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    FAQ/Walkthrough by honestgamer

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/18/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                      Mega Man 2
                                 Complete Walkthrough
                                     Version 1.0
                                   By Jason Venter
    Version History:
    (1.1) January 18, 2007 - Finally fixed the FAQ so that it references a better 
    strategy for the wall cannon boss in Dr. Wily's Castle, thanks to constant 
    prodding on the part of readers.
    (1.0) June 6, 2004 - Added information to the table of contents and made other 
    minor alterations throughout before posting to HonestGamers.com.
    Table of Contents:
    001. The Basics
    002. Flash Man
    003. Quick Man 
    004. Metal Man
    005. Bubble Man
    006. Wood Man
    007. Air Man
    008. Crash Man
    009. Heat Man
    010. Dr. Wily's Castle 
    011. Stage One
    012. Stage Two
    013. Stage Three
    014. Stage Four
    015. Stage Five
    016. Stage Six
    017. Conclusion
    018. Acknowledgements
    019. Copyright Concerns
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    001. The Basics 
    As is true of any NES title in the Mega Man franchise, you'll begin by 
    choosing which of the robot masters you wish to tackle first.  There are 
    eight this time around, and the order is more optional than ever.  It's good 
    fun to try them in any order (and you should do so if you play through 
    multiple times), but for now I recommend the order indicated in this 
    guide.  You'll have an easier time adapting to the game that way, 
    particularly if you've played none of the series previously. 
    Also, the order outlined will help you achieve the special weapons that make 
    the whole adventure simpler.  Different bosses fall more easily to different 
    attacks.  For the purposes of this guide, I'll be assuming you're playing on 
    'Normal' difficulty.  The strategies are the same either way. 
    In general, note that special weapons typically are used only in boss 
    encounters, with the exception of the Metal Blade ability.  This will truly 
    be your friend, and will allow you to easily cut through most enemies in the 
    game.  The guide will advise you to tackle him early on for that 
    reason.  When you have that ability equipped, many enemies will drop the 
    items that refill your special weapons gauge.  Also, it depletes slowly.  Not 
    only that, but you can easily fire multiple shots in any of eight 
    directions.  It's a truly wonderful weapon. 
    If you ever find yourself running short on special weapons, most every stage 
    will allow you to easily refill by providing places were simple, one-shot 
    enemies re-spawn constantly.  Just move back and forth, taking them out and 
    filling up your weapon as necessary.  You'll do just fine. 
    New to this title also are energy tanks.  You can carry up to four at a time, 
    though you really shouldn't need them until the last portions of Dr. Wily's 
    Castle.  There are around 8 energy tanks in the game.   
    Got the basics down?  Good.  Let's get cracking! 
    002. Flash Man 
    This stage is the perfect starting point, whether you're a Mega Man pro or 
    just taking your first step as the blue bomber.  The stage is a sparkly blue 
    one, with mostly simple enemies until the very end.  Most of the difficult 
    foes can be avoided, or fall to a few shots from the standard arm cannon. 
    Begin by heading to the right along the ledge.  There's no threat until you 
    reach the end.  Below, you'll see a red-hued robot shooting regular shots at 
    the base of the ledge where you stand.  Drop down between shots.  Even if you 
    take a hit, it won't do much damage.  Once you land, immediately let loose 
    with a barrage of shots.  When that robot is toast, proceed to the right 
    along the lowest level.  You'll want to move quickly, as the tier above you 
    hosts two more of the red-colored robots.  The won't hit you with their shots 
    by default, for the most part, but if you stop to smell the roses, they'll 
    change the arc of their shots and give it a good effort. 
    Beyond those robots, you'll find a ledge to jump to, where there's another 
    red robot.  Take him out quickly, then hop up another level and continue to 
    the right.  You'll drop down to the lower portion of the screen again, so 
    keep moving until you come to the wall, then jump back up toward the left and 
    take out the red robot that waits there.  Now hop back to the right and drop 
    down the pit. 
    When you land, look left and be prepared to shoot the giant mech a robot is 
    riding.  It will take around five or six shots to destroy the machine, and 
    you'll probably want to make small hops as you shoot to avoid any shots it 
    might fire.  Avoid contact, as a direct blow will do quite a bit of damage to 
    your life meter.  When you shoot the mechanical legs enough, the machine will 
    explode and its rider will then fall to your level.  This guy carries a 
    shield, and will only be weak when he has turned to fire at you.  When he 
    does, hit him with three quick shots, and be prepared to hop over each of the 
    shots he himself fires.  He'll then shield himself again.  When he's firing 
    next, three more shots should finish the job you started. 
    Now that you've done that, drop down the pit to the left and hold left 
    against the wall until you land on the ledge.  Shoot the red robot to your 
    right, then drop down the left pit yet again.  When you land, walk left and 
    drop down that pit.  It's a long fall, but hold left until you land and see a 
    marching pillar column to your right.  Jump so that when you shoot, your 
    bullets hit the face.  With this guy out of commission, drop down the pit 
    just to the right. 
    At this juncture, you'll be near the top of the screen, on a set of small 
    platforms with another of the leggy robot mechs below.  You have two 
    opportunities worth your consideration.  The first is to hop across the gaps 
    and fall down the right of the two pits (don't fall down the left one, or 
    you'll have to fight more enemies and miss out on the opportunity to grab an 
    energy tank).  If you're low on life, you may prefer the second option, which 
    is to hop quickly to the right side of the screen, fall along the wall, and 
    land in the tiny hole with an energy refill.  If you choose this method, you 
    should then quickly turn left, take out the robot mech, then his rider.  The 
    good news is that as long as you stay in that groove, you won't have to worry 
    about dodging the smaller robot's fire (though until you've taken out the 
    mech, its shots pose a threat). 
    Either way, you should end up dropping down the right of the two pits on this 
    screen, as referenced previously.  Now, walk to the right and notice more of 
    the mech robots below.  There are two of them that you have avoided by taking 
    the route I outlined.  You can thank me later.  When you reach the end of the 
    first ledge you're on, you'll see a series of single-block ledges.  The gaps 
    are wide, so practice your jumping skills to get all the way across to the 
    opposite ledge, where you will find an energy tank.  Below, you'll see a 
    ledge with another mech robot.  This one, you'll soon have to fight. 
    Once you've retrieved the energy tank, head back left, then drop down to the 
    lower level.  Walk to the right, hop onto the ledge, and sidle to the 
    right.  Defeat the robot and rider (be careful not to get knocked back by 
    enemy shots, as this may result in causing another mech to appear when you 
    head back right), and from there you can take a long leap to the right to 
    pass through the gate leading to the level's robot master. 
    Flash Man 
    Your first robot boss encounter will be a piece of cake.  His primary 
    weakness is the bubble lead, which you don't have yet if you're following 
    this guide strictly.  Regular arm cannon fire works smashingly, 
    however.  Just stand near the gate where you start, jumping and shooting for 
    all you're worth.  He'll likely fall to your shots before he even gets close 
    enough to touch you.  If not, be ready to switch sides of the screen. 
    When you hop a lot, Flash Man will pull out his special attack, a move that 
    freezes you where you are so he can take a few shots at you with his own arm 
    cannon.  This will only happen during extended fights, for the most 
    part.  So, if you've followed the strategy in the previous paragraph, it's a 
    likely non-issue. 
    If you do have to hop around a lot, at least you have the ledges at various 
    elevations working in your favor.  During an extended fight, contact is 
    almost inevitable, so be prepared.  When you win, you'll gain his time freeze 
    ability, as well as the special weapon. 
    Password: A-2, C-1,2,4,5, D-3, E-1,2,3 
    003. Quick Man 
    With your new special ability in hand, it's time next to face Quick Man's 
    deviously constructed stage.  For newer players, this is one of the hardest 
    parts of the game, but it'll be no sweat if you keep a cool head. 
    From the start, use your platform item (number three) to ride the wall to the 
    left up to a ledge where a 1-up icon rests.  With that collected, go ahead 
    and drop down the pit at the center of the room.  In the next screen, short 
    red stations send out projectiles.  You'll want to avoid the shots as you 
    cross over the two small recesses and continue, though it's hard to do so. 
    Once you drop down the pit on the left side of that screen, you'll want to 
    head to the pit on the right side of the screen to drop down that, as 
    well.  Before you do, pause to catch your breath.  The next section is one of 
    the two difficult portions of the stage.  In the coming corridors, beams will 
    quickly flash across the screen in set areas.  Getting caught by one of those 
    is instant death.  You'll have to move with the speed of a fleeing gazelle to 
    avoid them, and you'll likely need to memorize their positions. 
    Fall into the first screen and hold left as you do so.  Descend the steps 
    quickly, and fall down the gap on the left side of the screen.  Now as you 
    continue falling through this screen, hold to the right.  You'll fall down to 
    the next screen, where you should hold right yet again.  However, note the 
    narrow ledge near the bottom.  You will likely land on it briefly.  When you 
    do, walk right far enough so that you immediately fall off it, and drop down 
    into the next screen.  Now hold slightly left and you'll land on a ledge next 
    to another 1-up icon, which you of course want to collect.  Drop left from 
    that ledge to collect the game's second energy tank.  You'll likely want it 
    for the boss encounter at the end of this stage. 
    Now that you have made it this far, drop down the pit to the left side of the 
    screen, and you're past the first (and easiest) of the stage's two beam 
    The area in which you now find yourself should be simple by comparison.  As 
    you move to the right, the screen will darken.  There are basically two sets 
    of block pyramids here, so just hop and climb to the right.  No pits to worry 
    about, just three flame-tossing enemies.  Take them out with your arm cannon 
    shots and proceed until the room lightens and you see a pit to your 
    right.  Time to take another breath; you're at the second of the stage's 
    At this point, I should mention that your time-freezing move will pause the 
    beams.  However, it feels cheap to use it, and you'll really only want to use 
    it if no other choice presents itself.  This is because the special weapon 
    also works great on the stage boss, and you'll have to refill the meter with 
    difficult robot encounters at the bottom of the shaft if you use it during 
    the descent. 
    When you're read, drop down the first pit and hold left.  You'll have to work 
    your way around a small ledge there, to drop down the center of the screen 
    before beams strike.  As you fall down through the next screen, aim first at 
    the center so you fall through a gap onto a ledge, then run quickly along the 
    left so that you fall down to another ledge, then from there into open space.  
    As you fall, return Mega Man to the center of the screen so he falls 
    through another opening, then immediately hold left.  You'll land on a wide 
    ledge, so drop down off its left side, and now hold to the right as you fall 
    down yet another screen.  Descend the set of ledges leading to the right, 
    then immediately head back left as you fall down another screen.  Hold left 
    so that Mega Man is positioned around a third of the way from the screen's 
    left side.  He'll fall past some pointless power-ups, which is just fine, 
    into the next screen.  Immediately, head right to drop down to another ledge, 
    then left to drop down from there before a beam strikes.  As you fall now, 
    aim for just right of the screen's center, to fall through a final 
    screen.  When you land, quickly run left and drop down the pit on that 
    screen's left side, to safety.  You've survived the second gauntlet. 
    The stage is now almost over.  You now should proceed to the right, past more 
    of the mech robots familiar to you from the Flash Man stage.  If you've 
    tackled this stage later in the game, note that Air Man's special tornado 
    attack will take out the mechs in one hit!  As you likely don't have that 
    ability, however, just use your normal arm cannon fire.  Past two of these 
    mech machines, you'll find the gate leading to the stage boss. 
    Quick Man 
    This fiend is quite difficult, but you can make things simpler by starting 
    with Flash Man's special attack.   The best trick is to start toward the 
    right after immediately falling, then let Quick Man jump toward you.  He jump 
    has a high arc that will carry him over your head.  As he is descending and 
    about to land, choose that moment to use the time freeze attack.  This will 
    drain around 1/2 of Quick Man's life, right from the start. 
    As an added bonus, you can safely cross the screen while the freeze drains 
    the robot's life, then turn so that you're facing him from behind.  Now, as 
    soon as the time freeze is completely drained, switch to your standard arm 
    cannon and finish your attack as he crosses the screen to try and hit you. 
    Quick Man darts quickly about the screen, true to his name.  If he gets back 
    to where you are on the right side of the screen, keep moving back and forth 
    to make yourself a hard target.  When he jumps into the air, he'll likely 
    toss some boomerangs toward you diagonally, so be prepared to jump 
    those.  Also, be prepared to take some damage from physical contact with the 
    devious robot master.  It's nearly inevitable.  However, you'll soon find 
    yourself victorious if you keep up the rapid firing.  Stay focused and you'll 
    win the battle and Quick Man's boomerang attack. 
    Password: A-3, C-1,2,3,5, D-4, E-2,3,4 
    004. Metal Man 
    The lair Metal Man inhabits is a factory filled with conveyor belts, steel 
    traps, and gear-riding clowns.  It's a rather cool place and there are two 
    energy tanks for the taking, as well as numerous simple enemies. 
    Begin your assault on this stage by heading to the right and hopping over the 
    narrow gap to the right.  When you land, be prepared to push against the 
    belt, which wants you to head left and fall into the pit you just 
    crossed.  Press to the right and you'll grab the stage's first energy 
    tank.  Now head back left, then wrap your way back around to the upper 
    conveyer belt. 
    This new belt is the first of several that pass beneath a series of spiked, 
    steel traps.  Pay careful attention to which direction the belts are pushing 
    as you proceed (you can see arrows at the end of each belt that let you know 
    which direction of movement is encouraged and which is not).  If you must, be 
    ready to make small hops both to get in the grooves beneath the traps, and to 
    pass onto the next belt.  The traps fall quickly when you get near, but then 
    recede slowly.  Only when a trap is receding should you attempt to pass 
    Beyond the steel traps and another pit, you'll find what may appear to be 
    safe ground.  It's not.  As you continue to the right, metallic pods 
    vertically cross the area, rising out of the floors or descending from the 
    ceilings.  A few shots will take out any of these, and they frequently leave 
    behind weapon refills, energy capsules, and even the occasional 1-up icon in 
    their wake.  You'll have to move slowly toward the right, hop up onto a 
    conveyer belt, and continue onward while still more of the pods assault you. 
    Once you're past the pods, you'll head right through a narrow corridor and 
    find a series of conveyer belts that work as a staircase of sorts.  From the 
    top, you can use item two if you have it and ride over to another ledge with 
    a 1-up icon, or you can just take a flying leap to the belt below and to the 
    right.  Continue right and drop down that pit. 
    You're now at the stage's halfway point. 
    Drop down the left pit on this screen, then head right while keeping an eye 
    toward the air above.  You should soon see a circular gear resting in mid-
    air.  As you approach, a clown will drop and roll it toward you.  Take out 
    the gear first and the clown will fall to his doom.  If you can, hit the 
    clown with some shots too, in case a valuable item is left behind.  As you 
    proceed to the right, you'll encounter several more of the clown enemies, as 
    well as some of those stone columns with the faces.  Take them out as is 
    comfortable, until you find yourself on a high ledge overlooking a wide pit. 
    From this ledge, a long jump will carry you over to the far ledge, but you 
    may also notice there's an energy tank in the recess below.  I don't bother 
    with this energy tank anymore, though you may prefer to do differently.  If 
    you want it, go ahead and drop down to collect it, but know that you'll now 
    lose a life trying to cross that wide gap, unless you have item two (you only 
    will if you've already completed Air Man's stage). 
    Either way, we'll assume you have made it across the pit.  From there, you'll 
    have to avoid three spring-like enemies in the next area.  These devious 
    fellows move at a snail's pace unless they are touching the same platform as 
    Mega Man.  At that point, they race quite quickly toward you, and upon impact 
    will do quite a bit of damage.  Hop them carefully and continue to the right 
    until you find the gate leading to the robot boss. 
    Metal Man 
    At home in a room with a single conveyer belt, Metal Man owns his 
    domain.  However, you have the boomerang gleaned from Quick Man, so this 
    encounter can be over almost as soon as it begins.  Three or four hits from 
    the boomerang will quickly put Metal Man out of condition. 
    Meanwhile, Metal Man himself will be attacking.  He leaps repeatedly into the 
    air and hurls metal blades your way.  The conveyer belt on the floor will 
    also be pushing you one direction or another.  Watch for the screen to flash, 
    which indicates that the conveyer belt has switched direction.  Get too close 
    to Metal Man and he'll leap over your head to the other side of the room, 
    then chuck blades from afar yet again.  It's an easy encounter with the 
    boomerang, or even with the arm cannon.  When you win, the useful metal 
    blades will be yours. 
    Password: A-4, B-3, C-2,3,4, D-1,5, E-3,5 
    005. Bubble Man
    A roaring waterfall serves as the main backdrop for this stage.  Mega Man 
    will race along in front of it, then drop down to its base for some 
    underwater encounters.  This is one of my favorite stages in the series 
    history, and it also happens to be a piece of cake now that you've acquired 
    Metal Man's blades. 
    Start by heading to the right.  You're on a series of wide, white ledges, and 
    the only enemies are giant frogs that sound out little versions of themselves 
    to attack.  They send three at a time, and will send more whenever those 
    first three are out of commission (either because you've shot them, or 
    because they foolishly leapt to their own doom).  Metal blades work wonders 
    here, and you can even throw them diagonally if necessary.  When you leap to 
    the fifth and final ledge, press quickly to the right, even though you'll 
    likely take a hit.  This is preferable to standing along the edge and taking 
    a hit from a miniature frog that knocks you backward off the ledge and to 
    your death. 
    When you've taken out the third and final frog, continue on to a series of 
    red-colored ledges.  They look almost like logs floating against the 
    backdrop.  Hop quickly across them in one set of jumps.  If you hesitate, 
    you'll end up falling to your death; the ledges can only sustain your weight 
    for the merest fraction of a second (though it is possible to quickly hop 
    across the whole set of them without causing even one of them to fall, if 
    you're particularly light-footed). 
    Once you've crossed that series of jumps, you'll have no choice but to 
    continue right, then drop down to the next screen below.  The hermit crabs 
    here are actually taken out most easily with arm cannon shots.  Hit them with 
    metal blade shots and you'll have to use multiple hits.  If you have the 
    metal blade still equipped (and you likely should), avoiding them is almost 
    easier.  They don't move very quickly. 
    Beyond the first screen of hermit crabs, you'll drop down to another, then 
    another.  This one happens to be underwater.  Note that when Mega Man is 
    underwater, a normal jump carries him to the very top of the screen!  This is 
    important to keep in mind at all times, as you'll find in a moment.  Drop 
    down to the next screen and head to the right.  The ceiling is now lined with 
    spiked barbs.  Just brushing them kills Mega Man instantly, so pay careful 
    attention to how hard you tap the 'A' button as you head to the right. 
    The first hazard you'll come to (other than the spikes) is a giant lantern 
    fish that sends out squid.  You can kill any of the squid with a single shot 
    from the metal blades you're packing, but the fish itself is only vulnerable 
    if struck in the lantern.  Hit it with five or six metal blades and the giant 
    fish will explode, allowing you to proceed. 
    Next you must navigate a series of ledges, while robotic jellyfish rain down 
    from above.  They aren't your main concern, however.  Instead, you should 
    continue to take note of the spikes.  Because the ledges vary in elevation, 
    the safest technique is to cross the various ones, drop into a recess, then 
    tackle the next ledge.  If you attempt them one at a time, you'll do 
    better.  Trying to drop diagonally from one ledge to a shorter one just ahead 
    usually ends up with Mega Man brushing against a spike and heading back to 
    the stage's checkpoint, just before the lantern fish. 
    Speaking of the lantern fish, you'll encounter one just beyond the jellyfish, 
    after dropping through a narrow, spike-lined area.  The strategy here is the 
    same as before, with the added hazard of spikes to the left.  You should do 
    just fine if you focus, and beyond the second fish you'll find two more of 
    the giant frogs.  Their little minions swim, now that they're underwater, but 
    the battle technique is mostly the same. 
    Past the frogs, you finally emerge from the dangerous water, and are back at 
    the waterfall.  It's still easy to die, however, as you cross a final series 
    of ledges.  The problem here is that crabs are falling from the sky.  Wait 
    for them to fall and quickly take them out with metal blades before hopping 
    from one ledge to the next, or you may very well end up knocked into a 
    bottomless pit.  Across this series of ledges and gaps, you'll find the gate 
    leading to the area's robot master. 
    Bubble Man 
    With a fish net behind him and spikes lining the ceiling, Bubble Man must 
    feel pretty confident.  Shake that confidence with a few shots from Quick 
    Man's boomerang.  Around six shots will do him in, as he glides around the 
    screen sending bubbly harpoons at Mega Man. 
    If you're using the arm cannon instead of the boomerang, note that you'll 
    want to jump in the air slightly after Bubble Man makes a leap, so that all 
    his shots pass over your head but you get in some shots of your own.  It will 
    take quite a few shots from the arm cannon, but the battle is still quite 
    simple.  Alternatively, you can use the metal blades and throw them 
    diagonally as your nemesis glides about the area.  They work almost as well 
    as the boomerang.  When you win the encounter, you'll get one of the most 
    important items in the game, the bubble lead. 
    Password: A-4, B-3, C-2,3,4 D-4,5, E-3,5 
    006. Wood Man
    Massive trees and a series of caves that overlook a vast canopy of forest are 
    the highlights in the stage Wood Man calls his home.  You'll also want to 
    look for leaping ostriches and giant wolves. 
    Before you encounter those beasts, though, you'll begin by heading right past 
    a set of bats and rabid rabbits.  The bats cannot be hurt while they are 
    hanging like balls from the tree limbs, but the minute they swoop down to 
    attack, they're fair game.  Have the metal blades ready and toss them 
    diagonally if appropriate, or get below a descending bat and send your shots 
    to the sky.   The rabbits are a threat of more concern, as they hop toward 
    you and will toss the occasional carrot.  You can leap the carrot, but a 
    better tactic is to send a flurry of blades toward the rabbits before they 
    get the chance to launch a proper attack. 
    Past the bats and rabbits is a ladder.  Descend it quickly (you can jump 
    partway down to manage a swift drop, which is a time-saving tactic I 
    employ).  You're now in a room with more of the bats, so drop down to their 
    level and take them out with more metal blades when they expose 
    themselves.  You can now drop down a pit to the left, into a room with the 
    first of three giant wolves. 
    These guys are trickier than you might suppose, and the last thing you want 
    to do is stand at the base of the ladder; the wolf on the right side of the 
    screen will send an inverted arc of flame that will toast Mega Man.  Instead, 
    work right and drop down to a level even with the wolf (you may also hop and 
    throw your blades downward at an angle).  About five or six metal blades will 
    spell the end of Mr. Wolf. 
    There are two more to follow, in the succeeding two rooms.  You'll have less 
    room to work with at this point, but should still be able to make the 
    trek.  Just remember that when the wolf spews his flame, you can jump from 
    the left of the first of the fire, and land so that it has passed underneath 
    you.  Repeat this technique a few times, tossing a blade or two at each leap, 
    and you'll do just fine. 
    Beyond the three wolves is a ladder leading up to a room with more bats, then 
    another passage that leads to ledges overlooking the forest.  As you head to 
    the right, mechanical apes will latch themselves to the ledges just in front 
    of you.  Quickly throw metal blades down at them.  About three hits should 
    take out any apes that happen to appear.  If you don't move quickly, the 
    beasts will leap up to your level and cause you damage. 
    While this section may sound simple, you also need to watch for the birds 
    overhead, which toss their eggs downward like bombs.  If these strike a 
    ledge, they burst and a flock of angry baby birds will fly toward Mega Man, 
    so you want to hit bird and eggs with your blades in time to avert such a 
    disaster.  When you cross over this set of ledges, there's yet another ladder 
    to descend. 
    Climb down that and you're in the first of three rooms with the mechanical 
    rabbits.  As always, move forward and throw your blades downward at an angle 
    to take care of them before they can counter with carrots.  When you pass 
    those three rooms, you're on the forest floor once more.  This time, the threat 
    comes from ostrich-shaped robots that prance toward you.  I haven't 
    experimented enough to find a weapon that harms them, but that's just 
    fine.  Move forward in short spurts, pausing to stand still when a bird 
    approaches.  If you stay in place and paused quickly enough, the foes will 
    jump directly over your head when they come within range, and you won't take 
    any damage at all.  Continue past the birds and you'll reach the gate leading 
    to the robot master of this area. 
    Wood Man 
    When a robot lives in a hollowed out stump, you know he's going to be 
    cranky.  Wood Man is one such robot.  When you enter, he'll toss leaves up to 
    the ceiling while another set encircles him and protects him from your 
    firepower.  He'll then toss that bunch at you and the leaves on the ceiling 
    will descend as he hops toward you.  It's hard to avoid the falling leaves, 
    so instead focus your energies on metal blade shots.   
    You can hit him with one barrage that will take down most of his life before 
    he repeats the same pattern again.  Just repeat what you did before until you 
    are able to finish him off with a second set of metal blades.  It's a fairly 
    easy encounter. 
    Password: A-4, B-3, C-2,4, D-4,5, E-1,3,5 
    007. Air Man
    Nestled in the clouds high above the city is the chamber Air Man uses for his 
    base.  Since there's really not a proper pathway, you'll be relying on giant 
    gremlin heads and the occasional bit of scaffolding to pass through the 
    area.  You'll even hitch a ride on some chariots! 
    Start the breathtaking trek by heading right along the gray 
    scaffolding.  When you near its edge, the first of several gremlin heads will 
    appear.  These giant robot forms are rather difficult if you wish to avoid 
    damage.  On either side, horns will rise and fall, and a leap at the wrong 
    moment can damage Mega Man slightly.  Worse, it may dump him off solid 
    footing and cause him to plunge to his death.  Not a pretty picture.  To 
    avoid this unfortunate fate, you might want to wait until a given set of 
    horns has just about finished receding.  The only problem is that there are 
    other miniature forms popping out of tubes on the side of each head, so 
    you're almost better off making a mad dash for it with only occasional 
    pauses.  It's your call.  Either way, the metal blade is invaluable. 
    When you get past the first five gremlin heads, the stage grants you a 
    reprieve in the form of a thrilling set of leaps from chariots.  Robots ride 
    these, naturally, and throw bolts of lightning.  Take them out before that 
    chance arises with some well-timed metal blade shots, diagonally or 
    otherwise.  The chariots move in circular paths, and you have to take out 
    robots before it's safe to leap from one to the next.  If you mess up and a 
    leap is no longer safe, the chariot to the right may not immediately want to 
    appear.  If this happens, step out on the far left side of your current 
    chariot, so that your toe barely remains on safe footing.  When it completes 
    a full, circular revolution, the enemy to the right should reappear and 
    you'll have another chance. 
    Cross over the skies by way of chariot and you'll come to more 
    scaffolding.  Here, birds attack by dropping their eggs as you push to the 
    right.  Metal blades again are a joy, and you may even get some weapon 
    refills as you go.  Push against the far right and you'll find a drop 
    obscured by the clouds.  In the screen below, you can use your metal blades 
    to take out the short, red stations and the projectiles they create.  Then 
    head to the far left, where clouds obscure another drop to the screen below. 
    Once you land, head to the right once more, using two more of the giant 
    gremlin heads to make the crossing to another series of ledges.  A hazard 
    here is the set of enemies in the area.  A giant robot sends out gusts of air 
    that will blow you back off a ledge if you're not careful.  Three metal 
    blades will disable each of those, but you have to watch out for more of the 
    kamikaze birds in the meantime.  Press onward along this series of ledges and 
    you will soon come to the gate that leads to this stage's boss encounter. 
    Air Man 
    As blowhards go, Air Man is the worst.  He's also one of the tougher robot 
    masters.  When the fight begins, he'll immediately start gusting, and you'll 
    have to push against his breath just to get within range.  He also sends out 
    miniature cyclones in what appears to be random formation, and you should hop 
    over these once they break free of his gusts and fly toward you. 
    The problem is that the minute one set of gusts is gone, Air Man will send 
    another.  Get too close to him-within striking distance, that is-and he'll 
    hop over to the other side of the screen.  Thus, you'll have to attack from 
    medium range.  Fortunately, the air tornadoes that strike you don't do a 
    terrible amount of damage, so you can keep crossing over them to get in your 
    attack.  And what is it that you use to attack?  Why, the leaf shield, of 
    The trick to using that weapon effectively is to make sure you're walking 
    toward Air Man as you press the 'B' button to deploy the barrier.  This will 
    cause the leaves to go flying in that direction with only the slightest of 
    delays.  It's slightly slower than an arm cannon shot, meaning that you have 
    to work quickly.  However, two successful hits from this weapon will send Air 
    Man to the scrap heap.  You'll get not only his air tornadoes as a reward, 
    but also item two, a rocket jet you can use to cross over the wide gaps that 
    lie ahead. 
    Password: A-4, B-1,3, C-2,4, D-4, E-1,3,5 
    008. Crash Man
    While I'm not sure quite what it is Crash Man uses as his lair, there's no 
    denying that it looks cool.  Coppery pipes and bulbous orange containers form 
    platforms leading so high into the sky that the atmosphere loses its color 
    into the murky blackness that hides Crash Man's chamber. 
    Begin your ascent by making sure you have metal blades equipped.  They're 
    perhaps never more useful than they are in this stage, and you'll be using 
    them constantly.  Quickly take out the three robots patrolling the air above 
    you, and head up the ladders.  Those enemies re-spawn indefinitely, thanks to 
    the pipes, so only defeat them if they get near enough to knock you from 
    In the next area, head to your right past some hardhat enemies.  They are 
    only vulnerable when they lift the lids to fire three-way shots, so you might 
    take a small amount of damage when defeating each of these.  Beyond is a 
    ladder leading to the first of three rooms with mechanical lifts. 
    Here, somewhere off-screen, more pipes generate an endless stream of the 
    robots.  Your goal in each of these three screens is to reach the ladder in 
    the top corner without being knocked from your perch.  While you can switch 
    to the leaf shield to accomplish this task, it's more fun to move about with 
    metal blades serving as your protection.  Either way, you shouldn't have much 
    trouble getting to the top of this series of rooms if you keep your wits 
    about you. 
    Once you're on level ground again, proceed to the right and take out the 
    moving stone column.  Regular arm cannon shots seem simpler here, though a 
    metal blade can do the job just as well if it is aimed properly.  Climb the 
    ladder beyond and you'll ascend a few screens to the top.  Here, you can look 
    to the left and see another hardhat enemy resting on a ledge.  If you try to 
    actually shoot it when it is exposed, its return fire is likely to knock you 
    off the ledge (not fatal, thankfully) and you'll have to climb again.  An 
    easier tactic is to simply hop quickly across the ledges so that your second 
    hop takes you to the ladder over the enemy's head while its shots pass 
    underneath you. 
    At the top of that ledge is more even ground, with two ladders and a 
    hardhat.  Take out the hardhat, then climb up the left of the two 
    ladders.  The next few screens can be a pain in the butt because there are 
    birds that constantly bombard you with eggs, which then burst and send out 
    flocks of miniature, mechanical birds.  Metal blades again can save the day, 
    though you may still take a few hits if you're careless.  What you want to do 
    as you're climbing is to keep to the left.  Keep ascending and you'll soon 
    come to a ledge with an energy tank. 
    If you skipped the second energy tank in Metal Man's stage and got all the 
    others without using any of them on previous boss encounters, you should now 
    have four energy tanks in your possession.  Now, you should see that the 
    ledge allowing you to proceed is to your upper right, and you can't quite 
    reach it with a normal jump.   Rather than climbing back down the ladders to 
    take the other branch, set out item number two to the left to serve as a 
    ledge.  Hop quickly to it, then back up to the right.  You should reach the 
    ledge if you do it right (note that item number two should be set high enough 
    off the ground to serve as a genuine step, but not so high that you can't 
    reach it with a hop from the ground). 
    Once you're up on that ledge, it's a simple walk to the right past some 
    robots that rain down from the sky (metal blades take them out quickly, so 
    you can recharge life and weapons energy if desired) to the gate that leads 
    to this stage's robot master! 
    Crash Man 
    If you don't have any special weapons, this guy can be tough as 
    nails.  However, you do have the correct weapon if you've been following this 
    Crash Man jumps all around the room, tossing his crash bombs.  They do a lot 
    of damage if they connect, and it's also going to hurt if you touch the 
    robot's body.  Your best chance is to end the battle quickly.  The best way 
    to do this is with the air tornadoes you got from Air Man.  In fact, two 
    direct hits will put an end to Crash Man's evil ways.  Your reward is the 
    super-useful crash bomb.  Only one more robot master remains before the 
    arduous assault on Dr. Wily himself! 
    Password: A-5, B-2,4, C-3,5, D-4,5, E-2,4 
    009. Heat Man 
    At the end of a long, flame soaked sewer system, you'll find Heat Man.  It's 
    the level navigation that is the issue. 
    Start by heading to the right, as always.  You'll need to hop from platform 
    to platform, avoiding the lava flow between them.  Monsters will be dropping 
    from the ceiling as you progress, but you can easily take out each of those 
    with shots from the metal blade.  There also are more of the robots that look 
    like miniature trash cans.  These are produced by the numerous black holes 
    that dot the wall behind this portion of the level. 
    Work to the right and you'll soon come to a series of brick columns rising 
    from the lava.  The number of black holes and enemies here quite naturally 
    increases, so you'll have to take out opponents, quickly hop to the next 
    ledge, and repeat as necessary to get across the molten soup.  Note that if 
    you are bumped by an enemy and knocked into the lava, you may be able to jump 
    out before your temporary invulnerability wears off.  If not, consider 
    yourself dead; touching the lava while not immune is fatal. 
    When the lava ends, the stone ledges do not.  You'll have to cross several 
    more that hang over a bottomless pit, before at last you can make a long leap 
    to safer ground.  There are more of the springy enemies here, so watch for 
    them as you climb some ledges and proceed to the right, where a ladder will 
    lead you down to the room below. 
    Here, the notorious appearing/disappearing blocks from the original Mega Man 
    make their appearance.  It's easy, though, and you'll move past this just 
    fine if you are patient.  Start by standing on the second brick from the wall 
    (the one on which the ladder rests is the first).  When a block appears to 
    your upper left, hop onto it, then immediately hop straight up.  If you time 
    it right, a new brick will appear beneath you.  You'll be standing on it, and 
    from there you should wait a brief moment before jumping left, where the 
    room's third brick will appear for a time.  From there, you can jump over to 
    another ledge, then descend that ladder. 
    The next room is another lengthy chamber with more of the bricks, as well as 
    the garbage can enemies.  Patience is again a necessity.  Head slowly to the 
    right.  The columns here have destructible walls at their base, if you want 
    to go that route.  A simpler method is to just use the 
    disappearing/reappearing blocks to scale them.  However, you'll have to risk 
    several bottomless pits along the way.  Time your jumps poorly and a block 
    might suddenly occupy the same space as Mega Man, at which point you'll land 
    back in the soup.  Take your time to plan the jumps and this section is a 
    piece of cake. 
    Once you get past the potentially dangerous columns, you're almost through 
    the stage.  Hop over some pits to the right, and continue along until you see 
    a spring-like enemy racing toward you.  Hop up to the ledge, then proceed 
    along it while the springy fellow passes below. 
    Now you have a choice.  You can use disappearing/reappearing blocks in the 
    area to make a long crossing over first solid ground, then lava.  Or, you can 
    drop down to the ground below and proceed to the right, to a short gray wall 
    overlooking the lava.  Once at that wall, you can then use item two and 
    safely fly over all the lava, over the bottomless pit beyond, and to safe 
    ground.  I recommend the latter, unless you just want to challenge yourself 
    (and it is quite the challenge). 
    Once you're over the lava and the bottomless pit, you can press to the right 
    and then descend a ladder, to a room with one of the mech robots.  Take out 
    his legs with an air tornado shot, then defeat the rider.  Continue left, 
    down the ladder, and you'll at last find yourself at the gate to the last of 
    the eight robot masters.  Whew! 
    Heat Man 
    Though he's a bit hot under the collar, Heat Man still shouldn't present much 
    of a challenge if you counter with the bubble lead. 
    When he first appears, Heat Man will throw a set of flame columns that rise 
    from the ground.  It usually lands between you and he, so you'll have to leap 
    it (and likely take damage) to have any chance at a clear shot.  If Heat Man 
    doesn't start blazing at this point, quickly hit him with the bubble 
    lead.  However, you should prepare to jump if he blazes, as he'll soon be 
    flashing across the screen, impervious to your attacks. 
    The battle ends when you've managed to break through his defenses and hit him 
    three times with the bubble lead.  Your rewards, if you've been following 
    this guide, are the fire attack, item one (a useful platform item you'll have 
    to use in the next stage), and a glimpse at Dr. Wily as he wiggles his 
    eyebrows and flees to his castle. 
    Password: A-5, B-2,4, C-1,3,5, D-4,5, E-2 
    010. Dr. Wily's Castle 
    Well, you've finally made it to the mad doctor's hideout.  You've done well 
    to defeat all eight of the robots, but your journey is not yet over.  You're 
    perhaps two thirds of the way, with the worst yet to come. 
    There are a total of six stages in this final leg of your journey.  You do 
    not get to choose the order in which you tackle these last stages, and each 
    of them will put your knowledge of the weapons you possess to the test.  By 
    now, you should have four full energy tanks (if not, feel free to use the 
    password referenced above after the walkthrough for Heat Man's stage, as it 
    takes you to this point in the game with the four tanks).  There also are 
    more tanks in the castle itself. 
    Because the game does not generate passwords for these final areas, you'll 
    have to tackle them all at once.  Be sure to conserve your energy tanks as 
    directed in this guide.  You'll need them for the final few areas.  With that 
    said, let's get down to business! 
    011. Stage One 
    The first stage of the castle is a good warm-up for what is to come.  Begin 
    by equipping the metal blade weapon and heading to the right.  The birds 
    you've no doubt come to love will zip across the screen above, dropping their 
    eggs, so be prepared to nip that problem in the bud with some diagonal blade 
    shots.  You'll soon come to a short, stone tower, and the easiest way to 
    scale it is to use item three.  Hop on board, ride up the wall, then keep 
    There are plenty of hardhat enemies just beyond, so take those out as 
    appropriate and move on until you've reached a second surveillance 
    tower.  Scale this wall, as well.  On the other side, there's a station that 
    generates projectiles, so use a metal blade to take those out and fill up on 
    any necessary life and special weapons energy. 
    When that is tended to, turn your attention to the stone wall at your 
    right.  Use item three again to scale this, and then climb the ladder that 
    leads up into the next screen.  You will now be near one of the shielded 
    soldiers, so exercise caution as you take him out while avoiding his 
    shots.  Even if you suffer a little damage, you should be fine. 
    The ladder on the right side of that screen leads to yet another armored 
    guard, whom you should take out as you did the one previously.  The next 
    ladder takes you up to solid ground, and another of the springy 
    monsters.  Hop it as it makes its rapid approach, then go to the wall and 
    climb the next ladder to its top. 
    You now will find yourself looking out to the left, over a pit.  There's a 
    ladder in the upper left hand corner, but reaching it can prove 
    difficult.  Switch to item one.  Now, you will need to hop out using three of 
    the ledges to reach the ladder, without falling too short or gaining too much 
    elevation.  If you create a ledge, then jump, then create a ledge, then jump, 
    and repeat, there's a good chance you'll get too high and bump your head just 
    short of grabbing the ladder.  Instead, press 'A' and 'B' simultaneously as 
    you make three swift jumps to the left.  You'll arrive at the ladder with 
    plenty of head room to spare. 
    When you climb to the top of the ladder, the stage is almost over.  Head 
    right along the lengthy ledge, cross along two longer ledges, and ahead 
    you'll see a series of single gray blocks suspended over space.  Start 
    crossing those and you'll find yourself in the midst of a boss battle. 
    The Dragon 
    As Mega Man works to cross the wide, bottomless pit leading to the right, the 
    game will slow slightly and a huge monster will rise from the depths behind 
    him.  Now Mega Man must move carefully while the screen continues to 
    scroll.  If he moves too quickly, the next portion of safe footing will not 
    be in place when he leaps.  If he moves slowly, the dragon will bump him or 
    his ledge into the abyss. 
    Keep hopping along to the right, until you come to a series of ledges.  You 
    want to hop first to the top of those three, then fire your arm cannon shots 
    at the dragon's eyes as it rises to your level.  Keep shooting, and watch for 
    the fireball it breathes in your direction.  Be sure to hop that.  If it 
    bumps you back, hopefully you'll still be able to land on the next ledge just 
    below you and to the right, from which you can continue firing.  However, you 
    will want to return to the upper ledge when it is safe to do so, just to keep 
    that safety net. 
    Fire enough shots at his eyes and the dragon will begin to flash, then 
    explode.  The first boss is done for, but there are many more to go. 
    012. Stage Two 
    The second level picks things up a notch due to the number of ways Mega Man 
    can die an instant, grisly death.  From the start, have him head right along 
    the descending ledges.  There are more enemies that fall from above, so the 
    metal blades are a good safety precaution in this area.  You should move 
    When you reach the end of the ledges, you'll find that a long bed of spikes 
    lines the path ahead.  Switch to item two and use it to ride across this 
    hazard.  As you do so, hold the 'up' button on the controller.  You'll be 
    watching for a set of ladders.  Ignore the first one and instead press the 
    'A' button as you pass beneath the second one.  With 'up' also held on the 
    controller, this is an easy jump to the ladder, which Mega Man will start 
    Once he reaches the top of the ladder, have him walk to the right and collect 
    the castle's first energy tank, then descend the ladder to another ledge 
    where a 1-up icon rests.  Continue down past the series of ladders, and you 
    can refill the special weapon energy for item two as you go.  You'll also 
    encounter some red robots that shoot bullets, so take them out quickly with 
    metal blades. 
    In this area, you should also see destructible walls that prevent you from 
    snagging another 1-up icon and yet another energy tank.  Use the crash bombs 
    to break through and collect that bounty, if desired.  From that screen, 
    descend the ladder and you'll find yourself hanging over a bed of 
    spikes.  Drop and aim toward the right, and you'll fall through an opening to 
    the safety of a narrow tunnel that waits below. 
    Proceed along the tunnel, and you'll find more of the metal pods familiar from 
    Metal Man's stage.  Though you can run back and forth here to collect 
    special weapon energy and even 1-up icons (which appear with reasonable 
    frequency), you may prefer simply to press onward, to the block wall that 
    lies beyond.  You must scale this with item three, and be sure that you do 
    not let the steel trap hit you at the top.  From there, continue along the 
    corridor, dodging the steel traps that will try and crush you. 
    The space between each of these traps is quite narrow, and one trick that 
    seems to work for me is to run between them, then hop when I'm in one of the 
    openings so I don't accidentally run too far and hit the next trap.  It's 
    risky business, but you want to conserve your energy for the boss encounter 
    not far beyond. 
    When you reach the end of this next passage, a ladder leads down to the next 
    room.  Here, there are a few blocks suspended over two more beds of 
    spikes.  Use the blocks to reach the opening, then drop down through it to 
    the next room below, which has still more spikes.  There are more blocks 
    here, as well as an energy capsule resting on a nearby ledge.  If you need 
    to, you can use item one to reach that energy refill before dropping through 
    the next gap to face the stage's boss. 
    Crumbling Wall 
    For this boss encounter, you will find yourself in a small room.  You may 
    notice that it is comprised of pink blocks.  Soon, you will see that two of 
    these break away at a time, fly to the center of the screen, and form a 
    speedy little robot that will crash into you for some serious damage. 
    Quickly switch to the metal blade if it's not already equipped, and try to 
    stay near the bottom center of the screen.  This gives you the most time to 
    react to wherever the tiles may break away from the walls.  They follow a 
    pattern, which you'll soon get down, but it's not a pattern that can be 
    usefully described in a walkthrough such as this one.  Just know that you 
    need to be ready to avoid tiles from low along both walls, midway up both 
    walls, the top portion of both walls, and from the left and right sides of 
    the floors. 
    As you defeat more of the flying tile robots, they'll begin to move more 
    speedily.  Therefore, it's important that you be ready to not only avoid them 
    as they're being created, but also to hit them with some metal blade shots 
    the minute they've been created.  There's no way to speed up this 
    battle.  Victory depends on your ability to react quickly and, perhaps, the 
    use of a single energy tank (if you feel you really need it, though you 
    shouldn't).  After all, you'll be able to replace that energy tank in the 
    next stage. 
    013. Stage Three 
    Though this stage is quite short, to the point where there's no checkpoint at 
    the middle, you would do well to not expect a walk in the park.  From the 
    ledge where you appear at the start, walk off it to the right, and press 
    against that wall so that as you fall into the next room, you land on a 
    single-block ledge nearby.  From here, you can use crash bombs to destroy a 
    twin set of barriers that blocks the castle's final energy tank.  If you have 
    all four energy tanks already, of course, you needn't waste your time. 
    From the hole where the energy tank rests, go ahead and jump back out to the 
    block, then to the next block that hangs in the air to its left.  Walk off 
    that block and make a straight drop down through the next screen, and to the 
    screen below that.  You should land nicely on a ledge between two spike-
    filled pits. 
    There are more spike-lined pits to the right, with ledges between, and you'll 
    need to cross over the ledges and head to the right.  Note that you're 
    underwater, so remember your jumps carry you further than normal.  When you 
    see pits that do not have spikes lining them, beware.  Giant fish will leap 
    out of these pits if you get to close.  Good jumps will carry you over those 
    Beyond the pits of spikes, there's a low ceiling with more spikes ling 
    it.  Continue along that path and you'll soon come to a steep drop ahead, 
    with spikes lining either side.  When you fall through that opening, you want 
    to be lined up with the middle of the passage, or you'll hit unseen spikes in 
    the next screen.  As you fall into the next screen, you'll want to snake your 
    way through another series of spikes, so that you're again at the center when 
    you drop into yet another spike-lined screen.  From here, just fall straight 
    down until you land on a ledge, then loop around those ledges and spikes and 
    drop down the left side of the screen, to the bottom of the passage.  Walk 
    right and you'll be able to jump out of the water at last. 
    From this new ledge, drop down to face a hallway with more of the red, 
    bullet-firing robots.  They should almost be a relief by now, and shortly 
    thereafter is the gate leading to this stage's boss. 
    This cheerful looking dozer is not as friendly as he might at first 
    seem.  When he rolls onto the scene, jump onto the tip of his upper deck, out 
    of range of his smashing fists, and from there jump into the air and start 
    throwing quick boomerangs at his head.  A few shots to the face will put the 
    machine out of commission, but there are complications. 
    For one, jumping into the air from a moving dozer is difficult in that your 
    safe landing may change position.  So be careful that you land correctly, and 
    don't fall into a fist on the way down or let it roll into you.  Also, the 
    dozer sends hardhat enemies out of its mouth, and they make things 
    difficult.  However, if you were quick on the offensive right from the start 
    of the battle, you'll probably be watching the dozer explode before it gets 
    much of a chance to try anything fancy.  Not really a difficult battle. 
    014. Stage Four 
    Of all the stages in the game, this is the one that irritates me most.  It 
    seems most people agree, too.  The first half is a set of trick ledges, while 
    the second is a complicated ride on rails that leads to an enemy I always 
    lose one life battling. 
    To begin, make sure your crash bomb meter is full.  If not, grab the two 
    refills nearby.  When that's done, climb the ladder directly overhead.  At 
    the top, you'll fight a hardhat enemy, then climb yet another ladder.  In 
    this screen, some of the floors are not so solid as they seem.  Climb up to 
    about midlevel, then jump to the ladder that leads up to the next 
    screen.  Yet again, the footing is not solid.  You'll pass right through some 
    of the ledges if you try to walk on them.  Either keep trying until you 
    figure out which ledges are safe and which ones aren't (a fall isn't fatal, 
    just irritating), or use item two and fly over those blocks to the ladder 
    that leads to the next screen. 
    When you reach this screen, walk across the (thankfully) solid footing at the 
    lower level, and climb the ladder up to the bridge leading over the bed of 
    spikes.  There's false footing here, too.  You can either run toward the 
    ladder and jump when you're sure Mega Man can reach it (the false floor is 
    just to the right of the ladder), or you can use item two again and fly to 
    Climb that ladder into the next room and-you guessed it-you'll find even more 
    false footing.  Note that on this screen, you can cross to about the halfway 
    point on the second ledge up, then use item one to create a platform and ride 
    it up through the false floor to the ledge above (to determine the location 
    of the false floor, just hop until you find the ceiling you can pass 
    through).  By riding that ledge, you can reach more solid footing and grab 
    the castle's last energy tank, if you need it.  Otherwise, just climb the 
    ladder on the left side of the screen, up to the next screen. 
    At last, you're done with the false footing, and at the level's midway 
    From here, walk to the right, where a ladder descends to a series of four 
    rooms with lifts.  You'll want to have the metal blades equipped, if you 
    don't already.   In the first room, wait for it to pass beneath the ladder 
    and start its upward climb.  You can now safely drop down.  Ride the lift 
    until you can jump and reach the ladder on the screen's lower left corner, 
    then climb down it so that you're hanging over the pit of spikes in the next 
    Now you should wait until a straight drop will allow you to land on this 
    ledge.  Ride it toward the right side of the screen, but be prepared to jump 
    up to the first outcropping.  If you try and ride the platform all the way 
    through, other ledges will knock you away.  From your new vantage point, wait 
    until the moving platform passes through the narrow opening, then hop back on 
    it.  Ride it for a short moment, then from there jump to the right.  Drop off 
    that ledge to the next ladder, and descend it into the next room. 
    This third lift room is one of the easier ones.  Hang on the ladder until the 
    lift is below, then drop down to ride it for a moment.  When you near the 
    short, block wall, you'll have to hop onto it briefly, then from there back 
    to the moving platform as it takes you down to the point where you can drop 
    through the opening. 
    You're now on a ledge in the final room with moving platforms.  Walk over to 
    the edge of that ledge, and drop down to the moving platform as soon as it is 
    in position.  From there, hop immediately to the single block to the left, 
    over the spikes.  Now you have two options.  The first is to wait until the 
    platform moves around so its positioned about halfway between you and the 
    ladder, then jump to the platform and from there to the ladder.  Otherwise, 
    you can use item two. 
    When you reach the safety of the ladder, switch to the air tornado and drop 
    to the room below.  You're now in a long passage with three shielded robots, 
    two of which are riding robots.  Take them out one at a time, as per normal, 
    and you'll finally come to the gate that leads to the stage's guardian. 
    Wall Cannons 
    The room in which you find yourself is filled with cannons mounted on the 
    wall.  The only thing that will harm them is your crash bomb.  Unfortunately, 
    most of the cannons are also blocked by walls.  These walls can be destroyed by 
    crash cannon shots, but there just isn't enough energy in your tank to do both 
    in one round, even if your meter starts out full. 
    You have two options here.  For years, I would follow the first of the two 
    options.  However, you should learn from my stupidity and follow the second.  
    Here are both options, outlined in their full glory:
    1) The first time you reach the bosses, take out each of the walls, then let 
    the cannons kill you.  When you reappear earlier in the stage, backtrack to 
    fill up your special weapon energy again, then re-attempt the cannons.  This 
    time, you'll have plenty of firepower to take them all out (the walls won't 
    have reappeared).
    2) Use your platform item to ride up over the walls (while avoiding cannon 
    shots) and take out only the cannons with your shots.  This will save you the 
    time of attempting the boss with two lives.  It's particularly useful if you 
    arrive at the cannons, only to find that you're down to your last life.  Who 
    wants to go back and refill your special weapon meter, anyway?
    Like I said, the second option is superior to the one I followed for years.  
    Use the first option only if you have difficulty with the second and are 
    patient.  Also, you can apparently avoid damage from the cannon fire if you 
    rapidly pause and unpause the game just as they are firing.  You will blink and 
    the shots will go through you, according to one reader (sorry, I don't remember 
    who).  I actually haven't tested this theory, but I figured it was worth 
    mentioning since someone took the time to e-mail me about it. 
    015. Stage Five 
    This stage is extremely short, and should be rather simple for you.  There's 
    no screen scrolling, as battle consists of one screen at a time. 
    You start in a central room, with glowing panels lining the outer 
    side.  There are eight of them, and each leads to a boss battle with one of 
    the eight robot masters you've already defeated.  They fall just as easily 
    now as they did before.  The best order to tackle them seems to be as 
    [1]      [8] 
    [2]      [7] 
    As you defeat each robot, a large energy capsule will be left behind to 
    restore any damage you may have taken.  You should be able to blow through 
    all eight robots with only minimal damage taken.  One note: use the metal 
    blade when fighting Metal Man (yes, his own weapon) and you will take him 
    down with only one hit. 
    When you have defeated all eight of the robot masters, a new portal will 
    appear directly overhead, and you can enter it to fight Dr. Wily. 
    Dr. Wily 
    If you've played Mega Man, this attack should be familiar.  You're on the 
    left side of the screen, and Dr. Wily is on the right, piloting a giant 
    spacecraft.  You should be able to tell where he's sitting, by guessing at 
    the approximate cockpit location.  It's pretty obvious.  That location is 
    where you should aim your shots. 
    Whenever I fight him, I just use metal blades.  I believe I recall crash 
    bombs doing fair damage, as well, but they take longer to detonate.  Once you 
    have hit his spacecraft enough times in the cockpit, the shield covering it 
    will shatter.  You're still not done, however.  Instead, you must continue 
    striking the same area. 
    About halfway through the battle, at the point where the shield falls away, 
    you'll have to work harder to dodge all the projectiles.  They bounce along 
    like beach balls, but they hurt a lot more when they connect!  If you need to 
    use an energy tank, feel free to do so.  It shouldn't take more than one to 
    survive this particular battle.  When the ship explodes, you'll know you're 
    almost done. 
    Amidst the explosions and bursts of light, Dr. Wily manages to escape yet 
    again, in his private pod, and the castle's final level appears. 
    016. Stage Six 
    After such a great adventure, it all comes down to this.  Dr. Wily's true lab 
    is hidden deep within the rock crater.  After a long fall down a tunnel 
    shaft, you'll have to venture to the right along a hallway dripping acidic 
    If any of the drops touch you, they do quite a bit of damage.  For the most 
    part, they're in single or double formation.  Just wait for a drop to spatter 
    against the rock, then move forward.  There are two sets of three droplets, 
    and in these cases, you have to move at an even speed once the first drop 
    falls.  It's not hard if you're patient.  At the end of the corridor, there's 
    a gate that leads to the final encounter. 
    Dr. Wily 
    At last, you've truly made it to the game's boss.  When you enter, you'll see 
    what looks like Dr. Wily emerging from a space pod.  However, the body 
    morphs.  Suddenly, you're fighting what can only be described as a skeletal 
    alien with a giant green booger over its head. 
    Throughout the fight, gravity will be working against you, though it's not 
    possible to see which way things are blowing because the whole room is dark, 
    aside from your glowing rival.  Just push against the gravity until you get 
    within range, then jump and toss the bubble lead weapon.  Be careful not to 
    waste your shots.  Also, try to avoid contact when possible.  Touching the 
    alien form damages you a great deal.  Hopefully, you still have two energy 
    tanks left, just in case. 
    After about twelve shots with the bubble lead, Dr. Wily will be 
    finished.  Time to enjoy the ending and closing credits. 
    017. Conclusion 
    And there you have it.  Mega Man 2 is concluded, the credits rolling.  But is 
    the journey really over?  Sadly, yes.  However, you can still go back and 
    play through again.   
    There are some great ways to challenge yourself.  For example, how many of 
    the stages can you play through without taking a hit?  Can you beat each of 
    the stages without the use of any special weapons or energy tanks?  It's 
    always fun to try tackling the robots in different order, too, and to 
    experiment with techniques other than those outlined in this guide.  Also, 
    there are numerous passwords available on this site that will allow you to 
    just goof off and have fun.  The journey may well be over, but it's one worth 
    taking again and again...
    018. Acknowledgements
    Thanks for reading this guide!  I played through each level as I wrote this, 
    and I think that shows in the way the guide is written.  The passwords 
    provided are mine, too.  About fifty million people wrote me to mention 
    alternate strategies for the wall cannon area, but there were too many to 
    credit and so I'm afraid I can't give anyone a moment of glory.  Other than 
    that, everything in the guide came from my own mind.  Go, me!
    019. Copyright Concerns
    Copyright 2004 Jason Venter
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.

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