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"Even bad controls can't deny the classic fun of megaman!"

Capcom celebrates their mascot, the blue bomber himself, with a 10 game collection on his 15th anniversary. Unfortunately, they picked Atomic Planet to head this project, which wasn't the best choice. The fun is still here, and that can't be denied. But Atomic Planet didn't fix all the bugs, and they chose to reverse the controls for the gamecube version.

Graphics - 6/10

No more than you should expect.Taken straight from the nes,snes, and playstation versions of the original games. And that's how it should be. The nes graphics may seem a bit rough at times, especially in megaman 1. The snes graphics are regular for what the snes produced back in the day. And for megaman 8, i found its graphics to be rather cheesy, especially in the cut scenes. Those cartoons....(shudder) Though it's good that they didn't try to show off and remake the games with new graphics. The authentic feel of the originals is what counts, and thats the feel you get.

Sound - 7/10

Same as the originals. The sounds weren't furnished too well in their transition from cartridge to disc, but it doesn't hurt the game, and you still get the classic feel from the sounds. From the sound of megaman's buster to the sound of Dr. Wily's mini-ship flying around. It's all good.

Gameplay - 10/10

What could be better than the gameplay of the classic megaman games?It's the good old side scrolling. You can play the original megamans (1-8), and two megaman arcade games that were never previously released on a console system. In the first megaman you fight 6 robot masters, and in all the others, you fight 8. After you mop the floor with the robot masters, it's on to fight Dr. Wily, the menace of the Megaman series. A new feature that they included in this collection was a "navi" mode. With this, you will get helpful pointers on where exits are located, where secrets are found, and it displays your life amount on the screen. This could be a helpful little bell and whistle for those who are new to megaman and aren't all that good at it. Beat all the games, and find the secret unlockables. You can unlock interviews, games, songs, etc. etc. etc.You'll have a blast....Assuming you get the hang of the horrid....


no no no no, NO! This is my only significant gripe with this game. They reversed the shoot and jump buttons, they went against years of traditional controls, and force you to undo years of natural instincts and reflexes, and then learn it backwards. A two button flip flop may not sound like all that big of a deal, but for the megaman veteran, its hell trying to adapt to this change. This wouldn't be so bad, if they had included a customizable controller configuration, so you would be able to configure the controls for your own comfort. But no. This is the place that Atomic Planet dropped the ball the most. People just shouldn't have to adapt to new controls for a game that's been out for 10+ years, no matter what control you use. I think every game should have a customize option. Well enough of the bad (though i could go on ) Lets talk about what little good there is. They threw in a couple new bells and whistles. The Y button is now a rapid fire button. This can be useful for fighting off those pesky bad guys that take a lot of damage to kill. So instead of pressing the a button repeatedly and getting worn out, you simply hold the Y button. In some of the megaman games on this collection, the X button can be used soley for sliding purposes. It's easier to use X to slide while your charging up a shot. The gamecube controller is not very nifty, so it may feel funny holding down the large a button (which shouldn't be the fire button in the first place) and sliding. So its a nice little extra.

Replay Value - 6/10

You would think that a game like this wouldn't have much replay value, but somehow here we all are still playing these games like they were just released. It's fun to go back and play them over and over again. Though you won't get a different ending, or anything special.

Buy or Rent

It's 10 games, for 30 bucks. Just buy it. It's surely worth it. No doubts about it. And if your too much of a cheapskate to buy it for $30, go buy it used somewhere for less, or wait around for a few months until the price drops down to around 20 bucks.

Well that wraps it up. When (or if) you adjust to playing with reversed controls, you'll be in for loads of fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/30/04

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