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"10 Reasons To Buy This Collection!"

Long long ago I was introduced to a game by a cousin of mine. Megaman 3. I played it, and loved it. Soon after I rented every Megaman game I could find to play and beat them. The series starred a blue lil robot with an arm gun and a slew of robotic buddies as he tries to stop a maniacal scientist from ruling the world. In order to do so, you destroy 8 robots and acquire their powers to destroy other robots until you finally go through the castle to face off with the evil Dr. Wily.

Ohk, multiply that concept 10 times and you have the anniversary collection. Sound repetitive? Well, it is and it isn't. Each Megaman game throws in something different, from a score system, to the ability to slide. The games included are Megaman 1-6 from the NES, Megaman 7 from the SNES, Megaman 8 from the PS1 and Megaman: The Power Battles and The Power Fighters arcade games. The Power Battles was released in North America in limited quantity while Power Fighters wasn't, so there is really something to look forward here.

As you play through the games, you unlock different secrets, ranging from a set of concept drawings to a producer interview. For hardcore fans, the interview is very cool.

The games are very close emulations of the originals and the graphics are exactly how you would remember them. There were a few bugs I've noticed, one being a floating platform from Snakeman's level pushed me off into a pit when it should have picked me up into the air. Other than that, it's all here. Megaman 1's difficulty, the hidden weapons in Megaman 4 to the hidden battle mode in MM7. One addition to the old games you can make, however, is turn on a special navi mode. It lists your lives, energy and boss energy in MM8 style, and also adds a little ! block that tells you if there are any enemies coming up. You can also change the difficulty (for MM1-7) and starting lives as well. In fact, the games are so well done, if you have any old passwords for MM1-7, you can use them in the collection and they'll still work!

The Arcade games are new territory for most people. The concept here is that away the levels and just have boss fights, but also let you pick different characters other than Megaman. The Power Battles lets you play as Megaman, Protoman and Bass (with the only real difference is their dashes) while the Power Fighters throws in Duo from MM8 as well as special moves. Trust me, the first time you hear Bass shout out "Crescent Keeeeeck!" you'll crack up. The arcade games are done with MM7 graphics so they are bright and well done.

Overall, for value, you're getting 8 classic Megaman games, 2 you've probably never played before, plus a slew of bonuses that fans will enjoy. Whether your a hardcore Megaman fan or want to know what the fuss is all about, I whole heartedly recommend this compilation.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/25/04

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