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"Mega Man Anniversary Collection is more then one can ask for"

Mega Man Anniversary Collection is a great game even if you have never played any of these games. Each one will probably take you a few hours to beat (unless you are a Megaman Vet in which each will take you about an hour). They are pretty hard games but that can be a good thing. In platform games such as Mario World and the Sonic Advance series the Gameplay gets repetitive and they are way to easy for most. Megaman will hold your attention for a while. The only bad thing is that each title is basically the same thing. Megaman gradually gains powers throughout each one like Charging his blaster anc sliding but for the most part the Game is the same in each one. Read on.

Gameplay: 9/10
The concept of the Megaman Games are two shoot your way through an enemy filled level until you reach the Boss. At the Boss you should try out each weapon to see what each is weak too. You may think this would be repetitive but each level has a theme and different platforming elements to them such as Dissapearing and reappearing blocks, Farris Wheel platforms, and instant death laser beams. This keeps things fresh for the most part but after a while the games start to repeat themselves with puzzles they have already used or that are very similar. The bosses (however corny their names may be) are fun to fight , especially when you have their attack pattern down. These are almost always different at fresh between any of the Games. Their are also two arcade games but I'm not gonna go into those. Great job Capcom.

Graphics: 9/10
I'm scoring this high because at the time of the NES these games reigned supreme on terms of graphics. Even in the SNES and Playstation days the graphics were impressive for 7 and 8. The arcade game graphics are a bit depressing though (for an arcade game). Now a days though these graphics are extremely outdated (except for Megaman 8 which still stands tall). Very impressive for NES.

Sound/Audio: 8/10
For the most part the sound effects are pretty good. The sound more like an actual gun firing then little blips. The enemy explosions in 8 are well done as well. The Main reason this gets an 8 though is because of Megaman 8. The voice acting is horrendous and should have been left as text boxes instead. Megaman sounds like a 8 year old girl. It makes you want to play without the volume. The music in all the games is superb but not memorable. They get you all warmed up to beat the boss at the end of the level. Kind of like Techno does for me (though I still hate it).

Controls: 7/10
This game would have gotten a ten but I can't stand using A to shoot and B to jump. It needs to be the other way around. Plus using a Joystick can be frustrating at times and the D-Pad is so small that you often press up or down when you don't mean to. This makes the games much more frustrating but still acceptable. If you can't stand it though you could by the Game for PS2 instead (the control scheme is much better for it). Some may actually prefer it this way though.

Overall: 9/10
This Game is great especially for only thirty bucks. I might suggest getting it for PS2 though because of the control scheme. This is a game is worth every penny.

Buy or Rent: Buy it. It's only thirty bucks and it will last you a while as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/25/04

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