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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shaboogie25

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    A Shaboogie25 FAQ/Walkthrough for...
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                 @@     @@     @@@@@ @@@@       @@@@ @@@@@        @@@@@@
                            ASCII Art by Jeff "Atom Edge" Chan
    [Title          : Mega Man   ]
    [System         : NES        ]
    [Author         : Shaboogie25]
    [Version        : 1.         ]
    [Last Update    : 2-13-03    ]
    This document is Copyright (C) 2003 Shaboogie25. It is not to be used by
    anyone without the author's permission or sold in any way, shape or form.
    This includes publishing, putting on cd or DVD, or giving it for profit.
    No money is to be made from this FAQ. No sites shall post this FAQ on
    their site with the exception of;
    GameFaqs.com (http://wwww.GameFaqs.com)
    This document is NEVER to be posted on _CheatCC.com_, nor are any other
    Faqs written by myself. If this is found posted on said site, action
    shall be taken.
    This document is _MY_ original work, and it is _NOT TO BE PLAGIARISED_
    by anyone. No excerpts are to be taken from this FAQ, unless an exception
    is made and permission is given to those who requested. This FAQ is not
    to be posted on any message boards or forums on the web. This is
    considered stealing and those who stole it will be punished.
    Copyright (C) 2003 Shaboogie25.
    ------Version History-------
    .9 [February 5, 2003]
    Got started on the FAQ and have most of it completed. All that’s left is
    the second part of the walkthrough section. Please note that the only
    reason I am sending this in as it is, is because I am having trouble
    sticking with writing, and I figure if I get a FAQ posted I will be
    motivated to stick with it. Hope it works!
    1. [February 13, 2003]
    Went through the FAQ looking for errors, and fixed them. More updates coming
    soon! Also added a quick bit to my introduction.
                                    Table of Contents
      I. Introduction
     II. Game Basics
         _o Story
         _o Controls
         _o Weapons
         _o Items
    III. Walkthrough
         _o Guts man
         _o Cuts man
         _o Elecman
         _o Iceman
         _o Fireman
         _o Bomb man
     IV. Walkthrough (Part II)
         _o Stage One
         _o Stage Two
         _o Stage Three
         _o Stage Four
      V. Contacting Me
     VI. Credits
    VII. Closing
    .                               I. Introduction                              -
    Welcome to my newest FAQ/Walkthrough, written for Mega Man on the NES. I
    chose this game because I know it well and wanted to help others with it. I
    also wrote for it because it was a great game, and I really enjoy playing
    it. This FAQ is meant for one thing, to help the people who need help
    with the game. I hope this FAQ can do that.
    I would normally write about the game and its history or something
    similar, but I won't be doing that this time, only because this game is
    about 16 years ago :) Anyway I hope this FAQ helps you with all problems
    that you may have, and that it helps you have the most fun possible
    with this game.
    I feel now for some reason that in all my FAQs and future FAQs, that I should
    add this quick note. I would like all people to know that I do not write FAQs
    for any recognition or praise from others. I write FAQs only to help people
    with gaming problems that they may have in each game I decide to write for.
    I notice that some of the newer writers (I am also new) are writing FAQs only
    so they can be recognized as a contributor or to get praise from other writers
    about their FAQs. I do not feel the need to do this, and I will never attempt
    to compete with others or try to be the best. I just felt like people should
    know why I write FAQs, and that I don't want recognition or praise. Thanks
    for listening, now on to the FAQ!!
    .                              II. Game Basics                               -
             _o Story
    This is the story taken from the instruction manual. I did not write this.
    It's MEGA MAN versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of
    Monsteropolis -- that strange multi-faceted land of robot-like Humanoids.
    Brilliant scientist Dr. Wright conceived the construction of
    fully-operational human-like experimental robots to perform specific
    everyday duties. Dr. Wright, and his assistant Dr. Wily, encouraged with
    their very first near human robot -- MEGA MAN -- proceeded to develop
    six additional Humanoids, all programmed to perform prescribed rituals:
    Cut man: Designed to
    function as a lumberjack.
    Powerful saw-toothed Scissor like
    instrument protrudes from head, cap-
    able of gnawing through giant forest
    Iceman: Impervious to chilling
    sub-zero temperatures, capable
    of human like performances under
    extreme climatic conditions.
    Guts man: A bulldozing character
    capable of lifting and transporting
    huge boulders.
    Bomb man: A real "blaster" as a
    heavy duty laborer who uses intensely
    powerful explosives to clear lands for
    Dr. Wright's construction projects.
    Fireman: Melts and molds metals with
    flame throwing torch flaring from atop
    his head.
    Elecman: Dr. Wright's electrifying
    creation planned for conducting
    electrical operations even supervising
    nuclear power plants.
    But, with the exception of MEGA MAN, all of Dr. Wright's near-human
    robot  experimentation went awry.  Assistant Dr. Wily turned disloyal,
    re-programming Dr. Wright's Humanoids, now bent on destroying opposition
    so Dr. Wily could control the world and its resources.
    Resisting re-programming, MEGA MAN is chosen the defender of the
    universe and its inhabitants. MEGA MAN dares to single-handedly penetrate
    seven separate empires of Monsteropolis, eliminating the leaders
    and followers of these sovereignties.
    Get ready for some very exciting challenges!
            _o Controls
    D-Pad............................................Move Character
    A Button.........................................Jump
    B Button.........................................Fire Weapon
    Select...........................................Pause Game
    Start............................................Bring up Menu
            _o Weapons
    Mega Buster     - Your main weapon.
    Hyper Bombs     - Receive after defeating Bomb man.
    Super Arm       - Receive after defeating Guts man.
    Rolling Cutters - Receive after defeating Cuts man.
    Thunder Beam    - Receive after defeating Elecman.
    Ice Slasher     - Receive after defeating Iceman.
    Fire Storm      - Receive after defeating Fireman.
             _o Items
    Yellow Energy Pellet  - Restore Mega Man's health meter. The bigger they
                            are, the more health you get back.
    Blue Energy Pellet    - Restores the energy in Mega Man's weapons. The
                            bigger they are, the more energy you get.
    Yasashi               - Found before the final battles, it will restore
                            your weapons to maximum power.
    Life                  - Mega Man's head. These items will give you an
                            extra life.
    .                              III. Walkthrough                              -
            _o Bomb man
    Once the stage begins, a few little red things will attack you. Shoot them
    and take whatever they leave behind. Continue on and jump over the holes
    where enemies jump out of. Continue through the level, taking out any
    enemies you may encounter along the way. Keep going until you reach the
    ladder. Once you do, go up it.
    There will be four robots here, each are hanging on the wall to the left.
    Climb to the top of the ladder, and take out the robot there on top. Head
    down the ladder and take out the others, one at a time. There are energy
    pellets at the bottom of the ladder if you get that hurt. Head back to the
    top of the ladder, and go up the next one.
    Once you reach the top of this ladder, a green robot will attack you. This
    guy has a shield, which he will take away when you stop shooting at him.
    At this time, he will shoot at you, with a few seconds in-between. Jump
    over his shots, get in a few shots of your own, and repeat. Once he is
    defeated, continue forward until you reach an area with missile-like objects
    flying through the air. Stand at a distance and shoot them, or you will be
    damaged by the explosion they cause when shot.
    There will be more of the robots you saw before on the ladder, the red
    ones. Take them out and continue on. Reach the ladder and climb it,
    but be sure to avoid the missiles on your way up. There will be red things
    on the floor once you reach the top. Shoot them to free them, and continue
    up the next ladder. Move quickly up the ladder to outrun any missiles that
    are following you. Jump across the three blocks and climb the next ladder.
    The floor in this next area is lined with spikes that take out Mega Man
    in one hit. There are also some red ball things flying around, that
    cannot be damaged until they open the shell and shoot at you. They can
    shoot in any direction as they can move 360 degrees around. Proceed with
    caution over the spikes, and kill the red balls as you go. Make your way
    to the ladder, and climb it, and jump off to the right so you land on a
    platform with a green robot holding a shield. Defeat him and take the
    extra life, and head back the way you came. Head right and defeat this
    last green robot.
    Head into Bomb man’s lair and go down the ladder. Kill the enemies down
    here and prepare to fight Bomb man.
    Bomb man isn't very hard, so you shouldn't have any problems. He will
    basically jump all around and throw bombs at you. Avoid the bombs, keep
    a safe distance and don't stop moving. Just keep shooting at him and
    avoiding his bombs until he is defeated. Once you defeat him, you will
    receive the Hyper Bomb weapon, and you will go to the next level,
    Guts man.
            _o Guts man
    When you start this level, you will be attacked by some yellow enemies
    called Metools. Defeat them by shooting when they open their shells to
    fire at you. Continue up to the structure with the moving platforms on
    it after defeating the Metools. When a platform comes close to you,
    jump on it. Keep jumping from platform to platform and find your way
    across to the other side. After making your way across, head right and
    kill the green flying things that come after you.
    Continue right and you will find two guys who will throw rock picks
    at you. Defeat them and move on to the next set. Defeat the first guy,
    then jump on his platform and take out the second one, then head down
    into the ditch.
    There are three paths to choose here, and it's entirely up to you. I
    always chose the middle path for some reason, not sure why, put choose
    whichever way you like and collect the items along your fall. Continue
    heading down and you will run into a large blue robot. Watch out when
    he jumps, because he will take away a lot of your energy. Kill him and
    continue to the right. Kill the Metools and enter Guts man’s lair.
    Guts man is quite easy if you use Hyper Bomb, the weapon you won after
    defeating Bomb man. Just keep throwing the bombs where you think he will
    be when they explode, as they blow up a few seconds after they land.
    Avoid the rocks that Guts man throws at you, and keep bombing him. After
    three bombs, he will be defeated, and you will be rewarded with his
    weapon, the Super Arm. Now move on to the next level.
            _o Cuts man
    At the start, go up the ladder and head right. Defeat the flying blue
    guys and continue right, taking out the enemies and picking up the
    items they drop. You will soon run into two of the red robots seen in
    the first level, the ones hanging on the walls. Kill both of these guys
    and go up the ladder on the right. Kill the next set of three of the
    red guys on the walls, and keep going up the ladders. Go up the ladder
    on the right and you will be in an area practically the same as the
    last. Kill the guys on the wall and go up the next ladder.
    Kill the guy on the wall as you climb the ladder, then jump over the
    ditch and climb the next ladder. Kill the next red guy on the wall, and
    jump up to the platform and kill the next one. Go up the next ladder and
    head right.
    Kill the little eye-things and the red things that jump and head up the
    next ladder. Be careful of the four flying eyes in the next area, because
    they go everyone. Avoid them and take them out carefully, then head up the
    next ladder. The next area is the same, except there are only three eyeballs,
    but they are more difficult to kill. Pick up the items they drop and head to
    the next area.
    This next area has five eyeballs, and you are in a small area. Be cautious
    while killing them, as it is a bit difficult. They will try to force you in
    a corner, so watch out. Go up the ladder on the left once you dispose of all
    five eyeballs.
    Watch out for the scissors flying at you as you come up the ladder. Head
    right once you reach the top, and kill the flying blue things. Head down the
    small path and get the energy pellet, then go down the next ladder. You will
    encounter some of the floating red guys from the Bomb man level, so take them
    out. Head down the next ladder, and keep going until you reach the next area.
    Be warned that if you jump into the ditches, you will land on spikes in the
    next area.
    In this final area, you will find another one of the large blue robots that
    jump. Equip the Super Arm and pick up the blocks from under you. Throw them
    at him, and after three hits he will go down. Head right and into Cuts man’s
    lair. Take out the guns that come out of the floor and ceiling, and head
    into the next area with the Super Arm equipped.
    There are to blocks under you as you walk in, and these are all you need to
    defeat Cuts man. Pick them up and throw them at him, but make sure you don't
    miss, because these are the only blocks in here. If you do miss, you will
    have to resort to the Mega Buster. Just keep avoiding his scissors and
    blasting away. He will soon go down and you are rewarded with the Rolling
    Cutters. Now head into the next area.
            _o Elecman
    At the beginning you will see four platforms. Two on each side and at
    different heights. Shoot the red crawlers to freeze them, the jump up the
    platforms moving back and forth until you reach the top platform with the
    ladder on it. Once you reach this spot, climb the ladder into the next area.
    At the top are another set of two red crawlers, so just freeze them and go
    up the next ladder at the top.
    In this area, there are two blocks that will shoot electricity with a few
    seconds in between. You must jump up them, but make sure the timing is right.
    You must jump when they are not electrified, then jump to the next. Head up
    the ladder at the top and you will be attacked by three green robots that
    float from the top and bottom of the ladder. When you get close, eyes will
    pop out of them and shoot electricity at you. You will probably be hit a lot
    here, but just keep moving up the ladder as fast as you can. Keep going until
    the next area.
    You will now see blocks that disappear and reappear in the area. Take notice
    of the pattern in which they appear and disappear, and make your way across
    them by jumping at the right times. Make your way all the way to the right
    and climb the ladder at the right. The next area is similar, in that the
    blocks in the bridge disappear and reappear. Make your way across and climb
    the ladder, then climb the next ladder on the left.
    In the next area, do not attempt to get the energy pellet in the small hole;
    you won't be able to get back up. Just jump up the blocks in this area and
    make your way to the next ladder. Climb up the ladder and you will need to
    make a choice. There are two ladders here; one on the left and one on the
    right. Take the right ladder and climb up. You will run into more green
    robots, which you need to dispose of or run from. The next area has some
    ladders and the things that shoot electricity. Go up the ladder and time it
    so you won't be hit by any electricity. Continue up to the next area.
    Go left and head up the ladder. There will be a blue gun behind some blocks.
    You need the Super Arm equipped here to move the three blocks blocking the
    gun. The gun will shoot temporary platforms that help you get too hard to
    reach places. This is called the Magnet Beam. Keep going and head up the
    ladder on the right side. There are some of the things that shoot electricity
    in here, so avoid them and continue up the ladder. Head up the next set of
    ladders but watch out for the electricity shooter at the top. There is a red
    thing in here that will jump around a lot. Get him down the ladder and take
    him out. Use the Super Arm to move the block and then equip the Magnet Beam.
    Use it to get to the next area.
    Jump up the set of blocks in this area and head to the next ladder. Climb it
    to the top and avoid the electricity shooters. Go up to the next area and
    kill the red jumping thing inside. Continue on into Elecman's lair. Make
    sure you have at least three quarters of your health, as Elecman is tough.
    Climb the ladder here while avoiding the electricity charges, and prepare to
    fight Elecman.
    Elecman is hard. Actually very hard. Use your Rolling Cutters in this fight,
    and be careful as he only needs about three hits to kill you in this fight.
    Fire the scissors at him quickly and avoid him as much as possible. Keep
    firing constantly and don't stop, as you need to take him out quick. Get him
    down before he hits you three times and you win. You will be rewarded with the
    Thunder Beam, and you can proceed to the next level.
             _o Iceman
    At the start, there will be a bunch of green robots running at you. Aim
    for the body, as it will kill them quicker and save you some trouble.
    Head to the right, killing robots along the way. Dive into the water
    and avoid the red things on the floor. There is also a bunch of flying
    penguins here, which you can either avoid or kill. It’s up to you. Get
    out of the water and kill off the rest of the penguins. Equip the
    Rolling Cutters and jump down the tube. Kill the red things on the floor
    and notice more disappearing and reappearing blocks. Memorize the pattern,
    and climb them to the top. Once you are there, take the tube down to the
    next area.
    Kill the guy on the floor in this area and watch this set of blocks until
    you memorize the pattern. Make your way across to the other side and
    continue right. There will be floating eye things everywhere in this area,
    and you need to take care of them.
    Here you must avoid all of their shots so you can stay in the air, and
    continue until you reach the next part with the penguins. It’s the same idea
    here, but you now must shoot the penguins as you go. You can use the Magnet
    Beam if you need help, but just finish that section and head right. Go down
    the pipe, grab the items, and down the next tube.
    Kill the large jumping robots in this area, and continue going right. Enter
    Iceman's lair and kill the flying penguins that attack you. Equip the
    Thunder Beam and head in to fight Iceman. Iceman will be a lot easier with
    the Thunder Beam, so make quick work of him. Just keep firing at him
    continuously until he is dead. When you defeat him, you will receive a
    new weapon, the Ice Slasher. Now continue on to the final stage of the
    first half of the game!
            _o Fireman
    When you start, there is a large group of ladders here, and there are
    guns emerging from the floor and ceiling. Head up the ladders and kill
    the guns as you go. Head right and go down the next set of ladders and
    kill the next guns you encounter. Jump over the lava and avoid the guys
    that come out of the lava, as they come after you and can take away
    some of your energy. Avoid the stream of fire in the floor, and
    head up the next ladder.
    Keep going up the next set of ladders in this area. It is no use trying
    to get to the energy pellets, because they are guarded by the fire guys
    that come from the floor. You will only lose energy and the pellets will
    only bring your energy back to what it was. Head up the next ladder into
    a new area. Here, you must avoid the fire guys that are standing here,
    while making your way to the end of the area. Grab the three energy
    pellets at the end of the area, and head right.
    Avoid the fire guys in this area, and head down the ladder on the
    bottom left. Head right and avoid the fire guys, and watch out for more
    of the guys that come from the lava and come after you. Once you reach
    a ladder, climb it to the top. Continue up the sets of ladders, killing
    the enemies that get in your way. Keep right, jump over the lava and
    prepare to enter Fireman's lair. Equip the Ice Slasher if you didn't
    already, and head inside.
    *The ceiling guns right before Fireman's lair will drop energy pellets
    if you are low on energy and need to recover.
    Fireman is actually very easy to beat. Just continuously fire the Ice
    Slasher at him. Don't worry if you get hit, you probably won't die. Just
    keep firing until he is dead. Upon defeat, you will receive his weapon,
    the Fire Storm. Now, prepare to head to the last half of the game, into
    Dr. Wily's castle!
    .                            IV. Walkthrough (Part II)                       -
           _o Stage One
    At the start you will encounter one of the large jumping robots, Avoid him
    and head right, where you will meet another of the same foe. You can avoid
    him to, just continue to the right. There is ANOTHER which you can avoid,
    or you can just beat him down for there being so many :) Use the Super Arm
    to move the blocks that block the path leading into the Castle. Continue
    right, avoiding the things that shoot fire from the ceiling, and keep going
    until you reach the ladder. Climb it up into the next area.
    Continue up the ladder in this area, and you will eventually come to some
    blocks that hold energy pellets behind them. Use the Super Arm to move the
    blocks, grab the pellets, and head down the ladder. Avoid the spikes at
    the bottom and jump from platform to platform, while avoiding the flying
    missiles. Head down the ladder on the left at the end.
    Here, you must jump from each top of the helicopter things, while avoiding
    all the shots that they shoot from their sides. This part can be very
    annoying, but if you stick with it you will eventually get it. Just don't
    give up and continue to the next part.
    After that part, head up the ladder and use the Magnet Beam to get to the
    top of the ditch. At the top, use it again at the left until you can reach
    where the ladder is. Head up the ladder and go right. You will now enter
    the Rock Monster's lair. Prepare for the fight!
    Run across the screen once you enter, and prepare for some fast dodging.
    Soon blocks will be flying around the room, coming form every which way.
    Use your best skills to avoid them, and equip the Elec Beam. Shoot his
    eye with it, and continuously press Select. If done correctly, he will
    go down in one hit. If not, retry when he forms again. Now prepare for
    stage two!
           _o Stage Two
    While on the platform where you start, move a little to the right and jump
    over the ditch. Kill the green helicopter flying things, and prepare to
    do it again. In fact, you will do it for the whole level! Just keep killing
    the green things and moving right. When you reach the end, you will fall
    through the floor, and will have to face Cuts man again! The three blocks
    are not here, so you will have to resort to blasting with the Mega Buster.
    Once he is dead, head left and you'll fall down through another floor. Now
    you are outside, and need to head right.
    Grab the energy pellets and continue right, destroying the guns that you meet.
    You will soon drop through another fake floor and will need to fight Elecman
    again! Defeat the same way this time and head left when he is dead. You'll
    end up falling down another fake floor. Head right at the bottom and avoid
    the robots that come from the floor.
    Keep going right continuously until you arrive at a ladder. Go down it and use
    the Magnet Beam to get the extra life on the left platform. Kill the eyeballs
    here and head down the next ladder. Keep heading down while killing the eyes,
    and you will end up fighting the eyes as well as the guys who hang onto the
    walls. Kill them as you continuously head down, while collecting any energy
    you come by. You will eventually reach a strange room where a portal will
    appear. This portal clones you and forces you to fight against yourself.
    Equip the Elec Beam and do the same trick you used on the Rock Monster with
    the Select button, or take him out with your normal weapon. Anyway, defeat
    him and continue to the next stage.
          _o Stage Three
    This is a pretty short level, and you're getting close to the final stage! You
    start off near three eye things, some of which block your path. Clear them
    away and jump into the hole. Use the Elec Beam to take down the gun on your
    left on the ceiling. Repeat this until you reach the narrow pathway. Go right
    and head down the path.
    Eventually the penguins from Iceman's level will come at you, but just take
    them out. Then the explosive things come after you, which you should shoot
    from a distance. Enter the doorway and fight the Bubble Machine inside. Kill
    it by using either the Super Arm or by simply blasting away with the Mega
    Buster. Once it is defeated, prepare to head to the final stage in the game!!
           _o Stage Four
    Welcome to the final stage! At the start, jump up to the blocks and climb
    the ladder to the top, trying to avoid the green guys along the way. At the
    top, kill the green guys that have electricity, and head right. Watch out
    for the guns, or just kill them. Keep going through and head up two ladders
    until you reach a very familiar place....just read back to Guts man for help.
    Grab the extra life on the platform and go into the teleporter. Prepare to
    face another old foe.
    You end up in a lair, and you must face Bomb man. Continuously blast him with
    the Mega Buster until he dies. Equip the Ice Slasher, head into the
    teleporter, and prepare to face Fireman once again. Just keep shooting him
    with the ice until he dies, then again head back to the teleporter. Your
    next fight with the Robot Masters is with Iceman. Use the Elec Beam and beat
    him down. Go back in the teleporter to face the last Robot Master, Guts man.
    Use Hyper Bombs to defeat him this last time. Head back into the teleporter
    once he is finally dead.
    In this room, head to the wall to the right. You must now face the final boss,
    Dr. Wily!! Equip the Elec Beam and shoot at the huge ball in front of the
    robot, then use the Select trick that you used against the Rock Monster and
    your clone. Once the ball falls off, a flashing ball appears where it was.
    Use the Rolling Cutters on it and use the Select trick one last time.
    Congratulations on beating this classic game, Mega Man!!
    .                              V. Contacting Me                              -
    If you wish to contact me, you can reach me at the following addresses:
    Please do not ask any questions that have answers found in the FAQ. I
    will not accept the e-mail unless the subject reads "Mega Man FAQ", as
    I receive tons of junk. Do not tell me how much you hate my work or how
    much I "suck", because it is immature and there is no reason for saying
    it. Also be intelligent, and ask things politely, instead of demanding
    that I help you.
    .                                VI. Credits                                 -
    I would like to use this space for thanking the following people.
    Jeff Chan (Atom Edge) for allowing me to use ASCII Art.
    CJayC for having the best gaming site out there.
    GameFAQs.com for posting this FAQ.
    GameFAQs.com for influencing me to write.
    Meowthnum1's FAQ for source material for the Story from the....
    ....instruction book.
    Scurty234 for giving me tips on my writing.
    All of the writers on GameFAQs who inspired me and whom I look up to.
    Anyone else who is connected to me or my FAQs, thanks.
    .                                 VII. Closing                               -
    Thanks for reading my FAQ, I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope it served
    it's purpose of helping you throughout this great game, Mega Man. This
    FAQ is currently incomplete, as the walkthrough is only half-finished. I
    will have the entire walkthrough posted in the next update, and will fix
    any errors that are found. Thanks again for reading, and watch for my
    upcoming FAQs, including:
    Metroid (NES)
    Lord of the Rings the Two Towers (PS2)
    Chrono Trigger (SNES)
    Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
    They will most likely be finished in that order, so keep an eye open!
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