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Reviewed: 07/01/04 | Updated: 07/08/16

Get this for the Playstation 2.

Simply put, the Mega Man Collection is a great idea, but the lack of button remapping renders the Gamecube version unplayable. One could question what system to buy this for, but the answer is obvious: Playstation 2. With the Playstation 2 version of the game, the controls felt like what we all grew up with. The Gamecube had no such luck. The Gamecube's controller in and of itself can be a real challenge to use with certain games, especially the older remakes where you're stuck using the Gamecube controller's terrible d-pad. The Gamecube D-Pad is notoriously bad to use for older 2D games like this, and the analog is counterintuitive for a 2D title.

Enter Mega Man, completely decked out in his first eight titles. The game is exactly the same thing that it is on the Playstation 2, which is no surprise at all. It has all of the same features, sound options, and so forth. All this is added to the fact you can buy ten games dirt cheap, and it becomes an absolute must have for any Mega Man fan.

But again, despite this being the exact same game that appears on the Playstation 2, the stupidity in control is what gives the PS2 version the edge. Is it silly to give one version a 1/10 and the other a 10/10? No. No it is not. The physical ability to actually pick up a game and play matters and lot, and with the Gamecube version you can't do this. Being the exact same game, any one difference would easily be noticeable -- and recommending the Gamecube version when something this egregious is wrong with it would be idiotic. Not to say that you should not get the game at all if you own a Gamecube but not a Playstation 2, but get the other version if you can at all help it. The analog stick on the Gamecube doesn't favor this game at all, while the Directional Pad is equally frustrating. The Gamecube controller is just god-awful for something like this.

The other major control issue, which to be fair is universal across all releases of this title, is lack of a button remap option. This is pure laziness on Capcom's part (big surprise there), and the Gamecube ends up getting the shortest end of the stick as a result. Unfortunately, given 6 of the 8 original titles were on the NES -- and the original Mega Man series allies itself with Nintendo more than anything else. The end result is having to use the Gamecube's A button for shooting, and B for jumping. In every other Mega Man game on any other system, the shoot button is either left of jump or otherwise intuitive. On the Gamecube version, you have to press A with your inner thumb joint and press B with the end. It's not the Gamecube's fault Capcom has no common sense, but the end result here is undeniable. This game is unplayable on this system because of the lack of button remapping.

You must get this game one way or the other if you are a Mega Man fan, but this is not at all the console to buy it for. Playstation 2 or bust.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Mega Man Anniversary Collection (US, 06/22/04)

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