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"10 Reasons to love this game!"

When Mega Man was introduced in America to the NES in 1987, it blew the minds out of countless fans. Mega Man was the first game to let you choose your own path, and also introduced the ability to steal your enemies abilities. Many sequels were created afterwards both gaiden and non. Enjoy the entire start of the series and unlock extra features in this anniversary collection of Mega Man!

Story- 6/10

Not too great in the story department. The story and objective are simple, stop the mad Dr. Wily and his mechanical monstrosities from taking over the world and its resources. Yes, it is a basic story with little complication. However, this series isn't known for its storyline.

Graphics- 10/10

You'll feel like your going back in time when you begin to play these games, but is that necessarily a bad thing. At least not in this game. The graphics, for the most part are unchanged, but to any hardcore fan of the series, this isn't a problem. The images are smooth and even seem better now then they did then. The graphics definitely don't hurt this game.

Gameplay- 10/10

This game reigns supreme in this category. The gameplay is simple. You shoot your way through a stage and make it to a boss. After you defeat that boss, you gain its special powers. This may sound boring, but the different strategies and weapons you need to use for each boss will keep this from getting repetive.
The new "Navi mode" is a great way to help beginners out, but I don't recommend it to season veterans.
The last thing is controls. Although the controls do take awhile to get used to, anyone can master them in a small amount of time.

Sound/Music- 9/10

No problems in this category. All the sounds are there and sound as wonderful as ever. During Mega Man 3, I actually found myself tapping my foot. You can also unlock remixes of classic Mega Man tracks. Unfortunately, the PS2 has the remixed music in Navi Mode, unlike the gamecube version. However, I have heard the music and its nothing special. I am a little disappointed with some of the Mega Man 8 sounds. Play the game and you'll know what I mean. Overall I would say that the music is well done and sounds just as nice as it did 15 years ago.

Replay- 9/10

This game's replay is impressive. You'll be spending alot of time unlocking creator interviews and music remixes. One you start shooting that first robot boss, you won't want to stop. You could play for 10 hours straight and not even realize it.

Overall- 9/10

A terrific masterpiece that will absorb hours and days of your life. This game is well worth the $30. Anyone, both vet and newb, will enjoy this collection of history making classics. The only things that affect this game are the sound and controls. Other then that, this game is perfect. Buy this, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/04/04

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