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    Pro Action Replay Codes by IFerrel

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                                  PAR CODE GUIDE
                                Megaman 7 PAR SNES 
    1 Disclaimer
    2 PAR Codes
    3 Legal stuff
    4 Thanks
    1 Disclaimer
    I'm not responsible for what happens if any use the codes 
    and cause damage to your game of course if used the way describe
    here nothing bad happens  
    2 PAR Codes
    *For the have weapon code you need to activate both the Inf Energy code
    and the have weapon code,also if you activate the weapons the game
    think you already defeat those robots.
    *For the invincibility code you need to deactivate the code in the
    end of the stage or else the game will crash, also deactivate
    the code to make Rush Coil work. 
    7e0b81 09=Inf Lives
    7e0c2e 1c=Inf energy
    7e0c5f ef=Full Charge
    7e0c2f 29=Invincible (blinking)
    Versus Mode
    7e19ee 1c=Inf Energy P2
    7e0c2e 1c=Inf energy P1
                          Have Weapon   Inf Weapon
    Freeze Cracker        7e0b84 ff     7e0b85 9c
    Thunder Bolt          7e0b86 ff     7e0b87 9c
    Junk Shield           7e0b88 ff     7e0b89 9c
    Scorch Wheel          7e0b8a ff     7e0b8b 9c
    Slash Claw            7e0b8c ff     7e0b8d 9c
    Noise Crush           7e0b8e ff     7e0b8f 9c
    Danger Wrap           7e0b90 ff     7e0b91 9c
    Wild Coil             7e0b92 ff     7e0b93 9c
    Proto Shield          7e0b94 ff     7e0b95 9c
    Rush Search           7e0b96 ff     7e0b97 9c
    Rush Jet              7e0b98 ff     7e0b99 9c
    Rush Coil                           7e0b9b 9c
    Beat (Removed)        7e0b9c ff     7e0b9d 9c
    Super Adapter         7e0b9e ff     7e0b9f 9c
    Energy Tank           7e0ba0 04
    Weapon Tank           7e0ba1 04
    Super Tank            7e0ba2 01
    Beat (Inf,Have)       7e0ba3 84
    Full Package*         7e0b9c ff
    Full Package*
    Exit Adaptor
    Mega Bolt  
    Energy Balancer
    Rocket Punch Adaptor
    Megaman 7 is property of capcom
    This PAR Code guide is (c) IVAN FERREL
    4 Thanks
    Gamefaqs the best site for game information
    Myself for making the PAR codes IVAN FERREL

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