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Wow, what can I say? Mega Man is 15 years old! During these past 15 years, Capcom has been very successful in keeping the Mega Man series strong. What better way to celebrate than release this game? The version I will be reviewing is the Gamecube version. So if there are differences you notice that aren't in this review, then you know why. :)

Gameplay - 9
This is basically what makes the game! Mega Man 1-8 were, to me, the greatest part of the Mega Man series. The gameplay is the exact same as it was years ago. The controls are slightly different, whereas the A button shoots, and the B button shoots. Although this isn't the same as it was years ago, it doesn't take much to get used to. Mega Man still has all of his old moves still intact. The most exciting part is that you actually get every single original Mega Man 'Mega Man and Bass'. Playing them will give you an incredible nostalgic feeling. There are places where this game can get quite frustrating, but it's all part of the Mega Man experience. Players experienced it then, and now everyone can get the same experience. The Power Battles are ok, although they don't even touch the rest of the Mega Man games. Still, it's a nice little bonus to have them there if you want something different.

Music - 10
It's hard to describe the music in words. Mega Man is widely known for having some of the best music you'll ever hear in a video game. You'll hear music that is catchy, and will stick with you all day. All of the original music has been kept intact. So you're not listening to some weird version of the music you love, you're listening to what you actually heard years ago! You may not think that good music is important in a game, but I personally believe that it is. I'd rather listen to good, catchy music rather than dull, boring music...and this game delivers! Every single game has some music you're bound to love, so there's a lot of candy in this department! There is also some remixed music you can listen to, but only in the sound test. Not every song has been remixed, but the songs that have been remixed are excellent. Definitely a strong point of the game.

Graphics - 8 (Mega Man 1-6: 8, Mega Man 7: 9, Mega Man 8: 7, Power Battles: 7)
Now, before you start going off on how this game has horrible graphics, you must keep in mind that I am not comparing this game's graphics to those of recent platforms or games. It isn't fair. Instead, I am comparing them to other games on the same systems. The graphics are pretty good. However, out to Mega Man 6, the graphics stay the same. Their not necessarily bad, but pretty repetitive. Mega Man 7 has great graphics that I marveled at years ago. I mean, they aren't the best, so don't get that impression. But they are very colorful...which is a nice change from dull, ugly colors found in games nowaday. Mega Man 8 is more of a love/hate type of thing. You may love them because they stuck to the traditional, side-scrolling style, or hate it because of the huge lack of 3D sprites. Although the latter opinion is quite shallow, there are unfortunately, many people who think this way. The animation that plays is pretty good, but with absolutely AWFUL voice acting. Still, it shouldn't keep you from playing it. You must keep in open mind, and remind yourself that it was one of the first games to come out within the first year or so of the PS1's release. The Power Battle's graphics are pretty much more or less the same as Mega Man 7-8's graphics. Note: The '8' awarded to the graphics isn't an average.

Replayability - 8
It's not enough that you have 10 games to play on this disc...but you also have plenty of little secrets to unlock. I won't go much into detail here, because I want most of the secrets to be....well, a secret! I have revealed a bit of the secrets (The Power Battles), but it's for the sake of the review. Playing through each game and unlocking bit by bit is pretty fun. Besides, you know you've always had the urge to go back and play Mega Man 2 just to listen to Metal Man's music!

Overall - 9 (NOT an average)
All-in-all, this game is excellent. I bought the game expecting good, and received great! It was a great idea for Capcom to package several games from the same great series in one compilation. Maybe one day, we'll receive a Mega Man X compilation? Each person is bound to dislike a game or two in this compilation, but overall, all the other games will make up for it. I, personally, like all of the games. I encourage everyone who enjoys Mega Man to buy's only $30. That's $3 a game. You won't regret it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/07/04

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