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    Mega Buster Robot Master Guide by Merlin_87

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    =====Table of Contents=====
    1) About Me
    2) About This FAQ
    3) Version Histroy
    4) Mega Man 8 Robot Masters
    5) Credit
    6) Contact Information
    7) Copyright
    -----------------------------------About Me-----------------------------------
    I have played Mega Man since literally the day I can remember. The first Mega
    Man game I can remember playing is Mega Man 2 on the NES. The first Robot
    Master I can remember fighting is Wood Man, which makes him one of my favorite
    Robot Masters. Mega Man has always been my favorite video game icon since I
    was a kid. I own every American released Classic Mega Man and Mega Man X game.
    I don't really play the other series' though.
    --------------------------------About This FAQ--------------------------------
    I decided to write this FAQ for anyone who hasn't been into Mega Man for very
    long and wants to better themselfs at fighting the Robot Masters with only the
    Mega Buster. I decided to include some videos of me fighting the Robot Masters
    just incase you can't understand what I am saying in this FAQ, you will have a
    visual example to go off of. I hope this guide helps you!
    I have covered all the Robot Master Battles from Mega Man's 1 - 10, Mega Man &
    Bass. The Stardroids from Mega Man V, the Mega Man Killers, the Doc Robots
    from Mega Man 3, and Bonus Battles against Mega Man Himself, Dark Man, and
    Fake Man I hope this guide helps you out! If you don't understand what I am
    saying in this FAQ, then follow the links after each Robot Master description
    to see a video of me personally taking out the Robot Masters, hopefully a
    visual example will help! If you like what you see then Subscribe to me on
    youtube, my username on there is Redmage1987. If you need help on any of the
    other Robot Masters, check out my guides for them on their FAQ Page.
    --------------------------------Version History-------------------------------
    3/12/2010 - Started writing the guide, finished writing all the battles from
                Mega Man 1 & 2.
    3/13/2010 - Continued writing the guide. finished writing all the battles from
                Mega Man's 3 - 5. Also changed writing program from Wordpad to
    3/14/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 6 & 7 Robot Master Battles. Started
                Recording Mega Man 8 Robot Masters, finished them.
    3/17/2010 - Went through and made sure everything was formatted correctly &
                wrote some strategys for the Mega Man 8 Robot Masters.
    4/12/2010 - Recorded Mega Man V Stardroid Battles and Mega Man Killer Battles.
    4/15/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 8 Robot Master Descriptions and wrote
                Mega Man 9, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man V, Mega Man Killers, Doc
                Robots, and Bonus Battle Descriptions.
    4/16/2010 - Finished writing all the Mega Man 10 Robot Master descriptions and
                double checked the links and battle times.
    4/19/2010 - Toned all the writing down to only cover the Mega Man 8 Robot
    ----------------------------------MEGA MAN 8----------------------------------
    Mega Man 8 was, in my opinion, the worst Mega Man Classic Game. That doesn't
    mean that I don't like it though, because I do like it and I will play it
    a million more times still, but it is just my least favorite classic game. It
    had horrible voice acting, the game itself felt kind of slow, but overall I
    did like it.
    ------Tengu Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Tengu Man, while cool, is pretty easy. When the fight starts he will hover up
    and down as he moves left and right, he will stop every now and then to do one
    of three attacks. If he uses Tornado Hold, just stand at the edge of whatever
    side of the area you are closer to and it will blow up before it gets to you.
    If he uses Tellahalasee or whatever it is call (The Ord of Air that will pick
    you up and try to drop you in the pit) The just jump over it. Lastly he will
    come down low and try to ram into you, just jump over him and keep jumping
    over him until he quits, usually after 3 or so times of trying to ram you.
    Video Link...
    ------Frost Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    POPSICLE! Frost Man is easiely the biggest Robot Master in the entire classic
    series. That doesn't mean that he is the hardest though. Most of him attacks
    are easy to avoid. The first attack is Ice Wave, he will stick his hands in
    the air and then put them on the ground, sending a wave of ice at you, just
    jump over it. The next attack he can do is freeze his hands and try to stab
    you with it. Try to slide into the wall and jump to avoid it. The 3rd attack
    is he will hit one of the ice blocks above you, again just jump over it.
    Sometimes he will do short distance hops, other times he will do long distance
    hops, you can tell if he is going to do a large distance one because he will
    ready himself for it and the only way to get on the other side of Frost Man
    without taking damage is to slide under him when he jumps. Overall, not as
    hard as he may sound.
    Video Link...
    ------Grenade Man------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Gahahaha! Say Hello to my cute bombs! Ahem...Sorry about that. Grenade Man is
    one of the more unpredictable Robot Masters in Mega Man 8. Sometimes he will
    jump and latch himself to the wall and shoot a Flash Bomb at you, other times
    he will just shoot a Flash Bomb from a standing position, sometimes he will
    jump across the room shooting projectiles that follow the floor until they hit
    the wall. You will want to stay somewhat close to him for most of the fight.
    Basically if you see him latch onto the side, prepare to avoid a Flash Bomb,
    just slide away from it. It he shoots a Flash Bomb from a standing position,
    jump over it and slide out from under the debres that fall from the ceiling
    after it hits the wall. If he jumps across the room, stay close to him and you
    will avoid the projectiles he shoots that follow the floor. When his health is
    low he will use his Crazy Destoryer Attack, which will destroy the floor and
    change the layout of the battle field. Just continue to do what you have been
    doing, he shouldn't take much more to kill at this point.
    Video Link...
    ------Clown Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    "Weakling! This isn't a joking matter!" That aside, Clown Man is a joke. He only
    really has three attacks. He will sometimes swing on the Trapeze in the middle
    of the room, each time he makes a round he picks up speed, just stand near the
    middle and jump over him to avoid this. If you hear Clown Man Say "Thunder
    Claw!" Then jump up and left or up and right to avoid his hands, which should
    have appeared right under where you were standing. If he shouts "Thunder
    Carnival!" Then prepare to do some sliding, just slide under him as he bounces
    around the room. Nothing he does is too hard to avoid.
    Video Link...
    ------Astro Man------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Astro Man is by far on of the hardest in the Classic Series to Perfect with
    only the Mega Buster. That aside though, he only really does 3 things. He will
    either use his Astro Crush attack, which you will know when it's coming
    because he will teleport around the room a bunch before pulling it off, this
    causes meteors to fall in random places, just walk or slide out from under
    them to avoid them. His other attack consists of him throwing his arms down
    and causing the two balls orbiting him to circle the room and fire a shot at
    you, just stay still and jump over the balls as they come at you and hit him
    with charged shots, you should have enough time for 2 fully charged shots, and
    you shouldn't have to avoid the shot the two balls fire at you at all. The
    only other thing he really does is floats down and then back up, nothing to
    hard about avoiding that, just slide away or under him.
    Video Link...
    ------Sword Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Sword Man isn't that hard really, he has 4 attacks. The First one he will jump
    into the air and point his sword down and a big statue will fall onto the
    ground, just stand next to him to avoid this. The other attack he will do is
    "Jump" causing his upper body to go into the air with his lower body following
    under him, just jump over his lower body and slide away because he will slash,
    sending a small flame wave at you that will disappear after going a short
    distance in front of him. The third attack he will summon a big flame pillar
    around him, just wait for it to end. You can't hurt him during it and he won't
    attack while doing it, so just wait. Finally the fourth attack he will spin
    his upper body and come at you, just slide under him and he will end up
    slashing the wall, once it is done, slide under his upper body again. Sword
    Man isn't too hard.
    Video Link...
    ------Aqua Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    This is Aqua Man, but you can call him handsome, Guy! Oh, Aqua Man, the Gay 
    Robot Master of the Classic Series.  He is also one of the easiest in Mega Man
    8 to kill with the Mega Buster. He has 3 main attacks. Sometimes he will jump
    and land causing a Big Water Pillar to come up from below, you will see where
    it's going to come up at and you should have a second to react to it, so just
    slide away from it and stay a little bit away from it, because when Aqua Man
    ends this attack it gains a bit more of a hit range off the sides as it falls
    back down. The Water Cannon attack basically just stand next to the wall and
    jump as it gets near you to avoid it. The water Balloon Attack just get next
    to Aqua Man to avoid it. He is pretty easy.
    Video Link...
    ------Search Man------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Search Man isn't too hard, but isn't too easy either. Bascially there will be
    three bushes, he will be hiding behind one of them. Stand in front of the
    one in the middle of the room and when one of the crosshairs comes to you jump
    over it and away from the one that hasn't come at you yet to avoid it. If one
    of the crosshairs gets you, Search Man will fire his homing sniper at you. So
    do you best to avoid the crosshairs, once you have avoided them, he will
    reveal himself and will jump into the air and either release a rain of
    missiles, just find a safe place to stand between them as they come down, or
    he will fire a Disc that will bounce off the walls, just use a 1st Level
    Charged Shot to get rid of it. As his health gets low you will see him
    sometimes open up the chest compartment of his body and he will say "Deadly
    Sword", Hit him with a Fully Charged Shot to stop his upcoming attack,
    otherwise he will fire a barrage of missiles at you.
    Video Link...
    Credit goes to Capcom for making this game. Thank You Capcom!
    ------------------------------Contact Information-----------------------------
    If you see the need to E-Mail me for anything at all, then E-Mail me at
    IT! You can also Subscribe to me on youtube, my username on there is
    Redmage1987. Thank You for reading!
    (c) Copyright 2010 Shaun G.
    This guide may only be used (outside of personal, private use) with credit
    given to the author.
    Mega Man and all related characters, names, etc. copyright Capcom.
    All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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