
    disconnects his upper half and spins to a side of the room. Then he will spin
    back to the rest of his body. His Flame Sword has some decent range to it, so
    back up before he slashes. At rare times, Sword Man will surround himself in
    an aura of fire. Of course, don't touch him; just wait until the barrier goes
    Search Man
    Weakness: Flame Sword
    Receive: Homing Sniper
      Due to the Flame Sword's short range, you will be forced to get up close and
    personal when battling Search Man. Most of his attacks involve launching
    missiles all over the room, and sometimes he will deploy a spinning disc that
    bounces from wall to wall. A smack from the Flame Sword will stop it. Whenever
    three bushes appear, torch them with your Flame Sword. One of them contains
    Search Man, while the other two have dummies. If you don't happen to find
    Search Man in time, he'll unleash his Homing Sniper attack.
    Astro Man
    Weakness: Homing Sniper
    Receive: Astro Crush
      Nothing too difficult here seeing as how the Homing Sniper does allof the
    work for you. However, Astro Man's orbs can trick the Homing Sniper's lock-on
    ability into hitting an orb, which doesn't affect Astro Man. Fire a couple
    missiles at a time to ensure a hit.
      Astro Man mainly sticks to doing two things. His orbs will revolve in a
    circle while shooting you, and when he starts blinking around the top of the
    screen, he's about to deploy Astro Crush. The meteors don't fall that fast, so
    you should have sufficient time to dodge them.
    <<<   [7.4]   DR. WILY                                                     >>>
    Skull Pods
    Weakness: Mega Ball
      This boss is certainly...unique! There are four pods that appear at the top
    of the screen, and there's also thin barriers between each one. Your objective
    is to hit the pod with the eyes that was moving about when you first entered
    the room. Your best chance at hitting it is with the Mega Ball, as long as you
    aim your kicks carefully!
      When the four pods lower themselves down, three of the pods will drop to the
    ground one by one (the "real" one stays hanging from the ceiling). One pod is
    a crate containing weapon energy capsules, so destroy it if you need some
    extra energy. The other two pods come in a green or purple variety. Green ones
    launch two missiles, while the purple ones toss bouncing bombs. In rare
    instances, you will find a dummy pod that looks similar to the real deal.
    Destroy it, and you'll unleash a damaging shockwave. If you have the H. Speed
    Charge with the Arrow Shot or Laser Shot, you can quickly destroy the decoy
    pods and leave yourself with ample time to smack the real pod with a Mega
    Weakness: Flash Bomb
      To defeat Wily's goofy spacecraft, you must hit the exposed panels whenever
    the "arms" of the ship extend. The Flash Bomb seems to be the most effective
    weapon here, although the Mega Buster can also work just fine. One interesting
    thing to note is that the Flash Bomb's explosion slowly floats backwards after
    impact. That may prove to be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the
      The Starfighter starts off every round by dispatching a load of mines that
    fly in your general direction. It doesn't take much to blow them up. Keep in
    mind that sometimes they drop weapon energy or life energy capsules! When the
    arms extend, they will either shoot lasers or missiles. And sometimes, all
    four arms will extend. In that case, the entire ship comes flying forward,
    hoping to smash you. Once a section take enough hits, it starts smoking and
    stays extended. Then you must attack the other arms!
    Bass & Treble
    Weakness: Mega Buster
      After Bass is finished pointing at Mega Man, he uses the evil energy to fuse
    himself with Treble (similarly to what happened in Mega Man 7). Again, like
    everyone else, Bass is limited to three attacks. When Bass lands on the
    ground, he will fire two charged shots at you and then fly up again. In his
    "powerup" status, one of two attacks occur. If he charges up in the very
    center of the room, he's about to unleash an Astro Crush-esque deluge of
    shots. It is possible to dodge them, but you need to time your jump at
    precisely the right time to do it. His final attack is an energy ray. Bass
    moves to a side of the screen while in the air and dashes across (listen for
    "Feel it!").
      Unfortunately, the only weapon that does any good is the Mega Buster. But,
    seeing as how Bass is a mid-boss, I guess you can't expect much...
    Green Devil
    Weakness: Thunder Claw
      Remember that crazy Rock Monster from Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 3? Well, he's
    back, although in a slightly different form... To reach the eye of the beast,
    you must continuously fire at the body. Each shot will slowly erode the slime.
    Once the eye's expose, shock it with the Thunder Claw. You should be able to
    get in two hits before the slime shields the eye again.
      When the Green Devil's body sinks through the floor, the eye appears at the
    top of the screen and executes a random attack. Most of these can be easily
    avoided by moving around. Of course, the Green Devil has his signature move of
    transporting his body piece by piece from one side of the room to the other.
    Watch the varying speeds the pieces move at, and slide and jump accordingly.
    Dr. Wily's Ship (First Form)
    Weakness: Water Balloon
      You will have to be quick here, as you'll be bombarded with a couple things
    to do all at once. The Water Balloon seems to work best here, but there's no
    really no clear cut winner as to what to use. Aim for the cockpit where Wily
    is sitting at.
      The rotating device on the side of the ship does three things: fire shots in
    random directions, fire a purple shot that splits in two when it hits the
    ground, and disconnect itself from the ship and fling itself at you. One
    attack you *must* watch out for is the laser cannon. When it begins to charge,
    shoot it with a charged Mega Buster round (or whatever you choose). This will
    stop the cannon from firing. As long as you do that, you'll last a lot longer.
    Dr. Wily's Ship (Second Form)
    Weakness: Flame Sword
      Thankfully for you, Capcom learned from its previous mistake in Mega Man 7
    and made this version of Wily's saucer easier...
      While the Flame Sword does the most damage, I doubt you will want to get
    that close to Wily in order to harm him. I'd recommend sticking to the Mega
    Buster, if possibly.
      Most of Dr. W's attacks are the same as they were in the previous game. The
    purple shots, like in the last battle, split in two upon impact with the
    ground. The best method I've found to dodge these attacks is to shoot Wily
    from the other side of the room. The further you're away from him, the more
    you'll have to react to his shots.
      One last tip: USE YOUR RUSH ITEMS! This may be obvious, but these items can
    definitely turn the battle around for you!
    <<<   [7.5]   MISCELLANEOUS                                                >>>
    Mecha Crab
    Location: Intro Stage
    Weakness: Mega Ball
    Receive: N/A
      Being the first boss, this robot shouldn't pose any trouble. Kick a Mega
    Ball in its face to expose the weakpoint. Then, just keep shooting in more
    Mega Balls to damage it. It won't take long to defeat it!
      Most of the Mecha Crab's attacks are easily dodge by sliding. Never stay too
    close to it, however, as it will grasp Mega Man in its claws! If that happens,
    press buttons rapidly to break free.
    Bear Bot
    Location: Clown Man's Stage
    Weakness: Mega Ball
    Receive: Rush Item
      As long as you attack with the Mega Ball, this battle is a breeze. The ball
    can also bounce around destroy whatever robots this toy sends out. When you
    destroy it, you get the Rush Item.
    Junk Bot
    Location: Grenade Man's Stage
    Weakness: Mega Ball
    Receive: Rush Cycle
      Like the previously listed mid-boss, this one is simply to beat. The Mega
    Ball can punch through this bot's junk shield, so you won't need to waste time
    by shooting up all of those junk parts.
    Location: Mountain Stage
    Weakness: Flash Bomb
    Receive: N/A
      Duo has no energy meter, so just go crazy with the Flash Bombs! His attacks
    are limited down to two things: bouncing around the room (he will say "Get
    ready!" before he does that) and punching the ground, releasing a small
    Piranha Bot
    Location: Aqua Man's Stage
    Weakness: Flash Bomb
    Receive: Rush Aid
      This is probably the strangest battle in the whole game... Through the
    entire fight, you will be falling down a waterfall, and there are log
    platforms scattered about. The Piranha Bot will pop out of the water and
    usually do one of two things: smack Mega Man with a punching glove, or drop a
    bomb on Mega Man's head. If you're using Flash Bombs, remember that they will
    fly upwards at an angle. Use that to your advantage!
    Wall Bot
    Location: Sword Man's Stage
    Weakness: Flash Bomb
    Receive: Rush Bomb
      Just aim your Flash Bombs at the boss's crystal when it's exposed. When the
    robot takes enough damage, a hammer bot appears and destroys the main floor,
    leaving only three tiny platforms for you to stay on. By that time, it should
    take one Flash Bomb to finish the job.
     =~   8)   GAMESHARK CODES                                                ~=
    This section contains codes used for the GameShark cheating device.
    801b1eb00001 -- Get Mega Ball
    801b1eb80001 -- Get Thunder Claw
    801b1ecc0001 -- Get Homing Sniper
    801b1ebc0001 -- Get Ice Wave
    801b1ec40001 -- Get Water Balloon
    801b1ec80001 -- Get Flame Sword
    801b1ec00001 -- Get Tornado Hold
    801b1ed00001 -- Get Astro Crush
    801b1eb40001 -- Get Flash Bomb
    801b1ece2800 -- Infinite Homing Sniper
    801b1ebe2800 -- Infinite Ice Wave
    801b1ec62800 -- Infinite Water Balloon
    801b1eca2800 -- Infinite Flame Sword
    801b1ec22800 -- Infinite Tornado Hold
    801b1ed22800 -- Infinite Astro Crush
    801b1eb62800 -- Infinite Flash Bomb
    801b1eb22800 -- Infinite Mega Ball
    801b1eba2800 -- Infinite Thunder Claw
    500009040000 + -- Have all weapons 
    500009040000 + -- Infinite weapons 
     =~   9)   CREDITS                                                        ~=
    This section is here to recognize those who have contributed to this FAQ.
    GameShark.com - For the GameShark codes.
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