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    Game Genie Codes by THedstrom

    Updated: 12/11/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        Original NES Game Genie codes created by:
          Tony Hedstrom   t_hedstrom@yahoo.com
       These codes are copyright 2000 Tony Hedstrom
       Megaman 3
    NOTE: You can only use one of these codes at a time if
          you are using a real NES, but if you are using 
          an emulator, you can use infinite lives, and
          infinite energy tanks together with any other
          code just by pausing the game (while playing)
          and turning each code on one at a time and then
          turn it back off, but leaving whatever special
          weapon code you want infinite ammo for on. This
          method will give you 256 lives and 256 energy
          tanks plus the use of one other code.
          You can also get ALL of the special weapons by
          pausing the game (while playing) and turning
          each special weapon code on, and then back off,
          but you will not have infinite ammo for the
          special weapons that don't have the code turned
       MegaMan 3
    VXVKGAEO  infinite lives!
    NXVKGAEO  start with infinite energy tanks!!
    XXVKGAEP  infinite energy!! (Invincibility)
    VOVKGAEO  no enemies! (Can't finish levels because
              there is no boss.  Use code for exploring).
    VXVKGAEP  start with infinite "Magnet Missile"
    EXVKGAEO  start with infinite "Snake Search"
    SXVKGAEP  start with infinite "Hard Knuckle"
    KXVKGAEO  start with infinite "Shadow Blade"
    UXVKGAEO  start with infinite "Rush Marine"
    KXVKGAEP  start with infinite "Needle Cannon"
    NXVKGAEP  start with infinite "Top Spin"
    XXVKGAEO  start with infinite "Spark Shock"
    UXVKGAEP  start with infinite "Gemini Laser"
    Tony Hedstrom
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