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A great series for old fans and new ones alike

Mega Man has to be one of the greatest video game series of all time. The classic series in particular is fantastic, and without it Mega Man spinoffs like the X and Zero series wouldn't exist. While the Mega Man X collection is a great deal of fun in itself, the original Megaman series is a must to begin with.

Megaman Anniversary has eight classic Megaman games on it, along with two unlockable arcade fighters.

Megaman is a shooting platformer that has cemented itself in video game history due to its simple fun nature and its creative levels. This collection celebrates Megaman's fifteenth Anniversary and includes all the classic titles in the series. In each game, Megaman goes through a sandbox of robot master levels and fights the robot at the end of each individual stage. When the robot is defeated, Megaman obtains the robots weapon. These weapons are useful in stages but are particularly good against other robots- who each have weaknesses and immunities to other weapons. Once the robots are all defeated, Megaman ventures through a castles of even more stages to confront the evil Dr. Wily.

Graphics are very simplistic on Megaman 1-6. 7 & 8 are on more advanced systems than the NES, so their graphics are more colorful and detailed, but many prefer the simplicity of the NES games, including myself.

Audio is very catchy and it's amazing that the creators can make such tunes with such limited instruments. The simplicity of the music makes it better. Unfortunately, the remixed music is not present on the GameCube version, making the XBox or PS2 versions the better ones to get if you have them. Also, the "A" and "B" buttons were switched on the GC version. A rectafyable problem (with Retro SNES USB ports and such), but still a very annoying one, especially for MegaMan purists.

Lasting Appeal is enormous due to all of the games on the collection and all of the unlockables.

Breaking down all of the games....

Megaman 1 (8/10)- A worthy beginning to an incredible series. Megaman one created the Megaman formula that has stuck throughout the entire series. The simplicity, purity and incredible fun of the Megaman series is instantly recognizable. Megaman 1 has less stages than the others in the series, but it still remains a good game.

Megaman 2 (10/10)- One of the greatest games in NES- no videogame- history, Megaman 2 is a complete classic. It raised the robot stage count from six to eight, added different adapters(like springs and such), added energy tanks that can be found in stages to refill Megaman's health, and added a map to Dr. Wily's castle. But best of all, Megaman 2 introduced the best robot weapon in the entire series- the Metal Blade. It's really too bad that the Metal Blade is only available in Megaman 2. It;s also worth mentioning that Megaman 2 trumps Megaman 1's soundtrack.

Megaman 3 (10/10)- Another amazing entry in the series, Megaman 3 is most notable for introducing the slide function, adding the lovable robotic dog Rush to replace the adapters and adding Protoman- Megaman's rival and "brother". The slide is great because it is able to quickly evade enemies. Megaman 3 wouldn't be anywhere without the amazing style of level design that Megaman 2 had and thankfully it delivers. Megaman 3 even has 4 more additional levels with cameo appearances from the loveable robot masters from Megaman 2.

Megaman 4 (8.5/10)- While Megaman 4 didn't add much more to the series, it did introduce the chargeable Mega Buster, which is a much stronger attack. Some criticize this new ability for making the games a bit easier, and making the robot master weapons more useless, but it is still a pretty cool addition. Megaman 4 added a plot twist and an additional castle (both of which would become common in later entries). Unfortunately, Megaman 4 is known for starting the downfall of the Megaman series, but this reviewer thinks otherwise.

Megaman 5 (9/10)- Megaman 5 didn't add anything new to the series, but the levels were at least unique and fun to play. There were jet ski levels, train levels, and even reverse gravity levels.

Megaman 6- (7.5/10)- Megaman 6 is notable for having completely ridiculous robot masters, having a predictable plot, and adding little to the series. However, MM6's saving grace is the introduction of unlockable Rush transformations, which allow new abilities like super stength or jetpack hovering. Despite its flaws, Megaman 6 remains a fun game to play that's almost as good as the rest of the games in the series.

Megaman 7- (6/10)- Megaman 7 is the first Super Nintendo classic series Megaman game. Unfortunately, it only showed that the newer and radder X series was more worth getting into and that the classic series was dying. The eight robot masters were no longer available at once to fight, but split into groups of four. Also, Megaman 7 has a completely unfair amount of instant kill spikes. Most of all though, Megaman 7 lost the simplistic appeal that the rest of the series has.

Megaman 8- (6.5/10)- The Megaman series ended (at the time of the collection's release) on a rather sour note but at least 8 is a more fun, fair and colorful game than Megaman 7.

Megaman Power Fighters 1,2 (4/10)- These are okay arcade fighters that serve as decent extras but not as good standalone games.

Averaging all the games:

Gameplay- 9
Audio - 10
Graphics -9 (for the time)
Story- 6
Lasting Appeal- 10

Overall, Megaman Anniversary collection has 8 solid titles, some better than others. It has a great deal of extras like some (but not all) of the remixed music, concept art and interviews. Despite how vastly large the collection is, it is still a bit lacking. First off, the GC version is worse than the others. Also Megaman & Bass is not present, nor is Megaman Soccer.

Even with these two complaints, Megaman Anniversary collection is an absolute must own for anyone who enjoys true video games. Just get it on the Xbox or PS2 if you have those consoles. Otherwise, manage with the GameCube version like I did- because these Megaman games are still absolute classics.

Overall Collection (GameCube version): (8.5/10)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mega Man Anniversary Collection (US, 06/22/04)

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