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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NeoChozo

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    //version 2.0//						 //updated 12-11-2012//
    		        ============ MEGA MAN ============
    		        =========== (ROCKMAN) ============      
    			========= STRATEGY GUIDE =========
     			====== written by NeoChozo =======
                            ===== www.themmnetwork.com/ ======
        Welcome to the Mega Man Network walkthrough and strategy guide for MEGA
        MAN, the first title in CAPCOM's original MEGA MAN series. This text 
        document covers all of the stage guides and other pertinent information 
        for completing this title. Use the index below as a reference guide,
        and visit Mega Man Network's MEGA MAN games section for more informat-
        ion on this game as well as information and walkthroughs for the other
        games in the series.
       == CONTENTS ==
       1. Introduction
       2. About This Game
       3. The Story So Far
       4. Recommended Order
       5. Weapons and Items
       6. Walkthrough
          A. Cut Man's Stage
          B. Elec Man's Stage
          C. Ice Man's Stage
          D. Fire Man's Stage
          E. Bomb Man's Stage
          F. Guts Man's Stage
          G. Skull Castle, Stage 1
          H. Skull Castle, Stage 2
          I. Skull Castle, Stage 3
          J. Skull Castle, Stage 4
       7. Secrets and Tips
       8. Legal
    MEGA MAN was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), though the
    title has been ported to numerous other platforms over the years, including the
    MegaDrive (SMD), PlayStation (PSX), PlayStation 2 (PS2), PlayStation Store 
    (PSS), PlayStation Portable (PSP), the Xbox (MXB), the GameCube (GCN), i-Mode
    Mobile Platforms (IM), and more recently, the Wii Virtual Console (WVC). 
    Refer to the setup manual for more detailed information on your individual 
    == 2. ABOUT THIS GAME:
    MEGA MAN was a different kind of platformer for its day. Originally developed 
    as an arcade game, this game allows you to choose your own path through the 
    game by giving you a "Stage Select" where you could defeat bosses in any order.
    Additionally, by defeating these bosses you gained special weapons that you 
    could use to beat other bosses easier. This play on the Japanese-style game of
    "janken", or our version of Rock-Paper-Scissors, added a very innovative method
    of playing a game. This game is also the only MEGA MAN game to feature a scor-
    ing system. Each level has a certain amount of clear points, and enemies will
    drop items that give you a score bonus at the end of each stage. Overall, this
    first game ended up being something of a sleeper hit. Japanese gamers didn't
    get much into it, and the horror that greeted North American players with the
    infamous "Bad Box Art Mega Man" wasn't that enticing either. Still, MEGA MAN
    set the stage for a multiple-series franchise that kept on innovating many new 
    features as it went along.
    == 3. THE STORY SO FAR:
    It is the year 200X. Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, partners in robotics, have design-
    ed new humanoid robots called "Robot Masters" for the betterment of humanity. 
    One of these is designed to work in icy environments, while another is designed
    specifically for tree-felling. Dr. Light even has household robots, who he 
    named Rock and Roll, to assist him around the lab. But before these Robot Mast-
    ers can be successfully shown to the public, Dr. Wily turns rogue and steals 
    the initial six, reprogramming them to cause mayhem and destruction. Wily 
    announces will take over the world, leaving Dr. Light powerless to do anything 
    about it. Until Rock volunteers to be transformed into a battle robot, that is.
    Undergoing a conversion process, Rock is outfitted with special armor and a 
    plasma cannon and becomes MEGA MAN. He sets out to stop the Robot Masters and
    end Dr. Wily's schemes.
    This first game gives you six Robot Masters to fight. Each Robot Master is weak
    to another's weapon, so you will start off with one using your regular weapon, 
    and circle around in a "loop" until you are where you started. You can start 
    with Bomb Man and go from there so you don't have to return to get the Magnet 
    Beam... but Guts Man's stage is a lot easier if you already have it. You can 
    tackle these six Robot Masters in any order, but this one listed is easiest to 
        ====		  ========			===============
        Cut Man		  Arm Cannon/Super Arm 		Rolling Cutter
        Elec Man		  Rolling Cutter		Thunder Beam
        Ice Man		  Thunder Beam			Ice Slasher
        Fire Man		  Ice Slasher			Fire Storm
        Bomb Man	 	  Fire Storm			Hyper Bomb
        Guts Man		  Hyper Bomb			Super Arm
    NOTE: Some of the names differ in translation from the Japanese version to the
    North American version. If you are using this walkthrough for the Japanese 
    version, ROCKMAN, the name differences are as follows:
                              Mega Man    -     Rockman
    			  Dr. Light   -     Dr. Right
    The Robot Master names mostly remain the same, except for the "man" convention;
    i.e. Cut Man is Cutman, Elec Man is Elecman, and so on.
    Each defeated Robot Master yields another weapon to your arsenal. These weapons
    are useful for more than just defeating more bosses, so experiment with the 
    weapons a bit and you might have an easier time. It should be noted, however, 
    that the names provided here came as a result of later ports or remakes. In the
    original game, your weapons are notated only as a single letter indicating the
    name of the defeated Robot Master, i.e. the Rolling Cutter is acquired from Cut
    Man, so it is annotated as a [C].
        1. ARM CANNON
           Mega Man's standard weapon can fire up to three shots at a time. These 
           are small energy bullets and don't do a lot of damage on their own.
           Gained from Cut Man, this weapon allows you to throw a scissor blade in 
           an arc that will boomerang back to you.
        3. THUNDER BEAM
           Gained from Elec Man, this weapon allows you to fire a powerful bolt of 
           electricity that will thread and wind up, down, and forward.
        4. ICE SLASHER
           Gained from Ice Man, this weapon allows you to shoot ice arrows forward
           that will freeze things.
        5. FIRE STORM
           Gained from Fire Man, this weapon allows you to briefly surround your-
           self with fireballs, then you will throw them forward in a large wave.
        6. HYPER BOMB
           Gained from Bomb Man, this weapon allows you to fire a black bomb in an 
           arc. It will detonate after a preset time limit. Vary the timing of your
           bombs to inflict the most damage.
        7. SUPER ARM
           Gained from Guts Man, this weapon allows you to lift heavy objects and 
           throw them slightly forward.
        1. MAGNET BEAM
           Found in ELEC MAN's stage, this item allows you to create temporary 
           platforms to help you reach higher/farther areas.
        2. YASHICHI
           This item, found only once in the entire game (unless you are on Easy
           Mode of the MEGA MAN ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION) will completely refill your
           LE and WE meters. Sort of like the later games' Super Tanks.
        3. SCORE BALL
           Found in every stage, these are dropped by defeated enemies, and add a
           total of 1,000 points to your score for each one collected at the end of
           a stage.
    == 6. WALKTHROUGH:
    The game walkthrough itself is broken into segments that comprise the "stages" 
    of the game. Each stage walkthrough will take you through that stage, past the 
    Robot Master, and go over any extra information. You can revisit stages here, 
    but be warned: the Robot Masters also respawn so you have to fight them again 
    (keep in mind, also, that your score resets to zero if you kill off your extra 
    lives to get out of a stage). The scoring system, for that matter, appears to 
    be somewhat broken (at least in the copy of the game I'm playing to write this)
    - sometimes Cut Man's stage is worth 90,000 points at the start, other times 
    it's worth 50,000 - it all seems to change on a dime. I'm not exactly sure what
    the determination is behind this. Anyway, the walkthrough will begin at the 
    first recommended stage.
      Climb the ladder at the beginning and head right while dealing with the 
      swooping robots. At the end of this section, you'll find a ladder, so climb 
      it and take out the wall clingers. Keep heading up while getting rid of these
      enemies. Further along the way, these sections will get more and more compli-
      cated, but you should be able to adapt. At the top, you'll have to deal with 
      a scissor throwing robot - you can easily deal with this by simply running to
      the right so the scissor blades don't hit you. Right afterwards you'll run
      into some hopping robots - eliminate them and continue on. The next area is
      a long vertical ascent filled with Suzy robots that fly vertically and hor-
      izontally. Clear each room of the enemies and head up. Once you reach the
      top, you'll find another scissor robot. Go past it to reach some more swoop-
      ing robots, then grab the large LE refill and head dow the ladder. Be very 
      careful through this area as there are spikes that you really don't want to 
      land on, so take the ladders. As you move on, you'll find another blue Big
      Eye. Just run at it and keep going when it makes a large leap so you don't
      get stomped. Afterwards, keep going and you'll reach the boss gate. Head in-
      side and take out the cannon robots to reach the second boss gate that leads
      to Cut Man.
        Cut Man tends to stay on the offensive during this battle. Still, he has an
        easy pattern that you can memorize to help make this fight easier.
        1. ROLLING CUTTER: He will throw his scissors in a boomeranging arc at you.
           Jump on the initial throw and the return path.
        2. RUNNING: He runs around his room constantly, so jump over him.
        3. JUMPING: Get away from his jump paths; he can damage you easily.
        If you have the Super Arm, you can chuck the blocks in the room at him for 
        a very easy victory; otherwise you'll have to stick it out with the Arm 
        Cannon. Your Arm Cannon shots will push him back, so this is a good thing
        since you only need to jump his Rolling Cutter attacks. He shouldn't give 
        you many problems.
      Defeating Cut Man rewards you with his Rolling Cutter [C]. Now return to the 
      Stage Select and select Elec Man's stage next.
      This mostly vertical stage is quite difficult. From the start, you'll need to
      use the Rolling Cutter to destroy the sliding robots so you can ascend the
      first section. Keep defeating these the same way every time you encounter
      them. Head up the ladder, and do the same to reach the next ladder. Here you
      will see two electrical blocks. Avoid the electrical bolts and keep going up
      to the next area. Next, you have to ascend a very long ladder while avoiding 
      the green electric shooters that float down. They're tough, and may require a
      bit of practice to get it right. At the very top, there are two paths. Stand
      near the ladder and jump so you can reach the first vanishing block, and
      keep going to the upper right and go up the ladder. Go across the next set of
      vanishing blocks and grab the WE refills, then go down the ladder and repeat
      this section. Go up this time and climb the next ladder. Once you get to the 
      top, there will be a short horizontal section. Go to the edge and drop to 
      grab the large LE refill if needed, then make a careful jump out to the right
      and pull back left to get back to the ledge above you. Cross these platforms 
      to reach another ladder. Go up and you'll again find two paths. Take the 
      right-hand one since it's a bit easier. You'll encounter more of the green 
      electricity shooting enemies, but deal with them the same as you did before, 
      and avoid more of the blocks that shoot out electrical currents. Climb it 
      carefully and head into the next section.
        This is protected by blocks that either require the Thunder Beam to destroy
        or the Super Arm to remove. Unfortunately you don't have either of these 
        weapons, so you'll have to return to this stage to get it. Once you do have
        it, you'll have an item that lets you create stepping platforms to reach 
        higher or far off areas.
      Continue making your way up the next long ladder while avoiding the next set 
      of electric enemies and head up top. Avoid the hopping robots and the blocks
      with electrical currents and you'll reach the top. This part is another small
      horizontal area exactly like the last one. Climb the ladder and avoid more
      of the same enemies you've already encountered. At the very top, you'll run
      into another Big Eye. Run towards it and slip underneath it when it makes a
      big jump and you'll reach the boss gate. Enter it and climb the ladder while 
      avoiding the electric currents, and you'll reach the second gate leading to 
      Elec Man.
        Elec Man can be pretty difficult. His attacks do a lot of damage, and he 
        doesn't stay still very often. Know what attacks he has so you can better 
        1. THUNDER BEAM: He will fire this in one of three directions, and it will 
           take off a large chunk of your LE.
        2. JUMPING: He jumps somewhat erratically, so don't let him crash into you.
        Elec Man's attacks can cause a LOT of damage, but so do yours, and you have
        a bit of an advantage since he stops to use his. Let loose a Rolling Cutter
        right after the battle starts and hop up on the blocks to avoid his first
        Thunder Beam. Jump back down and fire another one, and repeat this same
        strategy. Your weapons knock him back a bit, so you don't really need to
        worry about him creeping up on you. Two or three hits should finish him
      Defeating Elec Man earns you the Thunder Beam [E]. Return to the Stage Select
      and grab the following:
      - Make a return trip to Elec Man's stage so you can grab the MAGNET BEAM. 
        Remember, you'll have to face the boss a second time.
      Once you have it, return to the Stage Select and head for Ice Man's stage.
      Despite how straightforward it is, Ice Man's stage is still a rather diffi-
      cult one to get through. At the beginning destroy all the enemies that come 
      across your path by shooting them in the head - otherwise they separate and
      fly after you. Drop into the water and take out the penguin robots while
      dodging the sliders as well. Once at the end, drop down and grab some LE,
      then head into the tunnel to reach the first vanishing block area. Take out
      the slider on the ground with the Rolling Cutter so you can concentrate on
      the blocks. Once you get past it, you'll reach another one. Get past this
      one easily by standing near the right-hand edge, and step onto the first two
      or so blocks to give yourself some height, then use the Magnet Beam to create
      a ledge so you can jump up and go on to the right. This next section can be
      somewhat aggravating - you have to ride platforms that travel at somewhat
      erratic paths WHILE not getting shot out of the air AND while not running in-
      to any flying penguins. It's a bit tricky. Grab the WE refill if you need it
      halfway through, and keep crossing to the other side while constantly firing
      your Arm Cannon. You'll reach solid ground at the end; head to the right and
      drop down another tunnel. Grab the LE and WE refills and drop down again to
      confront a Big Eye. Handle it as you have the others and run straight to the
      boss gate. Enter it and destroy the penguins while making your way to the 
      second gate that leads to Ice Man.
        Ice Man is very predictable, but his speed can give him an advantage. Know 
        what attacks he will use in order to make this fight a bit easier.
        1. JUMP/FLOAT: He jumps in the air, but settles down slowly, making it hard
           to aim any attacks at him.
        2. ICE SLASHER: While he's in the air, he will fire a stream of Ice Slasher
           arrows at you. Find the spots in between them and dodge.
        Take the fight to him and hit him with three Thunder Beams to take him out.
        Or... you can use one Thunder Beam and let it hit him three times - see 
        Section 7's explanation of the Action Freeze trick. Keep jumping or other-
        wise maneuvering around his Ice Slashers and get him up close to beat him.
      Surviving the encounter with Ice Man gives you the Ice Slasher [I]. Return to
      the Stage Select and head for Fire Man's stage next.
      Fire Man's stage looks a bit complex, but it's actually pretty easy. Take out
      the cannon robots here and head to the right, crossing a series of platforms
      and ladders. Avoid the lava balls as they rain and home in on you, and avoid 
      the fire waves that shoot out of the floors. Get to the ladder at the end and
      climb it. Head up this next set of ladders, and watch the timing of the 
      blocks shooting fire (like from Elec Man's stage), and get past them. If you 
      need a recharge, use the ladder to keep scrolling the LE refills onto the 
      screen (remember this is the only Mega Man game that this can be done in). 
      Next, avoid the fire shooters and head down the ladder. Deal with a few more 
      of the raining lava balls and maneuever through another ladder and platform 
      series similar to what was seen at the beginning of this stage. At the end of
      the stage, keep scrolling the fireballs onto the screen and wait for them to
      fall - you can shoot these for score balls and LE refills. Once you are done,
      enter the boss gate. Avoid the ceiling-based cannons and head to the second
      gate that leads to Fire Man.
        Fire Man is pretty easy; he just storms you with constant attacks while 
        running back and forth. Memorize these and cool him off with the Ice Slash-
        er to make this easier.
        1. FIRE STORM: He fires these waves off consistently.
        2. JUMPING: If you get too close, he'll leap backwards.
        This isn't too complicated. You can rapid-fire the Ice Slasher to cause
        easy damage, but you want to watch his Fire Storms and jump over them, then
        move to the right so the stationary fireball doesn't get you. His attacks
        come pretty fast, but you can still dodge them.
      Fire Man's defeat gives you the Fire Storm [F]. Return to the Stage Select 
      and head next for Bomb Man's stage.
      You'll start off this stage moving to the right. Destroy the hoppers that get
      in your way, then be careful as you traverse the pits so you don't get hit by
      the enemies that fly out of them. Continue making your way through this sec-
      tion until you reach some robots that pop out of the ground. Destroy these 
      and climb the ladder. Up here, destroy the four red robots that spew energy 
      bullets at you, and keep going up. Up top, take on the Sniper Joe. Keep head-
      ing to the right and destroy the missile-like enemies that shoot out of the 
      pits from a distance - they explode into pieces that can damage you. Deal 
      with more of the red cannon robots and the remaining enemies in this section.
      Climb the ladder and jump across the blocks to the next ladder and climb up 
      it as well. Traverse the spikes section carefully while defeating the enemies
      that orbit you - even if you're hit by an enemy and then hit a spike trap you 
      will instantly die. There is no "temporary invincibility" in this game. Avoid
      the orbiters shots as they shoot in a circle, which is potentially dangerous 
      if you're in the wrong place. From here, continue heading to the right, des-
      troying the next Sniper Joe and the rest of the orbiting enemies and you'll 
      find yourself at the boss gate. Inside, take out the cannon enemies, then 
      fall down the long shaft while holding Left to avoid the enemies here, and 
      you'll get to the second gate that leads to Bomb Man.
        Bomb Man has a pretty easy pattern that you can take advantage of. His 
        attacks are also limited, which means you will be able to damage him more 
        than he can hit you.
        1. HYPER BOMB: He throws these bombs at you, but their blast radius is 
           small and you can easily run away.
        2. JUMPING: He leaps and bounds around the room, making it hard for you to 
           get him.
        Defeating him is also relatively simple. Let him toss a Hyper Bomb, then 
        run away and wait for him to jump. He throws three bombs in a row, so do
        your best and dodge them before attacking. Try to hit him with the Fire
        Storm after he jumps, and stay close so your orbiting fireballs do a bit
        more damage. You might take more damage this way, but it finishes the fight
        a little faster.
      After Bomb Man's defeat, you'll gain the Hyper Bomb [B]. Now return to the 
      Stage Select and head for the final Robot Master, Guts Man.
      His stage is short, but tough. Start off by destroying the three Mettools at 
      the beginning, and get ready for the hardest part of the stage. You have to 
      make it across a wide chasm while maneuvering on some platforms that are very
      tricky to stay on. The idea is to cross it from platform to platform while
      not getting dropped. Every time a platform crosses a break in the path, it'll
      flip, so you have to be extremely quick-witted to make it through. It'll take
      some practice, but don't get too frustrated. Or just ignore the entire last 
      paragraph and use the Magnet Beam to get across. *shrug* However you do it, 
      afterward you will run into a section afterwards with heli robots and miner 
      robots. When you get to the split, take the middle path and fall while hold-
      ing right to grab the large LE refill. Then drop back to the left so you 
      don't land on the spikes. Continue down and you'll find another Big Eye. Run
      past it and you'll make it to the boss gate. Enter it and eliminate the small
      Mettools as you make your way to the second gate. If you're low on LE, keep
      scrolling the Mettools onto the screen for refills. Once you're finished, head
      to the second gate that leads to Guts Man.
        Guts Man is really easy with the Hyper Bomb, and pretty hard otherwise. 
        Know his attack patterns and end this fight quickly.
        1. SUPER ARM: He uses his strength to lift blocks and hurl them at you.
        2. GROUND QUAKE: When he jumps and lands, the earth will shift, throwing 
           you off your balance.
        Keep in mind that the Hyper Bombs are time-delayed, so try to predict where
        he'll land so the explosions catch him. Other than that, avoid his jumping 
        attack and his rock chucking and you'll beat him with a few hits.
      Guts Man's defeat gives you his Super Arm [G]. After this, make sure you 
      grabbed the Magnet Beam, because you'll need it in Dr. Wily's stronghold, 
      Skull Castle. Get ready.
      This first part of the stage is quite annoying. You'll face three Big Eyes
      in a row, so you had better be good at either defeating them or avoiding them
      by this point. Keep going to the right and you'll reach the castle entrance -
      use the Super Arm or the Thunder Beam to eliminate the blocks. Use the Ice
      Slasher to freeze the fire towers in places where you can jump up the set of
      staggered ledges and reach the ladder at the top. Grab the large LE in the
      next room with the Magnet Beam, and make your way up to the next area. Take
      out the hopper robots and proceed to the ladder at the right. Go down and
      cross the spike section while defeating the flying bullets, then go down to
      another section reminiscent of Ice Man's stage. Cross the floating platforms
      while avoiding the spikes, and use the Magnet Beam at the end to reach the
      solid ledge. Grab the WE refills and head up the ladder. This next room out-
      right requires the Magnet Beam; use it to make stair ledges through the room.
      At the top, head to the right through the passageway to reach the boss.
        This boss is an absolute terror. During the fight, watch out for its dis-
        integration move where it separates into little blocks and flies across the
        screen. You have to do this at the start anyway, and hit the eye when it 
        forms. You can make it easier using the Action Freeze trick described in
        Section 7: Secrets and Tips. If you do it right, you'll eliminate the Yell-
        ow Devil in a single hit; two if you aren't that fast.
      Surviving this onslaught advances you to the next level of Skull Castle.
      From the platform where you start off, advance to the right and carefully
      eliminate the Green Helis in your path. Jump from platform to platform while
      taking them out until you reach solid ground. Hop over the invisible floor
      just inside and grab some WE refills, then fall down into the next room for
      a rematch with CUT MAN. This time, just hammer away with your Arm Cannon 
      and jump his Rolling Cutters - you shouldn't have to dodge his jumps if you
      keep firing. Once you beat him, head down the ladder to reach another plat-
      form segment. This area has the bombs that fly out of pits and explode in
      a spread pattern, so avoid them as you cross until you reach solid ground
      again. This time, the invisible floor is further to the right. Grab the WE if
      you can, and fall down for a rematch with ELEC MAN. Hit him hard and fast 
      with the Rolling Cutter again, and drop at the end to reach a segment with
      ladders leading down. This area is crawling with Suzies, so take them out as
      you go down with the Rolling Cutter for an easier time. Eventually you'll 
      deal with some wall cannons too; eliminate them while avoiding their spread 
      shots and grab the WE refills as you go. At the very end, drop down the last
      ladder to reach the room with the boss. 
        Dr. Wily will scan your specs and create an exact copy of you for this 
        fight. What can make this fight tricky is that your copy will do exactly
        what you do, and will switch weapons when you do. You're in for a bit of a
        fight if you choose to stick it out with the Arm Cannon. All of your weap-
        ons will do slight damage, but for some reason he'll inflict more. To beat
        your copy easily, use the same trick you used with the Yellow Devil to keep
        freezing the action while you paste your copy with the Thunder Beam. It'll
        take a few rounds (probably three), but at least you can escape unscathed. 
      Surviving this stage advances you to the next level of Skull Castle.
      This stage is exceptionally short. Start off by destroying the Suzy robots 
      and head down the pit. Use the Thunder Beam to destroy the ceiling cannons
      and avoid what Suzies you can as you make your way down through the next few
      rooms. Eventually you'll reach a large tunnel; head to the right until a 
      large tidal wave comes through and starts pushing you to the right. Keep 
      firing the Arm Cannon to take out the penguins and the flying bullets, and
      if any drop WE refills, hold left until you can access your subscreen so you
      can select a weapon to refill. Keep doing this until you reach the end of the
      tunnel. Going through the small passage to reach the boss.
        BOSS BATTLE: CWU-01P
        The key to this fight is not to use the four blocks in the room until you
        have destroyed some of the drones. Stick to the left side of the room so
        the first drone doesn't come down on you, and use the blocks as platforms
        to avoid them as they circle the room. Use the Arm Cannon to eliminate the
        first three drones, then use the Super Arm and throw blocks at the last
        four. The drones drastically increase in speed as you destroy them; this
        is why saving the blocks for the end is best.   
      Get past this battle to advance to the final stage of Skull Castle, and the
      final battle with the evil Dr. Wily!
      This stage is pretty short, as well. Jump over the ledges to get to the lad-
      der, but you'll have to contend with some floating electricity shooters. Make
      your way up and use the Super Arm or Thunder Beam to get rid of the blocks,
      but you'll need the Magnet Beam to reach the large WE refill if you don't
      destroy them from the top down. Go through the short staggered maze and you
      will find a small rehash of the broken platform area from Guts Man's stage.
      Jump out to the small block to the right and wait for a platform. Ride it
      until you reach the break, then leap out to the platform above you. Use the
      Magnet Beam to reach the next ledge at the upper right and wait on the lad-
      der for the platform to start making its way to the right again. Drop onto
      it and ride it near the end to grab the YASHICHI item that refills all of
      your LE and WE, then jump back on and grab the extra life. The platform will
      be making its way back left, so use the Magnet Beam to make a ledge for you
      to reach the ladder again. Climb up and head right to reach a small portal
      which will take you to rematches against the remaining Robot Masters, in the
      following order: BOMB MAN, FIRE MAN, ICE MAN, and GUTS MAN. This part can be
      rather hard since they come one after another and you get no break or LE re-
      fills in between. Once you beat one, step back to the portal to ascend to 
      the next level and fight the next boss. Consider stopping Bomb Man with the 
      Thunder Beam/Action Freeze trick instead of the Arm Cannon or Fire Storm,
      then use the Ice Slasher to cool down Fire Man. Try to do this while taking
      a minimum of damage so you can easily take out Ice Man. Stand in the portal
      and waste Guts Man with the Hyper Bomb as he makes his way towards you. Once
      all four have been beaten, you'll ascend to the top level. Head to the right
      and grab the WE capsule to reach the final boss gate.
        Wily's Machine doesn't do much in this phase except fire energy shots in
        an arc at you. The Rolling Cutter seems to do a bit of damage to the red
        outer shield, but why worry about that when you can jump up and fire the
        Thunder Beam while using the Action Freeze trick? This way, you will take
        out Dr. Wily's shield with ease. Once you've destroyed the shield, you'll
        move directly into the second phase, so quickly switch to the Fire Storm.
        Once the shield is destroyed, you have two options. Again, use the Rolling
        Cutter if you plan on attacking from a distance, or use the Fire Storm up 
        close and hit Wily with the brief orbit of fireballs for a bit more damage.
        The main threat here is the orbs Wily fires that circle you for a moment 
        and then strike. You can also repeat the Thunder Beam/Action Freeze trick 
        for a slightly easier victory, but it takes a few rounds since the Thunder 
        Beam doesn't cause *that* much damage. Just make sure you aim at the flash-
        ing part at the front. Keep at it and you'll defeat Dr. Wily once and for
      I might as well not even finish that. You already know that there are 1.3 
      billion more Mega Man games after this one. Anyway, defeating Wily destroys 
      his ship and he falls to the ground, begging for mercy because of his stup-
      idity or something. Mega Man takes him into custody, and then heads for home
      as the credits roll. During the journey, he transforms back into Rock, and
      .... how far away does Dr. Light live, anyhow? It seems he's running for a
      few miles. Anyway, all this robot destruction has made him weary, so hope-
      fully, Roll or Dr. Light brought some coffee when they come out to meet Rock
      as he arrives.
    MEGA MAN has a few things here and there that count as extras in the game. 
    There aren't a lot, but they're worth checking out.
         This a classic trick that works only in the original NES version (other 
         ports and re-makes don't by default include it, but there is a modified 
         version of it in the MEGA MAN ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION). Press the Select 
         button after firing a weapon to "freeze" the action without bringing up 
         your subscreen. Then keep hitting it over and over again to unfreeze and
         refreeze the screen. The bonus of this is that every time you unfreeze, 
         it's as if your weapon had just been fired, and thus will crawl across the
         screen, inflicting damage with each successive hit. You can EASILY oblit-
         erate Ice Man, the Yellow Devil, Copy Mega Man, and Dr. Wily with this 
         The Magnet Beam will only consume WE when you first press the fire button.
         As you hold it, the platform gets longer and longer. You can also build 
         staircases by creating multiple platforms at once.
    == 8. LEGAL:
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