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Reviewed: 11/20/08

Great collection if you can get past a few flaws

Ah Mega Man. I really never played the classic series games on the NES until just last year. However I did played Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8 roughly 8 years ago. I pretty much master this series in a matter of 6-7 months. I've beaten all but MM2 and MM7 (damn you Wily). I've really grown up with the X series, and to this day it is still my favorite Mega Man saga. But this is about the classic series and its collection. Today we take an in depth look at the game Mega Man Anniversary Collection, but first a short history lesson.

Well back in the days of grey carts, little Internet, and when WiFi was just a dream, we had the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man. Back in 1987 a little gaming company named Capcom wanted in with the home console. Up to this point their best hit was 1942, an arcade game. Well after a few years on other NES games (Like Ghosts n' Goblins foe example) They needed a icon for their company. What we got from an artist named Kenji Inafune, was a blue robot originally named (and still named that way in Japan) Rock Man. When he came to the states he was called Mega Man. They made the game Mega Man (Rock Man in Japan). The game was successful enough to spawn sequel after sequel until today (Mega Man 9). Well that's the back story now lets get in to the game

Well after we put the disc in a boot up the game we see that Capcom themselves did not port this, a company named Atomic Planet did. Keep this in mind for later on. Well after a short monkey scene, and a scene of Guts Man commanding some Mets, we get to the loading screen. Now after this Mega Man does his trademark teleport into a room with 3 doors. We can actually move Mega Man around and choose a door. Well now that we know this we get to choose a door by going over it and press the A button. One door is for the games, one for the options, and one for unlockables. Now lets go to the options first. We see 2 doors in this room. Door 1 gives us the choice of setting the difficulty from Easy to Normal, set the number of lives, and a option called Navi mode. Navi mode is a mode used for the first 6 games to give you hints, show how much of the weapon you have left in numbers, a better read out on your health and you can see how many lives you have. door 2 is for music and sound effects.

Now were out of the options door and go into the first door. We see the doors and under the doors we see what game it is. There are 10 doors in this room. Doors 1-8 is Mega Man 1-8, and the last 2 are games you have to unlock. Now for fun lets go into the Mega Man 1 door. we get a boot up screen an then we get to the gameplay.

The first thing you notice as soon as you play the game is they reverse the jump a shoot buttons
(jump is B and shoot is A). This is the first flaw of the game, but a small flaw that I can deal with. If you've played Mega Man 1 before, then everything should feel familiar, since it is an exact port of the original. The only difference is if you turn the Navi Mode is on. If you have it on, occasionally a blinking exclamation at the top in Mega Mans 1-3, or in the bottom right of Mega Mans 4-6, gives you hints on what to do when you press the start button. Also if you are playing Mega Mans 1-3, you get a better reading on the weapons themselves. It used to just be a abbreviation of what the weapon is called, but now it actually gives you what it is called and an better weapon select screen.

Well now lets get out and go to Mega Man 5. Now this time you have a slide. There is 2 ways you can slide in the Mega Man games (3, 4, 5, 6 only). 1. You can hold down and press B, and 2. you can hit the X button. Personally the X button is better than down and B.

Now lets go to Mega Man 7. Now 7 is my personal favorite in the classic series, but something seems to be wrong with it. The music feels like it some parts it is missing tunes, or the pitches sound way different from what I remembered. This make the game's music almost intolerable. They really messed up the music in this. This is where Atomic Planet comes in. It was their faults for this. However this is not the worst problem. The worst problem with this game is the fact they took out the epic ending from 7. That really ticked me off and I was highly upset. But still it was fine in the end.

Now lets got into 8. 8 music is better, but there is still a huge problem. The music starts from the wrong place most of the time. Listen to a Mega Man 8 song on the original, and then listen to it on this collection and you will see what h'm talking about. Besides that it is virtually unchanged in the collection.

There are 2 unlockable games, but I can go ahead a tell you that they seem to run slower than the original. Also you can save the games up here. That means you don't have to beat Mega Man 1 in 1 sitting. You can still put in passwords that you remember if you want to do that.

Overall it's a good collection despite the flaws in it. I just wish they did the same type of thing for the X collection. Keep playing you will have fun, and you will have ton of unlockables. It's about $15 dollars now at Game Stop, so if you can find it, it's worth the cash.

The good
-Direct ports of games
-Good set up for a collection

The bad
-4 ports are kinda messed up
-inverted button controls

Buy, Rent, Stay Away

Not just a buy, it's a steal.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mega Man Anniversary Collection (US, 06/22/04)

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