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"Fight MegaMan fight! For everlasting fun!"

MegaMan and I go way back. From those horrible computer games to my first encounter with X to those nights I stayed up playing MMV for the original GameBoy, MegaMan has always been one of my favorite series. But MegaMan has faced challenges over the years. For the unspeakable crime of continuing to provide fans with new games, professional reviewers have turned on him. But don't worry MegaMan, you still have real fans left.... although fewer than I thought:( Because Megaman Anniversary Collection for GameCube didn't include remixed music tracks and a small control change was made, "fans" have become enraged, cursing Capcom and calling this collection a ripoff. What does any of this have to do with the actual game? It is a backdrop to make my bolded statement more meaningful. This is the best compilation ever and one of the best deals in gaming history. Everyone should buy this game immediately. Ahem, onto the review.

So what exactly is included in this collection? The meat of it is 10 MegaMan games. These ten games are the original eight MegaMans (called, appropriately enough, MegaMan 1-8) and two MegaMan arcade games never before released on console. Despite what some of the people I mentioned in the first paragraph would tell you, there are also plentiful extras. A documentary on the history of MegaMan, a Navi mode for the first six MegaMans, options added for some of the MegaMans, remixed music (but not in the place/quantity we so desperately needed) and artwork are the extras. As you can see, there are actually plentiful extras. And best of all, this game is only $30. Think about that, that's $3 a game, plus all the extras!

The MegaMan games are action platformers. You, as MegaMan, traverse through stages shooting and jumping your way to the boss, in an attempt to take down Dr. Wily. The signature elements of MegaMan games are the majority of the levels having a choosable order and getting a weapon from each of the choosable bosses (identified by having Man in their names) when you defeat them. The gameplay is fairly similar in each of the MegaMans, but things are added as the series progresses, such as MegaMan's dog Rush, the ability to slide and charge your basic blaster, and things to collect by replaying levels. The games are similar, but very fun, and you get A LOT of gameplay, over 100 levels between all the games.

The arcade games (MegaMan: Power Battles and MegaMan 2: Power Fighters) don't follow the exact formula, the games are only boss battles, set up more like a fighter. But you still collect weapons from bosses, and you can play co-op.

The exact quality of the games varies from entry to entry in the series. My personal ranking would be MegaMan 2> MegaMan 8> MegaMan 5> MegaMan 3> MegaMan 4> MegaMan 7> MegaMan 6> MegaMan 1. The arcade games are too different to rank, although they are not as good as the top platformers. But the games are all enjoyable, although sometimes frustrating. But if you're having too much trouble, you can set most of the games on easy and turn on Navi Mode (you get warnings, info, and maps) and crank up the starting number of lives. I won't think any less of you, really... (wimp).

One thing that should be mentioned is the control. The shoot and jump buttons have been switched in terms of right-left placement. B is jump, A is shoot. It sounds inconvenient, but after a little play time I completely adjusted and have had absolutely no problems since.
Gameplay score: 10/10


The graphics, obviously, are dated compared to modern games. They also vary greatly from game to game, again obviously, since the games range from NES to PS1 in original system. The graphics were good for the time in many games though. I especially liked the graphics in MM8, and MM5 and 6 look fantastic for NES games. Still, I don't think the graphics can really be rated. They don't matter, especially in a compilation.

MegaMan games are known for their music. Stages have catchy melodies, especially in MM2. The sound effects are crisp and clear. One thing I have to mention is the hilariously bad voice acting in MegaMan 8. MegaMan sounds like a little girl and Light sounds like Elmer Fudd. It's entertaining as comedy, though. Overall, the music is great, even without some of the precious remixes.
Sound score: 10/10

Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: N/A
Sound: 10/10
Overall: (not an average) 10/10


This really is one of the best deals in gaming history. You get 10 games, many of which are classics, and some great extras for only $30. Don't let other people sway you, MegaMan is great and this compilation is a must for every MegaMan fan and everyone who hasn't played his games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/25/04

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