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Megaman still awesome after 15 years!06/24/04Action
Why do they call this game "Mega Man Anniversary Collection"? Because it's a collection!07/14/04albrowne
Big Bob's summer reading list: Mega Man 1, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3...07/05/04Big Bob
The Blue Bombers 15th Birthday!07/13/04BigJosh87
True Classics Never Die.10/11/04Carnival Nights
10 Reasons to love this game!07/04/04CyberSlayer15
You know you love him, and now he has returned.01/11/05Eleuthria
Buy this game and have a blast in the past!06/22/04Ice Inferno X3
Kylie Minogue says, "I've been dropping beats since Back in Black." Mega Man says, "I've been kicking ass since Back in Blue!"07/10/04Kashell Triumph
Video Game History and a Fantastic Game06/24/04Klaej
Mega Man Anniversary Collection is more then one can ask for06/25/04KoolKirby
Fun, but it's just a collection of Classics.09/18/04Mara Soma
A trip back in time for loyal Mega Man fans! Almost Perfect.06/24/04MysticFog
10 Reasons To Buy This Collection!06/25/04NF_Kodiak
Still Rockin' after all these years...07/01/04Pohatu2007
A great port of the classic Megaman games.06/25/04ShadowNinjaGuy
If you like Mega Man or like an intense challenge, then this is for you!07/15/04superduperfalco4
Get this for the Playstation 2.07/08/16UltimaterializerX
Great game for Mega Man fans and newcomers alike!07/05/04Vheela
A great series for old fans and new ones alike03/01/10videogamer1030
Hooray for blasting stuff!07/20/04WVI
This could be the best collection ever.07/23/04yoshiownz322

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