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    Mega Buster Robot Master Guide by Merlin_87

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    =====Table of Contents=====
    1) About Me
    2) About This FAQ
    3) Version Histroy
    4) Mega Man 7 Robot Masters
    5) Credit
    6) Contact Information
    7) Copyright
    -----------------------------------About Me-----------------------------------
    I have played Mega Man since literally the day I can remember. The first Mega
    Man game I can remember playing is Mega Man 2 on the NES. The first Robot
    Master I can remember fighting is Wood Man, which makes him one of my favorite
    Robot Masters. Mega Man has always been my favorite video game icon since I
    was a kid. I own every American released Classic Mega Man and Mega Man X game.
    I don't really play the other series' though.
    --------------------------------About This FAQ--------------------------------
    I decided to write this FAQ for anyone who hasn't been into Mega Man for very
    long and wants to better themselfs at fighting the Robot Masters with only the
    Mega Buster. I decided to include some videos of me fighting the Robot Masters
    just incase you can't understand what I am saying in this FAQ, you will have a
    visual example to go off of. I hope this guide helps you!
    I have covered all the Robot Master Battles from Mega Man's 1 - 10, Mega Man &
    Bass. The Stardroids from Mega Man V, the Mega Man Killers, the Doc Robots
    from Mega Man 3, and Bonus Battles against Mega Man Himself, Dark Man, and
    Fake Man I hope this guide helps you out! If you don't understand what I am
    saying in this FAQ, then follow the links after each Robot Master description
    to see a video of me personally taking out the Robot Masters, hopefully a
    visual example will help! If you like what you see then Subscribe to me on
    youtube, my username on there is Redmage1987. If you need help on any of the
    other Robot Masters, check out my guides for them on their FAQ Page.
    --------------------------------Version History-------------------------------
    3/12/2010 - Started writing the guide, finished writing all the battles from
                Mega Man 1 & 2.
    3/13/2010 - Continued writing the guide. finished writing all the battles from
                Mega Man's 3 - 5. Also changed writing program from Wordpad to
    3/14/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 6 & 7 Robot Master Battles. Started
                Recording Mega Man 8 Robot Masters, finished them.
    3/17/2010 - Went through and made sure everything was formatted correctly &
                wrote some strategys for the Mega Man 8 Robot Masters.
    4/12/2010 - Recorded Mega Man V Stardroid Battles and Mega Man Killer Battles.
    4/15/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 8 Robot Master Descriptions and wrote
                Mega Man 9, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man V, Mega Man Killers, Doc
                Robots, and Bonus Battle Descriptions.
    4/16/2010 - Finished writing all the Mega Man 10 Robot Master descriptions and
                double checked the links and battle times.
    4/19/2010 - Toned all the writing down to only cover the Mega Man 7 Robot
    ----------------------------------MEGA MAN 7----------------------------------
    Mega Man 7 was one of my favorites growing up. However most people consider it
    to be very bad. I liked it a lot, I didn't think the weapons were too bad, I
    loved the music, I liked the Robot Masters, It combined the 2 Rush Suits from
    Mega Man 6, and it gave Beat a new use.
    ------Spring Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Wild Coil----- 2
    Head Slam----- 8
    Spring Punch-- 3
    Collision----- 4
    Spring Man isn't too bad. At the start of the fight he will jump to the center
    of the room and strecth his arms out to punch you, slide right before he
    releases the punch, which is signaled by him spinning his arms. After that he
    will land and release 2 Wild Coils and jump around. You can destroy the Wild
    Coils with 2 Mega Buster shots or 1 Charged Shot. Avoid letting Spring Man get
    to you otherwise he will grab you and slam your head into the ceiling. Slide
    under him when you have the chance.
    Video Link...
    Spring Man's Fight is from 0:01 - 0:50
    ------Freeze Man------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Icicle ----------- 2
    Freeze Cracker---- 1
    Collision--------- 3
    There is a lot going on in this fight to pay attention to. He will most of the
    time freeze the ground and right after that he will freeze the ceiling,
    resulting in Icicles falling to the ground, you must dodge all of the icicles
    while getting around him on a slippery floor. You can make him jump by
    shooting at him. So shoot him and then slide under him to avoid him. The
    direction the icicles fall in depends on where he was when he froze the
    ceiling. If he was on the right side they will fall from right to left, if he
    was on the left side they will from from left to right, and if he was in the
    middle they will go both left and right from the center. The Icicles also
    break the ice on the floor. He will occassionaly shoot a ball of ice at you,
    jump over it, and be careful not to be hit by the fragments that are shattered
    from it when it hits the wall, otherwise you will be frozen, if you get frozen
    button mash like crazy to break out faster.
    Video Link...
    Freeze Man's Fight is from 0:51 - 1:46
    ------Slash Man------
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Slash Claw--- 2
    Air Dive----- 4
    Collision---- 4
    Slash Man can be very tricky. At the start of the fight he will either jump at
    you and slash or jump into the ceiling and drop eggs onto you and the floor.
    If an egg lands on you or if you step into the goo it put on the floor, button
    mash like crazy to get free from it as soon as possible. When he comes down
    from the ceiling, if he is on the opposite side of the room stand next to the
    wall and slide under him as charges at you, sometimes he will just drop down
    from the wall though. If he is on the same side as you, you can go under him
    and if he charges, he will land right next to you, slide under him after he
    jumps, you risk taking damage though if you decide to stand under him as he
    comes down from the ceiling though, because he sometimes will just drop onto
    you. If he drops, try to slide out from under him quickly. When he is out on
    the battle field, if he gets next to you, he will try to slash you, jump to
    avoid it and unload normal shots and charged shots on him.
    Video Link...
    Slash Man's Fight is from 1:47 - 3:07
    ------Junk Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Junk Piles---- 2 (The Junk that Junk Man throws and falls from the ceiling)
    Junk Block---- 3
    Junk Shield--- 0 (It only holds you in place)
    Collision----- 4
    Junk Man is one of the easier Robot Masters to fight with the Mega Buster. At
    the start of the fight he will jump straight up and land, causing junk to fall
    from the ceiling. Jump right before he lands, otherwise you will be stuck in
    the junk on the floor temporarly. To avoid the falling junk, just stay against
    the wall and slide out from under any that is coming at you. After that attack
    is over, he will hold out the big magnet on his arm and gather some junk and
    create a block of junk, he will then punch it at you, you can't hurt him as he
    is bring in the junk, so prepare a charged shot in the mean time. After he has
    punched the block of junk, jump over it and try to release the well timed
    charged shot right as he jumps, if you do it too soon, it won't hurt him.
    He will now land on the block of junk, destorying it. He will now use his Junk
    Shield, just slide under him and slide under the shield when he throws it off.
    He will now jump to the center of the room, then to the left wall, and jump
    from the left wall to the right wall, throwing some junk at you as he jumps
    from the left wall to the right wall. Just slide to avoid it. This may seem
    like it's a lot or trouble, but it's not.
    Video Link...
    Junk Man's Fight is from 3:08 - 4:14
    ------Shade Man------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Blood Suck----------- 6
    Collision------------ 4
    Noise Crush---------- 2
    Charged Noise Crush-- 4
    The only annoying part about Shade Man is waiting for him to come down so you
    can pummel him. At the start of the fight, he will fly to the top of the room
    and stay up there for a bit. He will stop try and swoop down and grab Mega
    Man, try to stay under him when he is flying and slide away from him when he
    swoops down to get you. If he does get you, button mash to get free from him
    quickly. To avoid getting caught you can also stay in the middle and just
    slide away from him when he swoops down. After trying to swoop down and get
    you 2 times, he will come down to the ground, once he has landed, he will fire
    2 rays from his eyes, if they hit Mega Man, he will be turned to stone. Jump
    over both of the rays and let loose a charged shot and normal shots on him. He
    will follow up the Stone Rays with his Noise Crush attack. Jump over both
    sound waves and they will bounce back and when they hit him, he will shoot the
    charged form of it, which is bigger and a bit faster, just jump over them or
    slide under them to avoid them. Now he will fly back up again, just repeate.
    Video Link...
    Shade Man's Fight is from 4:15 - 5:12
    ------Burst Man------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Danger Wrap Bombs-- 4
    Collision---------- 4
    Burst Man isn't that hard. At the start of the fight he should release 3
    bubbles from his head. If you touch these bubbles, they will bounce you into
    the wall and most likely from the wall back into them. You can destroy these
    bubbles with either 2 Normal Shots or 1 Charged Shot. Charged Shots usually
    are better because they destroy 2 with 1 shot. After releasing the 3 bubbles,
    he should shoot 3 Bubbles with Bombs in them (Danger Wrap) at you, jump over
    these bubbles, if you get cought the bubble will start rising, shoot like mad.
    If you get close to the spikes on the ceiling, slide and the bubble will pop
    on the spikes, leaving you alive. Release a Charged Shot on Burst Man when you
    get the chance, this should knock him back, If the charged shot connects he
    will also drop bombs all over the place, just wait for the right timing and
    jump to avoid damage. With good accuracy you can even hit Burst Man when he is
    shooting the Danger Wrap Bubbles at you.
    Video Link...
    Burst Man's Fight is from 5:13 - 6:38
    ------Turbo Man------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Scorch Wheel-- 6
    Fireballs----- 2
    Car Mode Ram-- 6
    Collision----- 4
    Turbo Man isn't that hard, but he can be. At the start of the battle he will
    begin his scorch wheel attack and jump into the air and shoot it down at you
    it's tragectory and angel that it's shot at depends on where you are at when
    he shoots it off at you. Stand right next to wall and slide toward him when he
    shoots it and stand near him and slide back towards the wall when the wheel
    splits into individual fireballs to avoid it or stand next to him depending on
    how they fireballs split up. Next he will try to pull you towards him. Either
    pelt him with normal shots and slide away to keep from running into him or hit
    him with a charged shot to make him stop. Next he will transform into car mode
    and do a burnout then fly at you. Jump when the burnout squeeling ends and the
    accelerating noise begins to go over him, he will do that some more, just
    dodge him the same way until he quits. The he will start all over again.
    Video Link...
    Turbo Man's Fight is from 6:39 - 7:27
    ------Cloud Man------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Thunder Bolt--- 3
    Thunder Balls-- 2 (The ones that go along the ground)
    Colission------ 4
    Cloud Man isn't that hard, even with the weather messing with you at the same
    time. When the fight starts he will hover in the air and summon a lightning
    bolt, the bolt will hit him, then he will fire it at you, wait a second after
    the bolt hits him and jump to avoid it when it is shot at you, if you time the
    jump wrong on accident, you should still be able to slide under it. You can't
    hurt him right after he is hit by a Thunder Bolt, so wait a second before
    trying to shoot him and if the Thunder Bolt hits the ground it will send
    electral balls along the ground, just jump over them to avoid them. Next he
    will float to the ground and summon another lightning bolt, this should cause
    it to rain, run or slide against the rain in whatever direction it is blowing
    you and after it has started to rain he will summon another 2 lightning bolts,
    both of which, after hitting him, will cause 4 electral bolts to go along the
    ground, 2 to the left of him and 2 to the right jump over them. Now he will
    float up a little bit and fly back and forth for a second, slide under him to
    avoid him. After that he should repeat all this again.
    Video Link...
    Cloud Man's Fight is from 7:28 - 8:15
    Credit goes to Capcom for making this game. Thank You Capcom!
    ------------------------------Contact Information-----------------------------
    If you see the need to E-Mail me for anything at all, then E-Mail me at
    IT! You can also Subscribe to me on youtube, my username on there is
    Redmage1987. Thank You for reading!
    (c) Copyright 2010 Shaun G.
    This guide may only be used (outside of personal, private use) with credit
    given to the author.
    Mega Man and all related characters, names, etc. copyright Capcom.
    All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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