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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dragonlord

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                    _MF(MB$\MMM) _ZZ:```3ZZt(ZZ, _ZUUKZZL.
                   _mf _P' (MMR  QmQ___,(mmm.mmg. 3#r`(gmm,
                  J@+     _@@@% _@@@@@@% 7@@@@@@T  @T  _@@T:
                  ____.    .____.  ._____.   ____.    .___.
                .dMMMM]  ._MMMMB` .MMMMMMm, _MMMMMQ,   @MMM,
               _MMMMMM] _MMMMMMb  aMMMMMMMb  MMMMMMMme, 3MMMe
              _M@`@MMMmMM@MMMMM: _MMMEzMMMML _MMMMt9MMMBa_MMMm.
            .44r  Dxxxw2^_Oxxx2 _6xxdg_aDxxd; 4xxx2, .7e[d8xxxZ,
          _MM:    9T`   (MMMMB dMMMF     MMMMm_MMMMMr      7MMMMMm
          ``            `````` `````     .```````````        ``````
                           XQQf^^^3QQF 7QQZ~ _4QQf
                           _mQ&   aQd`  mQD   _QQ)
                            dQA  .QQl   mQD   _QQ)
                            _Qd, _@d%   mQD   _QQ)
                             SQb dQb    mQD   _QQ)
                             JQd.RQ%    mQD   _QQ)
                              #ddXP     mQD   _QQ)
                              3QQQ]   _XQQX#;Q#QQZG
                              ."""    /"""""'""""""
    Mega Man 7                                                             vFinal
    =============================  By Dragonlord  ===============================
    ============================== ambios@look.ca ===============================
    This document  was intended to assist and guide one through the course of the
    aforementioned  game.  It is  meant  completely for  usage on the  world wide
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    Mega Man 7 Copyright © 1995 Capcom U.S.A., Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    REVISION HISTORY ------------------------------------------------------------
     Version Final, 11/25/07
          -First update in over four years. Guide was reformatted significantly.
          -New section: Rush Search probabilities!
          -Removed the e-mail addresses of all contributors as a way of
          preventing spam.
          -Proofread most of the FAQ and corrected quite a few errors.
          -Removed Dark Forte as an allowed site, as it no longer exists.
          -Most likely the final update this FAQ will receive unless I receive
          feedback. If I missed anything, or you have any corrections,
          please let me know!
     Version 2.2, 07/13/03
          -Another small update mentioning that the Turtle's alternate
          strategy DOES work! 
     Version 2.1, 05/10/03
          -A small update regarding one of the Mechanical Turtle's alternate
     Version 2.0, 04/25/03
          -My ISP decided to give me a real e-mail account, so that is
           the only change in this version. =P 
     Version 1.9, 04/21/03
          -Just updated my e-mail address.
     Version 1.8,  11/29/02
          -Yet another strategy for Dr. Wily's final form.
     Version 1.7,  05/23/02
          -FAQ is now allowed on Dark Forte.
     Version 1.6,  04/11/02
          -Reformatted the entire FAQ.
          -Change some of the descriptions of item locations and boss strategies.
     Version 1.5,  02/28/02
          -Removed my Dr. Wily strategy and replaced it with Gunblade's. His
          seems to work a lot better. I don't see the point in keeping mine. ;)
     Version 1.4,  01/21/02
          -Added another strategy for the Mechanical Turtle, thanks to Gunblade
          once again.
     Version 1.3,  11/03/01
          -I removed Mega Man:RX from the sites that are allowed to have this
          FAQ, since that site no longer exists... ;)
     Version 1.2,  07/11/01
          -I added a lot of different information to the character section. It's
          insane how many different theories there are on how Mega Man/X/etc.
          were created. X_X
          -Thanks to Coda Highland for the information described above.
     Version 1.1,  07/10/01
          -More corrections to the character and story sections of the FAQ,
          thanks to Ryan Rosso and HolyKnight kills Darknight.
          -Another alternate strategy for the flying mask has been added, thanks
          to Coda Highland.
     Version 1.08, 06/16/01
          -Several corrections to the story-related part of this FAQ, thanks to
          Megaman X.
     Version 1.07, 03/12/01
          -An update so small you won't even notice it.
          -Added Mega Man:RX to the sites that this FAQ is allowed on.
          -Last month, I was told that this FAQ contains possibly every piece of
          information in Mega Man 7.  Woo!
     Version 1.06, 12/30/00
          -Added another alternate strategy for Dr. Wily.
          -Another day? More like another two months! ^_^ I have finally added
          the Mega Bolt locations to the maps.
          -Credit given to Ryan for better Dr. Wily strategy.
     Version 1.05, 09/27/00
          -Added THREE more mega bolt locations!
          -Fixed several errors on my maps.
          -I am yet to mark each mega bolt location the map. Give me another
          -Codes section added; Moved BG Music code to codes section
          -Added the fighting mode to the codes section
          -Added a new Rush Search section!
          -At this point, I have a few more things I'd like to fix. Fix up the
          stage maps some more, do slight modifications to the guide here and
          there, etc.
     Version 1.04, 09/23/00
          -Added another huge bolt location.
          -Added the ENERGY BALANCER to the item locations. Thanks a bunch,
          Servbot 20.
          -I killed the E-mail/Letters section because it was pretty much
          -Passwords section modified with a small code to get hidden BG music.
          -Credits modified with thanks to Servbot 20.
     Version 1.03, 09/10/00
          -To those who submitted something and have not seen it added: I
          apologize. I had yet another hard disk crash and lost all my old
          e-mail, including submissions. Please submit anything you have again,
          if you still have it.
          -Minor changes to boss strategies.
          -Credits modified.
          -E-mail section added.
          -Changed my e-mail in the beginning of the doc, as it was set to my
          old one.
     Version 1.02, 07/07/00
          -I've been receiving *TONS* of submissions (strategies, tips, secrets)
          from people. I'm quite surprised by this, beacuse for the longest time
          I didn't receive anything related to my FAQ.
          -Updated Mega Man's profile in the characters.
          -Two new items added! Thanks to Charles Mannella for one of them.
          -Credits modified.
          -I am still in the process of going through my e-mail and adding to the
          FAQ. If you haven't seen your submission in it yet, please be patient!
     Version 1.01, 06/24/00
          -Modified the strategy for the Flying Mask. Thanks to Jonas Ratso for
          an alternative one.
          -Yes, I know I said I'd create another FAQ within two weeks, but I
          can't really find a game that can keep my attention long enough to do
          so. I just got FF8 a couple days ago and I've been doing nothing but
          playing that. ;)
          -Credits modified.
     Version 1, 06/06/00
          -I bet you're saying "Wh- What the hell? Is this a new FAQ or
          something?!" Nah. I have reformatted the entire FAQ. Most of the
          information is the same though.
          -I decided to finish this damn thing off in one update. There will be
          no more revisions unless I find bugs or get e-mails with new
          -I will begin working on my 2 new FAQs ideas sometime in the next two
          -Planned Future Revisions section destroyed.
     Version 0.7, 06/01/00
          -Found a bug in one of my passwords (Wily Stage 1.) It has been fixed.
          -Passwords to Dr. Wily's Fortress stages 2, 3, and 4 have been added.
          -The damage chart is complete. It has been added.
          -Credit given to Colin Moriarty for the damage chart idea.
          -There was a problem with the table of contents & index numbers. Fixed!
     Version 0.65, 05/30/00
          -Sorry about the very long delay. I have been having some really bad
          problems with my PC recently. It seems to be working fine now.
          -Characters section modified with more information.
          -Removed 'Coming in Next Version' section, as it was useless.
          -I have decided on the next game that I will write an FAQ for. I will
          not mention it, as I do not want people to take my idea. =P I plan to
          start on it after I'm done with this FAQ.
     Version 0.6, 05/14/00
          -Story section added.
          -Sorry about the delay, I had some PC problems. Seems to be working
          fine now. It looks like I'm almost finish with this FAQ. Hrm.. I wonder
          what I'll do next...
     Version 0.5, 05/06/00
          -Pro Action Replay codes have been added. I would add Game Genie codes,
          but there are only a few of them and they don't do anything worth
          telling. However, if you so desire to check them out, visit the Game
          Genie Code Creators Club at:
          -Looks like I forgot to update the table of contents again. That's
          fixed up.
          -Future revisions modified once again.
          -Credits modified with thanks to Gunblade
          -Modified strategy for Dr. Wily.
     Version 0.4, 04/28/00
          -Characters section added.
          -Future revisions modified.
          -I modified the lines under the titles because they looked... tacky
     Version 0.3, 04/24/00
          -Passwords section added.
          -I fixed the table of contents. There were some errors.
          -Looks like schedule is going according to plan. At this rate, I'll
          be done in another week. But I may not work on it some days.
          -Future revisions have been modified.
          -Added a small disclaimer at the end of the document.
     Version 0.25, 04/23/00
          -Seems yesterday I forgot to change the V0.15 at the beginning of the
          FAQ, so it was added to GameFAQs as V0.15. Oh well.
          -I fixed up my own mistake of calling Thunder Bolt Electric Shock.
          -I've finished up the strategies for Dr. Wily's Fortress. I have a
          strategy for every boss and mini-boss now.
     Version 0.2, 04/22/00
          -Minor change; Wily's Castle is now Wily's Fortress.
          -Added controls.
          -Changed the ASCII art for the title, it looked tacky before.
          -Added in strategies for the rest of the Robots and some more
          -Modified disclaimer
          -Added in Planned Future Revisions section
          -Still have to do Wily's Fortress strategies.
     Version 0.15, 04/20/00
          -The FAQ goes on Game Winners.
          -Added some of the strategies section, still have to finish it up. 4
          bosses done, 2 mini-bosses.
          -Added in beginning disclaimer.
          -I have decided to NOT create the HTML version of this FAQ, as I find
          it very tedious and I think this FAQ pretty much explains everything
          -There is still a lot to be done; Finish the boss strategies, add
          the characters section, code section, etc.
     Version 0.1, 04/16/00
          -First released version
          -Item locations, stage maps, order of bosses, wily's castle are all
          -I know I'm missing a lot of stuff -- I will be updating constantly
    TABLE OF CONTENTS -----------------------------------------------------------
       1. Introduction                [SEC01]		~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
       2. Story                       [SEC02]		Ctrl+F and use the  
       3. Characters                  [SEC03]		given code for quick
       4. Controls                    [SEC04]		navigation!
       5. Item Locations              [SEC05]               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
         I. Rush Search               [ITM01]
         II. Exit                     [ITM02]
         III. Proto Shield            [ITM03]  
         IV. Auto's Screw             [ITM04]
         V. Super Adapter             [ITM05]
         VI. Rocket Punch             [ITM06]
         VII. Rush Jet                [ITM07]
         VIII. Beat                   [ITM08]
         IX. Mega Life Piece          [ITM09]
         X. Mega Bolts                [ITM10]
         XI. Energy Balancer          [ITM11]
       6. Damage Chart                [SEC06]
       7. Order of Robots             [SEC07]
       8. Stage Maps and Information  [SEC08]
       9. Dr. Wily's Fortress         [SEC09]
       10. Strategies                 [SEC10]
          I. Mini-Bosses              [BOSS1]
          II. Bosses                  [BOSS2]
       11. Rush Search		  [SEC11]
          I. General		  [SRCH1]
          II. Item Find Probabilities [SRCH2]
       12. Codes			  [SEC12]
          I. Hidden Background Music  [CODE1]
          II. Street Fighter Mega Man [CODE2]
       13. Passwords                  [SEC13]
       14. Pro Action Replay Codes    [SEC14]
       15. Credits                    [SEC15]
    INTRODUCTION ---------------------------------------------------- [SEC01] ---
    To begin with, please don't rip anything off of this FAQ or any other FAQ for
    that matter. I put a lot of work into my guides and I wouldn't want someone
    stealing anything from them. You probably feel the same about anything you
    put a lot of work into.
    In this FAQ, I have tried to cover everything in Mega man 7. After beating it
    several times, trying to find all the items, seeing which enemy dies by which
    weapon, and trying new strategies, I decided to create this walkthrough. I do
    hope I've covered everything. If I didn't, e-mail me and explain what I have
    missed, since I'd like this guide to be complete. :)
    Mega Man 7 is for the Super Nintendo. It is quite different from a lot of the
    other Mega Man games but similar in some ways. The way the game goes on is
    like the Mega Man gameboy series. You fight 4 robots at a time and the second
    set are only accessible after defeating the first. You could say it makes it
    a tad easier when trying to find out which weapon works against which robot
    There are several new characters introduced in Mega Man 7. Auto, manager of
    the shop where you can purchase items by collecting bolts throughout the
    levels. You can access this shop by pressing SELECT on the stage-select
    screen. Beat, a bird that will help you through the levels by killing
    enemies. Roll, Eddie, and Rush also make appearances in Mega Man 7. There are
    a whole lot more items and upgrades in MM7.
    There are quite a few enemies in MM7 that will seem familiar. For example,
    the green robots that have a shield and jump around are from MM3. The metal
    bats on Shade Man's stage are from MM2. The red plunger-like robots are from
    MM3. Etc. It seems Capcom likes to recycle old enemies... :)
    STORY ----------------------------------------------------------- [SEC02] ---
    The story of Mega Man 7 is basically the same as every other part in the
    series. In a nutshell, Dr. Wily escapes once again and builds eight robots.
    If you want to get in-depth, here's directly from the introduction of the
    In the year 20XXAD, the world cheered Mega Man when at long last he captured
    and imprisoned Dr. Wily.
    Dr. Wily always knew his schemes might end in failure and had planned for
    just such an occasion. Four robots had been hidden away and after six months
    without being contacted from Dr. Wily, they activate and begin searching for
    their master...
    The four rampage throughout the city, destroying innocent civilians and
    laying waste to the once beautiful forests.
    The world cried out for Mega Man to help. To repeat the task he has done so
    many times before: To destroy wily once and for all.
    CHARACTERS ------------------------------------------------------ [SEC03] ---
    Mega Man
    Created by Dr. Thomas Light. Mega Man was created to be the one who can save
    the world whenever an enemy came around, such as Dr. Wily. Technology was
    advancing at a fast pace and no one knew what was in store for them.
    Mega Man was created to defend against evil. The first robot able to make
    his own decisions. This could only mean good for Dr. Light and the world.
    Mega Man, being the star of the whole series, appears in every single Mega
    Man game. He is known as Rock Man in Japan.
    Ronald writes:
      ... "I just wanna argue the point of X not being Mega Man. First of all, X
    was tested. Mega Man was not. If X was Mega Man, then why would he be tested
    for loyalty and trustworthiness? Second, if you watched the episode of Mega
    Man where X went back into the past to save Mega Man and Dr. Light as well as
    stop Vile from stealing Titanium, you'd see the big difference between X and
    Mega Man. Yes, they have some of the same features, but they were built
    almost the same by Dr. Light. What X is that Mega Man is not, is that he is a
    robot, but has full capability to think, act, and feel. Mega Man is able to
    think like a human, and maybe have feelings, but it's not full. He's not
    fully human like X. Notice the ending in Mega Man 7, where he stutters, he is
    more than a robot. X would have no problem saying that. But also see how X
    feels everytime you beat one of his games except X4. I hope this clears some
    things up ok? Keep up the good work."
    HolyKnight kills Darkknight writes:
       "Dr.Wily made Zero which destroyed Dr.Light's lab. But Dr.Light was
    prepared for this, so he brainwashed, remodeled Mega Man and sealed him in a
    capsule. Mega Man X was born. After that, Dr. Cain found X. The other
    capsules were hidden in many places which X should find. That's why when you
    want to gain a body armor, Dr. light appears. Why did Sigma become evil? It's
    because of X(that's why he wants to kill X). X took over finishing the
    missions which should be compeleted by Sigma. Cain was so pround of X, whiich
    ends up having more time with him. Sigma was left in the dark. Then, he rebels.
       "This is all I know. I don't know much about Zero but he is made by Wily.
    Remember what Sigma said in MMX2? He said '...but he was doctor's last
    creation.' Doctor=Wily  He=Zero."
    Coda Highland writes:
        ... "Mega Man is not human, nor is he a human/machine mix. He is a living
    machine. Being alive is what grants him his apparent humanity, not anything
    that is physically human. Miranda Paugh's website,
    http://www.ibis-research.com/mm/, has information about the history of Mega
    Man and his transformation into a living machine. (As well as some great
       "Mega Man may very well be X. He might not be. There's no canonical
    evidence for or against it. (Miranda Paugh has written a rather insightful
    fanfiction about it; I tend to think she might be right.) However, it IS
    specified that Dr. Light was testing X because he had created a new kind of
    software that would allow a robot to think and feel, but he feared that the
    program might have problems that would cause the robot to turn against humans.
    Finally, as for Sigma: Sigma did NOT rebel because X was stealing the
    spotlight. Sigma rebelled because he was infected by a computer virus
    designed by Dr. Wily. (They don't come right out and SAY it's Dr. Wily, but
    if Wily built Zero, then he wrote the Sigma virus.)"
    Following the success of Mega Man, Dr. Light decided to create Roll.
    Roll was then virtually Mega Man's sister. Unlike the Blue Bomber, Roll was
    made purposely to maintain the laboratory. With her primary weapon being the
    screwdriver arm, she wasn't really built to battle.
    In the games she does appear in, it is only for a very brief time. In Mega
    Man 1, she will be at the ending with Dr. Light. In Mega Man 7, she is riding
    Auto's car with Mega Man on the starting level. She may appear in Mega Man 8
    Coda Highland writes:
        ... "Also... Roll is not a half-human either. She isn't even a living
    machine. She's just a robot (although one that was programmed very well).
    Also, she was not built because of Mega Man's success; she was built at the
    same time as Rock as his sister. Rock was later CONVERTED to Mega Man (see
    intro to MM2) to fight Wily."
    Auto was created by Dr. Light as well. He was created late in the series
    primarily to manage the shop. Mega Man can purchase items at this shop. The
    shop can be accessed in Mega Man 7 by pressing SELECT at the enemy select
    Auto only appears in Mega Man 7, where he is the shopkeeper. Find the bolt
    that is missing on his head and he'll cut the prices in half! He may appear
    in Mega Man 8 too.
    Another creation by the genius, Dr. Light. Eddie was created to assist Mega
    Man in his darkest moments. Eddie comes out of nowhere and helps Mega Man
    with a special item.
    The short, red flip-top robot appears as early as Mega Man 2. He does not
    appear in some of the parts after this, but in MM7 he works along side Auto
    in the shop. Eddie also appears in the Mega Man TV series where he feeds Mega
    Man energy.
    Created primarily to go with Mega Man wherever he went. Rush will help Mega
    Man reach the many areas that are unreachable with Mega Man's jumping
    capabilities. As Dr. Light's technology advanced, new ways to use Rush were
    invented. Such as Rush Adapter and Rush Search.
    Rush was created very early in the series. He appears as early as Mega Man 3,
    where he can use Rush Jump, Rush Jet, and Rush Marine. In Mega Man 6/7 he can
    become one with Mega Man and create a new powerful robot.
    Armed with a larger plasma blaster than Mega Man as well. Bass gets an
    S. Adapter of his own later on in Mega Man 7.
    Bass first appears in Mega Man 7, where he tricks Mega Man into letting him
    into Dr. Light's laboratory. Bass also appears in Mega Man 8, where he is
    Mega Man's ally.
    Proto Man
    Dr. Light created Proto Man before Mega Man. Apparently, he is Mega Man's
    mysterious brother who appears in almost every part in the Mega Man series.
    He has a mysterious whistle, too. In MM7 he'll give you some hints and then
    there's a possibility you can get the Proto Shield.
    Proto Man appears in almost every part in the series. He is mostly always
    hidden in a secret area.
    ** Note: I have received various e-mails regarding the TRUE Proto Man story.
             One person sent me a link to a site with information about it, which
    	 you should check out:
    Coda Highland writes:
        ... "Protoman was built BEFORE Rock and Roll. (The end of MM2 has a list
    of all the robots Dr. Light built, in the order in which he built them.) He
    was the prototype (hence the name) of Dr. Light's humaniform robots."
    CONTROLS -------------------------------------------------------- [SEC04] ---
    The controls in Mega Man 7 are simple and remain the same throughout the
    entire game. You will not have any trouble controlling Mega Man.
    ** Buttons that do not have a description are useless and do not preform
       any action.
       ________         __________
     /     _           _    _     \
     |   _| |_        (Y)  (X)    |
     |  |_   _|          _    _   |
     |    |_|           (B)  (A)  |
     \        -Start- -Sel-       /
      \         /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\        /
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      [Y] Shoot; Hold to charge-up
      [B] Jump; Press twice to use the jet pack if equipped with Super Adapter
      [Down + B] Slide; Disabled if using Super Adapter
      [L] Cycle left through weapons
      [R] Cycle right through weapons
      [Start] Status screen
    ITEM LOCATIONS -------------------------------------------------- [SEC05] ---
    Unlike any of the other Mega Man parts (excluding the X series), Mega Man 7
    features a lot more hidden items and weapons to be found. Every item has a
    detailed description on how to find it and what it will do.
    Rush Search							[ITM01]
    Found on: Freeze Man's Stage                         Required: ---
     After the screen with the green, shielded robot, you will come to an area
     where there is a platform that you can jump on. Do so and proceed across
     the other four platforms. You should see it in the vicinity.
     Rush Search is a new device found only in Mega Man 7. Using it, you can
     locate hidden items, paths, or just dig up ordinary items. When Rush does
     not bark, it means there is nothing hidden in the area. Otherwise, he will
     bark. See the Rush Search section for an  extensive, detailed section on
     the item.
    Exit								[ITM02]
    Found on: Freeze Man's Stage                         Required: Rush Search
     At the very end of the level, just before the first door to Freeze Man,
     take a few steps back and use Rush Search from the edge of the bottom
     platform so that he lands on the edge of the top platform. He will dig
     it up.
     Exit will allow you to leave a level at any location, so long as you have
     defeated the boss of the level before.
    Proto Shield							[ITM03]
    Found on: Cloud, Turbo, Shade Man Stages	     Required: Rush Coil
     If you want Proto Man to hand over his shield, you will first have to find
     him in both Cloud Man's and Turbo Man's stage.
     In Cloud Man's stage: After the green, shielded robot, you will come to a
     room with a ladder hanging from the ceiling. Use Rush Coil to climb up.
     In Turbo Man's stage: When climbing up the ladder with the two platforms
     on the left with tire robots on them, proceed past the first one and
     continue climbing. As you climb, you will see a long gray object on the
     right wall (pay close attention). Right after the gray object, where
     the chevrons are, the wall is actually a mirage. You can walk directly
     through it by holding right and pressing B.
     Once you've met him in those two levels, head to Shade Man's level. When
     you get to the pumpkin, destroy the inner core. This is very important.
     If you kill the shell, it will not work. I recommend using Thunder Bolt
     on the core. After it explodes, leaving a hole in the floor, take a dive
     in. Kill the green robot and walk into the wall on the right. Yes, it's
     fake. Enter the door and you will fight Proto Man. Defeat him and you
     will receive the ultimate in protection, the Proto Shield ®!
     The Proto Shield gives Mega Man the ability to deflect bullets. Rather
     than hitting him, they will bounce off the shield.
    Auto's Screw							[ITM04]
    Found on: Spring Man's Stage     	             Required: ---
     When you come to the room with the jack-in-the-box type of things (the
     ones that change direction upon setting foot on them), make your way to the
     top left corner. S. Adapter really comes in handy here. Once there, make
     the red box point left. It will destroy the blocked wall on the left and
     you will be able to proceed in. The screw is located inside there.
     When you give the bolt to Auto, he will make all the prices half of what
     they were before! Sweet!
    Super Adapter							[ITM05]
    Found on: Cloud, Freeze, Junk, Burst Man Stages      Required: Rush Coil
    							    &  Freeze Cracker
     To get the Super Adapter, you must collect the letters that spell out
     RUSH on the first four levels.
     On Burst Man's Stage: The R can be found very simply in the water section
     of the stage. There is absolutely no way you can miss it.
     On Cloud Man's Stage: After you shoot the floating white robot, it will
     begin to rain. On the next screen, use Freeze Cracker on the same robot
     and the rain will turn to snow. Continue on until you come to the room
     with snow-covered platforms. Go on a little and you wlil come to a
     ladder. Use Rush Coil to reach it and climb up. Jump on the platforms
     to the left to find it.
     On Junk Man's Stage: When you come to the part of the stage with falling
     lava, use Freeze Cracker on it. It will break apart and you will be
     able to slide underneath. Take the ladder down and use Freeze Cracker
     on the flowing lava once again. Go left and grab the letter.
     On Freeze Man's Stage: When you come to a part where there is a ladder that
     can only be reached by the Rush Coil with a falling ice platform underneath
     it, use Rush Coil to climb up. Jump from one ice platform to the next
     very quickly and you will find the letter.
     Once you have all letters, check your inventory.
     The Super Adapter will fuse Mega Man and Rush, giving him great
     enhancements. You can now jetpack while in the air by jumping and pressing
     B. Mega Man also packs a new weapon. When you charge up and release, a
     powerful missile will be shot a short distance and then it will return.
    Rocket Punch							[ITM06]
    Found on: Turbo Man's Stage     	             Required: Rush Search
    							    &  S. Adapter
     Rocket Punch is found near the hidden Proto Man passge. When going up the
     ladder, there are two platforms on the left that have tire robots. Destroy
     the first one and use the S. Adapter to reach the platform with the lights
     on it. Use Rush Search here.
     The Rocket Punch is a nice upgrade for the S. Adapter. It will make the
     missiles fired by the adapter home in on nearby robots. It will also allow
     you to travel further when using the jetpack.
    Rush Jet							[ITM07]
    Found on: Junk Man's Stage      	             Required: Thunder Bolt
    							    &  Rush Coil
     When you get to the room with the annoying round robots that move back
     and forth, moving faster as you approach them, use Thunder Bolt on the gray
     machine with the AC sign above it. The platform will start moving. Take the
     one moving up and make sure you jump off of it and onto the SECOND ladder
     or Mega Man will soon come to his death. Climb up and use Rush Coil to
     jump onto the small ladder above.
     Rush Jet allows you to reach areas up above that you could not before.
     Unlike Mega Man 3, you can only control the vertical movement of the Rush
     Jet. You cannot stop or move it left and right. If you tap the opposite
     direction while on Rush Jet, it will slow down significantly.
    Beat								[ITM08]
    Found on: Slash Man's Stage      	             Required: Scorch Wheel
    							    &  Rush Coil
     If you didn't take the hint from Proto man, the idea was to burn down
     trees. When you get to the screen with the large trees and insects, use
     Scorch Wheel on the very last large tree. A ladder will be revealed. Use
     Rush Coil to reach it. Climb up and shoot a charged P. Buster at the
     chain to free beat.
     When you get him, Beat comes equipped with four Beat Whistles. These are
     automatically used if you fall into a pit. Beat will rush down and pull you
     out of the hole. Be quick to steer Beat towards a paltform or he will
     drop you. You can purchase Beat Whistles at Auto's shop.
    Mega Life Piece							[ITM09]
    Found on: Spring Man's Stage    	             Required: Rush Search
     In Spring Man's stage, two screens before the large room with the red
     boxes, you will come to a one screen room (non-scrolling) with three
     steps and a ladder going up. Stand on the platform beneath the ladder and
     use Rush Search so that it searches on the second step. Keep trying and
     you will eventually find it here.
     Apparently, it is six times as effective as a normal life capsule.
    Mega Bolts							[ITM10]
    Found on: Shade, Turbo, Spring, Cloud, Junk Man Stages
    						     Required: Rush Search
     On Shade Man's Stage: You have to defeat the inner core of the pumpkin.
     After that, go to the secret room before Proto Man (See the Proto Shield
     part of this section for more information) and search on the second
     On Turbo Man's Stage: Just above the area with the ladder where you got
     Rocket Punch and the secret room with Proto Man, there is a one screen
     (non-scrolling) room with a large blue X on the floor. Use Rush Search
     On Spring Man's Stage: Right above the staircase with the mega life
     capsule. There are some springs in the left corner that you use to bounce
     up to a floating platform in order to reach the next screen. Using Rush
     Search on the floating platform reveals another bolt.
     On Cloud Man's Stage: Generally, in the same area before the ladder to
     Proto Man. There is a section here where there are two ladders you can
     climb. One leads onward and one leads to a dead end with a large life
     pellet. Using Rush Search underneath the latter reveals another bolt.
     On Junk Man's Stage: There's a Mega Bolt in the area past where you got the
     RUSH letter (See Super Adapter part of this section). Get past the area
     where you use the falling trash to jump across the lava pits and use Rush
     Search in front of the first ladder going up.
     Each Mega BOlt is worth 100 Bolts that can be used in Auto's Shop.
     Also referred to as Hyper Bolts, Turbo Bolts, Huge Bolts, etc.
    Energy Balancer							[ITM11]
    Found on: Shade Man's Stage		             Required: Rush Search
     Defeat the outer shell of the pumpkin and go on until you reach the picture
     of Dr. Wily. Use Rush Search underneath it and he will dig it up.
     The energy balance is extremely useful. Rather than having to select a
     weapon when you find a weapon capsule, just grab the capsule and the
     balancer will refill the energy of the weapon with the lowest amount
    DAMAGE CHART ---------------------------------------------------- [SEC06] ---
    The damage chart shows what weapon damages which robot and how much it
    damages the robot by. It can be a useful guide for times you are out of the
    primary needed weapon against the robot. You can refer to it to find out what
    other weapons work good against the enemy.
    * Thanks to Colin Moriarty for giving me permission to make a damage chart
      in my FAQ. The idea was from his MM1 & MM2 FAQS that can be found on
    |LEGEND                                                                    |
    | TB = Thunder Bolt                                   FC = Freeze Cracker  |
    | DW = Danger Wrap                                    JS = Junk Shield     |
    | NC = Noise Crush                                    SC = Slash Claw      |
    | WC = Wild Coil                                      SW = Scorch Wheel    |
    |                                                                          |
    | * Numbers indicate amount of energy bars taken out from weapon.          |
    | * ++ Indicates that it helps the enemy                                   |
    | * -- Indicates no effect                                                 |
    | * All bosses are damaged by the Mega Buster by 01, charged by 02         |
                  |              TB  FC  DW  JS  NC  SC  WC  SW  |
                  |  Freeze Man  01  ++  01  04  01  01  01  03  |
                  |  Slash Man   01  05  --  01  01  01  01  03  |
                  |  Junk Man    03  01  01  --  01  01  01  --  |
                  |  Cloud Man   02  01  04  --  01  01  01  01  |
                  |  Turbo Man   ++  01  01  01  03  01  01  --  |
                  |  Spring Man  ++  01  01  01  01  03  --  01  |
                  |  Shade Man   01  01  01  01  ++  01  03  01  |
                  |  Burst Man   01  03  --  01  01  01  01  04  |
    ORDER OF ROBOTS ------------------------------------------------- [SEC07] ---
    It is vital that you follow the order of stages. If you do, it will be easier
    to defeat future bosses because you will have the weapon that they are
    weak against. You will have to fight the first boss with the Plasma Buster
      First Four:  Burst Man                Last Four:  Slash Man
                   * Use P. Buster                      * Use Freeze Cracker
                   * Get Danger Wrap                    * Get Slash Claw
                   Cloud Man                            Spring Man
                   * Use Danger Wrap                    * Use Slash Claw
                   * Get Thunder Bolt                   * Get Wild Coil
                   Junk Man				    Shade Man
                   * Use Thunder Bolt                   * Use Wild Coil
                   * Get Junk Shield                    * Get Noise Crush
                   Freeze Man                           Turbo Man
                   * Use Junk Shield                    * Use Noise Crush
                   * Get Freeze Cracker                 * Get Scorch Wheel
    STAGE MAPS AND INFORMATION -------------------------------------- [SEC08] ---
    This section provides you with valuable information on each level. It also
    has maps created in ASCII. Use this guide so that you won't miss any hidden
    items but not as a walkthrough, as writing a walkthrough for a Mega Man game
    isn't something viable, in my opinion. You're too busy blasting through
    enemies, jumping from platform to platform, to read a whole bunch of text!
      One square (|_|) represents approximately one whole screen.
      | LEGEND                                                               |
      | X = Extra Life              S = S-Tank           B = Boss/Mini-Boss  |
      | E = E-Tank                  I = Item             H = Hidden Item     |
      | W = W-Tank                  * = Fake Wall        + = Special         |
    Burst Man
    Weakness: Scorch Wheel                           Receive: Danger Wrap
    Item: "R", required for S. Adapter               Mini Boss: Crab
                       _ _ _ _             _ _ _
                      |_|_|_|_|           |_|_|_|      _ _
                            |X|        _ _|_| |_|_ _ _|_|B|
                            |_|_ _    |_|_|_| |_|I|_|_|_|
                            |_|_|X|   |_|
                                |_|_ _|_|
    Burst Man's level is not difficult at all. The only part that can get annoy-
    ing is the rising and falling water.  You have to be careful not to touch
    the bottom or top walls because they are lined with spikes. 
    Cloud Man
    Weakness: Danger Wrap                            Receive: Thunder Bolt
    Items: "U", required for S. Adapter              Mini Boss: ---
           Mega Bolt
    Special: Proto Man
                                                   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                             _ _|_|_|_|
                                   _ _ _ _ _|I|X|H|
                           _ _ _ _|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
             _ _ _ _ _ _ _|X|_|_|_|_|
    Make sure that you hit the first floating white robot with the normal Plasma
    Buster and the second with Freeze Cracker so that it starts to snow. This
    will enable you to see the platforms in one part of the stage and reach the
    Junk Man
    Weakness: Thunder Bolt                           Receive: Junk Shield
    Items: "S", required for S. Adapter              Mini Boss: ---
           Rush Jet
                         _ _ _         _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                        |_|_|_|_      |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_ _
                            |_|_|     |_|    _|_|   |_|_|B|
                              | |     |_|   | |_|
                              | |_ _ _|_|  _|_|
    Do not miss the "S". You can get it by using Freeze Cracker on the falling
    lava. Rush Jet is also on this level. You can get this by using Thunder Bolt
    on a gray machine on the screen with the many robots that go back and forth.
    Freeze Man
    Weakness: Junk Shield                            Receive: Freeze Cracker
    Items: "H", required for S. Adapter              Mini Boss: ---
                               _ _ _ _ _|I|
                           _ _|_|_|_|_|_|_|
                     _ _ _|_|_|_|       |_|          _ _ _ _ _ _
                    |_|_|_|_|           |_|_ _ _ _ _|_|_|_|_|H|B|
    The letter H is in an obvious position. All you need to do is Rush Coil to
    reach the ladder at the top. To get Exit, use Rush Search near the first door
    leading to Freeze Man.
    Slash Man
    Weakness: Freeze Cracker                         Receive: Slash Claw
    Item: Beat                                       Mini Boss: ---
                                                      _ _
                                                  _ _|_|I|_ _ _ _
                                          _ _ _ _|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|B|
                              _ _ _ _ _ _|_|_|
                    _ _ _ _ _|_|
    The ladder to Beat can be found by using Scorch Wheel on the last tree in the
    screen with the beehives. Beat will be trapped in a cage. You can free him by
    blasting the chain with a charged Plasma Buster.
    Spring Man
    Weakness: Slash Claw                             Receive: Wild Coil
    Items: Auto's Screw                              Mini Boss: ---
           Mega Life Piece
           Mega Bolt
                       |_|_ _ _ _                 _ _ _
                       |_|_|_|_|_|          _ _ _|_|_|B|
                               |_|         |I|X|E|_|
                               |X|_ _       _|_|_|_|
                               |_|_|_|_ _ _|H|_|_|_|
    To get the screw, make the red box face the left barrier in the top left
    corner of the large room. It will bash the barrier open and you will be able
    to reach the screw.
    Shade Man
    Weakness: Wild Coil                              Receive: Noise Crush
    Items: Proto Shield                              Mini Boss: Pumpkin
           Energy Balancer
           Mega Bolt
                                              _ _ _
                                  _ _ _ _ _ _|_|X|H|_|
                          _ _ _  |_|_|_|_|B|_|_|_ _|_|_
                         |_|_|_| |_|     |_*H|B|_|_|_|B|
                             |_|_|_|     |_|_| |_|
                             |_|_|_|       |_|_|_|
    Shade Man has the most confusing level. There are two ways to kill the
    pumpkin. You can either kill the inner core, or outer shell. The outer shell
    takes longer than the inside, but you can find the Energy Balancer by using
    Rush Search underneath the portrait of Wily. If you destroy the inner, you
    can find a path leading to Proto Man. Fortunately you can revisit the level
    so you can explore both passages.
    Turbo Man
    Weakness: Noise Crush                            Receive: Scorch Wheel
    Item: Mega Bolt                                  Mini Boss: Truck
    Special: Proto Man
                                      _ _ _ _
                                     |_|_  |_|
                                     |H*+| |X|
                              _ _ _ _|_|   |_|
                             |_|_|_|_|_|   |E|
                        _ _ _|_|_|_|       |_|_ _ _ _ _ _
                       |_|_|_|_|_|_|       |_|_|_|B|_|_|B|
    The symbols here may confuse you. The * is the fake wall that leads to Proto
    Man. The + is exactly where Proto Man is located.
    DR. WILY'S FORTRESS --------------------------------------------- [SEC09] ---
    Dr Wily's fortress consists of four levels. On the last level, you must fight
    the eight original robot masters again.
    Dr. Wily's Fortress 1
    Mini Boss: Bass                                  Boss: Guts Man
                                                  _ _ _ _ _
                                      _ _ _ _    |E|B|_|_|B|
                        _ _ _ _ _ _ _|_|_|_|X|   |_|
                       |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|   |_|_ _|_|
    The first level of Wily's Castle is simple. The only part that can get tricky
    is the moving platforms that spin when they get to a certain part of the
    "pipes." To add to this, it's also dark so you cannot see unless you jump.
    You will soon come to Bass and be forced to fight him. After bass there will
    be a short path and you will come to the main boss- the new and
    improved Guts Man!
    Dr. Wily's Fortress 2
    Mini Boss: Bass & Treble                         Boss: Mech Turtle
                                                 _ _
                                           _ _|_|
    Level two isn't much more difficult than the first one. It has many of those
    shielded green robots which are pretty easy to take care of. When
    you come to a part with two ladders, take the right one for some extra
    energy. You will come to Bass after this, who seems to have an S. Adapter
    of his own.
    Dr. Wily's Fortress 3
    Mini Boss: Crab                                  Boss: Flying Mask
                                        _ _ _ _ / E-tank, S-tank, W-tank
                                    _ _|_|  _|_|_ _
                                   |X|_|_| |_|_|E|B|
                                _ _|_| |_| |_|
                               |_|_|_| |_| |_|
                               |X|     |_|_| |
                          _ _ _|_|     |X|_|B|
    The Super Adapter is extremely useful on this level, as there is a lot of
    climbing to be done. In one part, there is the same thing you saw on Cloud
    Man's stage: Platforms that you have to be close to to see. Be careful!
    Take the ladder on the very left when you come to three of them. There is
    gonna be a part where you can go two ways- up the ladder, or down into the
    water. If you go up, you'll cross a room of those annoying blocks found in
    almost every other Mega Man, but it's well worth it: you'll find a W-tank,
    an E-tank, and a S-tank too! If you go down, you'll find only a 1-up and an
    E-tank. You're also forced to fight the mid-way boss, crab. Get the hint? ;)
    Dr. Wily's Fortress 4
    Mini Bosses: All 8 Robot Masters		 Boss: Dr. Wily
     (A)                        (B)                           (C)
        _                          Freeze_    _Slash              _
       |_|                              |+|  |+|                 |_|
       |_| - W-Tank & Extra life     Junk_    _Cloud             |_|
       |+| To (B)                       |+|  |+|                 |_|
                                    Turbo_    _Spring            |_|
                                        |+|  |+|                 |B|
                                    Shade_    _Burst
                                        |+|  |+|
    Look's like Capcom has done it again. To maintain tradition, on this level
    you must fight all 8 robots again. Make sure you grab all the items at the
    beginning of the level as you fall down. Enter the transporter. Seem
    familiar? There are eight transporters, each leading to a robot.
    It makes no difference in which order you fight them. After killing them all,
    you will be teleported to a room with a few refresh items. When you fall down
    you will be brought to the first version of Dr. Wily.
    Beat him to win the game and see the ending! Congratulations!
    BOSS STRATEGIES ------------------------------------------------- [SEC10] ---
    Mini Boss Strategies						  [BOSS1]
    Wheel Robot - Intro Level
    Suggested Weapon: Plasma Buster
    The only weapon you'll be equipped with on the intro level is the Plasma
    Buster, so you don't have much of a choice. Your best bet is to charge it up,
    wait for an for an open spot while evading, and release.
    The Wheel Robot has two attacks. One where he just charges at you, attempting
    to make a Mega-pancake. Before this happens, the Wheel Robot will jump,
    causing a slight quake that will temporarily disable Mega Man. Jump when it is
    about to hit the ground and you'll be safe. After this comes the "spinning
    blade" attack,  where the robot will launch the metal piece off of his head
    and towards the Blue Bomber. Just jump over this and continue. This enemy is
    not difficult to defeat at all.
    Crab - Burst Man's Stage
    Suggested Weapon: Plasma Buster
    There isn't much strategy needed against the crab. Just keep shooting him
    with the charged-up P. Buster. S. Adapter with Rocket Punch works just as
    well. When it charges at you, slide underneath. To avoid the purple swirls,
    jump over the first two and the crab will fire the third diagonally. The
    bubbles can be bursted with the P. Buster.
    Tyrannosaurus - Slash Man's Stage
    Suggested Weapon: Thunder Bolt
    Since Thunder Bolt fires fast, it's your best choice. This robot has two
    attacks and both are simple to evade. The first one is when it simply
    breathes fire. The bot is likely to do this when you're standing on the
    middle platform. If you aren't, it will shoot out purple plasma blasts which
    can be avoided by staying at the far corner to the right. Between each shot
    of his, jump and shoot the lower jaw. When tyrannosaurus starts getting
    weaker, it will begin to walk faster.
    Pumpkin - Shade Man's Stage
    Suggested Weapon: Thunder Bolt
    This robot is amazingly easy to defeat. Six waves of Thunder Bolt will
    destroy the Inner core. The outside takes about eight. I doubt at all you'll
    have any trouble with this boss. It has two simple attacks and both are
    almost the same. It shoots out green slime balls that bounce around
    aimlessly. It may also spit them at Mega Man, where you'll have to jump over.
    Remember to read the stage information to see which way you should kill the
    Red Truck - Turbo Man's Stage
    Suggested Weapons: Noise Crush
                       Thunder Bolt
    You may want to save Noise Crush for Turbo Man himself, which is why Thunder
    Bolt is marked down too. The S. Adapter with Rocket Punch also works, except
    the punch may home in on missiles instead of the truck's eyes. All you really
    have to do here is keep shooting Noise Crush at the eyes. When the missiles
    come, either jump over them or shoot them down.
    Boss Strategies							[BOSS2]
    Burst Man
    Suggested Weapon: Scorch Wheel
    Your fingers are going to get awfully tired when fighting this enemy. If
    you followed the order of stages, then you're most likely fighting Burst Man
    as the first enemy. Even if you're not, this can get quite annoying.
    First of all, I recommend you get a turbo controller (or if you're the
    emulator type, set the turbo setting on) or your fingers are going
    to get stiff. When Burst Man shoots out bubbles shoot them with everything
    you've got. Do not stop shooting. I've noticed the single plasma blasts work
    better than the charged up ones on this enemy. Let's look at the statistics:
    It takes around two seconds to fully charge up the Plasma Buster, and only
    two single bullets to destroy a bounce (orange/yellow) bubble. Just use
    singles when it comes to destroying bubbles. However, the bubbles with bombs
    in them can be a little more difficult. They take about 10 single blasts to
    pop. I recommend you jump over them as Burst Man shoots them out. If there
    are bombs on the ground, avoid them at all costs. They will start to flash
    when they're about to explode.
    The bubbles that come up from the bottom should not be a problem. Simply walk
    off of them if they happen to bring you up. If you have Scorch Wheel use it
    ONLY on Burst Man himself. Do not waste it destroying the bubbles. Thunder
    Bolt works best on the bubbles if you are willing to switch weapons every
    five seconds.
    Cloud Man
    Suggested Weapon: Danger Wrap
    Without Danger Wrap, you only stand a slight chance of defeating Cloud Man.
    I did provide a strategy with the P. Buster for those who are up for the
    First, the strategy with Danger Wrap. All you gotta do is stand at the edge
    of the platform on the left (be sure to not fall off) and use Danger Wrap as
    Cloud Man floats up. Don't use it too early or too late. Press the fire
    button as soon as Cloud Man gets up from his fall to be sure to hit him.
    Keep it up and Cloud Man will fall to his knees in no time.
    Using the Plasma Buster, it will be much more difficult. A boss has around 30
    energy bars. Cloud Man only loses 1 if you hit him with a single plasma
    blast. He loses 2 if you hit him with a charged up plasma blast.
    You have to hit him 15 times with the charged up blast to defeat him. Sound
    difficult? Indeed!
    Cloud Man has three different attacks. The first attack is when he absorbs
    lighting and fires it towards the Blue Bomber. The only thing you can do here
    is jump over it. Timing is critical. As soon as you see Cloud Man open his
    hand, jump and you'll be safe. You don't have to jump in any specific
    direction, just jump!
    The second attack is much more annoying. Cloud Man will usually combine it
    with the first. The second attack has two variations. The rain can either
    push you left or right. If it pushes you towards Cloud Man, slide the
    opposite direction. Be careful not to slide off the platform. This is a
    perfect chance to dish out some pain on Cloud Man. A good strategy is to
    charge up while sliding, then quickly turn and release. Be sure to jump over
    the lighting bursts on the ground when Cloud Man executes them.
    The third is the easiest. Cloud Man follows behind Mega Man, leaving a small
    opening for you to slide underneath him. Do just that. This also serves as a
    chance to lure Cloud Man to a safer part of the platform.
    Junk Man
    Suggested Weapon: Thunder Bolt
    Using Thunder Bolt, this battle can be won in 30 seconds tops. The strategy
    is basically shoot-slide-shoot. Shoot Junk Man, slide under his jump to avoid
    the the junk he throws, and repeat. Simple as that.
    Are you willing to take the challenge of using Plasma Buster against Junk
    Man? When using Plasma Buster the situation with Cloud Man is similar to
    this one. Single plasma blast = 1 energy bar lost, charged = 2.
    Junk man has three different attacks. These are not in any order.
    The first, what I call "The Earthquake," will cause Junk Man to jump up into
    the air and slam into the ground, temporarily disabling Mega Man. Junk will
    rain down from the roof which is fairly difficult to avoid, especially if you
    can't walk. The idea is to jump right when Junk Man is about to touch the
    ground and you'll be okay. Then, simply walk away from the junk that falls.
    The second is when Junk Man uses a magnetic arm to collect a block of garbage
    and throws it at you. This is not very hard to avoid. Simply jump over it.
    However, this is only the first part of the attack. The second involves Junk
    Man coming from the roof and jumping onto his hunk of junk. This will give
    him the Junk Shield, and he'll use it the way Mega Man uses it when he
    acquires it- By absorbing damage and shooting it at Mega Man. Only this time,
    he'll jump on Mega Man a little after. For what it's worth, the pile of junk
    CAN be destroyed but it takes a lot of hits. If you can't destroy it on time,
    just jump over the Junk Shield and continue.
    The third is when Junk Man hops over Mega Man and flings a small pile of junk
    at him. Just slide under him and you'll be fine. Look for any open spots to
    charge up that buster and fire away.
    Freeze Man
    Suggested Weapon: Junk Shield
    Freeze Man is much more difficult to beat with the Plasma Buster than the
    others. I really recommend you have Junk Shield. Just use it and when Freeze
    Man comes towards you he'll get hit. Usually, after this, he'll throw an ice
    cube down, so slide and then jump to avoid being stuck to the ground. Icicles
    usually come after this. Freeze Man will run towards you. Jump over him and
    slide under the icicles. He'll usually throw ice balls at you and then repeat
    the process.
    With the P. Buster, it's ten times harder. In my opinion, it's next to
    impossible to beat Freeze Man with the P. Buster alone. Freeze Man will not
    stop dashing towards you because he is never stunned as he would be with the
    Junk Shield. At first, he'll run towards you and jump twice. Slide under him
    and jump to avoid the ice path. If you shoot, Freeze Man will do a small
    jump, so be careful!
    Ball Robot - Robot Museum
    Suggested Weapon: Danger Wrap
    This robot seems to only do one thing: bounce around, trying to land on Mega
    Man. When you knock off his head he goes ballistic and bounces even faster.
    Since the robot only has one attack, it's really not that difficult to beat
    him. You have to wait for an open spot to hit his head. When the robot jumps
    and hits the ground, his head will spin. To stop it he'll put his hands on
    it. Right when he removes his hands shoot the Danger Wrap and watch his head
    go flying. He will now go bouncing towards the head, which can harm you as
    well. Be careful. You may need a W-Tank or two if you tend to miss a lot.
    Slash Man
    Suggested Weapon: Freeze Cracker
    Slash Man can be a difficult opponent even with Freeze Cracker. This is
    because he can get away from you quick enough to execute an attack once you
    freeze him. Slash Man only has two attacks and both are very deadly.
    The first usually occurs right after you freeze Slash Man and he breaks out.
    He will jump up into the air and throw down capsules of red gunk that can
    cause one of two disabilities. If one happens to fall on Mega Man you will be
    disabled from jumping and sliding. If you walk into the red goo when it is on
    the floor, you will get stuck. Keep watching them fall and be sure to avoid
    them. After this, Slash Man will slide down from the side of the screen and
    dash towards Mega Man with his claws out. This can be difficult to avoid.
    I recommend jumping but sliding may work in some situations as well.
    The second attack is when Slash Man jumps towards Mega Man and then quickly
    slashes. Either slide away from Slash Man when he jumps over you or jump to
    avoid the slash. Shoot him with Freeze Cracker during this time.
    Spring Man
    Suggested Weapon: Slash Claw
    Spring Man is easy once you get down the strategy. Without it, you will be
    dead in no time! Spring Man has three different attacks and they are all easy
    to take care of.
    When you hit Spring Man with the Slash Claw, he will jump into the air and
    use his super-spring punches to try and hit you. The easiest way to avoid
    getting hit is to jump after he throws a punch. Timing is critical here.
    If you have Slash Claw you can last through the whole battle without him
    using the other two attacks.
    The second attack is more annoying and deadlier than the first. Spring Man
    will fire out two spiked springs that bounce like there's no tomorrow. But
    do not fear them. They can be taken out with two plasma shots.
    While the spiked springs are bouncing amok, Spring Man will be jumping around
    as well. If you get to close to him he will grab you and throw you into the
    air, which will make you crash straight into the roof. This attack causes
    most damage.
    Shade Man
    Suggested Weapon: Wild Coil
    Shade Man is probably the easiest to defeat out of the last four. That is, of
    course, if you have Wild Coil. Make sure you charge it up for more damage,
    but be careful not to make the springs spring too high to hit Shade Man.
    Shade Man has two attacks. The first, and most widely used, is when he dives
    down and attempts to grab Mega Man. If he does he, will suck your energy
    away. When you see that Shade Man is about to do this (he will stop for a
    split second) slide away! Also, this is a good chance to release the
    charged up Wild Coil.
    The second attack is much more deadlier. Shade Man will slowly land on the
    ground and release a ray that will freeze Mega Man stiff. These can easily
    be jumped over but after that, Shade Man will shoot out the  Noise Crush.
    This is difficult to avoid, unless you use the Wild Coil which will make
    him fly back into the air. Take a few E-tanks along.
    Turbo Man
    Suggested Weapon: Noise Crush
    Turbo Man will writhe in pain as you use the powerful Noise Crush on him. If
    you don't have Noise Crush, you're literally toast.
    Every time you use Noise Crush, Turbo Man will turn into some kind of race
    car and come speeding straight into you. The problem with this is that you
    can never have correct timing. Turbo Man will always come at you at a
    different speed. Be cautious and watch for when it starts to move. You may be
    able to avoid getting hit. I've noticed that if you listen to the sound of
    it, you'll hear some tire screeching and after that, a sound as if it was
    released. As soon as you hear that sound, JUMP to the direction Turbo man
    is in.
    Bouncing Noise Crush off the walls will help to increase the damage. If Turbo
    Man happens to use the scorch wheel on you, you have to be real careful. It
    can be very difficult to avoid. Do not attempt to use the P. Buster on Turbo
    Man, or he will show you what he's made of!
    Bass - Wily's Fortress 1
    Suggested Weapons: Thunder Bolt
                       Junk Shield
    Bass really isn't that tough. Thunder Bolt seems to work very well against
    him. Junk Shield is also pretty decent. Try staying in once place and jumping
    to fire shots at him. When he uses his charged shots jump over them or slide
    underneath them. I recommend you bring along an E-tank or two, as the battle
    will be close. Bass acts much like Flash Man from MM2, except that he doesn't
    freeze time. He jumps around the platforms and shoots aimlessly. Be careful!
    The proto shield can really help here.
    Guts Man - Wily's Fortress 1
    Suggested Weapon: Slash Claw
    Guts Man is a worthy opponent. He can use two different attacks and on top of
    that, the roof is collapsing and Mega Man will be crushed if he doesn't beat
    Guts Man quick enough.
    Guts Man's first, and mostly used attack, is when the large blocks fall from
    the top and Guts Man makes them come against you. Use Slash Claw to deflect
    them. If you're close enough they will hit Guts Man. Keep doing this to put
    Guts Man out of order once again. You may want to take along some E-tanks.
    When Guts Man uses his other attack which is when he comes towards you, grabs
    you with his metal pliers and throws you into the roof. Jump towards his head
    to avoid getting grabbed. You'll still get hit but you won't lose as much
    energy as you would if he had grabbed you. As far as I know, you'll have to
    take a bit of damage in this situation.
    Bass and Treble - Wily's Fortress 2
    Suggested Weapon: Super Adapter
    Make sure you have one or two E-tanks. Bass isn't as easy as he was before.
    Since Bass is using an S. Adapter, you might as well too. Rocket Punch will
    help a lot here. Keep charging it up and firing. If Bass is in the air, jump
    and fire Bass has a Rocket Punch of his own and it will harm Mega Man more
    than Mega Man's rocket punch against Bass so E-tanks are needed. The gravity
    in this room is much lighter, as you can jump higher (as if you were in
    water.) If you're really careful you can kill him without losing a single
    capsule of energy.
    Mechanical Turtle - Wily's Fortress 2
    Suggested Weapon: Wild Coil
    ** Alternate, more effective strategy below this one.
    Again, you're going to require an E-tank to replenish your energy unless you
    can dodge the flames. When the turtle's head is out, charge up Wild Coil and
    give it all you've got. The head will go in sometimes and the turtle will
    charge at you. Slide underneath it until the head pops out again. When the
    turtle uses the mini-turtle attack, make sure you kill the small turtles or
    they will go underground and become pests. I recommend using Thunder Bolt
    against them. When the turtle breathes the pink flames, jump over them. It
    isn't that difficult. If they do hit you, they will burn you, freezing you
    in one spot and draining your life.
    Strategy B, submitted by Gunblade
    ** Note: Yes, this strategy DOES work. In fact, it works very, very well,
             according to readers. Use it! =P
     "Normally, when you use the Danger Wrap on the turtle itself, it does
     laughable damage, and you're probably better off with the Mega Buster.
     However, there is a way to utilize the Danger Wrap to take him out in 4
     hits.  (Maybe 5, not sure.) What you do is basically wait until the small
     turtles pop out.  (I'll call the mini-turtles.)  Danger Wrap the first
     mini-turtle, and the second one will run into it, allowing you to kill two
     with 1 shot.  However, when the 3rd one comes out, wait until it comes
     closer to you, -then- Danger Wrap it.  If done properly, the mechanical
     turtle should drop down and not land on the wrapped mini-turtle.  Guess
     what you do now? =)  That's right, slam the bubble with the mini-turtle in
     it straight into the mechanical turtle's head, and watch it take
     off a huge chunk of damage."
    Flying Mask Weapon - Wily's Fortress 3
    Suggested Weapon: Noise Crush
      (Alternative, better strategy below this one)
    The flying mask is tough! He constantly runs after you shooting missiles,
    bombs, and a laser. If the missiles are high, slide. If they're low, jump.
    Walk under the first bomb and jump over the second. When it does the laser
    slide all the way to the very right. Wait until the mask goes low, jump and
    fire at it's nose with Noise Crush. Another disadvantage is that you cannot
    reflect the noise off of a wall because there aren't any, so you must use the
    small blasts.
    Strategy B, submitted by Jonas Ratso
    ** Note: I recommend you use this strategy. It works a lot better than the
     "I dont know if you noticed, but the mask is far weaker to the slash claw
     than it is to the noise crush. Though it seems hard to hit the mask with the
     slash claw initially, standing on the missiles makes it much easier.  The
     mask goes down a lot faster to the claw, (slash claw does about 5 bars of
     damage to it) and it gives the battle a nicer feel, in my opinion."
    Strategy C, submitted by Coda Highland
    ** Note: I have not verified whether this works as well as the above
             strategies or not. You can try it out for yourself if you want.
     ... "I found, however, that the Junk Shield seems to do a lot of damage, and
     it helps guard you against the missiles and the bombs. Just turn on the
     shield, jump up near the eyes, and the shield will rotate into them. Unlike
     the Slash Claw, this strategy doesn't require you to be quite as high in the
     air, and you don't have to jump off the missiles."
    Dr. Wily Bot - Wily's Fortress 4
    Suggested Weapon: Thunder Bolt
    The main thing to do is to use Thunder Bolt on the eye while avoiding the
    steps of the machine. Now and then, the machine will dispatch two
    mini-machines which can get annoying. Use the S. Adapter Rocket Punch on them
    or just the P. Buster. That should take it out. I hope you're prepared for
    the next battle, it will be the last.
    Dr. Wily - Wily's Fortress 4
    Suggested Weapons: Thunder Bolt
                       Freeze Cracker
    		   Wild Coil (Charged)
    (Alternate strategies below this one)
    Strategy A, submitted by Gunblade
     "When he (Dr. Wily) first appears on the screen, nail him with Freeze
     Cracker, then, depending on where he is, quickly do one of the following:
     "1. If he is low enough to be hit with a Thunder Bolt, quickly nail him
     with one. He won't fire the yellow/red/blue spheres, but just the 2 large
     bolt spheres. Jump over those.
     "2. If he is too high, you have some dodging to do. Luckily, the 4 spheres
     are much easier to dodge when he is that high. You'll notice that the
     spheres have pauses between movements.  When they pause, quickly jump over
     the one that is closest to you, and immediately slide away so that the rest
     of the spheres will miss you when they start moving again. I can't explain
     exactly where you should stand, but it's definitely not in the corner. Try
     to stand just a bit away from Wily so that you can jump over a sphere the
     moment they pause. This shouldn't be too difficult after some practice.
     Of course, don't forget to jump over the large bolt spheres after."
     Gunblade goes on to write that it is quite possible to get a perfect (full
     life remaining) kill against Wily. Give it a shot!
    Strategy B
     ... "I was trying every weapon I had and I noticed that the Freeze Cracker
     takes about 2-3 bars of life away. Also, it was easier to hit Dr. Wily with
     the F. Cracker because you can control the movement of it, where as the
     Thunder Bolt can't hit him when he is too high and the Rocket Punch doesn't
     inflict the same amount of damage. I recommend having all four E-Tanks,
     at least one W-Tank, and an S-Tank" ...
    Strategy C, submitted by ThunderFist
     "The fact that the wild coil can be powered up helps it do a great deal of
     damage to Wily's machine, and if the machine is too high on the screen for
     any other weapon to hit, the coil can still hit it if you jump near, just
     under and to the left or right of Wily's machine. When the coil runs out of
     power, you've done a great deal of damage to Wily's machine, if you haven't
     fully destroyed it - I've destroyed the machine in only a few hits(I think
     between 7 and 10) with the powered up wild coil. You just have to be careful
     not to waste too many weak shots when powering it back up, or else it will
     run out of power. You know what to do then - either switch weapons or use
     a weapon tank."
    RUSH SEARCH ----------------------------------------------------- [SEC11] ---
    This section will explain the various items that Rush will dig up when using
    Rush Search. Remember: Using Rush Search frequently increases chances of
    getting useful items. Though it may be time consuming, it'll earn you some
    good items.
    1 - General							  [SRCH1]
      Useless Items
      Apple Core                                            Bag of Chips
      Ball & Chain                                          Banana Peel
      Broken Sunglasses                                     Bomb*
      Crushed Soda Can                                      Dead Fish
      Dentures                                              Dog Bone
      Expensive Watch                                       Game Boy
      Girl Dolly                                            Green Toy Robot
      Old Black Boot                                        Open Tuna Can
      Orange Watering Can                                   Tire
      Useful Items (Random)
      Small bolt                                            Large bolt
      Small life pellet                                     Large life pellet
      Small weapon pellet                                   Large weapon pellet
      Extra Life                                            E-Tank
      W-Tank                                                S-Tank
      Useful Items (with locations)
      Energy Balancer                                       Exit Adaptor
      Mega Bolt                                             Mega Life Pellet
      Rocket Punch Adaptor
      * - The bomb will explode shortly after it's dug up.
    When as useful item is found, Rush will bark and then dig it up.  He will
    also bark when a hidden location is in the vicinity. Rush Search lands
    directly in front of Mega Man's boot.  If it's not too far, Rush can land on
    a lower or higher platform than the one on which Mega Man is standing. Rush
    can stand on spikes or molten acid without damage. Rush can also stand on
    fragile ice or floor-light traps (Dr. Wily stages) without triggering
    effects. If there's nothing to dig up, Rush will take a nap.  To get rid
    of him, pause the game and change weapons. Rush can be hurt by most enemies
    or enemy fire.  When he gets hurt, he teleports away to safety, sometimes
    before he gets a chance to dig. Be careful when using it near enemies.
    2. Item Probabilities						  [SRCH2]
    I've created this section as a way of showing the percentage chance of
    digging up a certain item when you search in any given area. These 
    probabilities are based on 100 random searches in a constant spot on
    two different stages. The position of Mega Man was kept constant throughout
    the searches.
     Trial 1				Trial 2
     -----------------------------------    -----------------------------------
     Useless Items: 62%			Useless Items: 51%
     Small bolt: 11%			Small weapon pellet: 19%
     Small energy pellet: 10%               Small energy pellet: 9%
     S-Tank/W-Tank/E-tank: 5% (1%/2%/2%)    Small bolt: 9%
     Large energy pellet: 3%                Extra life: 4%
     Small weapon pellet: 3%                Large bolt: 2%
     Large bolt: 3%                         Large energy pellet: 2%
     Extra life: 2%                         Large weapon pellet: 2%
     Large weapon pellet: 1%                S-Tank/W-Tank/E-Tank: 2% (0%/1%/1%)
    These results should be fairly typical across the board. It seems that
    small bolts and small energy pellets have about equal probabilities,
    W-Tanks/E-Tanks are equal with S-Tanks slightly less, large bolts and
    extra lives have about the same probabilities. Junk items typically account
    for about half of the items you will dig up.
    For every Rush Search you perform, here are the estimated probabilities
    based on the averages of two hundred random Rush Searches in various stages.
    These are ALL approximations.
     Useless Item: 56.5%
     Energy Pellet/Weapon Pellet (Small): 20.5%
     Small Bolt: 10.0%
     Energy Pellet/Weapon Pellet (Large): 4.0%
     Large Bolt: 2.5%
     Extra life: 3%
     S-Tank/W-Tank/E-Tank: 3.5% (0.5%/1.5%/1.5%)
    Note that if the game has a 'set' item in the location you are searching,
    then the probability of finding that item is 100%. Once dug up, the
    probabilities revert to the above.
    Generally speaking, if you have enough patience, you can easily obtain a lot
    of extra lives and a full stock of Tanks, especially once you get the Exit
    item. If you can just exit the level and come back with full Rush Search, you
    can Rush Search forever! Well, until you get tired, that is. ;)
    CODES ----------------------------------------------------------- [SEC12] ---
    Hidden Background Music						  [CODE1]
    On the map select screen, press and hold down the B button, then select Shade
    Man.  You will enter the level and notice that the music is different!  If it
    hasn't, and you hear the normal creepy Shade Man music, then you've done the
    code wrong.  The music is from Super Ghouls and Ghosts.  The code will only
    work BEFORE Shade Man is defeated!
    Street Fighter Mega Man						 [CODE2]
    This isn't exactly Street Fighter ^_^  It's a built in mini-game, where you
    can choose either Bass or Mega Man and compete against another player!
    Each character only has a few moves which can be performed easily.
    To access this battle mode, put the password that you see at the end of the
    game in. (1415-5585-7823-6251)  Press and hold L and R, then hit Start. If
    it worked you'll be at the character select screen.
    In my opinion, Bass completely obliterates Mega Man in this mini-game.
    His moves (especially the Air Slide) are easier to execute and more likely
    to hit Mega Man.
      F -- Forward, the direction you're facing
      B -- Back, the opposite direction
      D -- Down, press down on control pad
      U -- Up, press up on control pad
      [] -- Indicates Button
      Both Characters
      [Y] -- Basic shot -- 1 ENERGY BAR
      HOLD [Y], RELEASE -- Charged shot -- 2 ENERGY BARS
      U, U -- Invincibility
      Mega Man
      F, DF, F, [Y] -- Hadouken (Done like Ryu/Ken's Hadouken) -- 3 ENERGY BARS
      D, D, [B] -- Slide -- 3 ENERGY BARS
      JUMP, F, F, [Y] -- Air Slide -- 3 ENERGY BARS
      F, DF, F, [Y] -- Hyper Kick -- 3 ENERGY BARS
    PASSWORDS ------------------------------------------------------- [SEC13] ---
    Passed opening level: 8735           Burst Man defeated: 8735
                          2517                               2586
                          4416                               7416
                          8362                               8262
    Burst Man/Cloud Man   8375           Burst Man/Cloud Man 8335
    defeated:             2586           Junk Man defeated:  2516
                          7412                               1412
                          2262                               8222
    Burst Man/Cloud Man   8375           Last four enemies:  8375
    Junk Man/Freeze Man   2516                               2586
    defeated:             3552                               3542
                          8222                               8222
    Slash Man defeated:   8275           Slash Man/Spring    8275
                          2586           Man defeated:       3786
                          2546                               1542
                          2822                               2822
    Slash Man/Spring Man  8275           Dr. Wily's Fort:    1275
    Shade Man defeated:   3686                               7616
                          2542                               3452
                          2822                               6863
                          1415 (Password given at the last screen
    The Ultimate Password 5585 when you beat the game.)
    PRO ACTION REPLAY CODES ----------------------------------------- [SEC14] ---
    ** Note: I've been told (and have verified) that the codes beginning with
             "C1" don't work. I'm unsure of why this is; I've tried using them as
    	 Game Genie codes as well. I might be removing them in the future.
    Code           | Effect
    7E0C2E1C       | Invincibility
    C1AF4911       | Always shoot normal shots
    C1AF4922       | Always shoot nearly charged shots
    C1AF4924       | Always shoot freeze cracker
    C1AF4926       | Always shoot scorch wheel
    C1AF492E       | Always shoot danger wrap bombs
    C1AF4966       | Always shoot noise crush
    C1AF497D       | Always shoot fully charged mega buster blasts
                   | Charge to mid-level for Freeze Cracker
                   | Fully charge for Thunder Bolt.
    C1AF499C       | Always shoot Slash Claw
    C1AF49B5       | Always shoot Thunder Bolt
    C1AF49F3       | Always shoot Wild Coil
    C1AF49FF       | Always Shoot Charged Wild coils
    C1AFD91F       | Infinite weapon energy
    C1AFD9FF       | Shoot a special weapon to drain all of its energy
    C1CF39FF       | Shoot to die
    C1CF70A5       | Bullets don't come out
    C1CF70FF       | Shoot white bullets
    C1CF7CFF       | Super fast bullets that go up at about an 30 degree angle
    C1CFD9FF       | Orange shots/Special Weapons
    C1CFDAFF       | White shots/Special Weapons
    CREDITS --------------------------------------------------------- [SEC15] ---
    -o- Dragonlord (ambios@look.ca)
        Because I wrote it! =)
    -o- The Unofficial World of Nintendo (http://www.world-of-nintendo.com/)
        For letting me use the Pro Action Replay codes
    -o- Gunblade 
        For sending a *MUCH* better working strategy against Dr. Wily to me and
        another strategy for the Mechanical Turtle.
    -o- Colin Moriarty 
        For letting me use the damage chart idea.
    -o- Jonas Ratso 
        For sending me an alternative strategy against the Flying Mask, which
        works a lot better.
    -o- Ronald 
        For explaining more about the difference between Mega Man and X to me.
    -o- Charles Mannella 
        For sending a lot of e-mail submissions on hidden items.
    -o- Rhys Prince 
        Various corrections to my strategies.
    -o- Servbot 20 
        A whole lot of information. Item locations, corrections, etc.
    -o- Ryan 
        For sending an alternative strategy against Dr. Wily to me.
    -o- Megaman X 
        For many corrections to the early sections of this FAQ.
    -o- Ryan Rosso
        For corrections to the character section of the FAQ, namely on Proto Man.
    -o- Coda Highland 
        For quite a bit of information on the characters section and a strategy.
    -o- HolyKnight kills Darkknight 
        For more information regarding Mega Man and X.
    -o- ThunderFist 
        Basically, an entire background on the Mega Man series which I learned
        a lot from, as well as a strategy for Dr. Wily.
    FAQ Copyright © Anthony Rossi 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    Completed on Sunday, April 16th, 2000.
    Last Revision on Sunday, November 25th, 2007.

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