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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NeoChozo

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    //version 2.0//						 //updated 12-17-2012//
    		      ============ MEGA MAN 4 ===========
    		      == (ROCKMAN 4: ARATANARU YABO!!) == 
    		      ========= STRATEGY GUIDE ==========
     		      ======= written by NeoChozo =======
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        Welcome to the Mega Man Network walkthrough and strategy guide for MEGA
        MAN 4, the third title in CAPCOM's original MEGA MAN series. This text 
        document covers all of the stage guides and other pertinent information 
        for completing this title. Use the index below as a reference guide,
        and visit Mega Man Network's MEGA MAN games section for more informat-
        ion on this game as well as information and walkthroughs for the other
        games in the series.
       == CONTENTS ==
       1. Introduction
       2. About This Game
       3. The Story So Far
       4. Recommended Order
       5. Weapons and Items
       6. Walkthrough
          A. Toad Man's Stage
          B. Bright Man's Stage
          C. Pharaoh Man's Stage
          D. Ring Man's Stage
          E. Dust Man's Stage
          F. Skull Man's Stage
          G. Dive Man's Stage
          H. Drill Man's Stage
          I. Cossack Citadel, Stage 1
          J. Cossack Citadel, Stage 2
          K. Cossack Citadel, Stage 3
          L. Cossack Citadel, Stage 4
          M. Skull Castle-4, Stage 1
          N. Skull Castle-4, Stage 2
          O. Skull Castle-4, Stage 3
          P. Skull Castle-4, Stage 4
       7. Item Locations
       8. Secrets and Tips
       9. Legal
    MEGA MAN 4 was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), though the
    title has been ported to numerous other platforms over the years, including the
    PlayStation (PSX), PlayStation 2 (PS2), PlayStation Store (PSS), the Xbox 
    (MXB), the GameCube (GCN), and more recently, the Wii Virtual Console (WVC). 
    Refer to the setup manual for more detailed information on your individual 
    == 2. ABOUT THIS GAME:
    MEGA MAN 4 follows less than a year after the release of MEGA MAN 3, and for 
    the most part is pretty much the same thing you've come to expect from the last
    three titles. For only the second time in the series, you actually have a co-
    herent plot that follows through the game, and in fact is the first time that
    an actual story sequence has shown Rock's conversion into Mega Man. 
    MEGA MAN 4 adds a few new features to the gameplay, much like how MEGA MAN 3 
    gave you the power to slide and the Rush Adapters. This time, you have the MEGA
    BUSTER, an upgrade to your Arm Cannon that allows you to store energy by hold-
    ing the Attack button for a more powerful blast. Secondly, while you still get 
    the Rush Adapters, there are two more power-up items to be found - the Balloon 
    and the Wire Adapters. Finally, the "extra stages" that were introduced in the 
    previous game are replaced here by another set of fortress levels, specifically
    Dr. Cossack's Citadel, as a way of moving the plot forward. Other than that, 
    it's the standard "defeat eight Robot Masters before moving to the end stages" 
    formula, and your classic style 2D sidescrolling Mega Man action.
    == 3. THE STORY SO FAR:
    It is the year 20XX... Mega Man, champion of peace, has ended Dr. Wily's plans
    to use the large peace-keeping robot named Gamma as an instrument for his third
    attempt at conquering the world. Mega Man only escaped the destruction when his
    mysterious brother, Proto Man, rescued him, but as far as everyone else is con-
    cerned, Dr. Wily was caught in the blast and is presumed dead.
    A year later, Mega Man and Dr. Light receive a letter from the unknown Russian 
    roboticist, Dr. Mikhail Cossack. Dr. Cossack claims he has created new Robot 
    Masters and sent them with a single mission: destroy Mega Man, to prove that HE
    is the world's foremost expert in robotic engineering. 
    With the safety of the world at stake once again and a price on his head this 
    time, Mega Man heads to the battlefield once again to put a stop to this new 
    enemy's ambition to take over the world.
    Like all of its predecessors, you'll face eight Robot Masters in any order of 
    your choice before advancing to the second half of the game. Each Robot Master 
    is weak to another's weapon, so the order proceeds in a "loop" pattern. You'll 
    use a weapon on another Robot Master and then use that weapon on another, and 
    so on until the loop is complete. Of course you can tackle the Robot Masters in
    any order you wish, but this one is the easiest to follow.
        ====		========			===============
        Toad Man		Mega Buster/Drill Bomb 		Rain Flush
        Bright Man		Rain Flush			Flash Stopper
        Pharaoh Man		Flash Stopper			Pharaoh Shot
        Ring Man		Pharaoh Shot		 	Ring Boomerang
        Dust Man	 	Ring Boomerang			Dust Crusher
        Skull Man		Dust Crusher			Skull Barrier
        Dive Man		Skull Barrier/Mega Buster	Dive Missile
        Drill Man		Dive Missile/Mega Buster	Drill Bomb
    NOTE: Like previous MEGA MAN games, some of the names differ in translation 
    (though the weapon names remain the same). If you are using this walkthrough 
    for the Japanese version, ROCKMAN 4, the name differences are as follows:
    		   	Proto Man    -     Blues
    			Dr. Light   -     Dr. Right
    The Robot Master names remain the same, except for the "-man" convention; i.e. 
    Toad Man is Toadman, Bright Man is Brightman, and so on. Additionally, the Jap-
    anese version has a subtitle, "A New Ambition!!", that is not found in the 
    North American version. 
    Each defeated Robot Master yields another weapon to your arsenal. These weapons
    are useful for more than just defeating more bosses, so experiment with the 
    weapons a bit and you might have an easier time.
      1. MEGA BUSTER
         Mega Man's standard weapon can be charged up for a more powerful blast. 
         The longer you hold down the button, the larger the blast will be. You can
         only have three standard plasma blasts on the screen at one time, though.
         - CHARGE LEVEL 1 (flashing blue): Small yellow blast with regular bullet.
         - CHARGE LEVEL 2 (flashing blue & green): Larger blue and white blast.
      2. RAIN FLUSH
         Gained from Toad Man, this weapon allows you to fire a small orb into the 
         air that will create a torrent of acid rain for about three seconds.
         Gained from Bright Man, this Time Stopper copy freezes the action, except 
         it also allows you to fire your Arm Cannon while it's active.
         Gained from Pharaoh Man, this weapon allows you to hurl balls of fire for-
         ward. You can charge this up as well for a much more powerful version.
         Gained from Ring Man, this weapon allows you to throw a small boomerang 
         out, which will then return to you. If you catch an item in the ring's 
         path, you can also grab the item and return it to you.
         Gained from Dust Man, this weapon allows you to fire a compacted cube of 
         garbage as a forward projectile.
         Gained from Skull Man, this Shield variant surrounds you with rotating 
         Gained from Dive Man, these slow-moving missiles will home in on metal 
         objects (so basically any enemy in the game).
      9. DRILL BOMB
         Gained from Drill Man, this weapon allows you to fire timed bombs that 
         will attach to objects and then detonate. You can also detonate it in mid-
         These are portable LE storage units that will refill your LE meter in a 
         pinch. You can carry up to nine of these items, and you will find them 
         scattered throughout stages.
         This is found in PHARAOH MAN's stage. This is similar to the Item-1 from 
         MEGA MAN 2, in that you can create up to three balloon platforms for vert-
         ical ascents.
         This item is found in DIVE MAN's stage. This deploys a small grappling 
         hook that can latch onto surfaces and help to pull you up.
      1. RUSH COIL
         You will begin the game with this. Just like MEGA MAN 3, jump on Rush's 
         back and he'll deploy a small springboard to help you reach higher areas.
      2. RUSH MARINE
         This is earned by defeating TOAD MAN. Just like MEGA MAN 3, use it under-
         water and Rush turns into a small submarine.
      3. RUSH JET
         This is earned by defeating DRILL MAN. Not as useful as MEGA MAN 3's ver-
         sion, this time Rush becomes a jet sled that will constantly move forward,
         though you can control his ascent and descent with the D-Pad.
    == 6. WALKTHROUGH:
    The game walkthrough itself is broken into segments that comprise the "stages" 
    of the game. Each stage walkthrough will take you through that stage, past the 
    Robot Master, and go over any backtracking that needs to be done through prev-
    ious levels as a result of acquiring a new item before moving onto the next 
    stage. The walkthrough will begin at the first recommended stage.
      Start off heading to the right. You'll run into a few flying birds, but don't
      bother with them right now, just slide under them and try to avoid their 
      little birds that follow you. Shoot the red umbrella robots to get them out 
      of the way, and proceed to the pitfall at the end. Fall down into the sewer 
      area and ride the water current, firing at any enemies clinging to the ceil-
      ing or ones that are lurking in the water. After a bit, you'll have to leap 
      from platform to platform, but this won't be any real problem to you as long
      as you keep up with the currents. Drop down two more levels to challenge a 
        This mini-boss can't be hurt if its eyes are closed, so you have to wait. 
        Have your Buster charged and wait. Sometimes the eyes will fly out at you, 
        which you can slide under, or it will toss a bomb from its back, which you 
        can jump away from. Hit its eyes enough times and it will explode.
      Once you've defeated it, move on more to the right past some more water curr-
      ents. At the next drop, you'll go down two levels and challenge the same mini
      boss a second time. Use the same tactics, except be wary of the water current
      trying to carry you away. Defeat this one and go to the right to reach the 
      last area, which involves some precise jumping over platform segments while 
      fish and other enemies leap out trying to hurt you. Don't let yourself fall 
      onto the spike traps, and make it across to reach the boss gate.
        Toad Man is the epitome of easy, so long as you don't give him a chance to 
        use any of his attacks. If you want a challenge, though, just let him do 
        his thing. Know his basic attacks and how to defend and you'll have an easy
        1. RAIN FLUSH: When he flashes and shakes his body like a belly dancer, 
           he'll call down his burst of acid rain. This attack does a lot of damage
           and cannot be avoided.
        2. JUMPING: He jumps around a lot, and inflicts a lot of damage if he 
           strikes you.
        3. ARM CANNON: He will occasionally supplement his attacks with regular old
           Buster fire.
        Don't bother charging the Mega Buster here, just concentrate more on rapid-
        firing at Toad Man. Every time you hit him, Toad Man will jump over you,  
        so slide under him, turn and repeat. Slide, turn and fire...over and over 
        again until you bring this Robot Master to his knees.
      Toad Man's destruction gives you the Rain Flush and the RUSH MARINE ADAPTER. 
      Head back to the Stage Select and select Bright Man's stage next.
      This stage will be a bit haphazard due to the lights going off and on, but 
      once you get the hang of it, it won't be so bad. The first part of the stage
      requires that you dodge the red robots (shooting them turns out the lights) 
      or shooting them and then firing on the green robots (which will restore the 
      power) while leaping across some pretty large gaps. After you clear this 
      first section, you'll ride a grasshopper robot across a huge spike pit. Be 
      sure to jump off as it leaps off the edge, or you'll go down with it. Climb 
      the ladder and use your Mega Buster to destroy the giant red robot at the top
      of the little staircase. Climb up the next ladder, defeat the green spinning 
      robots and head through the small passage to a split in the path. Go down and
      cross the swinging platforms to an ENERGY TANK, then use Rush Coil to get 
      back across. Climb back up and head right some more until you reach the sec-
      ond grasshopper section. This one has new totem pole enemies in the way, so 
      rapid fire your Arm Cannon to destroy them, and make sure you watch the hopp-
      ers so you know when to switch rides. At the end, climb the ladder and head 
      up to the top area where you have to ride across some more swinging rail 
      platforms while dodging the red power robots. Successfully cross this gap to 
      reach the boss gate.
        Bright Man is pretty unpredictable, but just keep on the move to avoid his 
        attacks. Know what he uses to attack you and how to defend against it, and 
        this battle will be over quickly.
        1. FLASH STOPPER: When his lightbulb flashes, he'll freeze the action and
           fire at you. Try to be hit by his Arm Cannon, as you'll be hurting if he
           jumps and hits you.
        2. JUMPING: He'll leap around his lair trying to go over you or hit you 
           dead on.
        3. ARM CANNON: He will fire his Arm Cannon in high, low, and middle bursts,
           seemingly at random. Try to just jump over these if you can.
        While you can deal massive damage to him with the Rain Flush, things can 
        get a bit difficult due to the delay between the time you fire and the time
        the Flush actually takes effect - time during which Bright Man can freeze 
        you, shoot you, or otherwise deal some hefty damage to you. Try to watch 
        his pattern of movement and react accordingly to fire off your Rain Flush 
        attacks when he's not busy doing anything else to defeat him. Also keep in 
        mind that your Rain Flush WE is proportional to his LE, so you only have 
        enough energy to defeat him - don't waste your shots.
      With Bright Man's lights out, you'll earn his Flash Stopper. Return to the 
      Stage Select and head for Pharaoh Man's stage.
      This desert-themed stage is a bit difficult for the first part. Start off 
      crossing the large sandpits while avoiding the green vacuum-like enemies and
      red firefly robots that drop energy bullets. Leap from stone ledge to ledge 
      until you reach a hole leading down.
        Use Rush Coil to bounce yourself across the hole and continue making your 
        way across another sandpit while avoiding the same enemies. At the end, you
        will find the Balloon Adapter sitting on a ledge.
      If you grab the Adapter, you skip part of the stage and teleport directly to
      the midpoint. Dropping down the hole normally, however, takes you through a
      winding area with Bubble Bats and mummies that emerge from rotating coffins
      in the walls. As they appear, they hurl their heads at you, but can easily
      be defeated with the Mega Buster. Get past them and use Rush Coil at the end 
      to grab the ENERGY TANK before dropping down to the midpoint of the level, 
      which is where you end up if you take the path to the Balloon Adapter. Head
      through the enemy-free area to the right where you'll find more Bubble Bats
      and spike traps. Here there are some floating platforms that you need to use
      to ride over the spikes, but be careful because they shoot at you in a horiz-
      ontal fashion. Use them to cross the spikes where you'll deal with another
      group of mummy robots. Defeat them and move on down to the bottom level, then
      cross some more of the spike pits on the balloon platforms until you reach 
      the boss gate.
        Pharaoh Man is very fast, and utilizes a number of moves that can quickly 
        deplete your LE if you aren't careful. He has a bit of a pattern, though, 
        so know his attacks and this battle should be easier.
        1. PHARAOH SHOT: He'll throw small fireballs at you.
        2. PHARAOH WAVE: His more powerful version is a large horizontal wave of 
           fire that will fly across the screen.
        3. ARM CANNON: He uses this while jumping around, and can fire multiple 
           shots in different directions.
        Have the Flash Stopper ready and set it off just as Pharaoh Man completes 
        his second jump. Whenever you use it, you want him to be at ground level, 
        not in the air, so as he's frozen, you can just rapid-fire your Arm Cannon.
        Keep rapidly hitting Attack so that when the Flash Stopper wears off, you 
        can just use it again. Keep hitting him over and over and this battle will 
        be a cinch. Of course, if you want a challenge, try him with the Mega Bust-
        er; he's much more fun.
      Pharaoh Man's destruction rewards you with the chargeable Pharaoh Shot. Now 
      return to the Stage Select and take on Ring Man.
      There's at least one aggravating stage in every game. To start off, it is 
      full of laser beams that will drop you if you aren't careful. Second, the 
      enemies just appear in very inopportune places. Now that you know what to 
      expect, start off going up. The rainbow-colored beams will vanish going away 
      from you, depending on which side you're on, they can go left to right or 
      right to left. Take out the multiple cannons on your way up. Midway through, 
      you'll encounter some some Saturn Spinners. take out some more cannons and 
      go up and over to fight a mini-boss.
        This robot is suspended in the air on a platform that you can shoot down. 
        What complicates things is the missiles that it fires while you're trying 
        to shoot. For a much easier time, use the Rain Flush after it launches its
        missiles, and maybe you will pick up some WE at the same time. Four or five
        Rain Flushes should finish it off.
      Continue on to the right after defeating the Hippo Launcher and you'll find a
      large expanse with Saturn Spinners and laser beams. Traverse carefully; once 
      you're back to solid ground, run back and forth to respawn one of the Saturn
      Spinners and refill any lost LE or Rain Flush WE. Drop down the pit at the 
      end to face another mini-boss
        This one will protect itself with rings, and can only be damaged when it 
        tosses them out. Try to get a timing pattern down so you can strike it as 
        it throws the rings out, and you'll beat it. Stay far away and lightly hop 
        so the rings won't hit you.
      Continue on the downward path and you'll re-fight the Hippo Launcher. Defeat 
      it and go to the right to reach a ladder going up. Use Rush Coil to get up
      there to meet Eddie, who will drop an item for you from Dr. Light. Drop back 
      down and go right to face some armored tanks, and then you'll reach some more
      beams, but these are striped. These will always disappear right to left, so 
      it's a bit trickier maneuvering on them. Clear this Saturn-infested area, and
      go down the ladder. Immediately slide left to avoid getting dropped into the 
      spikes, and go down the next ladder, then destroy one more Ring Tosser and 
      head all the way to the right to reach the boss gate.
        Ring Man can actually be pretty difficult to defeat. His attacks cause 
        extreme amounts of damage to you, so for the most part you have to outlast 
        him. Know his attacks and how he'll use them to make this fight easier.
        1. RING BOOMERANG: He'll fire his boomerang as a starting move, but beware 
           because it will fly off screen, then loop back to hit you a second time.
           Jumping over this is your best option.
        2. RUN AND JUMP: He moves extremely fast, and can easily smash into you
           while you are busy trying to dodge his Ring Boomerang.
        Use the Pharaoh Shot and try your best to charge it up so as to deal max 
        damage. What makes this difficult is that if he's not firing his Boomerang,
        he's running or jumping at you, and sometimes he's doing all of them at the
        same time. Five charged hits with the Pharaoh Shot will take him out, but 
        you may find yourself resorting to just using regular shots while dodging 
        his Boomerangs.
      Ring Man's destruction rewards you with his Ring Boomerang. Return to the 
      Stage Select and head next to Dust Man's stage.
      Dust Man's junk factory is a nice breather after the hectic pace of Ring Man's
      stage. You will start off to the right and jump over the Shield Attacker that
      comes flying at you. Shoot when its back is to you, and move on. Move along, 
      destroying the enemies as you go, and be careful of the robots that come 
      flying out of pits. At the end, drop down and grab the large LE refill at the
      left, then drop and make your way to the right. As you make progress to the 
      right here, you'll fight a giant stomping robot, then as you move forward a 
      bit more, red blocks will start forming across the expansive spike pit. As 
      you move across the blocks, you'll be assaulted by copter robots. Destroy 
      them as quickly as you can since they follow you relentlessly. At the end, 
      climb up the ladder and meet up with Eddie, then head up some more. This next
      section is a giant trash compactor area. Destroy the Mettools in hiding and 
      make your way through the safe sections. You'll soon reach junk-filled areas 
      that you have to shoot your way through. Make it easy on yourself and scroll 
      back and forth so you don't get crushed. This especially comes in handy for 
      the last one, where some very fast sliding is required. Clear the compactor 
      area, head right some more, defeat a giant red ball shooting robot, and head 
      up some more. The last area is just a straight path to the boss gate. Along 
      the way you'll fight another red stomper robot. Take him out and you'll reach
      the boss gate.
        Dust Man is pretty easy to take down with the Ring Boomerang, but don't 
        think that he won't be counterattacking. Know his attack pattern and this 
        battle will be easier.
        1. DUST CRUSHER: He will fire a cubed piece of garbage from the shooter 
           atop his head. Jumping over this is best, but it will split and ricochet
           around the room.
        2. DUST BUSTER: He is invincible when he uses this, but he turns the shoot-
           er atop his head into a giant vacuum and pulls you towards him.
        3. ARM CANNON: Of course, he is also armed with a trusty plasma cannon, so 
           you can expect small bursts of fire from this as well.
        Slide away from his vacuum and hit him with the Ring Boomerang when you are
        close to him, and the Mega Buster if you're farther away. He'll also jump 
        away if you get too close, but this doesn't add to any sort of challenge. 
        Just be mindful of the Ring Boomerang's extremely limited range.
      After Dust Man's defeat, you'll gain the Dust Crusher. Now return to the 
      Stage Select and head next for Skull Man's stage.
      For some reason, Skull Man's stage remains one of my favorite levels. Start 
      off heading to the right as you take out the green robots that toss the red 
      balls (you can slide to dodge the bouncing balls, or just shoot them). Wind 
      up through the short maze and drop down to fight some more green robots and 
      some sky spinner ones as well. Head to the ladder at the end and climb up. 
      Take out the Bone Joe and climb up some more. This next part is just a horiz-
      ontal stretch filled with Bubble Bats and some more Shield Attackers. Elimin-
      ate them and climb the ladder at the end to reach Eddie. Collect whatever he 
      gives you and go up some more. Here, head right and take the third path while
      defeating the scattered Shield Attackers to reach an ENERGY TANK, then go 
      back and continue climbing up the ladder. You'll run into some more armored 
      robots here, but these are stationary and shoot bullets in arcs at you. Shoot
      them down, and take out the green caterpillars that drop from the ceiling as 
      well. Head along the upper path and drop down at the end. Use the Balloon 
      Adapter to create a platform so you can head left and reach another ENERGY
      TANK, then head to the right and use the slide to get to your starting ledge 
      where you used the Balloon Adapter. Go to the right and climb down the ladder
      and keep going down and to the right to reach another outdoor segment with
      sky spinners and Bone Joes. Remember that the Joes can only be destroyed by 
      charged shots, normal ones will only collapse their skeletons (and let them 
      re-form). Eliminate all of them and grab the small LE refills up top if you 
      need it, then you'll reach the boss gate.
        Reminiscent of Metal Man, if you enter this room and do nothing, Skull Man 
        will do the same and just stare at you for a while. It's nothing useful, 
        but it's sort of funny to watch the standoff. Anyway, Skull Man will not 
        attack until you make the first move. Know what attacks he'll use and this 
        battle will be easier.
        1. SKULL BARRIER: He'll shield himself from your attacks with his barrier 
           of rotating skulls. Fortunately he won't throw this at you.
        2. RAMMING: He likes to run very fast right at you, and this is very diff-
           icult to avoid if he has the Skull Barrier active.
        3. ARM CANNON: Yes, he has an Arm Cannon weapon, too, and he uses it quite
        His first attack is usually to leap, so use this to your advantage and you 
        can score a few hits early with the Dust Crusher. Skull Man moves incredib
        ly fast, so close-range attacks are best, though you may trade hits. Be 
        careful of the Skull Barrier, as he will usually try to ram into you. If 
        you need to, use an Energy Tank you got earlier, and keep hammering away 
        with the Dust Crusher to bring him down.
      Skull Man's destruction gives you the Skull Barrier. Return to the Stage Se-
      lect and head to Dive Man's stage.
      Dive Man's stage starts out similar to the last leg of Toad Man's level. 
      Avoid the jumping fish and the spikes while moving right, and watch out for 
      the new AquaMets. They have flippers, and are a bit harder to hit. Keep mov-
      ing right, jumping over the moving mines and you'll encounter the mini-boss. 
        This mini-boss uses depth charges and large missiles as its primary attack.
        Jump over the missiles and stand between the depth charges while resisting 
        its attempts to pull you in, and fire away with the Mega Buster to easily 
        defeat this mini-boss.
      Head past another AquaMet and a few more moving mines, then climb the ladder.
      Head left over the gap to reach Eddie, then go up some more. Deal with the 
      red jumper robot, then go right and down. Go down some more to reach another 
      water section, only this time, the water level goes up and down. Maneuver 
      through the sea of mines while dodging/attacking the stingrays and you'll 
      eventually meet up with another whale mini-boss. Dispatch it as you did the 
      first one, and continue to the right afterwards.
        After defeating the second Robo-Whale, you'll find a pit in the ground. 
        Drop down it and thread your way through the spike-lined walls to reach the
        bottom where the Adapter sits. After grabbing it, you'll teleport back to 
        the mid-point, so re-fight your way to the pit.
      Continue on past the pit leading to the Wire Adapter, and the water level 
      will start rising and falling again, so deal with the stingrays and the 
      scattered time bombs through this treacherous area. There are spikes you def-
      initely have to watch out for, so to make your time easier, get up close to 
      the bombs to set them off so as to clear them from your path. Thread some 
      more time bombs and stingrays in the next area to reach the boss gate.
        Dive Man can be a bit of a pain, but if you are quicker than he is, you can
        easily finish this battle. Know what his attack patterns will be and you'll
        be better equipped for this fight.
        1. DIVE MISSILE: He will fire out a few homing missiles that can be taken
           out with your Mega Buster.
        2. DIVE SPIN: He will transform intoa a sub and charge at you. You can see 
           this attack coming, and usually you will be able to jump over it.
        Normally, you'd want to stay far away from a boss with a ramming attack, 
        but the Skull Barrier requires you to be up close. This tactic can be a bit
        dangerous since it gives you almost no time to dodge his ramming move. A
        better option is to stay far away and use charged Mega Buster shots. You 
        can destroy his Dive Missiles this way, too, leaving his Dive Spin as the
        only attack you even need to watch for. When he uses it, jump high and go
        to the other side, and just dodge whatever spin he uses next, and resume
        firing with your Buster.
      Dive Man's demise gives rewards you with the Dive Missile. Return to the 
      Stage Select and head to the final Robot Master, Drill Man.
      Drill Man's area is a bit more difficult than the last few stages, but at 
      this point in the game, you can handle most anything that comes your way. 
      Start off heading to the right and you'll encounter some Mettools and hover-
      ing copter bladers. Eliminate them, climb the ladder to fight a giant red 
      stomper robot, and go up some more. Head right, defeating more Mettools and 
      copters, then drop down to a few rooms filled with spikes and Bubble Bats. 
      Maneuver through them, grab the 1-Up if you wish, and continue heading down.
      Here, go right through a semi-hazardous spike-filled section while fighting 
      off a few more copter robots, then climb the ladder at the top. You'll find a
      room with three cannon enemies; eliminate them and go up the next ladder. Use
      your new Wire Adapter here or Rush Coil to grab the ENERGY TANK high on the 
      left, then head right to engage some blue rotating armored tanks. Kill them 
      and head into the next area. This next part is filled with spinner robots and
      chutes that drop rock chunks. The rocks can hurt you when they break apart, 
      so try to destroy them before they hit the ground. The last stretch is a bit 
      trickier, as it's filled with switches you must trigger in order to make the 
      ground appear. Just make sure you jump when it's clear to, and you should 
      have no troubles reaching the boss gate.
        Drill Man is weak to the Dive Missile, insofar as it is his "recommended" 
        weakness. However, it can be sometimes hard to hit with, and overall, the
        charged Mega Buster does more damage. Be familiar with Drill Man's attack 
        patterns to make this fight easier.
        1. DRILL DIVE: He jumps and drills into the ground, making it unpredictable
           to know where he will pop back up. He will usually be near you, so just 
           keep moving so you don't get hit.
        2. JUMPING: He jumps around a lot, making it harder to hit him, but he can
           also try to land on you.
        3. DRILL BOMB: His final attack fires drill shaped charges at you. He will 
           almost always detonate these early to inflict extra damage.
        Now once again, the Dive Missile hurts him, but it's very hard to actually 
        hit him because the stupid missiles like to whirl around a bit instead of 
        just going to the target. Instead, use the charged Mega Buster. Wait until 
        he surfaces, hit him, then go on the move and only fire when he's chasing 
        you, since your attacks will reflect off of his Drill Bombs, which you 
        don't want to get hit with. Slide under the jumps and keep attacking to 
        defeat him.
      Conquering Drill Man gives you his Drill Bomb and the RUSH JET ADAPTER, and 
      completes the eight Robot Masters. Make sure you have all of the adapters, 
      enough extra lives, and as many Energy Tanks as you can get. Once you select 
      to go to the Cossack Citadel, you have to finish the game without taking a 
      The first part of this stage takes place outside in the icy wilderness of... 
      Russia, I suppose. This first part is covered in ice and snow, making your 
      initial progress a bit difficult. From the start, slide to the left to grab 
      the hidden ENERGY TANK, then start making your way to the right through the 
      deep snow and iced ledges, defeating the coil springs as you go. At the end 
      of this section, you'll reach a ladder. Climb up it, take out the rotator ro-
      bots and head to the next level of the Citadel. More incessant slippery 
      platforming awaits you here, as do many Bone Joes and robots flying out of 
      pits. Move through here carefully, and use Rush Jet to cross the rather long 
      gap. Mega Man can make it on his own, but you run the risk of getting hit by 
      the Bone Joe or the enemies that spin out of the pit, so use Rush and fly 
      over him. Start climbing the ladder. Use Rush Coil (not the Balloon Adapt-
      er...not yet) to get up the next two levels. When you reach the set of four 
      ladders, hang off the bottom-most point of the ladder and start creating 
      Balloons to head to the rightmost ladder (alternatively, you can time it with
      Rush Jet so you don't get hit by the clamp traps that are on the ladders). 
      The other ones contain powerups, but they're too dangerous to attempt climb-
      ing. Make it successfully to the right-most ladder while not getting knocked 
      off by the clamp traps, and climb up to reach a stomper robot. Defeat it and 
      you'll reach the boss gate.
        This gigantic machine hovers in the air in a up-and-down pattern and fires 
        various energy shots at you - some large, some are in a spread pattern. 
        What you want to watch out for most is the drill on its bottom section - it
        can drill holes in the floor and restrict your ability to move. Jump up and
        fire with the Dust Crusher when you are able to, and stay away so you don't
        get drilled on. You have as much time to defeat this boss as the boss takes
        to drill completely through the floor, so be quick about it.
      Defeating the Butterfly Mecha advances you to the second area of Cossack Cit-
      adel. Try to save Energy Tanks for boss fights only, as there aren't a lot 
      found in the stages.
      This stage is mostly vertical, and is pretty easy to get through. Start off 
      going to the right-hand ladder and defeat the two enemies in the next room. 
      Use the available large WE for your Dust Crusher or Rush Jet, and move up the
      next ladder. Grab the next large WE to keep refilling weapons, and head to
      the right. You can use the Skull dispenser to refill any other life or weap-
      ons, too. When finished, use Rush Jet to fly across the long spike pit, and 
      grab the refills along the way. At the end, climb the ladder, and maneuver
      across the blocks that have spines on two sides. Watch their patterns so you 
      know when it's safe to jump, and make it across to the next ladder. Repeat 
      this in the next room, and climb to the top. Here, take out a Bubble Bat and 
      use Rush Coil to reach another WE refill. Keep going to the right, defeating 
      more armored tanks and Bubble Bats. At the end you will find another ladder; 
      climb up and grab the available refills. Continue your ascent through the 
      next few rooms, grab the extra life with Rush Coil at the very top if needed,
      and you'll reach the boss gate.
        This boss fight is pretty interesting. The machine itself is made up of 
        three distinct parts that cycle through the room at varying speeds. Your 
        ultimate goal is to get inside and fire at the crystal orb. However, you 
        have to get past its defenses first. If the platforms are going at either 
        fast or somewhat medium speed, you need to keep sliding under them. Once it
        moves slowly, hop onto the bottom platform and slide to get inside the 
        middle section. At this point, it will solidify into a single machine and 
        begin firing. Use the moving ledges inside to reach the top, then fire the 
        Dust Crusher or the charged Mega Buster at the orb. You can probably hit it
        twice per round, but you might end up trading hits. Once the machine separ-
        ates, jump down and slide to get out - DO NOT get pinned or you will take 
        major damage. Wait for the cycle to repeat, and do this as many times as 
        needed to beat it.
      Defeating the Platform Mecha advances you to the second area of Cossack Cit-
      adel. Remember to save Energy Tanks for boss fights only. Most of these boss-
      es are fairly easy, but you need to be prepared.
      This stage features auto-scrolling segments, something that is new to a Mega
      Man game. Start off to the right as you clear a suspended platforming area. 
      There are small robots that circle some platforms and some shielded tanks, 
      but try to stick to the upper path to grab the large WE refills as you go. At
      the end, you'll face another red stomper robot. Defeat it and head to the 
      ladder. Climb up and you'll have to cross two more short ledges with small 
      blade robots going back and forth. Use the Flash Stopper to freeze them and 
      jump across - you will probably get hit, but this method works. Go up the 
      next ladder and you'll come to another, tougher, auto-scrolling area, The 
      cannons and platform-tracer enemies are gone, but Saturn Spinners and rising 
      platforms will take their place. Use the Rain Flush to get rid of some of the
      Saturn Spinners as you leap from ledge to ledge. At the end, leap to the last
      one, and let it ride all the way down. It may look like you're not going to 
      make it, but you'll have the room. Try to use the Ring Boomerang to grab the
      ENERGY TANK on your way down. Once you slide to the clear, head to the right 
      to reach the boss gate.
        This is a two-part battle. Part of the floor will fall out, leaving only 
        three small platforms for you to stand on; the rest of the room is covered 
        with spikes. The first Wall Mecha will mostly stick to the ceiling, moving 
        back and forth while occasionally firing energy bullets. Jump and hit it 
        with the Drill Bomb to inflict damage, and try detonating the Bombs right 
        before impact to cause extra damage. Once you've destroyed the first one, a
        second one will enter from the lower-right gate and begin to circle the 
        room's perimeter. This second one is faster and uses different attacks, but
        it still moves in the same pattern. Use the Drill Bomb on it as well, and 
        you'll soon deplete this machine's LE meter.
      Defeating the Wall Mecha will advance you to the final area of Cossack Cit-
      The final stage here is pretty short, but has a loop halfway through that can
      make it seem longer. From the start, drop down through the passageway and 
      grab the large WE you find to refill needed special weapons. Drop down into 
      the next area, defeat the armored cannons and use the Drill Bomb to score an 
      ENERGY TANK. Continue down, take out the red stomper and continue to the 
      right. Just past the platform-circling enemies will be a ladder and what 
      looks like a path off to the right. Climb up the ladder to reach the area 
      where the path splits.
        Take out the Bubble Bats in this room first, then use the Wire Adapter to 
        reach the ceiling through a narrow passage. Go to the right and drop down 
        into the next area, using the Drill Bomb along the way for another ENERGY 
        TANK. Continue to the right and you will find the main path again.
        With such a nice shortcut, one might wonder why you want to take the longer
        route, especially considering this is one gigantic loop that just places 
        you pretty much below where you're starting. This route takes you up and 
        back to the outside, then back inside, and contains a lot more enemies. 
        There is really no benefit to this path at all. Eventually you will reach 
        the connecting point back to the main path, which is right where the short-
        cut takes you.
      The paths reconnect here. Head to the right, sliding to avoid colliding with 
      the platform tracing robots. Drop down to the next area and use the Skull 
      Droppers to refill any more WE or LE, and you'll reach the boss gate.
        Dr. Cossack's machine is incredibly simple to defeat. Use the Dust Crusher 
        and just fire at the claw part since its the lowest point. Hitting any part
        of the Catcher will do, but this is easiest. Keep moving left to right, 
        sliding when you're in grabbing range, and keep firing. Dr. Cossack will 
        just go back and forth attempting to pick you up (a move which takes out 
        25% of your LE), but he will usually fail at it. Keep up your attack with 
        the Dust Crusher and you'll win with little effort.
      Just as you're about to deliver the finishing blow, you'll hear that familiar
      whistle... Proto Man shows up with... a little girl? The girl, named Kalinka 
      Cossack, begs you to stop, and explains that the very-alive Dr. Wily kidnapp-
      ed her and held her for ransom unless her father cooperated with Wily. Proto 
      Man leaves, allowing Dr. Cossack to reunite with his daughter.
      But Dr. Wily shows up as well, seething that Proto Man has decided to assist 
      you instead, and vows to "break you". He leaves, and you'll follow him to a 
      brand-new Skull Castle.
      The first level of Wily's Castle starts vertically. Start climbing up dealing
      with the enemies you come across until you reach the top. Here you'll start 
      dealing with tons upon tons of Mettools (actually, they are the only enemy 
      you will face in this stage) as you make your way to the right. Be sure to 
      grab the ENERGY TANK before you drop down, then fall into a short underwater 
      section lined with spikes. Carefully maneuver through this section and get to
      the ladder at the right, then climb back up into a room with a set of vanish-
      ing blocks. Learn the pattern and move onto the next room, which has a bit of
      a difficult pattern (just use Rush Jet if you have sufficient room) to get to
      the ladder and head up to the top. Proceed through this last section of the 
      stage, grabbing the second ENERGY TANK before heading to the boss gate.
        The name may be funny, but this boss can put the hurt on if you're not 
        careful. This gigantic Mettool will attack mostly by jumping and stomping 
        on the ground. If you stay too far away from it, it will charge across the
        room, too, but you can prevent this attack by staying relatively close. For
        the most part, you'll only need to deal with the earthquake that results 
        from its jump, and take out up to four regular Mettools that will appear. 
        Shoot its eye whenever it opens it with the charged Mega Buster, and slide
        under its jumps, and you'll defeat it without much hassle.
      Surviving this battle advances you to the second area of Skull Castle. Remem-
      ber, try to keep your Energy Tanks as a last option. There aren't too many 
      scattered through these levels.
      This stage is also fairly short. Start off by sliding through the third chan-
      nel, as the others will drop you in the spike trap below. Leap over the next 
      vertical spike trap and climb down the ladder. Eliminate the copter robots 
      and thread your way between the spikes on the way down. Once you land on 
      solid ground, take out the enemies and use the Balloon Adapter to reach the 
      ENERGY TANK at the top right if you need it. Drop down through the spikes 
      again and eliminate the caterpillars along this upper path. Get to the end, 
      and use Rush Jet to fly to the ladder. Eddie waits up here, so slide to him, 
      then take the right-hand ladder. Thread through the winding maze, and head up
      top. Head to the right defeating the mummies, then climb the ladder at the 
      far end. Destroy the Bubble Bats, then use Rush Coil to reach the right-hand 
      ladder. Climb all the way up, defeat whatever comes out of the Skull dispens-
      ers, then slide to the ladder. Go up, defeat the red pea shooter robot, and 
      hop along the small ledges. Do the same for another section, defeat another 
      shooter, and you'll reach the boss gate.
        This large boss may look difficult, but it's really not. Equip the Ring 
        Boomerang and use the arcing platforms in the room to reach the top so you 
        can launch your attacks at its forehead crystal. You have to aim carefully 
        or else your attacks will simply bounce off of its armor. This mech will 
        use a variety of fire blasts, bouncing spheres, and energy bullets, but you
        will only need to hit it six times to destroy it. Don't fear using one of
        your Energy Tanks here, as you'll immediately get another one in the next 
      Surviving this battle advances you to the third area of Skull Castle. Remem-
      ber, try to keep your Energy Tanks as a last option. There aren't too many 
      scattered through these levels.
      This is mostly just a vertical drop down to the portal area. Start off by
      collecting the ENERGY TANK, the two large WE refills and the extra life, then 
      head down and take out a couple of Shield Attackers. The next room has more 
      small WE refills. Grab them and drop to the next room. As you continue your 
      way down, you'll take on a couple spinning enemies and another Shield Attack-
      er, but at the end you'll reach a gate. Head inside to reach a portal. Take 
      it and you'll go to a long tunnel that eventually leads to the room where
      you'll re-fight the Robot Masters. Something you may want to consider here is
      tackling the hardest Robot Masters (Ring Man and Dive Man) with a full LE 
      meter after taking out easy ones that you can get through without sustaining 
      damage. You can use the Drill Bomb to easily eliminate Toad Man, too - you'll
      still have enough WE left to beat Wily. Below is the approximate layout of 
      the room. All portals are marked, and the [] icons represent ledges.
      		       |		  	  |
    		       |	    	          |
    	   	       |DRILL	   WILY	   PHARAOH|
    	 	       |____	   ____       ____|
    		       |	     	          |
    	 	       |BRIGHT	              RING|
    	 	       |____	 []    []     ____|
    		       |    []		    []	  |
    	 	       |SKULL	DIVE  TOAD    DUST|
    	               |____	____  ____    ____|
    		       |			  |
      After every rematch with a Robot Master, you'll receive a large LE refill.
      The last forms of Dr. Wily aren't exactly difficult, so if you find yourself 
      using Energy Tanks here, don't fret too much. Once you have defeated all 
      eight, the ninth portal leading to Dr. Wily will appear.
        This battle takes place in two parts. The starting form is pretty easy. 
        Just fire your charged Buster at the mouth of the skull while avoiding his 
        three energy bursts. Slide away from the first one, then turn and slide in 
        to avoid the next two, and jump to fire a charged shot. Slide away again, 
        then slide back and repeat your attack. Keep doing this until this form has
        been defeated.
        Once the shielding has been destroyed, you'll tackle the rest of the Wily 
        Machine. This form is a little bit tougher, since there is no break in his 
        firing pattern. The trick here is to use the Drill Bomb and detonate the 
        bomb on the crystal near Wily's head. Every attack will bounce off if you 
        hit him directly, so you need to detonate the bomb early so the explosion 
        damages him. Stay to the left while doing your best to avoid his barrage of
        fire, and don't hesitate to use your Energy Tanks to survive.
      Finishing this area advances you to the last area of Skull Castle. This final
      area will take you to the last battle against Dr. Wily. Make sure you have a 
      couple of Energy Tanks in reserve, just in case things don't go your way.
      The final stage is very short. Just drop down the tunnel to reach the final 
      hallway. Use the caterpillar robots here to refill at a minimum your Pharaoh 
      Shot. No other weapons are essential for the final battle, but you want this 
      one filled up just in case the special trick doesn't work for you. At the end
      of the hallway, you'll reach the gate that leads directly to Wily.
        Like most of his ship forms, this is pretty standard fare. Dr. Wily uses 
        the regular disappearing/reappearing routine, but this time he pretty much 
        telegraphs his appearances with flashing lights. The only attacks he uses 
        to damage you are his standard energy orbs, but these go down and trace 
        along the floor, so you have to jump over them to avoid being hit. Your 
        best bet is to use the Pharaoh Shot and charge it up. There is a trick here
        that allows you to continuously use this weapon without using WE. Charge
        the weapon so you get the orb over your head; use this to hit Wily when he 
        disappears or reappears since you can still hurt him even if you can't see 
        him. Jump around a bit to try and score extra hits, too. WITHOUT letting go
        of your Attack button, open your subscreen and return to the game, all 
        while still holding down Attack. Your Pharaoh Shot will charge again, and 
        you won't use any WE. Keep doing this over and over; about six or so hits 
        are required to defeat him.
      Dr. Wily is defeated... again. And he begs for his life... again. But he 
      takes advantage of his castle's self-destruct to escape through a door. As
      the castle begins to explode, Mega Man starts to leave. You'll then see Wily
      escape, and Mega Man will teleport away just as the castle explodes into a 
      skull-shaped cloud. Afterwards, Mega Man rides on top of the train through 
      the city to reach Dr. Light's lab, where sister Roll and Rush greet him as he
      arrives. Hopefully Roll brought the Starbucks.
    All of the game's items are individually listed within the walkthrough segments
    themselves, but here is an abbreviated listing of the items for quick refer-
    ence, separated by each item's category.
         This is in PHARAOH MAN's stage. A little way into the stage, you'll find
         a pit that leads to the rest of the stage. Use Rush Coil to bounce over to
         the other side, and traverse more quicksand to reach this Adapter.
         This is in DIVE MAN's stage. After the second Robo-Whale, you'll find a 
         path that goes down. Drop into it and thread the spike-lined corridors to 
         reach the Adapter at the bottom.
      1. RUSH MARINE
         You'll earn this by defeating TOAD MAN.
      2. RUSH JET
         You'll earn this by defeating DRILL MAN.
    MEGA MAN 4 has a few things here and there that count as extras in the game. 
    There aren't a lot, but they're worth checking out.
         If you need refills, a good way to get them is to use the Pharaoh Shot and
         find an area where you can get multiple enemies to respawn without you 
         leaving (such as the Hippo mini-boss in Ring Man's stage). Charge it up 
         and let the enemies collide into your fireball and grab whatever items 
         they drop.
         If you need to restock these, go to Skull Man's stage. There are two in 
         the stage by themselves, and sometimes you'll score one from Eddie.
         The Pharaoh Shot has a few useful tricks to it besides what you'd expect:
         - While bosses are doing their pre-fight animation, you can charge the 
           weapon up - something that you can't do with the Mega Buster.
         - You can use the charged version without consuming any WE. Charge up and 
           hit an object with it and don't let go of the Attack button. Press Start
           to go to the subscreen, then return to the game, all without letting go 
           of your Attack button. The weapon will then charge up again and not take
           any WE from you. This way you can defeat bosses weak to it without ever 
           depleting your supply! This might otherwise count as a glitch if the 
           same exact feature wasn't present in MEGA MAN IV.
         Unlike MEGA MAN 3, the best password in this game will only take you as 
         far as defeating the eight Robot Masters. As if that wasn't bad enough, 
         this game's passwords won't save Energy Tanks either. This password will, 
         however, give you all weapons and the adapters.
         A1, A4, B5, E2, F1, F3
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