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"Buy this game and have a blast in the past!"


I remember playing my first Mega Man Game on my NES and I remember how fun it was! Then Mega Man came to the SNES and then the N64 but its Gamecube appearance was lacking. There WERE games made but they weren't all that great! But just when all of us Mega Man fans were all starting to lose hope in the kind blue robot something happened! Capcom released the best of Mega Man on the Gamecube and I couldn't be happier!


I gotta be honest! Mega Man games don't have great stories! They are decent enough but especially for old games like this, there isn't any depth to it but it doesn't really matter! These games are still damned fun!


I had to be fair with this! It gets a 9 because the graphics were good for its time even though now they seem outdated! Plus the translation is perfect! Not one sprite has been affected whatsoever!


The gameplay, for the most part, remains the same in all 8 games but what IS new is the saving feature and probably the most notable, Navi Mode! Navi Mode was in the 8th Mega Man and now its in 1-7! It basically tells you how many lives you have and if your close to danger! But if you don't like this mode, simply turn it off and play the games the way they were! Also switching weapons is now easy thanks to the Gamecube control. Switching Weapons on the NES and SNES was tedious but now can be done on the fly which really makes the experience even better!


These games are great fun and I'll play them over and over again! Plus there are special features like interviews with the developers! Plus I've heard that the PS2 Version has an entire episode of the Mega Man TV show so this game has tons of replay value!


Picture playing old school games with new additions that add so much more to the experience with tons of special features and you'll get Mega Man Anniversary Collection! If you have any interest in Mega Man, buy this game and have a blast in the past!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/22/04

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