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    FAQ/Walkthrough by honestgamer

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                                      Mega Man 4
                                 Complete Walkthrough
                                     Version 1.0
                                   By Jason Venter
    The fourth Mega Man title sees the blue bomber running, jumping, and sliding 
    through some of the most colorful, varied environments in the franchise 
    history.  It's a lengthy game that will keep you busy for a long while.  If 
    you're a fan, you won't want to miss this adventure.  And to do yourself a 
    favor, consult this guide only when you really need to.  This is an adventure 
    best experienced without assistance.  With that said, you likely consulted 
    this guide for a reason.  Let's get cracking! 
    The Basics 
    If you've played past entries in this series, you're likely familiar by now 
    with how things work.  To recap, there are eight robot master stages that you 
    may attempt in any order you like.  Once those are out of the way, you'll 
    battle through Dr. Cossack's castle.  When that's done, you find once again 
    that your nemesis is Dr. Wily.  If that came as a shock to you, well, you're 
    new to the franchise. 
    As did Mega Man 3, this newer title introduces new companions and gameplay 
    elements.  You can now power up your arm cannon.  This is called the Mega 
    Buster.  Powered up shots will do more damage to your opponents, be they 
    robot masters or even common toadies.  Therefore, you'll want to spend any 
    'running' time powering up your arm cannon while you're on the go, just so 
    surprise enemies can receive a powerful blast in greeting. 
    Also, you have a new companion named Fliptop.  He comes upon you at set 
    locations and will toss random power-ups your way.  It's always worth finding 
    him to see what he holds for you.  Basically, he replaces the item canisters 
    found in Mega Man 3. 
    Good on the basics, then?  Glad to hear it.  Let's get moving. 
    Toad Man 
    This rain-drenched stage you should be tackled first.  It's a great place to 
    get used to your new abilities, and the robot encounter at the end should be 
    a breeze for you. 
    From the start, head right along the brick towers.  You'll be working against 
    driving rain, so note that when you jump and it's blowing against you, Mega 
    Man's jumps will not take him quite as far as normal.  Before death-defying 
    jumps become a concern, though, you'll want to focus on the birds and their 
    young that are out in the storm.  Large birds swoop down and send their young 
    flying toward you.  If you have your arm cannon powered up, one good shot 
    will take out the flying flocks of birds.  It's likely that one will sneak 
    under your shot, though, so be ready to fire another quick shot or to slide. 
    Another hazard in this area is the enemies that glide down from the top of 
    the screen using their umbrellas as parachutes.  Again, a charged mega buster 
    shot takes them out right away, but you have the birds to consider, too. 
    When you're past a few of these enemies, you'll come to the series of jumps 
    over gray-colored scaffolding.  Here, more of the birds and umbrella robots 
    will attack, but not with the same frequency.  Watch the direction of the 
    rain in the background as you continue toward the right.  It will let you 
    know how much resistance to expect from the elements.  Regardless, though, 
    you should always jump from just near the right edge of the platform, and you 
    should press hard to the right in order to just barely land on the next 
    Past that series of ledges, there are more birds and parachuting robots 
    before a pit that will drop into an empty room below.  When you land, power 
    up your mega buster before dropping down the pit along the screen's left 
    When you land, you'll be in a slow, shallow rivulet of water that is pushing 
    you toward the right.  Move slowly right and you'll soon come in contact with 
    this area's two opponents.  One opponent takes the form of bulbous robots 
    encased by gel.  They crawl along the ceiling and will drop toward the water 
    as you near.  Two normal arm cannon shots will take them out quickly, so you 
    shouldn't worry much about them so long as none of them catch you in the 
    midst of trying to leap over a pit.  Just watch the ceiling whenever you're 
    making jumps. 
    The other hazard is similarly simple to avoid.  Robotic rats inhabit the 
    area, and they move rather quickly.  Again, a few rapid shots from your arm 
    cannon will remove any threat.  Other than those two hazards, this passage is 
    actually pretty simple.  You can tell where ledges are (even when they're not 
    fully in sight) just by watching where water drops in small waterfalls.  Land 
    between each set of tiny waterfalls and you'll be fine. 
    Make your way to the far right of this area and you'll drop into another 
    empty room.  Again, you should power up your mega buster before dropping down 
    to the next room. 
    Here, you'll be attacked by what looks like a giant snail.  Its only 
    vulnerable spot is its eyeballs.  The snail will attack in two ways.  First, 
    it will heave bombs your way in an arc.  You can leap these, or slide under 
    them.  When it tires of tossing bombs, it will send its eyes outward in a 
    diagonal arc that is much more difficult to avoid than the explosives.  You 
    need to be ready for either attack, as there's no solid way to predict which 
    will come.  Just keep dodging and firing and you'll disable this guy in no 
    When that fellow is gone, head along to the right.  There's more shallow 
    water, which drops down as a pit comes.  Slide down the hole along with the 
    water, and hold left as you do so.  In the next screen, you'll land on some 
    scaffolding.  Below, one of the rat-like robots will be hopping about the 
    water.  Drop down the pit to his left while keeping your mega buster charged. 
    You now are in another room with a giant snail.  The difference here is that 
    you don't have quite the room to work with, due to flowing water that is 
    trying to push you off either side of a ledge.  Standing directly under the 
    rushing water from above will also prevent you from jumping well.  Stick 
    around to either side, dodging snail attacks and countering with your own as 
    possible.  When the snail is done for, continue right into the next screen. 
    You're now at the edge of a wide pool of water, with gray platforms 
    overhead.  You'll need to use those to hop along to the right, while avoiding 
    fish-shaped robots that leap from beneath the water to try to knock you to 
    your death on the spikes that line most of the area.  
    As you walk right, just keep hopping slowly, from one ledge to the 
    next.  Mega buster shots will take care of any fish that jump from the 
    soup.  The platforms can be difficult to reach if you're worried about the 
    fish, so either destroy them or let them pass out of the way before making 
    each leap, particularly the one that forces you to land between two 
    ledges.  Halfway through, you'll find solid ground for a moment.  While 
    there, shoot any fish in the way, then hop out of the water and take the last 
    few leaps to reach the gate leading to the area's robot master. 
    Toad Man 
    This guy is easily defeated if you follow a simple strategy.  Once the battle 
    starts, take a few steps forward.  Toad Man will leap toward you, and should 
    land just behind you.  Turn and fire a few shots.  When you've hit him around 
    three times, he'll leap to your other side.  Just keep repeating this as he 
    hops back and forth over your head. 
    Note that this fight is only easy so long as you're pelting him with arm 
    cannon fire.  If you let him stop to catch his breath, he'll use his acid 
    rain attack, which you simply can't avoid.  Keep him busy, though, and this 
    fight will be a breeze.  
    Password: A-3,5,6, B-1, D-1, E-3 
    Bright Man 
    If you like messing around with light and dark, you'll enjoy Bright Man's 
    stage.  From the start, head right along the ledges and you'll encounter two 
    types of enemies.  The first is a toad-like enemy that rushes along and sends 
    up fireworks.  Quick shots will defeat him before he bumps you.  The second 
    enemy type is a flying bulb.  Shoot it and you'll plunge the level into 
    darkness.  It's better to avoid the bulb-like enemy, as well as its spread 
    shots.  Otherwise, you can let the toad-like guy send up his fireworks, which 
    light up the area all over again. 
    As you continue right, you'll soon come to a few pits.  Make sure that none 
    of your enemies are on-screen when you attempt any jumps.  If necessary, edge 
    closer to the right to cause any approaching enemies to come before you 
    leap.  When you cross the second pit, be prepared for another toad-like enemy 
    that will be descending the steps. 
    Past that opponent, you'll come to a large room.  Head right and you'll see a 
    totem pole robot.  This guy fires red shots at you.  They're easily avoided, 
    but it takes quite a few regular arm cannon shots to take out each totem 
    Beyond the first such robot, you'll see a cricket-like robot resting on some 
    spikes.  Jump onto his flat back after powering up your mega buster, and 
    he'll start leaping to the right.  Be ready to take out a totem enemy along 
    the way, and to jump to the next cricket when you come within range.  These 
    crickets will carry you across the spikes, and you can jump from the back of 
    the last one to reach a ledge, where a ladder allows you to climb up to the 
    next room. 
    The robot in this room is a fairly simple fellow.  Just stand at the top of 
    the ladder and fire charged mega buster shots across the room to hit him 
    hard.  He also lobs red bullets in arcs, so be ready to jump 
    those.  Otherwise, it's a pretty simple encounter.  When the robot is gone, 
    you can use the Rush Coil to reach the ladder in the screen's upper right 
    corner, which leads to a small nook with a large energy capsule. 
    You should only grab the capsule if you need it, as doing so will cause the 
    robot to re-generate in the screen below.  When you've got the energy capsule 
    and taken out the robot, climb the ladder along the upper left side of the 
    screen.  This leads to a new room, where you'll be at the base of a 
    staircase.  Top-like enemies drop from the ceiling here, and spin toward 
    you.  If you don't take them out quickly, they'll do some damage to your life 
    meter.  However, each falls easily enough with charged mega buster shots. 
    From the top of that stair, continue right and take out the next two enemies, 
    then slide under the gap that leads right into the next area.  Here, you'll 
    see a ladder you can descend into a basement area of sorts.  There, you 
    should head right along the ledge and you'll see a red platform along an 
    inverted, curved track.  Jump on it and it will swing you over to the 
    opposite side of the arc.  Once it arrives, quickly leap to the next red 
    platform as the one you just stood on drops out of sight.  Keep moving 
    across, until you land on the green platform.  This swings over to a high 
    ledge, where you can collect a 1-up icon and an energy tank.  Now, look left 
    and you'll see the green platform swinging back and forth.  Catch its ride to 
    a ledge to your left, and from here use the Rush Coil to hop over each of the 
    gaps leading back left (time your leaps so you land on each red platform, and 
    then quickly hop to solid ground). 
    When you reach the other end, climb back up the ladder you originally 
    descended, and continue along the ledge leading to the right.  You'll now 
    find another series of spikes with the cricket-like robots you can ride 
    across them.  This area is trickier than the last one.  There are more totem 
    pole robots, but the real hazard is actually the crickets 
    themselves.  They're positioned in such a way that they tend to overlap, and 
    sometimes this can result in you thinking you're on the correct one and 
    finding too late that you're not, that instead you're riding along with a 
    kamikaze cricket who has every intention of jumping to his (and your) doom. 
    On the opposite side of the series of spikes, you'll find another ladder that 
    leads up into a new room.  There's another top-like enemy here, so quickly 
    slide under the narrow gap leading left, then turn and fire shots at the 
    robot, who should have dropped by now.  Hit him with enough shots to disable 
    him, then climb the next ladder leading up along the screen's left side. 
    From the top of this ladder, head right and you'll see a bottomless 
    pit.  More of the flying bulb robots are here, and you should take out each 
    as you come across them with charged mega buster shots.  As you're doing so, 
    you must hop from platform to platform.  Remember that the red ones fall once 
    they reach the end of their arcs.  Partway across, you'll come to solid 
    ground in the form of two red blocks.  From here out, there are only two more 
    of the red platforms.  As you leap from the second, a bulb-like enemy is 
    approaching in the air, and it can easily knock you to your death.  Instead 
    of letting that happen, ride the platform down as it start to descend, then 
    jump just before you sink into the pit.  Then take out the toad-like enemy 
    that will be approaching at ground level, and proceed to the right. 
    There's another of the toad-like enemies, and another flying bulb, and then 
    you'll find yourself at the gate leading to the encounter with the area's 
    robot monster. 
    Bright Man 
    This battle is easy if only because you have Toad Man's special attack.  When 
    you enter, go ahead and fire up one of the weather missiles.  Acid rain will 
    hammer your opponent.  For the rest of the battle, just wait until each bit 
    of rain has subsided, then fire off another one. 
    While you're doing that, Bright Man will be countering with attacks of his 
    own.  He for the most part takes wide leaps from the right side of the screen 
    to the left, and vice-versa.  Also, he fires shots from his own arm cannon, 
    and will sometimes freeze you in the middle of movement so that you can't 
    dodge out of his way for a moment.  As long as you send off one weather 
    missile at a time, you'll drain his life at around the same time you run out 
    of shots.  If not, finish him off with the arm cannon. 
    Password: A-1,3,5, B-2, D-1, E-3 
    Pharaoh Man 
    Scorching sands and a night skyline provide the introduction for Pharaoh 
    Man's stage.  From the start, head right.  You'll notice that the ground here 
    allows you to sink if you stand in place, so you'll want to keep hopping and 
    charging your shots. 
    As you progress right, green scorpion-shaped robots will arise from the 
    sand.  You'll have to disable them with charged mega buster shots, as well as 
    a small spray from the regular arm cannon.  It's important to defeat them 
    quickly, as bumping them does pretty good damage to your life meter.  While 
    you're moving, bug-like robots also fly through the air, dropping bullets in 
    triple columns.  It's pretty easy to avoid these shots, but don't let 
    yourself become so distracted that the scorpions hit you or you sink into the 
    There are platforms spaced between each bit of sinking sand, and you'll 
    eventually come to a particularly wide platform with a hole leading into the 
    ground beneath the sand.  Rather than dropping down the pit, wait for the 
    robot circling overhead to buzz off the screen, then use the Rush Coil to 
    leap over the gaping opening.  With that done, continue to the right over 
    more sinking sand, battling the same scorpions and flying robots. 
    When you reach the edge of the screen, you'll find a series of ledges, upon 
    which rests the Balloon upgrade.  This item allows you to create useful 
    ledges to climb to new areas, similar to item one from Mega Man 2.  You'll be 
    glad to have it later. 
    With that item collected, the game will now skip you down through the level, 
    to the area checkpoint.  From there, head toward the right.  Bats hang from 
    the ceilings here, the type you should remember from Mega Man 2.  They are 
    only vulnerable when they start to descend, so keep your arm cannon charged 
    as you progress.  You'll soon see a series of spike-lined pits.  Robots hang 
    over the top of those, and you can jump on those robots to take one-way rides 
    to the right.  As the path ascends, it will become increasingly difficult to 
    make the jumps, but you still must do so or risk instant death courtesy of 
    the spikes. 
    Once you've safely crossed, there's solid ground and a few more bats before 
    you drop down a new hole along the right side of the screen.  The next room 
    is empty, and after that you'll drop down into a new hallway. 
    From here, continue toward the right.  You'll notice bottomless pits 
    scattered about, and there are more of the spike-lined ledges.  As you ride 
    more robots across the spikes, be ready to jump to solid ground and let loose 
    a bunch of shots at the mummies that appear from the background.  They tend 
    to toss their heads, too, so be ready to avoid such shots.  Also, don't get 
    knocked into a pit by this tactic. 
    When you reach the opposite side, there are a few more of the mummies along 
    steps, and finally you'll arrive at a gate leading to the encounter with the 
    robot master of the area. 
    Pharaoh Man 
    The weapon you'll want to use for this encounter is the time freeze move you 
    learned from Bright Man.  Let Pharaoh Man leap over your head, then turn and 
    use the freeze move so that you're rapidly firing shots at your opponent's 
    If you keep firing long enough, he won't have a chance to break free from the 
    effect of the time freeze before your shots have completely demolished his 
    life meter.  If he gets a chance to break free of that, do your best to avoid 
    contact with the robot master directly as you work around the ledge in the 
    room's center, and avoid his shots also.  They do a lot more damage than you 
    might expect.  An easy battle if you're ready to fire like crazy. 
    Password: A-1,5, B-4, C-1, D-1,3 
    Ring Man 
    High over the rooftops of some futuristic metropolis, you'll find Ring Man's 
    stage.  It begins with an ascent between two walls that tower sky-high.  As 
    you climb, there are cannons mounted along the walls.  They'll hit you with 
    periodic shots, which is inconvenient because you will be having some 
    difficulty coping with the light beam ledges. 
    Since the ledges of this type will be located throughout the level, you might 
    as well get used to how they work.  When you first step on the edge of one, 
    it will fall away in a straight path.  If you try and cross during that time, 
    you'll fall through.  When it has finished receding, it will fill back 
    across, exactly as it emptied.  During this time, you are safe to walk or 
    slide across, as none of the ledge will fall back away again until the ledge 
    has filled itself.  If that doesn't make any sense, try it yourself and 
    you'll learn how the process works.  In this manner, you can have twice the 
    amount of time to cross.  That'll come in handy later. 
    When you reach the top of this series of jumps and head right, you'll 
    encounter a new robot in the shape of a hippo.  It rides up on a platform, 
    then fires missiles from a distance.  To hit it, you should pummel the 
    underside of its ledge with shots to break it away so the hippo is down on 
    your level.  During that time, keep jumping and firing so that you destroy 
    any missiles it may send out, keep working on the platform along its base, 
    and also connect a few shots to the hippo itself. 
    Once the hippo is done for, continue along the ledge to the right.  You're 
    now in an area with more of the light beam ledges.  They cross over a series 
    of grooves where enemies patrol, and also over spiked pits.  Use the same 
    strategy you used to so easily climb the tower as you work toward the 
    right.  Saturn-shaped enemies hover in the air throughout, so don't let them 
    knock you down to spikes.  Keep pressing right and you'll find a hole leading 
    down to a new room below. 
    In this room, you're once again fighting a tougher-than-average robot.  It is 
    comprised of a series of red-lidded eyeballs at the center of green 
    rings.  You must hit the red eyelids with your arm cannon shots, but they are 
    invulnerable when the rings are encircling them.  Every once in awhile, the 
    rings will break free and fly toward you.  You can jump and shoot to destroy 
    the eyeballs.  However, it seems to work best if you anticipate when the 
    rings will fly out (shouldn't take long to get down the timing), as if you 
    jump only to avoid them, it's generally too late to shoot and expect to 
    When the robot is destroyed, the platform at its base will explode, and 
    you'll drop down to the next screen.  Here, there's another of the platform-
    riding hippo robots, so take him out carefully.  Your life gauge is likely 
    somewhat low by now. 
    To the right of the hippo, you'll see a ladder hanging from the ceiling.  Use 
    the Rush Coil to hop up and reach it, then climb up to the next screen above 
    to meet Fliptop.  He's your new friend, and will toss a random power-up your 
    direction.  Grab it, then descend to the screen below again and resume your 
    march to the right. 
    First, you'll come along a set of gradually ascending steps, and you'll want 
    to take out the robots there with charged shots before they have the chance 
    to roll into you.  When that's done, you're now in a new series of ledges 
    that will test your jumping and shooting abilities.  Unlike the light beam 
    ledges, these recede in the opposite direction.  The same general trick will 
    help you cross, with modifications.  However, you need to watch out for the 
    Saturn-shaped enemies, which will attempt to knock you backward into the 
    bottomless pit.  Past them, you'll find a ladder leading down into another 
    Go ahead and drop down that ladder, and be prepared to quickly slide left the 
    minute you land.  Why?  Because you'll be on a ledge over a pit of spikes, 
    and it will quickly drop you onto them if you don't get moving.  From the 
    edge of that ledge, drop left and climb the ladder down into the next room. 
    Drop from the ladder and you'll find you're facing another of the enemies 
    with the red eyeballs.  This one tends to fire its rings a little further, 
    but you'll need to use the same strategy you did before if you hope to 
    win.  Once that robot is defeated, head right and slide under the narrow 
    opening.  You'll now find yourself at the gate leading to the robot master. 
    Ring Man 
    If you're life meter is full, or if you're on your last life, you should 
    enter the arena where Ring Man waits for you with the Pharaoh Shot 
    charged.  When you enter and your enemy's gauge fills, let loose with the 
    shot to do some pretty good damage. 
    With that done, you'll now need to avoid his attack pattern as you pelt him 
    with additional shots from the same weapon.  His pattern really isn't that 
    difficult.  He starts by throwing a ring at ground level, which you should 
    jump as it nears.  He then leaps into the air and throws one diagonally 
    toward you, then lands and starts to rush you.  Halfway across the screen, 
    he'll throw another ring directly toward you, as he crosses to where you 
    Be ready to jump the ring and robot as you switch sides, then turn to let 
    loose with more shots.  Just repeat this process, going back and forth, until 
    you've won and Ring Man is resting in the scrap heap. 
    Password: A-1, B-4,6, C-4, D-1,3 
    Dust Man 
    You'll find Dust Man hiding in a factory.  This is one of the more difficult 
    stages in the game, so be ready to die a little bit if you're not constantly 
    on your guard. 
    From the start, head right along the ledges.  You'll soon run into an 
    armored, red enemy that zips along toward you.  He follows set paths, so leap 
    over him, then leap over him once again as he turns around.  When his back is 
    to you, let loose with arm cannon shots to defeat him.  As you continue 
    right, you'll also run into the hardhat enemies, which are only vulnerable 
    when they peek up long enough to either move or fire a spread shot.  They've 
    been around since the original Mega Man game, though, so you should be used 
    to them by now. 
    As you continue, there are small gaps where bottomless pits await you, and 
    you'll want to leap across those.  However, enemies tend to fly up from those 
    openings, so you should first lure out an enemy at each pit, shoot it, and 
    then attempt the jump, rather then getting knocked into the pit as a result 
    of unfortunate timing. 
    Pressing right, you'll find more hardhat enemies, and more of the shielded 
    red guys, until finally you come to a wide pit with green-colored walls 
    behind it.  You're safe to drop down this pit, so go ahead and do so. 
    In the next screen, you'll be on a high ledge.  You can drop off its left 
    side to reach the lower ground level (or slide left to collect the large 
    energy capsule if you need it).  When on the lower level, start charging your 
    mega buster and head right.  You'll soon encounter a new robot enemy, which 
    looks a bit like a glorified, chubby pogo stick.  It has spikes at its base, 
    and is quite large.  Pelt it with shots until it explodes, then continue 
    toward the right. 
    Now you're at one of the stage's trickier parts.  Small blocks will fly up 
    from the bottom of the screen to form large blocks in the air that you can 
    use to proceed to the right.  Hop along these as they materialize, hitting 
    any flying robots with careful shots from the arm cannon.  Don't let them hit 
    you, as they do a lot of damage and may knock you onto a row of 
    spikes.  Also, don't let the slowdown that occurs in this area cause you to 
    misjudge a jump.  If you do things right, you'll cross over to a ladder 
    leading up to the next area of the stage. 
    At this point, you're in a room with ledges leading up to a ladder to the 
    left.  Fliptop will descend them and toss you a power-up, hopefully a large 
    energy capsule so you can refill some health.  When he's gone, climb the left 
    ladder into the next area. 
    Now you'll need to work toward the right while the ceiling above raises and 
    lowers itself.  There will be a hardhat enemy or two along the way, but 
    they're no real threat.  There also are wide bunches of destructible 
    blocks.  Take care of those with arm cannon shots and clear the way to 
    proceed.  Soon, you'll come to a place where the ceiling gets low enough that 
    only a slide is safe.  You now must venture right as the ceiling starts to 
    rise, then rush back left as it falls.  Each movement toward the right should 
    allow you to clear away part of the block obstruction that lies ahead.  It 
    may take three of four such slides to clear the way, but don't allow yourself 
    to rush or you'll likely end up crushed. 
    Once the way is clear, just keep moving right and you'll emerge safely from 
    the compromised ceiling.  From there, climb up some steps to where another 
    enemy waits.  This is the red guy that fires shots straight ahead and lobs 
    them.  You first encountered him in the Bright Man stage.  When you've beat 
    him, move forward to climb a ladder up into the next room. 
    Here, you'll see a pit of spikes, with a ladder leading up from the left side 
    of the screen.  There are two platforms you can use to cross over the 
    spikes.  Hop onto the one closest to you, edge forward, and let loose arm 
    cannon fire to defeat the hardhat enemy that waits on the second ledge.  When 
    he's gone, hop over to that ledge, and from there to the ladder. 
    Climb up into the next room and head right, where another of the pogo-like 
    enemies awaits.  Once you've defeated him, you can continue walking right to 
    find the gate that leads to Dust Man. 
    Dust Man 
    If you want to rid the dust of this chamber, you'll need to use the ring 
    shots that you gained from Ring Man.  They make quick work of Dust Man's life 
    However, he's not just going to stand around and let you attack.  Dust Man 
    has several moves to keep you on the move.  Fortunately, none of them are 
    terribly difficult to avoid. 
    First, he likes to fire dust clods toward you.  These will break into four 
    pieces just as they near the edge of the battle arena.  You'll want to leap 
    them as they approach, and watch the particles break into four pieces that 
    should fly to either side of where you're positioned. 
    Dust Man also likes to take big leaps around the room.  A single leap takes 
    him halfway across the screen.  Any time he lands, he may choose to try and 
    vacuum you toward him.  If he does so, just walk in the opposite direction 
    until the suction is gone, then prepare for him either to fire more dust, 
    jump again, or try some more suction power.  Remember that none of your shots 
    will harm him while he's sucking.  Just keep avoiding his attacks and the 
    battle will be over almost before it begins. 
    Password: A-1, B-4,5, C-6, D-1,3 
    Dive Man 
    If you're fond of underwater stages from various Mega Man games of old, 
    you'll find a lot to like about the place Dive Man calls his home.  There are 
    giant whales, jellyfish and spikes, as well as the Wire upgrade. 
    From the start, begin your assault by hopping onto the ledge that hangs 
    suspended over the water.  You can leapfrog to similar ledges leading right, 
    but watch out for the fish that will zip on-screen and try to knock you from 
    your safety. 
    Moving right, you'll find that sometimes the ground is relatively safe, with 
    the only threat coming in the form of armored patrols, while other times it 
    is lined with spikes.  If you're knocked down in either case, quickly jump to 
    the surface before your invulnerability wears off, and you should be just 
    fine.  Otherwise, the spikes may kill you instantly. 
    Past that hazard, you'll soon find you have no choice but to dip below the 
    surface and walk along underwater ledges.  Here, there are clawed, jellyfish-
    shaped robots.  If you pass beneath, they like to dive down and try and hit 
    you from above, so you'll want to slide under them as they recede, or else 
    take a good jump that will carry you over their heads. 
    The latter technique seems to work best, and you'll find yourself employing 
    it as you travel steadily right.  The elevation here changes from time to 
    time, and there are a few gaps you must leap that have spikes between 
    them.  Also, hardhat enemies turn out to be pretty good swimmers.  Try and 
    take them out before they get a chance to leave the ground, so to 
    speak.  Keep moving right and you'll soon come to an area where the screen no 
    longer scrolls, yet there's no apparent barrier.  Jump over the metallic 
    robot there and you'll slide into the next screen. 
    Now you get to meet this stage's large robot, which happens to be shaped like 
    a great whale.  Stay on the left side of the screen and jump high enough to 
    unleash a flurry of arm cannon shots, or charged shots.  It's really up to 
    you, but you'll need a lot of firepower to bring this behemoths down.  While 
    you're attacking, the whale will tend to suck you toward it, and also will 
    fire heat-seeking missiles.  It also has a spread attack that sends four 
    spiked balls into the air.  You'll want to squeeze between these while 
    countering with arm cannon shots.  Just don't let yourself get sucked toward 
    the spiky pit that lines a portion of the floor. 
    Once the whale is done for, keep moving toward the right.  There will be a 
    few more of the metallic jellyfish monsters, as well as a hardhat enemy and a 
    spiked pit.  Just jump over the first jellyfish, take out the hardhat as 
    you're landing, and leap over the other two jellyfish so that you can reach a 
    ledge along the right side.  Climb the ladder you find there into the next 
    You will now be able to leap a small gap to your left, and wait as Fliptop 
    approaches.  Collect the item he tosses you, then climb the ladder to the 
    upper left.  Now as you head right, be prepared for an encounter with one of 
    the chubby, pogo-shaped guys that you last encountered in Dust Man's 
    stage.  When you defeat him, move forward, drop down one screen into an empty 
    area, and then drop down the gap on the left side of that area to find 
    yourself underwater once more.  You're now at the level checkpoint. 
    From the checkpoint, go ahead and move toward the right.  This area has more 
    of the metal jellyfish, and a pit of spikes.  You'll also encounter a new 
    opponent, which is shaped like a miniature manta ray fashioned from 
    metal.  Shoot each of them as you proceed.  If one knocks you back on the 
    spikes, you'll likely be able to jump to safety again and keep moving. 
    When you get right far enough, you'll find another of the giant whale 
    robots.  Take care of it quickly, then push on to the next screen.  Here, 
    you'll see a gap in the floor.  Drop down the hole and be prepared to move 
    left and right to avoid the spikes that line this pit.  You'll drop four 
    screens to the Wire upgrade.  It's not hard if you move quickly and stay 
    centered on the screen between spikes. 
    With the upgrade collected, you will now be returned to the checkpoint I 
    mentioned before.  This means making your way past that second whale-shaped 
    robot again, but it's worth it for the cool upgrade.  Your life meter has 
    also been refilled.  Moving beyond the pit you originally dropped down to 
    find the Wire, you'll find the water level rising and falling as you work to 
    avoid more of the metallic jellyfish, the manta rays, and now a new hazard: 
    explosive mines. 
    The mines look a bit like red, spiked beach balls.  When you near, they may 
    start to flash briefly before exploding.  You can jump over some, and slide 
    under others, but make sure you're clear of the blast and that you don't leap 
    into the spiked ledges that are drifting throughout the area. 
    Once your past the first set of these, you'll proceed right and the depth of 
    the water will remain more constant.  There are still plenty more of the 
    mines, though, as well as a few more manta rays.  Push forward slowly and you 
    shouldn't receive any damage.  You'll soon find yourself at the gate leading 
    to the area's robot master. 
    Dive Man 
    When you face Dive Man, be prepared for a difficult battle.  You'll make 
    things simpler for yourself by equipping the dust cannon, but still shouldn't 
    expect a walk in the park. 
    Dive Man's favorite attack is to dive toward you like a torpedo.  Though he 
    is vulnerable to your shots in this state, it's important that you jump clear 
    before a collision takes place; his body is the most powerful weapon at his 
    When he's not firing himself, Dive Man falls back on dive missiles, which are 
    attracted to your heat and will follow you around the room.  Avoid them but 
    worry yourself more with Dive Man's location, and hit him with your dust 
    cannon until he surrenders. 
    Password: A-1, B-4,5, E-1,4, F-3 
    Drill Man 
    A rocky mountain serves as the lair for Drill Man.  Red rock greets you as 
    you beam down to the scene, and you'll walk right across that soil as you 
    begin your mission. 
    There are numerous enemies that hover about the air here, and they should be 
    familiar to you from Dust Man's stage.  They each take about three regular 
    arm cannon shots to fell, and there's also a hardhat enemy between you and 
    the ladder that leads up into the next screen.  Move carefully and you should 
    be able to avoid taking any damage up to that point. 
    At the top of the ladder in the next room, face left and let loose a flurry 
    of arm cannon shots to defeat the chubby, pogo-shaped robot that is moving 
    slowly toward you.  When he's gone, go ahead and hop left, the climb the 
    ladder there to the next room above. 
    The next room is a fairly simple one, inhabited by two more of the flying 
    rotor enemies, as well as two hard hats.  Again, you should be able to avoid 
    any damage if you follow the corridor carefully and don't let yourself grow 
    careless.  When you reach its end, there's a ladder leading down to the 
    chamber below. 
    In that room, you'll find three of the bats.  There are also a lot of 
    spikes.  You can either dispatch of the bats and then make carefully-timed 
    jumps, or you may prefer to let the bats bump you instead so you can easily 
    cross the spikes during your brief moments of invulnerability.  Whichever 
    method you use is fine, so long as you drop down through the pit on the 
    screen's lower right side. 
    Veer right as you fall there, then look left.  There are more bats and more 
    spike-filled pits.  There's also a 1-up icon, but you might as well just 
    avoid it; recovering the goodie can easily lead to a loss of life, rather 
    than any real gain.  Just drop down the pit located along the screen's left 
    From here, head right along the rocky ledges, keeping an eye on the spikes 
    both above and below, and on the rotor enemies that the fill the area.  You 
    don't want to make jumps that are too high and long, but at the same time you 
    don't want to misjudge and fall into a pit.  Past the rotor enemies, there's 
    a ladder that you will be able to climb up to the next room. 
    Here, there are three armored cannons sitting at various levels.  One is at 
    your level, one is resting on a ledge just above, and a final one is near the 
    top.  Take out the middle one first, so that you can safely jump over the 
    shots of the lowest cannon.  Next, from that ledge, take out the top 
    one.  Then jump to that ledge and from there to the ladder.  There's really 
    no need to take out the bottom cannon.  Just climb the ladder above it into 
    the next room. 
    Here, you'll notice an energy tank sitting up on a ledge nearby.  You can use 
    the Wire attachment to hook the ceiling (hold the 'up' button and press 'B' 
    to do so) and then drop to the ledge where the energy tank rests.  Once that 
    item is collected, go ahead and move toward the right. 
    This area is filled with the rolling enemies from Ring Man's stage.  A few 
    shots from the arm cannon or a charged mega buster shot will dispatch of 
    them, but be careful that you don't let them get too close or they'll roll 
    toward you in an invulnerable state.  Climb the steps they guard, and move 
    onto the next screen to the right. 
    Now you should see chimney-like columns in the ceiling, with arrows pointing 
    down from their bases.  These chutes will send down large bits of stone 
    debris that will do a great deal of damage to Mega Man if they 
    connect.  Slide under them when you find openings, and proceed along the 
    corridor.  There are also enemies that glide through the air.  If one 
    positions itself above Mega Man, it will try to stomp downward and cause 
    damage.  They also are good at knocking you into pits, and you'll find plenty 
    of those as you proceed to the right. 
    You'll also find switches.  Bumping into these will cause extra rock ledge to 
    appear as if from nowhere.  The first switch is easily hit, as is the second 
    if you aim for it as you make a leap into nothingness.  The third switch 
    presents a similar situation.  The fourth one is a little 
    different.  Position Mega Man so that you jump forward, tripping the switch 
    almost the second you leave the ground, and just barely landing on the ledge 
    that will appear to your right. 
    That's the last of the switches.  One final rock chute and a flying enemy are 
    all that stand between Mega Man and the gate leading to the area's robot 
    Drill Man 
    The weapon you'll want to use here is the dive missile.  It can hunt down 
    Drill Man no matter where he surfaces. 
    Drill Man will attack by firing explosive missiles toward you, and will run 
    back and forth for a time between dives into the rocky soil that fills the 
    chamber.  Once he's dived into the ground, you need to keep moving so that 
    when he pops back out into view, it's not directly under where you stand, but 
    off to one side or another. 
    The whole time you're avoiding both Drill Man and his missiles, you should be 
    countering with your missiles, except when the robot dives.  He's 
    invulnerable when surrounded by soil.  Soon, you should emerge 
    victorious.  You'll win not only his drill missiles, but also the Rush Jet 
    Password: A-1,4, B-5, E-1,6, F-3 
    Skull Man 
    The final robot stage you'll encounter looks like it was carved out of the 
    bowels of a giant dinosaur.  It's surrounded by volcanic ruins and will keep 
    you hopping and firing. 
    First things first.  Start by moving toward the right.  You're on the ground 
    level, and you'll soon enter a narrow corridor.  Repeatedly fire the arm 
    cannon as you move right, and you'll destroy a domed cannon there.  Move 
    beyond that and there's another of the cannons at the same level.  Loop back 
    around the bone platforms and head back to the right, until you're standing 
    on a ledge overlooking a gap and another platform over solid, bony ground. 
    You should see a spike tipped robot gliding toward you.  Aside from the 
    spikes, it looks sort of like a soda can or a car's oil filter.  Shoot that 
    robot and head forward, where you'll need to disable another of the domed 
    You'll find more of the domed cannons and flying enemies ahead, before 
    climbing a ladder that leads up into the next room.  There, you'll find an 
    enemy that tosses bones toward you.  Jump and hit it with a powered mega 
    buster shot and it will vanish (a regular arm cannon shot will only cause it 
    to collapse temporarily into a heap of bones).  Climb the ladder on the 
    screen's left side, which leads upward to the next passage. 
    With that out of the way, head quickly to the right.  There are two levels 
    here, but the bottom is a dead end.  Move far enough right to lure the red-
    shielded robot, then hit it in the back as it retreats.  Move to the ledge it 
    occupied and continue right, where you'll find more bat-like robots filling 
    the air above a series of ledges.  Cross over those ledges while defeating 
    bats, and you'll find more multiple paths with bats and red-shielded robots. 
    None of those hazards should do much damage to you, and you'll soon come 
    right to a ladder that will allow you to climb to the next room.  Fliptop is 
    waiting for you here, so grab whatever he drops and then climb the ladder 
    into yet another room. 
    This ladder extends directly to the top of the screen, so you may choose to 
    avoid heading to the right if you like.  However, that would mean passing up 
    an energy tank.  Instead of doing that, I suggest taking a short trip to the 
    right.  You'll find a series of three ledges suspended over the ground 
    level.  Climb up to the second one and work to the right, being ready to jump 
    over the red-shielded enemy.  Alternately, you can go along the top ledge, 
    which makes it easier to dodge the red-shielded enemies, and then loop back 
    by using the balloon item to climb up to the ledge from its right side.  At 
    the edge of that ledge, you'll be able to grab an energy tank before heading 
    back left to the ladder and climbing up into the next screen. 
    Here, you'll need to loop around more bony ledges, where domed enemies await 
    you.  You can only hit the side with their eyes showing.  There are also 
    worms here.  As you head right along the top level of this particular heap of 
    bones, you'll notice another energy tank situated precariously on a 
    ledge.  You can't approach that from the left, but you'll want to loop back 
    from the right momentarily. 
    For now, head right along the top ledge.  As you follow it, there will be 
    more cannons and a worm will drop from the ceiling.  Take out that worm and 
    press to the end of the ledge.  Now another worm will drop and land on the 
    ledge below you.  Follow it down to that ledge, defeat it, and proceed toward 
    the left.  The way to do this is with the Balloon adaptor.  You can set one 
    over the first pit, hop onto it, and slide to the next ledge.  Once you do 
    so, switch to the arm cannon to take out the worm there, and continue left to 
    collect the energy tank.  Then use your balloons to climb up the hole to the 
    left there, and push back to the right. 
    This time, instead of dropping down and heading back left, drop down and leap 
    from there to the next ledge to the right.  A worm will appear, so take it 
    out with the arm cannon.  Another will fall just between you and the 
    ladder.  When that one is taken care of, descend the ladder into the next 
    You're now in the final portion of the stage before its end.  It's a series 
    of ledges, inhabited by the bone-tossing enemies you should recognize from 
    earlier in the stage.  You should take them out one at a time, and also 
    carefully defeat the floating enemies in the area.  There's not really a 
    single jump here that is all that difficult if you take things slowly. 
    When you reach the right edge of that area, you'll find the gate that leads 
    into the battle with the last of the eight robot masters. 
    Skull Man 
    Get ready for the fellow that is arguably the toughest of the robot 
    masters.  You'll want to have the dust cannon ready, as it will do the best 
    job of defeating your enemy. 
    Dust Man attacks mostly by dashing around the area and firing his arm 
    cannon.  Though his shots don't do much damage, coming into contact with the 
    robot himself will do a lot to decimate Mega Man's life meter. 
    For the most part, you can fire the dust cannon shots whenever you like.  The 
    only time you shouldn't is when a skull shield encircles Skull Man, at which 
    point he is invulnerable.  Since the dust attack moves slowly, you'll need to 
    move cautiously and be ready to leap over your opponent.  Remember that he 
    often stops a charge just short of either side of the screen, so don't stand 
    all the way against either side and expect a jump to carry over your 
    opponent.  Instead, you're almost safer at the center of the screen. 
    When the battle ends, that's the last robot master out of the way.  Time to 
    find out about Dr. Cossack! 
    Password: A-1,4, B-5, E-2, F-1,3 
    Dr. Cossack's Castle #1 
    Dr. Cossack lives in the frozen regions of the north.  As such, you'll start 
    your raid on his castle by wading through knee-deep snow.  You'll soon come 
    to a small tower, flaked by snow.  A slinkie-shaped robot is descending, and 
    it will take several shots from the arm cannon to disable him. 
    Once you're past that, you can continue forward, to another tower with the 
    same type of enemy.  Beyond that, there's a more extended tower.  On this 
    one, you'll find three more of the slow-moving enemies.  None of this should 
    lead to any damage to your life meter, and you can hop from the tower to a 
    ladder and climb into the next screen.  Make sure you're moving at a run and 
    jump from the very edge, or you'll fall into the pit below the ladder.  If 
    you're not sure you can make the leap, go ahead and use the Balloon item to 
    make it more safely. 
    The next screen above has two of the rolling enemies familiar from Ring Man's 
    stage, and from the Drill Man area.  You can slide under the first opening, 
    lure the first one down to your level, then slide back under and shoot him 
    from a distance.  Then climb up near the top, stand where the ladder is, and 
    jump and shoot whenever the machine is far enough away that you can safely do 
    so.  Again, you should be able to navigate this area without taking damage. 
    The next screen up from there takes you to the area's rooftops.  As you push 
    toward the right, you'll see a bone-tossing robot.  Take it out with a 
    charged mega buster shot.  As you may notice, you're on a rooftop of 
    sorts.  There are gaps between ledges, but you don't want to just leap over 
    them right away.  Enemies come flying out of them, like in the Dust Man 
    stage.  Take out an enemy, then quickly cross.  Keep moving to the right over 
    the rooftops, until you come up against a ledge with several levels.  There 
    are several paths you can slide, but you really don't want to as they lead 
    right to a bottomless pit.  Instead, climb to the top of the ledges as you 
    press toward the right.  Note that the ledges are slippery, so you don't want 
    to slide off the end. 
    To the right, you'll see a bone-tossing robot.  You want to make a long jump 
    over the gap when it's safe to do so, without his bone hitting you.  Not only 
    that, but another of the enemies likes to come out of that pit.  You should 
    be able to clear both hazards, then climb out the ladders and take out your 
    bone-tossing friend along the way.  From there, climb up the ladder into the 
    next screen. 
    You're now at a series of screens where you must use the Balloon adaptor to 
    reach various ladders suspended over the bottomless pit beneath.  Place them 
    so that you can ride them upward to the ladders, which you should then climb 
    to scale the castle's face.  Near the top, you'll come to a series of ladders 
    with steel traps.  You must climb up the right-most ladder, into the next 
    screen, then climb down back into the previous screen, and drop from that 
    ladder to the next one to the left (do so from too low on the ladder and 
    you'll fall down, which is bad), which is patrolled by the steel 
    trapjaw.  Climb upward through the gap in the teeth, just after it has 
    clamped shut and reopened.  Repeat this for the next jaw, until you're on the 
    left-most ladder and can climb up to the next screen. 
    Here, you're going to see another of the chubby, pogo-like enemies.  Take it 
    out with some quick shots, or slide under it when it jumps high enough, and 
    pass through the gate to this area's boss encounter. 
    Jeweled Monster 
    This is an easy encounter.  All you need to do is move quickly and you can 
    call victory yours. 
    The machine is a giant, hovering drill machine.  It moves slowly, so you can 
    keep an easy distance as it fires slow-moving, oval shots.  In the meantime, 
    you will want to counter with charged mega buster shots or your ring 
    shots.  All you have to do is hit the glowing jewel, which is the only 
    vulnerable part on the machine. 
    While all this is occurring, the machine will drift back and forth and, from 
    time to time, send its drill toward the ledges on which you are 
    battling.  Make sure you slide under it as it drifts one way or 
    another.  When the drills hit the platform enough times, portions of it will 
    begin to break away.  This only becomes a problem if the fight drags on for a 
    long time, so make quick work of it and you'll be fine. 
    Dr. Cossack's Castle #2 
    This stage puts you at the bottom of a vertical shaft, and you can choose 
    from two ladders.  The one on the left is likely to result in Mega Man taking 
    damage, and that's even possible on the right side.  However, I recommend the 
    right side.  There, you'll just run into one of the steel trapjaws.  Climb up 
    through the gap between its teeth, and get to the top of the ladder.  Then 
    hop from there to the purple-colored pillar.  Now slide partway through that 
    gap, then back over to the right.  This should lure the enemy from the 
    ceiling so that you can pass safely through once it slides out of the 
    way.  Then you can cross over to the platform it inhabited, and from there to 
    the ladder. 
    Climb the ladder up into the next room, and from there head to the 
    right.  You will soon come to a tube in the ceiling, from which skull enemies 
    will drop.  Shoot them and stand to the right of where those fall, then use 
    the Rush Jet to ride over the spiky pit. 
    Along the way, you'll want to grab a special item refill from one of the 
    ledges.  As you're nearing the end, make sure the jet is riding high enough 
    that you can jump from it to the ladder.  Climb up the ladder to its top. 
    If you look left, you'll see a series of four blocks that will allow you to 
    reach the ladder at the top left side of the screen.  However, spikes extend 
    from the blocks.  They will switch between vertical and horizontal alignment 
    from time to time.  You want to hop across as they are pointed ways that 
    won't harm you.  Jump out to the first block, then the second, then wait to 
    jump to the third and fourth blocks as the spikes are about to switch 
    position again (arrows flash on the blocks just before they change). 
    When you reach that ladder, climb up to the next room and employ the same 
    basic strategy.  This area is much more difficult, but you should still be 
    able to reach the ladder on the screen's upper left side. 
    In the next area, you'll have to use a balloon to ride up to the ledge, and 
    make your way to the right.  Here, some of the same rolling enemies from 
    Drill Man's stage will make an appearance, so shoot them quickly.  If you 
    don't, they turn to their invulnerable state, and from there about all that 
    can happen is that they'll knock you around several times while you're 
    trapped on the ledge.  Past these hazards, you'll find a ladder leading up to 
    the next screen. 
    The next screen is just a simple one.  Climb up the ladder along the right 
    side, up to the top and from there jump left onto the next ledge.  Drop down 
    to the lower portion of that ledge and shoot the enemy as it detaches itself 
    from the ceiling, and then from there jump left to the ladder and climb up to 
    the next screen. 
    In this room, you'll see an energy tank resting on a ledge near the 
    top.  Start by climbing directly up the ladder, almost to the top of the 
    screen.  You should pass through a steel trapjaw as you do so.  Then wait 
    until it clamps shut just below you.  Now climb back down through the opening 
    when it's safe, and drop from the ladder while holding to the right.  You'll 
    pass through the opening.  Walk to the right, then hop up the ledges and look 
    back left.  Use a drill missile to break the barrier, then drop down to the 
    middle of the levels to the left.  From the edge of that, jump and wrap your 
    way back around to the top ledge, then claim your energy tank prize. 
    With that done, slide through the gap and into the next screen.  You can use 
    the Balloon adaptor here to get high enough to use the blocks and reach the 
    1-up icon, or you can just take the sensible route and pass through the gate 
    leading to the area boss. 
    Sectioned Room 
    This battle is a tough one if you try and use your regular arm cannon, but 
    the dust cannon is going to do a great job for you if you choose to use it. 
    When the battle first starts, three segments of an octagonal room will fly 
    across the screen.  Depending on their speed, you should be able to tell if 
    they will join at the screen's center, or if they will just whiz by in an 
    attempt to crush you.  If the latter is the case, slide under the lowest 
    If, however, the pieces are sliding relatively slowly, hop up into the bottom 
    piece, slide under the first wall of the middle piece as it approaches, then 
    when the unit snaps into place, use the lifts inside to ride up so that 
    you're to the left or right of the red jewel.  Avoid any shots and use the 
    dust cannon to shoot the jewel.  You should be able to hit the jewel two or 
    three times each time the segments come together. 
    Once the jewel has been hit around nine times total, you'll be victorious. 
    Dr. Cossack's Castle #3 
    This stage begins on platforms resting high in the clouds.  From the start, 
    head toward the right.  This will start the screen rolling.  For the next 
    little bit, you're going to have to keep moving while the screen forces you 
    to leap around the various ledges.  None of the jumps are particularly 
    difficult, but you will need to watch out for the circular, electronically-
    charged robots that move in circular paths around most ledges. 
    When you reach the far right, you'll encounter a chubby, pogo-shaped enemy 
    before you'll be able to climb a ladder up near the top.  From there, shoot 
    left to get the spike-tipped enemy that is drifting through.  Then get to the 
    top of the ladder.  You'll notice the ledges to the left have robots circling 
    back and forth.  You can defeat them with pharaoh shots. 
    Once the way is clear, you can make your way to the ladder and climb up to 
    the next screen.  When you start walking to the right, the level again 
    catches you up in scrolling motion. 
    This time, the hazards you will encounter are different from those you saw 
    previously.  There will be wide gaps with no visible platform, and suddenly, 
    ledges will appear.  When you jump on one, it starts to sink.  You can hop 
    repeatedly to make it slowly rise, or stay on it to sink it to the 
    appropriate level.  When you step on one, another will appear shortly 
    ahead.  You'll cross many gaps in this fashion.  Along the way, watch out for 
    the Saturn-shaped robots that will try to knock you into the bottomless pit 
    you're crossing. 
    When you reach the end, you'll have to start high on the screen against a 
    wall, and ride the platform down low enough to slide through a gap just 
    before the scrolling screen crushes you.  Once the screen stops scrolling, 
    you'll see an energy tank sitting on a ledge.  To the right is the gate 
    leading to the level's boss.  Before going through the gate, use a carefully-
    placed Balloon item and slip through the gap to collect the goody.  Then it's 
    time to face the boss. 
    Wall Crawlers 
    You'll walk into this screen automatically, and two gray ledges will fall 
    away.  From that point on, you'll have three ledges to rely on, hanging 
    suspended in the air over a spike-wrapped room.  A bay will open, and a wall-
    crawling machine will emerge from the opening. 
    This fellow is going to spread shots your way as he crawls along the top half 
    of the room at a fairly leisurely pace.  Switch to the ring shot and hit him 
    where the red jewel is glowing.  You'll have to move around a lot, and it 
    seems being on the center of the three ledges gives you the most room to move 
    (both for avoiding attacks, and for countering with your own).  
    To hit, you'll have to jump up from the side, and throw the ring that 
    way.  When you've got the life meter halfway drained, the robot will explode, 
    and a new one will come from the lower bay.  This one moves much more 
    quickly, and will zip around the entire room.  The strategy you should employ 
    will still be the same, though, so just finish it off with more ring 
    shots.  Use an energy tank if you must, as this battle as a whole tends to 
    tax your life meter quite a bit. 
    Dr. Cossack's Castle #4 
    The fourth level within the Russian scientist's castle begins with a drop 
    through one screen (where you can grab item refills if you like), then into 
    the next screen.  There, you'll see two cannons sitting on ledges of varying 
    height.  You can take out those cannons. 
    Of more interest is the energy tank sitting in a recess beneath the second 
    cannon.  You can drop down and press against the wall to fall just to the 
    side of a barrier, which can be destroyed with the drill missile so that you 
    can gain access to the energy tank.  Once you have done so, go ahead and drop 
    down to the next screen. 
    From the bottom, head toward the right and you will find one of the chubby 
    pogo sticks.  Defeat it and continue to the right.  You'll see a series of 
    ledges you can slide under, but make sure you do so after one of the 
    electrical charges so that you are not damaged on the way through. 
    On the other side of that red pipe, continue right to the next red pipe, 
    elevated on a low, gray ledge.  From there, continue along the path to the 
    right.  Next climb up the ladders into the next room.  Here, the path can 
    branch.  You can either head left up the ladder to the upper left, or you can 
    use your Wire shot to reach the high green barrier, and drop down the pit to 
    the right side of the screen to take that route. 
    I'll assume you take the path down the pit to the right, which leads to an 
    energy tank.  When you fall down the pit, head left and you'll see another 
    green barrier between you and an energy tank.  Use the drill missile to 
    destroy the barrier, grab the tank, then drop down the ladder to the floor 
    below.  Work your way to the right along the area, and shoot the slinky 
    robots as they descend the steps.  Past those, you'll pass into the next 
    Here, red-shielded enemies are zipping back and forth over a series of red 
    pipes.  This is where you would have emerged if you took the other 
    path.  Pass beneath those and continue toward the right.  You'll see an upper 
    path and a lower path here.  If you take the upper path, you can move past 
    another red-shielded enemy to grab a large energy capsule, while you can take 
    the lower one to sneak past some electrical charges.  Either way, you'll drop 
    down a pit on the right side of the screen to the area below. 
    The next room is devoid of enemies, so just run down the steps to the left 
    and drop to the next area.  Here, you'll see another tube that drops the 
    skull-shaped robots.  Destroy them and move toward the right  past a second 
    tube, to the door where you'll finally get to fight Dr. Cossack. 
    Dr. Cossack 
    You've finally made it to the apparently insane doctor.  This battle is going 
    to be extremely simple. 
    Dr. Cossack rides about in a bubble-shaped pod.  It has pincers along the 
    bottom, and cannons along the side that fire spread shots in three 
    directions.  The lower portion is quite low, while the right half of the 
    screen is at raised elevation.  All you need to do is hit the sides of the 
    machine, at about the same level as the cannons.  Avoid the shots from the 
    cannon and counter with charged mega buster shots. 
    Of course, the cannons aren't your main concern.  Rather, you should be 
    worried about the pincers.  Make sure that you're not caught beneath the 
    machine when it descends, as this particular attack is the most 
    damaging.  Better to slide out of the way. 
    You really don't need to use more than your regular weapon.  It really is an 
    easy battle.  When it ends, Proto Man will appear and return Dr. Cossack's 
    daughter.  It turns out that Dr. Wily was behind things after all, and 
    forcing Dr. Cossack to assail you in exchange for his daughter's well-
    being.  Time for another castle. 
    Dr. Wily's Castle #1 
    Well, it's time to find Dr. Wily and put an end to his schemes.  When you 
    appear on the ledge, climb up the ladder to your left, then the next ladder 
    to the right from there.  Climb that ladder and from the top of it, hop left 
    along the ledges to the next ladder.  Along the way, you'll have to take out 
    two of the hardhat enemies.  Defeat them and climb that ladder into the next 
    There are four of the hardhat enemies in this room.  You'll have to take them 
    out as you go, but know that they're of a tougher variety than normal.  Some 
    of them will push up their hats, then whirl like tops as they fire shots in 
    your direction.  Others will succumb to a simple shot.  Try to take the least 
    damage possible as you proceed through here, of course, but know that you may 
    take a fair amount of damage just due to the cramped quarters.  When you've 
    cleared the area, climb the ladder at the upper left corner of the screen, to 
    the next hallway. 
    From where you appear here, head toward the right.  This area is filled with 
    more of the hardhat enemies (getting an idea for the sort of boss you'll face 
    at the end of the stage yet?), and you'll again want to do your best to avoid 
    those that you can while dispatching of others that stand in your 
    way.  Partway through, you can leap up to an upper ledge and slide through to 
    collect a large energy capsule, which you likely need.  When you reach the 
    pit near the wall, drop down to the room below. 
    You're now at the stage's checkpoint.  From there, drop down the pit to the 
    left and you're underwater and mostly surrounded by spikes.  Make sure that 
    as you fall, you're pressing against the wall on your right.  Otherwise, 
    you'll land on a set of spikes that line the left wall below.  From there, 
    head toward the right and shoot the hardhat enemies as you go.  A short 
    distance to the right, you'll come to a ledge that looks over a narrow 
    corridor ahead, where both the ceiling and the floor are lined with spikes. 
    It's not really possible to make this jump and survive without nerves of 
    steel, so go ahead and switch to the Rush Marine and glide through the area 
    in your handy submarine.  You only need to use it for the short little 
    stretch, shooting a hardhat enemy along the way.  Then the rest of the trek 
    can be made in your normal form. 
    When you climb up the ladder into the next screen, make sure you ascend to 
    the very top of the ladder, or else the enemy patrolling at ground level will 
    slam into you and cause some pretty serious damage to what is likely a 
    dwindling life meter. 
    From the top of that ladder, use disappearing/reappearing blocks to 
    cross.  The first block will appear just in front of you.  Hop over to it, 
    then immediately jump straight up to land on the next block.  The rest of the 
    jumps require no explanation, until you make it across to the ladder. 
    In the next room, the floor is lined with spikes.  These blocks appear in an 
    order that is rather difficult to anticipate.  Watch until you have a sense 
    for the pattern.  Watch for the first two blocks that appear simultaneously, 
    and note the location of the left-most of those two.  Now note where the one 
    appears just to its upper right, a few blocks later.  When you are familiar 
    with the pattern, you can jump to that first block, then jump to the next one 
    just before the first one vanishes.  From there, it's a simple jump to the 
    next block to the right, then the next from there.  Once you land on that 
    block, jump directly up to land on the last of the blocks.  From there, jump 
    to the gray beam at the top of the room.  Walk left to the ladder, then climb 
    it into the next room. 
    In this next hallway, there's a hardhat enemy sitting in the middle 
    level.  Move right past it, or destroy it if you want the special weapon 
    refill.  Keep moving and you'll see that there are more of the hardhat 
    enemies.  Many of these rest within tanks of water.  Jump up to shoot those, 
    and grab the energy tank.  From there, move right and you'll find the gate 
    leading to the boss battle. 
    Hardhat Hopper 
    As you should have expected, considering the only enemies you encountered 
    through the level were hardhat opponents, this boss also happens to be 
    one.  Only he's a lot larger than normal. 
    You'll want to equip your ring shot.  The monster has only a few attacks, 
    none of them being that difficult.  First, he likes to hop toward you.  He 
    makes huge leaps, and when he lands the ground will shake.  Make sure that 
    you're in the air when that happens, and not underneath.  Once it lands, it 
    sends out small versions of itself. 
    Also, the hardhat will burrow into the ground from time to time, and only its 
    base is vulnerable.  The ring shot both damages the main threat, and also 
    takes care of the smaller ones that can cause you damage if they strike 
    you.  Shortly, you should have done enough damage that the foe will fade to 
    Dr. Wily's Castle #2 
    From the start of this stage, hop up two levels so that you're at the third 
    chute from the ground level.  Slide along the path and be prepared to shoot 
    out the other end and press to the right so that you land on a ledge over a 
    pit of spikes. 
    Jump from that ledge to the next, and from there to the top of a 
    ladder.  Descend the ladder into the next room.  There are more ledges here 
    over spikes, and flying enemies will try and attack you.  Cross over the 
    ledges to the left and drop into that pit, then from there land on a ledge in 
    the next room, just to the right of where you would normally fall. 
    From the new block you land on, position some Balloon platforms so that you 
    can ride them up to an energy tank.  Now that you've done that, drop down the 
    right of the two pits along the floor in this room. 
    You're now moving along a raised ledge.  As you move right, shoot the worms 
    that will drop from the ceiling.  When you reach the end, slide down to the 
    platform below.  There's a robot patrolling the ledge ahead, so shoot it with 
    some pharaoh shots and get it out of your way.  With that done, you can use 
    some more Balloon platforms to cross over the pit to the ladder to your upper 
    Once you've climbed the ladder, you're in a room where Fliptop will make an 
    appearance.  Collect the goody he leaves, then climb up and exit the room 
    using the ladder to the upper right. 
    In this new room, you'll see ledges that will allow you to jump up near the 
    top, where a worm should have dropped by now.  Shoot it, and work down 
    through the ledges, and then back up to the ladder along the top of the 
    screen.  Climb it and you're in a long chamber with several platforms 
    suspended in the area.  Just walk along the lowest level, charging your mega 
    buster and firing as necessary to blast the mummies that will appear from the 
    background to toss their heads your way (you should remember them from 
    Pharaoh Man's stage). 
    There's a ladder at the opposite end of that passage, and it leads up to a 
    new room with three bats.  Take out the bats, then turn your attention to the 
    two ladders in the room.  You should take the upper right ladder, so that you 
    can climb up through the next room, shoot the skull-shaped enemies, and slide 
    through a gap to grab a ladder that hangs over a pit of spikes. 
    Climb the ladder and you'll find two of the rolling enemies in the next 
    room.  Shoot the first one rapidly before it turns itself invulnerable, then 
    hop over the small gap between the ladder's top and the platform.  Walk over 
    to the right, then jump up to the next ledge.  Face left and shoot the second 
    enemy, then slide under and walk to the next ladder.  Climb that and you're 
    in the next room. 
    You now can come to the top of the ladder and look to the right to see 
    another of the red, towering enemies from the early stages in the game.  Just 
    keep jumping to avoid its shots, and fire your own in return.  When the 
    machine is done, you're ready to hop over the blocks to cross the spike-lined 
    area ahead.  Get to the other side and there's yet another pit of 
    spikes.  More blocks hang in the air over these, and you can cross over those 
    to get within range of the robot.  Defeat it with more shots, then jump to 
    the next ledge it occupied. 
    From there, you can go ahead and keep moving right, then pass through a gate 
    to the boss of this particular area. 
    Giant Dozer 
    Remember the red guy you just beat outside this boss's door?  Well, the next 
    enemy you'll face looks like a larger version of that.  It also attacks with 
    similar patterns.  There are two green lifts that ride along tracks.  You can 
    hop to the left one as a way to get to the upper right one, which is the one 
    you'll want to attack from. 
    A good strategy here is to stand slightly off-center on that second 
    platform.  This will allow you to most easily jump the straight shots, and to 
    jump left slightly to avoid the balls he lobs.  When you get a chance to 
    mount an attack of your own, you should hit the green-colored jewel with your 
    ring shot.  In little time at all, the dozer will bite the dust. 
    Dr. Wily's Castle #3 
    You're now in what the map indicates is the last stage.  You don't believe 
    that, though, do you?  From where you begin, jump left and collect an energy 
    tank.  You can also refill your special weapons, so be sure to fill up on the 
    ring and on any Balloon energy you my need, in that order. 
    When you drop into the next room, you'll find yourself greeted by the red-
    armored enemies, who zip merrily about the ledges in an attempt to drain your 
    life energy.  The ring shot will make quick work of them, and you can collect 
    small energy capsules from the recess in the wall if necessary. 
    From there, drop down the pit to your right and veer left as you do 
    so.  You'll land on a new ledge with special weapon refills.  With those 
    collected, drop down the pit to your right yet again. 
    Once you land, be prepared to take out the two enemies in this area.  Each 
    will fall either to three quick arm cannon shots, or a charged mega buster 
    blast.  They're the top-like enemies.  Drop down the pit past them, to the 
    The next room contains another of the red-armored enemies, which guards a 
    gate leading to this area's boss encounter.  Pass through it. 
    The Robot Masters 
    Through the gate is a short hall and a transporter device that leads to a new 
    room.  Drop down the shaft to your right.  You'll take a long fall into a new 
    room filled with transporters.  The chart below indicates which robot is 
    [1]      [8]  1 - Drill Man   6 - Dust Man 
                  2 - Bright Man  7 - Ring Man 
    [2]      [7]  3 - Skull Man   8 - Pharaoh Man 
                  4 - Dive Man 
    [3][4][5][6]  5 - Toad Man 
    When you defeat the eight robots, a new transporter will appear at the top 
    center of the screen.  Enter it to fight the next boss. 
    Skull Jet 
    This new boss is a more challenging foe than the eight robot masters.  It 
    will descend upon the screen as its life meter fills.  Quickly power up your 
    mega buster shot, then move over to the front of the machine, just below its 
    gaping mouth as it moves up and down. 
    While you are positioned thus, each of the purple energy balls the machine 
    spews will go over your head.  You can power up your mega buster shots at 
    your leisure, and jump to fire them into its mouth between each triple set of 
    energy balls. 
    When the enemy's life meter is emptied, the skull face will fall away and you 
    will see Dr. Wily, controlling the machine from his pod.  
    You're now at the tough part of the battle.  The pod will fire an almost 
    endless stream of shots from this point, and you must slide under it so that 
    the shots can't hit you.  There, power up your mega buster shots.  When 
    you're ready, rush out left.  The next shot that heads toward where you stand 
    on the ground is your cue to jump into the air and hit the portion of the 
    craft just below Wily's bubble with your mega buster.  This will do a good 
    amount of damage. 
    Once you've struck, slide back under the skull machine to power up your shot 
    again.  Keep repeating this until you deplete the entire life meter.  Dr. 
    Wily will escape in his pod.  One more stage to go. 
    Dr. Wily's Castle #4 
    You've at last made it to the final stage in the game.  From where you 
    appear, slide under the blocks so you can drop down the shaft.  When you 
    reach the bottom of the shaft, head right through the narrow corridor. 
    Worms will drop from the roof here, so you can defeat them with quick shots 
    and run back and forth to refill your special weapons.  When you're ready, go 
    through the gate at the right end of the corridor to fight the final boss. 
    Dr. Wily 
    This battle is a toughie.  When you first appear, you'll notice the battle 
    area is totally dark.  Immediately, circular bits of energy will start 
    whirling, then fly toward you. 
    Get good at dodging those bursts, as there will be a lot of them.  For a 
    short moment following the bursts, you'll see a flash that shows Dr. Wily's 
    location.  Be ready to jump and attack that location with powered up pharaoh 
    shot blasts.  As an added bonus, the shot materializes over your head as it 
    is powering up, so you can hit him even if he appears far overhead, and 
    you'll still have a powered up shot in reserve that won't use up any 
    additional special weapon energy. 
    You'll have to hit him several times in this manner, avoding his aura shots, 
    until his life meter empties. 
    Congratulations on defeating the evil doctor yet again!  Sit back and enjoy 
    the game's ending and closing credits. 
    And so it is that you've reached the end of yet another Mega Man title.  If 
    you haven't already played all the others, make sure to do so now.  There 
    were six of them on the NES, and each is worthy playing to a varying 
    degree.  After all, the blue bomber will be there whenever the evil doctor 
    strikes again.  And as the ending sequence and history have proven, Dr. Wily 
    doesn't know when to quit!
    Thanks for reading this guide!  I played through each level as I wrote this, 
    and I think that shows in the way the guide is written.  The passwords 
    provided are mine, too.  In short, I made this on my own and I hope you enjoy 
    it.  I know there are a lot of FAQs available online for this game, so thanks 
    for choosing mine.
    Copyright Concerns
    Copyright 2004 Jason Venter
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
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    violation of copyright.

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