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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Donald

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    Mega Man 4 FAQ v. 1.1
    Written by Donald (DonaldFAQ@metacrawler.com)
    Started on October 10, 2000 8:45:21 PM (ADT)
    Submitted on November 4, 2000 (lazy, aren't I?)
    Version 1.1
    Good day. My name is Donald, and if you are reading this, you've proved
    that you are a true NES fan. Mega Man 4 can be confusing if you don't know
    where to go and how to get there. This FAQ will help quite a bit, I hope.
    Enough talk, let's roll.
    Table of Contents:
    1) Introduction/Version History
    2) Copyright Information
    3) Special Weapon Descriptions
    4) Walkthrough
    5) Conclusion/Thank yous
    1) Introduction/Version History
    Mega Man... how many memories does that conjure up? Visions of blasting
    robots with white-hot plasma, mind-bending disappearing block sections,
    stealing the abilities of robots, and Dr. Wily getting away all the time.
    Mega Man 4 (obviously, the 4th game in the NES series) was released in late
    1991, and I got it for my 8th birthday (1992). Mega Man is probably the 3rd
    most popular Nintendo series (after Zelda and Mario), and is still going
    strong today with the Legends series. Enjoy this work.
    Version History:
    1.1- The only change is in the e-mail address. If you have any questions,
    send an e-mail to DonaldFAQ@metacrawler.com *31.8 KB*
    1.0- First release, basically complete. If I update after this, it will
    probably be minor things. *31.7 KB*
    2: Copyright Information
    This document is copyright 2000- Donald, and may not be used in any way, 
    shape, and form without my express written consent. As of this date, this 
    document is only available for public viewing at:
    My work is something that I am quite proud of, and if anyone is caught 
    using this FAQ for anything OTHER than what it was desinged for, it is 
    PLAGARISM. Pure and simple. If I receive an email telling me that this 
    document is being misused on the web, I will contact the webmaster and 
    demand it be removed. If this is not done within 14 days, I will be 
    forced to take legal action, and I don't want to go that far. Make my 
    life easier, and don't plagarise.
    Mega Man, Dr. Wily, Dr. Cossack, and all other copyrights contained within
    are copyright 1991-2000 Capcom Inc.
    3) Special Weapon Descriptions
    This section will deal with the secret weapons Mega Man will collect through
    the levels. This also includes any adaptors you might pick up along the way.
    (They go in the order you see on the sub-screen. It goes from top to bottom
    on the left side, and top to bottom on the right.)
    Mega Buster
    Receive from: Start of game
    Energy used/shot: None (has unlimited uses)
    Special Notes: Chargable
    Description: Mega Man's basic weapon, upgraded for this game. Pressing B
    will shoot a small bullet, and holding B will fire a much more damaging
    beam. Use this on any minor enemies (with a few exceptions, but we'll deal
    with that later.)
    Flash Stopper
    Receive from: Bright Man
    Energy used/shot: 4 bars
    Special notes: Lasts approx. 10 seconds. You cannot change weapons during
    this time.
    Description: When used, will freeze any and all movement on the screen. Will
    wear out rather quickly. Good for jumping enemy-filled gaps.
    Rain Flush
    Receive from: Toad Man
    Energy used/shot: 4 bars
    Special notes: None
    Description: Shoots a green bomb into the air, which will explode over the
    screen and rain acid on all the enemies. Not really useful.
    Pharoah Shot
    Receive from: Pharoah Man
    Energy used/shot: 2 bars for small, 4 bars for large
    Special notes: Chargable, can attack enemies above during charging.
    Description: Shoots little fireballs across the screen. If you hold B, a
    large ball will appear over your head, and will protect from flying enemies.
    Release B to fire a very damaging ball.
    Drill Bomb
    Receive from: Drill Man
    Energy used/shot: 1 bar
    Special notes: Can be detonated early by pressing B.
    Description: Fires a drill across the screen that explodes on contact. Used
    for breaking down walls and certain enemies.
    Ring Boomerang
    Receive from: Ring Man
    Energy used/shot: 2 bars
    Special notes: Can hit twice.
    Description: When fired, a ring will appear and travel through an enemy and
    back to you, potentially hitting twice. However, you do not get the energy
    Dust Crusher
    Receive from: Dust Man
    Energy used/shot: 2 bars
    Special notes: None.
    Description: Each time you use it, a block of scrap travels across the
    screen that seperates into 4 pieces on contact. Very powerful.
    Dive Missile
    Receive from: Dive Man
    Energy used/shot: 2 bars
    Special notes: Homing.
    Description: A missile that homes in on its target doing good damage.
    Skull Barrier
    Receive from: Skull Man
    Energy used/shot: 2 bars
    Special notes: Prevents 1 attack each time used.
    Description: Creates a barrier around you, protecting from attacks. Also
    does light damage if you walk into the enemy.
    Rush Coil
    Receive from: Start of game
    Energy used/shot: 2 bars
    Special notes: Energy only taken when jumped on.
    Description: Calls Rush onto the screen. When you jump on top of him, a
    spring appears, and you catapult up. Used for reaching special items high
    Rush Marine
    Receive from: Toad Man
    Energy used/shot: 1 bar/second of use.
    Special notes: Can only be used in the water.
    Description: Calls Rush onto the screen. Jump into Rush, and a dome appears,
    turning the pup into a submarine. Use the Control Pad to move, and the B
    button to fire Plasma shots.
    Rush Jet
    Receive from: Drill Man
    Energy used/shot: 1 bar/second of use.
    Special notes: None.
    Description: Same as Rush Marine, except you fly through the air with the
    greatest of ease. All you need is an in-flight movie.
    Wire Adaptor
    Receive from: Dive Man's stage (see walkthrough)
    Energy used/shot: 2 bars.
    Special notes: Does light damage.
    Descpition: When used, fires a grappling wire straight up into the air,
    sticking on the ceiling. You are then pulled up, landing on whatever.
    Balloon Adapter
    Receive from: Pharoah Man's stage (see walkthrough)
    Energy used/shot: 2 bars.
    Special notes: 3 can be on screen at any one time.
    Description: Each use creates a balloon that you can stand on. You then
    float up to the destination. These last about 10 seconds.
    4) Walkthrough
    The meat-and-potatoes of the FAQ, the ever popular walkthrough. This is just
    one way to beat the game, by the way.
    After watching the pretty sweet intro, you appear at a monster-select
    screen. Pick Toad Man and the first level will start.
    Rewards: Rain Flush, Rush Marine
    Mini-Bosses: 2 Snails
    When you land, hold B and go right. Blast the Penguin and Kids that swoop
    down at you, and shoot the umbrella foes. Keep going right, blasting the
    enemies, and jumping onto each of the platforms as they appear. When you
    reach the end of the section, jump down the pit to land on a ledge. Go left
    again, and fall down the hole. Go right, blasting the hopping and ceiling-
    grabbing robots, and jumping over many pits. Go down two screens to find the
    first mini-boss: a giant snail.
    To beat the snail, shoot the eyes with charged shots while dodging the bombs
    and eyes (yes, he shoots his eyes) at you. About 6 shots will do it. When
    you beat the snail, go right to reach the level mid-point, where you will
    end up if/when you die. Drop down and fight another snail, and go right to a
    tricky platform section. Ignore or shoot the jumpfish, and go right. There
    isn't any room for error, either. Why? Because if you miss, you'll look like
    the fireworks on Canada Day. Use Rush Coil if you don't think you can make a
    jump. When this is finished, you'll meet Toad Man.
    Boss: Toad Man
    He uses: Rain Flush
    You use: Mega Buster
    As soon as you enter Toadie's room, charge up a Buster shot. When he jumps,
    run or slide under him and fire. He'll keep jumping, and you keep dodging
    and shooting. Keep blasting, and you'll wear him out. If you are slow,
    though, prepare to eat a Rain Flush.
    After Toadie goes down, you'll get the Rain Flush and Rush Marine. Pretty
    useless if you ask me... Anyway, you'll get a password. It is:
    A3, A4, A6, B1, D1, E3
    and will appear at the level select screen again. Your next victim: Bright
    Receive: Flash Stopper
    Mini-Boss: None
    First of all, don't shoot the red enemies. They will turn out the lights on
    the whole level unless you shoot the green foes that shoot fireworks when
    they die. The level starts with the usual platform jumping, and the enemies
    mentioned above. Make sure to avoid the red ones, and go right until you see
    a bed of spikes. These will destroy you instantaneously, so beware. Hop on
    the cricket (it's friendly) and let it jump you across. Shoot any tower
    enemies along the way, and climb up the ladder. When you get up, you'll find
    a reddish robot with a container full of balls. Shoot him with the Buster,
    and if you need a recharge, break out Rush Coil. Use it to get up the right-
    side ladder for a Large Energy, and climb down. Hang off the end of the
    ladder to shoot the container robot, and go up the ladder.
    Blast the top-like enemies, and head right to the mid-point. Climb down the
    ladder you see and hop on the red platforms. Keep jumping on the platforms
    until you find a green one. Jump on it, and it will take you to a 1-up and
    an Energy Tank. Go back, and use Rush Coil to return to the mid-point. Go
    right, past the next cricket-and-spikes combo, and up the ladder. Grab the
    Large Weapon if you need it (you shouldn't have used Rain Flush, so the only
    thing to refill would be Coil) and go up the left ladder.
    The final section is a pain in the ***! You've got to negotiate the red and
    green platforms again, with the Lightsouts (the red guys that turn out the
    lights) dogging you. They will shoot, and you will fall in the pit at least
    once, if not more! (If you have an emulator, now would be a good time to
    state-save.) When this is done, change to Rain Flush and enter Bright Man's
    Boss: Bright Man
    He uses: Flash Stopper
    You use: Rain Flush
    When you hit the chamber, keep launching Rain Flush. Both Bright Man's
    energy and the Flush energy will run out at the same time, assuming all goes
    well. Bright Man can shoot bullets at three heights: high (slide), medium
    (jump) and low (jump as well), and can freeze you. When he freezes you, his
    next move will usually be jumping on you, which will take 8 bars of energy!
    Use the E-Tank if needed, and eventually, Bright Man will be Flushed down 
    the toilet.
    When you turn Bright Man's lights out for good, you'll get the Flash
    Stopper. Also, take note of your new password:
    A1, A3, A5, B2, D1, E3.
    Your next victim is Pharoah Man.
    Receive: Pharoah Shot
    Mini-Boss: None
    Special: Balloon Adapter
    When you teleport in, you'll land on a platform surrounded by quicksand.
    Keep jumping when you wade into the sand (you have to eventually) and you'll
    be fine. Ignore the flying enemies, and Buster the Sandrunners. When you hit
    land, you'll see a pit. Use Rush Coil to jump over it, and go right through
    another quicksand section. At the end awaits the Balloon Adaptor. You'll
    then be transported to the mid-point. Or, if you already have the Balloon
    Adapter, you can fall down the pit.
    When you hit bottom, go left to appear in a pyramid-like structure. Go left,
    and blast the HeadMummies (the taped-up dudes that spin their heads at you).
    At the end is an Energy Tank. Grab it, and jump down to the mid-point.
    At the mid-point, you'll come across enemies with guns on the side and
    platforms on their head. Hop on the platforms, and the enemies will take you
    across the spikes. When the platform treatment ends, you'll see 4 bats. Beat
    them for powerups, and go down.
    The final section combines the HeadMummies and platforms! Take it slow, and
    keep calm. When you hit the door, switch to Flash Stopper, and enter the
    lair of the infamous Pharoah Man.
    Boss: Pharoah Man
    He uses: Pharoah Shot
    You use: Flash Stopper
    This guy can actually be beaten without getting hit. Just get him with his
    feet on the top platform, and use the Flash Stopper. Run up, and jam B as
    fast as you can. If done properly, he'll never get a shot off.
    Beat him to get the Pharoah Shot, which is indispensible against the final
    bossess. As well, pick up the password:
    A1, A5, B4, C1, D1, D3
    Pharoah Man's weapon works quite well against Ring Man. Coincidentally,
    that's your next stop.
    Receive: Ring Bommerang
    Mini-Bosses: Hippos (2), RingThings (2)
    Special: Flip-Top
    Cool, rainbow platforms! Just keep in mind that they disappear behind you,
    so dawdling isn't a good idea. Slide across the platforms and climb the
    ladders. You'll do this for five screens, then meet the first mini-boss of
    the stage: A Hippo on a platform. Blast his plarform out from under him, and
    blast him if he dares to get close. When he drops, go right past more
    rainbow platforms, and drop down to the first of two RingThings. 3 full
    charge Busters will beat it, but the thing has a ring shield which it shoots
    at you. When that happens, jump and fire.
    After breaking RingThing, drop down to... another Hippo. Use the Rain Flush
    to get rid of this one, and go right. Use Coil or Balloon to get to the
    ladder, where Flip-Top awaits! Grab an Energy Tank from him (drop down the
    ladder if he doesn't give it to you), and go right. Use a full Buster blast
    on the Rollcagers, or they'll keep rolling into you until you die. Climb the
    stairs, and take the Snake platforms. You'll find they disppear in front of
    you this time, so jump at the absolute last second.
    When you pass the Snake platforms, it's one last mini-boss: the second
    RingThing. Beat it, then slide under the wall to reach Ring Man, but not
    before switching to Pharoah Shot.
    Boss: Ring Man
    He uses: Ring Boomerang
    You use: Pharoah Shot
    Just charge up the Pharoah Shot and fire. Jump the boomerangs, and keep
    hitting. 5-6 hits will do it.
    Earn your well-deserved Ring Boomerang, and collect your password:
    A1, B4, B6, C4, D1, D3
    Next on the hit list: Dust Man.
    Receive: Dust Crusher
    Mini-Bosses: None
    Special: Flip-Top
    From the start, go right (as usual), and jump over the armored foe. Blast
    him with the Buster when he gets turned around. (You could've used the Ring
    Boomerang, but that should be saved until the boss.) Watch for the enemies
    that fly out of the pit, and jump the pits when the enemies are high off the
    screen. After three of these pits comes a fall section, with a Large Energy
    wating at the bottom. Grab it, and prepare to meet Smasher. He's a big robot
    with spikes on his bottom and a tendency to jump. Slide under him, and
    blast the Prop-Tops that follow you around. At this point, platforms will
    start to, well, form in front of you. Jump on these to help carry you over
    the pit and spikes. When solid ground is reached, climb up the ladder to
    meet Flip-Top.
    After Flip-Top drops his load, climb up to the mid-point. Here's a fun part:
    ceilings coming down on top of you. Fortunately, they stop just above your
    head (with exceptions). As well, dust blocks will appear under the
    platforms, which you have to get rid of by shooting them. This will last for
    a while, until the next ladder. Climb twice (shooting down Prop-Tops along
    the way) and come up against a container robot. Get rid of him, and into
    Dust Man's lair. Equip the Ring Boomerang.
    Boss: Dust Man
    He uses: Dust Crusher
    You use: Ring Boomerang
    Dust Man has two attacks: The Dust Crusher, and a vacuum attack which really
    sucks. :<:) In between Crusher shots, nail him with the Ring Boomerang. When
    he's vacuuming, he's invincible, so don't attack him then.
    Dust Man will clean up his act (groan...) and you'll get the very powerful
    Dust Crusher. And, a new password.
    A1, B4, B5, C6, D1, D3.
    3 bosses to go, starting with Dive Man.
    Receive: Dive Missile
    Mini-Bossess: Whale (2 whales, you'll have to fight one twice)
    Special: Wire Adaptor, Flip Top
    Head right, using the platforms preferably. Beware the spikes (spikes and
    water are a very common combo in Mega Man games) and slide under the wall
    when you come t it. One easy screen later, you'll meet the first Whale.
    There's a little glitch in this level, in that you can shoot the robot while
    he teleports in, so use it. Keep peppering him with Buster blasts until the
    whale goes belly up. Jump over the spikes and climb the ladder. Grab Flip-
    Top's item, dodge the Smasher, and go down to the mid-point.
    After the mid-point, the water rises and falls, so you may not jump as high.
    Evade the rising enemies, and shoot the orange fish. In the next screen, you
    meet up with another Whale: deal with it like you did the first one. From
    the whale, jump down the pit. Suicidal, yes? Actually, it leads to a shaft
    with spikes along the wall. Dodge the spikes and grab the Wire Adaptor. Only
    problem is, it takes you back to the mid-point, which means another Whale
    fight. Oh, twell. Get back to the pit, and go right. Dodge the mines (both
    the floaters and the toppers) and go to Dive Man's lair. 
    Boss: Dive Man
    He uses: Dive Missile
    You use: Mega Buster (you'll see why)
    Dive Man will either shoot homing missiles and charge at you. Use the Mega
    Buster (not the Dust Crusher) to shoot both the missiles and D-Man. Your
    shot will destroy the missile, and still have steam enough to roust Dive
    Man. If you think you can handle it, you could have used the Crusher, or
    the Skull Barrier (Skull Man stage).
    Pick up the Dive Missiles and towel off with this password:
    A1, B4, B5, E1, E4, F3.
    Now, make tracks for Drill Man.
    Receive: Drill Bomb
    Mini-Boss: None
    Special: None
    You'll be greeted in this level by Prop-Tops and the return of Hard Hat Mac.
    This enemy, who dates back to Mega Man 1 and will still be in Mega Man 42,
    hides under a yellow hat and only opens it to shoot you. Get through the
    section, and climb up to meet Smasher.
    (If you have an emulator, try this: Set the B button to something that
    appears twice, and press both at the same time. It will kill Smasher quite
    From Smasher, work your way through a simple shoot everything in sight
    section, to a tricky platform section. Watch for the bats, but be sure to
    kill them. If you don't, you'll definetley lose a life when the bats hit
    you while in the air. On the second screen, use the Balloon to get the 1-up.
    Next is a spike section, filled with Prop-Tops. KO them quickly, and make
    precise jumps. When you reach the ladder, climb up and Rain Flush the
    cannons. Up another ladder is the mid-point.
    When you hit the mid-point, use your new Wire Adapter to grab the Energy
    Tank, and blast the Rollcagers. The next section has platforms and switches,
    which reveal more platforms. Hit the switches before jumping, or you'll fall
    into a pit. The last jump is pretty tough, but Balloon helps greatly. After
    the last jump, enter Drill Man's lair with the Dive Missile equipped.
    Boss: Drill Man
    He uses: Drill Bomb
    You use: Dive Missile
    As soon as he gets energized, Drill Man will drill underground. When he does
    that, keep jumping. If you don't, you'll be getting drilled in a very
    sensetive place.... When DM is above ground, shoot him with the Dive
    Missile. He'll keep digging, but keep shooting when he comes up. 6-7 shots
    will rust him out for good.
    Crack Drill Man to get the Drill Bomb, the Rush Jet, and a new password:
    A1, A4, B5, E1, E6, F3
    One more to go. Get ready to crack some Skulls.
    Receive: Skull Barrier, access to Dr. Cossack's Citadel
    Mini-Boss: None
    Special: Flip-Top
    This is my favorite level in the game, because the enemies are easy and you
    can load up on Energy Tanks. (There are 3 in the level if you play your
    cards right.) Go right, and blast the Rubber Cannons you meet. Get past the
    cannons and bats to find an enemy that fires bones at you. One full-power
    Buster or 8 (yes, EIGHT) regular shots will eliminate him. Some armored foes
    follow, which are easily avoided. Shoot the bats and grab the large energy
    if you need it. Up the next ladder is Flip-Top: hold out for an Energy Tank.
    (That's 1.) Go up with the Tank, and go right. Boomerang the armor guys, and
    Wire up to Energy Tank 2. Drop down, and Balloon up to the Large Energy.
    Grab the pellet, and Boomerang the armor guys. The long ladder leads up
    to the mid-point. Get rid of the second cannon type: Bloobers, and the
    Green Tops. When you come to a fork, go left to Energy Tank #3, then go back
    right. Make a jump, and climb down the ladder.
    For this section, keep the Buster on constant charge, as there are more
    bone-chuckers waiting. At the end are 6 Small Energies: grab them and blast
    another bone-chucker. Equip Dust Crusher, and enter Skull Man's sanctuary.
    Boss: Skull Man
    He uses: Skull Barrier
    You use: Dust Crusher
    Easy. Just dodge all the bullets and shoot Dust Crushers at him. Dodge him
    while the Barrier is up, or he'll ram you.
    After Skullboy is eradicated, claim your final password.
    A1, A4, B5, E2, F1, F3.
    Now, you can access Dr. Cossack's joint. But first, make sure you have 9
    Energy Tanks. If you don't, return to Skull Man's stage to get them. 1-ups
    are quite hard to find. As well, there are no more passwords, so this must
    all be done in one sitting. Set aside at least an hour to do this section. 
    When you are fully prepared, enter Dr. Cossack's citadel.
    DR. COSSACK: Stage 1
    When you arrive, head through the snow. Blast the worms with Drill Bombs.
    Climb up to meat the Rollcagers. Flash them or let a charged shot fly to
    eliminate them. You'll hit the half-way mark here. Select the Rush Jet and
    fly over everything, grabbing the Large Weapon Energy alomg the way. (You
    can also use the Flash Stopper, but the Jet lets you avoid all damage.)
    When you reach the end, climb up to find a series of platforms that require
    Rush Coil jumps to climb. Watch out: the final ladder has no platform below
    it, and you don't want to mess up. At the top is a series of ladders. 2 of
    them lead to Large Weapon Energy, so pick it up (especially if Rush Jet is
    low). Go to the far-left ladder, blast Smasher, and enter the hallway.
    Switch to the Pharoah Shot, and fight the boss.
    Boss: Platform Drilla (my name for it)
    He uses: Regular bullets, a Drill that destroys your platform
    You use: Pharoah Shot
    Charge it up and let it fly. You're aming for the red dot just above the
    Beat him snd move on to Round 2.
    DR. COSSACK: Stage 2
    This stage starts vertical, so go up. It doesn't matter which one, but you
    will take damage if you go up the left one. When you go up the second
    ladder, drop down and charge up the Pharoah Shot with the Large Weapon
    Energy. Next, you'll see a little spigot that shoots Skulls. Pop these for
    bonuses (including the occasional 1-up), and call Rush Jet. Fly over the
    spikes (you shouldn't run out, as there are Large Weapon Energies along the
    way.) At the end is a ladder, so climb it.
    Next, you'll find floating squares with spikes on them. These spikes won't
    kill you, but will do damage. Jump on each square when the spikes are to the
    side. You'll have this for 2 rooms, then comes the mid-point. Blast the bat
    and use Rush Coil/Wire to get over the obstruction. Grab the Weapon Energy,
    and go right. The Rollcagers in this level are quite annoying, but are
    easily beaten. In the next vertical section, you'll see several good items
    that are blocked by walls. Use the Drill Bomb to destroy the walls, and get
    the items. On top of the ladder, you'll see spike platforms and a 1-up. Grab
    it if you want/need it, and enter the hallway. Switch to the Dust Crusher
    before fighting the boss.
    Boss: Boxboy
    He uses: Bullets from the eye
    You use: Dust Crusher
    When you enter, you'll see pieces of a box come flying at you. They make
    3 passes: a fast, medium, and slow one. When the boxes connect in the slow
    one, an eye will appear and start shooting. The eye is what you must
    destroy, so on the slow pass, jump in. How? On the third pass, jump into the
    bottom piece, and slide inside when the pieces come close. From there, jump
    on a platform and start Crushing the eye. Repeat until destroyed.
    Round 3 is next, so get ready.
    DR. COSSACK: Stage 3
    This whole stage is auto scrolling, so it's hard to do a walkthrough for it
    (considering you're drug thorugh it). So, the only advice I can give is stay
    around the middle of the screen, and pick up Weapon Energy along the way for
    Pharoah Shot. Also, the spike enemies that you find before the halfway mark
    take 3 Rain Flushes to die.
    Before the end, you'll find an Energy Tank, but it's under a platform, and
    there's no way in. Or is there? Go just under the end of the platform, and
    use Balloon. Quickly jump on and slide to get the Tank, then slide out.
    Enter the hallway, equip the Pharoah Shot, and fight your next boss.
    Boss: 2 Spiders
    They use: Bullets from the head
    You use: Pharoah Shot
    The first spider just crawls along the top of the screen, and shoots the
    occasional bullet. Shoot him 3-4 times, and watch as his older brother comes
    in. Keep a Shot charged at all times, and fire if it gets even with you.
    One more level here: Round 4.
    DR. COSSACK: Stage 4
    You'll start in a moonlight setting. No time to admire the scenery, though,
    as Dr. Cossack is right around the corner. Grab the 2 Weapon Energies (use
    on Pharoah Shot), and fall down. Go right and blast everything you see.
    At the end of the room, go up to come to a fork in the road: Up or Down?
    If you went up, you'll come across a bunch of pits, with enemies coming out
    of them. Jet over that, grab the Energy, and fall down. When you land, go
    down again to hit the midpoint.
    If you went down, Drill Bomb the walls for an E-Tank, and go right. One room
    to the right is the midpoint.
    From the midpoint, go right again. Blast the bats, and avoid the orbiting
    enemies. Grab the Energy, and fall down again. Another room down is the
    homestretch. Get to the Weapon Energies by Coiling up, and make sure all the
    special weapons you've used are full (or close to it). When in the hallway,
    equip the Dust Crusher, and fight Dr. Cossack.
    Boss: Dr. Cossack
    He uses: A giant claw, bullets
    You use: Dust Crusher
    The weak point is either of the knobs on the side. Shoot them with Dust
    Crusher, and avoid the claws. When you wear him out...
    Protoman and Dr. Cossack's daughter will teleport in, and she'll ask you
    to not hurt her father. Why? Because the Dr. is working under duress, from
    someone we all know and love: Dr. Wily. After an idle threat, the Dr. Wily
    stages will begin. Still no passwords, by the way.
    DR. WILY: Stage 1
    From the start, head up and blast all the Macs. They will become quite
    annoying, as you'll see a lot of them. You'll be in a romm with more Macs, 
    and items. Grab the items, and blast the Macs. At the end of the next room 
    is the mid-point.
    When you hit the mid-point, jump into the water, and break out the Rush
    Marine (this, by the way, is the ONLY use I've found for it). Work through
    this section, blasting Macs and dodging spikes. Disengage at the end, and
    jump to a seemingly empty room. But it's actually the traditional disappear-
    ing block section. But you don't need to worry about it, just Jet through.
    The second room is also easy, although you need to Wire up to get out.
    The last section has more Macs, and items in the water. Grab the items and
    equip your Ring Boomerang.
    Boss: Giant Mac
    He uses: Little Macs, jumps
    You use: Ring Boomerang
    A giant Mac greets you. When he opens up, blast him. He'll jump, and the
    shock will send little Macs on screen. Get rid of them, and keep Ringing.
    (NOTE: Beat this guy quickly, and don't waste shots.)
    Crack up Mac to move on to round 2.
    DR. WILY: Stage 2
    From the start, jump up to the second platform and slide. This will take you
    to a platform, and a couple of jumps to the ladder. Climb down to land in a
    room with Prop-Tops in it. Shoot them and go down the pit on the left side.
    You'll land in a room with an E-Tank: use the Balloon adapter to get it, and
    fall down either pit. You'll land in a hallway, so shoot the snakes and
    dodge the roaming spikes. At the end of the hallway is a ladder that you
    have to Balloon to. Climb up to meet Flip-Top, and hold out for a Large
    Weapon Energy to refill the Ring Boomerang.
    When you go up, take the right ladder, or you're in trouble. Shoot the
    snakes to proceed. Next, another hallway filled with HeadMummies from
    Pharoah Man's stage. Blast them, and climb the ladder at the end to find
    bats. Get rid of them and go up the right ladder again. Shoot the falling
    Skulls to charge up (make sure the Boomerang is full.) When you climb the
    ladder, charge up a Buster, as there are Rollcagers at the top. Blast them.
    Climb up a final ladder, make some jumps, shoot container 'bots, and enter
    the hallway. Switch to your Ring Boomerang for this fight.
    Boss: Great Balls of Fire (dumb name, but true)
    It uses: Exploding balls, fire
    You use: Ring Boomerang
    Get on the platform nearest to this thing, and start Boomeranging it. Dodge
    everything it throws at you, and keep firing. 7 shots ought to do it.
    After the obligatory explosion, you'll move on.
    DR. WILY: Stage 3
    Just keep falling down, grabbing every item needed along the way. Make sure
    all special weapons are full charge for this. At the end is a door, which
    leads to a teleporter. This teleporter will take you to the Boss Reunion.
    If you've played prior games, you'll recognize this: You fight all 8 bosses
    again, with a Large Energy awaiting at the end. The bosses, going counter-
    clockwise from the top left, are:
    Drill Man (Dive Missile)
    Bright Man (Rain Flush)
    Skull Man (Dust Crusher)
    Dive Man (Mega Buster)
    Toad Man (Mega Buster)
    Dust Man (Ring Boomerang)
    Ring Man (Pharoah Shot, but beat him quickly)
    Pharoah Man (Flash Stopper)
    After all 8 are defeated, a 9th teleport pad will appear. Keep the Buster
    equipped, and enter it to meet...
    Boss: Dr. Wily (fake)
    He uses: Bullets
    You use: Mega Buster, then Drill Bomb
    The first Dr. Wily is a skull-ship. Use full-power Buster shots, dodging the
    fire that comes from the mouth. When you wear out his energy, the front
    explodes, but the ship now has armor! The ONLY way to beat this one is to
    detonate Drill Bombs in front of the flashing green dot. To do that, fire
    a Bomb, and press B before it reaches the target. Do that enough times, and
    you'll win.
    Or will you? The ship explodes, but the bad Doc gets away again! Follow him
    DR. WILY: Final Stage
    Fall down the pit, and when you hit bottom, go right while blasting Snakes.
    At the door, switch to Pharoah Shot, and fight
    Boss: The Real Dr. Wily
    He uses: Beams of light, the dark room
    You use: Pharoah Shot
    This is also hard, but gets easier if you keep a Pharoah Shot charged at all
    times. A circle of light will appear, and when it fully forms, Dr. Wily will
    be visible for a couple of seconds. Ram him with the charged-up Shot, and
    repeat. 5 hits for the win.
    Afterword, all (radio edit) breaks loose, and the ending goes. Seeing as I
    don't spoil endings, it's time for me to go. *teleports away*
    5) Conclusion/Thank Yous
    Well, it took a lot of work, but this FAQ is finally complete. Thanks go
    CJayC (www.gamefaqs.com): The webmaster of one of the most popular gaming
    sites on the 'Net. Has some FAQs to his credit, but they're really hard
    to find. Also the only person I know with 2 PS2's.
    Al Alamoo (www.gamewinners.com): This guy gives all my FAQs a wider
    audience. Also, is a very respectful person. Thanks so much.
    Capcom (www.capcom.com): For creating this incredible series of games. These
    guys are amazing, and one of the 5 greatest game companies of all time.
    You (yourmail@yourmail.com): For reading this FAQ from start to finish. Be
    on the lookout for 2 upcoming Shadows of the Empire (N64) FAQs. One for
    the challenge points, one for the Debug mode.
    - People in cars cause accidents. Accidents in cars cause people.
    --www.funnymail.com's thought of the week.
    Good night, all!

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